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Use the vegan eye primer under eyeshadow and eyeliner for a more vibrant, saturated color and no-smudge, no-crease, longwearing eye looks. The lightweight formula is creamy with a soft blurring effect and can be worn on its own for a lightweight, flawless natural look. All Eyes On Eye Makeup includes NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, and setting sprays. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I have oily eyes. This stuff makes my eyeshadow stick stick like glue and it doesn't crease or wear after 12 hours. It is easy to remove eye makeup with regular eye makeup remover. I have worked with all brands of eyeshadow.

👤After using primer, I realized it was a game-changing change. It lasted so long because there was no wrinkling or smudges.

👤I thought that this eye primer would hide discoloration because it comes in different shades. I was going to use it for minimal makeup days. It does nothing for my dark eyes. It makes the colors look richer. I use it with Supershock Shadows. I find this primer can make them hard to blend, and it can look a little cracked and leathery when I use it with shadows. I don't think it's a good idea to have a lot of stickiness for matts. Something isn't right if it's making it hard to blend. My eyes are not dry. I have a good regimen for skin care.

👤I have tried many eye shadow products. This one is my favorite because it makes my eyeshadow last and not crease. I have very sparse brows and I have a small pencil in my eyebrow that I use all the time.

👤I was unsure if this would work because I bought the same color as my skin tone. I thought I needed to buy white. It works well. If you use a lot of product it can make the eyelid feel heavy. It should be done by one full swipe. It makes my eyeshadows pop. I will buy more when this runs out. I might try to see how it looks in white. Will post pics soon!

👤The color is lighter than pictures. I looked ashy when it was applied to my eye area. This product is not boring. I had to wash the hand and eye test area.

👤This stuff works well. My eyeshadow stayed on all day and night because it was brighter. I didn't have to touch it again. I will never use eyeshadow again.

👤hay producto y super liquido. Se ve horrible.

👤J'ai pris la teinte beige. I had an encore plus jaune. Teint jaunisse assuré. C'est. J'ai un déception envers Nyx.

👤J'ai utilisé, le produit, le m'a brlé le paupires. Ma paupire is a pendant. N'achte pas.

👤I am a fan of the Make-Up Marke NYX. The liner primer is being tested! The Produkt ist immer gut und sauber verpackt. Ich ist das Produkt, das ist das Augen Make-Up ist! I am viel in dem Finger schminke, and I am kleine Menge in meinem Augenlid. Danach is irreversibly Ihren Make-Up sa den ganzen. Ein Verschmieren was perfekt. Ich mag! The Konsistenz ist ergiebig und "bebbt", so beispielsweise bei der Primern aber die anders. NYX ist beispielsweise an etwas teurere Marke, dafr aber die meisten. vegan und tierversuchs! Fr ist das groes Plus, wen das Produkt ist.

2. Paris Voluminous Boosting Conditioning Mascara

Paris Voluminous Boosting Conditioning Mascara

The lightweight eyelash primer instantly builds dramatic volume and length on each eyelash, it's the perfect partner to your favorite mascara. Choose from their innovative volumizing formulas and variety of brushes, and get the long, full eyelashes you love with L'Oreal Paris mascara. They have a collection of Voluminous mascaras, smudge proof eyeliner, brow Definers, and eye shadow palettes with shades made for every eye color. L'Oreal Paris Makeup helps you create the look you want with their full line of makeup including foundations, concealers, highlighter makeup, brow pencils, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and much more. Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara is a unique formula that can build lashes up to 5X their natural thickness.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤The attached photos don't do justice to the product. Here's why I like it. If you're not trying to photograph your eyeball at the same time, it applies. There are two more It goes on without a hitch. You've doubled the volume of your eyelashes if you add some mascara after it dries. It was boom! If you have found my review helpful, I would appreciate if you would click theHelpful button. Thank you so much for reading! Liz

👤I have used the booster for many years at $25 a tube. I thought I would try this primer. I will never buy a eyelash booster again. The primer is the bomb. You can't see my lashes if I don't use eyelash primer. Ladies, I am happy to announce that my lashes are at the price of $5.99 instead of $25 and you can see them at the same time. I promise you will not be disappointed if you try it.

👤When I use this, I can see the difference in the definition of my lashes. There is no need for falses.

👤This stuff is amazing. I have very straight lashes. I love the look of a mascara'd eye, but I don't wear liner or shadow. I bought mascaras and curlers that say they can hold curls. They didn't work for me. I thought it was fairly priced, let's see if it works. It does! I had to do only one eye at a time after curling my eyelash. I bake it on, like ridiculous amounts. You can see how much you're applying with the white color. You have about 30 seconds to dry it. Apply your mascara over it. It really increases the length and thickness. For the first time in my life, I've gotten praise for my eyes. It will be a part of my makeup routine forever.

👤I've spent a lot of money on different mascara primers. Being of Asian heritage, we don't have long full lashes like our sisters from India or the Middle East. I've tried high end mascaras for a base like Dior and a mid end like Origins. I probably won't stick with a brand name if I only get okay results. I tried this out but was pleasantly surprised by the mascara. It's more wallet friendly if you use a base with Dior or a black mascara. If all three mascaras are equally weighed, why pay more for two others? Save yourself a few bucks and try this one because no one will see your brand name lashes.

👤This primer works. A must buy for Mexicans. I have long lashes and have been satisfied with my routine so far. I usually use waterproof mascara, but the effect wears off after an hour. I have to do it a few times throughout the day. I have curly eye lashes and have to use a lash curler. The product has eliminated my problems and it saves me a lot of time. I don't know how I lived without this, but I look forward to doing my eye makeup now. It makes the lashes thicker, separates the hairs, and helps mascara adhere easily and evenly. It definitely lives up to my expectations because it makes my eyelashes look better. I have sensitive eyes and have been using this for almost a month and have had no issues. This was a happy experience that made me buy other products from this company.

3. 9331137018493 Under Eye Brightening Corrector

9331137018493 Under Eye Brightening Corrector

It takes eight hours of sleep to get the look of under-eye darkness and light lift. This rich, light-reflecting cream instantly improves the look of under-eye darkness. It makes the look of fine lines around the eyes look smooth.

Brand: Becca

👤I've been using the undereye brightening cream for years and this is the first time I've ever had to order it from Amazon. I apply it to my everyday makeup products and can't help but notice the differences. I'm not sure if this is the real brand or if it's a knock-off, but I will list what I've noticed between the ones I've always used. The texture of the makeup does not stay, but it does allow the makeup to adhere better all day. The sticker under the jar is different from the one I bought from the store. The original label is brown while the one from Amazon is black. The seller's name was different when I first bought this product, I believe it was called "zinc & sage". I looked again and it was changed to "PIANA." I'm not sure if that is a red flag. I wonder where these products are coming from. I would not order from Amazon again and would prefer another brand that I can trust. Purchase at your own risk and hope it works for you.

👤I had to write a review on this product. It works. I have always had dark circles. I've tried many things. A friend told me to try it. It was a miracle! I don't use the following for foundation everyday. I use the becca cream over there. Again, not much because a little goes a long way. If it is a special occasion, I put on the concealer. 95 percent is fixed. My circles are not light. I need to experiment with different color corrections before I do. It is more than 5 stars.

👤The Becca Under Eye "brightening corrector" does some work. It is too shiny for me. It leaves my skin feeling greasy and shiny. I found the $5 Instant Age Rewind Corrector to be better than this. The Maybelline feels better on the skin than any other product. Don't spend your money on a expensive corrector.

👤I have used this product for a long time, but I had a hard time finding it to stock up. I was worried that it might be a fake. I opened it when I got it, since I already had a new backup. It looked like a genuine product, which I love. I am older and have a hard time finding something that doesn't look cakey and settle into my face. There was a finger gesture. The seller immediately sent a replacement after I contacted them.

👤This product was used by a makeup artist. She was using a professional product. She used this eye cream to highlight her eye. It's amazing! I only use this when I need to. This is for any woman who wants to look natural and glowing. I bought it for myself a long time ago. I just bought another one for my mom who is in her 60s, if she asks I will tell her. This product will change the makeup game for you.

4. Waterproof Hypoallergenic Highlighter Multi Dimensional FA38 11116 123

Waterproof Hypoallergenic Highlighter Multi Dimensional FA38 11116 123

Make eye makeup easier with the 2 IN 1 Eyeshadow Pen. It has what you expect from a big color payoff, waterproof effect, and stay-all-day power. A creamy formula glides on smoothly like silk, no brushes required. The eye liner can be used as an eyeshadow topper or as a single liner. Thetwist-up design is so easy to apply and blend out for a quick and easy daytime look, it's called Save Your Makeup Time.

Brand: Focallure

👤One of the eyeshadow pens was malfunctioning when I received it. I received a message from the seller the next day after I email them. They gave me a gift after replacing the faulty one. I received my pen within a couple of days. I'm very happy with the service and product.

👤I used this for the first time today. First, apply primer. It felt like lipstick on my face. In about an hour, I never dried or pooled in my crease. My eyeliner was smeared off. It takes me a few washes to remove regular eyeshadow. Will return for a refund. Don't waste your money!

👤The customer service is good, but I still don't recommend the product for reasons below. I was upgraded to 2 stars. This product never dries. If you accidentally touch it, it gets everywhere except where it belongs, and within an hour most of it is gone. Comes off at the lightest touch. The colors are lighter than anyone would want. They are too light for a pale white girl.

👤I like them. I don't like spending a lot of money on makeup. Don't spend your money on makeup. I tried these for the price and they were good. They stayed all day. They are easy to blend with. They are on smooth. Very shiny. It didn't make my eyes itch. I would recommend buying more colors.

👤If I can't use the colors, that doesn't matter. It stays on the eye lid and is creamy like old lipsticks. It was gone by the time I got to work. The crease of the eye lid was where it was built. I didn't pay attention to the reviews. I bought 2 sets. I will not bother to return so I hope I will find some use for them.

👤The three shadows are in the bottom three stripes. Julep brand Burgundy and Rose shimmers are the top two. They look close, but the julep has a shimmer. I have been using a julep for a while and have been putting it away for the day. I thought these focallure might give the same shadows with different colors. The focallure are not worth much at all. The glittery shimmer spreads everywhere, but the pigment seems to disappear altogether. You can't create a clean, defined line or a nice blend because it becomes a glittery cloud around the eye. The focallure color came off when I wiped it with my other thumb, even though I tried to clean my hand. The glitter came off with soap. I had to use makeup and soap to get rid of the Julep. You end up with no color, and shimmer everywhere, since the price is not a pro. You will get the same effect if you buy cheap body glitter.

👤I haven't used the darker color much. I love the color it gives off, but after a couple hours, it's all in the crease of your eyelid. I ordered the 2 piece without the darker color again, since I love the colors they give off. I might need to use a base first to see if that works. I bought these less than a month ago and they are almost gone.



The skin tones can beAccommodates. Your secret to long- lasting eye makeup. The waterproof eye primer enhances the longevity of your shadow. It is comfortable and lightweight. Think of this primer as an insurance policy for your eyes. A renowned makeup artist created a modern makeup brand that brings out the best in women's beauty through delicious texture, amazing colors and the most innovative formulas.

Brand: Laura Geller New York

👤I have ever used the best concealer. Stays on, doesn't crease, and covers. Laura gellar products were recently started. She wants to replace everything with her line. I thought I had ingrown hairs when the skin stopped breaking out. This brand is so good that I found it.

👤I like that this product is long wearing and waterproof, but it is not transparent. It's difficult to wear lighter shade shadows with this primer. This is a warm shade of primer. It's definitely not fair or light.

👤Stays where you put it. It's good for all skin tones. It's great for aging skin.

👤I recommend this product to people who don't mind the yellow tint. I need a pink or a peach tone in Laura's products, they are yellow.

👤This is a light-weight base that lasts all day. The eye shadow pops when I use it. This is no exception to the fact that Geller has great makeup products.

👤I like the product for my eyes. It's a good way to give the lid a little coverage.

👤I use this to hide my dark circles, and it does a great job.

👤This is one of my desert island products. Never want to be without this. Primes eyes for shadow colors. It covers darkness on the upper eyelid. I love this product.

6. NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Packaging

NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Packaging

NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base is a primer that will help you keep your eyeshadow looking good. Use a light shade to lighten your eyeshadow color or the black primer to deepen it, or go natural with the skin tone primer base shade. All Eyes On Eye Makeup includes NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, and setting sprays. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I love this base. It makes my colors pop. It helps to blend them.

👤It's so good and affordable. I decided to try out eyeshadow primer because it was so inxpensive that I had doubts about it. I used the white one with an urban decay palette. I compared the swatch on my arm with the primer and it was a huge difference. The top two are without primer. I needed less eyeshadow to get a good color and the eyeshadow was richer when I used the primer. More than worth the money. I'm officially a primer lifer.

👤I bought this for two reasons. The small reason is to make colors pop. It helps to keep my eye makeup out of my eyes, which cause constant irritation. Since I don't wear make up anymore, it's a big problem. It's any foundation at all. I needed this to fill the eyelidwrinkle. It worked out. Kind of. In theory. It won't set, that's the problem. It wants to get in my way before I can put the shadow on. It wants to run off my face. I didn't think it was possible, but it has helped with the eye irritation. I wore eye liner. A miracle! It looked grungy within 30 minutes. Setting spray can cause red eye and tears worse than anything. It's good for sensitive eyes. It helped my bright shadows pop, I included a picture of me just messing around, no other make-up. It wouldn't last on my older eyes.

👤You have to leave the product out to dry for a couple of days. It is okay. It is not very impressive. It is not my favorite base. It will crease very badly if you don't set it. If I have nothing else to use, I will probably use it.

👤This stuff is great. I'd never used a base before a couple months ago. This is a great product and it is very affordable. I was having an issue with my shadow fading after a couple hours but now it stays vibrant for hours. I usually buy very little makeup. I spend a lot on the expensive stuff for a few reasons. I need oil free makeup for my sensitive skin. If it doesn't work, you get your money back most of the time. I've been getting into a larger variety of makeup and have been discovering cheaper alternatives to the big brands. NYX has hidden gems that are busting at the seams. I sound like a billboard, but I have been pleasantly surprised by NYX.

👤It has the same consistency as gel eyeliners, but with half the color. It works great under "is mine" black eyeshadow. It works for dark eyeshadow colors as well. The dark blues, purples and brown are really good. This is a perfect base for people who like dark eyeshadow or smoky eyes. It glides on and comes off easily. It prevents the dark shadows from staining your eyes. Put it in your cart for the price and how it works. It will last a while. If you use it everyday, it will last 9 months after opening it.

7. Milani Eyeshadow Primer Fluid Ounce

Milani Eyeshadow Primer Fluid Ounce

Adding their lightweight, crease-proof Eyeshadow Primer to your beauty arsenal will help you intensify the color of your eyeshadow and increase its wear from day to night. Their eyeshadow primer makes their eye shadows pop with color. Works on all skin tones. It goes on nude and dries without being noticed; you will know it is working by the smooth look of your eyeshadow. VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE BEAUTY. The perfect base for your flawless style is the Eyeshadow Primer. Formula is not tested on animals. Before applying eye makeup, wipe a small amount across the eyelid. Pick your favorite eyeliner and eyeshadow shades to create a look that lasts all day. They were born in East LA and have always been connected to the rich diversity of the neighborhood. They are not inspired by couture or top models. Their passion is real people. Everyone has beauty. They're here to make you look your best no matter who you are or where you come from. There was no judgement. No exceptions.

Brand: Milani

👤1. The primer is tan/beige. I am a dark skinned black woman and it doesn't blend right into my skin. If I put too much primer on, it dries my eyes. 2. I apply the primer with my fingers and let it dry before putting on my eyeshadow. 3. How it works. Awesome. Eyeshadow colors are more vibrant and help stay on throughout the day. It is a mainstay of my makeup routine.

👤One of my eyes produces more oil than the other and this primer keeps liner and shadow on all day. I use E.L.F. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder or Mary Kay Translucent Setting Powder to apply my eye makeup. The shadow goes on and holds the color. I did not wash my makeup off until the next day after I went to the ER. My makeup was still holding. My brow powder stays put. I will buy this primer again. It's great for older eyes. I wanted something that wouldn't crease. I didn't want to have bottom eyeliner move. This fits the bill. I watched the review on the internet. The price is better than other primers.

👤I'm not good with makeup. I only use makeup if I'm feeling bad. I still use the fake makeup set that they give kids, but I don't know how to blend it. I was going to throw it away because I couldn't handle it. My sister is a makeup artist. She told me that I only had to put it on before I put my eyeshadow on. It's awesome. I slept in my eyeshadow for 12 hours and woke up without a crease. I'm really impressed. This worked well for me even though I don't know how to do makeup.

👤I am a makeup artist and a drag queen. My looks consist of bright colors on my eyes and long-time wear. I like this product more than the urban decay eyeshadow primer. 1. The product can be squeezed onto a makeup brush. The use of the applicator causes streaks. 2. Less product has full coverage. 3. Better price. It allows for a seamless look, it grabs the eyeshadow true to color all day, and it works with my brushes. Medium quality eyeshadows look great if your eyeshadows aren't the best. I've never tried it on low quality eyeshadow. It works better if you unset it with powder. If you prefer to use powder to set your eyes, you may want to consider UD. I find that an unset eye makes for a better look. The product is good and the price is good. The drag queen was approved.

👤I will tell you what primer can do for you. It's seriously. The first picture is taken after I apply primer and makeup. The eyeshadow I used was $5 and it was lovely. Check out Brights. It's better than you would think for the price. The second photo is 8 hours after the first photo, and the third is 13 hours after the first photo. I didn't notice it until I took the picture, and it's not even noticeable until I touch my nose to a mirror. I'm going to sleep with it on so I can see what I wake up with. Don't do anything fancy when applying. Just put a small amount on your finger and cover your whole eyelid. It should be dry for a second. You shouldn't be able to see it.

8. Maybelline Makeup Instant Eraser Primer

Maybelline Makeup Instant Eraser Primer

Pore Minimizer Face Primer is a makeup primer that helps create a smooth canvas over which to apply foundation, and leaves the skin looking matt. If you're looking to minimize pores, this primer is for you, it's a low maintenance look that's smooth, matt and hydrated all day. They have full coverage foundation in liquid, stick, and cushion formulas, as well as a range of other products. Make eye looks with eyeshadows, brow pencils and eyeliners, and perfect your lips with lipsticks and lip balms. The number one makeup brand, they make no hassle, high performance makeup for every look, style and skin tone, so whatever the world throws at you, you'll look and feel ready.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤This stuff is amazing. I have always been bothered by my huuuuge pores. I have tried a lot of expensive primers from Makeup Forever but they don't hold up under my makeup, it seems like they don't make much of a difference. I use the Baby Skin primer after I wash my face. I apply a thin coat to my skin and let it dry for a few minutes, then apply a second coat just on the surface of my t-zone. I applied my makeup as usual. The difference lasts all day. My skin is almost invisible. I was never able to achieve that with other primers and caking. It helps with shine, though I still have to touch up/blot a few times throughout the day.

👤If you like smashbox clear primer, you will love this. It is not as long wearing as smashbox when it comes to keeping my face clean because my nose and cheeks still get oily, but for this price, I am not mad at it. Make sure you clean your face before you sleep because it will cause problems.

👤I have big giant pores that I don't like. I don't wear makeup. I'm using this product, so maybe I do now. I want something to make my face look smaller. I'm trying to look good. I found this product on a blog after I searched a bunch of different products. If someone asks me about it, I can say my sister or Mom uses it and accidentally left it, and they won't think twice. More guys are self conscious. I didn't know what to expect when I used it. If you apply makeup on top of it, that's probably even better.

👤I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin. They are always with me no matter what I do. Baking soda is a good cleanser, but this is a great cover up. I didn't think it worked at first because I applied it before my makeup and didn't see anything. When I applied makeup to my face, I noticed that my pores were completely covered. It's like an invisible fill that is mostly or only noticeable when you apply your make up. This doesn't work if you want to be natural for the day and have less noticeable pores. When applying makeup, it works. Pictures did not do it justice. I'm telling you that it's a great buy. The stuff in stores is $7 bucks. So purchase it here.

👤I spread it all over and then pat it into my larger pores to set it. I spray it with my spray gun. It works for my oily skin after that. There is a white shirt with a black shirt.

👤No matter what kind of face cleaner I use, they don't work, they blast for 2 seconds, and I look in the mirror again and again. I used a liquid foundation to see if I would like it, because I use a bronzer powder instead of liquids, and it worked out. Oh my gosh, it worked! It worked well. I gave it 4 stars because I love this stuff and I think the size is a little bit too small, but I think it's a sample size and you would pay for that. The size is throwing me off. I will be back to buy more and this will always be in my make up bag. I like it. I'm glad I filed something that works and is reasonable. Thanks for finally making a product that works. I'm a buyer for the rest of my life.

9. Maybelline Makeup Instant Rewind Concealer

Maybelline Makeup Instant Rewind Concealer

Erase the look of dark circles, correct the appearance of redness and lighten the look of dull skin with the Instant Age Rewind Eraser multi-use concealer. Say bye to the look of fine lines, blemish, redness, and dark circles, and hello to a refreshed looking eye area with this anti-aging under eye treatment. Maybelline has a wide range of makeup, including full coverage, medium, and stick foundations, as well as a range of concealers and face primer. If you want to create a perfect canvas, eyeshadow, brow pencils and eyeliner for any eye look and lip products, you need to go to Maybelline. Use a facial cleanser in the morning to prep skin for Maybelline makeup, and remove it at night with the help of Garnier Micellar Water.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤The best under eye makeup. I have tried them all. I wouldn't go out without applying it. It blends nicely with my foundation. The sponge is soft and easy to apply. I hope that this product doesn't get discontinued, because I have used many of them over the years.

👤The product is up to all the reviews. There are dark rings around my eyes. People ask if I am tired all the time. I've used foundation tricks and red lipstick under the eye. Everything looked caked on or emphasizing the rings even more. I bought this color because I am fair skinned. It applies very smooth and silky. The product felt caked on my face with additional layers. I decided to bake the second test run and was surprised by the results. I want to cover some areas on my face and plan to do so with this. It does have a silky feeling, but doesn't lack coverage because of it. I would recommend anyone to add this to their makeup collection.

👤I have been using this product for many years and have found that it blends and covers better using a wet brush after using a sponge. It eliminates the cakey build up and settles into the creases that I experienced before. I had plastic surgery to make up for a dog bite scar on my lower lip and chin, and used it to hide the incision while it heals. The pictures are from a month after the surgery. It is barely noticeable and covers very well.

👤I am not a fan of makeup. drugstore brands have let me down every single time I've tried them, because I have high standards for their performance. After graduating from college, I never looked back. Dior and YSL foundation is one of the items in my kit. I want my fellow makeup snobs to know that this review is for people who wouldn't consider Maybelline. I never bothered to check it out until a close friend and fellow product snob suggested it, after I'd been extolling the virtues of this product for a while. Here are my conclusions. It is similar to the Armani Maestro Eraser liquid undereye concealer. This is essential for those of us who hate the 5th hour cakiness of cream and also hate the weak coverage and creasing of liquid attempts. The same thin liquid texture of the Maestro's eraser goes on without sinking into lines or losing its transparency as you blend. 2. It is at least 50% more opaque than the Maestro. I was shocked. It is double take worthy if anything can go on with that consistency but have better coverage. 3. The sponge is better than you think. It's antimicrobial, so you don't have to worry about hygiene. The ability to blend the product is outstanding. I usually don't use clumsy sponges like that, but with this, I use the sponge tip to apply 80% of my makeup, and then use a good concealer brush to blend it out. 4. It's also a highlighter. Every time I use this, I find myself continuing the line of application from under my eyes to my face. There's a nice blend brush and a flawless highlight landscape to finish up, without the mess of pores or caking up. 5. It sets beautifully with Shiseido translucent powder. It buffs out nicely. 6. It looks good without primer and is an ideal purse dweller. 7. It worked on my thin but wrinkled undereye area and on my mother's older eye area. It's rare that I find a product that looks great on both our skin types, and I was impressed at how well it brightened her problem skin without caking or age marks. There are 8. It is cheap and light, so you can try out different shades. There are 9. It lasts a lot longer than you think. I tested it on bare skin during a work from home day and was happy to find it was still working well after I washed it off. I wore it again with a full face for a date night, and it looked great when I washed it off. There are times when you don't want the completely opaque look. This is my go-to product to pair with my Dior Air flash foundation, for those flawless skin look occasions. I don't think it's a good idea to recommend it higher because it's an experiment for the snobs.

10. Cosmetics Serum Anti Aging Collagen Primer

Cosmetics Serum Anti Aging Collagen Primer

The beauty breaktHROUGH is No. 50. The Serum Anti-AgingCollagen Veil Primer is a multi-tasking primer and a hydrating one. It prepares your skin for makeup application. COMFORTABLE WEAR The formula is quick to absorb and doesn't leave your skin greasy or wrinkled. The skin-loving ingredients in their primer and serum include: essential oils, vitamins, peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, silk, niacin, and hyaluronic acid. 50 is a beauty tip. The skin-loving ingredients in the Serum Anti-Aging Collagen Veil Primer keep your beauty regimen going all night. Apply no. 50. Before makeup application, the Serum Anti-AgingCollagen Veil Primer is a good choice. A small amount is enough for your entire face, neck, and under eye area.

Brand: It Cosmetics

👤The best I have ever used is IT cosmetics for the mature woman. The application of my makeup goes on like glass when I use morning and night. It makes my skin feel velvet. It's the best buy for your face to prevent aging effects.

👤I liked this product the first time I bought it. The pump portion that was sent did not work the second time. I was able to use the pump from the first product since I had not thrown it away. The second product seems to be more sticky than the first. I don't know if the product line has changed or if one of the bottles is an imitation. The first bottle was better.

👤I had a primer that came with a box, but when it ran out, I had to replace it for $60. I wanted it cheaper. I use IT cosmetics CC cream and thought I would give it a try. This smells like lemon. I don't think it's in a bad way. It dries quickly as well. I don't have a problem with my makeup moving. I have not had it yet in the summer, so I will try to keep an eye on it.

👤My face was so smooth and nourished with cream that it helped tighten it up. I ran out because my face was so dry. Will not go without this drug again. I use a lot of it products. I didn't put makeup on with my fingers for the first time because of the brushes. Don't go back to your fingers.

👤I love IT Cosmetics. The serum is not greasy or sticky. It takes a few minutes to sit and apply the cream. It leaves my skin soft. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤I was looking for a primer that contained something. It Cosmetics are really, really good products. I use it under my foundation. It's common for me to have no creasing. I have been a repeat customer of It Cosmetics.

👤This product didn't work for me. It mixes up with the foundation and becomes streaky all over. I sent it back.

👤The skin looks better when I put it on. The foundation looks better with it. Foundation does not settle in the skin. The best primer ever.

11. Elizabeth Mott Bundle Primer Shadow

Elizabeth Mott Bundle Primer Shadow

There is a bundle. Thank Me Later Eye Primer and Thank Me Later Face Primer are discounted. The eyes are long lasting. Their eye base enhances your shadow color and locks in your eye wear. Prepare and prime: face. A primer that balances skin tone will mattify results. Elizabeth Mott is a brand that does not use animal testing. Money back guarantee. If you don't like what you see, contact them and they'll give you your money back.

Brand: Elizabeth Mott

👤I am a makeup junkie. I have fair skin. I always use sunscreen when I step out by the back door, especially for Nicole Kidman type skin. I put this product on after the sunscreen. The shine factor is related to the effects of the sunscreen. Once this is applied, it is gone. Over the years, I have tried a lot of face primers. The best product that has ever touched my face, no joke. I have a beauty closet with everything I use and I like to stock up when items are on sale. In my beauty closet... I have four tubes of this product. I use it every day. If you don't like applying makeup to your face... This is great to matt down and make your face look better. It's perfect for all of the faces that don't have makeup on. This is the best face primer I have ever found. I'm PICKY. Picky...PICKY...

👤This primer is the only one that works for me. I have oily skin and have never been able to maintain my eye shadow color. This is the first time I've been able to play with different shadows and colors. At the end of a hot day, I just put on my makeup. This product is very good. I bought it for my friends and they love it.

👤The eye primer is great, it's the second time I've bought it. It is smooth and keeps your eyeshadow fresh. The face primer is silky and doesn't take long to dry. It keeps foundation and blush fresh all day. Highly recommended.

👤I'm about to attend a wedding. I need help with my makeup. I tried different solutions but this is the best. My makeup was flawless from morning to evening. I have an oily skin but this was not a problem with the products.

👤I use both primers and they are my go-to products. I used to buy a primer from Urban Decay, but this is much cheaper. These products work great on my sensitive skin.

👤It's great for combination skin. These are the only primers that keep my makeup on all day.


What is the best product for eye makeup primer?

Eye makeup primer products from Nyx Professional Makeup. In this article about eye makeup primer you can see why people choose the product. L'oreal Paris and Becca are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye makeup primer.

What are the best brands for eye makeup primer?

Nyx Professional Makeup, L'oreal Paris and Becca are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye makeup primer. Find the detail in this article. Focallure, Laura Geller New York and Nyx Professional Makeup are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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