Best Eye Makeup Remover Maybelline

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1. Maybelline Washable Volumizing Lengthening Multiplying

Maybelline Washable Volumizing Lengthening Multiplying

The eyelash extension mascara infused with fibers delivers dramatic volume, length, and lift for lashes that gives you a false eyelash effect. Lifting brush is a double curved mascara separator brush and fiber- infused volumizing formula that grabs lashes at the root to lift, thicken and lengthen. It's all in the eyes, from subtle lines, smokey vibes, custom brow looks, classic tones or a shot of color; their eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows, and volume mascara collections are designed to transform your look. They're committed to celebrating beauty, self expression and creativity with their full line of makeup, from foundations, concealers and bronzers to mascara growth, brow eyelash, eyeliner and lipstick. Their mission is to offer innovative, accessible and effortless cosmetics for everyone.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤My wife received a fake product after ordering this mascara. The packaging was wrong. The mascara was all over the cap and the brush was not shown on the website. She had a red rash after she tested it on her hand. I only got one star because I couldn't post without adding it.

👤I usually use two types of mascara to get both volume and length. This does the job.

👤If you like a dry formula that stays put, you'll love this. This formula is perfect for me because I have sensitive eyes. It doesn't move when I look at it. A new favorite!

👤I got a recommendation from a friend that this is even better than the mascaras that are better than sex or benefit. Decided to give it a try. And. I am glad I listened to her. I like this mascara more than my $25 mascaras. It glides on smoothly, deposits instantly, but I can build it up if I want to. I don't mind if it wears off at the end of the day, but I want to get the end result.

👤Better than s3x mascara. The quality and value of this is amazing. The formula is black and doesn't smudge, I love it. I have short lashes that give me volume and length. It was worth it. Absolutely.

👤An okay mascara. I think it works better than the loreal lash paradise mascara because it doesn't make my lashes heavy. It gives me long hair and volume, but it's not my favorite mascara. If you don't layer it quickly enough it will clump on my lashes and make little balls of mascara. It wasn't blown away by it.

👤This mascara is amazing. I like it. It gives me the lift and volume I need. My opinion is mine. I like the best mascaras.

👤I love the way this mascara makes my lashes look longer. I feel like my eyes are open.

👤Me encanta probar diferentes marcas de maquillaje. Falsies Lash Lift honor a su nombre! Aplicar el producto para no dejar grumos en tus pestaas, pero el efecto tiene. Pueden tiene logro unas pestaas de impacto con el Falsies Lash Lift. Estoy 100%, lo recomiendo al 100%.

👤Un producto por una recomendacin. No es nada, pero no es con otros productos. No me sorprendi, le doy 4 estrellas. Cmo tiene una mascara, pero no cumpli es expectativa, pasadas. No la volvera a comprar, I push up.

👤Para m nunca ha sido tarea fcil, pero me acomode en todos los aspectos. Mis pestaas son delgadas, nada rizadas, por lo. De una opinin tiene mucho ms peso para las dems consumidoras. I tiene un empaque. La forma is simple, pero perfecta para guardar y llevar contigo a todas partes. El cepillo. Me encanta. No es un grueso (siempre me termino manchando el prpado), pero es tan delgado. A llegar hasta las pestaas ms pequeas, lo doble. No se apelmaza, no tiene perfectamente para lograr un efecto de pestaas postizas. Realmente estoy, con el producto, lo recomendara sin pensarlo. Casi me olvido! Amo, sea a prueba de agua! He pensado una mscara waterproof es tu aliado.

2. LOréal Paris Artiste Remover Sensitive

LOr%C3%A9al Paris Artiste Remover Sensitive

Long wearing makeup can be easily removed. It is suitable for all skin types. The eye doctor was tested.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I don't know if this is a good make up removal. I've been trying to open the lid for 20 minutes. Push down and turn after following the diagram on the lid. I have to use choice words because it won't open. I would like another bottle. There were positive reviews of the product. I came back to reviews and noticed that I'm not the only one who has this problem, so I'm asking for another bottle, I don't want to do a return with out driving for over an hour.

👤The packaging is the first thing we should start with. Many reviewers are upset with the packaging. It is annoying and unnecessary but would be ok if the product worked. This so called waterproof eye make up remover doesn't remove waterproof mascara from the lashes, no matter how many times I run them, but it does remove it from the skin around my eyes. It is very oily and leaves a film on the eyes. It takes an extra effort to remove this oil. The product is overpriced. I will not buy another mascara removal product.

👤I've tried a lot of different eye makeup removers and none of them worked for waterproof mascara. The trick is to dip your eyelashes in a small amount of water. Take a cotton square and slide it across the eyes. Wow. I love this product.

👤The item was leaking when it arrived. Some of the liquid spilled out of the bottle. I wonder if the lid was opened before it was shipped to me. I'm not going to use this product for that reason. I don't want it to be tampered with.

👤This is my favorite eye makeup removal. It is similar to the very popular eye makeup remover by the luxury brand, which also begins with a "L", at a fraction of the price. It does not sting or burn my eyes or skin, and thoroughly removes waterproof eye makeup. It doesn't leave a greasy film on my eyes. The formula of this product is far superior to the one in the blue bottle of Loreal eye makeup remover. This product is very good. It is a bargain.

👤The removal is like magic. I got a new mascara that is very glue like. It doesn't say waterproof, but it must be. I tried my usual baby oil and had long black eyelashes, but they didn't come off. I tried waterproof eye makeup removal pads that were goopy, but the mascara came off, so I sat down and watched. I tugged at my eyelashes. Clean Artiste is a product of L'Oreal. It came from the heavens. A little bit on a cotton round, a few lashes, and the mascara comes off. You don't need to tug and pull on your lashes if you just wipe the mascara off after the cotton round touches your eyelashes. I am buying more in case they run out. I love it!

👤This waterproof makeup removal is my favorite because it takes off all my makeup in less than a minute. I've tried so many different removers over the years and none of them have cleaned up my waterproof mascara. I think of this as a Mary Kay makeup removal product that works just as well or better than a more expensive brand. I'll keep buying it as long as they make it, it's a great remover that has flown under the radar and isn't very well known by the rest of the world. I love it. I would recommend this to everyone.

3. LOréal Paris Dermo Expertise Makeup Remover

LOr%C3%A9al Paris Dermo Expertise Makeup Remover

Remove makeup and eye condition. No greasy formula. It helps refresh the eye area. It is safe for contact lens wearers.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I have always used this brand of eye makeup removal, but it has become difficult to find it in the shops. This is the only product that doesn't bother my eyes. I want no oil in it. Many products say they are oil free.

👤It works. I've been able to remove my makeup with this. I think oil-based eye makeup removal works best on magnetic liners. I don't wear waterproof mascara because it's too harsh on your lashes. I think that an oil-based is better for waterproof makeup than the magnetic liner is. I tried non-oil because I wanted to, but I'm going back to my oil-based diet. I feel like it takes 3 times more to get the same results from oil based. I think oil-based conditions are better. My lashes seem to be drying.

👤I have used this product before. This time it didn't work and it didn't have a product seal. I tried to return it, but was told it was not returnable. Disappointed!

👤The seller refilled the bottles with water and it worked well. I know how well this product will work because I use it daily and buy it from local stores. This product cannot be returned or replaced. Don't waste your money.

👤The plastic safety seal around the top was not present. I don't feel comfortable using them. I have ordered them before for other vendors and never had a problem.

👤The product was leaking when I opened it. Do not think this is a genuine L'Oréal product. I am returning a product because I don't feel comfortable using it.

👤It was great to remove mascara without using a lot of pressure on my eyes. This is the best makeup removal I have tried before. I only need to wipe my eyes 3-4 times to remove most of my mascara, because I don't have much pressure on my eyes.

👤No logra removal toda mscara de pestaas, porque al lavar la cara. I am restregar tanto mis ojos, otros productos remueven enseguida.

👤No sirve. No remueve rimmel, no remueve labiales mate. A lo mejor me.

4. LOreal Paris Artiste Makeup Remover

LOreal Paris Artiste Makeup Remover

The L'Oreal Paris Clean Artiste Eye Makeup Remover is an easy way to remove eye makeup. The liquid eye makeup remover is oil-free and has a refreshing effect on the eye area. If you want to use this makeup removal, you have to sweep cotton ball or pad over closed eyelid and lashes. The L'Oreal Paris Clean Artiste Eye Makeup has been tested. Makeup removal is safe for contact lens wearers and is suitable for all skin types.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤Imagine if you received a product that looked like Loreal for your eyes. Unreal.

👤I received this product as a replacement for Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover since Amazon has a real problem of keeping various products in stock lately, it was recommended by Amazon as a like-product so I figured it would be comparable. Not true. This solution does not remove makeup. It only removed the base on my eyes after a lot of scrubbing. The bottle wasn't sealed and someone stole the solution and replaced it with water. I will never buy this again. It's useless.

👤It is very easy to take the waterproof long wear eyeliner off. I bought it for the long wear water proof eyeliner which is what you have to do, hold a soaked cotton ball over the eye for a couple minutes to remove it. It doesn't seem to bother my eyes.

👤I followed the instructions and put a cotton pad on my eyes. The product didn't remove any liner or mascara. I had to saturate the cotton pad multiple times. Some of it came off after that. Store brands are better than this.

👤This item is not the same as pictured. I have used this item for many years and what I received is not what they have listed here.

👤I'm not sure if this is the same product. I have bought this product many times and the label is paper. It is not like that in the stores. Hmm.

👤I tried to remove my eye makeup. The mascara doesn't come off with this removal. It took me 20 minutes to get rid of my make up. I don't think it's a good idea for eye makeup removal. So bad!

👤I have been buying this product for a long time. It doesn't do anything to make me have a reaction or inflame my skin. All eye-Make-up can be removed with GREST. I use it on a cotton pad to remove blush from my cheeks. I don't wear make-up unless I get a call. I know I can depend on this product to get my make-up off. I don't go outside of my house. Anyone buying this would be happy with the mild liquid that does what it says it will do. Good product!

5. Makeup Remover Natural Ingredients Removing

Makeup Remover Natural Ingredients Removing

This simple make up removal is effective. There is no need to use different brands of cleansing oil. The eye and face makeup can be removed quickly. Get rid of oil, sweat, dirt, and anything else that's built up on your face by taking your face from "blah" to "ah". Mineral oil makeup removal products work against your skin instead of leaving an oily mess. You can wash your face and reduce your risk of breakouts by using their gentle makeup removal. The beauty water is balanced for all skin types. You don't have to choose between ethics and beauty. Their makeup remover is made in the USA and vegan. Each ingredient they use is carefully chosen to support your skin's health. Are you crazy about your complexion? You will see how effective their makeup removal is when you wipe off your makeup. Like micellar cleansing water, it is easy to cleanse and remove without any need for harsh rubbing or drying. Let them know if you love it or not. Their promise to you is your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your purchase, just go to the order and select the contact seller.

Brand: Beauty By Earth

👤It took a lot of trial and error. The product is organic and has good ingredients. I have sensitive skin. I used miscellar water before. I only found it to work with cotton pads. I tried it with cotton balls and it didn't help my skin. Regular store brand cotton rounds are not the best but they are a bit better and I was sad it wasn't going to work. I tried it with the swisspers cotton rounds and it worked great. It takes a little bit of patience but once you get used to it, it's a great product.

👤I have very sensitive skin and can break out easily. I use water-proof mascara, liquid eye liner and eyeshadow daily, and this make up remover is the best to remove eye make up. The smell is strong but not strong enough for me. I used to use Philosophy's before they discontinued it, and I think I like it more now. Definitely recommend.

👤This product is amazing. I have never had a good experience with a makeup removal product. I have developed an adverse reaction to the makeup removers that I used to use. I knew I had to switch immediately. I discovered Beauty by Earth's Erase Your Face makeup removal through Amazon's search bar and decided to try it out. After using it for the first time, I was amazed at how it removed both the natural fruit eye shadow and the chemical-laden mascara. It was wiped away by magic. I did not have to scrub my face. The scent of sweet orange is very captivating. I hope to continue using this product.

👤I would love to use this product. It smells great, but it doesn't do the job. I felt like I had to remove the mascara even after holding it to my eye for 10 seconds. I don't wear waterproof mascara and had to scrub it off. This may work for other make up, but it isn't the answer for me.

👤You can't go wrong buying any of the products from this company. I've tried many of them and found them to be more than I expected. I've tried many natural brands as I try to use the least toxic products on my skin and was excited to try their makeup removal product since I love their other products. The product is packaged in a beautiful brown box and bottle. The first thing I smelled when I opened the bottle was the sweet orange smell. I love that. I like to use an oil based makeup removal because Mac mascara is harder to remove than others I've used before. I don't like the fact that the makeup oil stays on your eyes and face, but that's only a problem with that type of makeup removal. The Mac mascara was removed easily and didn't leave an oil feel after use. I used too much cotton ball the first time, so I recommend using a little and adding more if needed. I'm supporting a company that makes their products in the USA because I'm using a non-toxic product. I am very happy with my purchase and will purchase this product again.

6. Neutrogena Non Greasy Waterproof Dermatologist Ophthalmologist

Neutrogena Non Greasy Waterproof Dermatologist Ophthalmologist

Neutrogena bottle of dual-phase 100% oil-free liquid eye makeup remover and makeup cleanser is made with soothing aloe and cucumber. Oil-free and non-greasy eye makeup removal formula helps remove all eye makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh with no heavy makeup left behind. If you want to remove all eye makeup, shake liquid makeup remover well and apply a cotton pad to close eyelids, then rinse face with warm water. The soothing liquid eye makeup remover has ingredients that help soothe skin and work gently without stinging the sensitive eye area. Neutrogena gentle oil-free eye makeup remover is tested for sensitive eyes and is safe for contact lens wearers.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤When I find products that work with me, they become my lifelong friends. I prefer to use this cheaper one religiously to get rid of my face every night. I wear false lashes and it works great to remove makeup and glue and any leftover, and get me back to my natural lashes and sensitive eyes area, without having to tug or pull. It was smooth and fresh. There was no sting. Even though a lot of makeup is being removed, it is still gentle and consistent. Highly recommended.

👤Is that correct? What is causing my eyes to be blurry? The best eye makeup removal.

👤I usually use the waterproof eye make up removal pads. I decided to try something different because I don't like the oily film that comes from Almay. The product had a lot of positive reviews, but it was a waste. It took a lot more work than theAlmay. It didn't remove my makeup at all. It was a disappointment. You have to shake the product to mix it. I would have to use another pad. The process was always a single step.

👤I need a very gentle eye makeup removal. My eyes are very sensitive. I thought this would be perfect. Oil free and gourmet! I'm happy! Not much. It came with no seal. There were layers of something that weren't mixing when I tipped the bottle. The saying is that oil and water don't mix. That's what this looked like. I put some on my finger and it was very smooth to the touch. Not greasy, but silky. Might make a good hand cream. In decades of wearing eye makeup, I have never seen anything like this. It made my hand soft after I put it on. Most Neutrogena products are good, but there is no seal, weird non-mixing liquid that feels like lotion on my hand. I didn't put anything near my eyes. There are some one and two star reviews.

👤Neutrogena will remove my waterproof mascara without causing it to break off, and without irritation. I apply the remover with a cotton round and hold it over my eyes for a minute to loosen the mascara. I use my fingers to rub the product on my eyes. I like to finish my facial wash with Neutrogena hydrating gel, which calms and locks in hydration, and then I can go in with my favorite gentle all over facial wash. If we are gentle, we keep our eyelashes.

👤I was amazed at how well this worked. I had three different shades of green eyeshadow on my eyes, ranging from a dark green to a medium shade. I had glitter eyeliner/shadow that I used for a thick line along the lash line and then I put it over the green to make it sparkle. I used a primer and mascara. I did not use setting spray. I wore it all night and fell asleep with it on, got up in the morning and used two cotton rounds to remove it, and it took 888-349-8884 It didn't burn or make my eyes water. It is not oil. I don't know what causes that feeling if it's oil-free. I don't care about that. It's a huge amount, so much so that it will take me at least a year to run out of it. It could be only half of it. Excellent purchase.

7. Maybelline Unstoppable Smudge Proof Eyeliner Waterproof

Maybelline Unstoppable Smudge Proof Eyeliner Waterproof

The mechanical eye pencil has a self-sharpening tip and is smudge resistant. Define your eye look with a black eyeliner pen, play with a green or blue eye liner, or take a softer approach with brown eyeliner. Whatever your signature eye look, natural or dramatic, Maybelline helps create looks that draw eyes with a broad selection of pencil and liquid eyeliners, highly pigmented eyeshadows, and eyebrow makeup. If you want to create a perfect canvas, eyeshadows, brow pencils and eyeliners for any eye look and lip products, you need to use foundation, bb creams and concealers from Maybelline. Use a facial cleanser in the morning to prep skin for Maybelline makeup, and remove it at night with the help of Garnier Micellar Water.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤It's hard to find makeup that doesn't make me look like a raccoon, because my eyes squint a lot. I've only had to clean up the under eye once, because this eyeliner has been on my eyes for 6 hours. In this Texas heat, that's saying a lot. I work for a high end brand and this product is very comparable for a fraction of the price.

👤If my eyes are dry and I want to blink, it's difficult to apply. But getting better. Doesn't apply as quickly as the other one. Work as hard as you can.

👤I love eyeliners. Been using these for a long time. I thought I was getting a new gel pencil when I replaced this horrible one. I would try. I had to use an actual pencil sharpener for that one, and it was so annoying that I have been using automatic ones for years. They go on smoothly for a clean look. It came in a two pack for the same price as you would buy one at the regular store. Very happy!

👤This application was a tad darker than I expected, but I really like it and it wasn't dark enough that I didn't like it. I've used higher priced liners in the past, but it works as well as this one. Some liners are made fairly soft so that they slide on smoothly, but then they smudge and run because they are so aoft. That doesn't happen with this product. I can blend or leave alone. I will definitely continue to buy it at such a great price.

👤What has changed? I've been buying this liner in stores for years and have been very loyal. These are the things that I purchased. I am confused as to what changed. Did they have a bad batches? Has it been changed? I have to find a new liner if I want to try it again. Is anyone else having this experience?

👤The pencil hurt my eyelid and was very hard to apply. You had to push to get any color, like using a regular lead pencil. Forget it. I don't know if the one I got was old or if they are all this way, but I won't be buying another one. I used on one eye and threw it out.

👤I like how smooth this liner is and that the Espresso is bold. It ends up under my lower eyelid when it smudges. Only happens when I wear this liner. If you're always looking in the mirror to wipe away smudges, go for it. It's nice and bold, goes on smoothly, and there are some pro's.

👤I like the makeup that is unstoppable. I need this as I cry at movies. Abundant blessings!

👤I like the way this eyeliner glides, but I wish they had more colors.

👤I liked the color. The pencil was easy to use but broke after a month and left me with a square edge. Next time, I will buy another one.

8. Maybelline Dream Fresh Medium Packaging

Maybelline Dream Fresh Medium Packaging

Dream Fresh is a daily 8 in 1 cream with SPF 30 that gives your skin a flawless finish. Light coverage foundation with benefits. It adjusts to skin tone, reduces the appearance of redness, and blurs the look of pores, and is oil-free. Maybelline has a wide range of makeup products, including full coverage foundation in liquid, stick, and cushion, as well as a range of makeup products. If you want to create a perfect canvas, eyeshadow, brow pencils and eyeliner for any eye look and lip products, you need to go to Maybelline. Use a facial cleanser in the morning to prep skin for Maybelline makeup, and remove it at night with the help of Garnier Micellar Water.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤It does not make it look orange or pale, it blends in with my skin perfectly. I love it because it doesn't make my skin oily and it gives me a normal look when my skin gets reddish during the winter.

👤I love this foundation, it's my favorite. The shade MEDIUM is the perfect shade for me because I am a white person with tanned skin and it's pretty sheer. It matches when I am a little darker than usual. I don't have much of a problem with it, but I have a lot of deep pores and this covers them just as well as normal foundation. It is very light and does not swell up. I don't mind because it looks less "Makeup-y" and I just wipe the oil off when it happens. I think the look is very fresh and pretty right now, and this gives you that. My skin isn't dry or itchy when I wear it. This stuff is very good.

👤I love the SPF factor of the cream. I wish there were more colors for women with darker skin. The medium was deep. It is great for lazy women who do not want to spend time on makeup.

👤I use a face cream under the dryer and it works great. Good coverage for women in their 40s and 50s.

👤The lightest shade is too dark for me. A picture of what it looks like beside my current cream has been included. I didn't waste any money because I bought this with a gift card. It looks better on my face, but it's still off. My skin is a bit orange. It feels light and not oily.

👤The shade light/medium is where I purchased the cream from. It's lightweight and doesn't feel like you're wearing sunscreen, and it has a good amount of coverage. It covered redness on my cheeks and a couple of scars from my face. If you're going for a no makeup look, it would be a good substitute for foundation.

👤I only use eye makeup and an oil free product. I need some coverage because of myyperpigmentation. I didn't want it to get worse. I wanted something with SPF in it. This matches my skin very well. It feels light on my face, it isn't oily and it minimized the appearance of hyperpigmentation. It is very light coverage. I put my oil free cream on first and then put the cream on over it. It blends very well. I will have protection from the sun. The tube was too small, but you only need to use a small amount so hopefully it will last a while. You can see the coverage. Some pictures were posted. The last picture is with my eye makeup on. You can see myyperpigmentation. The others have the same product. I hope this review helps others.

👤You can still see your skin under this, but it's like it's on a really great day, after a nap and a calming mask. You get the picture. I have been through more of these tubes than I can remember.

9. Cetaphil Gentle Waterproof Makeup Remover

Cetaphil Gentle Waterproof Makeup Remover

There is an oil-free makeup REMOVER. Remove waterproof and long-wear makeup to leave skin feeling clean and refreshed. Effectively removes waterproof mascara from delicate eye area without irritation. There are soothing compounds. Formulated with green tea. It is safe for sensitive skin. Noncomedogenic, fragrance free, oil free, and nonirritating. The products are designed for sensitive skin.

Brand: Cetaphil

👤I use this to remove eye makeup. Neutrogena eye makeup remover is my usual removal product, but it was only $4.99 on subscribe and save. I feel like I'm putting baby oil on my eyes. I don't like the way it feels, since it makes me clench my eyes shut. I tried using it on other parts of my face, but I don't like it. I have to scrub my face a little more because it leaves an oily film. I will not buy this again. There was a cancellation of the subscription. The update was done on 12/4/2019. My toddler smeared lipgloss on a purse. I tried to clean it off with a facial cleanser, but it left a pink stain and I didn't want to damage the leather. I used a cotton pad and a little bit of this makeup removal to remove the stain. If you found my review helpful, please vote so that it helps other shoppers as well. Thanks!

👤I received 8 trial packets instead of 3 packs of wipes that were advertised. The wipes will dry out faster if the packaging is not the same. There is false advertising.

👤There is one flaw in this place. The top has a huge hole instead of a tiny one. I am not going to use it when I pour it out. Other brands have a small hole in them, but for this one, there is a huge hole. Everything else is fine, please try to improve it.

👤This doesn't have an overall 5-star rating. It removes eye makeup and there is no stinging. Maybe it's because I wear contacts, but I find that even the stuff that claims to be gentle causes a small amount of irritation. It's like water, that's not the case. No matter how much I use, I don't feel anything. My skin does not feel greasy after using eye makeup remover, even those that claim to be oil free. I am very pleased with this product.

👤This stuff is amazing. I took my mascara and waterproof eyeliner off. There is nothing to slow down the liquid when pouring it on the swab because of the bottle design. Adding something to the opening of the bottle will help them not to waste so much on each use.

👤I was excited when they started making these. If I use other wipes, I'll break out, but not with these. I started cutting them in half because they are large. They're also good as a shower wipe if you don't have time to shower. Highly recommended!

👤Even the waterproof eyeliners are effective in removing makeup. I have sensitive skin and an old eye injury so I needed a makeup removal that wouldn't irritate my skin. I'm glad I did it. I still wash my face after removing makeup even though it didn't leave a nasty stain. It didn't sting my eye if I got some in there. A small amount goes a long way.

👤I use a lot of Cetaphil products because of my sensitive skin. It doesn't irritate my skin, but it doesn't clean make-up off very well. The wipes are small. It took two wipes to get most of my makeup off. It doesn't do a good job at eye make-up and does a marginal job on face. I think the Clean & Clear or Neutrogena wipes are a better alternative if you're traveling or in a pinch.

10. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Waterproof

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Waterproof

The water is being cleaned for the roof makeup. Use this makeup removal tool to remove waterproof makeup. It is safe to use in the eye area and for removing longwear lipsticks. It is not yet effective. It's simple, micellar cleansing water removes dirt, makeup, and excess oil in a few moments. No rinsing, no harsh rubbing, and a face wash that cleans and clears of impurities. You've seen micellar waters by Garnier on all the "Best Drugstore Makeup Remover" lists. Which water is best for your skin type? Is it possible to get micellar water for oily skin? Makeup wipes for waterproof makeup? There are tips. If you want to remove hair color stains from your skin, try the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Inspired by nature, Garnier carries an array of products for your hair and skin care needs.

Brand: Garnier Skincare

👤I have never used micellar water before, but I think it is amazing. It feels like oil-water. It's thinner than oil but oilier than water. It does not smell like anything. I bought makeup wipes that are more eco friendly and better for my face. Liquid infused makeup wipes are a waste of resources and add to the plastic and toxins we dump into the environment. I don't know why it took me so long to switch over, it feels better now. I have combination skin. It doesn't make my face feel dry or irritated like single use makeup wipes did, and it doesn't break me out like that. I use the micellar water on my forehead or fingers to gently rub my makeup on. It feels like the makeup is sitting on top of my skin after it moves around. I use a makeup wipe to gently remove the product from my face. The makeup and oil are picked up. I cleanse my face. It is easy and nice on my skin. There is a The cap on the miscellar water makes product come out. It can get a little messy because it leaks down the side. I don't care because I can still use it, but I thought I'd say that in case it was something that would really bother you.

👤I got this a while ago and hadn't been using it because I had another eye makeup remover. I liked it. My little girl got into my waterproof eyeliner and ended up making herself look like a squid. I was laughing so hard that she thought I had done a great job. Not the top of my parenting moments. Anywho. The eyeliner is called Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Liquid. She used a lot of it, and it's essentially bulletproof. It was on the counter and floor. I needed something that I had a lot of. It worked like a charm, I grabbed it. Everything was removed from her face. I am very happy that my little girl is back. I'll be using it more often.

👤Attached is a photo of how many cotton balls/wipes it takes to remove two coats of waterproof mascara and light powder countouring. Also, etc. I followed the instructions of soaking the cotton ball and held my eyes closed for a few seconds. It needs to be shaken between wipes. It seems to be gentle on my skin. It doesn't feel oily and has no scent. The bottle says it is non-comedogenic and won't cause any problems.

👤KNOCKOFF! The knock off was fake. I noticed the label, cap and fonts were different when I bought it. I went to buy one to compare. I was correct. The ingredient list is different. When I called the 800 contact us number in the back of the bottle, they said they didn't make a batches number that matches what was on the bottom of the Amazon bottle. Don't buy.

👤All the good reviews really shock me. I wanted a daily facial cleanser, one that I could use at night before night cream, and a second bottle for the shower. It's hard to make something that's not too oily for my skin, but this stuff is! It doesn't cleanse the skin at all, it leaves it greasy. I mean very greasy. I shook the bottle well before using it. I gave it 2 stars because it removed my mascara like a champ, but since I had to wash my face after using it, it was not worth it. I keep the second bottle for those rare occasions when I wear waterproof mascara.

11. Natural Eyeshadow Afflano Blending Enigmatic

Natural Eyeshadow Afflano Blending Enigmatic

The new eye shadow will be available in 2021. The eyeshadow palette has everything you need to make your eyes pop. The smokey eye kit includes a mix of neutral shimmers and warm and cool matts for natural daytime makeup or dramatic smokey eyes. The dark colors are ideal for smokey eyes and are perfect for highlights. The eyeshadow palette offers endless opportunities to play around with different shades. The shades offer long- lasting wear and are highly pigmented to create a variety of looks that will last all day. It's easy to use the revealed smokey eyeshadow palette. The eye shadows in this palette offer seamless blendability. TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: The design of the palette is lightweight and travel-friendly. The formula here is unique and offers you long- lasting wear and high pigmentation. This is one of the best smokey eyeshadows for a casual outing or a wedding party. Healthful and safe ingredients, skin-friendly. Customer satisfaction is one of their core values. The eyeshadows give you a shine. If you're not satisfied with their eyeshadow palettes, contact them. There are 5 different fruit colors: silver smokey, Hawaii berry, sweet orange, Apple and Peach. You can get more from the store.

Brand: Afflano

👤I buy a lot of makeup from drugstores and high end brands on Amazon, but that is not a deterrent to me. I like the colors, but I'm not warm. This works for both of them. Second. It was made for me because I love wearing light pink/purples/grey silver. One of the best things about this is that it doesn't get those clumpy line in eyelid, even after hours of wear, and it's really long lasting. The colors aren't too sheer where you have to layer and layer to get some color to stay on your eyes. I was pleasantly surprised with this product and highly recommend it.

👤I was very excited to receive this product after reading the reviews. The colors are striking. I was disappointed that the dark pan that I thought might be a shimmery black to go over the matt wasn't, until I discovered it was a gorgeous dark vampire Auburgine! The bronze shimmer/glitter is in the top right corner. This is a fall/ winter look for someone who is comfortable with more dramatic looks and I look forward to playing with it. I took off one star. It's not convenient for most makeup cases.

👤I was hesitant to order the eyeshadow because I am allergic to some ingredients, but I was pleasantly surprised. The colors are pretty unique. The top row has a greyish- purple-blue shade that is similar to a Pat McGrath shade. The colors stay all day with minimal creasing, and can be washed with a brush, sponge or fingertip. I wish they would make a greenish toned version of this palette. I could change my gothic eye look a bit more.

👤I trashed many eye colors I bought online because I couldn't try them on. I was pleasantly surprised by this selection. My hair, skin and eyes are complemented by the colors in the palette. Love it. Highly recommended. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I'm hoping it will because chemical compounds in eye makeup vary from brand to brand. I might purchase another to be sure I have it.

👤This is my favorite pallet of eye shadow. When I bought this one, I bought 4 other ones. I like the colors better and this one is easier to use. It will come off easily if you use eye makeup remover. I have to scrub my eyes to get them off. I am more impressed with the smoothness. I just use a little on my brush. I will buy this again when I run out.

👤I was not expecting to be impressed, but I am in love with the quality and colors of this palette. This one is the same quality as the other ones I've purchased, and it's just a fraction of the price.

👤I was expecting less quality for the price. I was pleasantly surprised. I would use primer to get the full rich colors. Pleased with the purchase.

👤The colors don't go on well in the compact and roll up. They are not distributed evenly. There is a The frosted colors were too frosted for me as I was looking for shades to compliment my white hair.


What is the best product for eye makeup remover maybelline?

Eye makeup remover maybelline products from Maybelline New York. In this article about eye makeup remover maybelline you can see why people choose the product. L'oreal Paris and L'oreal Paris are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye makeup remover maybelline.

What are the best brands for eye makeup remover maybelline?

Maybelline New York, L'oreal Paris and L'oreal Paris are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye makeup remover maybelline. Find the detail in this article. L'oreal Paris, Beauty By Earth and Neutrogena are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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