Best Eye Makeup Remover Pads Reusable

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1. Makeup Remover Reusable Cleansing Suitable

Makeup Remover Reusable Cleansing Suitable

Safe and Environmentally Reusable Friendly for Skin. 500 times of cleaning can be done with the same amount of reuse as before. The soft cotton bamboo plush of this Pads is safe for your skin and is green. Makeup removal pads can be used with water and makeup remover to deep cleanse and remove makeup without leaving any traces. It's widely used in skin care and cleansing. Their fine chic coton bamboo fiber is perfect for removing makeup. Their makeup removal cloths are more absorbent than cotton face pads and will last a long time. It is easy to clean toxic free. And use. Their wipes are non-toxic and have been approved by the animal rights group. Even beginners of makeup can feel easy to use, because it can be washed by hand and repeated in the washing machine. Environmental Protection And Professional Seller Service. With their cotton pads, you will save money, but you will also make a huge impact on their planet by reducing your own waste and carbon footprint, making their planet a better place with a little contribution. If you have a question, please contact them. They have professional seller customer service to make sure you don't lose any.

Brand: Shusel

👤This product is a great value. You get a wash bag, a hairband, and 5 different colored pads for your eyes. It took my makeup off in 30 seconds. Makeup, waterproof. Everything can be removed. It uses water as well. It's nice to be able to just use water to take off my makeup because some products don't work well on my skin. The makeup removal pad is great.

👤There are pads in five different colors. They are ecofriendly and can be washed by hand or machine. They are great for removing makeup and cleaning your face because they are not harsh on your skin.

👤The product was very good. After removing my makeup with a face wipe, it really removed another layer that the wipe did not remove. I was very impressed with the product. It is very easy to clean. 100% recommend.

👤The material is soft and squishy, so it feels great on your face. Removes all make up and you don't know it. You can use it over and over. You can use one pack a day and wash them all on laundry day.

👤I thought the product was going to be garbage. I use cotton balls for makeup removal. I have bamboo rounds that I sometimes use, but they are too rough on my skin. These pads are great. They're soft and easy to remove makeup. I use one part of the heart for one eye and the other part for the other eye. I use the other side for the rest of my face when I flip it over. I use that side again with my cleanser. I put it in the laundry after the cleanser. I wash them with flour sack towels. I use detergent, a rinse and a dryer. These were a great find.

2. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Sustainable

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Sustainable

Their set includes 4 scrub and 8 soft bamboo and cotton rounds. The scrub pads are used to clean the skin. The softer pads are great for sensitive areas. These cotton rounds are great for removing makeup from the face. These cotton pads reduce single-use cotton rounds and save you money. It is long lasting. The wipes that remove makeup serve you for a long time. You can save a lot of money by using makeup removal pads. Their team is obsessed with customer satisfaction and will return or replace any questions asked.

Brand: Am Nolimit Trade

👤I'm always looking for ways to be more sustainable. My boyfriend is crazy about the amount of makeup I go through. I have stopped buying makeup removing wipes because of these. They come in a bag. After I use a wipe, I put it in the bag and then throw it in with my towels. The two texture are great. I use the tan and make up removal to get rid of the makeup and then I use the gray to apply the toner. They are very clean in the bag. I have not had any issues. They are soft and can help remove makeup.

👤The grey cotton pads are not absorbent. They end up making a huge mess because the water runs right off of them. How are you going to wash it off if you can't use water with them? I would rather use a wash cloth than these. I wish the whole set was the Terry white pads. I don't like this set at all. I wouldn't waste your money on this product if I knew how the money back guarantee works.

👤One of my decade resolutions is to be more eco friendly and with that comes finding new innovative and healthy ways to replace single use products. My skin care routine is a big part of who I am and I use more cotton rounds than the typical female. I was very interested when I found these pads. I ordered the first set because I only had a few single use rounds left. The first time I tried them, it was a good experience. The texture made it seem like it was getting deeper into my pours. It has been over a week. I am very happy with them. It is easy to use, easy to wash, and it is helping me fulfill my new decade resolution! I highly recommend them.

👤I just purchased these and am very impressed. The cotton and bamboo pads are soft and provide the right amount of exfoliation. They are very well made. I was very impressed. I'm excited to continue using these pads and reducing the amount of time I spend cleaning my face and eye makeup. I already use some of these, so they are economical and eco-friendly. There is a The bag is very thoughtful and high quality. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤They work well, not what I was expecting. I am happy to be moving away from single use pads, but they are a little funky. You have to hold your face over the cotton pads to spread the liquid on the pad. You tend to loose a lot to the counter and sink. Cleaning them is easy and sustainable. The trade off is worth it, so I would still recommend it, but probably just recommend the terry/textured pads over the regular cotton ones.

👤These cotton rounds are great. They are free from toxins and prevent waste. Everyone needs to start thinking about the earth and how they will end up in the trash. Please buy these rounds and products in order to reduce waste and save the future of human race.

3. INC Reusable Remover 4 25 Inch Diameter

INC Reusable Remover 4 25 Inch Diameter

Microfiber cleaning cloth gently removes dirt, oil and makeup with water. You can use makeup cloth to clean your face. There are 16 makeup removal wipes in each package. diameter The small microfiber makeup wipes come with a laundry bag.

Brand: S&t Inc.

👤I was skeptical of these, but I'm pretty sure they're what Mulan wore when she wiped her makeup off. They're pretty good at taking all of my makeup in a couple steps. I like to use micellar water to clean my skin. It's nice to not burn through cotton.

👤I can tell you that I have both of the affordable cloths and they remove your makeup as quickly as the Makeup Eraser cloths. They are not exact duplicate. These cloths are not as plush. They're soft and fluffy against your skin, but they're not as plush as the Makeup Eraser, which is at least 2x or 3x as thick. You simply wet your cloth and wipe your makeup off, and it doesn't seem to affect their makeup removing properties. I've used it to remove the most bulletproof lipstick on the planet. I usually use a little bit of oil to break down the lipstick before I use these cloths. For anyone who has had a bad experience with microfiber in the past, this is for you. The microfiber towels you use to clean your windows are not what this is. My skin has never been touched by these cloths. If anyone's skin would be fragile, it would be mine. If you can use them while you're on retin-A, they're something special.

👤This product... I don't know how this works, but it does. I said I was wearing a full face of make up. I mean all of the makeup, seriously the whole nine yards. I wiped my face after I wet it. This is my favorite make up removal. They are disposable and leave your face feeling greasy, so you don't have to keep buying them. And honestly, four dollars? Just buy them. You will not regret it.

👤Some makeup is removed but not all. I haven't had a blemish in a long time, but after using these to remove my makeup, I got one in the middle of my face. I don't think they're cleaning my skin well. I have other makeup that works better. The pink one bleeds when it's wet. This isn't a very good product.

👤The cloths are supposed to cleanse your face and not take your make-up. I know this is what they are supposed to do because I have tried other products that do the same thing. Put them under the water that is the warmest. It's been my experience that they shed, first of all, when you follow that process with these cloths. They don't take off your make-up. I have to use my cleanser to take off my eye make-up, which defeats the purpose of buying this product. I use the same make-up I have used for years, no special make-up or mascara. Even when I use my cleanser. The little pieces that come off the cloth burn my eyes. I like the size of them. If you want to use them for the purpose that they are intended, you should spend more money and get a better product. I will not recommend these.

4. Green Estate Reusable Makeup Remover

Green Estate Reusable Makeup Remover

The plant. Every purchase of Green Estate Reusable Cotton Rounds plants a tree through their partnership withEden Reforestation Projects. Your help helps restore forests in impoverished villages. Makeup regrowth pads are dual function. The makeup removal pads are used for two things. The black side removes makeup with water and won't stain. The white side is used to apply makeup. The design is tacky. The special edge of the makeup removal pads is designed for durability. These will never lose their shape. Save money and waste. The equivalent of thousands of disposable single use makeup wipes, pads, or cotton balls are the 14 Reusable Makeup Remover pads. A one time investment pays for itself. At Green Estate, they design eco-concious products that work well and save you money. They offer a money back guarantee if you're not happy with their product.

Brand: Green Estate

👤I thought I would save money over time. I thought these would be a great replacement for the cotton rounds I was using. I wanted them for my eye make up. They are soft and seem to be good quality. They seem to soak up more product than the disposable cotton rounds. I have to use a lot of more toner and buy nicer ones. The disposable ones fold in half to get eyeliner off your eyelid. These are too thick to fit in there. They are nice, but I can't afford more product. I am wondering if they can be returned.

👤I've been using these pads for about 2 weeks. I wasn't sure how well they would hold up when I received them. I washed them before I used them and then washed them again a week later. They are softer around the eyes and don't leave lint like the cotton ones, which is very painful to get in your eye. My makeup removal is combined with it. I'm very happy with these. I put them in a small container on my bathroom counter so they can be used at night. After each use, I will rinse them and put them in a mesh bag to wash. The set came with a bag that I don't want to stay closed in, so they end up scattered in the wash if I use it. I use a larger bag to hold the pads and other items. I am very happy with this product so far and hope they will hold up for a long time.

👤I have been trying to reduce waste for the last two years, and suddenly realized how many cotton pads I was using. Terrible! I ordered these and will never look back. I have washed them three times since I started using them. They are holding up well so far. The little bag that they come with is a bonus and helps keep them together in the wash. There is no shed and they are soft. They work well with water and ink. These are a great way to save money. The cotton I was using cost $20, so these pay for themselves. If you plan to use these with P50 or any other acid/exfoliant, be aware that it will cause black dye to run onto other fabrics and cause permanent stains, so be careful!

👤I used to use bamboo velour makeup removal pads, but these are a great improvement for me. The micro fiber does a great job of taking off makeup with water, but I had to use makeup removal for my bamboo pads to work. I don't use expensive makeup remover anymore and this is worth the cost alone. The pads are thicker and don't flop around, making them easy to hold in your hand. The product looks and feels refined in the two tone black/white color. The materials are soft on my skin and have edging.

👤I ordered a second set of pads. The first set was very flimsy. The product is superior in both quality and application. These are very soft on the face and thick. They are double sided and I like that. I use coconut oil to remove my makeup and the white side for my witch hazel treatment, one pad does two jobs. The coconut oil and witch hazel are dispersed well by these pads. They make my skin feel clean without being abrasive. They are easy to clean in the washing machine.

5. Garnier SkinActive Cleansing Ultra Soft Microfiber

Garnier SkinActive Cleansing Ultra Soft Microfiber

Ultra- soft microfiber pads that are activated with micellar Cleansing Water to thoroughly remove makeup and cleanse skin - no harsh rubbing - last up to 1, 000 washes - 0 cotton pads waste Say goodbye to cotton rounds and reduce unnecessary daily wipe waste. Zero cotton pad waste can be created with the help of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Eco Pads. After each use, wash your laundry with soap and water and then throw it in the washing machine. The leading wipes leave less waterproof mascara residual than with the waterproof micellar water. Use your favorite water to cleanse and remove makeup.

Brand: Garnier Skinactive

👤They work. Put the solution on them slowly. If you just squirt it on, it runs off and hits your counter. They work great at removing eye makeup once you have solution on there. It was very soft and gentle. There is a They roll up and flop around if you try to wipe their face. The 2 pieces are connected around the outside seam, but they fight each other while moving around. They do a good job, but they are almost too annoying to use. Sadly.

👤I wanted to like them. It is soft. I couldn't rinse it out after hand washing because they absorbed the soap. U used a lot. The box suggested I put the washer in. Came out of the dryer well. The soap was not out when I used it. I broke out on my forehead. After washing my face with micellar water, I wiped my forehead and found no dirt on the pad. I took a cotton ball and it was dirty. I won't be using them all the time. I wouldn't buy again. It might be a good idea for boobie pads for breast feeding.

👤I have tried to remove liquid toners and micellar water from my body, but I like the pads from Garnier better. I like the Garnier pads more than the cotton balls and homemade pads. The size of these pads is perfect. I will probably order more. I like to use different colors on different days. There can be some slippage between the pads, which are sewn together with no padding. This is no longer an issue though because it takes a bit of adjustment. I wonder if he tried sewing a design in the middle to prevent slippage. My pads are still looking new after only 2 wash cycles. I don't know how long they will last. I have 10 days worth of these Eco Pads.

👤These sponges are neat. When you press the sponge, it makes the water expand. After one use, the side you wipe your makeup off is white. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I wear a good amount. It took me two pads to clean my face. I washed them out with water after use. It was last night. They feel very clean today. They are covered with my black mascara, black eyeliner, and purple eyeshadow.

👤I would like to suggest to Garnier that they Stitch the two sides together to make the pads eco-friendly, but it might be a problem as it might scratch your skin. Maybe make it with one single two-side pad? Just a thought.

👤This product made me seek forgiveness. I gave up cotton rounds one afternoon when I was browsing Amazon and it recommended them based on my last makeup removal purchase. I will be. I added it to my cart and tracked it down to the minute. I destroyed evidence regarding my 3rd day in a row package delivery after intercepting the package. These things are legit. Absorbing. It was gentle. Superb quality is the best of all. I have washed them 4 times and the condition is1-6556. It is a good way to treat yourself and the Earth at the same time. :

6. Reusable Makeup Remover Round Heavy

Reusable Makeup Remover Round Heavy

ReusABLE PADS. The PRO halo makeup removal pads use the same amazing haloTech fibers as the Face halo Original, so they can remove heavier makeup and masks with less effort. Face Halo PRO is used by celebrity makeup artists of the stars. The chic black Face Halo PRO is non-toxic and reuseable. Reusable makeup regrowth pads are available. Face HALO PRO has soft edges and is 100 times denser than human hair. Each black round face pad is 3.6 inches in diameter and can be washed around 200 times, replacing up to 500 cotton rounds face wipes. Their fibers are perfect for removing makeup when used with water. Their makeup removal cloths are more absorbent than cotton face pads and will last a long time. The beauty is clean. Cotton pads and make up wipes have a negative impact on the environment and can become very expensive over time. Their wipes are non toxic and have been approved by the animal rights group. You will save money and make a positive impact on the planet by reducing your own single use waste with their cotton pads. Small steps can lead to big change. Easy care. Their makeup pads are easy to clean. Place used facial pads in the laundry bag and toss them in the washing machine. 3 face rounds are provided so that you can always have a face halo to help you look fresh even while running a load of laundry. Their face makeup wipes are great to carry with you on the go. Once you have finished using your face halos, send them back to them so they can be recycled. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. Face halo was founded by Lizzy pike to help busy women find an effective and safe way to remove their makeup before bed. Lizzy was inspired by her 15-year background in fiber technology to create solutions that are effective, non-toxic, and cost-efficient. Face Halo is committed to providing innovative solutions that are better for your skin and the environment.

Brand: Face Halo

👤I wear waterproof mascara first and then I have to wash my eyes and my face feels very sensitive and I don't like the way my face feels after this. The fabric is very rough. I am going back.

👤I'm very impressed with this product. The pads are easy to clean and you get 3 for the price. When I opened my package, they smelled weird and I wanted to wash and hang dry. I went for this product after seeing many ads online and I'm not disappointed. It doesn't get off your make up like a lot of these online shows. I needed some assistance so I took Coconut Oil and took a soaked pad and wiped my make up off. I wash the pad in the shower and then hang it up. Product works well. Excellent for people like me who care about the environment.

👤It takes a while to remove eye makeup. I use an eco friendly product.

👤My facials recommended these to me as she uses them in her practice. It's great for wiping off cleanser, makeup, and warming skin oils to help penetrate the skin. They wash well, just toss in the washer and I will air dry them. I don't use cotton pads anymore. I think they are expensive.

👤It is so small that I can take it anywhere with me, but there are some drawbacks. It was not as soft as it was made to sound and it was not as clean as I had thought it would be. If you have cleaned it completely, the white color would be a better purchase. I replaced the black puff that comes in the LASHIFY system because these were a better price for a three pack, and it does remove makeup with water, but you have to tug on your skin to be sure that it all comes off. That is the part I don't like and it is the most soft material to tug on my skin. It's great to use on my lashes to cleanse them before using LASHIFY and removing them with the melt away product.

👤I can't believe that these little cloth pads are so effective at removing make up without a cleanser. One or two soft wipes are all you need to wipe away mascara. Get these! I will use a less expensive facial cleanser. I cleansed my skin with a small amount of my cleanser after using the Face Halo. My skin feels good. I ordered three more sets so that I could always use a clean one in between loads of laundry.

👤It takes off my waterproof mascara and my makeup. There is always some foundation left when I use my t-shirt. I don't care how long I spend cleaning my skin. I wish they had a place to put them when wet or dry. Everything I looked at was too small.

👤I was not sure if these were actually good. I travel for my job and always look for good travel hacks. They are better than makeup removal wipes. All my makeup is taken off with setting spray. They are easy to pack and clean quickly. I can put it in the washer to be ready for the next week of travel once I return. You won't be disappointed if you buy them.

7. Reusable Makeup Remover Round Heavy

Reusable Makeup Remover Round Heavy

ReusABLE PADS. Their original face halo makeup removal pads are water only. Face Halo Original is loved by makeup wearers across the globe and makes light work of removing makeup and masks. The plush white face halo original is non-toxic and suitable for any skin type. Reusable makeup regrowth pads are available. Face halo ORIGINAL has soft edges and is 100 times denser than human hair. Each white round face pad is 3.6 inches in diameter and can be washed around 200 times, replacing up to 500 cotton rounds face wipes. Their fibers are perfect for removing makeup when used with water. Their makeup removal cloths are more absorbent than cotton face pads and will last a long time. The beauty is clean. Cotton pads and make up wipes have a negative impact on the environment and can become very expensive over time. Their wipes are non toxic and have been approved by the animal rights group. You will save money and make a positive impact on the planet by reducing your own single use waste with their cotton pads. Small steps can lead to big change. Easy care. Their makeup pads are easy to clean. Place used facial pads in the laundry bag and toss them in the washing machine. 3 face rounds are provided so that you can always have a face halo to help you look fresh even while running a load of laundry. Their face makeup wipes are great to carry with you on the go. Once you have finished using your face halos, send them back to them so they can be recycled. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. Face halo was founded by Lizzy pike to help busy women find an effective and safe way to remove their makeup before bed. Lizzy was inspired by her 15-year background in fiber technology to create solutions that are effective, non-toxic, and cost-efficient. Face Halo is committed to providing innovative solutions that are better for your skin and the environment.

Brand: Face Halo

👤Be careful! There was a dirty cloth inside the package. I really wanted to love this product. This did not live up to the hype. I had a hard time getting rid of waterproof mascara and eyeliner. If necessary, the instructions say to add more water. I was only able to partially get off my eye makeup by rubbing or adding coconut oil. It should not be advertised that waterproof makeup works.

👤This is the second time I have purchased this product. My original purchase was over a year ago, so I have discovered more companies make this face cleaning pad. My make up is removed. But... They are not as big as I was hoping. They are not as soft as my previous purchase, and as if there is cardboard in the middle. They are a little more difficult to clean than reasonable. There are better products.

👤I like throwing away my face wash products but I can't do that with this face halo pads alone. It works well when it comes to getting make up off. My skin is clean and fresh, but it's hard to get make up off the halo pad. I found that using a make up brush cleaner works well. After about 20 - 30 uses, I have to throw the halo pad away. I am happy with using these because my skin is sensitive to too much washing, but I am not sure if it is a permanent substitute.

👤I read the reviews and thought I would give it a try. It took off my make-up. I immediately ordered another one because I was so happy. I should have waited because my face became red and painful after using them. It was an expensive mistake. I gave the product 3 stars because it did what it said, but my skin is sensitive.

👤I've been using face halo makeup removal pads for years and have been loving it. I use this with warm water to remove my full face of makeup. I used the face halo and it made my face feel 99% clean. I only use the face halo on most days, and I haven't had any issues with makeup-related issues. I've used these to remove clay masks and they have worked well. I think it's best to wash these separately, but I've just chucked it in the wash/dryer with my regular clothes and haven't had any issues. Before you throw it in the laundry bin, make sure the face has dried out. If you put it in a bin full of clothes for a week before it's dry, it will smell bad. My face halos have been in place for about a year.

👤I bought them after hearing about them. I've been trying to find a good substitute for makeup wipes since they're bad for the environment, but didn't know which brand would be good to try. I use Neutrogena because they don't make my skin or eyes itch and they don't smell bad. These boys are bad. They're easy to use and feel great on your skin. All you need is water. They're not great when removing glitter. I was testing this against the Bite brand Crystal Créme Shimmer Lip Crayon I had on. It was easy to remove the lipstick, but not all of the glitter. It spread around my face and lips when I continued to try. Some of it has been removed, but more of it has been spread. I now have glitter on my face, which makes it hard to remove my lipstick. It is not terrible, but not ideal. I wanted to let others know that I'll be removing my makeup at night prior to showering, but I know I'll need to use these between going out and doing makeup. The product was great and would buy again.

8. Cliganic Premium Remover Hypoallergenic Lint Free

Cliganic Premium Remover Hypoallergenic Lint Free

There are three packs of 100 pure natural cotton. It's a hypochondriac. Cotton lint is not in your way anymore. Premium quality multi pantyhose. It's ideal for men and women. Risk free with the 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Quality products that will meet their customers' expectations are what they put a lot of effort into. They are behind every item that they make. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they can replace it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Cliganic

👤The surface is lint free, but the cotton inside has fallen out. It is hard to tell in the video. A lot of bits fall out and end up on my face.

👤The product was supposed to be free of lint. The product was terrible.

👤It's horrible. It is very thin and falling apart before you can even touch it. I put my brand on the right in the pictures so you can see the difference. The quilted solid one on the right is holding this brand together. I won't buy this again.

👤They fell apart while being transferred to the container. I assume you don't want them back. The remaining packs were put in the return for tomorrow. I am surprised that I have to go to the trouble of returning them.

👤I use cotton rounds to remove mascara, and usually go through at least two or three rounds per eye. If they are too soft or rough, they will fall apart. The rounds were sturdy and only one round could do the trick. No other brand has done that for me. They did not make my skin hurt under my eyes, that's amazing. If they had been smooth like cotton balls, they would have had to fall apart. I will never go back to any other brand, I am happy with my purchase.

👤These are lint free and I love it. I don't like getting lint on my face when I apply things. The rounds meet the bill. No lint! I like the fact that these aren't super thick. I use cotton rounds to apply product on my face, so thick rounds suck up a lot of expensive liquid, which then goes in the trash, not on my face. These are good for removing nailpolish. You won't get a lot of lint stick to your fingers.

👤I can not say enough about these. When I had a tooth removed, I used them like gaze. I didn't know I didn't have any. I used them to cover the surgical area until it healed and it was a life saver. They absorbed more than gauge would. The area was perfect according to my dentist. You can use them to clean your face or cuts. They took a good amount of dirt off my face. I use them for cotton balls that are good for, some things that are good for, and more.

👤These are pure cotton and super soft. When you apply your skin care product, you end up with cotton bits on your face because they break down on your face.

👤It is a bit expensive but it does the job. I've seen other reviews of it. I have not had this issue. They were used to remove makeup and clean my face.

9. Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes Waterproof Alcohol Free

Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes Waterproof Alcohol Free

The Neutrogena Makeup Face Remover wipes are pre-moistened and have a triple emollient formula that leaves skin feeling refreshed, soft, smooth and conditioned. Makeup removal facial cleansing towelettes work to remove makeup from the skin while also removing pollution, sweat and sunscreen, for superior cleansing and makeup removing power at your fingertips. There are wet wipes that are gentle on the eyes. Up to 99% of makeup can be removed with the effective formula. Their promise is to clean the planet. These facial cleansing wipes are made with 100% plant-based fibers and biodegrade in 35 days in home compost. Makeup wipes leave behind no heavy messes so there's no need to rinse. They're great to use in a daily beauty routine for a refreshing self-care experience.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤These wipes have mold. I pulled out 2 wipes with black spots after opening a new package. I've been using Neutrogena for a long time and am really disappointed that it appears to be contaminated. Don't buy anymore.

👤I gave this 5 stars and wrote a glowing review. I was excited after my first use because it made my skin so soft, but 24 hours later, I developed a red rash on my face. I searched for "allergic reaction to neutrogena wipes" and it was bad. Many people have complained about this product causing allergic reactions.

👤These are very bad. I can't get that smell off my face, even though they removed my makeup. They leave an oily mess on my skin and fingers. I washed my hands. I can still smell it.

👤I have never felt this good. Smooth, hydrated, clean. All my makeup is removed by one wipe. I'm ready to apply my lady Potion or just sleep if it's late. The smell is delightful. I gave up the Ponds wipes for these because I thought they were the best ever. I don't have a problem with the wipes drying out because the package doesn't seal. I have a package in every room and the car, so they're in use for a long time. I don't want to touch the wipe on the package. I just dry it with a tissue. The package will seal if it stays dry.

👤It felt like my skin was burning when I used this. I had a feeling that Neutrogina would work. It didn't.

👤I've only been using makeup wipes for a couple years, but have tried a lot of different ones. They don't leave an oily feeling like other brands do. Everything I need is here. I'll probably be using them for a long time.

👤Since the towelettes were all dried out, one of my neutrogena bags was useless. I have used the product many times, but I have purchased those from drug stores. I can't do anything about the ineligible item.

👤Light or heavy makeup can be removed with these. It doesn't leave a lot of oily feel behind, but I wash my face after removing makeup to make sure that no gross film is left on my face. You don't need to scrub it very hard to get results.

👤These face wipes are my favorite. I have sensitive skin and wipes can irritate it after a few days. This is my 3rd pack and I have not experienced any irritation so far. They take off makeup very quickly. I need a different eye makeup removal for my waterproof mascara. I expected that.

👤Funcionan; se deshacen del maquillaje rpido. Tienen un excelente, por lo, se puede a veces usar solo. No se quiere con los artilugios femeninos de belleza. El empaque es compacto, discreto y resellable. A algunas personas dejar una sensacin de picazn. No son solucin final o nica, pues obviamente contienen varios qumicos y solventes. I hizo a dermatloga, pero estamos sea posible. The sea til. There is no need to worry, Saludos.

10. BloomSesame Makeup Remover Cloths Face

BloomSesame Makeup Remover Cloths Face

The makeup removal cloths are 5inch x 5inch. It's great for sensitive skin and made of high quality microfiber material. Makeup removal cloths can be used to wipe away makeup, eye shadows, glitter, sunscreen, facial dirt, oil, grease and dead skin. It's easy to use with warm water or your favorite facial cleanser. It's suitable for machine washing. Don't use bleach or a softener. The air is dry or low. The edges are reinforced to prevent unraveling and are easy to care for.

Brand: Bloomsesame

👤I was gifted the makeup eraser the same time I bought these, so why not compare them? It's worth it for light makeup, sunscreen, and being able to fully remove mascara and eyeliner. The cloth can be used to remove the excess. I bought these to be more sustainable and not use as many cotton rounds. These are the best value for money compared to the equivalent version of the makeup removal, they take light face makeup off perfectly but struggle with taking off mascara fiber. It is hard to tell how much makeup you remove with the gray color, so I would recommend the whiter color to get a good sense of if you have makeup at all. These were perfect for getting rid of most of the makeup. I did a test at home with bioderma and it took off most of my makeup. It was very soft and needed a lot of rubbing. I found them most useful if you used an oil cleanse and soaked in warm water to help take it off.

👤You can bring things on a deserted island, but what do you bring? These! I received a microfiber makeup wipe for Christmas several years ago and have been looking for one that matched the original ever since. This surpassed the magic that was present. It takes off all your makeup with just water. It removes the oil and dirt from your face. I take these with me when I am not going to wear makeup because they remove all dirt and greasy sunscreen with less than half a water bottle. I use it for quick washes of my body on camping trips, it absorbs body odors and leaves me feeling so much better than using baby wipes at camp sites with no shower access, and it saves water. Total life hack! Some of my girlfriends commented on how fresh I looked. Since starting these, I have not had a single case of skin problems. I use the wipes in the morning and at night, then wash with cerave and add vitamins C and C. My skin is flawless even with no makeup. I love how many come in the pack so you don't have to use a lot of it. Will be ordering more. I am very sad. 3rd day no shower picture available. My boyfriend started using them as well.

👤I've been using cloths like this for years to remove makeup. They're soft. They're much more gentle on the skin than regular washcloths, and they can remove makeup without a cleanser. I enjoy it but don't understand it. It's a good idea to not use fabric softener with these, it makes them less absorbent.

👤I washed these before I used them and wanted to compare them to my officialeraser cloth. These are thicker and softer and have a loop to hang to dry. I also bought a few similar dupes on Black Friday. If they last a year, they are still cheaper than one of the name brand cloths.

11. Reusable Remover Eco Friendly Natural Cleansing

Reusable Remover Eco Friendly Natural Cleansing

Wouldn't you love to feel fresh and clean in seconds? The fluffy and soft beauty pads are great to clean your skin. You can take off mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, or waterproof makeup. The bamboo face cleaning pads make it easy to remove them. The set includes a scrub and make up pads. The scrub pads are great for cleaning off waterproof products, while the soft pads are great for sensitive areas. These 15 makeup removal pads are the equivalent of thousands of disposable single use makeup wipes, pads, or cotton balls. Don't lose the pads between your towels if you include a mesh laundry bag. The gift is ready. Their portable facial rounds set can be put in your travel bag, gym bag or luggage for effective makeup removal. It's the ideal gift for makeup and beauty lovers. They are dedicated to providing the best product and service to all their customers. If you don't like their product for any reason at all, please get in touch with them and they will happily give you a full refund.

Brand: Odoxia

👤I think they serve a purpose for certain things. They are great for being eco-friendly, but I have a problem with them absorbing all of your product so you have to use more. It might not be a problem if you use what you know. I really wanted to like them, but I am not going to waste a bunch of toner or make up remover. The round was dry and the four squirts of toner were soft.

👤I used more product than normal when I used pooled up toners. I love them after they were washed and dried. I recommend washing and drying before use.

👤I use these pads in the morning and at night to apply my toner, and they seem to be working just as I had hoped. I don't see how reviews that say they soak up the product are a problem. The first time I used them, I got my hand and floor wet. If you want to soak it, you need to use more product, but I think they're just bigger than the average cotton pad. They stain really easy and it's hard to get out, so it's best to wash your face before using them. I have washed them about 5 times now and they are still soft and holding up, though some of them have left over mascara. I usually wash them with baking soda water because it seems to help get some of the stains out. I like them, but I may need to get more.

👤I received this today and am obsessed with it. It comes with a little laundry bag, which is something I love about it. I recommend this to you. Great product.

👤If that was an option, I would give these a 3.5. These are not 100% bamboo. It comes with 3 that are 80% bamboo. The 80% bamboo ones have a rougher texture than the others, but it is better for removing dead skin cells. It absorbs cleanser better. The others don't absorb liquid at all. They are very soft on your face, but not cleaning anything. It can be washed in a washing machine with a bag. I haven't washed anything yet, so I can't comment on that.

👤The makeup removing pads are amazing. They are larger than expected, but they are wonderful quality. The bag is easy to clean. They are very soft and help with removing makeup and even applying toner, which is great for sensitive skin. I will always recommend them to a friend.

👤I have been looking at wipes that are disposable. These are great. I used some before I washed them. I would recommend washing them before using them. Some of them seem to take in more than others. You can wash them by throwing them in the bag that comes with them and in the washer. I will sometimes spray the white ones with stain removal to make sure they are clean. These are must haves.

👤I used to use a lot of wipes. I am so glad I switched to these because they are more eco-friendly. I think my skin is doing better with the softer and silkier wipes. I only have to wash them once per week or once every other week because I like how many there are. They come out clean, fresh, and good as new, after I just toss them in their little bag, put them in with my laundry, and move them over to the dryer. I tell my friends and family about the products I use.


What is the best product for eye makeup remover pads reusable?

Eye makeup remover pads reusable products from Shusel. In this article about eye makeup remover pads reusable you can see why people choose the product. Am Nolimit Trade and S&t Inc. are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye makeup remover pads reusable.

What are the best brands for eye makeup remover pads reusable?

Shusel, Am Nolimit Trade and S&t Inc. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye makeup remover pads reusable. Find the detail in this article. Green Estate, Garnier Skinactive and Face Halo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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