Best Eye Makeup Remover Pads Travel Size

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1. Reusable Washable Microfiber Cleansing Eco Friendly

Reusable Washable Microfiber Cleansing Eco Friendly

Premium quality makeup removing pads can gently remove makeup and impurities, perfect for any skin types or sensitivity. The cleansing facial pads can be used to remove makeup, as well as to clean the baby's eyes. se. It's perfect for selfies or as a gift. Makeup removal pads are round in shape. You can keep some in your travel bag, purse or overnight bag, it's convenient to use, and it's 4 color. They believe in doing their part to make the planet a better place. One of their pads can be used over 1000 times. The 18 pack of pads will keep 16,000 cotton rounds from ending up in a landfill. It is so nice to have an option that is less wasteful than makeup wipes. You're making a difference. Once it's dirty, you throw it in your laundry bag and wash it. 18 packs are provided so that you always have a set available. You will be happy with how much you will save because these pads can be used up to 1000 times. Provide a safe way to remove makeup. You know you are buying a trusted brand with 100% satisfaction. They have always focused on the environment, and are in full compliance with the regulations. Feel free to contact them if you want to know more about their products and service. The 7* 24 Hours Service Team is always here for you. Click and buy.

Brand: Nugilla

👤I gave these to my students to use. They loved using them, and they all commented on how soft they were.

👤I like these. I've been trying to cut back on single use items as much as possible and I'm so happy I found these. They work well for removing makeup or small wipes. I use mine with micellar water because they can work like a makeup eraser. They have a mesh bag for the dirty ones, you just zip it closed and toss in the wash. Some of them have a light grey tint to them, but they are not dirty, just a little stained. To be expected is what I feel. The colors are fun. They are in a jar on my sink top. I recommend these if you want to replace cotton rounds or makeup wipes.

👤I like the set of cleaning pads. It's easy to put the dirty ones in the net bag and toss them in the wash because of the hooks. One thing I would recommend is to thoroughly wet the cleaning pads. You won't need much to take off your makeup if you put a cleanser on them. It will be easier to see if you've gotten it all off if you use a different color than what you're taking off.

👤Very soft and works well. It takes me about 5 minutes to clean my makeup off with traditional methods, but with these it takes less time. When I take my makeup off, I don't have to worry about chemicals getting into my eyes.

👤I've purchased similar products on Amazon and loved them. I decided to use this product because of the color assortment. I should have bought the ones I had before. The material on these rounds is very thin. I have to fold them in half.

👤I love these makeup removal cloths. They work well and are easy to clean, I just throw some soap on after taking my makeup off. Cleaned! I love it! Thank you Amazon!

👤I was not sure if these cloths could remove makeup on their own. They are amazing. Good for people with soap allergies, it can be used on skin to clean. My daughter is getting better. It's a great gift idea for teens and young ladies.

👤It doesn't clean with just water so you use it once and put it in the hamper. It is necessary to find a good place to store them during dry time so that they don't cause a leak on the bathroom floor.

2. Neutrogena Extra Gentle Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Extra Gentle Makeup Remover

Removes waterproof mascara. It's safe for sensitive eyes.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤This is the only product that takes off my eye makeup without making me feel oily. I can't find it.

👤I use these wipes to get rid of my makeup. I like to use coconut oil to loosen my makeup, then wash my face and use wipes to get rid of it. They work well on eye makeup. I gave them 4 stars because I felt they were overpriced, but they are the best and I will keep buying.

👤I have sensitive eyes and this eye makeup removal does not burn them. It works well removing regular mascara, but may not be as effective with waterproof mascara. I am very pleased with the product.

👤This is the best eye makeup removal. It's the only thing that gets all of my mascara at the end of the day without being greasy. Two thumbs up!

👤These are easy to use and do a great job of removing eye makeup. They do not burn my eyes like some other products. I have been using these pads for a long time.

👤I had to add eye make-up remover to use the pads because they were very dry. Will not order from Amazon again.

👤My daughter recommended these eye makeup removal pads several years ago. They make my eyes feel better every night. Please keep them available.

👤These are my favorite eye make up removal products. My eyes are always refreshed after using.

3. Almay Remover Hypoallergenic Fragrance Ophthalmologist

Almay Remover Hypoallergenic Fragrance Ophthalmologist

The classic eye makeup removal pads are very effective at removing makeup. Your sensitive eye area will love them. These soft little pads don't leave a trace of everyday eye makeup or greasy mess. Their eye makeup removal pads are made with a botanical blend of green tea, cucumber, and aloe, and they are gentle on the skin. Their clean eye makeup removal pads are tested to be ophthalmologist tested, dermatologist tested, and fragrance free. There are also Longwear Makeup Remover Pads, Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks, and Biodegradable Longwear Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes.

Brand: Almay

👤These things are amazing. I have been wearing prominent eyeliner for most of my makeup wearing career and I have accepted that it would always be a pain to remove. I've tried a lot of different eye makeup removal products that people think are great, but nothing really made the process easy. I found these pads and they are a game-changer. I used them for the first time last night and I was amazed at the amount of makeup that came off with the first few touches. Nothing was smeared. I am still confused this morning. If this cannot pull off a repeat performance tonight, I will update my review, but for now this will be my go-to product. It wasn't as good as removing my lipstick, but I couldn't care less about that and this is branded as eye makeup removal. I was surprised that other reviewers said this stung their eyes. I was surprised that this product didn't bother me at all. I found the product to be very gentle, but it is different for everyone.

👤I used to love them. They changed the formula and made them useless. I bought one that had just dried out and another that was bought from somewhere else but it was useless. I washed it off with soap and water in the shower, but it couldn't remove the makeup under my eye. I was trying to get it off because there was hardly any water on the pad. It is possible that I got bad batches but two bad batches from different vendors would be a dealbreaker for me.

👤I have used the Eye Makeup Pads for a long time. Love them. These seem to be fake or cheapened up greatly. I used one pad for each eye. The packaging could have been changed. Not happy with these. I will make sure to buy them in my local store because I feel they are not the same as I have used before. The thickness of the pads has been changed. There is a method for this.

👤I've been using the non oily eye makeup removal pads for a long time. They are gentle on my eyes, but they get the job done. I've tried other brands and they are too greasy. They give me blurry vision. They are too oily to use to correct a makeup mistake. At the end of the day, I can use Almay to remove my eye makeup or clean up after a wild mascara wand. There was no oil. There was no grease. No starting all over again! I wear waterproof mascara. I use one pad most of the time. I use the other side for my other eye when I flip it over. I'm not sure why some users are not happy with the small size. Occasionally I use one wipe per eye, but usually one will do the job.

👤I needed an eye makeup removal that wasn't harmful to my eyes. In the past year, I've developed a new allergy to eye makeup and makeup removal in particular. Things I used to do cause my eyes to swell up. I stopped wearing makeup when it got so bad. I want to be able to wear makeup again, and I am trying out various makeups to see which one I like best, but I discovered my previous makeup wipes/cleansers also irritated my eyes. This also includes Neutrogena wipes. Enter Almay. I thought I could try it out for the add-on price. I am amazed! It took a single wipe to remove most of the eye makeup. I have never melted it off that fast. There were no allergic tingles either. I took off a star because the pads are paper thin. I used one side for each eye, but this tiny pad gets bigger and bigger by the time you get to the second eye. Even if you had to use one pad per eye, the remover properties are still worth it. I was angry no more.

4. Almay Free Makeup Remover Pads

Almay Free Makeup Remover Pads

Cucumber, green tea, and a lot of other things. For contact lens wearers. Removes waterproof makeup.

Brand: Almay

👤This is a good product. The formula might have changed. I used to use the pads all the time. My scarred skin has never been broken out. The small size of the wipe is the downside. It feels dried out on the face. I use at least two at a time to remove my makeup. I used one wipe but never used 888-349-8884 One wipe would do the job. The other pads did a great job with their coverage, but now it is two wipes that get most of it. Has the formula changed? May they have in this changing world. I still love her. I like this product. I miss the older pads that were larger and more moist to the touch, I'm aware that hindsight can make a product better than it was, but I don't think I'll ever get over it. It is still a good product. I have a weird sweaty crocodile skin. It's up to you. Listen to your inner voice if you feel comfortable with it. These are my two cents and they are not worth a dime. Thank you.

👤These pads are thin, but they get the job done. I was expecting a lot more, but these are almost potato-chip-thin. I had to use 3 to remove my eye makeup, which included brow gel, concealer, primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, because this pad packs a punch for its size. I took my eye makeup off in a few minutes. Since there is not really liquid in the container, these are a worry-free addition to carry in my purse. This product is my go-to, but I have to use 3-4 pads per eye makeup removal because it is a great product. The pads will only last 20 days if you remove makeup at least once a day.

👤The Eye Makeup Remover pads are great for daily use. The container has 80 pads, and they are very well cared for. If you don't use the pads quickly, they can dry up. The container shuts well so it can keep the humidity locked in for future uses. These pads are great to keep at home or take with you when you travel because they are very small. The individual pads are very thin and perfect for eye makeup removal. I only need one for my daily makeup removal. I wear liquid eyeliner and mascara, and only one side helps break it off. I use the other side to look in the other eye. If you wear a lot of eye makeup, you may need to use two. The pads don't irritate your eyes. They get the job done and are very gentle. I would recommend these makeup removal pads for heavy eye makeup users. They come in a compact case and are gentle to the skin. I will buy these again.

5. Greenzla Reusable Remover Washable Laundry

Greenzla Reusable Remover Washable Laundry

Eco-friendly - zero waste - replace your cotton rounds with their disposable makeup removing pads. You will never have to use disposable wipes, sponges or paper towels again. You can use their wipes on their own or with your favorite facial products. Simply wash and reuse. Why choose Greenzla? They have put together a pack of 20 makeup removal pads, a cotton laundry bag, and a storage container, all of which are eco-friendly and zero waste. Natural pads are gentle enough to be used on all skin types. They have included a cotton laundry bag and container to make it easier to use and store their rounds. It's perfect for short and long trips away, just pop your wipes into the laundry sack that doubles as storage on-the-go. There is a natural beverage called a natural beverage. The multi-layer design of the pad makes it soft and absorbent, yet thick enough to use both sides as if you're using 2 pads. The surface of the pad is made from bamboo and cotton. They are perfect for face cleaning. Greenzla is a brand you can trust. Greenzla guarantees that products that are not only eco-friendly, but work exactly as stated. They will give you your money back if you love them. Their bamboo cotton wipes set is a perfect gift for all your eco-conscious friends, so buy a set for yourself and one for them.

Brand: Greenzla

👤A good idea, but not worth it. The discs are a good size, but have no absorbency. I use micelar water for cleansing and it just beads and runs over the edge before it has a chance to sink in to the pad. This makes me doubt the claim of being organic. I don't have proof either way. I have experience with other organic cotton products. The second part is washing up. The mesh bag is too small to allow the discs to get properly cleaned in the washing machine, so I used a larger bag. I feel like I am not using a clean product when I see make up stains. The wash cycle leaves the pads crumpled up. Unless you want to iron them out after you wash them, they will never be the same. That may be a lot of trouble for something you use to clean your face with. The presentation is pretty enough, but the cardboard storage box is not something that will hold up in the bathroom. In a paper vs. humidity battle, humidity will always win. I don't care how good your bathroom fan is, that room is going to get humid and the storage box is going to get ruined quickly.

👤Since I go through many cotton rounds in a week, I wanted to try out the new form of cotton rounds. I have been using these rounds for about 5 days now and so far they work as they should. I like how thick each round is. I usually use one side to take my makeup and the other side to wipe it off. I had recommended these to others. You should only pour a small amount of your cleanser at a time on your pad because it takes a few seconds for it to soak in. If you pour too much, it might fall off the pad. It feels like my product is going to waste if I soak it in the pad immediately. I have had an easier time removing my makeup with this product.

👤I received these quickly after buying them. I used the cotton pads to remove my makeup. It works well with my liquid makeup removers. The packaging was easy to open. I am happy that it came in cardboard so I can reuse it. The laundry bag will be able to wash all of the cotton pads. It's a wonderful alternative to use store-bought cotton pads. I am excited to save money from this purchase. They are still holding up great after using these throughout the week.

👤They are not like cotton balls. They don't remove makeup well. They are more of a cheap washrag. I like the idea but they don't work for makeup removal and that's how they're marketed. They're not as good as cotton balls if you apply the liquids directly to your face and use this to wipe it.

👤These work better than the cotton ones that I buy. It will be a while before I need to wash my make up, because one disc front and back was all I needed. They are softer so I don't feel like they are tugging on my skin, which leads to premature aging. The ecofriendly packaging is a great way to store them.

6. Andrea Oil Free Makeup Remover 65 Count

Andrea Oil Free Makeup Remover 65 Count

It's perfect for contact lens wearers.

Brand: Andrea

👤I have tried many make-up removal products and I always come back to this one. I stumbled onto this one at a pharmacy a long time ago, and I can honestly say it's the best. I have tried many others, but this is my favorite. It's convenient, but it poses a lot of problems because you have to wet a pad yourself. Sometimes you run out of pads and you have to use toilet paper, which sucks, sometimes it spills, which you have to clean, making it an annoying two step process. The one step process of these pads is so convenient, they are moist, unlike most other pads I tried. I tried a lot of pads that lost their moistness after opening the package. I like that it has a twist off cap. They are the best at removing eye makeup, better than anything I have tried, and they do not make your vision blurry. I don't like the brand that makes oil pads. Oil gets into my eyes, but oil pads work at removing makeup. Guess what? Without the oil, these work as well. They don't dry your eyes. Love them.

👤The pads should be used for torture. I have only used it a few times and almost climbed a wall. Still was willing to give it another chance. I was cleaning my makeup around the eye when some of the pad got into my eye and it burned. I threw away the pads after splashing water on my eyes. Who makes makeup removal pads that have acid in them? I had makeup on my eyes and they don't clean very well. You have to rub it very hard to get any results. I used coconut oil to clean my makeup after I washed my eyes. Almond oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and Moringa oil will clean your makeup million times better than any of the pads. Oil leaves your eyes looking young and fresh the next morning. What a waste of money.

👤I only got one out of the three. The one I did not get was not sealed. I was hesitant of using it. I used some that I got in. They didn't like working. It did not remove eye make up. It was expected. I had water. I returned it to get the pack of 3 SENT. I was told that they were out of stock.

👤They work, but not on waterproof mascara. I use these for my cheap mascara. If you wear contacts, they are good. You have to clean out your eyes with eye drops because other products with oil in them will leave a film on your eyes. It was a hassle. Can anyone make a make up removal pad that will work on eyes and not cause oil in the ingredients? It works for just face. You will use a lot of them to get your whole face.

👤The local grocery store where I have always purchased them has been out of the non-oily item for a while. When I opened each container, they weren't sealed, which has never been the case when I have purchased them at the local store. I am assuming they are ok to use, but why weren't they sealed?

7. Burts Bees Makeup Remover Count

Burts Bees Makeup Remover Count

TheTLE cleaner: Their Eye Makeup Remover Pads are made with a blend of ingredients to remove makeup without causing irritation and to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. Their makeup removal pads make it easy to remove makeup. In one easy step, wipe the pads over the eyes. It's perfect for when you're on the go or need a quick refresh. There are makeup regrowth procedures. Their makeup removing pads are not oily and are gentle enough for daily use. Their pads are made with a extract from the kiwi plant to cleanse and remove makeup from your skin. For all skin types, their pads are dermatologist tested to be safe and effective, so you can be confident that you are getting the best care for your skin. All natural. The makeup removal pads are enriched with 99.5% all natural ingredients and have been clinically tested to make sure that they will keep you nurtured on the inside and outside.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤I'm amazed at how many self-proclaimed makeup "experts" in these reviews talk about rubbing the pads around their eyes. That is the last thing you want to happen to the skin. The most effective way to remove eye makeup is to simply hold the pad down and apply gentle pressure. These pads are great, not greasy or slimy. I use one pad for my eyeliner and mascara. I like the scent and texture. They're soft and pleasant. The only pads I've tried are gentle and effective. I am thankful for the nice product.

👤The jar is half empty. They do not lift oil based make up. The landfills don't need anymore bulky plastic bottles bc of companies like Burt's Bee's that are trying to offer perceived value through a bigger jar that's half empty The black hole of a jar is very deceiving. Liquid eyeliner and oil based eyeliners smeared the almost dry pads. The pads are not effective at lifting off makeup. The only good thing about this user experience is that the pads were not shed, which is a good thing.

👤I decided to give these a try because I usually like the stuff from Burt's Bees. They are cheap and didn't bother me. The pros list. They barely took anything off. A wet kleenex would have worked. I've used up my jar by using them as pads and putting other stuff on them that takes off makeup. I'm not using waterproof mascara. The cheapo makeup removal wipes from Family Dollar store are comparable to the performance of this one. I will not be buying this again.

👤I did not use these for my waterproof eyeliner. I purchased these because I want to remove makeup delicately around my eyes, and I felt myself having to tug to get product off. Unless you only wear eye shadow, I don't recommend these. It didn't do anything for waterproof eyeliner/mascara and only slightly removed non-waterproof formulas. They didn't make my eyes feel irritated or burn at all, that's what I enjoyed. I wish they removed makeup.

👤I was looking for something to remove eye makeup and not burn my eyeball and remove the makeup gently, just received and used one pad and it removed all of my makeup in the eye area. One pad removed makeup, eye primer, glitter waterproof mascara, colored brow gel, and waterproof brow gel. I'm happy. I will keep my subscription because the pad did the job, but it could be a little thicker. If I put a jar up to my nose, it won't smell as good. I didn't smell it when I used it. It gets 5 stars for removing what it says.

👤There are zero stars. This is not useful for removing eye makeup. I had black on my face. I use leaders eye makeup removal pads. I use a face wash every day. This did not happen. Everything is thrown around by this. I can tell you that if you are considering this, save your money and don't buy it.

8. Burts Bees Makeup Remover Count

Burts Bees Makeup Remover Count

There are massage pads. The eye makeup removal pads are made with a fruit called kiwi extract and are free of irritation. The effective cleaner. The makeup removal pads from Burt's Bees reach all corners of the eye. The makeup removal that has been clinically tested is 99.5% natural. There areTLE WIPES. These makeup removing pads are gentle enough for daily use and don't leave an oily stain. Remove eye makeup at home or on the go with a single step cleanser.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤I wish these worked, but they are not. I travel a lot and would rather not travel with liquid, so I bought a pack of these. These do not remove my eye makeup. I used one, and then had to use the drips remaining in my Neutrogena after, and that was more than the Burt Bees pads. The money was wasted.

👤I always go back to these even though I have more expensive eye makeup removers. I love them! They are easy to use and do not bother me.

👤There are black dots on the bottom wipes of two of the three containers that the product came in sealed. I don't want to use them on my eye lids because they could be contaminated withbacteria. Buy from a store that has the product you are buying.

👤It did not remove water proof mascara.

👤Not tested on animals, gently remove makeup from the eyes.

👤The pads take off eye makeup. One eye will not get mascara off. The value is not there because I have to use at least 3 for both eyes.

👤There is a nice size pad. One pad removes makeup from both eyes. I have never used a better remover. The area around my eyes is soft.

👤It was very easy to use. I usually use one side of my eye makeup. They last me twice as long. Work well.

9. Neutrogena Oil Free Liquid Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Oil Free Liquid Makeup Remover

The Neutrogena Oil-Free Liquid Eye Makeup Solution gently removes eye makeup. It is possible to take off even stubborn waterproof eye makeup with a dual-phase liquid makeup remover. The formula is non-greasy and has no oily smell. The makeup removing solution has been tested and developed by dermatologists to be safe for contact lens wearers and gentle for sensitive face and eye area. To use the eye makeup remover, shake well and apply with a cotton pad on closed eyelids, then rinse with warm water.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤I received a product that had a tape on the top of the bottle, but it didn't have a seal on it. I have been buying this product for a long time and have always had a seal underneath the cap, but the other half of the product was foggy and not the way it was supposed to be. I buy this product a lot. I bought 2 bottles from them and I don't know what they did with them. Will not use it on my eyes. This should not be sold. Linda is a woman.

👤It is the best for its price range. I have tried them all. Simple's and Loreal's are the wannabes of the CVS. This is the best bang for your buck. You don't need to scrub your eyelashes off if you get off waterproof mascara. It's great for dry or sensitive skin. Those who are worried about sensitivity around their eyes or have dry or fragile skin will appreciate that feeling after. I will sometimes stray away to try something new. I always come back. It works. Don't forget to shake, use cotton rounds or reuse makeup removal pads. Good job, Neutrogena. Tips #2 have been updated. It can work on waterproof mascara, but only if you saturate the remover pad with the product and hold on to lashes for a few seconds. Lift, lift, lift! This is just science, and one swift swipe won't do it. It needs to be put into the makeup for a short time to break it up for removal. It's like nail polish removal on old polish.

👤I enjoy playing with makeup. I don't like the makeup removal challenges that come with cleaning my face. I have worked in a big beauty chain store and have never been exposed to any eye makeup removers that were as good as the ones I have been exposed to. Neutrogena's Oil-Free Liquid Makeup Remover is one fifth the price. If you are not a consumer obsessed with only buying naturally derived, sustainable, fair trade, organic ingredients, then this product deserves a second look. Shake the bottle to mix the distinguishable, non-miscible layers of the product together. Enhancement of application, distribution and product effectiveness is helped by this. Neutrogena uses synthetic silicones that are lighter and less sticky than traditional eye makeup removers, but they still impart a slippery/lubricated feeling. Neutrogena's use of synthetic silicones in their eye makeup removal doesn't leave a greasy mess on the skin, which is common with oil-based eye makeup removal products. I have to use a larger amount of Neutrogena's Eye Makeup Remover in order to get the light and conditioned feeling I get after using it, because of the thinner viscosity of the silicones. The main factor in giving the product a perfect score is this aspect. It helps to identify the products used in your daily makeup routine if I am able to assess whether or not this is a good eye makeup removal for you. I would recommend this product to the average makeup wearer. For those of you who prefer a more generous application of waterproof makeup, a heavier eye makeup removal may be the way to go. These insights will help you assess if Neutrogena's Eye Makeup is the right one for you.

10. CeraVe Hydrating Biodegradable Fragrance Free Non Comedogenic

CeraVe Hydrating Biodegradable Fragrance Free Non Comedogenic

The face cleansing wipes remove dirt, oil, and makeup. The gentle cleansing wipes help lock in the moisture. The face of the plant is Based. The 100% plant based face cloth is made from plants. The hydrating formula is non-comedogenic and sensitive so it won't cause problems. 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier are made up of ceramides. CeraVe products are made with three essential ceramides to help restore and maintain the skin's natural barrier. CeraVe is a dissection recommended. There are products for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and more.

Brand: Cerave

👤These are great for sensitive skin. I had a skin infection after ezcema got out of hand. My skin has been sensitive to makeup wipes. These are great for sensitive skin. It takes makeup off.

👤CeraVe is the only product I can use because of my sensitive skin. I have been using the foaming facial cleanser for years and 888-349-8884 I tried a few more times to make sure, but sadly these don't seem to be as gentle as CeraVe products.

👤These wipes are great. They are very soft and have no smell which is a plus for sensitive skin. I have been using Neutrogena make-up wipes for a long time but decided to try these. They are huge, that's a plus! I only needed one wipe to get rid of my make-up. I will be purchasing more.

👤It is definitely worth the money. I have sensitive skin and have used many different brands for make up wipes, but these are the best.

👤Have combo sensitivity skin. This brand is the best after trying it all.

👤The product is great for facial cleaning.

👤These makeup wipes are perfect for people with sensitive skin because I am allergic to a lot of makeup wipes. They are a descent size and I love them. It's really soft and perfect for on the go.

11. Almay Eye Makeup Remover Count

Almay Eye Makeup Remover Count

It's great for a travel bag or gym bag. Makeup can get left behind if Pads are not used. A blend of green tea, cucumber and aloe leaves sweeps away makeup without irritation.

Brand: Almay

👤I like the small size for travel. I did not want to carry a bottle of makeup remover. I was looking for something that was convenient. The pads are very small. It might be two stuck together when you grab one. The jar is less than half full because of the thinness of the pads, which makes it seem like it is mostly filled up to the top. The pads were so thin that they were see-through. It is less than what you would expect from a makeup removal pad. The pad is about 1.5 inches in diameter. One pad is good for me because I don't wear a lot of eye makeup. If you wear moderate to heavy makeup, you will need to use more than one pad. If you wear more makeup, a makeup wipe will be better. Some reviews mentioned stinging. I didn't have that problem. You don't have to worry about the jar leaking in your suitcase because it's sealed tight. The makeup removal fluid is average. There was no excess makeup removal in the jar. I hope my review helps.

👤Don't waste your money on makeup removal products that aren't worth it. They don't help get anything off your face, it's just like putting sand paper on your face, it's cheap, but the container that they come in is probably the whole cost. I am curious to know what it is that makes your face smell bad even though you don't do anything, because they don't do anything. It is hard to see how many of the pads are actually in them.

👤I am looking for a good eye make up removal, but this isn't it. I thought it would be gentle on the eyes, but it burns my eyes when I use it. I have tried the oily pads before, but I don't like the oil. Maybe I am only using soap and water for eye make up.

👤I bought these for my daughter. She loves the product. She loves them. Will buy again.

👤These are okay. You keep forgetting to buy more when you run out of makeup removal. These will be there for you. Would I use them every day? No. For sure no. Will they dry out your skin? Will it get the makeup off?

👤Very disappointed. The safety seal under the lid had been removed and the pads inside had dried out. The container is not broken. I can refill it from my larger container. It was very disappointing to receive a product that looked like it had been used.

👤The cleaning pads were cheap. The cleaning pads are small and difficult to pull apart, so it's a good idea. I can see why they were on clearance. It was too bad for a name brand product. This should have been a free gift product.

👤I love it because it takes off everything around your eyes, not just the shadow.


What is the best product for eye makeup remover pads travel size?

Eye makeup remover pads travel size products from Nugilla. In this article about eye makeup remover pads travel size you can see why people choose the product. Neutrogena and Almay are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye makeup remover pads travel size.

What are the best brands for eye makeup remover pads travel size?

Nugilla, Neutrogena and Almay are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye makeup remover pads travel size. Find the detail in this article. Greenzla, Andrea and Burt's Bees are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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