Best Eye Makeup Remover Qtips

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1. Organic Cotton Compatible Products Remover

Organic Cotton Compatible Products Remover

Their round cotton pads are Lint-free and are best for general skin care. These cotton pads are suitable for everyday use and do not have residual strands. It is safe for sensitive skin to add water to make it moist and turn it into a baby wipe. Their cotton wipes are free of harmful chemicals. They are recommended for your baby's delicate skin. These cotton rounds for face are made of high-grade cotton that is skin-friendly. They help distribute skin care products evenly. Natural cotton rounds are small enough to fit in your palm but large enough to allow maximum use. It is ideal for applying baby care products. The cotton face pads were recently upgraded to a stronger design. It is soft and gentle for applying beauty and personal care products to the face and body. Even for sensitive skin, they are ideal cotton pads.

Brand: Noleo

👤These cotton pads are very absorbent. The small rounds are for my face wash and makeup removal. It's worked better than any I've tried before. Make sure you pull a whole one out. Since the seams are not pressed or sewed together, the two halves of each pad can look different. Pull one out until you have similar sides. If you only pull out half of a round, it will be very linty. If you pull out a full round with similar sides than it shouldn't be very linty on the skin. Hope this helps a few people and have a great day.

👤I was hesitant at first because of some reviews, but I wanted something cheaper and organic for my skin. I was able to see it. The cotton pads are nice. It is soft and durable. If you know what I mean, all cotton rounds split from each other. Hope anyone reads this and gives it a try.

👤These are perfect! You can separate them and use half of one round if you want. I use a half and it is perfect. They are great.

👤Noleo Organic Cotton pads don't fit in. The design of the pads makes them separate when you pull them out of the tub. I don't like when the pad breaks. The cotton pads are soft and absorbent, but they don't impress me. I thought to give these pads a try because they were $1 less than the brand I usually buy. Gonna return them. Quality is not up to my standards.

👤They come apart in the center, that's my biggest issue with them. You can split them in half because they come apart when you take them out of the bag. They work well. Good absorbancy. They are soft.

👤The cotton is the worst I have ever seen and the circles pull apart as you grab them out of the pack. They are soft but not good at what they are supposed to do.

👤The rounds are organic, so I'm not going to mind the $3.33/pk price. The soft natural fiber on my skin is perhaps the important part for me. They get the job done and are absorbent. I think they were for 3 dollars.

👤I use these to clean my makeup. I used to buy cheap ones with texture that were supposed to oxidize. I saw these and bought them on the spot, they are better than the previous wipes. I think they don't miss a single dot of makeup.

2. Sky Organics Cotton Swabs Pack

Sky Organics Cotton Swabs Pack

Sky Organics has included a pack of 500 organic cotton swabs. Sky Organics Organic Cotton Swabs are made with 100% pure organic cotton. Their cotton is GOTS certified organic cotton, which is why their cotton Swabs are made with it. There were no pesticides used in the manufacturing of cotton. Sky Organics Cotton Swabs are soft and gentle on the skin. It's ideal for cleaning around the outer surface of the ear. Sky Organics Cotton Swabs are made with organic cotton and are free of chlorine and fragrance.

Brand: Sky Organics

👤I bought these cotton swabs because they are made with organic cotton and are completely natural, and thus post-consumer. They are made well and good quality, but not as good as qtip brand. If you use them for that, be careful not to press too hard if you are used to a thicker cotton swab, as they are still comfortable in ear. They are a good product at a good value, but I wish they were not in plastic packaging so that they were more eco-friendly.

👤The cotton sticks are soft and durable, and they are double-ended. They are organic and fragrance/chlorine-free. I put a clean product in my ears. This box will last me a long time. The price is similar to drugstore cotton swabs, and I don't mind spending an extra dollar for organic. I received a gift card to purchase this product, but I was not required to write a review. All opinions were my own and were not influenced.

👤I use these to clean my ears. I have done it for years with other brands and never had an issue. The cotton came out of my ear. That is not acceptable. I had to get my husband to pull it out. I won't buy another product like that.

👤The qtip is for those who value organic. I'm happy to try them. These are new to the bathroom. They are soft and firm. I know I shouldn't. I like to clean my ears. I apply some coconut oil and roll it around. I know it's hard to try a new brand out of fear, but these hold up and work great.

👤Sky Organics is used to clean my cats ears. I use feline ear drops to pour it. The cotton is soft and nonabrasive, it gets all dirt out of it. It works well with my cats, so far I like it.

👤I like Sky Organics cotton swabs. The ones I buy are stronger than the ones I normally buy. The heads are not going around my ears.

👤These are cotton swabs. I love that they are certified organic, 100% Biodegradable, and Hypoallergenic, which feels consequential for something used so close to eyes and ears. They feel the same amount of cotton as I did. The other brand fills our world with plastic, but these do not. These are great for various arts and crafts with the grand children. I am very happy with the cotton swabs.

👤I've never seen q-tips that are both a good product and cruelty free. It's difficult to get only cruelty free products. I was very excited when I saw these swabs. The cotton on the tips kept falling off, I used a brand called q-tips. Q-tip without a tip is what good is. I had an item that was the same company, and they were fine. What about the swabs? The cotton swab stays on the cardboard stick. It's good! The cardboard sticks are very weak. They bend and curve when you use one end of the stick, so you can't do everything you want to, like cleaning your ears. I'm very sorry to say that I'm torn about getting this brand again.

3. Almay Waterproof Hypoallergenic Fragrance Ophthalmologist

Almay Waterproof Hypoallergenic Fragrance Ophthalmologist

Even waterproof and long-wearing eye makeup can't get past the oil free eye makeup removal pads. The little pads feel soft and cushiony, but are not soft on stubborn makeup. Their eye makeup removal pads are made with a botanical blend of green tea, cucumber, and aloe, which make them gentle on your skin, and they don't pull or tug around your eye area. Their clean eye makeup removal pads are tested to be ophthalmologist tested, dermatologist tested, and fragrance free. Oil Free Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads, Oil Free Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Sticks, Longwear and waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads are available.

Brand: Almay

👤I have been using the eye makeup removal for a long time. The item I received is not the real one. The pad is very oily and thick. I have used the same pads for the past 10 years. I ordered these because I was unable to get to the store and now I am paying for it. These are not good. They are not right. I don't know how to explain them in a different way. They have a weird smell. Purchase them at the store.

👤The cap on the bottle was missing when I received my package. It smelled like a burnt candle when I opened it. It spontaneously combusted. I can only come up with what happened when it caught fire. I thought someone opened it and set it on fire, then closed it back, but that seems a bit crazy. My only other theory is that it spontaneously combusted. These will never be used again.

👤I've tried many different eye makeup removers looking for one that won't cause my eyes to hurt and that won't remove my mascara. I always come back to these pads. I don't like their other versions. There is a This remover is greasy. That's why it works so well. It takes off my mascara. I suggest you use it before bed or wash your face because it leaves an oily stain. I like the oil for its ability to keep my skin hydrated and prevent wrinkling.

👤I ran out of the original makeup removal pads. I thought I would try these ones with a blue label. I assumed the users were irrational in their complaints of the oil when they read the bad reviews of the blue label ones. When you cleaned your face, the oil in the pink ones washed away. I thought that these couldn't be that different. These pads are terrible. I don't have sensitive eyes. There is more oil in one of these pads than there is on a fat guy on a crowded bus in the middle of July. This oil doesn't wash off. I get in the shower and hold my face under the water, but it won't come off. After using these pads, you have to wash your face with a mild soap and dry towel, and then shower with a dry towel and toilet paper to make sure the oil is off. This product is not good. The original pink label pads should be used. If you need waterproof makeup removal, use the waterproof makeup removal product from Garnier's.

👤I've been using this product for about 10 years and I always really like it. I've always preferred this one over the other ones. It's comfortable to use. I wear a lot of eye makeup, but I can use one pad for both eyes and brows. To remove the oil, I use a hot wash cloth. I like that it's very effective, not harsh, doesn't sting, and I think it's helping to prevent wrinkling.

👤This is the first time I've ever purchased this product on Amazon. I usually buy in store but my nearest store stopped carrying it so I went to Amazon. The product was in a plastic bag. The container was oily when I opened it. The label was peeling off. The inner seal was coming off. I needed the product so I used it. The sheets are not as gentle on my eyes. I don't like it. I wipe my eyes with a pad and then hold it to my ears and they never have before. I am stuck. I would have liked to have bought in the store.

4. Cliganic Premium Remover Hypoallergenic Lint Free

Cliganic Premium Remover Hypoallergenic Lint Free

There are three packs of 100 pure natural cotton. It's a hypochondriac. Cotton lint is not in your way anymore. Premium quality multi pantyhose. It's ideal for men and women. Risk free with the 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Quality products that will meet their customers' expectations are what they put a lot of effort into. They are behind every item that they make. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they can replace it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Cliganic

👤The surface is lint free, but the cotton inside has fallen out. It is hard to tell in the video. A lot of bits fall out and end up on my face.

👤The product was supposed to be free of lint. The product was terrible.

👤It's horrible. It is very thin and falling apart before you can even touch it. I put my brand on the right in the pictures so you can see the difference. The quilted solid one on the right is holding this brand together. I won't buy this again.

👤They fell apart while being transferred to the container. I assume you don't want them back. The remaining packs were put in the return for tomorrow. I am surprised that I have to go to the trouble of returning them.

👤I use cotton rounds to remove mascara, and usually go through at least two or three rounds per eye. If they are too soft or rough, they will fall apart. The rounds were sturdy and only one round could do the trick. No other brand has done that for me. They did not make my skin hurt under my eyes, that's amazing. If they had been smooth like cotton balls, they would have had to fall apart. I will never go back to any other brand, I am happy with my purchase.

👤These are lint free and I love it. I don't like getting lint on my face when I apply things. The rounds meet the bill. No lint! I like the fact that these aren't super thick. I use cotton rounds to apply product on my face, so thick rounds suck up a lot of expensive liquid, which then goes in the trash, not on my face. These are good for removing nailpolish. You won't get a lot of lint stick to your fingers.

👤I can not say enough about these. When I had a tooth removed, I used them like gaze. I didn't know I didn't have any. I used them to cover the surgical area until it healed and it was a life saver. They absorbed more than gauge would. The area was perfect according to my dentist. You can use them to clean your face or cuts. They took a good amount of dirt off my face. I use them for cotton balls that are good for, some things that are good for, and more.

👤These are pure cotton and super soft. When you apply your skin care product, you end up with cotton bits on your face because they break down on your face.

👤It is a bit expensive but it does the job. I've seen other reviews of it. I have not had this issue. They were used to remove makeup and clean my face.

5. Swisspers Exfoliating Distinct Textured Re Closable

Swisspers Exfoliating Distinct Textured Re Closable

One surface for exfoliation and another for more gentle use. Use the raised, textured surface to gently scrub away makeup and dull skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion. Use the soft surface to remove makeup or nail polish. A multi-layer design and stitched edge make a plush pad that won't leave pieces behind. 100% cotton is hypoallergenic.

Brand: Swisspers

👤I had a good experience with this product. I bought this again from Amazon because my local store doesn't carry it anymore. I threw away my first bag because it had yellow stains on it. I threw the bag away because I didn't take a picture. My first bag is this one. I opened yesterday. See what I found. I am not happy with the quality. I would love to get my money back, but I can't request it. It is disgusting.

👤I found the SwisspersĀ® "exfoliating rounds" at Walmart and was led to believe that only the packs of 100 count were those, so I purchased a box of 6 sleeves of 100. The package said "Premium rounds". The delivery came within a couple of days and the price was the same as in-store, which is great. I looked at the number and it matched the one in the store. I looked at the rounds from the top and bottom of the package, they looked the same as the "premium rounds", but after opening the package and taking a couple out, I saw that they were the "exfoliating rounds" I was looking for. The top two were flipped over. "exfoliating rounds" are the best ones, in my opinion. They do not fall apart, leaving cotton stuck to your fingers. I think that the absorbency is sufficient without added waste. I can use both the toner and the exfoliant side of the product without fear of it being absorbed into my face. I've learned that I don't have to rely on reviews to make my decision, and I'll feel better ordering more of this item. They have a quilted side and plain flat cotton round side, which is not what I was looking for.

👤I would give these Rounds a zero if I could. I have no idea how the end of a feather ends up in these pads, or how I have found foreign objects growing in them. It is baffling. Don't buy them. I don't want to do research on the company. 2 packs in the garbage after 2 weeks of being given a chance. They are useless and nasty. The pictures should be seen. One is growing something and the other is using it.

👤These are terrible. I always wet cotton rounds first. These are the worst I've ever used. I threw the whole package away. They tug your skin, fall apart and don't glide smoothly on the face. They leave LINT behind on your clean skin, so you have to use multiple rounds. God only knows what else is in their bodies, they aren't organic, and they are likely to contain pesticides. My skin looks better when I don't use the toner at all. The Organyc brand is used. The cost is one dollar more but it works.

👤These pads are not of good quality. The soft side of the package sticks to the exfoliating side of the next one, so pulling it out will get you about one and a half pads. I'm not going to be able to use them for my facial toner application because they leave cotton on my face, but they will work for nail polish removal. Quite disappointed.

6. Andrea Oil Free Correctors Pre Moistened 50 Count

Andrea Oil Free Correctors Pre Moistened 50 Count

Correct, clean, and complete. It's ideal for contact lens wearers.

Brand: Andrea

👤I have used them for a long time. They are great for removing makeup after you put on. These are not full eye makeup removal products. I tried using Q Tips and make up remover in a bottle to take those extra bits of mascara off, but it took forever. These are so easy to pull out for waterproof mascara or eye shadow, and you can just use your finger to remove any leftover makeup. It's almost impossible to find in stores anymore. I was happy to see it on Amazon. They can dry up quickly if you take the silver lid off. I suggest to put the lid back on when the sun isn't coming in. I love that they are quick to fix eye makeup. I have very sensitive eyes and do not bother them at all. These are non oily and great!

👤I don't like doing my eyeliner. I am not a girl who likes to dress up. There is no amount of makeup videos on the internet that can help me. I don't look like a failed smokey eye because I have these handy little erasers. You might be wondering why not use a makeup wipe. Is it possible to just soak and tip in the remover? That doesn't work as well. Trust me, I tried that as well. They have a very fine pointed tip. The accuracy is great. They are strong. These are great.

👤The first time I used them, they stinged my eye lids, almost like there was a chemical in it. My eyes became red and puffy and I had a rash. It's clear that this is an allergy. I am not allergic to anything. This stuff has something in it. I don't think they tested it before marketing it. I use the regular makeup removal pads all the time and love them.

👤I have been buying these for a long time. A lot of sellers have these. My last order was a few weeks ago. The seller had the best ones that were big and small. I will buy from this seller again.

👤It doesn't remove waterproof eye makeup. The brand I used to buy is no longer available. Some people said that the swabs were not pointed, but that is not an issue for me. I used to use the other brand, but it was a bit "blob". They don't work on waterproof eye makeup.

👤These make up corrector sticks are so pretty. They are not available at the store anymore. They're perfect to keep in your purse. It's perfect to fix your make up mistakes.

👤I love the precision tips and I think these do a great job. I don't use them fast enough and they tend to dry out before I finish the pack. They're cheap enough to replace, and I can wet the tip with water, but just know that if you're not using them daily, it will wear out and take about 3 months to go through one of these containers.

7. 100Pcs Pointed Cotton Medical Jewelry

100Pcs Pointed Cotton Medical Jewelry

Wide Application You can use their double-sided cotton swabs in any place you want, they can be applied in beauty, pet care, baby care, arts and crafts, household and collectibles cleaning and more. Cotton swabs are used to remove makeup from the eye. It is important to play a role in makeup removal. Cotton tipped applicators have less lint than regular ones and can be used for both cleaning and smearing. The cotton is hard to reach and the wooden cotton swabs allow you to scrub out those hard to reach places. It is suitable for sensitive skin. The cotton tip is gentle to your skin and the wooden handle is not easy to break. The cotton sticks are small. It's very convenient to use a long and thin 2.75 inch/7 cm to reach the small space. It is not easy to fall off, great for permanent makeup, cosmetics, or other model making, ceramics, jewelry, fabric decorations, hobby, arts crafts.

Brand: Ecyc

👤Not impressed was a toothpick with a white tip. These are colored white and not containing cotton. After painting my nails, I bought these to clean up small areas. The photo shows a small amount of cotton that can absorb liquid, but it is really just a small piece of wood with zero absorbency powers. I would not recommend these products as I think most people would be doing them for a similar purpose.

👤The low score is due to packaging. They are great. I got an empty baggie with 100 loose swabs in the box to carry my order. This had to happen because the box was in good condition. I would have returned them if I had not wanted them for nailpolish clean up. I don't have a lot of problems with my orders, but this situation was a tad frustrating.

👤I use oxygen 24/7. It makes my nose hurt. I need to clean the cannula in my nose. The cotton on the tips of these tiny swabs is small. I was surprised to see how small they are. I can wipe them out because they fit perfectly in the nose. I can see where they would be useful for the crafter.

👤The item is a toothpick with a cotton layer at one end. I needed an item to clean the nail bed of my son's toes. The item was painful because it had no cushion at the end. I will use them to clean ear buds.

👤They work great on my craft projects.

👤Buy toothpicks and save money. The cotton dissolved when I dipped it in cleaner.

👤These qtips make my winged liner sharper. It is easier to clean up underneath the eye.

👤I like to paint my nails with these. These are small enough that I can get around my nails with polish remover, and I can also get around my neck with it. I have an issue with them being very weak and easy to break.

8. Greenzla Reusable Remover Washable Laundry

Greenzla Reusable Remover Washable Laundry

Eco-friendly - zero waste - replace your cotton rounds with their disposable makeup removing pads. You will never have to use disposable wipes, sponges or paper towels again. You can use their wipes on their own or with your favorite facial products. Simply wash and reuse. Why choose Greenzla? They have put together a pack of 20 makeup removal pads, a cotton laundry bag, and a storage container, all of which are eco-friendly and zero waste. Natural pads are gentle enough to be used on all skin types. They have included a cotton laundry bag and container to make it easier to use and store their rounds. It's perfect for short and long trips away, just pop your wipes into the laundry sack that doubles as storage on-the-go. There is a natural beverage called a natural beverage. The multi-layer design of the pad makes it soft and absorbent, yet thick enough to use both sides as if you're using 2 pads. The surface of the pad is made from bamboo and cotton. They are perfect for face cleaning. Greenzla is a brand you can trust. Greenzla guarantees that products that are not only eco-friendly, but work exactly as stated. They will give you your money back if you love them. Their bamboo cotton wipes set is a perfect gift for all your eco-conscious friends, so buy a set for yourself and one for them.

Brand: Greenzla

👤A good idea, but not worth it. The discs are a good size, but have no absorbency. I use micelar water for cleansing and it just beads and runs over the edge before it has a chance to sink in to the pad. This makes me doubt the claim of being organic. I don't have proof either way. I have experience with other organic cotton products. The second part is washing up. The mesh bag is too small to allow the discs to get properly cleaned in the washing machine, so I used a larger bag. I feel like I am not using a clean product when I see make up stains. The wash cycle leaves the pads crumpled up. Unless you want to iron them out after you wash them, they will never be the same. That may be a lot of trouble for something you use to clean your face with. The presentation is pretty enough, but the cardboard storage box is not something that will hold up in the bathroom. In a paper vs. humidity battle, humidity will always win. I don't care how good your bathroom fan is, that room is going to get humid and the storage box is going to get ruined quickly.

👤Since I go through many cotton rounds in a week, I wanted to try out the new form of cotton rounds. I have been using these rounds for about 5 days now and so far they work as they should. I like how thick each round is. I usually use one side to take my makeup and the other side to wipe it off. I had recommended these to others. You should only pour a small amount of your cleanser at a time on your pad because it takes a few seconds for it to soak in. If you pour too much, it might fall off the pad. It feels like my product is going to waste if I soak it in the pad immediately. I have had an easier time removing my makeup with this product.

👤I received these quickly after buying them. I used the cotton pads to remove my makeup. It works well with my liquid makeup removers. The packaging was easy to open. I am happy that it came in cardboard so I can reuse it. The laundry bag will be able to wash all of the cotton pads. It's a wonderful alternative to use store-bought cotton pads. I am excited to save money from this purchase. They are still holding up great after using these throughout the week.

👤They are not like cotton balls. They don't remove makeup well. They are more of a cheap washrag. I like the idea but they don't work for makeup removal and that's how they're marketed. They're not as good as cotton balls if you apply the liquids directly to your face and use this to wipe it.

👤These work better than the cotton ones that I buy. It will be a while before I need to wash my make up, because one disc front and back was all I needed. They are softer so I don't feel like they are tugging on my skin, which leads to premature aging. The ecofriendly packaging is a great way to store them.

9. Andrea Make Up Correctors Swabs Count

Andrea Make Up Correctors Swabs Count

The package is 12.953 cm long and 7.874 cm wide. The model number is SG_B00NFUGW4K_US. The package weight is 0.158 kilogram. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Andrea

👤There is a change to be made. I have to keep up with what's happening. I ordered another set after I opened the 2nd package of my first order. Both sets are useless this time. No shape to them. Can't use them. It's complete waste of money. I would have liked to have gotten the first bottle. If I am doing eyeliner, these are a must have.

👤They work well at removing mascara when you mess it up. I bought these a year or two ago and they used to have a very nice sharp point at the tip which allowed you to get very tiny areas covered without messing with anything else. The ones I just bought are similar to a Q-tip. It is harder to reach those tight spaces without messing up something else. I miss the sharp tip.

👤I am concerned that many of the reviews are fake because I have read them more closely. I ordered these because the Shreya ones were no longer available. I have concluded that these are not effective as an eye makeup removal, they are not absorbent, and they move the eyeliner around on your skin rather than make it disappear. If you only have a small amount of eye makeup, this will suffice for your needs.

👤The tips work well to remove mascara. Sometimes there's too much liquid under your eyelashes and other times it needs more, because the size of the cotton swab and the container of liquid varies. The size of the cotton varies between containers.

👤I was glad I opened them before I wrapped them because they were not sealed and I didn't want them to get lost. I'm not sure if they're safe to use around the eyes or if someone tampered with them. I don't think this is a good idea.

👤When I put on eye makeup, there is always something that makes me cringe, and I thought of sending an email to those that make the make-up wipes to do the same, but alas, they were on Amazon. It's great that there are two packages for that price. Amazon, do not stop ordering these, they will always keep ordering them. Please try.

👤The best make up removal sticks are these. They are great to fix make up mistakes. You can put the container in your purse. Too bad they were stopped.

👤I use this product every day to correct my eyebrow makeup. I wish they would make them that way again because it made it easier to fine- tune the line. They do a good job for what I need.

10. Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes Waterproof Alcohol Free

Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes Waterproof Alcohol Free

The Neutrogena Makeup Face Remover wipes are pre-moistened and have a triple emollient formula that leaves skin feeling refreshed, soft, smooth and conditioned. Makeup removal facial cleansing towelettes work to remove makeup from the skin while also removing pollution, sweat and sunscreen, for superior cleansing and makeup removing power at your fingertips. There are wet wipes that are gentle on the eyes. Up to 99% of makeup can be removed with the effective formula. Their promise is to clean the planet. These facial cleansing wipes are made with 100% plant-based fibers and biodegrade in 35 days in home compost. Makeup wipes leave behind no heavy messes so there's no need to rinse. They're great to use in a daily beauty routine for a refreshing self-care experience.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤These wipes have mold. I pulled out 2 wipes with black spots after opening a new package. I've been using Neutrogena for a long time and am really disappointed that it appears to be contaminated. Don't buy anymore.

👤I gave this 5 stars and wrote a glowing review. I was excited after my first use because it made my skin so soft, but 24 hours later, I developed a red rash on my face. I searched for "allergic reaction to neutrogena wipes" and it was bad. Many people have complained about this product causing allergic reactions.

👤These are very bad. I can't get that smell off my face, even though they removed my makeup. They leave an oily mess on my skin and fingers. I washed my hands. I can still smell it.

👤I have never felt this good. Smooth, hydrated, clean. All my makeup is removed by one wipe. I'm ready to apply my lady Potion or just sleep if it's late. The smell is delightful. I gave up the Ponds wipes for these because I thought they were the best ever. I don't have a problem with the wipes drying out because the package doesn't seal. I have a package in every room and the car, so they're in use for a long time. I don't want to touch the wipe on the package. I just dry it with a tissue. The package will seal if it stays dry.

👤It felt like my skin was burning when I used this. I had a feeling that Neutrogina would work. It didn't.

👤I've only been using makeup wipes for a couple years, but have tried a lot of different ones. They don't leave an oily feeling like other brands do. Everything I need is here. I'll probably be using them for a long time.

👤Since the towelettes were all dried out, one of my neutrogena bags was useless. I have used the product many times, but I have purchased those from drug stores. I can't do anything about the ineligible item.

👤Light or heavy makeup can be removed with these. It doesn't leave a lot of oily feel behind, but I wash my face after removing makeup to make sure that no gross film is left on my face. You don't need to scrub it very hard to get results.

👤These face wipes are my favorite. I have sensitive skin and wipes can irritate it after a few days. This is my 3rd pack and I have not experienced any irritation so far. They take off makeup very quickly. I need a different eye makeup removal for my waterproof mascara. I expected that.

👤Funcionan; se deshacen del maquillaje rpido. Tienen un excelente, por lo, se puede a veces usar solo. No se quiere con los artilugios femeninos de belleza. El empaque es compacto, discreto y resellable. A algunas personas dejar una sensacin de picazn. No son solucin final o nica, pues obviamente contienen varios qumicos y solventes. I hizo a dermatloga, pero estamos sea posible. The sea til. There is no need to worry, Saludos.

11. Lunelle Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Remover

Lunelle Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Remover

Zero. The bamboo face pads can replace 1000 cotton rounds. By using their bamboo pads for makeup removal, you will be helping their planet reduce waste and you can say goodbye to using cotton rounds for face. Their makeup removal cloth are made with 5 layers of ultra- soft charcoal bamboo which is gentle and suitable for all skin types. The dehumidification and absorption properties of charcoal are great. The bamboo pads for face are durable and easy to clean. Place them in the laundry bag and throw them in the washer. It was tumble dry. It is easy and convenient. Their finger pocket design helps you clean hard to reach areas. The bamboo cotton rounds have a unique design to reduce slipping and sliding on your skin. There is a bonus that includes a 100% sustainable natural Konjac Sponge to gently exfoliate and bring out your skins natural glow, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Brand: Lunelle

👤These are not even soft like microfiber. When the pictures are black, they're gray and I wanted something black. It feels like a clot that you would clean your car with. I thought the description of charcoal meant it was infused with charcoal rather than a gray color which is misrepresented in the photo. I will return this.

👤My wife and daughter love the pads. These pads are very soft. The sponge that comes with it is very soft and gentle on the face. We love that it is sustainable and helps us save money. Will definitely buy again.

👤Why would you put these in the dryer? They come with a little bag to hold the washing machines that need to be cleaned and washed with cold water. They dry fast if you just lay them flat. I rinse mine off when I use the rose water, but if I use them to remove a clay mask, I put them in the bag for a washing machine wash. These are larger than the cotton pads and have a pocket where you can slip your fingers in to wash your face. I love them!

👤I use them to take off makeup. It's soft, effective, and perfect to be more eco friendly. It's more of a charcoal color than black, it doesn't get ugly after washing it, and the sponge it comes with is soft to use on the face.

👤These are soft. I use these for removing eye makeup and they are the most soft I have used. They don't rub the eye area too much. The eye makeup remover is absorbed by them. They help remove my eye makeup. They are thick. I love these!

👤I'm always trying to find ways to eliminate everyday household items that are thrown away because they're only used once. I am very happy with the pads. I like the grey color because removing makeup that might stain a white pad won't be noticeable. The pads are very soft, so don't feel like I'm rubbing my skin when using them. The pads are easy to clean. It's nice to have a bag to wash the pads so you don't have to chase individual items. I use the shower pad to wash my face after removing my makeup.

👤My daughter will be getting a stocking stuffer for Christmas. We aren't going through cotton rounds because she loves them so much. I stole a few from her and will be ordering a set for her. They are soft and easy to wash since they come with a bag. We put a cute little hook next to her mirror and she keeps them there until laundry day.

👤I have never owned a round that was as stiff as this one. I got these because of the finger pocket. I wear heavy black eye make-up and had some great cream bamboo rounds, but seeing the stains after a wash made me search for something darker. I picked them up. Not as soft as my other ones. They are thin and stiff. I wouldn't recommend it.


What is the best product for eye makeup remover qtips?

Eye makeup remover qtips products from Noleo. In this article about eye makeup remover qtips you can see why people choose the product. Sky Organics and Almay are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye makeup remover qtips.

What are the best brands for eye makeup remover qtips?

Noleo, Sky Organics and Almay are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye makeup remover qtips. Find the detail in this article. Cliganic, Swisspers and Andrea are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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