Best Eye Makeup Stencils Kit

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1. Eyeliner Eyeshadow Applicators Template Material

Eyeliner Eyeshadow Applicators Template Material

There are 5 sets of 2 eyeliner molds in each package so that you can make your own eye makeup in 10 different shapes, and together with 5 sets of eyebrow templates, it's easy to make fishtail eyeliners. The 2 eyeliner molds with 10 different shapes are made of quality matt PVC material, which is reliable, and you can choose the ideal mold that matches the appearance of your natural eyes. The squatting cat is about 86 x 76 cm. Keep your hands steady when applying eye makeup. There are 24 different shapes of eyebrow templates, which are made of durable plastic material, they can guide you to innovate your own style and meet most of your daily needs. It is 8.8 x 4 cm. You can clean the eyeliner mold with water or paper towels, and store it well for next use. These tools are easy to use and will save you time, solve eyebrow, eye shadow and eyeliner makeup troubles, and create a foundation for delicate makeup for you, suitable for most eye shapes and sizes.

Brand: Maitys

👤I can't figure it out. I would like them to be stickers. I'm going to look for that. These are in my closet. Only opened one package. It was too hard to use.

👤They are not for use more than once. After wiping the cat stencil off a few times, the lines and numbers are gone. You can't use the same stencil more than once. Even though they are numbered and have directions, it still doesn't work. I think they are not for all eye types.

👤I was shorted 5 sets. I only got 5 because it says a set of 10.

👤Didn't get any sheets. 3 sheets of each was the only thing that was received. Only 6 sheets were total.

👤They are not for every eye shape and were almost impossible to use. It is difficult to hold this to your eye and apply eyeliner. Make sure you wipe off any eyeliner that got onto the tool because the transfer of make up is very heavy.

👤This is useless if you have another person hold the stencil.

👤They work great, but it can be hard to do makeup if you hold it at your eye in two different places. I would like it to come with some sort of tape or something similar so that you don't have to hold it, but I really like how it helped with my eyeliner.

👤It is difficult to see where you are putting your eyeliner. Not recommended.

2. Wet Wild Ultimate Universal Stencil

Wet Wild Ultimate Universal Stencil

This all-you-need kit of 6 essential tools is needed to make your brows arch-envy. Try this stencil kit today! The kit is universal and will fit any style you're going for. The kit of 6 essential tools is needed to get arch-envy inducing brows.

Brand: Wet N Wild

👤I got great results from this. The way I did it was by brushing my brows with the same brush. I found the stencil shape that looked the best. I put the brow stencil on each eye. I was able to shape my brows using a razor and scissors. This is completely pain free. When I get ready in the morning, I use the same stencil and apply the darker powder to the inside and lighter powder to the outside. It's easy and I've gotten a lot of praise.

👤I like the colors. I like the way they work. The template was something I struggled with. Even the smallest template was still too large because the proportion of my face:eyebrows was smaller. The powders are nice and go on well, so I wouldn't say this is a bad product. The templates are hard to use. I've seen others that do not have the ability to keep in place while applying the product. It has been difficult to work with the kit. If I had to make a recommendation, I would go with the majority opinion because I have seen multiple reviews that rave about it. If it doesn't work for you, you don't have to spend a lot of money on it.

👤I have been buying brow items in order to get a more updated look. I've bought expensive things that weren't right. I found this set and figured it could be used to try. I got the stencil to work by not using the whole thing. It was too long for my eye to see. I am using my own brush because the brush is hard to get out. The powder stays put if you start and end with wax. I matched my brows well by mixing the two lighter colors. I have a better idea of where to let my brows grow out now that I am happy with them.

👤I absolutely love this product. The packaging is very cute. It comes with 3 different stencils so it can be used on anyone's brow. This is a steal for the amount of money. I heard of this product and had to try it myself. The small set of tweezers are not very good at pulling brow hair. This will make my make up routine go quicker because I am a big brow person. Great job Wet & Wild.

👤My eyebrows are missing. The powder stick is helped by the wax application. I was careful not to get them too heavy looking because the powder needed to be put on several times. I looked natural and stayed on. I will probably be better when I master the technique. I didn't know how to get the stencil to stay in place.

👤This is a great deal at $3.00. I have to practice to get the perfect brow. I wouldn't use this for the water park, but a great temporary brow. Multiple colors and high liters are included with the brushes. It's perfect for the beginner or pro.

3. Eyebrow Reusable Stencils´╝ć2 Professional Waterproof

Eyebrow Reusable Stencils%EF%BC%862 Professional Waterproof

The eyebrow stamp saves time. It takes a few seconds to draw a natural and perfect eyebrow makeup, and even a novice can use it easily. Their eyebrow pen brushes will give you a clean, flawless look. Their eyebrow stamp powder is waterproof and sweatproof. Perfect brows all day long. When you are ready to take them off, wipe them clean with your favorite make-up cleanser. It's easy! The eyebrow stamp is made with a soft mushroom head, which can hold the powder firmly, and make your skin feel comfortable when using it. The powder can be adjusted by yourself. novice eyebrows can be colored quickly. The brow stamp and shaping kit can be used as an eye shadow, as well as covering gray roots. You can wear it whenever you want to look fabulous. You can give the brow stamp stencil kit as a gift to friends and family. You will receive a package that includes one step brow powder stamp makeup, 10 reusable eyebrow stencil, and 2 eyebrow pen brushes. If there is anything missing in the package, please contact them in time, they will solve your problem within 24 hours.

Brand: Yoihojet

👤I 888-276-5932 is beyond my expectation. The brow powder and seal work very well, and it comes with a variety of Reusable Eyebrow Stamp Stencils. Consistency and color are what this is. I like the natural look of the eyebrows, so I applied it a bit differently. I will place the shape where I want it, and make sure that the back of my eyebrows are completely filled. I gently touched my eyebrows with a sponge so that they were not sharp. It looks natural.

👤It took a while to figure out how to hold the stencil in one hand and apply the color with another. I was laughing too hard at the result, so I am not sure how it will work. Holy cow! The dark color made me look like a clown. I did not finish the other side. Will probably give it a try and chalk it up as a mistake.

👤Before using this eyebrow powder, it usually takes 10 minutes for each eyebrow of my old eyebrow pencil to make them perfect, but after buying this product, it cuts my time in sculpting beautiful eyebrows by more than half. I like that it's simple to use and will save me a lot of time.

👤I needed to draw my eyebrows every day before I bought the eyebrow stamp. I can get a beautiful eyebrow in a shorter time since I have the eyebrow stamp stencil kits.

👤This product is very easy to use. I didn't know it was so easy to get the perfect brow shape. I thought brow powder was hard to use, but it turned out to be much easier than my old brow pencil. They have a lot of shapes to choose from. I used the comb to get my brows in perfect shape.

👤Your entire head is covered in stenciled eyebrows.

👤When I get up early to work and use eyebrow powder, I can have beautiful eyebrows in a few minutes, saving me time, and there are 10 different eyebrow stencil. Most girls will get the eyebrow shape they want.

👤The kit comes with 10 different eyebrow shapes and 2 eyebrow pen brushes. The stamp kit was easy to use and very simple to use. I have never used a stamp kit like this before, but it exceeded my expectations. It's great for a quick brow on the go. Save a lot of time.

4. IMethod Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

IMethod Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

In 1 minute, slimy and soapy breeches are in! iMethod will show you how easy it is to make your eyebrows look better with the brow stamp and shaping kit. The perfect brow stamp kit includes 10 eyebrow stencils, eyebrow pomade, a sponge applicator, and a dual-ended eyebrow brush. All in a pouch for your purse or beauty drawer. You can easily apply the eyebrow pomade with the easy-to-use iMethod eyebrow stencil. SMUDGE-PROOF and WATERPROOF are long-lasting. The long-wear formula keeps the brows in place all day long. It's waterproof and smudge-proof make them great for active days. Beauty for all and good looking. The eyebrow makeup is great for beginners.

Brand: Imethod

👤It would take me a long time to fill my eyebrows. I wanted something that would make my eyebrows look more related to me. I took a chance. .... I love this product. I got the light brown color. It stays all day, no smudges, and it only takes me 1 minute to use. For those of you who would like a quick and easy brow, buy this product.

👤The product is great. I have had my eyebrows tattooed. I have penciled in my eyebrows for 7 years and can never seem to get them to match. I bought a similar item last year and liked it. I wanted a brush with a long handle. It is very easy to achieve the color I like and works, although it does take a lot of product to achieve the color I like. I highly recommend.

👤I have tried many brow products and have been disappointed. I don't want clown brows in your face. I want my look to be natural. The hair is patchy and not natural, the color is fair, and I have very little natural hair. I look like I don't have any brows at all. This product is perfect. I could cry. It looks natural, it fills in everywhere I have no hair, and it is soft. The taupe color is light and perfect for me. My brow hair is light blonde and my hair is dark blonde. The taupe seems to be able to bridge the gap. The pomade is easy to work with and will last a long time. The little sponge is a genius. The other applicators are too large. This product is a constant source of gratitude for me. Thank you so much!

👤I tried a less expensive option because I didn't know if I'd like it. I am very surprised. It's easy to use and quick. It stays put all day and washes off with my normal make up remover. I was skeptical, but I don't need to do them by hand anymore.

👤This is very easy to use and I like how my eyebrows look. I should have ordered the dark brown instead of the black brown because I thought it would be darker.

👤Highly recommended! Great product! It's easy to apply. It takes a few tries to get it right, but once you do you will always have perfectly shaped brows. It's waterproof too!

👤It's very easy to make sure you get those nice lines when you stamp it on your face because of the small outlines. It's sort of smudges easy, but combine it with another brand that sticks better and you are golden. The tool that comes with it is very useful.

5. Pure Compression Silicone Eyeshadow Crease

Pure Compression Silicone Eyeshadow Crease

The package includes a handle and crease replacement. The tool is used to create the perfect cut crease. The eyeshadow crease line kit will help you get a gorgeous makeup look. It can make you doe-eyed, almond, and wing effect. The eyeliner stamp can be used to find an amazing look for beginners or skilled makeup artists after a few attempts. You can use these stencils to draw eyebrows and eyeliner. They are made of high quality silicone and are durable.

Brand: Pure Compression

👤I don't wear eyeshadow because I have never been good at applying it. Then comes this little person. It's helpful to place your crease where it actually goes. I might be wearing eyeshadow more often. You can't go wrong with it for the price.

👤If you want a cut crease but don't want to draw everything individually, this is a time saver. It takes time to figure out the best placement, but at this price, it's a decent beauty tool.

👤This kit makes my make up time quicker and easier. The shapes included are a plus. Love it.

👤Getting the line right is important to me. Once I learned to pay attention to the first one, changing the line was fun and quick.

👤I don't wear a lot of make up anymore but there are times when I need it. I wanted to give this product a try. It made it difficult to do a bad job. I had my daughter try it. She loved it. I can't tell you enough about this. If you want to cut down on the amount of time you spend applying make up, then purchase a product that makes applying make up so easy.

👤It's a waste of money and time.

👤If you have big almo d shaped eyes, this would work. Throw them away!

6. Voha Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

Voha Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

Easy to use and handy eyebrow stamp, elegant eyebrows in just 2 minutes. Water-resistant and smudge-proof makeup from the moment you step out to the time you come back. AFFORDABLE PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP : VOHA has the best makeup made with world-class materials. 10 specially designed eyebrow stencils give you the perfect eyebrow shape. You don't have to spend hours trying to match your eyebrows with pencils. EXPRESS BOLDLY. Makeup is more than just a way to look good, it's also a way to show who you are. Cheers to a more open world. At VOHA, their customers are the most important achievement. They make sure to give unparalleled after-sales support and reimbursements for bad results.

Brand: Voha

👤The VOHA brow kit was easy to use.

👤This product is great. The stamp lasts because it comes with so many different stencils. This product is worth giving a try. It is definitely worth the money.

👤The product stays on well. I got a light brown color and it matched my brows. I would like to have a way to stick the stencil on. It is difficult to hold the stencil in place and apply the roller. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. I haven't found any that fit my personality. Well. I have to take a baby wipe and remove part of it after I put it on.

👤I only tried it once and it was easy. I used to struggle with my eyebrows but this product made it easier for me.

👤Finding a way to hold the form and still be able to use the stamp was a challenge. I finally was able to use the stamp and am happy with the outcome.

👤The product was easy to put on, but the black was too dark and I will be getting a dark brown soon.

👤It works well and makes eyebrows look great.

7. IMethod Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

IMethod Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

Just press and make perfect eyes in minutes! Do you struggle with shaping eyebrows? iMethod Eyebrow Stamp can help you get your dream eyebrows. It's easy to use, just place the stencil and stamp on the product and use the complimentary brush to shape your brows every time. This brow pomade allows time for a smooth finish. It glides on smoothly to create a natural look. It is waterproof and lasts all day until you are ready to remove it with a makeup removal product. You can achieve any change in your daily life according to your makeup, with 10 pairs of different brow stencils.

Brand: Imethod

👤The eyebrow stamp is very easy to use. It's a great way to simplify your makeup routine.

👤I don't have many eyebrows. I've tried everything except micro blading. I like to use the Wunder brow gel. It lasts for a few days. I wanted to try something with a template, but I was skeptical. It takes some practice. It is waterproof and can be done through exercise. It is cheap as well. I have dark hair that is highlighted blonde. The light brown works well for me. Don't hesitate to try!

👤I used tape to secure the stencils after a little practice. I loved it! I would recommend this product.

👤I loved it. It was very easy to apply and lasted all day. The product is ecxelente.

👤I had tried several colors of products like this one, and had despaired of ever finding the right color, until I found this "Ash Brown" -- dark brown is too dark, light brown is too red, but this Ash Brown is just right! I like to brush the powder on my brows just to make them look a bit better, with the handy little brush that's included. I'm too old for Joan Crawford eyebrows, I plucked mine too slender for too long, and I can use this powder to make my own, which is much more full than they are. I will definitely be buying this over and over, so please stay in business! OutSTANDING!

👤They were easy to apply and matched my hair color. It was very easy once I got used to it. Pick the right shaped stencil for your brows. There are so many shapes to choose from. It makes your brows look like twins.

👤I don't think there is a problem with the eyebrow stencils, but they should say that they are for big faces.

👤I love this product because it gives you so many options in the shape of your brow. Depending on how much product you apply, they can be lighter or darker. This was my first attempt. I know it will get better. I have always struggled with my brows, but I feel like they way is easier to learn.

8. MADLUVV 1 Step Stamp Shaping Blonde

MADLUVV 1 Step Stamp Shaping Blonde

It's easy to use, and you can save time when doing your brows. Each kit includes a stamp, 5 different stencils, a spoolie, and a cute bag to use on the go so you can ensure the perfect shape for your brows. The stamp is designed to look natural and has the highest quality makeup ingredients. An amazing shape. You will receive their 5 most popular brow shapes which can be tailored to your liking. Don't worry, they will show you the perfect shape to pick based on what you are doing that day. The brow stamp is used by the Pros. They offer 30 day money back for any reason you don't like it. The way you do your brows will change forever with their patent pending brow stamp and kit. They know you will love it.

Brand: Madluvv

👤It is a no from me. They still look terrible even after I fixed them with a tattoo brow. All of the stencils are huge and even after choosing the smallest one they look terrible! It usually takes me 5 minutes to do my brows, but today it took almost 20 minutes because I was trying to fix them. It usually takes double the time to double the work. The only way to get the product back is to screw the cap back on. How am I supposed to hold the stencil on my face while doing that? It was all not worth it. I will return the product.

👤It takes a little while to figure it out. I like it. If your eyebrows look too thick or harsh, try not to press the stamp on. It is a lot of trial and error but once you figure it out, it is all good. I will continue to use.

👤One too many white claws and beauty guru's telling me how easy it is to shape my brows at home led me to buy this product. I have no regrets about buying this. The stencils are made of plastic and come in 5 different shapes. The sizes change from 1 to 5. They have a stop line on the stencil so that you can make a shorter brow if you don't have a long brow. They're easy to use and don't slide around. You hold them against your face with two fingers and then use the stamp with your other hand. I like the stamp. My brows are brown because I am naturally brunette. The medium brown color was ordered by me. Depending on how hard you press the stamp onto the stencil, you can change the intensity of the color. If I gently comb through my brows after I stamp lightly. The color is similar to my hair. What is left of it? The color is too dark if I stamp over the stencil multiple times. I can just press lightly and still achieve awesome brows that aren't as dark, that's not a deal breaker for me. Now is the time. The only negative thing about this product is that they are not even. I didn't think it would be as difficult as it is. Maybe that's because I ruined my current brows and now they're not the same, and maybe I'm just lining the stencil up crooked? I have tried to get them both. It's still a challenge! I used to fill in my brows in less than 10 minutes, but now I spend more time trying to get them even. The stencil was hard to hold in place and it moved around a lot in the reviews I read. I didn't think that was an issue. It was a little weird the first time I tried it, but it's really easy to hold them in place and not have them move around. Getting them even is hard for me. You have to use a stencil for both brows. You stamp on one side, wipe it off, then flip it over and stamp on the other side. I struggle to get both of them. One is always higher than the other. I ordered a brow stencil attached to a strap that goes around your head because I love the stamp so much. I'm going to see if that makes getting my brows even easier. I would like to see this company make a stencil similar to those. If they had a single piece of plastic that had both brow shapes on it, it would be much easier to achieve even brows. I wouldn't buy any other brow products again. It felt like I said too much in the review about brow stencils.

9. Eyebrow MoonKong Pencil Waterproof Stencil

Eyebrow MoonKong Pencil Waterproof Stencil

This eyebrow pen creates very natural looking and defined brows that beautifully frame your face to compliment all makeup looks. Waterproof, Smudge-Proof All Day: The long-lasting formula ensures that your makeup will last all day without fading through sweat, rain, and even water sports. The four tip design of their brow pen makes it easy to draw and fill, which is why beginners and professionals love it. The eyebrow tint gel can be easily removed with a makeup remover or oil cleanser. You can get a perfect eyebrow product mix with this set.

Brand: Moonkong

👤I usually use the brow tattoo from Maybelline, but I will try anything with a tattoo style application because it looks like real eyebrow hair. I am a former high fashion makeup artist and have never had eyebrow hair. At age 12 I started drawing them. It's true! Forty years later, I am an eyebrow expert. People used to come to me in NY to have their brows done. This is a good applicator, but it releases too much ink, so one must use a light hand to get it right. My biggest problem was that this product faded and smudged very easily, and my Maybelline product lasts much longer. Wonderbrow is the longest lasting brow product, but it is nearly impossible to get the individual brow hair realistic look with that. My favorite brow product is the original formula of Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil. I use a combo of the three products if someone asks me to do their makeup. This eyebrow product was terrible for me. It leaves a weird ashy color on the skin when it fades quickly.

👤Not waterproof or smudge proof, the product floods out or barely comes out of the pen. It is impossible to clean off the haze on your skin when you wipe away most of the product, so they claim it is waterproof. I will stick to pencils and maybeline tattoo.

👤I don't know if I got a dry one, or what, it barely gives off any color unless you press so hard that the individual tips disappear into a big brown chunk. It doesn't work well. I only used the brow pen in my first photo. Can you tell which one it is? It has a great review and an offer to leave a 5 star review for a $15 gift card. I could not warn you away from this product.

👤This may be a great item if you shaved your eyebrows. I am 57 years old and mine have stopped. They are made of silver. I purchased dark grey. There is a dark grey. I still trim my brows even though I have less hair. The product doesn't blend with hair on the brow. It is awful no matter how artistic the attempt to blend is. Any hair smudges the lines.

👤This product was not effective. It wasn't easy to get color out. It was not a good purchase because it was hard to get a constant color.

👤It's a good thing. The smudge free is true but the microblading tip of the market is worse than a sharpee! The tip is modeled after a sharpee but it is not like fibers. The tip will turn into cotton, which is not fine blade lines. It looked decent in presentation, but never again.

👤I don't know why this got any good reviews or if I just got an old product, but it didn't work anymore. I just wish I wouldn't have spent any money, and I just went with a better product.

10. Professional Quick Eyeliner Eyeshadow Stencils Professional

Professional Quick Eyeliner Eyeshadow Stencils Professional

The set of templates contains 6 sets of eye shadow stencils, each set has its own style and features 32 left and 32 right. The material of the eyeshadow mask is non-toxic, odorless, and non-irritating to the skin. It applies to everyone. Attach the disposable shields to the area below the eyes to cover them and this eyeliner stencil will save you time. It works for everyone because beginners have difficulty drawing eyeliner and eyeshadow. The eyeliner and eyeshadow stencil stickers are perfect for beginners and experts. You can try different eye shadow shapes on a daily basis to match your makeup or clothes.

Brand: W-l

11. Eyeliner Applicators Template Eyeshadow Beginners

Eyeliner Applicators Template Eyeshadow Beginners

The cat eye stencil are made with the best materials. The cat eye stencil are made from a soft silicone material that won't scratch your skin and won't tear easily. The size of the stencil smoky eye is compatible with any eye shape. The cat eye stencils for eyeliner are necessary tools for lazy people or beginner to quickly complete eye makeup that will save your much time to solve the problems of eyebrow, eye shadow and eyeliner makeup. You don't need to wake up early to put on makeup that you think was easy, perfect and glamorous. The eye stencils for makeup can be used again and again, because they are very easy to clean and dry quickly. There is convenience. The cat eyeliner pads are made of soft medical non-woven fabric that you don't need to fix the cat makeup tool by hand. The glue on the eyeshadow pads will not stick to the skin or irritate it. The quick makeup stencil are portable and easy to carry. The cat eye stencil kit makeup can be used to create a variety of eye makeup styles. You can change your style. A few simple steps can be used to complete the eye makeup of eyeliner, eyebrow, and eyeshadow.

Brand: Niolio

👤These form to your face, but they flop all over, making it hard to have them stay put. I haven't tried the stickers yet.

👤I can't do a cat eye to save my life and now I have these, it's perfect. It's very easy to use. It took me a long time to find them. Buy it.

👤Did not work for me. I have to play with her for 12 years.

👤It's not a realistic way to apply eye liner. The stencils are useless. The protectors are the only good thing.

👤The item was beautiful. The dispatch was swift. The packaging was perfect. Service was excellent.

👤Couldn't get the hang of it. It was large for my eyes. I couldn't hold my eyelid to keep it taught while using the eyeliner with one hand.


What is the best product for eye makeup stencils kit?

Eye makeup stencils kit products from Maitys. In this article about eye makeup stencils kit you can see why people choose the product. Wet N Wild and Yoihojet are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye makeup stencils kit.

What are the best brands for eye makeup stencils kit?

Maitys, Wet N Wild and Yoihojet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye makeup stencils kit. Find the detail in this article. Imethod, Pure Compression and Voha are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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