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1. Lavender Aromatherapy Weighted Compression Pain Purple

Lavender Aromatherapy Weighted Compression Pain Purple

The Inner Bag of the weighted eye mask is made up of premium compression beads with a lavender scent, it aids in the feeling of relaxation and is effective for relieving eye fatigue, headaches, puffy eyes, and other symptoms. For hot therapy, put the sleep mask into a microwave for 40-60 seconds under 90C/194 degrees Fahrenheit/ 600W and promote blood circulation around the eyes. For cold therapy, put the weighted eye mask in the refrigerator for an hour. Warm tips for under 30 minutes of hot/cold therapy. You can use the eye mask with the inner bag as a sleeping mask, or just wear it when you need hot/cold therapy. The soft and comfortable plush fabric used in the eye mask feels gentle against the skin. The wind is touching the face. Why choose Umisleep? The research and design of sleep masks is what Umisleep is about. If you're not satisfied, please contact them. They will try to solve your issues. If you could give them some suggestions, they would be very grateful.

Brand: Umisleep

👤I liked this eyemask because the cover was not required for washing. The lavender insert doesn't fit to your face. The flexibility of the mask is interfered with by the wide strip of Velcro that closes the cover. The scent is not very strong. If I whack it a bunch of times, it will break up the large pokey pieces and make me more comfortable. I wouldn't buy it again because it's not as good as others and it's not a good design.

👤This was not very good. Not soft at all and does not reach any type of heat without heating it in the microwave, and after heating it does not have a pleasant smell.

👤I use it daily. Very comfortable.

👤The mask is nice and warm, but the elastic that keeps it in place is very tight.

👤I don't like the way the mask feels on my eyes, it makes my eyes feel weird when I take the mask off. I don't know if it's the mask's weight or the ingredients inside.

👤The first time I used this, it felt great with the strap that was needed to keep the mask tight. The second time I used it, the strap was ripped from the side.

2. Blissful Being Lavender Pillow Minky

Blissful Being Lavender Pillow Minky

Give your eyes a spa day by getting yourself a luxurious eye pillow and indulge your eyes after a long day at work. There are certain requirements to your needs. This eye pillow rests over your eyes and exerts gentle pressure. Place the silk eye pillow on and enjoy! There are many benefits in the comfort of your living room. Pick one of their 8 jewel tone colors or get all of them. Both body and soul can be contorted. The eye sleep pillow is made of lavender and flax seeds. The benefits of lavender and the benefits of the Flax Seeds are the same. Choose its purpose. The eye pillow mask is very easy to use. It's ideal for travel and long car trips, after yoga, meditation orPilates, perfect for sleeping and resting. You can take a break at the office. The eye mask is freezable and microwavable. This eye pillow is made in the USA and is free for women and men. This product is backed by a money back guarantee.

Brand: Blissful Being

👤The size and weight were perfect. Quality product.

👤The product came as expected. It is soft and weighted perfectly. Thank you.

3. Reusable Sleeping Swelling Migraines Headaches

Reusable Sleeping Swelling Migraines Headaches

The eye mask can be chilled in the freezer as an ice pack. It can be used as a warm eye mask to be heated in the microwave oven, which can be used for relief from dry, irritated or puffy eyes, dark circles, tension, and muscle pain. The eye mask was sealed in a plastic bag and placed in the fridge. Either chill it for 1-2 hours or freeze it for 30 minutes. For a warm mask, place it in the microwave for 10 seconds. The best therapy time is 15 minutes recommended by the doctor and therapist. The cooling eye mask can make you feel better when you feel tired or tense. Women, girls,students or office workers who stay in front of the computer for a long time, or people who stay up late and have dark eyes, can use this eye mask. The cool feelings last longer with the use of massage gel beads and glycerin. It is soft with a plush backing. These gel eye masks are FDA registered, latex free, and non-toxic. The eye mask was manufactured in a company that has been manufacturing in hot cold packs for more than 11 years.

Brand: ZnÖcuetÖd

👤I bought it for my wife. It is her favorite Christmas present. If you stoned, it helps. Look at how happy she is.

👤The soft cold fuzz around the eyes is great at night. It's hard to watch tv at the same tile. It works if you position the glasses correctly.

👤I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis, inflammation, and headaches and had to find some relief. I keep it in the freezer. I need it. It helps a lot. It seems to be of good quality, with sturdy straps and thick plastic. Being able to mold it to my face shape is great. The blue is a great color for a home spa collection. I'm a small gal. I can't see out of the eye holes because they are so far apart. Four stars instead of five. If you need it for headaches or for morning puffiness, I would suggest this, but you won't want to have your eyes open during use. Relax, have "me time," or meditate during use. If this review was for you, click 'helpful'. Thanks!

👤I bought this mask for two reasons. I wake up early for work and am on camera within 20 minutes. I needed something to wake me up. This definitely works. I put it in the freezer for a few minutes so I can get on the camera. 2. I get bad headaches and this helps most of the time. I would like it if it was a little more flexible so that it would rest against the face. I can usually get it on the problem area.

👤I really like this mask. I like using this as a frozen ice mask at night and early morning to help with redness. It works well for that. I like that it's cold and makes me look better. The mask doesn't lay very well on the face. You have to hold it down if you want it to touch your eyes. I put this in the freezer on my minifridge so that it won't stay cold for very long, but it isn't very cold when you wear it with the soft part touching your face. I really like this and use it a lot. You look really funny with it on.

👤If you have a large nose, the nose hole can be difficult. I love my headaches.

👤It is a good product, but I would prefer it to not cover the eyes and if the top had its own straps to hold it down to cover the forehead would be better.

👤I ordered this product because of my headaches. I put it in the fridge when I feel stressed out after work. I put the mask on for a while. It's perfect! My head is not throbbing or throbbing in any way. It can be used after the sun sets to cool my skin down. I think I will try the other product from this seller because their price is really decent.

4. Luxury Heated Eye Mask Blepharitis

Luxury Heated Eye Mask Blepharitis

Itchy eyes, dry eye syndrome, and other eye problems can be soothed quickly with real relief. Don't let dry eyes ruin your day, use your gel eye mask hot or cold for the perfect amount of soothing relaxation or cool comfort. A safe solution. There are no gel packs bursting in the microwave, hot spots that burn your eyelid, or messy washcloths. After just 2 minutes in hot water, the heated eye mask is ready to go. The advanced gel packs hold heat longer than poorly filled competitors. 10 minutes up to 4 times a day with your eye heating pad is exactly what the doctor ordered for genuine comfort and relief.

Brand: Magic Gel

👤I don't want to buy a microwave just to heat eye masks. I'm thankful that this product is available because I could just soak them in hot water. I have purchased packages for myself and my mom at least 4 times in the past 3 years. This product comes with an insulated holder to hold the gel pack in place, and there are two gel packs in a package. The blue gel substance can leak into the hot water if you have two. One suggestion to the manufacturer is to use Silicone so that their customers are not exposed to the two harmful chemicals. I am willing to pay a little more for silicone so that I don't get exposed to more toxins than we already do. Thank you!

👤First of all, no returns? Couldn't return wouldn't have made sense. I will call Amazon to see what they can do, cheap material, too lightwight, elastic strap, and 2 gel inserts not filled adequately, need to warm them up more often. I decided I don't want to deal with heating in the microwave, so I got another eye compress with heat adjusting and timer, and spent $5 more for something else of more quality.

👤I already have a heated one so I bought this mask to use as a cooling mask. I use this at bed time to ease the swelling and itching of my blepharitis. It's not bad. I pop it in the fridge for 20 minutes to cool it down, even though it was supposed to be used to heat it. It's relief for me to be able to use it along side my heating pad. When I ordered this, I was surprised that it had no reviews. It has been a great product for me, and now I see they're starting to come in. It came with 2 pads, which has been helpful if I need to wear it longer. The mask is so comfortable that I've used it many times over the past few years. I highly recommend it.

👤Why is it a rating of two? The smell from the fabric is awful. A chemical smell is triggered when the heated portion of the mask is put into the eye mask holder. The fabric on the eye side of the mask is very flimsy. If you leave the eye mask insert in the boiling water for too long, it will burn your skin and cause your eye area to be reddened. I have solved both of the problems by putting a microfiber makeup removal towel between the mask and my skin.

👤The eye mask is soft and comfortable to wear. I don't like masks that help with allergies but if it's to help with migraines, I'm all for it. If I use a bag that pops open while I sleep, I end up waterboarding myself because ice packs don't stay on. I'm able to wear the mask and not have it fall off. I don't have to lay on my back which makes my headaches worse. It blocks the light that may be coming in from my curtains. My allergies have been acting up with the heat and everything has started to bloom. The heat on this mask is the perfect temperature to help relieve the stuffiness and ache I normally feel, and it seems to help when I'm feeling pressure. The eye mask is clean. I was glad I stumbled upon this gem.

5. Adofect Reusable Cooling Circles Migraines

Adofect Reusable Cooling Circles Migraines

The benefits of the ice eye mask are: puffy eyes, dry eyes, swelling, dark circles, under eye bags, headaches, Blackheads, and tension relief. It's convenient to use a cooling eye mask. Gel Beads are flexible when frozen and can be placed in the freezer. For a hot pack, place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. The cold eye mask is made of gel beads, high quality PVC and soft plush lining, 100% pressure testing, no break, and long time to use. The gel beads ice pack eye mask pad has a hook and loop closure that makes it comfortable to wear. Gel ice pack for face is easy to clean by hand.

Brand: Adofect

👤These are like a block of ice right out of the freezer and are much softer and easier to use than before. They are soft once they warm up.

👤The gel is flexible enough to fit in your face. Stay cold for about 30 minutes. It aids in reducing the appearance of puffy eyes.

👤I heat it up in the second and it stays in place with a band.

👤I like frozen. Helped to relieve the pain.

👤I had headaches all day and ordered these. The beads hurt my eyes and made my headaches worse. I froze them. They might work better if they were chilled in the fridge.

👤These masks are good. The only issue I can report is that the closure gets tangled in your hair.

👤For me, putting an ice pack on my forehead is the most effective way to help with headaches, and to prevent a mild one from becoming worse. I have to lie down to use the other gel ice packs because they don't have straps. I'm still able to sit up and do things if it's not a bad headaches. Even if I don't have a headaches, the coolness still feels nice. These are the only kind of work. If you put them in the freezer, they will become solid, but if you put them in the fridge, they will become cool. If you put them in the freezer for 30 minutes or so, you can get them cold but not solid, but if you put them in the freezer for a while, you can't plan ahead of time for that. The fuzzy side is not as cold as the plastic side. I can't use the plastic side against my forehead because the part of the velcro that is exposed when I put it on is in my hair. The plastic side sweats as it warms up, but if it was only in the fridge, you wouldn't want to use that side. They're usable for coolness, but not for headaches. I would probably return it if it wasn't a vine item. The green one is not frozen and is bendy, but the blue one is, and I was trying to bend it, but felt like the beads and/or plastic might break.

6. Face Eye Mask Cold Pack

Face Eye Mask Cold Pack

Put your cooling face mask in the fridge to make your own home spa. Say goodbye to a puffy face and hello to hydration. Self care. The gel mask for face can be used to refresh and de-puff your skin. It's hot and cold. Their ice mask for face is a great way to help reduce headaches, swelling, and tired eyes. Get ready to relax by popping it in the microwave for a few seconds. Their gel face mask is filled with moldable gel and beads and it targets inflammation and swelling. It can be used to relieve pain after plastic surgery. Extras: An extra gel pack is included in their cold face masks for women and men.

Brand: Perfecore

👤This is large enough for your face, as you can see from the pictures. It's nice and comfortable because the gel beads are never frozen. The inner lining is made of soft material. The straps are easy to fit around the head. You don't need to use them if you lay down. It comes with an extra small one that I can use on my neck. It's great for after my long night shifts when my patients are screaming bloody murder and my head is pounding. Really happy with this! It's better than a cheap ice pack.

👤This has a felt lining. Put it in the freezer. It's too cold to wait. Once it cools, flip it over and use it.

👤There are a few things that I wish were different about this mask. I read reviews to understand why the straps weren't perfect. It does fit better if you cross them in the back. I would like the mask to cover my entire face. It covers most of it, but it would be nice if it was all over my ears. The nose and mouth hole are off, but it isn't a big deal. The soft lining in the mask makes it so you don't get cold burn, and when the mask starts to warm up, you can flip it to the other side. People are stupid if they complain about it being stiff. What do you think about it being frozen? Move the beads around to make them bend. If it was in the freezer it would stay cold for 30 minutes.

👤I bought this product to use for cooling my skin during a break out. I appreciate the soft cloth side that rests on your face and the Velcro fastenings that allow you to sit or walk. I plan to use this in hot water when I have a headaches.

👤I was looking for a multi-use mask that could be used both hot and cold. I put this in the microwave for 20 seconds to warm it up and the heat from the mask provides relief when I have eye strain. I use this in the morning when my face looks puffy. After cooling the mask for 15-20 minutes in the freezer, I washed my face, applied a mask and put it on. The cooling effect reduces redness. The elastic straps on the mask help to keep it from slipping off. The only downside is that I sometimes have to use the hair dryer. I usually put my hair in a ponytail or bun before I use the mask. A great product for relaxation and self care. Look forward to more uses.

👤I bought this to help reduce inflammation on my cheeks. The mask only covers half of my face. I bought it to do what I wanted it to do, but it leaves about half without any contact with cooling beads, so it's not going to do what I wanted it to do. You have to use the mask while lying on your back or it will fall down. The felt fabric on the lining of your face will have to be washed by hand if it gets dirty. Will most likely want to cover the eye and nose holes with a towel. I will probably go back to using my gel pack and ice one cheek at a time.

7. Cooling Cold Compress Puffy Eyes

Cooling Cold Compress Puffy Eyes

A frozen eye mask can stay cold for a while. Microwave eye mask for headaches is a good option if you are sensitive to light. The gel eye mask for sleeping is very comfortable, it keeps the heat better than you would expect, and the eye mask with gel beads sits very well. The gel mask is an excellent remedy for headaches and eye pain. Gel eye mask cold pack is comfortable to use and it will eliminate the symptoms of allergies. Cold hot therapy works well for relaxing after a long day at work. Cool eye mask for puffy eyes can help you sleep. Eye mask for puffy eyes can help reduce dark circles. Your eyes feel better after using ice face mask gel.

Brand: Bk Bel & Kann

👤The band should have a size option. I had to sew it back on because they were too long around my head. The mask doesn't stay cool long enough to keep my face dry for 15 minutes.

👤It's worth the value and comfort to relieve headaches and puffy eyes.

👤It is too big and not very comfortable.

👤I bought this for my eyes in the morning. It works for me.

👤I like it. I thought it would be smaller. It doesn't hold the cold as long as I would like, but it works well for the money.

8. Permotary Therapeutic Puffiness Headaches Relief Blue

Permotary Therapeutic Puffiness Headaches Relief Blue

The gel eye mask is made of soft flannel and is comfortable and does not need to be insulated. The gel beads are free of toxins and latex and can be used for cold therapy or heat therapy. gel beads can be bent at will to fit the shape of the individual eye. The gel eye mask can help relieve eye fatigue, eye bags, dark circles, headaches, physical cooling, pain relief, itching, refreshing and relieve fatigue. The gel eye mask is a good way to relieve fatigue and stress. For cold therapy, place it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, and for heat therapy, place it in a microwave oven for about 20 minutes. It's easy to use. The gel eye mask is convenient for storage and can be used repeatedly. It is easy to clean, just wipe with water or hand wash. Use cold and hot sucks to relax eye muscles. 2PCS gel eye masks make you and your family more comfortable. The most intimate gift for the family is a gel eye mask. They will try their best to solve your problem if you have a question.

Brand: Permotary

👤The fleece lining and elastic straps of the masks are very nice. I store my mask in the freezer because it will stay cold longer than the instructions say to place it in the refrigerator. The second time I used it, the seam split open and the gel beads were all over the place. I have done this before with other masks and never had a problem.

👤I used the two-pack eye mask after eyelid surgery. I was told by the medical staff that I would have ice packs and a hot compress for my eyes. These worked well for both of them. After sitting out of the freezer for five minutes, I would pull one out of the freezer. Two packs mean you have one ready to use. For warm use, I found it best to start with a 10 second zap, remove the gel beads, and then zap five seconds more to get the gel beads out of the heat. If necessary, repeat it for five seconds. It takes less than a minute to heat in the microwave. Hope this helps.

👤I like this. I need heat on my eyes at least 2 or 3 times a day. I was using the microwave to cook wash cloths. They cool down quickly. The eye pack stays warm for a while. It is just perfect. I don't have to keep repeating. It is comfortable to wear.

👤People with dry eyes need heated masks at night. I love the fabric backs of these ones. I hear a noise in the microwave before I use it.

👤I've had other cold eye pack masks and this one is not good. It looks like other packs, but it's garbage. There was a hole in one of the masks. After freezing them, they become solid and can't be conformed to your face. Pointless until it starts to melt and fall on your face. Don't buy.

👤They stay cold enough to be of benefit to me, and warm enough to be of benefit to me. I need them to be there for 20 to 30 minutes. A great sleep mask. It's zzzzz.

👤I bought this because I was trying to find a way to sleep better. I put them in the microwave and refrigerator. When I went to sleep, I put the hot one over my eyes, and I was able to sleep, which is more than I can say for other days. I put the cold one on for 10 minutes and rubbed my eyes. It was refreshing. Do not put this in the freezer. It will freeze solid. If you read the instructions, you should put it in the refrigerator or tub of ice. I think tossing it in the fridge is a great idea. I love the masks.

👤This is not the first set of masks I have used, so I am aware of how it feels when frozen. This one is very hard and inflexible, which makes it very uncomfortable to wear. It can't be worn.

9. NEWGO®Ice Surgery Compress Reusable Backing

NEWGO%C2%AEIce Surgery Compress Reusable Backing

Cold eye compress is made with a soft fabric on one side and a premium cover on the other side. If you need light cooling, the fabric side is soft, and the gel beads inside can be moved around to hit the spots you need. The gel bead eye mask can be used cold or hot to relieve eye strain, headaches, eye surgery, puffy eyes, allergies, and blepharitis. Hot cold eyes therapy can be applied at home, office, yoga, travel, airplane, spa, beauty salon, party. Gel pearls can be used for heat therapy or cold therapy, and can stay flexible even after being frozen. The doctor recommends 20 minutes for the temperature to be held in the eye compress. Flexible strap fits for all head sizes, helps hold eye mask in most comfortable position. They will take care of your issue within a day if you contact them freely. Now is the time to order yours.

Brand: Newgo

👤I get drunk and cry a lot. When I wake up in the morning, I go to the fridge to put on my puffy eyes. It helps reduce the swelling and pain in my eyes, and it also helps reduce the headaches associated with alcohol/crying/misery. It doesn't help with the stomach ache or sadness. After it was in the freezer for a while, the soft inner side of my skin feels very soothing. If I had more faces, I would buy more.

👤I have been dealing with recurrent erosion of my eyes. The light pressure on this mask makes it feel nice when the eyes are swollen. The option to make the mask cold or hot is great. It stays cold for a long time and retains heat for an appropriate time. I like to use heat throughout the day and chill it in the morning. I can always have one pre-chilled if I invest a few more. The beads can be squeezed to put more focus on where you want them. The cloth back is soft. It is simple to clean, just soap and water. It came with a plastic bag to keep odors out of the mask and it worked well. I put it in the fridge with some salmon and it didn't smell like fish.

👤The mask is adorable. The design is clear and effective. The mask is made from a nice material that makes it easy to put on, so you don't have to worry about damaging your skin. The shape and longevity of the mask are issues. I can't get consistent contact on my eyes when I put it on my face because of the shape. The point of contact is my forehead/bridge of my nose, which doesn't help diminish swelling in my eyes. The mask doesn't stay cold for very long. It was filled with gel/gel beads, which I understand functions differently, but after only 5 minutes it had gone from cold to cool.

👤I don't like the way that it sits on my nose, I really do like this thing a lot, but I don't like the way that it sits on my nose. I wish the Ridge part between my eyes was a little higher so it wouldn't sit on my nose to cover up my eyes. I don't like the sensation of something touching the lower bridge of my nose. The beads are squishy and soft and I like to squeeze them, and the other side of it is soft and silky. It has an elastic band that will fit you perfectly, and it's not one of those tiny little bands that feel like they're going to snap, it's pretty substantial. I'm happy with it. I like the cute kitty design on it. I wish it had a more shallow bridge area.

👤I have other ice packs with these gel beads that I could use more of. They freeze fast, I love them. It stays cool for an hour or so, but doesn't stay frozen long. I use it for my head or my eyes. I bought it. I didn't have to worry about my ice pack falling. The band works perfectly, it's super cute and comes with a re-sealable bag to keep it out of the freezer. The lining is soft and comfortable.

10. Reusable Cooling Therapy Migraine Headache

Reusable Cooling Therapy Migraine Headache

It is possible to create a cold ice pack with their gel eye masks, it is great for relief of puffy eyes, dark circles, headaches, migraines, tired eyes, or as a heating eye pad. The gel beads are flexible and can be used on the face or on the body. The Newgo Ice pack cooling eye mask is made with medical grade premium PVC cover on one side and soft plush fabric on the other side to ensure optimal safety as you sleep. The soft plush side allows direct-skin use, provides dual temperatures, and extends hot or cold therapy time. The hot and cold eye mask is sure to fit perfectly on almost all head sizes. A secure fastening ensures the mask stays on your face even as you toss and turn in bed, and is designed for long hours of comfortable wear as you relax and rest. The eye mask has a bag that can be used for healthful storage or to remove the fridge odor. Lay flat to dry and wash with soap and water. The gel eye mask should be sealed in a storage bag and placed in the fridge for an ice pack. Either freeze it for 35 minutes or chill it for 1-2 hours. The doctor recommends 20 minutes for the therapeutic temperature to be held by a cold eye mask. Place it in the microwave and heat it for 10 seconds at a time. They will take care of your issue within one day if you contact them freely. Now is the time to order yours.

Brand: Newgo

👤I had surgery in April. I started having issues with severe dry skin from the temperature change and heat. The ice pak has helped me. I highly recommend. A lot of the comments complain that it doesn't stay cold long and that you shouldn't leave an ice pak on for more than 15 minutes. The pak stays cold for a while.

👤I was excited when I received this product, but I was disappointed. I needed a product that would keep me warm for a while and was able to be held in place on my face, and this was the product I was looking for. The mask gave off a weird smell after I heated it up for the correct amount of time. That was gross to begin with but, alas, my head and eyes were pounding. I gave it a try because I needed immediate relief. I wasn't impressed. I took it off because the heat didn't do much for the pressure in my head. I was surprised to see that my vision was blurry. I had to hold the instructions from the mask an inch away from my face to make sure they were legible. I had my husband look up what could have possibly gone wrong on the internet and luckily, we found it wasn't any chemicals that seeped into my eyes. I started to think. It was caused by the pressure of the mask on my eyes. This is a characteristic of cheaper masks and is dangerous to your vision. If you are looking into masks and want to get quality relief and not just a quick fix, this is a good place to start. It was scary not knowing what was happening, but my vision cleared up after about 40 minutes. It might not happen to you, but keep an eye on what you buy.

👤I bought a different eye mask because I loved it so much. When the second one arrived, it was dirty and had a hair stuck in the Velcro. I will return it immediately. It was disgusting.

👤The box has instructions on it, as well as a storage bag for the mask, to keep it out of the freezer. The packaging is well thought out and I like the back of it.

👤I keep my cooling mask in the fridge and use it when I have a migraine. It has helped with sore muscles in my arms and legs. The brand seems to have made well. I recommend this gel mask to anyone who needs a go to ice pack for headaches or minor muscle aches.

👤I have had this less than a month. I put it in the freezer before I knew I was going to use it, and only put it in the bag when I knew I was going to use it. As the plastic on the front of the gel beads melted, the beads fell out. It was not used over and over. I am very dissatisfied with this product. I bought it because it had good ratings.

11. Lavender Flaxseed Microwavable Headache Irritated

Lavender Flaxseed Microwavable Headache Irritated

The soothing eye mask has a luxuriously soft plush cover, one aromatherapy heating pack, and one gel beads pack. The pack contains lavender, chamomile, and Flax seeds which can be used for hot or cold therapy. Their warm eye compress is made with natural Flax seeds which can help with eye fatigue, dry eye, dark circles, eye edema, and Meibomian Gland Disease. Place the gel beads in the freezer or refrigerator for a while. You can put it in the plush cover or not. Do not apply for more than 20 minutes at a time. The gel beads pack can be used to cool the skin or relive the redness. Before placing in the microwave, remove the plush cover. Make sure the weight inside is evenly distributed by placing the pack inside the microwave. After 20 seconds, microwave for another 20 seconds, then check the temperature and continue heating in 5 second intervals as needed. You can use it anywhere, just remove the inner bag and use it like a normal eye mask. When you need a cold/hot compress, wear an eye mask with a gel pack.

Brand: ZnÖcuetÖd

👤I have a dry eye. Multiple strategies have given me some relief, and using this product is one of them. Even though the directions say to remove the covering before microwaving, I find that not necessary. I put the mask on for 10 minutes and microwave it for 20 seconds. It's a blessing to do this and get rid of the feeling of sand in my eyes. The mask cover is very comfortable. Good product!

👤I am very pleased with my purchase, but it is an issue for me. The sphenes stayed clear all night. The lavender scent makes me sleepy fast. I don't have to mark my face with a sleep mask. Rested girl, no puffy eyes for me anymore...

👤In practice, it is near to impossible to swap out the gel packs for the aromatherapy ones. To warm it, the instructions say to remove the aromatherapy pack before warming, and not to heat the plush exterior, which can melt in the microwave. It is difficult to remove the middle of the pack, which is the smallest vertical space, because of the overlap. If you want to use at room temperature, this is not for you. It's impractical if you want to use it warm or cool.

👤Who puts a strap on your hair? Gobs of hair were stuck in the velcro when it was taken off in the morning. At night, the seeds in the mask would bunch up against my forehead. I found a different mask.

👤Absolutely wonderful. The lavender scent is not overpowering. The inserts are easy to get in and out of. It works as expected and is very comfortable.

👤It's easy to take out the inner sack and put it back in. Enough weight is needed. The strap is long. It holds enough warmth for 15 minutes. I was hoping this would have a scent, but I didn't smell it until I opened the package. When I took it out of the microwave, the scent was so strong it was nauseatingly strong. What a waste of money! The scent would disappear after heating the mask. This makes no sense. This product didn't give me the nice aroma benefits that I was looking for. What a waste. I am disappointed and I need to talk with the seller to get a refund. Wow. I need a refund on my item, I need to talk to the seller. This is not acceptable. I need to discuss a refund after spending my money. Where are you? Why isn't anyone contacting me? I need a refund.

👤The cover is very soft and the strap is a standard elastic band. The ice pack has small beads of gel that make it easy to shape your face. The hot pack smells great. Both the ice and hot packs fit well inside the eye mask, and can be slid in and out without any bulky buttons or zippers.

👤Really like this product. It has helped my pressure. The cold pack has not been used by me. The smell of lavendar was a bit disappointing but I expected it from reading comments before buying. The band rubs and irritates my ears. I wanted to use the mask with nothing in it for bed, but I can't because it's not in my room. The fabric is very soft.


What is the best product for eye mask cold?

Eye mask cold products from Umisleep. In this article about eye mask cold you can see why people choose the product. Blissful Being and are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye mask cold.

What are the best brands for eye mask cold?

Umisleep, Blissful Being and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye mask cold. Find the detail in this article. Magic Gel, Adofect and Perfecore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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