Best Eye Mask for Sleeping Bulk

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1. Pieces Blindfold Sleeping Travel Adjustable

Pieces Blindfold Sleeping Travel Adjustable

50 pieces of black blindfolds are included in the package and can be applied multiple times. The sleep mask has 2 elastic straps and a nose pad which make it easy to fit the eye mask on your face, and it seals well without tugging on your hair. The eye mask is made of smooth fabric, which is skin friendly, and good quality sponge, which has no smell, it is good sleep aid cover, improve sleep environment. The blindfold eye masks are easy to carry and store, you can put it in a small bag or pocket, great for sleeping, daytime napping and more. You can use sleeping eye cover for many things, from taking a nap at home or office, or on plane or train, to birthday party, classroom activities, and more.

Brand: Hicarer

👤The product is paper thin. All of the masks are wrinkled after being shrink wrapped. I was going to use them for my hypnotized clients, but they look terrible and are cheap. The quality was much better than I had thought, with an additional light lining in the back, and I had purchased a smaller amount from a different seller. This product is not returnable for a refund. I didn't think to look at him because most sellers offer them now. A waste of money.

👤These are very thin with a plastic feel. I was able to iron on vinyl at a low temperature.

👤I would give it 0 stars. This product is not suitable for guests. Do not make any mistakes. You should cut a piece of an old umbrella and put it on their faces, at least you wouldn't have to deal with the horrible odor.

👤These sleep masks are great. It is so comfortable for what you are paying. I have been using one to sleep ever since we used them in our wedding favor bags. It is more comfortable than the sleep mask I bought. Very happy with the purchase!

👤Quality is cheap. Not like the pictures. They were all in a bag. I will not use them for my new clients. They should not post pictures of different items. Don't steal your money.

👤These are cheap and light.

👤The price you pay is what these are descent for. Lower quality. They served the purpose. The straps are easy to fall off.

👤No fue impedimiento en nuestro caso. Para la cantidad, necesitbamos. Excellent, rapidez en Entrega.

👤ottimo rapporto qualit prezzo.

👤Excellent rapport qualité prix.

👤Abbiamo durante una cena sensoriale. Due lacci aderiscono bene senza creare fastidio, perfette e grazie.

2. ATreebag Mulberry Sleeping Blindfold Adjustable

ATreebag Mulberry Sleeping Blindfold Adjustable

The ATreebag silk eye mask is made of 19 momme 100% natural mulberry silk surface, which is pure, natural and really safe for your skin, eyes and hair. Soft, sturdy, and breatable are the words that come to mind. The silk blindfold is soft and smooth and will feel great on your skin. The quality of your sleep will be greatly improved by the night masks for sleeping. AJUSTABLE VELCRO STRAP. The eye cover was designed to fit all head sizes. The mask will not shift off easily if the length of the strap is adjusted. The eye mask won't make your eye balls feel pressure, and they're pretty sure you'll enjoy it for a long time. The weighted sleep mask blocks out all light and helps you enjoy a good sleep all night. The travel eye mask is so portable that you can use it whenever you want. The ATreebag silk eye mask looks as bright as a pearl. It has a portable bag. Whoever receives their night mask will be very happy, and it will be a wonderful surprise for them.

Brand: Atreebag

👤The bomb dot com is on the mask. I started using sleep masks a year ago. I thought they were ridiculous until I tried one. I can't fall asleep without one. The silk mask I ordered was better for my hair and skin. This has a wide back. I don't like the strap, it never feels comfortable to me. The wide strap adds another layer of greatness. This feels very soft on my skin. I feel luxurious and bougie. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself. This can be adjusted. I don't have to worry about it cutting into my head or being uncomfortable to wear. This is my favorite sleep mask so far. When I take my glasses off, I put them in the silk pouch that the mask comes in and swap out my glasses in the morning. It is great. Would definitely recommend! Customer reviews are what I base my purchases on. If this helped you, please click the helpful button. Have a great day!

👤This is my favorite sleep mask I have ever used and I have used many before. It's silky smooth and the company sends a brochure with a tiny scrap of fabric and tells you to light it on fire so you can test it out. I didn't light it on fire, but I had a great laugh about being sent a piece of the product. This is light weight, not hot, and really fits. I was worried about getting tangled in my hair because of the velcro back closure, but the quality of the material has not been a problem. Being able to adjust the tension on the mask with the long length of velcro has been great for headaches. The color and fabric feel like a bit of luxury, which is a bonus for a functional item. If you are in a dark room and annoyed by light under a door or something, this will do the trick, and it isn't a 100% blackout mask. If you are going to sleep until noon in a sunny room, you'll get a lot of benefit from this mask, but not total darkness, so you're going to have to have something much heavier and hotter.

👤I just bought another one and will have another on hand when I wash it. I have a bad case of dry eye. I need a mask that blocks light and keeps my eyes shut. The mask blocks light and keeps my eyes closed. The wider headband is an excellent design innovation. The mask helps quiet the loud noises. I keep my hair from getting wild. I don't wake up with a deep crease on my face that takes 1/2 a day to disappear. I haven't washed my mask yet. I will use a washer bag to wash the cycle. Allow it to air dry.

👤75% of the time, this mask keeps the light out, but it isn't enough. I can still see when the sun is setting. It has stopped the hair on my head from falling out while I sleep. It is nice that it covers your ears, that is a great surprise, and since it is silk, there are no weird sounds happening while it rests over your ears. I wear a light blocking mask over this one and it works.

3. Weighted Lavender Sleeping Headache Migraine

Weighted Lavender Sleeping Headache Migraine

The eyes stay in place. Are you looking for a weighted eye mask that won't ruin your hair? Their eye masks are designed to protect your eyes from harmful rays. The fleece covering the bands will not let it slide off. What are you waiting for? Take a break and use their meditation pillow. Doesn't Stink! Are you tired of the rice heating pad's smell? Do you not like the cheap essential oil eye pillow? Throw it away! Their sleep mask is made with real lavender buds, not the processed junk. They use organic and natural herbal therapy to get you to the best state of mind. If you don't like scented eye masks, look at their UNSCENTED eye pillow. Warming up fast and staying hot! Normal rice heat packs have a low heat retention. Their eye pillow is made of flax seed and will last longer. A purple pillow can be used as a wrap. Use the weighted eye mask for heat therapy or COLD COMPRESSION pain relief. You have to put it in the freezer. Enjoy quality time at home. FABRICS MATTER! It's important that your eyes have a soft fabric so that it can compress against it. Their fleece is soft and can be used for a weighted sleep mask. The lavender sleep mask rests over your eyes and is wrapped in plush fleece. The eye pillow has dimensions of 9'' by 4''. The gift set is perfect for anyone. Are you looking for a gift for mom or a gift for women? Every woman will love a soft plush sleep mask which doubles as a heat pack. Do you not know what to get your yoga instructor? The lavender eye pillow will be relaxing. This is perfect for kids as it is all natural.

Brand: Solayman's

👤I was unsure how this would fit around the nose, but it worked out perfectly. The weight blocks out light. The lavender scent is a plus, I give this a 10/10.

👤I had itchy eyes. I wanted to take them out. I told my doctor. She told her to stop using eye drops and to wear a warm eye mask at night. I doubted her. I tried it. It helped. I ordered a new one and it is amazing. It doesn't smell gross or fake and it's weighted right. It helps if you are stuffed up.

👤It is very soft and pleasant to smell. The hair is grabbed by the velcro. I used it when I was in the hospital. I can't clean it. It's a big issue if you don't get all your mascara off. Microwaves will kill germs. It would be nice to wash it.

👤This is a great eye mask. It is very comfortable. The lavender scent is not overpowering. It is perfect! There was no lavender scent in the lavender eye mask I bought. Highly recommended!

👤I thought it would smell like lavender, but it didn't. I didn't fit in. When I was reboxing it, I left powder trail. I am deeply disappointed. Don't waste your money.

👤It was total black out. My eye sight felt out of focus after I used too long, good for naps don't recommend to use too long. The smell is relaxing and soft.

👤I thought this was great because of the scent and soft feel, but when I used it twice, the inside filling started to leak out into my eyes, so I stopped using it.

👤I have not slept as well as I have in the past. The added weight is relaxing.

4. Mudder Blindfold Shade Cover Sleeping

Mudder Blindfold Shade Cover Sleeping

The blindfold is made of soft and comfortable material and is also easy to clean. The blindfold will never slip off when you sleep soundly, because of the unique nose pad design, which can blocking more light. 10 Pack sleep masks are lightweight and portable, and can be taken anywhere. It's good for computer users, the elderly and office workers with heavy pressure. Each pack has a single packing that is easy to store and keep from dust.

Brand: Mudder

👤I bought this set of masks because they look like the one I have had for a long time. The new masks are terrible. 1. The fabric is not as soft as it could be. 2. The elastic is tight and cheap. The elastic on my old mask is very soft and stretchy. 3. The nose piece is shorter both vertically and horizontally, pulled taut across the nose, and has no cushion inside. The mask allows light to come in under the nose. The nose section of my old mask has enough looseness that it can relax around and keep the light out. It has a little cushion inside the nose piece which helps it to lay down around the nose. The mask is very comfortable and black out. These masks are cheap and disappointing. I would rather pay more and get the same quality as my old one. I'm thinking of using some of the masks to re-create the nose piece and then putting it into the other masks. Purchase some elastic. I would like six masks. I could use these as a pattern and make my own top and bottom. I really liked my old mask and it looks the same in the pictures. People should be warned that the mask is non-returnable.

👤These masks are amazing. I personalized them for my guests at my birthday retreat. The quality and value exceeded my expectations. I let them air out for a few days because they had a chemical smell, and it was gone after a while.

👤Great deal! These are good for sleeping. The ones with the thick strap are really uncomfortable. You get ten of them, each wrapped in separate plastic, and it's a different kind of comfort. I can't recommend this product enough.

👤What a great price. The quality is better than I expected. There were reviews that mentioned a chemical smell. If you let them air out a few hours or overnight, the smell goes away completely. They help us sleep by blocking the light.

👤I use these on flights when I need to sleep. If you have a bigger nose, they might leak light along the bottom edge. They are cheap and lightweight and I don't want to break my heart when I leave one behind. Buying them in bulk makes sense since I don't think washing them out is practical, so it's easy to just through them. If your head is large, the headbands are thin and will stretch and break at some point. They're durable because of their price and what they are.

👤I am a master phenotist and hypnotizing people at bright places can make it hard for them to go deep. I order sets of 10 masks and they are wonderful. I give the client a mask that is still wrapped in its wrapping and let them know they can keep it. Since nobody else has worn it, it's good for the health since it's still in its wrapper, it's comfortable, and the mask has good coverage to keep the light out. It's perfect for my job. It's easy for me to leave the mask as a gift for each client because they love it.

5. Adjustable Blackout Blindfold Sleeping Meditation

Adjustable Blackout Blindfold Sleeping Meditation

8 pieces of sleep eye masks are printed with funny quotes. The well-made eye masks are very feature and funny design, which are able to add a pleasant atmosphere to your life, and you can share them with your family members or friends as a thoughtful gift. Soft sleep mask can be used to help you to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep quality, and give you more energy to work and study; it's suitable for different kinds of occasions such as indoor, outdoor and camping, travel, shift work, meditation, yoga etc. The sleeping eye masks are made of a skin-friendly natural lightweight breathable material and have good shading effect. It's soft and comfortable to wear. It will give you a nice using experience. There is a fully adjusted strap from 18 inches to 27 inches. It is suitable for most people to wear. The natural silk sleeping mask is lightweight and portable, it will not make your eyes feel any pressure when you wear it, improving your sleep quality.

Brand: Geyoga

👤They are great to sleep with but not great on my pillow case. I woke up the next day with marks all over my pillow case. I had to clean the pillow cases myself. There was a lot of dye coming out of the eye mask.

👤The lettering is coming off after a week, but the mask is okay. I ordered them so that other people would get the message while I sleep. I wouldn't purchase again. I would suggest looking for ones that have a longer lasting print quality.

👤I washed the masks in a mesh bag with other items before they were put on. One of the masks had lettering on it. I don't know how long the others will last.

👤In the event of a wet disaster, the air sealed package will be safe. I washed them before I gave them to friends. I kept 2 for myself. Happy camper!

👤The eye mask is better than the ad. They fit perfectly with the ties. These are the best eye masks out there.

👤5 stars for this set. Incredible! I love the band. It was a comfortable fit. The embroidered words were perfect.

👤They work well and are comfortable. They are cute and block out all light. There were no complaints. Will be ordering again.

👤I like the variety of sayings and the material. These are perfect party favors for a ladies night slumber party. I get to keep 3 for myself since there are 6 of us.

6. Adjustable Sleeping Blindfold Christmas Thanksgiving

Adjustable Sleeping Blindfold Christmas Thanksgiving

You will get 12 pieces of silk sleep eye masks in 12 different colors, each measuring 7.87 x 3.93 inch/ 20 x 10 cm, enough. If you want to sleep anytime and anywhere, wear a natural pure silk eye mask and get deep, continuous and easy sleep. The silk sleep mask is very light-sensitive and suitable for travel and home. The silk sleep mask with soft elastic strap can be adjusted to a comfortable size, when you sleep, it doesn't slide and fall, will bring you a comfortable feeling and good sleep. You can use the sleep aid eye mask to sleep or meditate. Improve Sleep and Relax eyes with their natural pure silk eye mask, it will help you to relax through a quiet night's sleep, absorb healthy oxygen, calm your eyes, and help you get into deeper sleep. The eye mask can help people with headaches, insomnia, and light sensitive people sleep better. The silk sleep eye masks are made of high-quality silk, which is natural and Breathable, smooth and soft, and fits the eye skin without compressing your nose bridge, eyes and forehead, you can easily sleep in any place without the interference of light.

Brand: Bbto

👤The colors are pretty. It's nice to have a strap that fits everyone's needs. It was soft. They run a little small.

👤The gift is soft, comfy and perfect.

👤There is a variety of colors.

👤The colors block light.

👤Las mscaras tienen una calidad. El espoonjosas por dentro. Las volvrés a comprar.

7. Ezona Contoured Sleeping Extension Blindfold

Ezona Contoured Sleeping Extension Blindfold

The eye mask for sleep is a creation of a famous California designer. The eye cup is deepened to 12MM for free extension, and the eyelash nose is cut high enough and the cheeks low enough to provide maximum comfort and total darkness, very friendly for big/high nose. A hollow nose bridge is special. 100% light blocking after many tests is the good sleep-disorder saver. The 4th-generation deep sleeping mask is just for people who are sensitive to light and sleep disorders. It blocks any ambient light from entering through your nose and it's cut perfectly around your eyes. It's good for night sleep, yoga, nap, travel, and daytime meditation, but it's not good for smashing your nose. Beyond light blocking, comfort is also a breakthrough. The raised and hollow sockets are designed to reduce the pressure on your eyes. You can't feel them on after a few minutes of use. It is very soft and luxurious, with carefully selected soft memory foam. It feels like a massage, and you are very comfortable with less pressure. You will get a black textured, expensive-look eye shades cover with a luxurious package that includes a comfortable cooling silk blindfold and precise cutting and sewing. Even if it splits, fades or dyes your quilt, never worry about it. A fancy Christmas or New Year gift for both men and women. They have focused on sleep mask women men for over a decade. The 2-YEAER guarantee and 30-day return are provided by them. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will give you a solution that is satisfying.

Brand: Ezona

👤I was looking for a sleep mask to protect my lashes. It is lightweight and comfortable. It protects my lashes when I sleep. I have been sleeping better. Very happy.

👤The masks that were bought did not work. I was hoping that the images on this one would allow my larger nose to not lift up the mask in a way that lets light in through the bottom. Success! The bag is too small to fit the mask. It doesn't fit in half.

👤I've had heat welded sleep masks, but this Ezona 3D sleep mask has an actual stitched edging. The padded eye area is higher over the nose to block out light. The mask is padded to give you more room. If you sleep on your side, the elastic strap won't dig into your head because the adjustment pieces are in the middle of the strap. I ordered another one after I received the first one.

👤silk eye mask is a sad description. I am trying to replace a thing that I am very happy with. The nose is comfy, the eye covering is great, and the head band is great. I don't like the wells over my eyes. I like the way my old one covers my eyes. I have used that style for over a decade and it is a sleep cue. This style leaves a mark on my face. They came to work with similar mannerisms that reminded me of my sleep apnea coworker. Shudder. The material was described assilk. It isn't. It touches the skin for a long time.

👤I was having a hard time finding a dark place to sleep when I had a migraine. The mask doesn't put pressure on the face. This was a life saver. If you work a shift that requires you to sleep during the day, this works well. It blocks out most of the light. These are the first truly 5 star items I've received from Amazon in a long time.

👤Finally! It's the perfect way to keep my wife from telling me to turn out the light. She likes the material. There are places for your eyelashes in it. It keeps your face from being flattened out. She will wear it every single time she goes to bed. There were no complaints. I bought two more and put them in a closet for when they wear out. It is very easy to hand wash and air dry.

👤I bought this one because I am not satisfied with the previous one I bought. All light is blocked out by this one. It stays on all night, unlike my other one. There are deeper holes in your eyes. If you have long lashes and keep the mask tight, they might touch the fabric, but I don't. The bag that came with the product was too small to fit the mask in. I don't want to stuff it in there because I don't want it to leave a crease.

👤I went on a quest to find the best mask on a budget after my eye doctor recommended I use a mask. I tried different fabrics and straps. This is the best option I have tried. It is comfortable, stays on securely, blocks light thoroughly, and doesn't bother me. I will be ordering a second one. I have a spare and I'm going to get rid of all the others.

8. Manta Sleep Mask Adjustable Deepest Possible

Manta Sleep Mask Adjustable Deepest Possible

The eye cups are made to block 100% of light. Deep sleep in any environment is possible with true blackout. The extra-deep eye cups allow you to blink like you are not wearing a sleeping mask. Tailor your eye cups to fit your face for a perfect fit. It is made to last with super- soft eye cups, cotton velour strap, and industrial-grade elastics. The Manta Sleep mask is designed to give the best possible sleep in any environment. It's perfect for sensitive travelers, midday nappers, partners of late-night TV watchers, night shift workers and more. Premium ear plugs and a case/wash bag are included. 100% machine wash. Are you not getting the deepest sleep of your life? Contact them to get your money back.

Brand: Manta Sleep

👤I hated this shade. 1. I had to adjust the eye foam cushion so there was no light shining in, but when I rolled one side to the other, I still saw light shining through, so I had to strap on the eye shade tightly. It was not for me.

👤There is a claim of a 100% sleep mask. The mask has to be so tight that it's uncomfortable and puts a lot of pressure on the eyes and head in order to achieve maximum blackout. There was also light coming in around the nose and above the eye, which is not true. I can touch the spots where light comes in and stop it with a cheaper mask, but not this one. It makes it worse in other areas. It is claimed that it is zero pressure. If you wear it barely secured, you risk major light seepage. I'm a side and back sleeper. The pressure on my eyes made it hard for me to try it. I moved to my back because I realized that the light seepage was worse. I don't usually write reviews. The claims about this mask are deceptive and I have to be extremely motivated or irritated to do so. Beware.

👤The ER doc here is recommended to me by other ER doctors because of the long hours and sleepless nights. It was very comfortable. Eye cups can be adjusted to accommodate different face shapes. There is a reason for 4 instead of 5 stars. My go to sleep mask is a great purchase.

👤The sleep mask is revolutionary. I have never been able to keep one away from my face. They are usually thrown to the far corners of the bedroom because of frustration. The sleep mask has changed my routine. My husband plays on his phone in bed. The backlit screen makes me feel uncomfortable. Not anymore. The sun's rays are not reflected through the window. When the eye cups are adjusted, you can't see anything. It stays put on my face all night long and does not move. The first few nights, I had a problem with the bands going over my ears. I turned it over because it really bothered me. I pushed the band up over my ears but it didn't feel right. I ordered the mask thinking it would solve my problem. While waiting for the Slim to arrive, I adjusted to the Original Manta mask and preferred it over the slim style mask. It's crazy, right? I ordered the slim mask so I can use it without having to adjust the covers on my sleep mask because when they are just right, it is so nice. I have three awesome products and a good night's sleep, so it was a win-win. I like the cooling covers. They brought me so much relief after I got a rotten migraine the day after they arrived.

👤The sleep mask is recommended by other emergency room doctors. It is very comfortable. All light is blocked by it. I regret not buying this sooner.

9. Hicarer Pieces Blindfold Sleeping Adjustable

Hicarer Pieces Blindfold Sleeping Adjustable

The outer layer is made of polyester, and the inner is non-woven fabric with sponges. The black eye mask is comfortable because of the 2 elastic straps. These blindfolds are easy to carry and store because of their compact size and light weight. This sleeping mask is great for taking a nap at home or office, on plane or train, or for kids birthday party, classroom activities, and other parties. 30 pieces of sleep mask bulk can be applied multiple times.

Brand: Hicarer

👤Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself while wearing a sleep mask? I couldn't see what I was looking for. I don't want anything heavy on my face when it gets hot, so this will be great. They're light and airy, perfect for summer nights. The straps on my head are very comfortable. They're lightweight and will be a staple when I travel.

👤They are comfortable and block a lot of light. They are made out of nylon. It is noisy if you rub it on anything. It shouldn't matter if you wear earplugs. This might not work for you if you are a light sleeper. They might be good in a pinch, but other than that, they are terrible. I got the goods I paid for. They are thin and boring.

👤My first review was hidden because I was honest. I will rephrase it. I didn't read the description right. I got a silky fabric that was my mistake, I was expecting cotton. They slide off of your face. I got a cotton one from the hospital. I loved it. It broke. I had to replace it. I thought I would just buy a big pack and have a bunch extra. These are not the same as the one I had. If you are looking for something that you can replace every few days, this is it.

👤I have to return the masks because of the intense chemical smell, but they look fine and seem like they would feel fine on. I bought them to use as blindfolds for a kids class game, but I can't in good conscience put them on kids after washing.

👤I bought these masks for a game and they worked well, but if they aren't positioned with the nose piece wrapped under the tip of the nose, the user can't see the bottom. I tried cutting the nose piece off, but it didn't help. I don't know if I've slept with them, but I assume that if you're comfortable wearing one and the nose piece doesn't interfere with your breathing, you'll be fine. The dark fabric blocks out light. Some of the stitching on the trim and straps came off.

👤These are very thin. They are only good for partying. The brighter colors do not function as a sleep mask. The quality matches for the price. I was expecting it to be better, but I will make them work.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter's slumber party. The girls liked them. My plan was to let the girls use paint markers. I failed the test before the party. These are very thin nylons and the ink bled. These don't block out light. I was aware of what to expect from this product after reading the reviews. Only party faithfuls are allowed. Would work as a blindfold for a pinata party.

👤I thought these would be the same as the others, but they are a bit too thin. They serve their purpose for most of the time and I bought them for my clients so they could keep them.

10. Gejoy Pieces Unicorn Sleeping Blindfold

Gejoy Pieces Unicorn Sleeping Blindfold

The material is a sponge and fabric. 19 x 10 cm/ 7.48 x 3.94 inch Colorful sleep mask: 5 different patterns for you to choose, soft, comfortable and lightweight to wear, make you have a good rest to release fatigue. The sleeping mask with soft elastic bands is suitable for most women, men and kids. The cute blindfolds are good for kids' birthday parties, classmate parties, and girls' parties. The eyes mask is necessary to keep your eyes shielded from light.

Brand: Gejoy

👤The eye masks are very cute. It is not very thick. They are too big for a child. They are too big for an adult. The elastic band is very long so you have to tie a knot in it to make it smaller. One person says happy birthday. They are for my granddaughters. The price is not bad. They are going to be too big for the kids.

👤These eye masks are similar to other reviews. A little on the big side for young children. I bought these for my daughter after she tried to steal mine. I'm saving the rest for party favors. She doesn't complain because she wears one that slides around and doesn't stay against her face as she sleeps. It's more of a comfort accessory for her.

👤My niece is about to be 6 years old and is into yoga. She's been asking for one of these. I think she will like them.

👤Two years ago, I bought these for my daughter. She still uses one every night. They have held up well. We don't have to look far to find one at bed time because we have 5 of them. I put them in the laundry every now and then.

👤One of the kids had a happy birthday on it, but it was a bust since it was Noone birthday, but it was worth it.

👤It's too much for kids to get these. They were a bit too big of a thinker. They were adjusted since it was for kids and adults. They aren't adjusted to be able to find a KNOT in them for now cute prints, but one has already been found on the edge. It was missed when being secluded.

👤My daughter wanted a mask to sleep in. I bought her these. She loves them even though they end up off at night. I ordered them again because she left some when we went on vacation. She likes to choose which one she uses each night and it helps her sleep at least for now.

👤The 9 year old girls loved them. I ordered them for ours after I was impressed by a friend of mine who got them for her daughter.

11. Adjustable Blocking Breathable Comfortable Traveling

Adjustable Blocking Breathable Comfortable Traveling

The design of their sleep mask fitted around the nose makes it possible to block 99% light. You can sleep in bright places even if it's a long night. Their sleep mask with 3D cup shaped eye sockets won't hurt your eyelashes. Their sleep mask is one size fits all, which will not hurt your ears or catch hair. It works for magnetic resonance machines as they don't contain metal. It's great for machine users. The memory foam removes pressure from the eyes. It is soft and comfortable and has a deeper space around the eyes. The sleep mask comes with a cloth bag and premium earplugs, making it easy to store and travel with. It's an ideal gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday, and for kids.

Brand: Albatross Health New England

👤I have only had this item for less than two weeks and it's already flattened on the corner of my eyes and isn't expanding properly around the edges. It's made out of a material that isn't very comfortable around my eyes. It works better than nothing, but it isn't a very good design. I threw the box away. I can't return it. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤It was packed well and had a bag to hold everything. Since I'm not sure how the shape will hold, I don't have to fold my mask to fit the bag. I bought these because I didn't want my eyelashes to get rubbed out while I slept. They work well and are happy with their lashes now that they are flat after 2 months. It still blocks out some light, but it's not as comfortable.

👤This won't work for anyone who is a side-sleeper. It is very heavy and pushes up on the side of your nose making it hard to breathe out of the nostril that is pillow-sided.

👤The previous generation of this mask is no longer available on Amazon. I had to return the ones I bought because the newer version is worse. The new generation is not as good as the previous one. Not good. I have something. It's hard to find sleep masks that block light from underneath, but this is the first one I've found that does the job. This mask works well in side sleeping positions as well, and I am a side sleeping person. It's still better than every other option I've tried, but I do have to adjust throughout the night because of the mask riding up. I will buy this mask again.

👤I like this sleep mask. It has padding around it so you have plenty of room to open your eyes. The large strap is better for holding up than the little elastic that is hard to adjust. The straps are too low for my face. It goes across the top of my ears if they are straight back. If I put them over my ears, the mask will be pulled up higher than I want it to be. It could be the way I am made. I might move the strap up a quarter of an inch.

👤The nose flap and great price made me take a chance. It doesn't bend over the nose like the ones I like best. I only wore it a few times, but it vanished from where I was staying. I think some of the great reviews were for people who got it for $4.99. I didn't bother ordering it again because it's now more expensive than my preferred mask. Disappointing!

👤I tried the sleep mask and wrote this review. I retired my mask about two years ago. I wanted to get a replacement that was less expensive than the one I had, so I went with this one. The price of the Manta is based on its quality. The foam on the mask is not very compliant. Unless you cinch down the headband, it doesn't conform to your face. The headband is elastic and rough. It cuts into my ears when it's tight. It ends up coming off of my face in the middle of the night when I loosen it up for comfort. The only thing that makes this mask better than a basic sleep mask is that it has eye relief. I will be using the Manta sleep mask again.


What is the best product for eye mask for sleeping bulk?

Eye mask for sleeping bulk products from Hicarer. In this article about eye mask for sleeping bulk you can see why people choose the product. Atreebag and Solayman's are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye mask for sleeping bulk.

What are the best brands for eye mask for sleeping bulk?

Hicarer, Atreebag and Solayman's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye mask for sleeping bulk. Find the detail in this article. Mudder, Geyoga and Bbto are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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