Best Eye Mask for Sleeping Cute

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1. Aniwon Sleeping Blindfold Eyeshade Unicorn

Aniwon Sleeping Blindfold Eyeshade Unicorn

Their kids sleep mask has 6 patterns, including rabbit, panda,koala and unicorn. The sleep mask can block the light from the gap to give a better shading effect. The sleep mask for kids is made of soft plush and elastic strips, so it is not hard to fall off while you are sleeping. A one size fits all. The girls sleep mask is suitable for travel,afternoon naps, train or take a flight. The sleeping mask can block the light from the gap. The sleep mask for women is made of high quality flannelette, which is very soft and comfortable to wear, and it allows you to go to sleep faster. It's an ideal gift for your friends or family, it's also a good choice for kids birthday party, classmates parties, girls party game, blindfolded game, etc.

Brand: Aniwon

👤I got these for my daughter's 10th birthday party and they were a bug hit. The girls loved wearing them and even my 8yr old could wear it without being too loose. They are a great quality. It was a perfect fit for everyone, it even fits my adult head. I was concerned they would be too big. They aren't. The band is perfect and I love using mine.

👤It covered my children and teens faces. I have three children, two 18 and a 16. It covers everything. They love it! My cousins visited and wore them as well. It stayed on your head when you lifted it up. They can be washed! It works perfectly for adults and children. Not too tight, doesn't smother the mouth. It is wonderful! My teens were always complaining about the lights being on when they were trying to sleep, so I got these.

👤I needed a way to cover my eyes while I was going through vision therapy, so I bought these masks. I thought closing my eyes was a good idea at first, but I realized it was hard not to peek. I bought these masks and they have been fun. The elastic strap is short for my head size as an adult woman, but I was able to add an extender piece of elastic in each one. All of my masks are comfortable now that this helped a lot. I received two panda bear masks instead of the white bunny one that was shown in the photo. I think it's not that big of a deal. I think other people might want to know if they are considering purchasing this product. Overall happy with the purchase.

👤I thought these were going to be cheap, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money if she didn't use them. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are quite plush and are holding up well. They are made to last. I have a cute mask. My 7-year-old loves them. The value is great.

👤High quality and soft. The quality of these eye masks was amazing. They are soft, silky and have good elastic stretch. There is a cute little hidden pocket inside of one or two of them. Absolutely a great purchase on Amazon.

👤Cheap stuff. There is a They are very cute. Some come with a nice band and some with a cheap band. The band is too long so they fall off.

👤My daughter was going to have Easter. From the Easter Bunny. She thought she needed a sleep mask because her doll had one. She likes to pick one out every night for sleep. They get quite a bit of use, but none have fallen apart or shown any sign of use months later. They are small for her but will fit for many years.

👤Perfect sleep masks for my daughter. Excellent quality with cute designs. Six masks were packed in bags. I like it. I recommend it. I think you will never regret buying these masks.

2. Mask Sleeping Perfectly Comfortable Blindfold Travelling

Mask Sleeping Perfectly Comfortable Blindfold Travelling

The light is blocking. This sleeping eye mask has a patented nose wing design. The bottom of the eye mask is filled with elastic filler, which can be adjusted at will, and is very effective at blocking light from entering the nose area. The sleeping mask has soft side wings which prevent any unwanted shifting of the mask, so that your eyes won't feel any pressure while wearing it. The sleeping mask uses four layers of fabrics that are super soft and comfortable. The side touching the skin is made from a fabric that is very soft to the touch. A portable carrying bag and an elastic strap that fits heads from 19 to 28 inches are included. If there is any damage or quality problems during the use process, you can contact them and they will give you a solution.

Brand: Kimkoo

👤The eye cover is very comfortable. I have never had a sleep mask that is soft and comfortable. I have used it many times and it is perfect. I don't recommend it if you plan to use it in a bed. The elastic band wraps around the metal piece. If you sleep on your sides, this part will be in your head all night. The alternative was to lay on the other side. It would be better if it were close to the eye mask part or the backside of the head so it wouldn't be pressing into you.

👤The new cotton sleep mask was a good purchase since it made my face break out. They come with a travel bag and are very comfortable. I slept through the night and the mask stayed where I put it. It is true except for one important detail. After a few nights of sleep, the thin metal brackets on the mask seem to go wrong. They sometimes dig into the side of my head. They should have used something. I would return the box if I threw it away.

👤Side sleepers are not comfortable. The plastic attachment for the strap is right where my head is on my pillow. Had to come back.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. I have gone through many sleep masks trying to duplicate the success I had with a mask. I will list the issues I have had and how this mask solved them. The clasp is a strap. I have used masks with small straps that are too small for the average adult, and I have found that Velcro closers to not hold up well after being washed multiple times. This mask has a lot of flexibility. The biggest problem with previous masks has been the under/eye gaps. Flat masks don't work at all, masks with foam or shaping aren't guaranteed because we all have different faces, and this mask has a soft, flexible pad under each eye that completely solved the problem. It was comfortable and effective. The mask is made of a soft cotton which is easy to wash and is comfortable against the skin. The masks are comfortable, but the problem above is that they tear apart. I don't think there will be an issue with it misshaping because the padding doesn't feel like foam. When washing masks with foam inserts, they tend to have glue in them. It's a great deal to get two amazing masks for just 14 bucks, instead of one bad, thin mask for $10. They included a pouch to take with them when traveling. One million stars. Buy this.

👤I was a 100% skeptic. None of the eye masks I have bought have worked well for me. I have always been let down by the inadequate light blocking, poor fabric or head band that didn't fit right. The reviews for this eye mask were very good, but I have seen similar reviews before. Positive reviews for poor products are given by paid reviewers. I have had the dual package of eye masks for a few days now. The mask blocks out light completely. When I put the mask on, there was a light outside of my bedroom window that was completely black. The cotton fabric is soft. T shirt material? The mask is not a proven one. I think the head strap is flexible. I don't work night shift anymore. I did it for five years. I would have bought it many years ago if I had known it was an option. My ear plugs and CPAP make for a great night's sleep, but I also have a face mask. I will be taking it on the plane with me for my flight next month. Highly recommended!

3. Boyiee Sleeping Blindfold Eyeshade Overnight

Boyiee Sleeping Blindfold Eyeshade Overnight

Quality material: the eye mask is made of quality flannel, which is soft plush, so it is comfortable to touch, and it is lightweight, giving you nice use experience. The sleeping masks are cute and lively, which are in line with kids and adults' tastes. The blindfold masks can block the dazzling light, let you enjoy sweet sleep, and they do not close tightly, which makes them more comfortable. The elastic design of the plush eyeshade cover reduces the sense of restraint, it is soft and smooth, protects sensitive hair, and will not move or fall when sleeping. The plush eye mask can be used for sleep, lunch break, travel, and any place that is disturbed by light, so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Brand: Boyiee

👤They are in person after they were cuter in the picture. They had a weird smell and were very flimsy. We didn't want to give them to our daughter. They were sent back.

👤Cute eye masks! My daughter is 5 years old. She loves them! Some are stretchy in the back. They are good quality.

👤It's perfect for adults and it blocks the Sun.

👤All that matters? Kids have been using it every night since I received them.

4. Tim Tina Comfortable Blindfold Adjustable

Tim Tina Comfortable Blindfold Adjustable

This sleep mask is made of top quality mulberry silk which is soft,breathable,smoothing on your hair and skin. It is suitable for men and women. It is perfectly on your head to ensure a wonderful night. You could hardly feel anything while wearing the sleep eye mask. To get a total darkness, blocking all the light. It is easy to farewell noise annoyance. Improve your sleep quality and you will have more energy to work and study. It's perfect for afternoon naps, shift work, meditation, yoga and other activities. It's great for travelers who want a good rest or sleep. A gift for friends, parents, travelers, or anyone who wants to have a good rest.

Brand: Tim & Tina

👤I have a bad sensitivity to light trying to sleep and had one of these. I had a one for a long time. I ordered this hoping it would be the same as the one I had. And it is! I was amazed by the light, it was silky smooth and I didn't have to worry about the light getting through even when I sleep or there are other lights in the house. It is very calming and gives me a better nights sleep, than without it. I have tried them all. It makes you not want to get out of bed and just turn over when you really need a quick nap, which is great for lazy days and great for napping when you really need a quick nap. I can be so tired and need a short nap yet can't fall asleep with these, I'm asleep in 5 minutes. I have two sleep disorders that have been diagnosed in the last 6 years. My Neurologist has turned my life around and he didn't prescribe the constant can't sleep or up and down, but he did tell me that blue light can disrupt normal sleep patterns and affect hormones. There was no blue light an hour before bed. The blue light on the e-readers that don't have the back lighting is what makes it so that anything over a 60 watt bulb can be read before bed. Our wake and sleep hour patterns are set by the spectrum in daylight. Night shift workers can also do that since they are awake and working at night. The body is supposed to be awake for 15 hours and sleep for 8. The body clock is natural. Some do well on 6 hours sleep. I sleep 9 hours but wake up the same time every day. No one died from lack of sleep. I'm not sure if I believe that. What you want to read and what you don't care about. If you have trouble sleeping or are sensitive to light, buy it. It is also cool. If you have to get up during the night, I just pull it down around my neck, hard to find something black if you sat it down in the dark. Happy sleep to all.

👤I bought these and they were great and fit perfect. There were no problems at all. I ordered a replacement after I lost that one. The replacement was very tight and pressed down on my eyes while I slept. My eyes would ache and I would wake up with blurry vision. I stopped using the replacement mask out of concern for my health, and also because of my previous eye surgery. The first one I had was fantastic and the last one was terrible, so I'm giving this product 3 stars. The length or tightness of the elastic on this product is one of the factors that can affect how good or bad it is.

👤This mask is beautiful and practical, and I love it. The material is so soft that the mask will crease around wear the band will go. When I put it on, the mask is getting closer to my face because it's buckled around my eyes. It looks like a taco.

5. Shinywear Sleepping Eyemask Cartoon Eye Shade

Shinywear Sleepping Eyemask Cartoon Eye Shade

The skin-friendly silk inside makes you feel comfortable. When taking a subway/bus/plane, yoga, travel, camping,afternoon naps, take a flight,meditation, and shift work have a rest. You can use it for performance and show to match costume, but make it fun while you're not using it for sleep. A stretchy back head band is easy to put on and will not fall off while sleeping. There are inventive gifts for kitty dog lovers, women girls child favorites and more. Birthday gifts for Easter.

Brand: Shinywear

👤The masks don't block the light. I could put tape over my eyes and block out light. These things are so tight that my eyes are not able to open. The design is cute.

👤They are cute but not comfortable. It pressed down on my sinuses without an indentation for the nose. It might not be a problem for some people, but I am prone to problems with my ears.

👤I sleep with an eye mask on because we sleep with our window open and the streets light up our room. This helps me relax. I love the soft plushiness of them.

👤My 7 year old daughter and her friend's head are very comfortable with the sleep masks. On time and looked like it. Would recommend and purchase again.

👤The kids love wearing these, they are only pluses.

👤It takes me a long time to fall asleep. I like these because they give my eyes nothing to look at. I fall faster.

👤These sleeping masks are adorable. I use them every night and they are soft. In the morning, the black one blocks out light. I highly recommend it. They fit well and have a nice band that stretches to fit around your head.

👤I love these. These are soft and cozy and I love them.

6. Sleeping Pieces Cartoon Lightweight Blindfolds

Sleeping Pieces Cartoon Lightweight Blindfolds

The elastic bands at the back of the sleeping cat eye masks make them easy to fit in different head sizes without being tight. The funny cat sleeping masks measure approx. The proper size and elastic design make them suitable for most women, men and kids, and they are lightweight and easy to pack in your bag, backpack or suitcase, which will not take up much space. The cute cat sleep masks are ideal for your home use, lunch break at the office, traveling, business trips, flights, trains, camping and other occasions you want to have a good rest. The cartoon kitty eye masks are made of quality fuzzy material and they are soft and comfortable to wear for a long time. There are 3 different colors of soft cat eye masks for sleeping in, and they are easy to distinguish and choose from, namely white, gray and pink.

Brand: Haysandy

👤I think these are perfect. They're so soft, they're flexible. They are cute.

👤The product is cute. The quality does what it says. It's good for kids and adults.

👤It blocks out light.

👤Not soft. It was like a "plastic" feel.

👤Light out makes me sleep better.

👤Muy Bonitos tienes funcional.

👤They are cute but uncomfortable and one of them broke quickly.

👤Lindas y suaves aunque un poco delgadas.

7. Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask

Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask

If you want to sleep deep, anywhere, you can pull out this lightweight, comfortable sleep mask/ eye mask. This is for travel, home, hotel, train or anywhere where light is Bothered by Light. You can get a full night's sleep with this silk EYE mask that blocks light for a faster, deeper sleep. It is 100% top quality and will make you and your eyes relax. Silk is Breathable and Soothes the skin. It is recommended to sleep in any position. The Jersey Slumber sleep mask is specially designed for rub-minimizing comfort. The mask will keep your eyes shielded from light while you sleep. The Strap is Pain-free and can be adjusted to fit any sleep position. There is an adjusted soft authoritarianism. The sleeping mask has a head strap that does not move or fall off while you sleep or apply medicine to your eyes. People use a mask to concentrate and meditate. The mask that people use to cover their eyes while performing certain yoga maneuvers is extremely lightweight and fits perfectly on your face to ensure a wonderful night! Uninterrupted sleep with no pillows or sleeping bags. The Jersey Slumber sleep mask is ideal for insomnia, migraines headaches and dry-eye sufferers. You will not regret your decision if you get this sleep mask today.

Brand: Jersey Slumber

👤The desert sun is so early that my dog wakes up and makes monkey noises, until I take her for a walk. She can sleep like a human. 10/10

👤The husband works night shift. Wakes up to everything. We have a noise maker and black curtains. The silk eye mask has a bra strap type adjustment. He says it's his favorite. It is easy to adjust and sturdy. It looks like it will survive. Will probably order a few of these when he misplaces or destroys it.

👤I can't say anything else, it does its job perfectly. Since I'm retired, I'm not able to get up with the first sunlight, because my bedroom only has mini-blinds. I thought I might be able to sleep until my dog is fed. I didn't hold out any hope for it. I expected it to be difficult to keep out the light. I was wrong on a lot of things. I don't notice it at all, because I sleep with it every night and can sleep until the alarm goes off. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be kept in the dark.

👤The designer put thought into it. I use this for traveling and to help adjust my rhythms, as I work unusual hours and wake up grumpy. It's silky soft, hides all light, doesn't break my lashes, and it's small, so it can easily be tucked away when traveling. The width and thickness of the strap is perfect, no pinching or poking of the head can cause a headaches like some masks do. Its sleek design doesn't look foolish when caught snoozing. I can wash it. I will buy again.

👤I use a mask to keep my eyes from drying out from the a/c and the ceiling fan.

👤The best investment I've made. Blacks out the sun in a room.

👤Light, thin and short are the best ways to describe these. I bet on these after reading through many reviews of eye masks. I have a medium-to-large sized adult male head, but it's hard to fit some men's sized hats on. I thought the slide on these was innovative and that the straps on the last pair were obnoxious. I had to shorten the strap about 90 percent of the way after trying the mask three times. These are not made for people with large heads. The issue I have with them is the strap. If I shorten it enough to feel like it's going to stay over my eyes, then the location of where it's seen in puts all the pressure on my eyes, if these aren't as thin and light as they are. It feels like they're going to float off my face if I loosen the strap a little more. It's a shame, because the material and shape they use works, in terms of blocking most any light while wearing them, it's just the construction and placement of the strap that's keeping this from rising above mediocre status and instead being a good product.

8. Animal Unicorn Blindfold Sleeping Eyeshade

Animal Unicorn Blindfold Sleeping Eyeshade

The sleep mask can block the light from the gap to provide a better shading effect, each piece has an individual packing, convenient to store and carry. The size is 20 cm x 8 cm. The measurement is 3.15". The soft and comfortable material is made of sponge and fabric, it is lightweight and soft, it helps relieve eye nerve and pressure, it improves sleep environment. The sleeping mask with soft elastic bands makes you comfortable to wear, does not move or fall off, and is suitable for most women, men, and kids. This eye mask cover is suitable for travel, home, hotel, train, or anywhere that is bothered by light. These cute animal blindfolds are good for kids birthday party, and are also good for girls parties.

Brand: Yosbabe

👤My daughter was very happy to have received these. I decided to get her an eye mask because she wanted to be like her older brother. This multi pack is perfect because I couldn't decide on a design and this little girl misplaces things. Every single one is soft and cute. She didn't know which one was her favorite. She has been wearing different ones each night. The masks fit well and the fabric wrap around the elastic made them even more comfortable for her. Highly recommended!

👤I love them. I have Bell's palsy and my eye doesn't close all the way, so I ordered these. The sleeping mask protects me from the elements so I can sleep. They fit snug enough that they don't put too much pressure on my eye, which will interfere with my sleep. I will probably use the darker ones for times when I need more of a mask. I must admit that they are very cute. I'm not worried about the crooked horn since I'm not giving it as a gift, but it's still cute and soft.

👤I bought this for my daughter to exchange for a White elephant, but she had to take one. She and her friends love it. They are soft, comfortable and keep the light out. I didn't order any for myself. The mask is a must purchase.

👤These are very cute. I bought them for my child's birthday party. They fit a 7 year old perfectly.

👤These masks are very popular with my daughters. They sleep with them. So soft. They fit my big head.

👤My kids enjoy wearing these at night. They are well made and seem to be sturdy.

👤I bought these for my family and they love them! It's cute and fits adults too.

9. Pieces Sleeping Blindfold Unicorn Travel

Pieces Sleeping Blindfold Unicorn Travel

The package includes 3 pieces of rainbow colored plush sleeping eye covers, enough for personal use or sharing with family and friends. Each animal sleep eye cover has a proper size and an elastic rope on the back that makes it easy to fit most people. The cartoon night eye cover is made of soft material, which will cause no pressure on your eyes, and will give you comfort when sleeping. The cute sleeping blindfold is designed in 3 different colors and is suitable for pajama party, slumber party, and sleepover party. This plush eye shade is lightweight and easy to carry, and it can block out lights, nice for your sleep.

Brand: Geyoga

👤I gave these to the girls as party favors after I bought them for a small birthday party. My daughter's fit me as well as the 6 year olds. They are soft and cute. Not top quality, but perfect for the price.

👤When I slept over her house, she had been using my sleep mask. She loves them and has her own.

👤My child loves these. After 2 months of use, they are still a great quality.

👤I was surprised by the package. They fit my 3 year old and her dad. You can use them for any head size. They look like the picture.

👤My daughter likes them. They are for bigger heads. She has a big head. It is too big for her and she slips down.

👤My daughter loved it.

10. Upgraded Blackout Adjustable Comfortable Blindfold

Upgraded Blackout Adjustable Comfortable Blindfold

Sleeping mask provides a good seal for blocking light, no matter what you want:Lazy afternoon naps at your home, Resting and sleep on the bus, plane or train, to focus on your yoga, meditation or self tanning. Their Blindfold is a sleep aid that covers all your needs. Silk eye sleeping mask is a good choice for all sleeping positions, it will not bleed color, and will not stain your pillow. The blindfold will keep your eyes protected from light while you sleep. The silk surface is very cost-effective, and the fuzzy side is warm and soft, suitable for winter use. It fits all sizes head and easy-to-adjust headband won't get in the way of sleeping. The outer surface of the eye mask is made of soft boa, which is very soft and comfortable, and the inner surface is made of silk, which is smooth and comfortable. This silk sleep masks can be a great gift for friends, loved ones, parents, daughter, and more. If the sleep mask doesn't meet your expectations, they will accept free returns. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them by email.

Brand: Konnitiha

👤I love the way these masks feel on my face, and the strap makes sure they stay on my head all night. I no longer have to wake up with my eye mask on. The three pack is not very useful. The black mask works. I can turn the mask around and block out light if I wear it correctly, but it doesn't let in light if I wear it wrong. The pink mask is useless. It lets in so much light that you may as well not be wearing an eye mask at all. If you're interested, I would suggest buying the single black mask in whatever quantity you need, and avoiding the pink masks completely.

👤The whole point of a mask is to block out the light, I threw them away because they don't block out light. Don't waste your money, they were just as helpful as putting a paper towel over your eyes.

👤Gave them a try for a week. Light gets in just like if I were not wearing a mask. I work nights so I need a good night's sleep. I can't sleep with the light coming through the mask. The block light was sleeping in the dark.

👤This mask helps me stop the light hitting my eyes.

👤Doesn't block light.

👤These have worked well. Light and soft. Sometimes they fold too much in the middle even when I don't have the strap tight, but being as large as they are doesn't cause a lot of issues like letting light in. I have to be careful when taking it off because it can tangle in my hair.

👤I like my sleep masks. They are made from a soft material. There is a It doesn't completely block out sunlight. I can still see the light when I wear these.

11. Adjustable Blackout Blindfold Sleeping Meditation

Adjustable Blackout Blindfold Sleeping Meditation

8 pieces of sleep eye masks are printed with funny quotes. The well-made eye masks are very feature and funny design, which are able to add a pleasant atmosphere to your life, and you can share them with your family members or friends as a thoughtful gift. Soft sleep mask can be used to help you to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep quality, and give you more energy to work and study; it's suitable for different kinds of occasions such as indoor, outdoor and camping, travel, shift work, meditation, yoga etc. The sleeping eye masks are made of a skin-friendly natural lightweight breathable material and have good shading effect. It's soft and comfortable to wear. It will give you a nice using experience. There is a fully adjusted strap from 18 inches to 27 inches. It is suitable for most people to wear. The natural silk sleeping mask is lightweight and portable, it will not make your eyes feel any pressure when you wear it, improving your sleep quality.

Brand: Geyoga

👤They are great to sleep with but not great on my pillow case. I woke up the next day with marks all over my pillow case. I had to clean the pillow cases myself. There was a lot of dye coming out of the eye mask.

👤The lettering is coming off after a week, but the mask is okay. I ordered them so that other people would get the message while I sleep. I wouldn't purchase again. I would suggest looking for ones that have a longer lasting print quality.

👤I washed the masks in a mesh bag with other items before they were put on. One of the masks had lettering on it. I don't know how long the others will last.

👤In the event of a wet disaster, the air sealed package will be safe. I washed them before I gave them to friends. I kept 2 for myself. Happy camper!

👤The eye mask is better than the ad. They fit perfectly with the ties. These are the best eye masks out there.

👤5 stars for this set. Incredible! I love the band. It was a comfortable fit. The embroidered words were perfect.

👤They work well and are comfortable. They are cute and block out all light. There were no complaints. Will be ordering again.

👤I like the variety of sayings and the material. These are perfect party favors for a ladies night slumber party. I get to keep 3 for myself since there are 6 of us.


What is the best product for eye mask for sleeping cute?

Eye mask for sleeping cute products from Aniwon. In this article about eye mask for sleeping cute you can see why people choose the product. Kimkoo and Boyiee are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye mask for sleeping cute.

What are the best brands for eye mask for sleeping cute?

Aniwon, Kimkoo and Boyiee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye mask for sleeping cute. Find the detail in this article. Tim & Tina, Shinywear and Haysandy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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