Best Eye Mask for Sleeping for Women

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1. SleepSloth Contoured Adjustable Comfortable Blindfold

SleepSloth Contoured Adjustable Comfortable Blindfold

A sleep eye mask with a high-quality memory foam increases comfort. The eye mask is based on ergonomics. A protective curve with more space than any other will not touch your eyes, you can open your eyes freely, and it's unique. The strap has been improved. The circumference has been increased from 15.8" to 27.6" for women and men. The headband is easy to adjust. Soft and comfortable night blindfolds make no pressure on eyes. 3D eye mask for sleeping. The latest design fits the face shape to make sure it doesn't leak light. The eye pads are safe and easy to clean.

Brand: Sleepsloth

👤I decided to try this sleep mask because it was a fraction of the price, even though I had considered buying a higher cost sleep mask. It does a great job and is a good value. I can sleep with it as either a side or back sleeping position. I could see a light under the bottom edge when I put it on. I adjusted the strap and angle to fix the problem. It works so well that my husband can turn our bedroom lights on and off, and I won't notice a difference, because my vision is blacked out. If you're debating getting a high end sleep mask, try this one first. It works well for me and I am happy about it.

👤These are very well shaped. The best one I have tried so far. The adjustments are amazing and it does not slip off your head. I will be telling my tech to let her clients know that I received this order, I am very satisfied with it.

👤I received a mask in the mail. I put it to the test last night. It was dark, dark. This is definitely not light. I couldn't see the light in the ceiling. I had a frightening dream the previous night, and this is the only thing that hasn't changed. I don't do snakes. They make me fear my core. I like seeing them in nature, but I don't like being surprised. I don't want to touch them. I don't want to hear about them. I don't like the idea of them taking care of my problem. I had a dream that I was going to another solar system to find a "Goldilocks" planet for humans to live on after we ruin this planet. The struggle was trying to find a way to eat. Fat tends to go rancid in storage, so preserving meat was a challenge. The solution for the eggheads was to put snakes in my space ship. They would make more rattlesnakes and then sit there and live. I was lying down in my spaceship seat. The scientists began removing the rattles around me. They couldn't bite when their rattles were removed. I never said that my dreams were perfect. I was aware that they were touching my body every time they put more rattlesnakes in the spaceship. No one would respond to my pleas. A snake was on my face. It stuck out its tongue and hit me on the neck. I woke up after I cried out, "Help!" My new sleep mask made me feel a snake on my face. Did it give me the willies? I was fine once I realized that there were no snakes in my bed and that my dog was licking my neck. I'm an adult and dreams don't scare me.

👤If you sleep on your back, these look good. These become very uncomfortable when I sleep on my side. I wouldn't recommend if you are a side sleeper.

👤There was light around the nose. I thought it was going to be comfortable, but the strap on the side bothered me as I am a side sleeper. That was annoying to me. It would be good if it wasn't good. Sorry for the bad review.

2. Colorado Home Co Sleep Sleeping

Colorado Home Co Sleep Sleeping

Only the highest grade 6a natural and organic silk for your hair and skin will do when you slip into your best night's slumber. Real silk sleep masks are gentle on the face. The darker the color, the better the blackout from your night mask. The silk eye sleeping mask comes in 3 different colors. Their luxury champagne is a favorite sleep mask for men and women and their pretty pink silk is cute. One size fits all and protects the eyes. With a sleep eye mask, you can protect your eyes with high momme silk. Silk eye covers help with the production of serotonin and collagen. There are many reasons to use eye masks for sleeping. A silk eye mask is a perfect gift for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or any other person you care to impress. Colorado Home Co.'s Sunday Silks range can be found in their store. If you love it or want to return it, you don't have to ask about it. Their lifetime guarantee makes sure you always sleep peacefully. All of their silk is OEKO-TEX certified and comes with a free authenticity test.

Brand: Colorado Home Co

👤I wanted to like this eye mask because it's the smoothest I've tried so far, and they even provide an extra bit of fabric to do the burn test and prove that it's real silk! The strap is too tight. The pressure on my eyes can cause a mild headaches. Will have to keep looking. The eye mask is the same level of smoothness as the other two, but its threads are woven side-to-side while the other two are woven top-to- bottom. The silk for this eye mask is still great, but similar quality can be found elsewhere. I prefer the top-to- bottom smoothness since it's the direction my eye masks move most often during the night.

👤We had to send them back because they were not comfortable to wear. They pulled on the tops of our ears when we tried on them a few times. Maybe ours was just faulty.

👤The sleep set is wonderful. The hair ties are perfect, the mask is luxurious, and my hair is not a mess when I get up in the morning.

👤This is a great mask! I have very sensitive skin and it's so comfortable that I barely notice I'm wearing it, and I can't believe how much better I sleep. It's wonderful.

👤Son perfectos para mis hijas. Cubre la luz is super.

👤I have a small head, but this sleep mask was tight, and it wasn't like I had a big head. The company doesn't read reviews that say the same thing. Fix the problem by adjusting them. I had to return it.

👤The mask is padded and has good coverage. It was much better than another type I had tried before. I'll be ordering again.

👤I love this mask. I got it for myself. It is so soft and cozy. I fall asleep.

👤Silk is supposed to be the best for skin out of all fabrics. I put it over my ears because it was slipping off and my poodle almost got it. Highly recommended.

👤Sper apretado. Le tuve cambiar el resorte, por uno ms adecuado. I am adems. Di. It'sCuenta tela, sin embargo la parte, toca la cara s es, ya con eso me conformo.

👤Primer articulo de Amazon. Super smart, pero tiene un poco apretada. Tengo la cabeza normal.

3. Ladies Lightweight Adjustable Blindfold Eyeshade

Ladies Lightweight Adjustable Blindfold Eyeshade

It is light and soft, so comfortable that you do not want to take off, sleep all night. 100% silk fabric, natural farm cultured silkworm, carefully selected raw materials, 8 processes, no odor, healthy and breathable, no damage to the skin, elastic band can be adjusted. You are unique in the world and deserve better. Quality is important so that they can make better products at the same price. It's a good way to relieve fatigue, whether it's in home, airplane, train, bus, or office. Within a year, support returns after sale. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem. They will try to help you.

Brand: Uriser

👤I wanted the black because men don't wear pink. Wrong. The black was more expensive. I'm wearing a pretty pink eye mask. The only person that sees me is me.

👤The quality is very good. I am able to sleep in the morning. Thank you!

👤It makes it easy to get a right fit. It fit my husband and I. It is soft and worth it.

👤The sleep mask is needed now. It is very cute. I like how it feels. Silky sleep masks are better for your hair and skin. I like the fact that there is a strap that can be adjusted, which makes it easier to fit your face/head, but also makes it more comfortable on your hair. I just washed it and it seems to be holding up well, and it does a great job of keeping the light out, which is probably the most important thing.

👤I thought about getting a mask that popped out of my eye, so it wouldn't be a flat face. I went for it because I thought this one was cute. I am very happy that I did. The strap is adjusted so that it makes a huge difference. My husband has to fall asleep with the TV on but the light is too bright for him so this mask has been a lifesaver. It blocks the light and stays on my face all night. I have had masks that come off in the night and I have had to find a new one in the morning. I have slept in an extra 30 minutes the last two mornings because of the mask on my face. This is priceless as a mom of two little kids. Our bedroom has a great view of the sunrise as the sun rises. When the light shines in, I usually wake up around 5:45. I wake up around 630 lately. This can be good for everyone around me.

👤These are soft and light and are very convenient to travel with. It's a quick hand-wash and dry because they are light weight.

👤Don't waste your money. It is described as light. It's too heavy. The mask is no longer on. It is on top of my head when I wake up. The strap is very thin. The price of the mask is $6. I've tried it many times and wish I had something good to say about it. I don't. I realized that I chose the wrong one.

4. Sleep Super Smooth Sleeping Jazzznap

Sleep Super Smooth Sleeping Jazzznap

Help Sleep is a sleep mask that can be used in a bed, a flight, a hotel or a long car ride. It creates a good sleep environment so that you can sleep well. The material is made of 19mm mulberry silk. mulberry silk is soft, smooth and economical, which makes it a good choice for masks. Most gentle care to your eyes. The headband won't tangle hair and the bands are easy to adjust. There is no smell of a chemical or a generic size. You can sleep soundly if you block out all light.

Brand: Jazzznap

👤If this review was helpful, please mark it as so, after 6 months of searching, trying and buying dozens of eye masks who would've known the cheapest one was the best one. I have tried all of them for less than $100 and they never fit. I don't care if it's under $20 because I'm told you get what you pay for. I decided to throw the cheap mask away because I was so frustrated that I couldn't find a comfortable mask. I was shocked when I tried it on. It was soft and comfortable and I didn't feel any pressure from the mask or strap. I don't know how long this mask will last. I will buy another one as a backup. If you are having a hard time finding an eye mask, give it a try as it may be the end of your search.

👤A friend used a sleep mask. I started looking on Amazon for one after I thought, "hey, that's a good idea." I put on sleep videos on Amazon prime and even though they say "ultra dark screen", it's not. Most of them were black silk and between $10-12, and I didn't want anything fancy. I saw this one for free shipping. It said it was black silk and got great reviews. I asked, "for $2.99?" Why not? It is perfect. It is a simple product. Excellent fabric. The elastic band is very comfortable. All light is blocked. I love it!

👤It works well. I have very dry eyes, and I flutter my eyes at night. The solution has been wearing a mask.

👤I was in the hospital for surgery. I was made to sleep so much better. During the 10 weeks that my grandson was with the EMT, he was stressed out and had a fear of heights. I asked him to try them. He said he never hid. Well. I ordered 3 of them from you and they are soft and fit well. He took 2 more students to school. He ordered some with a fancy design for around $20 He likes them but doesn't like to wear them. Thank you for the great quality... Cute stuffed animals... Extra small gift with flowers for someone... They help.

👤The mask blocks out all light. I work the third shift. I have to sleep during the day because this mask blocks out all the light and makes me feel like I'm sleeping at night. It was a great price, it was comfortable, it fits perfectly, and it stays in place while sleeping. You will not be disappointed, it was worth it. I don't know what I would do without this mask. I would be suffering from lack of sleep. I will be buying more for travel or washing my current one.

👤I love this mask. After 10 years, I can't sleep without a sleep mask because I can't get used to the weight of my glasses. I got this one because it was so cheap and it turned out to be one of the best I have tried. The fabric is light and soft, not putting too much pressure on the eyes. It's also effective at blocking out the sun. My roommate likes to open the blinds when she gets up earlier than I do, and this one has worked better on blocking out the sun. I like how it is adjusted so that it doesn't fall off. The wide band is more comfortable. I have ordered another one to take. A great quality product at a great price.

5. Eye Mask Adjustable Blindfold Eyeshades

Eye Mask Adjustable Blindfold Eyeshades

Silk comfortable Sleepmask is important to help you feel relaxed and sleepy. If your room is too light when you try to sleep, just put a sleep mask on, you will feel better in sleeping. The design of silk eyemask ensures that it rests over your face with the utmost comfort and the elasticated strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The sleep masks aid sleep and deep relaxation, they block out light to enhance the quality of your sleep. The package includes a Black Sleep mask for women and men.

Brand: Torhine Eye Mask

👤Great eye mask! You can wash these in the washer machine. Air dry them before use and wash them in the washer. I had no problem with them staining my sheets or pillow after they 800-273-3217 The strap on the back of the eye mask is adjusted so they fit perfectly, so wash these before you use them.

👤They leak on my sheets and I don't like them. It's not healthy to have leaking eye masks. Unreal! These should be stopped for health reasons. They are in the garbage.

👤The fabric that the mask is made of is soft and comfortable. The mask stained the bedding. I didn't see it on my face. I was not sure where the black and grayish smudges on my pillow and fitted sheet came from. I realized that I wore the mask to bed when I was seeing new problems in the morning. I stopped using the mask after that, but I'm not sure if the blotches will wash out of the bedding. I'm not sure if the mask will make the colored bedding look bad. The mask wasn't low enough on my face so some light could get in. I don't recommend buying this mask. I found a great sleeping mask at a big chain store. If you need to return it, you can get one at a place like that, near your home.

👤These are a good buy. Compared to the foam ones where the lining separates from the foam within a few uses, these are comfortable, block out light, and come with a nice band, not the velcro ones where you have to let the parts overlap past the perfect fit point. I don't believe they are silk, but a type of substance. I washed my black mask in cold water before I wore it, and I didn't see any dye run, which is what some people said.

👤These are low end. They get the job done and the fabric is soft. It's difficult to get the right fit. It always feels weird. There is a tight spot in the fabric over my eyes which isn't ideal, even when adjusted to be fairly loose. It's difficult to position it so that it doesn't light up. It's okay for a couple bucks each for travel, but for regular use, it's better to use something better designed and crafted.

👤I bought these to help me sleep better at night. I have had them for two days and I am very happy. The strap fits nicely. The material is soft and comfortable. I am happy I bought these.

👤I bought a set of bamboo sheets. I realized the eye mask was making stains on my pillow cases and fitted sheet when I woke up. It hasn't been released yet. I don't suggest buying them. I thought I would need something to shut the light off.

6. Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Weighted Meditation

Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Weighted Meditation

2 in 1 Sleep mask and white noise machine combine the benefits of a sleep mask with the benefits of a white noise machine. You can use white noise mode to enjoy nature sounds without using a mobile phone, or you can use the phone's built-in gps device to play your music. The mask has auto-off timer settings. The high-fidelity stereo sound benefits from the technology produce great sound quality. It's easy to pair with any phone or device that has a built-in Bluetooth accessory, and you can charge them for up to 2.5 hours. The sleep mask has full coverage and is designed to block light from entering, it is a good companion for sleep and travel. It is easy to wash and is great for patients with insomnia and dry eye. Take the earphone out and wash your blindfold, the face mask headset is replaceable. The eye cover is a great gift for a meditation accessory and travel accessory, it is the most people's choice to give as a birthday Christmas gift. They will send a new one if it is non-human damage within a year.

Brand: Vafuxtec

👤These are for a trex head. The buds that were supposed to be over my ears landed on the back of my head, so I can't hear the sound. If you move that to have one in place, the mask is useless. Unless you are jimmy neutron, you won't recommend.

👤I ordered a brand of sleep mask on Amazon, but I won't name the brand, but I liked it. I ordered a travel one from the same brand and it broke. I decided to order another brand because they have good customer service and are replacing it. I decided to order this one. The use case is USAGE. I was curious about the padding on it. I have a reason for a sleep mask, it's that I hate light when I sleep, it needs to be pitch black. This is a better mask than my other one, which was very dark and thin, but still very usable, and I do love it, but this one gets darker, which is nice. I would give this 4.5, but only due to my personal preferences. I like the fact that my mask touches my eyes. It feels like I'm resting on my eyes, it's closed and dark. The middle cannot touch your eyes because of the memory foam padding. Many would prefer this more because it prevents light bleed around the edges. The padding on the eye makes it feel heavy, but it's not. The strap is wide, so it may offend some people with taller ears, but for me it's doable. It's very flexible to be very loose. I'm a man with a large head. It has a nose hole on the inside to fit the padding better without pushing up on the mask. It's awesome that packaging is in this. I wasn't sure if it was worth it, but it was 5 dollars more than my other mask. It comes in a nice box, and when you open it, you will find a mask with the company logo on it. There is a silk carrying pouch with some earplugs under that. You will find a company card thanking you for ordering, as well as their customer contact information. The foam earplugs are nice, but most people will use them on planes. I prefer my fan for white noise, so I don't use this at home, but it's a nice touch. They also come in a case. There is a sleep test. The most important part of a sleep mask. I took a nap and tested it for two nights. It blocks all light, you can barely notice it on your face, and once asleep, you don't notice it at all. It works perfect. Some users complained about a smell. The smell is similar to foam from a factory.

👤This mask is very comfortable for sleeping. It blocks out the light better than any other sleep mask. I bought it to connect to my iPod so I can listen to music while I sleep. The instructions that came with the mask were easy to follow, but I had trouble connecting to the internet. I was able to connect after checking the questions on the site. I like the white noise, water, and bird sounds that come with the mask. It is relaxing. Someone said the speakers were too far back in their review. You just have to slide the speakers where you want them. It is very easy. I am enjoying this product very much. I would recommend it.

7. Adjustable Blackout Blindfold Sleeping Meditation

Adjustable Blackout Blindfold Sleeping Meditation

Soft sleep mask can be used to help you to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep quality, and give you more energy to work and study; it's suitable for different kinds of occasions such as indoor, outdoor and camping, travel, shift work, meditation, yoga, etc. You will receive 4 pieces of sleep eye masks embroidered with funny quotes, the well-made eye masks are very feature and funny design, which are able to add a pleasant atmosphere to your life; Enough quantity for personal use, also you can share them with your family members. There is a fully adjusted strap from 18 inches to 27 inches. It is suitable for most people to wear. Natural material: these sleeping eye masks are made of natural lightweight material, which is skin friendly, and has good shading effect. It's soft and comfortable to wear. It will give you a nice using experience. The natural silk sleeping mask is lightweight and portable, it will not make your eyes feel any pressure when you wear it, improving your sleep quality.

Brand: Geyoga

👤I will add a photo if I get a chance. The lettering started peeling off after the first wash. The mask is decent, but I am sure that people will not like the sayings and will not buy them. The words are embroidered on the mask, not silkscreened with paint. They are still being used and kept.

👤I bought the set of masks that are "Black with Red Letters" first. Right now, I'm buying another set. They are comfortable, the strap is easy to use, and you don't feel the hard plastic on your head when laying down. I am both a side and back sleeper. I ordered a multi-colored set and am very disappointed. They are the same color fabric on both sides even though they are trimmed in black. Light colored fabrics don't provide enough light blocking for me.

👤I got them for a slumber party look, very cute, went great with the outfit, but really only lasted a few days before the letters started to peel off. If you're okay with the letters coming off, you're good to go for two days.

👤These are advertised as silk, but they are not. They are shiny. I bought these to help reduce under eye lines, so they work the same. I was really disappointed that the were not what was advertised. They are cute and made well. Not made from silk.

👤The product has an adjustment strap. The others are too tight to wear all night. They do a good job of blocking light. I expected it to cover less area.

👤I can't give a higher recommendation because my wife loves them. She likes that the straps are not made with Velcro. The other masks got caught up in her pillowcases.

👤The mask is comfortable. They are soft and not hard. They stay in place. They are great at blocking out the daylight. I'm buying another set.

👤The eye masks look like the pictures. The strap can be adjusted. I am happy with my purchase.

8. ALASKA BEAR Personalized Contoured Adjustable

ALASKA BEAR Personalized Contoured Adjustable

Larger and deeper eyecups allow you to blink naturally, and won't rub against your eye balls or eyelashes. The material is ultra-plush and has 100% light blockage. The mould rests on points around the eye to provide relief from stress and the memory foam sleeping mask gently cushions your eyes to help you sleep. The elevated sockets of the blackout mask make it a great option for anyone looking for a snooze without having to redo their lashes. Enjoy clear vision - the cupped mask leaves space around the eye area, so you don't have to worry about the rapid eye movement sleep phase. It's perfect for home and travel, with packs with sound-cancelling earplugs, an ideal gift of relaxation and travel accessories that instantly transforms your slumber into a refuge of bliss and elegance. To refresh dry, irritated eyes, place water-moistened cotton pads over eyelids inside a mask.

Brand: Alaska Bear

👤I did a bit of research with this, and found the popular Nidra offering. Both were pretty good, but the eyes were more comfortable on this one. Alaska Bear was kind enough to email me asking how I was liking them, and when I told them that, they said they'd updated their mold, and would send me one of those free of charge. I recommend both for the quality of the product and the customer service; I've been letting friends try the new one and they've been great.

👤I have insomnia and it's bad. Most sleep masks are uncomfortabe because I'm a side sleeper. The mask is amazing. I can't tell if it's on. I'm considering a backup. While sleeping, there was no eye pressure or displacement. This and earplugs are a break from the world and an invitation to sleep. Everyone should buy one.

👤This was needed to block out the light. I don't wake up in the morning. I have a sensitive head and didn't want something that would smother my face. It is large, light and airy, and feels good on your skin. Don't make your face warm. The texture is nice. It feels like a feather. The van gogh pattern is very pretty and can fit any head size, but the strap isn't tight so the mask can fall off by the morning. Unless you wear it tight, it won't seal the darkness in. There will be a small amount of light around your nose. I don't mind this so much as I can just pull the mask down a bit more to cover that area, and it blocks enough that if I close my eyes I won't be able to tell.

👤I liked the sleep mask I bought in October. It was in place all night and had good coverage. The dyes in the mask started to show up on my pillowcases. After soaking in a strong bleach solution, I was able to remove the stains. I am very disappointed. I need a good sleep mask. I thought I had found the perfect one after I had wasted money on others. Not true! I would buy it again in a heartbeat if it were made in natural Undyed fabric.

👤The elastic band on the sleep mask fails to stay on my head because it loses elasticity. This one does meet the requirements of comfort and transparency, but with less weight than the last one. The band that held it on began to fail quickly. I don't want to spend the money on a case of things that will be thrown away after a month or two. The search is on for a good one.

👤I don't like wearing sleep masks because I can't open my eyes while wearing them, so I thought I'd try the ALASKA BEAR Memory Foam Sleep Mask with 3DMolded Cups. I found this mask very comfortable. It fits my face well, no light comes in, and it's changeable. I had no problem with the clip, I can't even feel it. The mask is soft against my skin. It didn't make my face hot. Excellent quality. I would buy this again.

9. NOLAVA 100 Pure Mulberry Sleep

NOLAVA 100 Pure Mulberry Sleep

The fit of the 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask can be adjusted to give you maximum cover and comfort. They don't believe in the idea that a sleep mask should be one size fits all. If you wear eyelash extensions, try to loosen the fit. Good bye to hair tangles and painful buckles, you can sleep in any position in total comfort. They've got you covered when it comes to a good nights sleep. There's nothing quite like a cool eye mask to soothe a headaches. Put the gel eye mask in the fridge for a couple of hours and then slip the silk eye mask into the pocket. If you need a quick pick me up to reduce tired eyes, try chilling it. It's best to keep it in the fridge for next time you need to refresh your eyes or have a headaches. Are computor screens making you tired? Try a warm compress for relief. Place their gel eye mask insert into a bowl of hot water for a few minutes, dry and slip in the pocket of their silk eye mask, secure and relax. Your skin is protected and nurtured as you relax. If you fall asleep, don't be surprised. The soft, pure feel of pure silk is a luxury that every person deserves. Pure silk is known as a natural beauty treatment and can nourish your skin while you sleep. This pure silk sleep mask will help reduce sleep wrinkling, keep your skin hydrated and allow you to breathe while you sleep. The eye mask is made of pure silk. The Nolava silk sleep mask will change the way you sleep and wake up. REM sleep can only be accomplished in the presence of total darkness. Their silk sleep mask is generously sized for a perfect fit, they guarantee it will give you 100% light block out, deepen your sleep, improve your well being, increase daytime energy and enhance cognitive function. Ready for the day ahead, say hello to waking up refreshed. It's great for busy moms. Shift workers are struggling to sleep through the day. The bonus earplugs are to help block noise.

Brand: Nolava Designs

👤The silk is very comfortable, but it has to be in a spot that doesn't allow light to go through by the nose. Plugs and inserts are useless.

👤Terrible. The mask has light seepage from underneath, but I didn't receive the travel bag. Not a good value. The mask is useless without the insert, and the earplugs are cheap. It puts pressure on the eyes. I should have listened to the negative reviews.

👤I like that I can either heat or freeze the insert. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but the strap holding the sleep mask is a nice feature. The material is very smooth.

👤Soft and pretty, but folds in on your eyes.

👤The eye mask is larger than the gel bead insert.

👤It's a good product but not cheap. It comes with a pouch for heating and cooling. I don't use the earbuds or the storage bag much but it's a perk.

👤I work nights and this was a necessity. A complete black out allows a comfortable day time sleep. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The product is what was advertised. The gel thing on the mask doesn't hold it's shape enough to block the light as much as I would like, which is my only complaint.

10. PorsMing Sleeping Blindfold Building Adjustable

PorsMing Sleeping Blindfold Building Adjustable

Every piece of product has been carefully checked. If you're not happy with your purchase, please contact them. EUICAE is happy to help you with any issues. They are behind their products.

Brand: Porsming

👤My headbands are more like headbands than eye masks. They didn't personalize for my daughter's spa party.

👤It's a great value for the money. I bought these to be light-proof, or have enough layers so that light doesn't get through, but that's not the case. Each mask is made of two layers, the front and the back, and there's a piece of fabric at the nose area that keeps light out, and I like that each mask has two elastic straps. Even when used during sleep, they stay in place. They'd be great used as blindfolds, and the darker colors let less light through than the lighter colors, so it seems that way to me at least. I don't recommend using these as sleep masks if you want a mask that completely eliminates light, because these don't do that.

👤I wanted to give some of the children in my family some of these. They are cheap and well made. I don't like it to touch my eyes. My dogs didn't tear them up when they got a few of them. They are very well made, and if they couldn't destroy them, they are. It's perfect for kids and if the person likes that style. There are so many colors to choose from. The price is right. It goes to the washer and dryer as well.

👤The masks are terrible. I bought these for sleep masks because I wanted to use them, but when they arrived they were barely blocking out light, and the fabric was very rough and harsh against the skin. I tried to return them for a full refund, but they are not eligible for return. These would be good for party games, but not good enough for use as a sleep mask.

👤My husband and I sleep with our eyes slightly open, which causes dry eyes, so we got these to wear to sleep. They aren't great at blocking light, which is fine for us since that's not what we bought. If you're looking for sleep masks to block light, look elsewhere. After about 3 weeks of daily use, my husband's mask straps snapped. We think it's because he moves around a lot in his sleep. We don't mind since they are cheap and come in a large pack, but we don't expect amazing quality from them.

👤A lot for your money. I can't sleep without a face mask because it's a little thin. So if it helps me. I used to buy cheap ones that snapped easily, but these have been strong. I like the security of the 2 straps.

👤These are the best eye masks. There is a I used to buy them 1 or 2 at a time, but they would break easily. The new ones are so comfortable that they block out most of the light when the sun is up. If you travel a lot, you should use a black eye mask. I have a lot of them. Ask the Vons Pharmacy for the ear plugs I have. When the time comes, I would buy again.

11. Adjustable Sleeping Blindfold BeeVines Christmas

Adjustable Sleeping Blindfold BeeVines Christmas

Sleep Sound Anywhere and Anytime: Wear this lightweight, soft, comfortable sleep mask anywhere, and you will get a good night's sleep. The silk eye sleeping mask is perfect for travel, home, flight, train, or anywhere where your sleep is bothered by light. Their silk eye cover can help you sleep and lift your spirit. Their silk eye mask is made from 100% silk and is naturally calming to your facial skin and will help you sleep faster. BeeVines eye mask is specially designed for sleeping blackout, so you can enjoy sound sleep in any position. The eye mask will keep your eyes protected from light while you sleep. The strap can be adjusted to allow you to sleep in any position. BeeVines 2 Pack eye covers feature a comfortable, pain-free head strap that does not move or fall off while you sleep. The sleep aid mask is lightweight and fits perfectly on your face, so you can use it for sleep, concentration or meditating. The silk masks come in two packs and act as sleeping aids that are ideal for people suffering from insomnia, headaches and dry- eyes thanks to the natural fibers of the silk. These 2 pack sleep masks are a great gift for your loved ones.

Brand: Beevines

👤The title and description of the item are not accurate, as they state that this is a 2 pack of masks, one black and one pink. It was a single mask, black on one side and pink on the other.

👤I am very impressed with this brand, it's my first time trying it. The packaging is beautiful, there is a card that explains the difference between genuine and artificial silk, I appreciated it since I didn't know. There were 2 masks, 1 black and 1 pink. They have a soft, light,tiny feel and are not heavy. They keep out all the light at night and during the day. I had a well lit bedroom and bright lampost lighting at night which made it difficult to sleep at night, but once I started using these I was able to sleep through the night. I'm thankful for that. The strap in the back is easy to change. It doesn't feel elastic but it does stretch if necessary and it doesn't grip tightly as some night masks do. I didn't feel it in my sleep. It comes off easily, unlike other sleep masks, and for someone like me who suffers from hair loss, this is extremely important. It is a great value, comfortable, and the best sleeping mask. I've tried.

👤I like the Bee Vines sleep mask. It is very soft. I like the extra large size of it because it doesn't allow light to slip in the sides like the smaller sized masks can. I don't want a small crack of light to make my pain worse. I can wear the band in a loose manner when my head is throbbing and it doesn't hurt my skin when I have a migraines. I was hoping it was made in America since it says on the site that it comes from a mom and daughter business. I wanted to support them and all American businesses. I couldn't find anything on the website about where it was made. The mask says "made in China" on the box. It's a shame.

👤It is so soft. The silk blocks all the light. It fits my husband and me.

👤I ordered 3 different silk sleep mask products at the same time and picked out the one that I liked the best based on reviews from both sleep mask review sites and Amazon. The design of these masks are very similar. Their size, shape and strap adjustment are the same. All of them did the same thing because of this. I noticed that there were some common complaints when looking at sleep mask reviews. As one's head is laid on it, the plastic strap adjustment is uncomfortable. Put pressure on the eyes by wearing a mask. Light bleeding around the nose or through the mask. I have had no issues with any of the 3 products that have bleeding dye. I wash them in room temperature water with soap nut liquid. The excess water should be hung to dry. Depending on where you are and how you lay your head when sleeping, the plastic strap adjuster can be a bit uncomfortable. There are more details under the reviews. I had loosened the adjustment strap too much, so I thought this was an issue. You want to loosen it more than you think you can. I found it was about right once it no longer put any pressure on the eyes. If you toss your head around a lot during the night, it's possible to shift the mask back in place, but it's easy to do if you're mostly asleep. - If the mask has shifted to one side or the other during sleep, there is a light bleed around the nose. It's not an issue if you sleep under the sun or the light comes from your feet up towards your face. Light coming through the masks has not been an issue. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Blindfold, Super Smooth Eye Mask (White) are some things to note. It has not gotten in the way or been noticeable. The most expensive option was the cute patterns. Alaska Bear and Jimoo have the same strap size. The plastic adjustment mechanism for my average-sized head ends up off center-middle of the back of my head, making it less comfortable for back- sleeping. The J Jimoo store has a Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Super-Smooth & Soft Eye Mask with a Strap. I appreciated that this one came in several moderate mostly unpatterned shades other than black and white. You can reverse it and use the other side between washes as there is no embroidered side. It feels like the lightest yet it has no issues blocking light. It drapes a bit better than the other two. Alaska Bear and Jimoo have the same strap size. The plastic adjustment mechanism for my average-sized head ends up off center-middle of the back of my head, making it less comfortable for back- sleeping. BeeVines Silk Sleep Mask, 2 Pack Mulberry Silk Eye Mask with Adjustable Strap is available for purchase on Amazon. If you don't have a large head, there should be no issues with it. I think I have a fairly average-sized American head and it fits just fine, though I loosened it a bit. The plastic adjustment mechanism is at the side of my head and not as comfortable as side- sleeping.


What is the best product for eye mask for sleeping for women?

Eye mask for sleeping for women products from Sleepsloth. In this article about eye mask for sleeping for women you can see why people choose the product. Colorado Home Co and Uriser are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye mask for sleeping for women.

What are the best brands for eye mask for sleeping for women?

Sleepsloth, Colorado Home Co and Uriser are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye mask for sleeping for women. Find the detail in this article. Jazzznap, Torhine Eye Mask and Vafuxtec are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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