Best Eye Massager for Migraines Cold

Migraines 9 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. JXXM Massager Bluetooth Theraremedy Migraines

JXXM Massager Bluetooth Theraremedy Migraines

The smart eye massager has 16 micro motors. The massage "fingers" accurately massage the eye muscles point-to-point, quickly release eye strain, dark circles, etc. The JXXM eye massager has a visual window similar to flat lens and one-button operation. Keep moving during the massage. The massage modes include pulse 5 gear adjustment and preset massage modes. The heat, compression, and vibration are combined in different ways to personalize your eye massage. A built-in timer will shut off the massager after 10 minutes of continuous use. The built-in heating acupoint design provides a comfortable temperature between 108.6 H-113 H (43-45) and improves blood flow in the ocular region. You can connect your portable devices with it and listen to your favorite music during a massage.

Brand: Jxxm

👤I bought this for my friend who is having a mental health issue. I thought this would help her relax and have a moment of peace whenever she needed it. It looks like ski goggles and I like them. The strap can be adjusted to fit your face. There are little nubs on the inside. The mask is playing music while blocking out light. The effect is like a mini spa trip. You can connect it to your phone and listen to your own music, guided meditations or even an audio book.

👤The eye massager is amazing. You can adjust it to any size head with the strap. It is a great remedy for headaches and eye problems. It is possible to have a relaxing massage. This is a great idea for a gift and is worth the money paid for it. The value is great.

👤I was looking for something that would help my eyes. I think it's what I need. I have used it a number of times and have felt the changes already. This is a good device to use to massage the eyes. It works well and helps relieve headaches that I get from work. The eye massager is made from high quality material. The design feels like a future tech with a hard shell and soft cover. The frame is sturdy, so it may not fit everyone. It is wide enough to fit around my head. The elastic band is useful. They did a great job in the different modes. The device makes a perfect level of pressure and doesn't feel dangerous at all. The massage nubs are soft and there is a person doing massage for you. It's similar to those "eyebrators" except you don't need to massage yourself because it's Wearable. The secret behind the vision window is that it allows you to see through things even when you are not wearing it, which makes it possible for me to grab drinks from the kitchen and watch tv. Definitely worth it! The products are well designed.

👤I bought this for my daughter in law because she loves the eye massager that I have, now she will have her own. The eye massager uses a combination of five massage modes, multi-frequency vibration and heat compression to help with stress and headaches, and it also helps with sore muscles and eye fatigue. It comes with its own spa like music and can be used to listen to music while relaxing. Excellent item for anyone who wants to relax or have frequent headaches.

2. Cooling Reusable Backing Headache Migraine

Cooling Reusable Backing Headache Migraine

Relief from headaches, sore eyes, and other headaches is ideal. Hot/cold therapy is delivered by bead technology. Soft plush fabric is very comfortable to wear. The strap can be adjusted for different head sizes. The Ice pack cooling eye mask is made with medical grade premium PVC cover on one side and soft plush fabric on the other side to ensure optimal safety as you sleep. The soft plush side allows direct-skin use, provides dual temperatures, and extends hot or cold therapy time. It is designed for long hours of comfortable wear. The bag helps for healthful storage.

Brand: Ariel Edge

👤The mask was purchased for allergy relief. The soft beads behind the smooth plastic and fabric edges of the mask are great for this purpose. It is two-sided, giving us a choice of soothing textures. When following the instructions, bending the mask in order to wear it will cause the gel beads to crack and break. The beads have begun to degrade into mush after less than three months of use. The plastic has prevented the mess from leaking. It's not safe for small kids. This is a decent product. We'll be throwing them away.

👤I had to return. I put it in the microwave. It exploded at the 26 second mark. Cheap film over the beads.

👤I received mine earlier in the mail today and will update if any of the potential downfalls occur, but I'm very satisfied. I'm a dummy and didn't know this comes with 2. If #1 goes wrong, the backup will be twice the value and heated up in the microwave without any smell or bursting. I only heated it once so far. The felt side doesn't feel plastic-y as I feared, but as long as you should expect Cons, the fit is a little strange. It's kind of odd. It came with no instructions other than the little bit on the tag, so if you need any, you can ask.

👤My husband suffers from intense migraines and I got this for him. I researched many options and this one seemed to be one of the more well-constructed ones that I could find online. It's even better in person. The beaded side is soft and squishy so it won't hurt your face. I haven't tried it myself, but my mister got one of his attacks a day after I gave him this. He had a mask in the fridge the day before and he said it helped him with his head pain. I'm happy! I haven't tried the mask heated, so I can't speak on that, but I did see a review that said there were no instructions on heating, so you may want to check that out.

👤I have a cod/flu "thing" with a lot of bones in the nose and sinuses. The package was delivered directly to my apartment door, which was wonderful, and I put the mask in the microwave for 45 seconds and then over my eyes. It was a complete relief from the pain. I was relaxed in the last five days. I am not cured. Maybe my system will show its gratitude and throw the Bugs out. The designer, manufacturer, supplier, and everyone else who helped bring this product to me, thank you. The delivery people are thanked.

👤My eye doctor recommended a warm, damp compress for dry eyes. It's much easier to heat in the microwave. It takes 30 seconds in the microwave. It's not very warm, but it's plenty, as it would be easy to hurt your eyes if it's too hot.

👤I bought this to reduce the redness under my eyes. If it's later in the day or night, my eyes look bad the next morning. I notice a difference using this mask. I've tried holes in the eyes but they never worked as there wasn't enough gel beads in the areas I need them in the most. Since there are no eye openings on this mask, I can easily move the beads so that the areas I need are covered. I don't know how long it will stay cold as it always stays room temperature by the time I wake up, but I fall asleep in it every time. The material used against your eyes is something I appreciate. It protects the sensitive areas under your eyes from the cold, and it's soft, unlike the masks I've used where you put freezing cold gel right on your skin. I haven't tried heating it yet. This mask should be soothing for you, whether you're a relaxer or a crier. If I'm brave enough, I may do a before and after picture. You. The price is reasonable.

3. Heating Adjustable Temperature Sleeping Massage

Heating Adjustable Temperature Sleeping Massage

Made in the USA or imported. Timing from 10 to 30 minutes for theUSB jogging design. The PC is powered by a power bank. The controller can adjust the temperature and time based on your requirement. 45-50C under 20 minutes makes your eye feel better. The main function is. Stimulate the blood circulation, relax the regional muscle, massage muscle, relieve fatigue, and say goodbye to eye bag, black eye. It is possible to recycle and wash it. The heating eye mask is environment friendly. The cover is made of cotton. It's a heathy and helpful eye protection. The design of the observatory. The design of the eye mask fits over the eyes. The heating eye mask has a strap that is pain-free. It's a good choice for you to go into deep sleep at home, take a rest for your eyes at work, and have in the hotel, it's a good way to relax and not get stressed out.

Brand: Nauller

👤My mask is good. For about half a year, I have been working perfectly after usng. I like the settings for heat and time. The gel pad is Zipped in. The plush side is very soft. I went to the Eye Dr for my first dry eye. At 67, I have a mechanical dry eye, my meibomian glands were not putting out oil, and my eyes don't shut completely at night. The mask he prescribed was made out of press-and-seal and was the lowest in chemicals. Good idea to put oil on the lids. The doctor said to treat with heat for 10 minutes a day. If the mask keeps working, he said great. He said that masks don't last very long. I put a light coating of oil on my eyes. My eye lashes are getting bigger and my wrinkling is much improved. The mask I put on was made from press-n-seal. I put on the press-n-seal mask in the morning after setting the heated eye mask to #3 heat setting. During the 15 minutes, I do exercises on the bed with the mask on. When heat stops, I do the meibomium gland message. I look up while rolling finger under eye toward edge, and look down while rolling finger toward edge of lid. The Dr was surprised that my eyes were putting out the right amount of meibum after 3 months. I am no longer dry eye. I was 800-273-3217 I like my mask.

👤It is great. I love it! There is a solution to why it is not warm. Put cotton balls behind the heating pad to push it into the eye sockets. You probably won't use the high setting after that.

👤I was told by my doctors to use a warm moist compress for five minutes twice a day, and to gently clean my closed eyelid with a baby wash or eyelid scrubbing pads. The minimum temperature to make the oil in the glands more fluid is 45 degrees. C. This goes up to 50 degrees. It's perfect. I got a kitchen thermometer and put it between my face and the mask to make sure it wasn't seen by my eye, after I tested the temperature with a laser temperature sensor. I measured the temperature with the mask set to 50 degrees C, but there was an air gap near the probe. This is warm enough to get the job done. To get to that temperature, it has to be wet. I use ten pumps from the bottle, five for the left side and five for the right side. I set my phone timer to six minutes when I use this because it takes about a minute to get up to temperature. If I'm not in a hurry, I just set the timer to ten minutes and take it off when it cools down. I got this for travel because the microwaveable one I had been using wasn't convenient. I use it at home too. I use it before bed and again in the morning. The spray bottle is on my nightstand, and the heating pad is by my bed. I like the consistency of the temperature and the ease of use.

4. Portable Reusable Sleeping Puffiness Temperature

Portable Reusable Sleeping Puffiness Temperature

You can choose between hot or cold, with the included Ice Gel and heated carbon fiber compress. The mask has 5 levels of heat and time setting, ranging from 35 to 50 C ( 95 to 122 F) and 10 to 30 minutes respectively, which will allow the mask to turn off as you go to sleep. The inside of the eye mask is soft and safe. The eye mask has been tested to prevent the possibility of over-heating damage. It is powered by a power bank, a laptop and a wall accessory. The included carrying case allows you to travel with it. It is more economical than a disposable eye mask. The heated compress can be easily removed from the eye mask's exterior cover, allowing you to clean it. The Eye Mask needs to be plugged in to your own outlet to operate.

Brand: Hiverst

👤I brought the non-reusable one in the past to help me relax and sleep. It was too hot and didn't last long. I found this product while shopping for a replacement. The life-saving feature of this eye mask is that you can adjust the temperature and set the time on it, which is something that I love. You can do a cold session after the heat session with the ice bag. I noticed that my dark circles faded a bit after using this, which is a major plus. I wish I could apply this on my dog as she has a dark circle, but sadly she rejected it.

👤There are some pros and cons for this product. It helps me relax when I want to take a break. It helps me avoid looking at cell phone before sleeping, which is good for my health. 2. The temperature control function allows me to set the temperature. I can use it at home and on the bus and plane for my business trip, because it's heated. It was really helpful. I thought the free gift must be rubbish because the ice pack and ear blocks are useful. Sorry for the idea. 4. I bought two more for my parents and sister because they all like the package, it's very simple and beautiful. My sister told me that it helps her with her dark circles, but I don't have any. The cons... 1. I want a pink or kitten on it. 2. The maximum timer setting is 30 minutes, you can reset another 30 minutes when it is over, but it would be nicer if it had a repeat button or something. My family loves it. I wish they had more options.

👤My doctor recommends this moist heat eye compress. I brought a microwave and it did a better job at clearing my oil glands. The heat was not burning for long. Unlike the microwave that I buy, which takes a while to heat up, the one I use fades away in less than 10 minutes. It has to be made to fit your eye shape in order for it to be effective. It's easy to do, just make sure you give it a few adjustments before you turn on the heat. You know you are doing it right when you can no longer open and close your eyelid. It comes with a spray bottle, I give each side 3 sprays to make it moist. You should try it if you are suffering from dry and irritation eye issues.

👤I work as a full time software engineer and spend over 8 hours a day staring at the computer screen. When I am at work, I use a method to relieve my eyes. It is very cumbersome. The eye mask is portable. I don't need a microwave or hot water to use this thing. I barely feel any weight when I put it on. It's like a regular eye mask, except it heats up. I just plug my laptop into my laptop and power it on, because I always have my laptop with me. It is easy to heat up quickly. If you are looking for relief from eye soreness or trines, look no further.

5. Cooling Bluetooth Relieve Strain Redness

Cooling Bluetooth Relieve Strain Redness

It's a game-changer eye protection device released in the latest which combination the heating and cooling effects. Easay brand eye mass_ager will give your eyes more care and effect than other similar items if you have a cooling or heating compress on your eyes. The heating function can provide your dual eyes with a constant temperature compress of 101-107F(40-42C) to help blood circulation around the eyes to quickly rejuvenation and relieve eye strain. The cooling function can give your eyes a constant cold temperature compress of 68-74F (20.5-23.5C) to constrict the blood vessels to help relieve the symptoms such as swelling, eye congestion, redness. The Easay eye mass_ager will be able to offer you more relaxing services with a 2500mAh powerful battery. If you try this eye care device, it will improve your sleeping and eyesight. The eye mas_sager device was made of high-quality material and a 180 foldable portable design. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a 30 days refund and 12 monthly replacements. If you have any concerns, please let them know.

Brand: Easay

👤The air bags are great, along with the cold element and heating. The sounds and music are pleasant. It's very uncomfortable on the bridge of my nose and it was almost perfect. It's difficult to wear it in a way that is effective and comfortable.

👤After only 2 months, it shuts down from over heating and is no longer functional. The return window has already closed for me, so I wouldn't recommend purchasing it.

👤I don't think this eye care device is ready for prime time. The device is sturdy and nicely packaged, and it doesn't look like a knock-off from China. The instructions are clear, but the English could use some work. I think there are issues with the design. The eye goggles are very heavy. The weight on the bridge of my nose makes it hard for me to lay down. The goggles use air compression to apply and release pressure around the eye. I had a headaches within minutes because my temples feel like they're being squeezed. The lower setting is not as uncomfortable as the higher one, but the device pushing into my bones wasn't relaxing. The product info on the website says the device vibrates, but I can't find anything in the instructions to use it. The cooling and heating functions are not strong enough. There are 2 small plates inside the googles that are the size of your eyes. Depending on the settings, the plates can quickly heat up or cool down. The sensation only covers my eyes, not my undereye area. There's no volume control on the device, but it has pre-recorded music that is similar to spa background music. The music is more like white noise with the noise of the air compressor. I live in a big city with a lot of noise and this device is a little loud for those who like quiet time. I can't figure out how to enable the device to work with the internet, and there's no instructions about it. I've used these goggles 3 times and each time I had a mild headaches. I feel good after using the cooling feature, but it seems like a poor trade off. This product isn't something I like.

👤The one I received was not good and would not help my dry eyes. It was so hot that it burned my eyelid and under my brow. The other side is cold. I've tried to cycle through the settings, but the temperatures for each side are not working. It was so hot that I didn't know how badly it burned me. I contacted the seller twice to see if they could help, but have not received a response. I've given enough time for each message, but as of this time nothing has been said. I've never had customer service that cared about responding to a message. Hopefully, no one else has an issue with the massager. If you do, it is likely that your message won't mean anything to the seller. I would suggest buying an eye massager from a much more reliable seller because they have horrible customer service. The seller told me to read the manual. They feel that it is Amazon's responsibility to replace the faulty.

6. EYEOLOGY Massager Relax Improve Sleep

EYEOLOGY Massager Relax Improve Sleep

The heat is adjusted. Teenagers use is also suitable. Within 30 days, you can get a free return and a full refund.

Brand: Eyeology

👤I saw an ad on Facebook. I was very excited. The product and the feature made me like it. This product is not for people who have headaches. I know the product has to have noise, but it seemed too loud to me. It caused a migraine instead of preventing one.

👤Wow! I wish there were more reviews of the sound. The most recent review was posted after I purchased. The device worked well, but it is loud. You can turn off the vibrations if you want, I found the pressure and heat more helpful to my headaches, and I don't mind the sound from the vibrations. I don't like any sort of constant noise. If you hate sleeping next to someone who snores, you will hate this. The motor that runs the device is loud. It negates the relaxing experience. They probably included the feature because they thought it would drown out the noise from the motor. No, no! I will return this before it drives me crazy. It would be great if the motor was quieter.

👤The eye massager is amazing. The quality of this is very good and it is only $90. It is soft and comfortable and the air compression with the heat makes it feel different. It's great if you want to put on some relaxing music.

👤I used my eyeology massager before bed and it broke. The heat stopped, the pressure stopped, and the massagers inside of the mask began to move slowly. The massage noise coming from the roller balls inside of the mask used to be soothing, but now it's loud. I paid close to $100 for a product that only worked for 1.5 months, and I am angry that this is happening. That is ridiculous! My return window has expired. I don't recommend this product.

👤Sitting in front of the laptop for a long time can cause tired eyes, and 3-4 times a week after a long day this has helped to reduce those tired eye headaches. It's a great purchase, but I wish it was a little quieter as the noise of the gadgets can make it hard to relax. One was gifted for XMAS.

👤It works great after a long day on the computer when my eyes hurt and I get a headaches at night.

👤For my eyes. They were relaxed by it. It would be great if it were made in America. It could have been 5 stars.

7. Compress Microwave Washable Flaxseed Therapies

Compress Microwave Washable Flaxseed Therapies

It has a high heat storage and heat transfer effect, can relieve eye fatigue, dry eye, dark circles, eye edema, palpebral fissure,blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. It is necessary for those who always face to computer or phone to have a eye mask. The compress for eyes is also warm. Within 10 minutes of each use or follow the doctor's instructions, their eye pad can be applied to your eyes. The weight of the heated eye mask is only 3.8 ounces, Lighter and more comfortable. The moist heat pad can be reheated and re-used. Also can be used as a sleep mask. The hot eye mask is made of gold velvet and can be adjusted for different head sizes. Doctor Recommend eye heating pad is a good dry eye mask, heated eye mask for dry eyes, pink eye, puffy eyes, and other eye conditions naturally. The experts have an eye mask that is recommended by doctors.

Brand: Topoint

👤My husband and I spent a lot of time looking at screens. My husband spends more than 16 hours a day plugged in to the screen for both work and personal use, while I spend less than 5 hours a day. Both of us suffer from eye fatigue and dry eyes. The doctor told me that the majority of dry eye cases are due to poor or deficient oil production. One way to deal with this is to apply a heat compress to your eyes to help them release some of the natural oils. If you have ever tried a warm wash cloth, you will know that it doesn't do a good job of holding heat. I was happy when I found this mask. It's my eyes saver! It is very comfortable to put on and is easy to use. I have been using it every day since I got it and it holds heat for a long time. I massage the eye with my finger after I finished using it. After removing the mask, I would take a break to allow my vision to clear up. P.S. I was worried when I removed the eye mask for the first time because my vision was blurry. I was relieved to find out that this is normal, the heat from the eye mask loosens the oil that is naturally produced by the eyelid glands, which will cause your vision to blur temporarily. If you have dry eyes like me, you should try this eye mask. It is easy, saves time, and works for the relief of the uncomfortableness after a long day of staring at screens.

👤I love how soft this product is, it also has the perfect pressure, doesn't weight too much or too little. My son stole the black one right away.

👤I really wanted this to work. I decided to try it despite studying every review. The heat is held for about 5 minutes. It's not really hot. The cover is soft. I've found that rolling a damp washcloth up, then wrapping it in a dry washcloth is much better than just microwaving it. I get 15 minutes, but be careful not to burn yourself. If you have an active problem with a stye, I don't recommend this product. It's not moist enough and it doesn't hold a high enough temp for long.

👤He recommended this to me, but I was skeptical. I wake up with red dry eyes in the middle of the night because I have sjrogens syndrome. This helps. It helps you get to sleep because it relaxes you. 10 minutes before you go to sleep.

👤It's really comfortable on the face, and it's very soft velvet material, which is great for big hair. I think I am hooked after my eye doctor suggested warm compress to increase my tear production.

👤I have a bad case of dry eye syndrome. The way this mask creates moist heat is amazing. One of them had a funny smell after it 800-273-3217 It is not certain if it is just the seeds that they are using. I said it went away so no problem. I would buy it. The only thing I would change is the amount of Velcro on the straps. I have a small head and it doesn't fit as tightly as I would like.

8. Massager Vibration Electrical Migraine Forehead

Massager Vibration Electrical Migraine Forehead

High quality eye massage. The material is healthy, non-toxic and durable. The massage head is soft and has no side effects. The eye has a redness. The human body has a magnetic field that can be activated quickly by a massage. It's a great way to prevent melancholia in teenagers. Alterations to the design are available. The design of the elastic band can be better matched to the head. This is good for you. Both women and men can find the right size with the elastic straps. A multi function eye massager. You can choose from 9 massage modes. The function of this product is to remove dry eyes, relieve bags under the eyes and dark circles, promote eye blood circulation, and improve sleep quality. You can keep it in your pocket and have a quick massage anywhere, at home, in the office or on the go. It is ideal for home, office and travel.

Brand: Zyyini

👤I thought it would be a good investment. I wish I never spent my money on that. You can feel it on your eyes. All you feel is the pain on your nose.

👤Does not work have to throw away money.

9. Natural Gemstone Sleep Quartz Anti Aging

Natural Gemstone Sleep Quartz Anti Aging

The weight is 200g and the size is 9 x 4. It's made of natural Rose Quartz and is completely handmade. Don't hurt your skin with polished craftmanship. The eye mask is made of Rose Quartz. The stone eye mask can help relieve eye fatigue, improve dark circles, and promote sleep through natural rose quartz. It's a great way to relax after a hard day of work. If you want to have a better experience, you can keep it in the fridge. You will feel more comfortable when you use it again.

Brand: Tgs Gems

👤I am very impressed by the quality of this. I thought it would be cheaper, but it is awesome. Good purchase!

👤I bought this for my daughter who is getting into skin care, self care, and she absolutely loves it. The drape is comfortable on her face, the stones stay cool, and she uses this mask for headaches. I can't tell you that it's good for headaches, but it comes highly recommended by a picky 12 year old.

👤The girl I get my professional facials from found out about this product. She was trying out a new product and I needed my own. I put a mask on my eye area. It feels good in that area. This product is very good. It works well with serums.

👤I tried this product at my wax tech's spot. She put something over my eyes as she went to work on me after I woke up. And wow. When I got up from the table, I felt better. I had to purchase this immediately. I have a mini fridge in my bathroom that is perfect for keeping cool when I wake up with a migraine or when I need to take care of myself. Absolutely wonderful!

👤It can be used in my clinic. Clients love it!

👤During my headaches, it's super soothing and cooling. I keep a note by my bed. The weight and beads feel good.

👤The price is good, but the tiles are too thin and easy to break.

👤I love it! The quality is amazing and the price is perfect. I am really happy.

10. Tumblermole Settings Massager Relieve Syndrome

Tumblermole Settings Massager Relieve Syndrome

Effectively block light,heated eye masks for dry eyes allows you to get faster and deeper sleep. It's ideal for meditation, yoga, travel, napping, insomnia, and anywhere where your sleep is bothered by light. The eye massager with heat is designed with 4 levels of heat and time setting, ranging from 35 to 50 C ( 95 to 122 F) and 10 to 30 minutes respectively. It is a perfect eye pillow that combines a gel ice pack, a heated soft pad, and a flaxseed bag, they are easy to use, and you will enjoy different eye spa any time! The eye compress for dry eyes is lightweight and portable, so you can wear it anywhere you go, and enjoy a good night's sleep. It was powered by a power bank, a laptop and a wall accessory. The included carrying case allows you to travel with it. It is more economical than a disposable eye mask. The elastic strap is for comfortable wear. The heated eye mask for sleeping is easy to adjust and never catches your hair. The elastic band can be adjusted to suit a variety of sleeping positions, and can be used to escape into a peaceful world. The heated compress can be easily removed from the eye mask's exterior cover, allowing you to clean it. It is an ideal relaxation gift for people who spend a long time watching mobile phone, PC, books, and who are very sensitive to light, suffering working shifts, frequently business trips, mental stress, sleeping disorders and headaches.

Brand: Tumblermole

11. Oasis REST RELIEF Eye Mask

Oasis REST RELIEF Eye Mask

Hot and cold therapy can be used to treat Dry Eye Symptoms. There is a strap for compression. The elastic strap is for a comfortable fit. A soft knit cloth mask is used to keep the beads in place. Can be used with Oasis TEARS and Oasis LID and LASH products. It's fit for full contact.

Brand: Oasis Marine

👤I bought it as part of my treatment. The mask warms in the microwave and holds the heat for about 25 minutes. It is light and comfortable.

👤I have dry eye. It gets bad in the wintertime. My eyes are red and painful. My eye doctor suggested using a warm wash rag, but it didn't seem effective. It doesn't stay hot for long. I kept the eye mask on for 5 minutes. Just microwave for 20 seconds and you will get a warm feeling on your eyes. My eyes are cloudy after using the eye mask, which is supposed to be from the oils released from the oil glands. They feel better after one use.

👤I don't like this product because it doesn't hold heat that long, it doesn't hold in place unless you are on a pillow, and it has a smell that is not pleasant. I did not try as cold therapy for the odor of the silica beads. This was to be used for dry eye condition.

👤These are perfect for anyone who has been told to apply warm compress. After microwaving, the warmth is kept for 10 minutes. It was well made.

👤I brought my mother and myself some of the items I brought. We keep them in the freezer when not in use. They only last for a few minutes when we use them. They get hot if left on our eyes longer. We change them out for the other set. We can't use the first set because they are still warm, but we can use the second set. They can freeze your eye balls if they stay cooler. Thanks.

👤I was recommended to have heat pads on my eyes every night by my doctor. I thought I would just use old socks with rice and it would work, but it wasn't relaxing because I had to hold them on each eye. I decided to get this eye mask. I love it!

👤It is possible to fit the eye sockets comfortably with the right amount of weight. It stays warm just long enough once heated. It was very refreshing.

👤I bought a soft one that has a cover and was not happy with it. This one is not comfortable. You can only surface clean it if there is no cover.


What is the best product for eye massager for migraines cold?

Eye massager for migraines cold products from Jxxm. In this article about eye massager for migraines cold you can see why people choose the product. Ariel Edge and Nauller are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye massager for migraines cold.

What are the best brands for eye massager for migraines cold?

Jxxm, Ariel Edge and Nauller are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye massager for migraines cold. Find the detail in this article. Hiverst, Easay and Eyeology are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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