Best Eye Massager for Migraines Cooling

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1. JXXM Massager Bluetooth Theraremedy Migraines

JXXM Massager Bluetooth Theraremedy Migraines

The smart eye massager has 16 micro motors. The massage "fingers" accurately massage the eye muscles point-to-point, quickly release eye strain, dark circles, etc. The JXXM eye massager has a visual window similar to flat lens and one-button operation. Keep moving during the massage. The massage modes include pulse 5 gear adjustment and preset massage modes. The heat, compression, and vibration are combined in different ways to personalize your eye massage. A built-in timer will shut off the massager after 10 minutes of continuous use. The built-in heating acupoint design provides a comfortable temperature between 108.6 H-113 H (43-45) and improves blood flow in the ocular region. You can connect your portable devices with it and listen to your favorite music during a massage.

Brand: Jxxm

👤I bought this for my friend who is having a mental health issue. I thought this would help her relax and have a moment of peace whenever she needed it. It looks like ski goggles and I like them. The strap can be adjusted to fit your face. There are little nubs on the inside. The mask is playing music while blocking out light. The effect is like a mini spa trip. You can connect it to your phone and listen to your own music, guided meditations or even an audio book.

👤The eye massager is amazing. You can adjust it to any size head with the strap. It is a great remedy for headaches and eye problems. It is possible to have a relaxing massage. This is a great idea for a gift and is worth the money paid for it. The value is great.

👤I was looking for something that would help my eyes. I think it's what I need. I have used it a number of times and have felt the changes already. This is a good device to use to massage the eyes. It works well and helps relieve headaches that I get from work. The eye massager is made from high quality material. The design feels like a future tech with a hard shell and soft cover. The frame is sturdy, so it may not fit everyone. It is wide enough to fit around my head. The elastic band is useful. They did a great job in the different modes. The device makes a perfect level of pressure and doesn't feel dangerous at all. The massage nubs are soft and there is a person doing massage for you. It's similar to those "eyebrators" except you don't need to massage yourself because it's Wearable. The secret behind the vision window is that it allows you to see through things even when you are not wearing it, which makes it possible for me to grab drinks from the kitchen and watch tv. Definitely worth it! The products are well designed.

👤I bought this for my daughter in law because she loves the eye massager that I have, now she will have her own. The eye massager uses a combination of five massage modes, multi-frequency vibration and heat compression to help with stress and headaches, and it also helps with sore muscles and eye fatigue. It comes with its own spa like music and can be used to listen to music while relaxing. Excellent item for anyone who wants to relax or have frequent headaches.

2. GALOPAR Massager Vibration Control Rechargeable

GALOPAR Massager Vibration Control Rechargeable

The latest materials. The advanced material can be heated in 3 seconds and the top system can provide stable heat. The material close to the skin is made of soft leather. Enjoy a massage. There are multiple optional modifications. The selection of functions is easy to see on the clearly configuredLED screen. The eye warmer has five different modes. You can choose a mode that suits you. Bluetooth has custom music. The eye massager has a built-in function. It is possible to listen to music while having a massage to help regulate anxiety. It comes with an automatic timer shutdown function that will allow you to sleep at ease. It is suitable for all ages. The elastic port design is ERGONOMIC. All face and nose shapes can be adjusted with ease. The foldable design is easy to carry and store. The bridge of the nose will not be damaged by the eye massager. The elastic port design is ERGONOMIC. All face and nose shapes can be adjusted with ease. The foldable design is easy to carry and store. The bridge of the nose will not be damaged by the eye massager.

Brand: Galopar

👤It feels great. It makes your eyes happy. One click and boom. Tell your family to go away for 10 minutes.

👤The eye massager is better than I had expected. The warm function is very impressive. Like it.

3. Mask Reusable Sleeping Headache Puffiness Allergies

Mask Reusable Sleeping Headache Puffiness Allergies

The therapy is called Cold Com Press Therapy. The frozen eye mask can be used to treat puffy eyes. It is a luxuriously affordable compress. They are great for leaving the skin around your eyes brighter and tighter. Light pressure is added to your face by the weight of the cooling eye mask. RELIEVE DISCOMFORT: The gel bead eye mask is an easy way to relieve eye pain. If you want to reduce the appearance of under eye bags or tired eyes, put the gel eye mask on your eyes. DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN: The cooling gel eye mask has double-sided transparent PVC and plush fabric for the best comfort. The transparent side can be used for an even colder experience, while the plush side can be used for a cool experience. You can put in the refrigerator and freeze for 35-60 minutes according to your preference. The ice eye mask has a bag that can be used for healthful storage or to keep the fridge odor out. There is anORDER WITH CONFIDENCE. The gel eye masks will make you and your family more comfortable and relaxing, order now and give the most intimate gift for your family. They have a 100% money back guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, just tell them and they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: J Jimoo

👤They had a tear and I bought this to replace it. It forms to your face differently than my old one. It is a block of ice. It says to keep it in the fridge for 60 minutes but who wants to wait for a migraine when they have one?

👤I need more gel masks because I get eye injections. These will work great. I change out the cooling masks every 30 minutes. I keep them in the fridge. They are the perfect temperature to cool my eyes and relieve the pain from the injections. The price is excellent and I highly recommend them.

👤This is great for puffy eyes. I have a lot of eye problems and feel like this works well for me. I don't know if it will stay cold for as long as I would want to wear it to sleep, but the morning is always when eyes are puffy and so 20 minutes to a half hour is all that's needed. I got the blue one because it cost less and I didn't care about color. Someone said that it didn't match their face. I didn't think that was a problem. You should treat yourself and get one. It will feel good on hot days.

👤This eye mask is amazing. The mask is made from high quality materials and the gel is thick. I have been using it for a couple weeks and I love it! A thin plastic pouch is used for the little zip up pouch. I think that could have been better. It's a minor technicality that doesn't affect the product at all. Great product!

👤I like soft fabrics and this mask is perfect for me. The fabric side is good for those with sensory issues. It is mostly flexible when frozen. This thing is very cold. I need to take it out after a few seconds because it is so cold. I might purchase these for holiday gifts.

👤I used it cold after freezing mine. The furry lining was a great touch.

👤After putting it in the freezer for a couple of hours and then wearing it, I found that the plush side was not cold at all. I tried wearing the gel side against my face, but it burned my eyes. I returned it because I wanted to find a better one.

👤The fabric on the inside of the eye mask is very comfortable. It makes for an enjoyable time. I would like it to have eye holes. The fabric is cold and it really targets the headaches I have in my head. I love it!

👤It is not cold enough in the refrigerator. It's great for cold compress of the eyes if it's taken out from the freezer. Relieves stress and headaches. Don't put the strip on your face if you want to sleep. If used with care, it works as advertised. The price is overpriced but better than others.

👤The gel beads of the eye mask are not doing well. I experienced a lot of eye pain and blurred vision when I tried it for the first time. My brother had the same experience and he had a bad headaches as well. The strap was loose enough to be worn around the eyes, but still it caused a lot of pain. The storage pouch was missing from the package. Don't take a risk with your eyes. The beads put a lot of pressure on the organ.

4. Aplabins Massager Quality´╝î5 Compression Vibration

Aplabins Massager Quality%EF%BC%8C5 Compression Vibration

The smart eye massager uses a micro- computer chip control technology to help relax the eye muscles by kneading,vibrating,hot compressing the eyes, which provides you with a full range of comfort experiences. The product is suitable for people who use electronic devices for a long time. The eye massager has massage modes. You can massage your eyes, eyebrows, and points around your temples. The built-in heating pad provides a comfortable temperature of over forty degrees F, which helps relieve headaches, eye fatigue, and dark circles. If you have eye surgery, please consult with your doctor. The eye massager has a 1200mAh battery, which can be used for many times and for a long time, and the charging method is very easy. The elastic band is comfortable to use and carry and can be adjusted to fit most people's faces and nose shapes. The foldable design is convenient for storage. It can be used at any time in the office or travel. The machine comes with pre- recorded soothing music to enhance the sense of relaxation. You can play your own music. You can connect to the Eye Massager.

Brand: Aplabins

👤This eye massager is amazing. My eyes are dry and uncomfortable because I play late at night. I don't feel sore anymore because of this massager. Awesome!

👤The eye massager looks really cool, the right massage force, the right heating temperature, good music, and everything looks great!

👤It was good and comfortable. Take stress out of your eyes.

5. Massager Bluetooth Music Rechargeable Ideal

Massager Bluetooth Music Rechargeable Ideal

5 Models Eye Massager with heat, music functiona, allows you to enjoy eye massage. If you feel the eye mask is too tight or loose, adjust the head beat to find the right size. The eye massager with built-in 3 music can be connected to the internet to listen to music you like. To change the model, please press the power button for 2 seconds. They will be with you within 24 hours if you have a question about this product.

Brand: Lamonke

👤This is a great investment, I got it yesterday. I was in need of some relief from my dry eyes. This was much more. This is the most relaxing thing I have done for myself in a long time. Everyone in the office has tried it, and they love it. I sent the link to 6 people so they could get one of their own.

👤The box was opened when the hair was on the strap.

👤This is a very interesting product and I like it. The hot compress function is what made me buy it. I have dry eyes and I have to use a hot compress for five minutes twice a day. I get a massage and listen to music while I have the hot compress function on.

6. Weighted Umisleep Migraine Headache Relieves

Weighted Umisleep Migraine Headache Relieves

The weighted mask is made of glass beads and ice silk. The smaller size massage beads keep the weight balanced, and the ice silk fabric makes the freezing time shorter, and the cold feeling is more pleasant. The weighted facial mask uses the principle of ice gravity to promote blood circulation, gently press the eye area, soothe nerves, and relieve headaches, eye fatigue, dark circles, and eye swelling. The eyeball no pressure eye mask uses a patented design that fits the shape of the human eye. The eye mask makes your eyes more comfortable whileMassage around your eyes and at the same time makes your eyes more comfortable without hurting your eyes when you relax or rest After freezing, put the eye mask in a refrigerator for a few minutes and then take it out for later use. The eyeball tissue will be damaged by long-term low temperatures. The interval between use should not be less than two hours. The research and design of weighted eye masks is the focus of Umisleep. They will try their best to solve your problem if you are not satisfied. They would be very grateful if you could give them some suggestions.

Brand: Umisleep

👤I was looking for an eye mask that would protect my eyes. The weight of the mask almost feels like a massage on the face. I was initially worried that the "V"s for the eye sockey wouldn't be enough to prevent the weighted beads from putting pressure on my eyes, but it actually works great at putting pressure on everywhere besides the eyes.

👤It was too heavy to wear all night. My face was very hot. I wanted to like this as I have been looking for a nice comfortable mask, but this did not fit the bill for me, maybe others will like it tough. I think it would hold up well.

👤I tried to use it but it fell apart and made a huge mess.

👤I like the fact that this mask helps me to fall asleep, and I would give it a perfect score. It was supposed to be a cold mask. I left the mask in the freezer for 24 hours to get it to be really cold. I gave it a 2/5 because of that.

👤The eye mask gets cold. It's a great way to relax eyes.

👤The mask feels good on my face. It's cool that it stays on even while sleeping. The mask can be adjusted to any size.

👤The material is very soft. I like the strap. It will be cool after it is used on a hot day.

7. Cooling Heating Puffiness Migraine Sleeping

Cooling Heating Puffiness Migraine Sleeping

A cool compress at a constant temperature of 68F can be used to relieve redness and swelling of the eyes caused by long-term use of the eyes. A constant temperature hot compress at 104F will relieve eye fatigue, dark circles, red eyes, and other symptoms. The temperature can be quickly heated and cooled to make it suitable for the skin to feel, and it won't hurt the eyes. Multiple modes are available to meet the eye massage needs of different people. It mimics real-life techniques such as massage, eye stimulation, and relaxing muscles around the eyes. If you want to relax while listening to music and enjoy a massage, you can connect the eye protectors to your phone. The charging time is about 4 hours, and the battery life is about 10 years. The 180 folding storage is convenient to carry, and you can enjoy an eye spa during work, study, travel and business trips. It is a great gift for women, family and friends to relieve stress because of the well-crafted packaging and good unpacking experience.

Brand: Fonnis

👤I can tell you that this has made a huge difference in my condition, I got this yesterday. I used to get cluster migraines but 888-349-8884 I hated life. All that was changed by medication. I still had some pain and twinges. The little massager has made a difference. I used to dig into my temples for relief when I was younger, so I was initially surprised by the pressure, but now I enjoy it. It is loud. I just meditate without music and it becomes my white noise. The cold feature made me pick this model. Ice has always made my hair look weird, even though it has made a difference with my headaches. Your hair look is ready for your next call, because it gets either hot or cold within minutes. This item has helped me a lot.

👤I had the best 6 minutes of my life. My masks play a nice song when they hit pressure points and then they heat those pressure points. I developed violent left eye migraines and this did the job. It arrived a day early. It is a must have for people who have headaches.

👤Got it today. I was skeptical with the number of reviews. This was the only product that had both heat and cooling. I was looking for a part. It gets warm and cold. It was quick to get that way. The eye plate is made of metal. It was weird but makes sense. The instructions book explains everything. The air is coming in and out. Not much. The air pressure is perfect. Strong and soft are the same thing. So far, so good!

👤I suffer from headaches. I've seen online eye massagers that have heat but no cooling options. This product was the only one that had both heat and cooling functions. I bought this for myself. The cooling feature is too cold, so I like using it on dynamic mode. I can rest my eyes without having to use the eye massager. It is very loud when it releases. The device has music playing in order to mask the noise. I hope this improves in the future. The eye massager was well packaged. You can see from the video that it is easy to use. You can see the pressure building up around the eye area. The device has both a cooling and heating option, and can make the pressure around the eyes soft or strong, and it auto- shuts down after 20 minutes. At least you were warned by the supplier.

👤This is not relaxing. Motor is too loud to listen to music when you're trying to get rid of a migraines. With all the motion and rumbling it's not relaxing or peaceful. This product has too many bells and whistles to be a good product for relaxation and healing. It should be quiet, slow, and still. I wish there was a setting to turn everything off. The settings for heat and cold really work. They both feel nice, but the soothing sensation I was looking for was spoiled by the noise and motion. I sent it back. I would rather deal with hot and cold washcloths that can confirm to my eyes. I'll get 3 minutes of peace before I have to trade those out.

8. YFONG Weighted Blocking Sleeping Adjustable

YFONG Weighted Blocking Sleeping Adjustable

The sleeping mask is made of glass beads and memory foam, which will relieve pressure and fatigue of the eyes, and will allow you to sleep easier and better. The only weighted eye cover on the market that can be worn all night is the No Slipping Weighted Eye mask. The night mask will stay in place and make you feel better after sleeping. Why choose a 3D Weighted Sleeping mask? The YFONG sleep eye masks have a 10mm deeper eye sockets that will eliminate the pressure to the face from the weighted mask, and also won't rub your lashes. The sleeping eye mask is perfect for the curve of the face to achieve seamless shading. The night sleep masks have an invisible nose bridge that blocks the lights from entering the nose area, making it a completely dark sleeping environment. Why choose YFONG brand? The design of sleep eye masks is one of the things YFONG focuses on. They will try their best to solve your issues if you contact them. If you could give them some suggestions, they would be very grateful.

Brand: Yfong

👤The straps fit my head perfectly. I love that it is weighted so that it doesn't block out light and makes me feel better when I wake up. Highly recommend this mask.

👤I have purchased masks in the past. I like the original but the material picks up pet hair and lint. The eye cups are getting smaller. It is expensive to replace. I have a weighted mask. The eye indentions are very small. The weighted part is on the nose. It pushes my nose down on the end. I don't need my nose to be pointed more than it is. I have an Alaska Bear silk item. Very nice. My lashes are all askew in the morning because it is flat. It's not good for people with eye makeup on. This one is perfect. It is the Goldilocks of masks. lint and pet hair can't stick to the material. The eye cups seem to be firm enough to last. The nose is not weighted, so it doesn't press my nose down. The price is great. The weight of it is very light. The weight is only weighted in the areas you want it to be.

👤I like my new mask. The fabric is very soft. It covers the eyes without putting any pressure on them. It's a little bit heavy, which keeps it on the place. Great purchase!

👤I've been wearing sleep masks for years, but I wanted one without a clasp. I can blink without it touching my eyelid because this blocks out light perfectly. It's weighted. It's great! My husband was out in a flash when he tried it. I fall asleep quickly. I've been converted! I'm not sure how long the plastic adjustment in the back of the eye mask will work, but we will see!

👤I am sensitive to light and sound while sleeping because I have a neurological condition. I reached out to my fellow ASD community for ideas after I decided I needed new curtains. I decided to try this eye mask because of the coupon and the low price compared to other brands. This is a different kind of back, which is made with an elastic strap, which you can slide on to fit your needs. The eye cups inside the mask make it so that your eyes don't touch the mask itself, it cups around your eyes. The fabric over the nose is well made so it is snug under your eyes, and no light comes in. No light comes in when snug enough. I don't need new curtains because this blocks everything else.

👤This product is made to order. It is soft but slightly weighted so it doesn't slide around on your face while you sleep. I fit securely as a side sleeper. I can open my eyes completely while wearing the mask and it is very good at blocking out light. The material is not sitting on my eyelids all night because I can open my eyes. That is very nice.

9. Sivio Weighted Freezeable Adjustable Breathable

Sivio Weighted Freezeable Adjustable Breathable

The Sivio weighted eye mask has a cooling sensation with bamboo fiber and a crystal plush for a warming sensation, it is also non-toxic and non-irritating, and can be used for microwave and freezer. The elastic band is designed to fit your head and face, and the strap holds the mask in place through hours of sleep. It's a must to wear it for naps or all night long. The glass bead bag can be removed and used as a shading pillow, as itMassages muscles around the eyes to relieve fatigue and stimulates deep sleep through deep-touch pressure. Sivio's weighted eye mask is easy to care for, it's designed with a high-grade zip that opens and closes smoothly, making it easy to replace the inner bag and clean the mask. They take pride in providing the best shopping experience and they value their customers. Their customer service is fast and friendly. If you're not happy with this product, they can serve you.

Brand: Sivio

👤This claims to be small. I had to buy a new microwave because it caught fire in five seconds. I am tempted to cut it open because it claims the insert is filled with glass beads, but the glass bead wouldn't cause a fire. I bought this one because it was dual function and it still functions as a great cooling mask when left in the freezer. It is soft and heavy. At this point it is just a weighted eye mask because my migraines respond better to heat.

👤It stays on well. I like that the inside can be cooled or heated and the outside can be washed. I thought it would be easy to find. It matches the grey fabric of my weighted blanket from a different brand which I am guessing has become the standard weighted item grey color. I would love it if this brand used the same idea of making a neck, neck and back wrap. I haven't been able to find a good one and I think this company could do it. For those who want a regular sleep mask with an added bonus that it can have the inside, it works for that too. I got it because I wanted to heat it for relief from my migraines. If I sleep on my back with my face up, it will push me to sleep faster. I have not tried it. It would be easy to add essential oil to the fabric if you wanted it, because you could wash it out when you wanted to change the scent. I have a large nose and the size is large enough to block out all the light. I hope it helps someone.

👤I have a disease called graves ophthalmopathy. When I sleep, my one eye will open completely and stay close to me. I've tried a lot of eye masks. My condition is worsened by the fact that none are good enough to keep my eye closed. The weighted mask works for me. I have cooled it down so that it doesn't get hotter, which is great for my headaches and eye pain. I have not had a problem with it staying on or keeping me from sleeping so far. I fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer. It's easy to wash and completely block out light. I have fallen asleep in rooms full of sunshine or fluorescent lighting. Can not recommend this enough for people suffering from TED.

👤I think this is a good sleep mask. I like the weight. It keeps my eyes closed and helps with overnight dry spells. The strap pushes down on my ears. It doesn't want to stay in place so it needs something on the side that doesn't touch my hair. I thought about returning it after a few nights, but that seemed gross so I'm going to keep using it. The mask is nice when I find a comfortable position and put my head down so it doesn't slip. The pros do the job of keeping my eyes closed and blocking out the light. The strap is very comfortable and it slides on fine hair. There was an update on 10-4-20. I have to stop wearing this because it makes my vision blurry for hours after I wake up. I loosened it until it barely stayed on my face. I'm going to try to return it but I'm not sure I'll be able to because I've worn it for a while and it's the reason for my blurry vision. I can't recommend anymore because it causes blurry vision.

10. Buddy Sinus Headache Relief Mask

Buddy Sinus Headache Relief Mask

Take the pain away. The cooling eye mask and eye pillow will provide you with relief from headaches. A cooling sleep mask can be worn to bed. Cool and HEATED eye relief. A cooling eye mask can be used for relief from tired and puffy eyes. An eye moist heat pad can be used for the microwave or cold eye pack. Cold eye mask and hot compression. A warm compress and ice pack for headaches. Do you have dry eyes? This Bed Buddy is used for dry eyes. It is very convenient. It's a perfect cooling eye mask for puffy eyes after a long day of work or to help soothe a cold or sinus infection, it's very comfortable and feels good on the eyes. Mycorrhizal mushrooms can be used to relax in the living room. The ice eye mask can be put on the eyes or forehead, it doesn't need to be in a cloth.

Brand: Carex Health Brands

👤My husband has a Barometer in his nose. The weather changes are hard to take. This will help with the pain. I like all Bed Buddy products.

👤The instructions for this mask say to never use the heat function when putting on your eyes, even though it is advertised as a "heated eye mask".

👤It's a great product to use when my stomach hurts.

👤It works to relieve headaches. If you wear it for a while, it will make your vision blurry. It is pressed against your eyes.

👤I own two of these. After burning the first one in the microwave, it smelled terrible. Follow the heating directions and you will be fine. The Sinus Pack can help relieve pain in the nose. It works best under my eyes, or on my forehead. The strap is not very good, it does not do much except hold my hair in place. If the strap worked better or there was another way to keep it in place. I would rate it five stars. You need to take off your glasses to use this. If you don't have glasses, don't plan on doing anything else while you use this.

👤The sinus pack really helps with headaches. I have headaches in the cold. Great product.

👤The only thing that helps with headaches is this bed buddy. I recommend this to everyone that has headaches.

11. Cooling Bluetooth Relieve Strain Redness

Cooling Bluetooth Relieve Strain Redness

It's a game-changer eye protection device released in the latest which combination the heating and cooling effects. Easay brand eye mass_ager will give your eyes more care and effect than other similar items if you have a cooling or heating compress on your eyes. The heating function can provide your dual eyes with a constant temperature compress of 101-107F(40-42C) to help blood circulation around the eyes to quickly rejuvenation and relieve eye strain. The cooling function can give your eyes a constant cold temperature compress of 68-74F (20.5-23.5C) to constrict the blood vessels to help relieve the symptoms such as swelling, eye congestion, redness. The Easay eye mass_ager will be able to offer you more relaxing services with a 2500mAh powerful battery. If you try this eye care device, it will improve your sleeping and eyesight. The eye mas_sager device was made of high-quality material and a 180 foldable portable design. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a 30 days refund and 12 monthly replacements. If you have any concerns, please let them know.

Brand: Easay

👤The air bags are great, along with the cold element and heating. The sounds and music are pleasant. It's very uncomfortable on the bridge of my nose and it was almost perfect. It's difficult to wear it in a way that is effective and comfortable.

👤After only 2 months, it shuts down from over heating and is no longer functional. The return window has already closed for me, so I wouldn't recommend purchasing it.

👤I don't think this eye care device is ready for prime time. The device is sturdy and nicely packaged, and it doesn't look like a knock-off from China. The instructions are clear, but the English could use some work. I think there are issues with the design. The eye goggles are very heavy. The weight on the bridge of my nose makes it hard for me to lay down. The goggles use air compression to apply and release pressure around the eye. I had a headaches within minutes because my temples feel like they're being squeezed. The lower setting is not as uncomfortable as the higher one, but the device pushing into my bones wasn't relaxing. The product info on the website says the device vibrates, but I can't find anything in the instructions to use it. The cooling and heating functions are not strong enough. There are 2 small plates inside the googles that are the size of your eyes. Depending on the settings, the plates can quickly heat up or cool down. The sensation only covers my eyes, not my undereye area. There's no volume control on the device, but it has pre-recorded music that is similar to spa background music. The music is more like white noise with the noise of the air compressor. I live in a big city with a lot of noise and this device is a little loud for those who like quiet time. I can't figure out how to enable the device to work with the internet, and there's no instructions about it. I've used these goggles 3 times and each time I had a mild headaches. I feel good after using the cooling feature, but it seems like a poor trade off. This product isn't something I like.

👤The one I received was not good and would not help my dry eyes. It was so hot that it burned my eyelid and under my brow. The other side is cold. I've tried to cycle through the settings, but the temperatures for each side are not working. It was so hot that I didn't know how badly it burned me. I contacted the seller twice to see if they could help, but have not received a response. I've given enough time for each message, but as of this time nothing has been said. I've never had customer service that cared about responding to a message. Hopefully, no one else has an issue with the massager. If you do, it is likely that your message won't mean anything to the seller. I would suggest buying an eye massager from a much more reliable seller because they have horrible customer service. The seller told me to read the manual. They feel that it is Amazon's responsibility to replace the faulty.


What is the best product for eye massager for migraines cooling?

Eye massager for migraines cooling products from Jxxm. In this article about eye massager for migraines cooling you can see why people choose the product. Galopar and J Jimoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye massager for migraines cooling.

What are the best brands for eye massager for migraines cooling?

Jxxm, Galopar and J Jimoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye massager for migraines cooling. Find the detail in this article. Aplabins, Lamonke and Umisleep are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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