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1. Pieces Stainless Bolt Dropper Insert

Pieces Stainless Bolt Dropper Insert

It's used in many marine and industrial applications. The Lock Nuts are made of 100% 18-8 (304) STAINLESS STEEL, which is one of the highest forms of rust resistant metals, making them last longer than other nuts on the market today. Their lock nuts are very strong and are great for both indoor and outdoor use. This is a superior steel and has excellent rust resistance. The lock nuts are made with nylon and reduce the amount of loosen up. Bolts Dropper nuts are great to have around for use in wood and wet environments. They stand by their claim that Bolt Dropper Hex Nuts are the best on the market. They are strong and will support your projects. The diameter has 20 threads per inch and is made of 18-8 304 STAINLESS STEEL. They offer a no hassle lifetime guarantee because they are so confident that their product is the best on the market.

Brand: Bolt Dropper

👤This isn't rocket science, it's nuts and bolts. The bolts and lock nuts were seized and left the hardware loose but unable to disassemble. The bolt on the plastic roof of my golf cart needs to be cut with a hacksaw. To make sure the bolts are not cross threading, I took them to my shop, secured the bolt in my vise, and started the lock nut. It seized after three turns. My experience is that you should buy your hardware at a hardware store that has first quality goods.

👤The nuts work as expected. Look good, and do a good job with outdoor projects. Unless you use antiseize, don't use the nuts on the screws. It works fine with regular steel. If you don't know what you're doing, a bolt and nut will seize unless you know what you're doing. The nuts work well within their mechanical properties. If you don't know what you're doing, look it up. You can't change limitations that can't be altered.

👤The other negative reviews should have been read by me. The insert is not nylon. These nuts can't be driven or removed with an impact driver because they seize up. Even if you wanted to make the installation permanent, you won't be able to fully tighten them without breaking hardware and tools. Completely faulty.

👤These were not good in any way. Most will go on until the nylon section, then they bind irreversibly. I gave up after I destroyed three bolts. I removed one of the successful ones. Recovering from a stuck lock nut on a bolt requires a lot of strength. A trip to Lowe's for nuts and washers interrupted the project. I'm Grrr.

👤After 7 lock nuts seized on the 5/16's and the 1/4 nuts, and having to hacksaw the bolts off, I ended up purchasing others at the local hardware store to get things to work. Bolt Dropper made it right. They get 5 stars for their exceptional customer service.

👤I snapped two bolts and tried to get the nuts down on the bolt, but they wouldn't come off. I used 34 inch bolts with washers to bolt down my tool box. The nut was threaded down on each bolt. The bolts snapped after 15 minutes of fighting with the nuts. The locking material is not the right material. Bolt Drop was great to deal with.

👤These are the worst locknuts. 70 percent of them seize before I can thread them onto a machine screw, so I have to break the machine screw to get them off. I thought it was only a few, but I have used up over a dozen screws and nuts since I have finally succeeded in tightening. The thread cutting on these is incorrect and they seize very easily. There is a It happens on both Chinese and American made screws. The lock nuts I had from Bolt Depot worked well. These are not acceptable out of spec product.

👤I used locking nuts and bolts to assemble a bunkbed. After the bolt passed through the nylon lock built into the nut, about 1/3 of the nuts jammed on the bolt. I had to replace the nuts with new ones because the jammed nuts wouldn't open. I was able to remove the jammed nut from the bolt, but the threads on the bolt were damaged and one of them became bare. The bolt threads had no problem or defect when I looked at them. I had to screw on the nuts to the nylon locks in order to make sure they worked, but still have this problem. These were high quality bolts.

2. Hillman Group 45132 4 20 Inch Stainless

Hillman Group 45132 4 20 Inch Stainless

100 pieces of the same type of STAINLESS STEEL 18-8 (304) nut. If you have any questions, please contact them. The threaded nuts are used to join two male threads. Most commonly threaded rod. The long rod assembly is made from shorter lengths of rods. The country of origin is Taiwan. The country of origin is Taiwan.

Brand: The Hillman Group

👤There were no issues with this item. The marks were on the screw thread. Just what I needed.

👤Did what they were supposed to have. I used mine to join two eye bolts and they have held up well.

👤No deep sockets are required for the under bath sink faucet.

👤It is reminiscent of pot metal castings. It was not obvious until I polished them. Not to the standard of the nuts I buy. Correct thread, shaped well, etc.

3. Sea Dog 078106 Eye 4 Inch

Sea Dog 078106 Eye 4 Inch

Attach cables or ropes. Investment cast is a type of steel. The dimensions are: A: 20 NC B: 7/16" C: 1-1/4". E: 3/16" UV resistant to harsh marine environments. It was screwed onto threaded rod stock or bolts. Universal Fit is the type of fit. Universal Fit is the type of fit.

Brand: Sea-dog

👤I use these to work with my hanging bird feeders. The nut has a generous eye to accommodate a hook, and the material will resist the effects of exposure.

👤They work well for me. I used it on a mini closeline. The marine grade is better than 302 or 304.

👤This was used to drive the squirrels nuts. The tights were attached to a lock nut.

👤Well made eye nut.

👤The product looked great and functioned as intended.

👤One of the best ways to hang the wind catchers is on my large gongs.

4. Tapped Hole U Style Material Thickness Distance

Tapped Hole U Style Material Thickness Distance

We offer a no hassle lifetime guarantee because they are so confident that their product is the best on the market. It's designed to clip onto panels for quick alignment and is fastened with a machine screw. The clip is shaped to hold the sides of the panel in place. The hole is tapped or fully threaded for the screws. Steel is often used in applications where strength is important.

Brand: Small Parts

👤These were bought to affix running boards. They made it easy for bolts to be inserted straight into the frame holes. They didn't show any signs of stripping when I tightened them down. The running boards have been in place for a while. Customer happy with these.

👤These are very strong and resistant. I used the clips as threaded washers when I broke them off the top. Great product.

👤The package was labeled 0.8 MM-4 MM on one side. The clips were ordered but the package was Metric.

👤I needed to put some fog lights on my house. Great little nut.

👤These are made with thick gauge metal and feel strong and solid. Highly recommended!

👤It's perfect for the lower bolts on the headlights. The previous owner rigged with generic clip nuts and screws, these allowed for a better attachment and are a perfect fit. They appear to have an ecoat type finish, but it is not known how well they resist corrosion.

👤These are hard to find and have a good price.

👤It's easy to order online, instead of having to run around trying to find someone to sell them. They should be able to work for what I need.

👤It's used to hold two pieces together or through a metal hole. It's better than the parts from the factory.

👤They were delivered quickly and worked well.

👤A clip of Bonne. Solide. Pourquois, le utilités.

5. Pieces Stainless Steel Lifting Marine

Pieces Stainless Steel Lifting Marine

It is possible to increase saw blade life by applying directly to saw blades. For a long service life, there are two types of resistance. Attach cables or ropes. Attach cables or ropes.

Brand: Us Stainless

👤I wanted a piece of T-track to be mounted on a wall and have sliding connection points for various exercises. These worked well. I used 1 x 20. I cut the "ears" of thelevator bolts so they fit in the T- track slots. You can buy threaded inserts, but they don't fit my purpose. I had to deepen the counter sunk screw holes so that the bolt heads could easily slide past the mounting screws. I now have 2 mounting points, I could use all four of the eyes. I attach my bungee tubes with some oversize carabiners. The larger carabiners are used as handles to loosen and tighten the eyes on the track. It's simple! It all works together for me.

👤Wind doesn't blow off the covers, and no mesh is easy to use to move the covers on or off torches. I put these on a bolt and washers to add weight and a handle to the torch covers. It worked well and should keep the items from rusting even after a short time of heat. The eye nut is on top of the cover.

👤These are metric and use metric channel nuts to attach to the tracks. I bought 3 sets. Two arrived perfect, one had the wrong nuts. I contacted Rhino Rack USA and they were very helpful after asking some questions and seeing the packaging error. They said they would replace the pack. I believe that the measure of a company is based on how they handle things when they go wrong. 5 stars for a rack.

👤I was charged 9.80 for shipping when the product was marked Prime. I didn't notice the shipping was added until I saw the invoice. The product looks good and would be 5 stars if it were shipped to Prime.

👤Wanted something like this for a while, didn't know what to call them, and wasn't able to find them until they showed up in an e-mail from Amazon. Excellent quality and perfect for my use. Already ordered a second one.

👤It's not cheap, it's called STAINLESS. These are nice. I used them on my sailboat. Will be buying more.

👤The product inside the package was only 5/16". I've had to return this item twice. I was very frustrated with the experience.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Good price point. Quality part. Would order again.

👤I couldn't find anything in the UK but these small lifting eyes arrived quickly and within the predicted time. I needed a UNC thread and these little items worked perfectly. If I need more, I know where to go.

6. Pieces Stainless Steel Lifting Marine

Pieces Stainless Steel Lifting Marine

Attach cables or ropes. For a long service life, there is rust andcorrosion. Attach cables or ropes. The load was breaking. The load was breaking.

Brand: Us Stainless

👤One eye nut was not the same as the others. Did not discover until after the window had closed. As the package was marked, the other was 1/6”-20.

👤Nice quality and heavy duty. I had to get a new size at a certain size.

7. Stainless Steel US Lifting Marine

Stainless Steel US Lifting Marine

Attach cables or ropes. For a long service life, there are two types of resistance. Attach cables or ropes. Attach cables or ropes.

Brand: Us Stainless

8. Hulless Threaded Fastener Stainless Equipment

Hulless Threaded Fastener Stainless Equipment

Attach cables or ropes. M6 eye nuts have a total height of 30mm and a ring thickness of 5mm. The ring nut is made of 304stainless steel and is rust-free. It has good load bearing capacity and minimum breaking force. The ring nut is easy to use. To be screwed to various lengths of threaded stocks or bolts for fixing or lifting purposes. The ring shape M6 lifting eye nut is used for gripping and holding pipes and bolts. The head design instantly grips and releases pipes and other types of fastenings. Good customer service and fast delivery are guaranteed.

Brand: Hulless

👤A very strong item is used to level a boom on a radio antenna. I had to re-tap the threaded boss to the thread to get the length I needed.

👤The wrong size was returned for a refund. Otherwise, it looked like a good nut.

👤I had to thread tap each one before they could be used because it was so heavy.

👤The construction is of a quality. It was worth the cost.

👤I wanted to make a handle for the box I built. They would be more than up to the job if you needed weight on them. The pictures with imperial measurements are more of an approximation than the ones made in metric. They are an inch in diameter on the inside. It is probably 15/16. If you want to put a small piece of wood through it, like me, an inch is too big. The threads are m10 and will thread onto a rod or bolt. If you were using these for weight, the final holding strength would probably be affected by the small size of 3/8. If you want to get the full holding capabilities in these, you need m10 threaded rods or bolts.

9. Pieces Stainless Steel Lifting Marine

Pieces Stainless Steel Lifting Marine

Driver type is 7/16 The steel is marine grade and has a heavy duty lifting eye nut. The working load limit is 400 Lb.

Brand: Usweldwire

👤It was used for a quick connect.

10. Hard Find Fastener 014973241643 Piece 100

Hard Find Fastener 014973241643 Piece 100

The thickness is 7/32 inches. Driver type is 7/16" Driver type is 7/16

Brand: Hard-to-find Fastener

👤I'm crazy over this purchase.

11. Lependor Lifting Stainless Hardware Shaped

Lependor Lifting Stainless Hardware Shaped

Attach cables or ropes. 10pcs x M8 Ring lifting Nuts; Ring inner diameter approx. 20mm/1.78inch Ring thickness:7mm/0.3" The Metric Units standard is used for the Ring Shape Lifting Eye Nut. The screw that needs to be matched needs to be in metric units. The M8 may not be compatible with a standard 5/16 thread bolt. The thread is coarse. The material is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL. It has good bearing capacity. The thread is high polished. It is easy to install, ideal lifting equipment. It's widely used in a variety of engineering lifting machinery.

Brand: Lependor

👤Not a bad ring, but you couldn't thread in a standard M8 fastening into a single one of the rings because none of the threads were cut properly. I had to chase the threads with a tap, some of them need a slight cleaning, and others are not cut deep enough. The pitch was correct, but the diameter was too small. I think their tap was getting old and they just kept using it. They are great after they are fixed, but the quality of the finished product was terrible. You may have to fix the threads and the ring.

👤I don't think you should mention it with this product. In parentheses it says it is metric M6, but it is not. If the metric is in parentheses, it would not be deceiving. I made them work by tapping them out, but I was not happy with it. Next time, I will read the fine print.

👤The product is of great quality, but it is a bit deceiving as it states in the description that it is a metric 8mm thread. Not interchangeable at all.

👤One of the rings does not have any threads. Don't have time to send them all back for one to be replaced, they need them now.

👤This is a metric thread. This isn't compatible with a standard 5/16 thread bolt. The 5/16 is confusing and irrelevant.

👤Good for many applications.

👤The metal shows no sign of tarnishing after six months of use. Excellent quality.


What is the best product for eye nut 1/4-20?

Eye nut 1/4-20 products from Bolt Dropper. In this article about eye nut 1/4-20 you can see why people choose the product. The Hillman Group and Sea-dog are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye nut 1/4-20.

What are the best brands for eye nut 1/4-20?

Bolt Dropper, The Hillman Group and Sea-dog are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye nut 1/4-20. Find the detail in this article. Small Parts, Us Stainless and Us Stainless are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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