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Agamotto 29 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. YESIE 4 Inch Cordless Rechargeable Bedside

YESIE 4 Inch Cordless Rechargeable Bedside

Perfect for cosplay accessories, birthday, drama, masquerade, novelty pretend play, night club, Christmas, Halloween themed party Dressing Up. The lamp has 16 colors, a working time of 10 hours, and 5 brightness options. PE from South Korea is UV resistant, Strong and Unbreakable. Just contact them via "Ask seller" for urgent service, and they will give you a 12 months free warranty. Safe for baby, non-toxic materials, and completely free of lead, mercury, and IR. Various applications include a hotel, garden, bedroom, baby gift, restaurant, bar, party, wedding, event.

Brand: Yesie

👤I like the cube light for what it does but it would have been better if there was more. It's a night light or cool Deco gadgets. It's not intended to be a reading lamp. I have read that it isn't bright enough. I use it next to the lowest setting and it has plenty of light to see in the dark. The colors are enough for the pickiest person to find something they like. You can change the colors on the remote from across the room. The description says the battery is a rechargeable one. I assumed a single battery could be charged by plugging it in. Nope. It uses 3AAA batteries that have to be removed every day and placed in a charger. They can't be charged while in the device. The supplied battery charger doesn't have the ability to cut off charging when the batteries are full. It can ruin your batteries if you forget about it. This is one of those things that is close to being a great thing. I would have paid more for the ability to run it off if the wall sockets were included.

👤The basics. The cube light has a remote that can turn it off and on. The remote can be used to choose from a full spectrum of colors. This is ideal for cosplay, which is what I bought it for. My twin borrowed this to use as a Jedi cosplay accessory. I don't have to wake my husband up with full lights when I get up because it sits on my desk.

👤This is what I expected from the description. It's a good light. Some reviewers said that white is bright, but it's not. White is achieved by turning on red green and blue LEDs at the same time, so naturally white is three times as bright as red by itself or blue by itself. White is a night light, not something to read about. It's not a fault of the product, but one shouldn't expect miracles from white.

👤At first, this seemed to be a pretty good item. There were no instructions in the box. The battery pack and batteries were never used after being charged for 24 hours. I put in regular batteries and it worked for a few days, but then it would randomly switch to red and we couldn't access any other colors. We only got red and green after taking out the batteries. I will return this. I should have spent a few extra dollars on a better one that is touch smart and doesn't require a remote.

👤I ordered 2 of the cubes and they didn't work out. It only worked on three colors. Blue, White and Purple did not work. I contacted Amazon and got a replacement for two cubes, but you would think that the problem was only this time one cube actually worked. How disappointing! I wanted to display these during one of my upcoming events. This will be going back as well. I ordered one and am praying that it works. Imagine if the batteries that came in one cube were dead.

2. Avengers Marvel Legends Electronic Helmet

Avengers Marvel Legends Electronic Helmet

We provide safe and durable scientific tools for 30 experiments, including 1 goggles, 8 bottles of chemical materials, 4 large test tubes with scales, 5 measuring spoons, 7 measuring cups, 1 funnel, 3 droppers, 6 balloons, and 1 table tennis. Water and oil are not included. The world's greatest collection of Super Heroes will allow you to create your own adventures. Choose from figures, vehicles, and role play toys for heroes of all ages. Spider-Man, the Avenger, the X-Men, and other popular characters are featured in toys from the Marvel line from the company. Re-create the excitement of blockbuster movies and TV shows. There is a collection of figures featuring legendary characters. Light up eyes. There are electronic sound effects.

Brand: Avengers

👤I have been following this item for several months, reading reviews, watching videos, and monitoring the price. The reviews and videos are realistic. Depending on what you're looking for out of this helmet, you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised or disappointed. It is a toy, but it is not quite a collector's item. If you want a cheaper toy, buy it at the local store. The $600 metal helmet is a collector's piece. If you are a fan of all things iron man and want a cool helmet to impress your friends and family, this is the helmet for you. As stock depletes, the price moves all over the place. I've seen it for over 200 dollars. I paid $128 for the item and wouldn't recommend paying more. Wait a couple weeks and it will go down. The back flap doesn't fit in. Its closed position makes it hard to fit in. If you can fit your head in the helmet without having to open the flap, I recommend super glueing that boy closed. The face plate is magnetic. The helmet is held in the closed position. It can be moved to an open position as well. It will hold in place if you secure it correctly. Some users complain that it falls off. It was my fault for not securing it properly. It's not that difficult to secure. The straps for the head are not normal. They sit at odd angles to the head. I have a small head. The helmet shakes freely left and right while I wear it, because I have some space between my temple and the helmet on each side. I put foam tape on the cheek, temple, and ear locations on the helmet. They blend in well with the natural interior. The wiggle was reduced by about 90 percent. I will post a video soon. The helmet is great for cosplay. I was very satisfied with the purchase and recommend this product to others.

👤Very nice! I add some damages like on a real one. The helmet is in battle mode.

👤I had to get three of them from Amazon before I could keep one. Even though Amazon was helpful, I would just pass it on. I have two Captain America shields that need to be returned so I can get three acceptable products from the company. On the first try, the only one that came okay was ants. I have total faith in the ability of the company to deliver a sub par product. I'm sticking with the amazing items from Weta and NECA.

👤We'll start with the good. 1st It looks great, the magnetic face plate is a nice touch, but I would've preferred it to just slide up, but after using it for a while it's not too bad. The light up eyes are impractical. I felt like it wasn't as sturdy as I thought, but after wearing it was better than I thought. It will be great on the shelf for displays. For the good. This review is based on the purchase of this item at $150. I can't justify to give it more than 3 stars because it's awesome and I want to make it 5. I have a smaller head than the one in this helmet, so it's not possible for it to fit securely on my head. If you want a better head harness then you should buy it for $150. I've used cheaper helmets and better ones. I could make it a star if it fit, but it just sits on your head. It's only ok for eye sight visibility. If the lights are dim you can manage in a semi lite environment or outside. The way the lens is made with the light makes it hard to see even without the lights on. Unless you tilt your head, you can only see forwarded from the chest up. The top metal plate on the helmet used to secure the face plate will scratch paint even with easy care as the magnet rubs against it, but that's to be expected. I liked the helmet, but it's hard to justify the price if you plan on wearing it for fun every now and then. It was disappointing that others didn't have this issue, but it was just my head size. It was a hit with both kids and adults because of the fun side note.

3. Bulex Infinity Separable Magnetic Gauntlet

Bulex Infinity Separable Magnetic Gauntlet

The gems have a built-in battery, so you can press the back metal. The stone has 3 lighting modes to choose from, and it will light up. Removeable magnetic thanos stones will turn off when attached to a golve. You bend the finger smoothly. The gauntlet is suitable for most adult. 6 PCS CR927 thium cell battery is included.

Brand: Bulex

👤I kept asking for a return but I was told to wait 2 more days for 20% off and then they would give me a 30% discount and it would arrive with the same color glove and stones as before. I couldn't give it to my boyfriend because it was late. It would never happen again.

👤The box was cheap and opened in shipping so stones were scattered around. Same color orange is the color of the soul and mind stones. I only needed the soul stone for the Stonekeeper Red Skull costume because I wasn't using a gauntlet. I used the bigger orange one. The light up effect was easy to click on. Not bad for playing around with other people, but serious collectors should spend more money on something more authentic.

👤A neat idea, and works well. The gift was well received, it was more expensive than that. Everyone in the room was interested in them and asked where to get them. There are lots of "cool!"s. From adults. There is a I think they were a hit. They are more rubbery than you would expect.

👤The mind stone and soul stone are the same color. The soul stone should be orange. It looks like they are spray painted and don't have an even coat, and the texture to it is pretty sticky. When it arrived, the box was open and the stones were all over the place.

👤The colors were sticky and off from what they should be. They did what I needed them to do.

👤I received two incomplete sets, one yellow and one green. I can't use them.

👤They were used in a hand made gauntlet. Work well. The large yellow stone has the same amount of light as small stones, but is not as bright as I would like.

👤My six year old Avenger's fan is satisfied that the mind and soul stones are the same color and the power stone is pink, but the colors aren't right.

4. Avengers Assemble Thor Molded Hammer

Avengers Assemble Thor Molded Hammer

Get this therapy massage with confidence. Satisfying their customers is their top priority. Make a thoughtful gift for a dear friend or family member by purchasing a shiatsu kneading massager pillow. The hammer costume accessory was blow molded. The merchandise is inspired by the Disney XD cartoon. Give it to your favorite superhero fan. All of your favorite heroes and villains will be represented in costumes and accessories by Rubies and Marvel. Rubies' has been a world leader in bringing fun for every season since 1950.

Brand: Rubie's

👤This wasn't as shown. The thin felt handle broke off within 30 minutes of being played with. The hammer has a leather strap. Thankfully, we will be able to fix it ourselves. This was not expensive but should be similar to what the product shows so only giving 2 stars.

👤I ordered this to go with my child's costume. He loves it! I think it serves its purpose. It is made of hard plastic and is for children. I would order again. Other reviews say it came quickly with no damage.

👤I bought this for a costume. I wanted to make it better by changing it to a more durable plastic. I filled the hammer with sand from Home Depot after cutting a hole in the top and dropping 3 pieces of thin rebar to support the handle. I had a hammer after the top closed. It was a hit, but the plastic broke when I threw it around, so I wouldn't have lasted long if I had just held it.

👤It was close to what I was expecting. It will work for my kids costume. There is a I couldn't lift it after I took it out of the package. My son picked it up.

👤My son received this for his fourth birthday. It is amazing! He threw this thing across the room and outside. It is still holding up. There are scratches but not close to breaking. If you get hit, you will feel it.

👤I ended up buying despite the reviews I read. I was pleasantly surprised that the claws were still a favorite toy for my son after Halloween. I'm not sure what all the bad reviews were for, they are safe and durable. These are great!

👤I have a boy that loves him. We bought him a costume that didn't have a hammer. We needed to buy one. The first one we bought was made of foam and was a nice dog chew toy. It's good because this one replaced that one. Light weight. The strap is not secured, if you can call it that. When my son tried to use the hammer by the strap, it was removed. It works for any costume or play. Looks great!

👤My four-year-old knew what they were before he opened the package. He loves them. They broke, but after a bit of glue and some patients from my son, they were back together again. They are made of foam, not styrofoam. The straps that hold them on your hands are very thin and don't hold verry well. The plastic that holds the foam claws and goes on top of Knuckles is very hard but does not hurt my son's hand. I won't buy them again. For the price, I knew what I was getting into and am happy with it.

👤El narre a mi hija de menos de 3 aos, pero lo iba a enviar por el bifrst. Cuando lleg, por Amazon, a patio. Imaginar el martillo volando hacia donde est, pero un oportuno avin a reaccin. A mi seal solt el martillo. Se escondi tras mi pierna. A su abuela, el martillo haba llegado y tard por lo menos 5 minutos en acercarse. Fui yo quien intente levantarlo, ningn adulto, ser levantado por nios y nias. Ahora blande orgullosa su martillo. A vuestros hijos una infancia llena de cosas imposibles, hay intentar.

5. Marvel Ultimate Periodic Elements Graphic

Marvel Ultimate Periodic Elements Graphic

Officially licensed apparel from the comic books. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Marvel

👤I love the design of the shirt, and I thought, what could be wrong with a MARVEL product? Apparently a few things. You can't read the names of the characters. They are blurry. The shirt looks ok from a distance, but to someone that cares about understanding who the names are, it's close to useless. The colors aren't bright, that's a comment about the printing quality. The white is almost grey because it is on a black shirt. I would have been able to live with it if the printing had been sharper. I don't think it is necessary to have a blurry shirt. You should buy this at the store where you can see the quality. I was able to get a full refund. I didn't get around to wash it. I can't confirm or deny the washing problems that others had.

👤The problem is that the periodic table has a red skull twice.

👤I was not happy. I washed it so I could wear it and the images came off in the laundry. I have pictures. It didn't last a day.

👤I have an awesome "periodic table of DC superheroes" T-Shirt that is quite clever with the way it presents the characters and their "atomic" numbers. The shirt is a promising idea, but it is not a good fit and is too long. The Spiderman table is so dark that it is almost unreadable, and the screen is not good. The numbering is just counting when it could have been a year or issue of first appearance. It was annoying to see any non-Disney owned characters on this shirt. No Fantastic Four, no X-men, and not even the one in the movie. The Spiderman villains are separated from the rest of the villains. Why is my system telling me that I am spelling Spider-man wrong when I try it with the hyphen? No Galactus. This is a propaganda T-shirt that could have been better.

👤I can't wear the graphic on the shirt. I buy a large in most T-Shirts because it's possible to shrink after the first wash. I bought an extra large and it was very small. It would have to be an extra large to fit in a normal size Large. The size is way off, so I gave this three stars. If you want it to fit, buy two to three sizes larger.

👤It's as cool as you'd expect for your superhero. Poor execution. The silk screening seems to wash off easily. The colors on the chart are fading. The green heroes are more blue than the yellow ones, which are washed out. The smaller letters are blurry.

👤The lettering was blurry because it was misprinted. It was going to be a gift for someone. I couldn't give it to someone because it looked so bad.

👤The design of the shirt made me excited as a scientist and a marvel fan. I should have read the reviews before buying. The shirt was poorly printed for the price. The print is hard to read. The fit of the shirt is good. I really like the overall design and it is 3 stars. I would have given it one star and returned it.

6. Bulex Infinity Removable Electronic Halloween

Bulex Infinity Removable Electronic Halloween

You can remove the gems and install them in 3 flash modes. Every Gem has a built-in CR927 3V battery, and it has 3 lighting modes to choose. The replica thanos gauntlet is soft but in good shape. It is a good gift for family or friends. The glove is non-toxic and looks real. Perfect for cosplay accessories, birthday, drama, masquerade, novelty pretend play, night club, Christmas, Halloween themed party Dressing Up.

Brand: Bulex

👤Not happy. The glove had only 4 stones. My name isn't thanos. I don't need to ask where the stones are.

👤Not a bad gauntlet. It is a rubber material and it has a mild sting. The kid can't really sleep when wearing it. How. You push the individual stones like buttons to turn the lights on. When the lights die out, we will have to send 12 ish bucks to replace the stones, and Thia leads me to assume there is no way to replace batteries. My nephew and I were unimpresses by the gauntlet until the lighta came on.

👤The flashing stones were a hit with my son until two of the small magnets that keep the stones in place fell out. We couldn't find the small magnet to glue it back together. The glove is not bendable. My son cannot snap. My purchase smelled a bit after I arrived, but went away a day later. My son is still happy despite the loss of the magnets. They should come with extra magnets in case.

👤This is it when it comes to play. The stones are held in place with magnets. The glove is easy to use and can fit kids hands. It was too small for my husband to hold. Very nice. The smell from the plastic hand goes away after you air it out for a few hours. For the money, I'm happy and any kid who wants this glove will love it.

👤I bought this for my grandson. I opened it and gave it to him. The smell was terrible when I opened the package. I pressed the gems to light up, but they didn't. The gauntlet is made of stiff material, which makes it hard for the fingers to bend. I am not sure if my grandson will be able to get them to bend.

👤My son opened this for his birthday after I received it yesterday. The magnets came off the stone. Within 3 minutes. He got 2 stars because he loves it. I'm going to try to convince him to return for a replacement.

👤My child loves the gauntlet. My only complaint is that the magnets that are supposed to be attached to the glove were not sealed or glue to the glive so they popped out. That's a danger when you have toddlers running around.

👤It has a bad chemical that hasn't gone away. The jewels turn on and off. The magnets were strong. The jewels are fast.

👤The box to keep the stones safe is a good idea. It is recommended to fans of super heroes.

7. LEGO Infinity Gauntlet Collectible Building

LEGO Infinity Gauntlet Collectible Building

The perfect gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, and Christmas. Sending a family, a friend, a wife, a child, and a couple are all perfect choices. The stunning, build-and-display LEGO MarvelInfinity Gauntlet captures the captivating style of the movies. The LEGO brick recreation of the popular Gauntlet includes a sturdy stand and colorful stones. This 590-piece model gives adult fans the chance to recreate one of comic-book culture's most recognizable, and most devastating, weapons. This is a great birthday gift, holiday present or personal treat for any model-making enthusiast or adult fan of the Marvel Universe. The measurement is over 12 in. The high is 5 in. It is 13 cm wide and 4 in. (11 cm) This fascinating model provides an attractive conversation piece, whether displayed in your home or workplace.

Brand: Lego

👤Can you wear a gauntlet? There is a A: No. It's too small, the fingers are solid pieces, and it doesn't have a hollow interior above the wrist. A: It is assembled on the stand. There is no point in removing the four flaps from the wrist. This is the first Lego set I've bought in 20 years, so I can't give an in-depth review about the construction quality or the price compared to other recent Lego sets, even though I still feel like it's a good set. It took me about two and a half hours to assemble. I double checked every instruction while I was watching TV. It would take someone most of an hour and a half to assemble it. Around half of the spare pieces were spare stone pieces. The purchase was a no-brainer for me and the final product looks great. The Iron Man helmet set looked too much like a toy to sit out on display, and theGuardians of the GALAXY ship set looked too much like a toy to sit out on display, even though Iron Man is my favorite Avenger. There are multiple joints in each finger and you can make a number of gestures, such as moving the base of the finger, and the back of the box shows you the picture of the villain. There's not much more to say. If you want a collectible to summarize the years of entertainment that the MCU has provided, I can't think of anything better for less than $70.

👤I love Lego sets that are meant to be displayed, and they look great on my bookshelf. I thought it was a nice touch to put the stones on the last. You can flip your friends the bird with the bendable fingers. Highly recommended. It is definitely worth the money.

👤It looks great, but is very flimsy. It is easy to fall apart. The instructions should be saved on this one.

👤My husband has been playing with Legos since he was small. He can't get enough of this!

👤My 9 year old grandson is very fond of his birthday gift. He was able to put it together in an hour without any help.

👤I don't like these type of sets but this one stood out to me. I love the finished product. The build is enjoyable and I like it. I would recommend this set to anyone who loves Legos.

👤I am a huge fan of the movies and toys. They need a gauntlet like the one that the Incredibles wore at the end of the movie. I would have done a few things differently if I only had the extra pieces. The price was a little steep but usually after a while the price goes up as Lego doesn't keep producing every set for a long time. Unless they sell out quickly, the set will be available for a while.

👤This was a Christmas gift for our 12 year old son who is too cool for toys and is in that stage between being a kid and being too cool for toys. This was a victory. He put it together with his older brother. Needed some help following the instructions. The inner pieces are more complex than the outer ones. It was a good bonding moment. He put it on the shelf in his room. He likes pretending that his fingers are snapping.

8. Avengers Marvel Legends Electronic Helmet

Avengers Marvel Legends Electronic Helmet

Perfect gifts and after sale for plane lovers, aviation airplane theme parties and birthday Party Favors. This will be a cool Flashing glider planes for tots, when they are in family picnics, BBQ party, air-show, or just as a decoration for kids' room. You can use the plane as a reward at home. The best gift for a boy and girl is 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. There are electronic sound effects. There is a magnetised faceplate. Attaching and detaching the same thing.

Brand: Avengers

👤The piece is worth $50-$75 tops for its quality. It feels like a cheap Halloween costume piece and not a true display piece because of the lack of sound effects, the painted metal scratched on its initial use, and the fact that it is not a real display piece. The helmet was going for $150 when I bought it in November of 2020, and I think that's a very inflated price for its overall quality and worth.

👤Wanted a helmet for a long time and this looked like it was priced right. What do you think the price will be for all plastic?

👤You would think that they would send you something better, if you can get the back of the helmet, but you have to pay for it.

👤My son does not like the mask. Had bigger expectations and was a bit disappointed that the front of the mask did not lift automatically. You have to place it in a spot where it stays open.

👤It was very expensive for a broken helmet because it was broken in the back.

👤The iron man face mask arrived with no sound or lights, but I bought it for my kid. The seller is very helpful and is lying when he says I damaged the mask when I returned it. They refuse to give me a refund until I return another mask, which was a disappointing product. I can't do that if I don't have another mask.

👤The first one we received was not good. The second one worked quickly. Immediately, it stopped. Very disappointed! It would have been great if it worked.

👤Grandson was very sad. Couldn't get the batteries in the part.

👤All'aspetto molto somigliante alcasco della mk3 ma al tatto di plastica scricchiolante. Dentro se la visibilit e scarsa, sono anche. Volendo pu aprire.

👤This is one of the worst buys I have ever made. The quality is poop. It is made from cheap plastic and the back is very thin. The paint is not good. The fact that it comes of is the only cool thing about it. It is not worth much. It should be marked at a cost of around 40 dollars. I am returning it after 10 minutes because it is a waste of money. I would tell people to avoid this, as it is not durable at all. It may look good on display, but you should wear a motorcycle helmet.

👤Deux produits, problme de connexion and de perdre du temps.

9. Tesseract Cosplay Infinity Stones Endgame

Tesseract Cosplay Infinity Stones Endgame

Theesseract can give light with the batteries. The reason for a safe shipping is that the Tesseract do not have batteries. The stones can give out light with the batteries, so please prepare two CR 2032 batteries. The material is high quality and made by skilled craftsmen. The design is great and has high reducibility. A&C Hero team designed the feature. A tesseract is very similar to the original. This tesseract is perfect for cosplay occasions. It's a great addition to your wardrobe for a theater production, school play or period reenactment event. This product was made by ella case and never given to any other sales agents. They offer a 100% authentic guarantee for the product if you look for a store ella case.

Brand: A&c Hero

👤This is the best. I was dressed as a soldier in the winter and received a lot of compliment. It was difficult to put the battery in right, but after watching the video a dozen times, I finally got it. The glow lasted all night. It was perfect! There is a It is heavy. 5 stars.

👤I have been a comic fan my whole life. This is the newest addition to my collection and it is amazing. I would have liked to have waited a bit longer. It arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased.

👤I was trying to get it to light up. I didn't realize it needed batteries until it came with no instructions. It wouldn't light no matter what I did, so I balled some Scotch tape inside and then set the LEDs and batteries and cover in it, and now it's behaving like it should. I'm not Tony Stark and it shouldn't be so much work. It looks cool, but it would be better if the light inside swirled or throbbed. It does weigh a ton.

👤This was a Christmas gift for our son and he loves it. The product is a great one, but it did have one downfall which was an issue for a lot of people. It was difficult to put the bottom on so it would light up. We were not able to keep it tight enough to light it up. We were able to solve the issue by adding a plastic washer to the lights. That worked well. We don't have to strain to tighten it anymore and our son doesn't have a problem lighting it up. That's the reason for the star's demise. It is a great buy if they can fix that problem.

👤The best tesseract I've owned. I know why this costs the price it does after cheaping out on two others. The color it puts forth is gorgeous, and it seems like it is true to real size. The corners aren't crisp, one of the biggest issues I've had with the other stuff I've bought. The corners on this one are sharp and crisp. It is simply amazing. I'm one stone away from having my own gauntlet and rule the world.

👤The reproduction is a pretty good one and the issues people were having with opening and closing the battery cover seem to have been solved. I had no problem removing the cover.

👤The weight is great. Solid as well. It looks good when lit. I used 2 2032 disc batteries. The main issue with this is that you have to turn the battery compartment door on to turn it off. I am thinking of putting grease on the threads since they are so tight to turn. The batteries were not told what to use.

👤Very disappointed. I bought this for my husband on Father's Day and was excited to have it here before. The light part was pushed in and crooked and there was no way to fix it without breaking it, so it was opened up and loved the way it looked. Had to return it today. I gave it a 2 star because it was exactly what I was looking for, but it would have been perfect if the light hadn't broken.

10. Spider Man SPD Classic Legends Gear

Spider Man SPD Classic Legends Gear

This product was made by ella case and never given to any other sales agents. They offer a 100% authentic guarantee for the product if you look for a store ella case. IRON SPIDER IS INSPIRED BY THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. The Tony Stark-designed Iron Spider technology that appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe inspired the helmet. There are red or blue spider eyes. The helmet has red or blue lights in the eyes and 6 settings. There are four different light settings. Red or blue light settings are used to illuminate the eye lens. Premium collector helmet has an adjusted fit and features detailed interior sculpting and design. The comic book series collector is called MARVEL LEGENDS. Premium roleplay helmet to complete any fan costume or collection with the quality design expected from the series.

Brand: Spider-man

👤This thing is not for people with larger heads. The mask isn't fully open. It works on a sliding track system that doesn't work well. I have a Mega man helmet that works great and is designed to fit people who have heads of all sizes, and they included foam pads for people with small or average size heads. I can wear a variety of motorcycle helmets but this one I have to shove my head in, my ears are small and it doesn't close, so there is a noticeable gap in the mask. I can see the problem. The white track system they use is too short, when extended too far it slips into the gap, making it hard to close fully. There is a For the money. I think they should have made the closing mechanism bigger. It has to be a display piece for me.

👤This is my second helmet from the Ironman series. This helmet is not good. I received it. The pros end there. This helmet is for children. I wear a normal size hat. The helmet is very small. It hurt when I tried to put it on. Even though the helmet can be stretched slightly for fitting, it doesn't move, so very little. The light up eye feature does not work, that's the icing on the cake. Two sets of new batteries were being tested to make sure they were in the correct position. Can't be more disappointed with this helmet.

👤Quality control for the high-end series is unusual. The helmet cover piece is missing. See the picture. Is it possible that this was returned by someone else? Others have reviewed the same issues. Exchange won't arrive for 2 weeks. It would have gone past the return date if we had not given it to our son early.

👤This thing is amazing. If you have a bigger head, it does expand. There are two modes, blue and red, and you can press the button inside the mask and boom. The only issue I had is that the mask is scratched from the manufacture on the top and side, which sucked because Amazon doesn't offer the option to replace the item for damage just a refund. After a while, it gets a little hot inside. We are not keeping this on all day so it is ok.

👤I could tell the helmet had quality control issues when I removed it from the box. There are multiple scratches and scuffs. I was excited to finally have a helmet of one of my favorite superheros, but when I tried to put it on, the mechanism broke and it wouldn't open. I think the helmet was rushed out to take advantage of the success of NWH. The helmet was supposed to arrive in March, but it was delayed. When it showed up three months early, it was a surprise. I haven't had any issues with the stuff before, which is why I think this was rushed out.

👤They are not kidding when they say small. This helmet isn't even close to the other marvel helmets I can fit into. Maybe it's just for kids. Grandson will love it. It is a pretty slick helmet. Happy with it. There is some sort of mark on it. I assume the ear section rubbed against the box when it was shipped around.

11. Sio Tan Keychain Nidavellir Infinity

Sio Tan Keychain Nidavellir Infinity

The keys are made of Zinc alloy with fine workmanship and vivid designs, which are safe and sturdy. This little key chain ring is a perfect gift for a teen or young person, because of it's empowering message. There is a key ring with a pewter pendant and a key chain. They are a great choice for Christmas party supplies. Every aspect of life should be decorated. Attach these keys to the backpacks as decoration, or use them as decoration for car keys, house keys, door keys and so on.

Brand: Sio & Tan

👤The keychains are too large to be used as such. I was able to change them into decor. The Scepter and Hammer work well as bottle openers. I noticed that the hammer was gibberish and that it was supposed to be what Odin would use it for. Some friends tried to read it, and I got a kick out of it. Despite the typos, overall very happy with this purchase.

👤He got the cap and Iron Man glove. He loves them all. They are replicas of the weapons from the movie.

👤I got these to hang from the mirror in my car. They are not too big, not too small, and they look great, especially the Eye of Agamotto.

👤This purchase was very positive for Monsoon. They are nice and great quality.

👤These are great. They have great details and are good quality. Everyone loved the gifts they made.

👤I received one item in my set.

👤They are great gifts for adults. They are not strong enough for children.


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