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Agamotto 29 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Bo Feng Strange Cosplay Necklace

Bo Feng Strange Cosplay Necklace

Brand new, high alloy metal. The package includes a ring and necklace. Halloween, cosplay party, masquerade, cet.

Brand: Bo Feng

👤My 9 year old son loves it. I can fit the ring on my left hand, but it's a little tight and I wear a 5.5 on my ring finger. These pieces are made of metal and are not cheap. There is a logo on the back of the medallion.

👤I bought this for my niece because she is obsessed with Doctor Strange and magic, and it seems like a really fun gift for her. I hope she loves this present. It seems like it was pretty good quality. The necklace feels pretty durable because of the surprising weight. She is 8.

👤Cheap, small. It would be good for a smaller child. Not for a tall child. My child paid for items with their own money, and they appreciated the return policy very much.

👤The eye was small and the necklace was not long. We had to find a way to hang it where it needed to be. They didn't get to his knuckles because the ring barely fit my fingers.

👤The necklace looks good. We knew that its one piece did not open. The Ring is not made to last.

👤The scale is wrong but the quality is decent.

👤It is a steal for a prop after doing research and looking at the price. I tell you that it won't fit as an adult, but they warn you on the size, which is perfect for my 4 year old. My son will love it on Christmas morning.

👤The sling ring is not good quality and the Eye is plastic. You have to make a string to fit your neck if you want to ear the eye.

2. PlayMonster Snap Ships Sawfly Minelayer

PlayMonster Snap Ships Sawfly Minelayer

If you have a problem with the Captain America Shield, you could contact them anytime. The service team will be able to meet your needs quickly. Kids can build whatever they want with the interchangeable sets and pieces of the Snap Ships building system. The Komplex's attack ship is called Sawfly. Sawfly has a cannon with high-velocity projectiles, poseable armatures to rip apart enemies, and a proximity mine. Shoot for battle play! There are 32 building pieces and 11 accessories. No batteries are required for ages 8+.

Brand: Playmonster

👤I've seen a lot of building blocks over the years and this brand is clearly a work of passion. The container became a stand for the ship after I opened it. The first sign that this toy was going to be more than I paid for was that. Next up, the pieces. The plastic feels strong, like if I stepped on one in the middle of the night, I would cry out. It's a strange way of measuring the quality of plastic but when you hold a piece in your hands, you get it. The core parts are a lot heavier than I thought. There are concerns. Several parts and pieces seem to have a sharpness or edge to them while others like the hexagon plates that appear on the base build's sides definitely have the potential to snap and break if handled recklessly. I am not saying they are fragile, but they are not. I'm sure you'll get a loud snap if you step on it. The edges and blades on the build are better than the edge of a credit card. It's nice to see a company take risks with their builds, as a way to have more faith in the average consumer to be smart about toys. It has a sick design. A lot of love and passion can be seen when entering this line. I hope to see more.

👤I bought a few for my son. He enjoyed the process of assembling them by himself. The ship can be configured in many different ways. The parts will not break easily. There are tiny figures that come with it. I think they will be lost soon. The figures and projectiles could pose a hazard if you have little ones in the house. Overall. These are great for boys of a certain age.

👤I saw these at a trade show a long time ago and thought they were brilliant. I've been waiting to buy some and this was my first set. The design and process are what I love the most. This was snapped together after Popped on a video. I need them all now. I'm trying to find a fault so this seems balanced, but I think the only negative is that I have to wait a few days for the next order to arrive.

👤15 minute build. The bad guy ship is very cool. The default build does not cover up the bottom peg holes except for one on the rear part. If you mount the base pillar on that hole, the ship will point upward, instead of downwards, like the others. You can leave off the bottom panel to keep the stand uncovered. It's another cool build.

👤I took a chance on these and they were a hit. My 9 year old loves them. If your kids like building things, but want a break from Legos, try these. You can combine and rebuild them many times. They are well made. When you step on them, they hurt less than Legos.

3. Legend Zelda Link Sword

Legend Zelda Link Sword

There is a legend of Zelda. The product is officially licensed by Nintendo. The person completes the costume. Disguise has always been a leader in the Halloween industry, creating innovative and trend setting costumes and accessories. Their team is made up of in-house designers, sculptors, stylists, and graphics artists from a variety of creative fields including Hollywood movie sculpt design, the fashion industry and gallery-showcased fine arts. One toy sword and scabbard. The measurement is 26L x 6W x 2D.

Brand: Disguise

👤This isn't the place to put your money if you're looking for accuracy. The sword is not as long as it should be. There is more for little kids. I thought it would be fine since I am 5'0 It is so small. It is also hollow plastic. I can hear a noise inside. I don't think all swords have the rattling problem. I used the 2 liters since they are common household objects. This review might help!

👤My child beat the sword. I'm pretty sure I ran it over when I backed out of the driveway. The little handle pieces broke off in a couple of months. It's a pretty durable sword, considering the abuse it suffered.

👤The Master Sword looks great. The dimensions are perfect for children to play Link and it's not a huge investment for me. The product is hollow, but it may be obvious to some. I can hear plastic rattling inside if I move the sword, but it's not a dealbreaker. The sword is in a sheath next to the shield. 3DS is used for scaling. If you plan on having your child play with this sword, I strongly advise that you supervise them because there is a good chance that the blade could snap off at the hilt if swung too hard and/or rapidly. This review will be updated later.

👤My son loves his sword. He loves to play with this. He picked to be Link for Halloween and we got the sword and shield. The sword is not cheap like from the dollar store, it is a thicker plastic. My son likes that the sword is light and long, and he loves that it is long. He can be back further from the battle since it is so nice. The sword sheath is nice as well. He plays with this so often that he chipped a bit when he saw it painted. I would recommend this sword. It hit our house very hard.

👤My 6 year old son is a big fan of the Legend of Zelda and loves to pretend to be Link. The sword and scabbard is a nice replica and I am happy with it. I would only make an improvement if you could attach it to your belt. I have to put it in between his belt and waist and tighten it, but it still wants to pull the scabbard up with it.

👤It was perfect! I wanted this to be a cake decoration. I used it to make a birthday cake. It's not sharp, but it's fun to cut the cake with it.

👤It is fine for a cheap Master Sword. No one will look to close. There was a lot of spray on the painted-on colors. The blue color on the blade wasn't so much a gradient as a randomly shaped dark to light to dark again to the gray of the blade. It should be fool proof. You would have to do more to make it worse. A small detail. It is good enough for the money, but not great. It is perfect for a kid's costume. A toy Master Sword is not great for someone who wants a Master Sword. It is acceptable, but not great.

4. TSOTMO Inspired Burdened Glorious Friendship

TSOTMO Inspired Burdened Glorious Friendship

Perfect for cosplay accessories, birthday, drama, masquerade, novelty pretend play, night club, Christmas, Halloween themed party Dressing Up. The bag is made from a type of fibre. The size is 23.5 cm and 17 cm. There are tips. A manual is used to measure permissible error. Bag with words: I am dead. It can hold daily life items, such as headphones, cell phone, sunglasses and keys, and it looks cute and stylish. A nice pen bag for schoolgirls is large enough to hold their pens and other stationery, practical and useful, and is suitable to store your cosmetics, and daily items like keys, cards, phones and so on.

Brand: Tsotmo

👤I have gotten a lot of praise for this. My purse is full of chaos, but this holds my favorite things separate. Great purchase.

👤I bought this for my niece as a birthday gift. She is crazy about the guy. She loves it because I added a few lipglosses inside. Her first bag.

👤The perfect size for my child's pencil case.

👤A gift bag was used. It's odd that color has a pink hue. It was loved.

👤The bag is very well made. The material is strong. The colors are vibrant. Not iron on. Thank you, I'm very happy.

👤I love this bag. I use it to carry all my electronics. It's a bag for a fan.

👤The product was described and made well. I use it for sewing.

👤A small pouch. My daughter uses it as a pencil pouch.

5. LEGO Infinity Gauntlet Collectible Building

LEGO Infinity Gauntlet Collectible Building

The perfect gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, and Christmas. Sending a family, a friend, a wife, a child, and a couple are all perfect choices. The stunning, build-and-display LEGO MarvelInfinity Gauntlet captures the captivating style of the movies. The LEGO brick recreation of the popular Gauntlet includes a sturdy stand and colorful stones. This 590-piece model gives adult fans the chance to recreate one of comic-book culture's most recognizable, and most devastating, weapons. This is a great birthday gift, holiday present or personal treat for any model-making enthusiast or adult fan of the Marvel Universe. The measurement is over 12 in. The high is 5 in. It is 13 cm wide and 4 in. (11 cm) This fascinating model provides an attractive conversation piece, whether displayed in your home or workplace.

Brand: Lego

👤Can you wear a gauntlet? There is a A: No. It's too small, the fingers are solid pieces, and it doesn't have a hollow interior above the wrist. A: It is assembled on the stand. There is no point in removing the four flaps from the wrist. This is the first Lego set I've bought in 20 years, so I can't give an in-depth review about the construction quality or the price compared to other recent Lego sets, even though I still feel like it's a good set. It took me about two and a half hours to assemble. I double checked every instruction while I was watching TV. It would take someone most of an hour and a half to assemble it. Around half of the spare pieces were spare stone pieces. The purchase was a no-brainer for me and the final product looks great. The Iron Man helmet set looked too much like a toy to sit out on display, and theGuardians of the GALAXY ship set looked too much like a toy to sit out on display, even though Iron Man is my favorite Avenger. There are multiple joints in each finger and you can make a number of gestures, such as moving the base of the finger, and the back of the box shows you the picture of the villain. There's not much more to say. If you want a collectible to summarize the years of entertainment that the MCU has provided, I can't think of anything better for less than $70.

👤I love Lego sets that are meant to be displayed, and they look great on my bookshelf. I thought it was a nice touch to put the stones on the last. You can flip your friends the bird with the bendable fingers. Highly recommended. It is definitely worth the money.

👤It looks great, but is very flimsy. It is easy to fall apart. The instructions should be saved on this one.

👤My husband has been playing with Legos since he was small. He can't get enough of this!

👤My 9 year old grandson is very fond of his birthday gift. He was able to put it together in an hour without any help.

👤I don't like these type of sets but this one stood out to me. I love the finished product. The build is enjoyable and I like it. I would recommend this set to anyone who loves Legos.

👤I am a huge fan of the movies and toys. They need a gauntlet like the one that the Incredibles wore at the end of the movie. I would have done a few things differently if I only had the extra pieces. The price was a little steep but usually after a while the price goes up as Lego doesn't keep producing every set for a long time. Unless they sell out quickly, the set will be available for a while.

👤This was a Christmas gift for our 12 year old son who is too cool for toys and is in that stage between being a kid and being too cool for toys. This was a victory. He put it together with his older brother. Needed some help following the instructions. The inner pieces are more complex than the outer ones. It was a good bonding moment. He put it on the shelf in his room. He likes pretending that his fingers are snapping.

6. Gamerverse Punisher Machine Legends Standard

Gamerverse Punisher Machine Legends Standard

The Premium ROLEPLAY HELMET is. The helmet is inspired by the appearance of The Punisher in the mobile video game. There are light bulbs. The collector electronic helmet is inspired by the Tony Stark-designed War Machine technology and features 2 LEDs for light and sound. There are adjusted pantyhose. Features a variety of straps for the best fit, as well as detailed interior sculpting and design. The electronic helmet has a faceplate that can be detached and reinstalled on the top. There are electronic lights and sound. Attaching and detaching the faceplate prompt electronic lights and sound.

Brand: Marvel

👤I like this helmet. This fits perfectly with my head size and I can make some minor adjustments. It is fully adjusted. The plastic is thick and fits together nicely, it is a great display piece and fun to wear for a short period of time with the face on. The weathering on the face looks like battle wear. If you are in a lighted room, you can see out of the eye slit. I thought I would return the ad, but I was wrong and it was only 99 cents. I will be keeping it. The neighbors have stopped talking to me as I am now wearing a Gatling gun on one shoulder and a rocket propelled grenade on the other. The price is small to make the world a better place.

👤I am happy with it. I can empathise with people who are upset that the helmet doesn't look like the one on the box. I don't mind the clean cut skull, it's the Punisher, it's pretty bad ass. The brown stuff that looks like glue is funny because I see it on pictures here. I cleaned off with Q-Tips. If you want the helmet to look dirty, make it look like a box. I am quite happy with it. It is a nice addition to my collection.

👤It fit my big head and was a great addition to my collection. I wasn't sure if it would be a collectible. I have never heard or seen a punisher in armor. The punisher skull logo and the movies were the best in my opinion, the one with Tom Jane and John Travolta was the worst, I only saw war zone with Ray Stevenson.

👤Fantastic piece of comic book history. This is the 3rd helmet I have bought from the marvel legends collection.

👤I collect helmets and masks and make my own as well. This is a child's toy and very overpriced for what you get. It looks great and you really want one. If it's not functional, it's not worth it. This is what it is. Absolutely useless! I got my money back thanks to Amazon. Total ripoff.

👤My son loves this helmet, but I am a little disappointed that it is a plastic helmet with paint and lights and one sound. I was expecting more for the price.

👤Great helmet! It's typical of what Legends has to offer. It's not heavy or hard to see out of. I would have been surprised by the white paint, but it is for the War Machine version. I can't wait to wear this with a costume.

👤Consegna Amazon, puntuale, ben imballato e integro. Per il brown box esterno protettivo ma integro, fatto molto bene. L'acquisto!

👤Im Endeffekt ist die normale Ironman Helm. It's cool!

👤The leider ist in the game and in the comics. The Battle Damage Lock is top lakiert. The heit is schn zerkratzt. Frank Castle was man Erwartet. The Halsverschlu is called leider etwas. The LED LIcht knnte was heller. I am. Gesamten ist das Teil.

7. Medieval Renaissance Handmade Leather Replicas

Medieval Renaissance Handmade Leather Replicas

The Leather Village Vintage Leather Journal has the Trust and promise of purity of craftsmanship. Leather Village makes products from the highest quality materials. If you are not happy with the quality of your journal, please contact them for a replacement. Overall length is 6.1 inches and width is 4.7 inches. 120 sheets are counted on both sides. The paper type is Handmade Fiber. The cover is made of genuine cowhide leather. Simple Plain with Stitched Edge. The cover tie is threaded.

Brand: Hlc

👤I bought this journal for my husband to keep track of his recipes. The journal is very nice and cheap. The journal's exterior is plain, with no adornments other than the leather stitching. It has a reddish brown hue on the outside and a raw interior side. There is a leather string that can be wrapped around the journal to keep it closed when not in use. The journal's overall dimensions are 7.125” tall x 5” wide and 1.625” thick. The inside pages are 6.75” x 4.875” The pages are bound by hand with leather string and appear to be handmade. The paper is thick and off white, but not bright white. There are no lines on the blank pages, but there are some marks on the pages where the leather binding was used, but nothing to make those pages unusable. I believe it is expected when using natural products. I would recommend this journal to anyone. I bought this leather journal at full price and the above review is based on my own experience with the product.

👤I am giving my journal 5 stars. I opened the box 10 minutes ago and I am so happy I have to write a review. I wanted to get one of the decent ones reviewed. It is worth 7 bucks to roll the dice. Amazon does return things anyway. Don't be afraid to buy anything here! You can return it the next day and get your money back. I won this one. It is absolutely stunning, as you can see from the pictures. And for 7 bucks? That is the real kicker! The only bad thing is that the first page is marked with leather rubbing against it. No big deal. I apologize to the other people who got a bad product. I am proof that there are good ones. To give you an idea of what you can do with the wrap, I added a charm to it. Charm is not included.

👤I ordered a journal for my dad for Christmas and it went very smoothly. The color of the journal on the site is not the same color as the actual notebook. I was expecting a difference in color, but the one I received is a brick red, tan and orange color and I don't like it at all. The book on the site is dark brown. I didn't get out my ol tape measure and see what to expect size-wise, and I made you and me angry. It would be somewhat larger if I assumed it would be. I was hoping for it to be taller. The journal book is nice and well made, other than my "complaints". It has a very easy open and close leather string to wrap around the book about twice and the paper is made from recycled materials. There are 5 separate sections of paper that are tied together along the spine, and it seems there is plenty of paper for jotting notes, poems, lyrics, quotes, whatever the heart desires! I hadn't mentioned it already. It looks and feels very sturdy, and I doubt these pages will come out easily, which is great for my Dad. I think he will like it, I hope so! He'll be all set if he has a nice, fine tip/ ball point pen, and the paper is thick enough so that a good fountain pen wouldn't bleed through to the other side of the pages. The buy was great and the price was great. I would definitely buy again if they offered other colors. It's a perfect gift for the writer in your group.

8. AceCraft Infinity Gauntlet Necklace Daughter

AceCraft Infinity Gauntlet Necklace Daughter

1. There is a pack of Solid Metal material. Eco-friendly. 2. About 2.3x 3.1 cm, 13.5g/PCS Chain L 20inch. Cool jewelry for friends and family. Delivery by Amazon is in the range of 1 to 5 days. Perfect gifts for Father's Day, Thanksgiving, and Birthday.

Brand: Pillobox

👤I bought this for myself to wear. I'm quite happy with it. The piece is subtle enough to wear anywhere. It has a good weight and size.

👤I love the size of it, it's an homage to my love of marvel. I love any superhero universe. The chain was broken when it arrived and it had some oxidation on it. I was able to fix it, but the oxidation part was harder to cover up, so I tried nailpolish. I can change the chain as well. This would be a nice gift, but make sure you check it out, because not everything comes perfect. The stones have stayed in after many uses. I love it!

👤I ordered this for my best friend's mother, who is a second mom to me. She is a huge comic book fan as well. My best friend and his mom have been collecting a lot of superhero movies since the release of Avenger's End Game. This was a great gift. Thank you for the business.

👤A gift for a fan of the comic book series. I got one for myself in my bedroom and another for another marvel fan. Love it.

👤A 7 year old boy loved this necklace.

👤My son loves this necklace and I bought it for him.

👤It is better than I expected. My daughter loves it. The chain is nice.

👤I like it. It looks great and it's cool. It's shinny with nice colors and it's constructed well.

9. Tesseract Cosplay Infinity Stones Endgame

Tesseract Cosplay Infinity Stones Endgame

Theesseract can give light with the batteries. The reason for a safe shipping is that the Tesseract do not have batteries. The stones can give out light with the batteries, so please prepare two CR 2032 batteries. The material is high quality and made by skilled craftsmen. The design is great and has high reducibility. A&C Hero team designed the feature. A tesseract is very similar to the original. This tesseract is perfect for cosplay occasions. It's a great addition to your wardrobe for a theater production, school play or period reenactment event. This product was made by ella case and never given to any other sales agents. They offer a 100% authentic guarantee for the product if you look for a store ella case.

Brand: A&c Hero

👤This is the best. I was dressed as a soldier in the winter and received a lot of compliment. It was difficult to put the battery in right, but after watching the video a dozen times, I finally got it. The glow lasted all night. It was perfect! There is a It is heavy. 5 stars.

👤I have been a comic fan my whole life. This is the newest addition to my collection and it is amazing. I would have liked to have waited a bit longer. It arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased.

👤I was trying to get it to light up. I didn't realize it needed batteries until it came with no instructions. It wouldn't light no matter what I did, so I balled some Scotch tape inside and then set the LEDs and batteries and cover in it, and now it's behaving like it should. I'm not Tony Stark and it shouldn't be so much work. It looks cool, but it would be better if the light inside swirled or throbbed. It does weigh a ton.

👤This was a Christmas gift for our son and he loves it. The product is a great one, but it did have one downfall which was an issue for a lot of people. It was difficult to put the bottom on so it would light up. We were not able to keep it tight enough to light it up. We were able to solve the issue by adding a plastic washer to the lights. That worked well. We don't have to strain to tighten it anymore and our son doesn't have a problem lighting it up. That's the reason for the star's demise. It is a great buy if they can fix that problem.

👤The best tesseract I've owned. I know why this costs the price it does after cheaping out on two others. The color it puts forth is gorgeous, and it seems like it is true to real size. The corners aren't crisp, one of the biggest issues I've had with the other stuff I've bought. The corners on this one are sharp and crisp. It is simply amazing. I'm one stone away from having my own gauntlet and rule the world.

👤The reproduction is a pretty good one and the issues people were having with opening and closing the battery cover seem to have been solved. I had no problem removing the cover.

👤The weight is great. Solid as well. It looks good when lit. I used 2 2032 disc batteries. The main issue with this is that you have to turn the battery compartment door on to turn it off. I am thinking of putting grease on the threads since they are so tight to turn. The batteries were not told what to use.

👤Very disappointed. I bought this for my husband on Father's Day and was excited to have it here before. The light part was pushed in and crooked and there was no way to fix it without breaking it, so it was opened up and loved the way it looked. Had to return it today. I gave it a 2 star because it was exactly what I was looking for, but it would have been perfect if the light hadn't broken.

10. Skeleteen Faux White Pearl Necklaces

Skeleteen Faux White Pearl Necklaces

Simple Plain with Stitched Edge. The cover tie is threaded. Skeleteen fake pearls are perfect for use as a party favor. The novelty strand of beads is made to fit both men and women. They are perfect for little girls who like to dress up. It's ideal for use as a costume accessory for anyone who wants to dress up as a 1920s-era flapper or Tiffany in Breakfast At Tiffany's. Skeleteen items are made of non-toxic materials.

Brand: Skeleteen

👤Picked these up thinking the girls would have fun, but I ordered way too many. They were used as decorations on the tables and flowers, and it really added to the fun. Happy mistake! The girls had fun wearing the pearl beads and they are fun for 6 year olds.

👤The product was what I expected. They are made in China and the ends are riveted together. I wish the glue wouldn't turn brown, but I guess it isn't too noticeable if it is behind the neck. I bought them for a kid's birthday party and they are perfect. They come with a paper wrapped around one end and a bag so they are clean and there is no untangling to do. The length is long enough to make a double-neckedlace look on an adult.

👤I knew buying pearls was a must after having a Great Gatsby Wedding. I was pricing pearls from Michael's and Orient Express, so these were a great deal. When using pearls in bulk, no one expects you to have real pearls. I mixed them with silver ribbon from Michael's and put them in large glasses. They added to the theme and looked great. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The faux pearls I purchased were damaged and I was really disappointed. None of them were connected. They were all broken. I can use them. I have to return them. Disappointed. Very poor made.

👤We needed pearl necklaces to support the World Series. They worked well.

👤I had them spread out for a bridal tea party. They looked good. She was able to break them by pulling on them hard enough. They were great for what I needed.

👤These were used for the Princess tea party birthday. Little girls can take one home.

👤I bought this necklace pack for a friend. Every guest at the event wore a necklace and whoever caught them would get to take their necklace. The winner of the necklaces was whoever had the most at the end. It was fun, everyone loved it, and it added a bit of class to the party. It's a good thing. I couldn't find a pack of them anywhere, until I looked on Amazon. They looked great, and the price was great.

11. Spider Man SPD Classic Legends Gear

Spider Man SPD Classic Legends Gear

This product was made by ella case and never given to any other sales agents. They offer a 100% authentic guarantee for the product if you look for a store ella case. IRON SPIDER IS INSPIRED BY THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. The Tony Stark-designed Iron Spider technology that appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe inspired the helmet. There are red or blue spider eyes. The helmet has red or blue lights in the eyes and 6 settings. There are four different light settings. Red or blue light settings are used to illuminate the eye lens. Premium collector helmet has an adjusted fit and features detailed interior sculpting and design. The comic book series collector is called MARVEL LEGENDS. Premium roleplay helmet to complete any fan costume or collection with the quality design expected from the series.

Brand: Spider-man

👤This thing is not for people with larger heads. The mask isn't fully open. It works on a sliding track system that doesn't work well. I have a Mega man helmet that works great and is designed to fit people who have heads of all sizes, and they included foam pads for people with small or average size heads. I can wear a variety of motorcycle helmets but this one I have to shove my head in, my ears are small and it doesn't close, so there is a noticeable gap in the mask. I can see the problem. The white track system they use is too short, when extended too far it slips into the gap, making it hard to close fully. There is a For the money. I think they should have made the closing mechanism bigger. It has to be a display piece for me.

👤This is my second helmet from the Ironman series. This helmet is not good. I received it. The pros end there. This helmet is for children. I wear a normal size hat. The helmet is very small. It hurt when I tried to put it on. Even though the helmet can be stretched slightly for fitting, it doesn't move, so very little. The light up eye feature does not work, that's the icing on the cake. Two sets of new batteries were being tested to make sure they were in the correct position. Can't be more disappointed with this helmet.

👤Quality control for the high-end series is unusual. The helmet cover piece is missing. See the picture. Is it possible that this was returned by someone else? Others have reviewed the same issues. Exchange won't arrive for 2 weeks. It would have gone past the return date if we had not given it to our son early.

👤This thing is amazing. If you have a bigger head, it does expand. There are two modes, blue and red, and you can press the button inside the mask and boom. The only issue I had is that the mask is scratched from the manufacture on the top and side, which sucked because Amazon doesn't offer the option to replace the item for damage just a refund. After a while, it gets a little hot inside. We are not keeping this on all day so it is ok.

👤I could tell the helmet had quality control issues when I removed it from the box. There are multiple scratches and scuffs. I was excited to finally have a helmet of one of my favorite superheros, but when I tried to put it on, the mechanism broke and it wouldn't open. I think the helmet was rushed out to take advantage of the success of NWH. The helmet was supposed to arrive in March, but it was delayed. When it showed up three months early, it was a surprise. I haven't had any issues with the stuff before, which is why I think this was rushed out.

👤They are not kidding when they say small. This helmet isn't even close to the other marvel helmets I can fit into. Maybe it's just for kids. Grandson will love it. It is a pretty slick helmet. Happy with it. There is some sort of mark on it. I assume the ear section rubbed against the box when it was shipped around.


What is the best product for eye of agamotto prop?

Eye of agamotto prop products from Bo Feng. In this article about eye of agamotto prop you can see why people choose the product. Playmonster and Disguise are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye of agamotto prop.

What are the best brands for eye of agamotto prop?

Bo Feng, Playmonster and Disguise are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye of agamotto prop. Find the detail in this article. Tsotmo, Lego and Marvel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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