Best Eye Of Horus Ring

Horus 30 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. PMTIER Vintage Stainless Engraved Silver

PMTIER Vintage Stainless Engraved Silver

100% Hypoallergenic: No allergic reactions and no fade resistant. Birthday, christmas, anniversary gift. There is a 2 month warranty. Each item has a quality pouch.

Brand: Pmtier

👤This is a quality item. The ring is great for the price. Love the texture and detail on the eyes. The finger band is the perfect thickness. Would purchase again from this seller.

👤The ring is gorgeous. My daughter's hand was red and blisters. It isn't 100% STAINLESS STEEL that the ring is made from. I think the issue is caused by a black coating on the inside of the ring. She wears rings on every finger and takes them off at night, but has never had any problems with them being made of steel. It fit well and had room to breathe, but the top of the black area blisters. She thought it was pretty. If you don't have metal sensitivities, it's a nice ring.

👤I had to buy this because I'm a recovering goth. It's just as detailed as the photos show. It's much better than I had hoped for, at the price I purchased it for. I have sensitive skin and can't deal with nickle, but I don't expect a ring like this on Amazon, but sometimes things get mis labeled. It seems like this is the real thing so far. The other review made it sound like a heavy, ostentatious man ring, but I've been wearing it for the past four days and I don't think it's that bad. Some of them run about half a size small. If you know the smaller half size won't fit, you should consider a larger size. I matched my ring up to a set of metal ring sizers I have and it matches much closer to the 11 than the 10.

👤I was not happy with this ring. The rings I have ordered from this seller have been great. The black around the eyes on the one I received is faded away badly, but this ring looks like the picture for sure. It's hard to tell what the ring is made of. I had high expectations for this ring as it was one of my favorites so far. I was disappointed. Would a replacement be available? It is very comfortable, but has some flaws with the black detailing.

👤As soon as the outer coating wore off, I developed a rash on my finger. It is pretty sad that it is trash now.

👤The ring looks great. Something from the Berserk. I wish the eyes were all around the ring instead of just the front. The design and size are great.

👤It's really annoying that every ring I buy fits a different size. I don't understand why this is a thing. I now have rings from 7 to 9 in half sizes and all fit the same finger. For this one. This one is not in half sizes. I tried to get the ring off of my finger, but it left a smooth patch of skin around my finger, because it's so tight. The nine... It literally falls off. This shouldn't be a thing. The difference between whole sizes isn't that big. This company's ring size is crazy. If only they could size it correctly, this could be one of my favorite rings.

2. ZRAY Inspirational Adjustable Personality Encouragement

ZRAY Inspirational Adjustable Personality Encouragement

Women's rings for engraving bravery. Simple but lovely words of inspiration for everyday wear, and at the same time reminds the wearer that life is beautiful. The bravery rings are made from surgical grade 316L steel. It is strong but also light. The rate of skin reaction with STAINLESS STEEL is lower than with sterling silver and it will not tarnish or turn colors. The bright and shinny rings are cute and well made. Beautiful motivational silver rings are flexible and fit most finger sizes. This fabulous rings is a great gift idea for your friends, wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, sister, father, brother and so on. It's a perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, graduation, office party, or any other gift giving occasion for women/men who go through rough times. Everyone wears it to remind them that everything will be okay. Promise 90-day products exchange or money back guarantee. Their promise is that. Let them know if you're not happy with your purchase within the first 90 days. They will do everything they can to make it right.

Brand: Zray

👤I was pleasantly surprised by how shiny this ring is. I don't like how sharp the edges are. My ring size is 9-11 depending on which finger I wear it on. I usually use my middle finger or thumb. It fits both with a small adjustment. I am sensitive to gold and silver. It's great to have the choice to buy beautiful jewelry.

👤This is a very small piece of jewelry. I've been wearing it for weeks and it hasn't gotten banged up. It's not easy to wash my hands at work, but it's something I do a lot. I'm surprised how well this piece has held up. I appreciate that the design makes it easier to get on and off, as someone with arthritis can sometimes swell their fingers.

👤I love this ring. I returned a different style one I bought from somewhere else because it faded on the letters, but I found this one and am happy. I like that it doesn't have the sharp edges of other ones. The shine has held up well and accidentally swam with it on one occasion and still is shiny as the first day. It took me a few tries to get used to it, but once I did it was easy to adjust to. I will be buying more for my women's group.

👤This is a nice ring. I believe the product is actually a piece of metal, because it doesn't leave any redness to my skin, and I have been wearing it for a couple of months. There are two issues that I have. I know what it says, but I can't read it because it's so small. The shininess makes it look cheap. The shine is not ideal due to the small size of the fonts. If the ring was non-polished, I would like it more. It adjusts to fit my fingers and is good quality. I would buy it again.

👤What a great ring. I bought two for myself and one for a friend. We both needed a reminder. The ring on the outside is acceptable, but the underlying determination and edge that you know is there makes it so fun. It's nice to look at your hand and remember that we all have to keep going.

👤I have other pieces of jewelry that have held up well and I am hoping that this ring will be one of them.

👤I thought this ring was small. I can only wear this on my index finger, which is a size 10, because I have big fingers. It takes up my entire finger. It's difficult to adjust, but it's even harder to do because the ends stick way out and poke my fingers. It has a curve to it that makes it hard to wear on your thumb, and when I tried to wear it on my thumb it kept digging into the skin at the base of it. The words and flower are easy to read, but it's not good for an everyday ring, which is what I wanted.

3. VNOX Stainless Ankh Engagement Wedding

VNOX Stainless Ankh Engagement Wedding

Size 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13 are available. Money back guarantee or exchange within 12 hours. They offer other fashion jewelry. If you have a further question, please post it at the bottom of the page and they will reply you in 12 hours. There is a fashion jewelry bag.

Brand: Vnox

👤The design was messed up when I got it. I find it frustrating that the two symbols were lapping each other. If you value your money, don't buy this.

👤This product arrived on time. I loved it. It looked pretty. The designs were dark. After wearing it for two weeks and washing my hands constantly, I practices. The black ink on the ankh and eye of Horus was starting to fade. The ring has inscriptions on it. I like having the silver look on my finger, and so I gave it a three star rating. Thanks.

👤Really pleased with the quality. I've bought cheap jewelry from places like Amazon and wished before, but the metal looked like plastic or would have sharp edges, but not this! It looks nice and classy in person. I ordered the 11 just to be sure it wouldn't be too tight, and it fit just like my other 11.5 rings. The width of the band makes it easy to bend and move your finger.

👤I ordered a size 8 to wear on my middle finger. My only problem is that it is not the left eye of horus or the right eye of Ra.

👤This is one of my favorites. The hieroglyphs have not come off even after I have washed them many times. The band is the right thickness, I don't know. I would place it among my more expensive looking rings if it was not expensive.

👤I'm into African spiritualITY and the eye of heru, as it's called in African kemet, and it's beautiful. The Anh have a deep African spirit. The ring looks good. I love it.

👤The ring is made of sturdy steel and fits comfortably. I'm concerned about the reviews that said the enamel rubbed off after wearing it a couple of times, but since I don't wear my rings every day, I'm hoping this doesn't happen. I won't be disappointed if it's true because it's a nice ring.

👤The ring was too large for my fingers. Laser etched graphics look cheap and dim. I would have returned it but the seller was in China which makes shipping less cost effective. It was cheap.

4. PAVOI Sterling Zirconia Marquise Milgrain

PAVOI Sterling Zirconia Marquise Milgrain

These rings feature the finest quality gem grade. Designed for women with taste. These rings feature the finest quality gem grade. Designed for women with taste. This Stacking Ring is made of 14K Gold and is Hypoallergenic. The Dainty Rings are the perfect gift. It was made with love. The product is beautifully packaged and ready to be given. It's a sentimental surprise for any awesome lady. Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday, or wedding celebration are great times to give a gift. They offer a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. All of the metals they use are free of lead, nickel, and allergens. Excellent customer service. 100% of the time, PAVOI guarantees your satisfaction. They are an American owned and operated company. You can find more of their designs on Amazon.

Brand: Pavoi

👤It looks like a substantially bigger ring from the product image. I bought it because of the suggestion of a local IG gal who said it was a fake ring, so I thought it would be a good deal at 14 bucks. I have several other rings that all fit the size 9 I ordered. I received the ring this morning and it will be back. The images that they post make the ring appear larger than it really is. The pictures I posted show how small this thing is. It doesn't look like a product photo. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I opened the ring and saw this tiny thing, I was expecting a decent sized ring. The product image gives the appearance of larger stones, but in reality, they are tiny chips of something you can't see in the ring. They used a macro lens to zoom in and post misleading images of what this ring looks like. If you want something that looks like its photo, you should not purchase this ring.

👤Exactly what I was hoping for. It fits true to size. It is comparable to other brands on the market that are 3X more expensive.

👤I had to leave a review as soon as I tried this on because my nails are chipping. I was looking for a ring that was dainty, beautiful, great price and perfect everyday ring, and this one is exactly what I was looking for. It is slim enough to easily pair with other bands. I have bought earrings from PAVOI before and it is going to be hard to buy jewelry from anyone else. Their products are high quality and come in pretty packaging. Oh my gosh! I think they may run on the bigger side. I may be between sizes right now. If it is a hair too big, I would rather be on the safe side and get something small.

👤It is dainty. It is good for what I need. I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings for a while so this is a good sub until I do.

👤The ring is very dainty. I was looking for a band that was very thin. I usually wear a 5 but it is snug.

👤My fiancĂ©e and I are starting to pick out wedding bands, but I don't know which style I like the best. I ordered some bands from Amazon to test out which ones I liked the best with my engagement band. One and one other Pavoi band are my favorites. I plan to keep these and exchange them for my real ones eventually. They are very light but still shiny. My engagement ring is a 7.5 so I went with an 8 in this.

👤This ring is gorgeous. I was not disappointed when I bought this to replace my wedding band. I was afraid that it would be too big to fit on my engagement ring but it is a wonderful addition to my current ring. The fit of the ring is perfect because it was packaged beautifully. I ordered a size 8 but it doesn't fit like a 7 1/2. If you're not sure, go a bigger size or it might be too snug. The ring is of top quality. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to add some flair to their jewelry box. This is an amazing value. If you're questioning the weather, you should buy it. You won't be disappointed.

5. AeraVida Egyptian Horus Sterling Silver

AeraVida Egyptian Horus Sterling Silver

The material is sterling silver. Style: Egyptian, Ankh, Cross. The design measurement is 13mm wide, the band measurement is 7mm and the weight is 6.44 grams. The composition of sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The green or oxidation effect can be caused by exposure to any chemical and high body acidity. When wearing jewelry, keep your skin dry. If the piece begins to tarnish, clean it immediately. The item has an original AERAVIDA jewelry packaging card. It's perfect for gift giving or keeping for yourself.

Brand: Aeravida

👤Very nice ring! The detail is excellent and it appears to be quality sterling. I have been wearing this ring for two weeks and it has not dulled. I would recommend ordering 1/2 size larger than you would normally wear because it is a thick ring. I ordered 7 because 6.5 was not available and it is perfect. This ring is very gender neutral. It's not feminine for the men but not masculine for the women.

👤I ordered the wrong size for the finger that I was going to wear and they told me that it had already been shipped and I could exchange it for a different one. The ring is beautiful. The silver is thick and shiny. The size I ordered fits perfectly on my ring finger. I highly recommend this ring and will be taking a look at their other products because it is always a coin toss buying jewelry that you can't actually see and touch.

👤I wear a size 9 ring. I went to jewelers and got a nine. It fits perfectly. This is more like an 8 1/2 because it is too tight. The craftsmanship is beautiful. I like the quality of the ring, it is a decent weight of silver, and not a cheap looking ring. I am wearing it on a different finger because I love it.

👤I thought it was going to be great, but it was not as thick as I thought, it will get bent out of shape. It is sturdy and comfortable. I wash dishes all the time and have not had any issues with them turning any color or turning green. Why did I have to wait so long? The price, 30 was well worth it, nice details, awesome ring for a women at least but I think it would look great on anyone.

👤Absolutely gorgeous and detailed. I like Egyptian jewelry. I wear it all the time. Not too heavy and good quality.

👤The craftsmanship of this ring is amazing. The ring is thicker than I thought it would be. I am very satisfied with this ring and would recommend it to others. I bought 2 of these rings, one for me and my wife, and they look great! The ring sizes are not as large as advertised. I ordered a size 11 and a size 9 for my wife since these rings do not come in half sizes, and they fit perfectly, since I wear a size 10.5 and my wife wears a size 8.5.

👤I bought two rings. One for my wife and one for me. We love the design and representation, but it appeared that some of the silver was coming off on the inside edge. There is silver in some states. Just after a week or so. It was turning our hand black.

👤The package was very well packaged. There is a This ring is amazing. It is very comfortable to wear.

6. HZMAN Ancient Religious Pendant Stainless

HZMAN Ancient Religious Pendant Stainless

The crux ansata is an ancient Egyptian ideograph and means "cross with a handle". A ring that is comfortable to wear. It was high polished. Excellent workmanship and a good fit. This unique piece of jewelry is a perfect gift for any occasion, from Birthday,anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Party, Engagement, Holiday, or any Celebrations. It is easy to oxidize and tarnish the metal, it is ideal for long- lasting jewelry designs. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with the 90 day money back guarantee. Their promise is that. Let them know if you're not happy with your purchase within the first 90 days. They will do everything they can to make it right.

Brand: Hzman

👤It is good for what it is: low cost. It could fool someone who can't tell from silver. The ring is perfect.

👤The first time I ordered was for my husband. I put the ring in like a show. I didn't get the cut little bag that I ordered for the second time. I almost thought I was seeing a piece of plastic. I was lucky that the rings weren't damaged.

👤The ring I ordered was too large for me. It fits my S.O. and he loves it. I will order my correct size.

👤The material is great and the edges are nice. It's worth the money.

👤A good ring. Was hesitant to buy gold. I am happy with my purchase. It was perfect size.

👤This runs small, so order a size or 2 up.

👤It is as pictured. The ring arrived after the first shipment was lost. I finally wore it today. I got a size 7 to fit my middle finger.

👤A ring is fun. Looks like it. It's very light and easy to wear.

7. Stainless Egyptian Hieroglyphics Symbol Vintage

Stainless Egyptian Hieroglyphics Symbol Vintage

The measurement is 19mm or 0.75 inch. The material is STAINLESS- STEEL. Szie: 8,9,10,11,12,13. The Elfasio logo fashion gift bag is part of the package. Brand new. Men's rings is a perfect gift for fathers' day. The Elfasio Jewelry is made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL and will not oxidize or tarnish over time. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied. Money back guarantee for 30 days.

Brand: Elfasio

👤When I opened the package, I was amazed that the ring was perfect, I had expected a cheap piece of jewelry. It has a good weight and for the price you can't get this quality of jewelry no where in the world, great job guys, I will continue to order from you in the future, God Bless!

👤A ring made of high quality materials. You can see how good the steel is on your finger.

👤This ring is made to last. You are taking a chance when you buy jewelry online. I was happy. It's just right because I sized it for my finger. A man's ring. I hope that the jewelry will last a long time because I am not rough on it.

👤I gave it away because it was too small and not accurate to size, but I would definitely order it again.

👤I loved it, its a beautiful ring. Excellent design, great quality.

👤Quality service and fast. The appearance is luxurious and outstanding.

👤This ring is very cool. I like the weight and the details. You can't beat the price and the size is accurate.

👤Love the ring. It feels good and has great detail. Excellent quality. They should have half sizes.

8. HZMAN Statement Stainless Jewelry Silver

HZMAN Statement Stainless Jewelry Silver

This unique piece of jewelry is a perfect gift for any occasion, from Birthday,anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Party, Engagement, Holiday, or any Celebrations. A ring that is comfortable to wear. It was high polished. Excellent workmanship and a good fit. Best gift for engagement, wedding, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year. It is easy to oxidize and tarnish the metal, it is ideal for long- lasting jewelry designs. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with the 90 day money back guarantee. Their promise is that. Let them know if you're not happy with your purchase within the first 90 days. They will do everything they can to make it right.

Brand: Hzman

👤The yellow "gold" ring is gorgeous, I bought it. I've only worn it two times and it's already starting to dull, where at first it was bright, now it looks like it's turning. I haven't washed my hands with soap and water, only a small amount of hand sanitizer, and I tried to avoid getting on the ring by wiping my hands dry with tissue. I won't return it because it's too expensive, but I will wear it occasionally because it's a nice piece.

👤A pretty ring! I haven't turned my finger green yet. The size feels a little off to me, my is two sizes too small. I usually order a size 9 for my index finger, but this fit perfectly on my ring finger. This is a nice ring.

👤Mis expectativas, enamorado de Mi anillo.

👤It was made well for the price.

👤The band has a nice weight. Good detail and texture. It looks more expensive than it is. I love it! Would buy again from this seller.

👤It's pretty, but a big ring. I have a lot of fingers, but my thumb is a little loose. Otherwise, I love it!

👤I bought a ring that was true to size.

9. Valily Horus Stainless Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Valily Horus Stainless Egyptian Hieroglyphics

The ring width is 7-19.5mm and the weight is 22.4g. They choose solid stainless steel as the base material because it is different from cheap copper or alloy and will not fade or get rusty. The gold/black one needs more care for its shine. All edges are polished to perfect before the perfect look is accomplished. It is comfortable to wear. Within 90 days, there is a free return or exchange. Please contact them if you have any doubts about the product or service. This beautiful egyptian ring is a perfect gift for christmas, birthday, father's day, mother's day,valentines day,graduation, and ceremony, it comes with a black velvet pouch.

Brand: Valily

👤I assumed your ring size was based on your foot size. I ordered a ring size of 9 because I am a 8.5. It fits perfectly. There's a positive energy about this ring. I follow this merchant and purchase mor jewelry if there is a pleasurable variety. Very pleased with the ring! Excellent crafting, strong and solid.

👤It's nice but would recommend going a size smaller, it has a bit of weight to it and keeps falling off my finger.

👤It was bought for protection. I was very pleased with this ring.

👤This is a great value and I like it a lot.

👤If you're into Egyptian traditions, I highly recommend buying it.

👤The delivery driver ran right over my yard and didn't stay in the driveway.

👤I love the ring.

👤Je voulais la mettre il me manque un.5

10. Sterling Egyptian Pendant Necklace Fathers

Sterling Egyptian Pendant Necklace Fathers

crux ansata is an ancient Egyptian ideograph that means life. It is easy to oxidize and make jewelry out of S925 sterling silver, which is ideal for long- lasting designs. Come with a high quality chain. The Eye of Horus Pendant is 2.2 cm in diameter. The chain length is 45+6 cm. If you buy it as a gift, you can be sure it looks nice.

Brand: Tangpoet

👤The gift box was very elegant and contained the Eye of Horus-Ankh necklace. The chain is delicate and the pendant has some weight. The Eye of Horus has a double-sided Ankh. The length of the chain and the size of the pendant were perfect for me. Very nice necklace! The attached photo doesn't fully show its true quality. I found it and gave it to myself.

👤I love this piece of jewelry, but it is a little smaller than I expected.

👤This is made with top quality sterling silver and comes with a cute little chain. I'm very happy I bought it. I get a lot of praise for it. It's a bit of a conversation piece. It's worth the price.

👤The pendant has a small weight to it. I like it.

👤It is pretty and dainty. I am glad I bought it.

👤It is beautiful. Just as advertised. I was so disappointed that it hadn't been delivered. I found it when I broke down the box. There was a box stuck on packing materials. It is gorgeous, the chain is thin but strong, and it is a nice link style that goes well with the charm.

👤I thought it would be a bit larger but it is very small and expensive.

👤I was surprised that the item was heavy.

11. VACRONA Dainty Choker Necklace Minimalist

VACRONA Dainty Choker Necklace Minimalist

The ring is 14 high with 1mm stones. It is believed that an open eye can ward off bad energy. Their ring is inspired by these beliefs. The eye is one of the body's most precious assets. The evil eye ring is made of 14k gold and inlaid with jewels. It's nickel free, lead free, and Hypoallergenic. The necklace is packaged with a delicate gift box and exquisite card. A gift for your family. ADVANTAGE: Money back or exchange was provided by Vacrona. They will be able to fix the problem in 12 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Vacrona

👤I had it for less than 24 hours and it was already gone. You get what you pay for. I upgraded my rating from one star to 5 after reading how evil eye protection jewelry works. One of the jewels will break if someone sends you ill. Within 24 hours, this happened. I think it did it. There is a job.

👤I bought a back up because I love the ring so much. It will tarnish, but not too bad, and you could see a different metal color on your finger. My carelessness caused the tarnishing. When washing with hard chemicals, it is always a good rule to remove rings.

👤A pretty ring. It was what I wanted. It goes well with my other dainty pieces. I hope it doesn't fade.

👤Purchasing a second time tarnished very quickly.

👤It was nice until a few days later when I noticed it was changing colors. Not what I expected. It looks dull now.

👤I only take the ring off to sleep. I have showered it on and it is not green or funny. It has been about a month since my order was placed.

👤A great ring. I can get it wet and it doesn't turn into perfect colors.

👤My daughter liked it. It is pretty and dainty.

👤The gold coating on the ring is already coming off and the silver is showing in less than a month.


What is the best product for eye of horus ring?

Eye of horus ring products from Pmtier. In this article about eye of horus ring you can see why people choose the product. Zray and Vnox are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye of horus ring.

What are the best brands for eye of horus ring?

Pmtier, Zray and Vnox are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye of horus ring. Find the detail in this article. Pavoi, Aeravida and Hzman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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