Best Eye Oil for Dry Eyes

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1. Neutrogena Hydrating Hyaluronic Dermatologist Recommended

Neutrogena Hydrating Hyaluronic Dermatologist Recommended

The hydrating Neutrogena Hydro boost Eye Gel-Cream is specially designed to smooth skin around the delicate eye area. A hydrator found in the skin that attracts hydration and locks it in is what makes moisturizing eye cream. The water gel formula has a long- lasting, intense moisturizing power. The daily hydrating eye gel is non-comedogenic and oil-, fragrance-, and dye-free. Under-eye cream can be worn alone or under makeup and is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine for an at- home self-care experience.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤It's an okay product. I only gave it 2 stars as the ingredients are the same as the water gel facial moisturizer, except for the one ingredient: bees wax. I can't tell the difference between the eye cream and the facial moisturizers I have tried. If you like the facial moisturizer, I would just use it instead of spending the money on the eye cream, it seems like it's more of a marketing ploy. The eye cream and moisturizer have cooling effects on my skin. If you have sensitive skin, this may cause a burning sensation on your skin, as other reviewers have noted. Can't recommend.

👤I like the actual product but it will burn my eyes if I put it under my brows, on dark circles, and on crows feet. I have tried applying less to certain areas and it still moves around on my face and makes my eyes burn.

👤I felt a burning sensation after using the cream twice. Twice it was enough to damage my skin, leave red marks, and cause my skin to almost dehydrate completely, turning it extremely thin, dry, and wrinkly. I will have to use neutral creams to repair, even for burning accidents, and it will take a while to regain its elasticity. My face hurts. This product is not for everyone.

👤It is the same ingredients as the face moisturizer. I just applied some on my eyes after I returned. It seems like a waste of money to have the same product in a smaller container.

👤I wanted to love it, but it still made my eyes water. Even though I was careful that no gel got into my eyes, my eyes would start to film over after about 15-20 minutes, making it difficult to see clearly. I tried it a few times, but it was not the cause. Neutrogena is usually my go to product line, but this eye cream was not up to par.

👤After a week of use, I don't notice much. It doesn't seem to help with hydration. It isn't worth it. My eyes have been a concern for me since I was a teenager. I want to get a tummy tuck soon. I have dark circles that get worse very quickly and I believe they are tear troughs. I was hoping this would help me drink more water. I could help the makeup process by hiding it. I don't want to have a lot of makeup on my face. This didn't seem to help at all.

👤My skin reacted badly to the product. I don't have sensitive skin and usually don't have problems with any skin products I try. The skin under my eyes became red and irritated after three days. The skin started to get wrinkled. When I realized what was happening, I immediately stopped using and began putting plain aloe Vera under my eyes to heal from the reaction. It caused something like a mild burn and sting when applied to me. It took around ten days for my skin to recover from using this product. I didn't expect a bad reaction to a Neutrogena product, but it did. I found several similar accounts after digging through other reviews.

2. TheraTears Supplement Nutrition Flaxseed Triglyceride

TheraTears Supplement Nutrition Flaxseed Triglyceride

A unique blend of organic Flaxseed Oil, pharmaceutical grade Fish Oil, and Vitamins E and C. TEAR PRODUCTION is designed to increase tear production. Quality: Excellent. It is distilled and free of mercury and lignans. Dry Eye Therapy is part of the TheraTears Dry Eye Therapy line. The doctor was created. TheraTears was created by an eye doctor after 18 years of research.

Brand: Theratears

👤I had chronic dry eye and was diagnosed with the skin condition Rosacea late last year. I went to my doctor in San Francisco for the first time and he told me that I would have these conditions for the rest of my life, because of the pain and redness in my eyes. My doctor recommended a steril for 2 weeks and then fake tears of many brands I could choose from. I don't know who recommended Thera Tears. I felt better using Thera. I decided to purchase them on Amazon, but I wanted to try the Omega Supplement from Thera. My doctor recommended washing with hot water and J&J baby wash once a day for my condition, which had already improved, but the chronic pain in my eyes was still there. I thought I was done until I started consuming them. I feel normal again in 2.5 weeks. My eyes are red. I don't have the pain that I used to. I feel like my eye lids have something in them that lubricates them and I can't tell anyone how it feels for the last 2 weeks. I think these things are a miracle for people with chronic dry eye. You can get used to it if you have some mouthwash handy. I am so grateful for the creator and I could not recommend them more. I would like to thank you for making my life normal again.

👤I had severe dry eye syndrome for over a year, but I didn't know how to use this product or how to get a diagnosis. I thought all the advertised claims were hype until I read other Amazon user reviews and realized I needed to get some of this asap. I'm telling other sufferers about meibomian glands because I know they are not the only ones who find diagnosis and treatment confusing and conflicting. I'd been wearing soft contact lens since 1978. I thought I'd be wearing my glasses for the rest of my life after 6 months of being unable to use my contacts because of pain and the feeling of a foreign body in my eye. The skin around my eyes looked older because it was dryer. It was difficult to put on make-up. I lost my eyelashes and they didn't grow back as quickly as I had hoped. There is a The burning, scratchy feeling was gone within 2 weeks of taking 3 of these. I was completely symptom free after a month but I stopped taking pills because I disliked them. I re-ordered them because the burning and dryness returned in less than a week. This is a syndrome that requires constant attention. While Thera Tears took care of the internal problem, there is an external component to getting this chronic problem under control. The upper and lower lashes contain oil glands that can get blocked or stopped functioning due to a variety of reasons. I have a recipe for keeping the misery of dry eye at bay. If you don't stay on top of things, symptoms will return quickly. 1.

3. Soothe Protection Lubricant Restoryl Twinpack

Soothe Protection Lubricant Restoryl Twinpack

If you have burning or irritation in the eye, use Soothe XP dry eye drops for a short time to relieve it. Your eyes have a protective layer that protects them from the elements. Restoryl mineral oils are only found in Soothe. Soothe XP helps protect against further irritation. Soothe XP lubricant eye drops help to restore the lipid layer to protect against tear loss. The Soothe XP lubricating eye drops help restore the lipid layer of tears and protect against tear loss.

Brand: Soothe

👤These eye drops are wonderful. I had been using eye drops but they weren't helping. I was tired of wiping away tears and telling everyone I wasn't crying and my eyes were constantly watering. I noticed a huge improvement after my eye doctor recommended these drops. No more crying! The first use was odd as I didn't expect it to last long. The package contained mineral oil and it made sense to me. These drops have changed my life.

👤If you've ever had a cataracts surgery, these drops might be what you're looking for. I can't sleep at night without waking up with my eyes dry and my eyelashes stuck together. I've tried the drops recommended by my eye doctor. If I had used nothing the night before, my eyes would have been better off in the morning. I had been searching for a silver bullet that would answer my prayers, but I found a different one. There are dry eye drops. I wake up the next morning without a hint of grittiness in my eyes or eyelashes after using these drops as directed at night. I wouldn't be where I am without these drops.

👤I do not use eyedrops. Never have. My wife has had it on a constant basis since she was a teenager. It is clear to me that most commercial drops don't do the job and I'm not sure why. She used to pick random brands. I started keeping a record of the ones that worked and the ones that didn't. The ingredients of products. These have worked well for her before. I think at some point, they changed the packaging as she bought a similar product from the same brand. They did okay, but not as well as these seem to. Since we started buying them online, there's never been a problem.

👤I have been treared by 5 eye specualusts for dry eye with the most exoensive and sometimes unusual treatmenrd to no avail. I discovered that I could not use harsh chemicals. Mineral oul is mild and not offensive.

👤I love this eye drop. I've used drops before, but the oil was so thick that it was hard to see. It messed with my eye make-up as well. I couldn't stand them. This formula is different. I can see well after about 30 seconds of mild blurriness. My eyes are dry. I have an eye condition that is caused by the inflammatory effects of arthritis. This liquid helps a lot. I'm sold! It was kept near my desk, nightstand and purse.

👤My eyes have gotten worse since I started using this product. I have more blurred vision and my eyes are not clear. They form a crust around the eyes after they dry up. I feel worse throughout the day. Not for me. I will see if the drops are better withoutPreservatives.

👤The product I purchased has an expired date of 5/2022. I bought a lot of brands to try. I was excited to see how this brand would help my eyes. It made them burn a little, but my main concern was that it kept my eyes blurry, which was very frightening. After only two days of trying, I realized that the product was cloudy and I was worried that I would damage my eyes. I'm pretty sure this is past the return date. I'm disappointed. I will make sure it's not cloudy by checking every eye drop. I have never experienced this issue before.

4. Terry Naturally Omega 7 Dry Relief

Terry Naturally Omega 7 Dry Relief

Need some relief? Omega-7 Dry Eye Relief provides clinically studied sea buckthorn to retain and replenish water in the eyes and alleviates dry eyes due to sun, wind, contact lens, aging, electronics or computer use. Omega-7 Dry Eye Relief helps promote a balance of essential fatty acids. Omega -7, -3, and 6. The extract of sea buckthorn contains the whole berry, seed, and oil for omega-7 and -9. The Terry Naturally Omega-7 is hand-harvested in a way that protects the environment and the source. All Terry Naturally products are manufactured to strict Good Manufacturing Practices set by the FDA and are produced with the highest quality ingredients.

Brand: Terry Naturally

👤11/12/19 is an update. These really work. It took two months to get going. I own Sjogrens. I have dry eyes and mouth. I take one in the morning and one at night. I used to put drops in my eyes at least once a day. I don't do it anymore. It's quite nice. They stopped working awhile ago. I stopped it for two weeks and have not had any problems since.

👤I was surprised by how effective this is. My Opthamologist told me that I could use eye drops once and hour if I needed them, even though I have sever dry eyes. Insurance won't cover the Rx drops in most cases, and they don't tell you that on the TV ads. I was using drops a lot and it was uncomfortable. I was told by the doctor to take a fish oil supplement. When I told the pharmacy I had dry eyes, they told me to make my own capsule. I started taking one capsule a day and noticed an improvement in a couple of weeks. You can take more than one a day. I take two capsule a day and almost never have to use eye drops. That's amazing to me! These are expensive. I don't need to buy eye drops in bulk and they are less expensive than the prescription.

👤I have had dry eyes for a decade. My vision and quality of life have been affected by drops and supplements. Two weeks ago, I searched for supplements. I have been taking these for a few days. Within five days, I noticed a huge improvement. Each day I took 3 capsules. For the first time in a long time, eyes felt refreshed. I did not use drops for the first time today. I didn't need my glasses to drive to work. My eye doctor only recommended drops for this product. Thank you very much, Terry, for producing this product and for Amazon carrying it. I was willing to try it because of the reviews you wrote. I am amazed that my eyes felt good. I can see clearly after many years of blurry vision.

👤I like this product. I had dry eyes for 18 months. I went to 2 different doctors and they both recommended I use over the counter eye relief. I felt pepper in my eyes. I had to walk downstairs each morning with my eyes closed because I could open my eyes in the morning. I used a variety of gels, liquids and creams for relief for 2 hours at night. Since August 25, 2021, I have been taking the pills as directed, and I don't have to use the eye drops. My eyes are not bloodshot. I would recommend this product to anyone with a severe dry eye condition. Terry Naturally Dry Eye Relief worked for me. The floaters in my eyes are starting to disappear as well. I know I am pain free because of this product.

👤If you are suffering from Dry Eye, take this... it is the best for it. Initially, take several times a day. NAC is a life saver and I add it every now and then. I am sad to see people scrambling to take the latest OTC med, hoping it will work, but disappointed when they end up with side effects. Some are foolish to only take 1 capsule of SBT a day for the worst cases and then complain that the SBT didn't work. There are many other benefits of SBT. This is a life saver.

5. Refresh Optive Drops Lubricant 0 33

Refresh Optive Drops Lubricant 0 33

Protection for dry, irritated eyes is included. The most comprehensive gel formula. Relief can be anytime, day or night. It feels like a drop but it works like a gel. The volume of cells on the eye's surface is maintained with the help of hydrocell technology. The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products.

Brand: Refresh

👤I needed a thicker eye drop for my dry eye. If I don't put drops in the corner of my eyes first thing in the morning, I'll get corneal abrasions because of the backs of my eyelids sticking to my eyeballs. Most drops burned my eyes. The drops do not burn. The drops are thick and oily.

👤Gel drops are better for dry eyes than thinner drops. It's more comforting and less wasteful. Small drops are all that's needed to squeeze the bottle. If you applied your vision, it might be blurry. The gel will mix with your tears in a matter of minutes and your vision will return. You will feel better.

👤My eye doctor does not recommend that I use a prescription at this time because of my dry eyes. The thickness of the liquid in these eye drops helps keep my eyes moist and lubrication is the best I can find. I use them in the morning and evening for drops per eye. I have been using these for a long time and have found them on Amazon at a cheaper price and have them on a revolving delivery which is great for me. I use one bottle every 40 to 50 days and will be sad when it's no longer produced as I've tried other brands over the counter. The gel is not sticky orobtrusive to your vision, just take an extra moment to open and close your eyes and blink frequently, and the comfort is worth it! I would buy again because they came quickly. Happy customer.

👤I was given a sample of the eye drops. I decided to try Thera tears and Bausch and Lomb since it is gel based and takes a few moments to digest. They made my eyes tear even more and my eyes felt very rough. I use refresh once a day in the morning and evening. I find these drops to be very helpful in controlling my dry eye condition because I am very sensitive to medications.

👤I was told to use Refresh Optic Gel Drops for dry eyes, but I found them here for a lower price, and they are not the same as the one my doctor told me to use. Gel eye drops are different from regular eye drops, they coat the eye, and do not cure my dry eye problem. This company should stop selling dupes. If you don't have the real thing, don't advertise it because law suits are real and I don't mind filing them.

👤I like this product very much. I have used it for a long time. The first negative review I have ever written is for Amazon. The eye drops that I received on March 29 will be gone in May. I tried to return them because they were not good enough, but I couldn't use them quickly. They are not returnable according to Amazon. I have eye drops that won't do me much good, but I think this is poor customer service. I bought the drops 6 months before this, so I guess the ones I just received have been sitting on the shelf for a long time.

6. Scope Optase Moist Hydrobead Technology

Scope Optase Moist Hydrobead Technology

The protective oils in the eyelids are loosened by moist heat, which is needed for healthy tear production. The technology ofcurblesscurblesscurbless Absorbs moist air and retains heat for 10 minutes. To reduce the symptoms of migraines, allergies, puffy eyes and contact lens irritation, hot or cold compress is designed. Soft Cottonwood construction. For a custom fit, you can use comfortable unwoven cotton. The complete doctor recommended eye care regimen is called OPTASE and it is recommended to help tackle the cause and symptoms of Dry Eyes.

Brand: Optase

👤I have a dry eye and have been for years. My eye specialist told me to use this to open the meibomian glands in my eyelid which block tears. After the first use of many oils, my vision was blurry for a while. This is normal. After four uses my eyes are more comfortable, but I can't tell you. It is easy to use and comfortable. It has a blue pouch to keep it safe. I recommend this. I don't understand why my previous doctors didn't recommend this to me. I am absolutely thrilled!

👤I used to apply moist heat to my eyes using a gel ice pack in the microwave, and a washcloth, but this OPTASE eye mask is still not any better than that. I was hoping to place the mask over my eyes and not have to re- heat it in the microwave. It must be reheated in the microwave within about 2 minutes, and then again 2 minutes after that. It is barely warm when the 2 minutes are up, so this is not saving me any time or energy. The mask is soft and easy to fit around the head, but not warm enough for long periods of time.

👤I went looking for an easier way to make a warm compress after trying several times. I tried the beads in a microwave. The plastic face mask was uncomfortable. The warm cloth feels good on my eyes. My eye doctor said my dry eye had improved. I decided to buy myself a new mask after almost a year.

👤The mask is easy to use. I put it in my eyes after heating it up in my microwave. It was moist and warm. It was warm for about 10 minutes. The mask is large enough to hold it in place.

👤I bought this on the recommendation of my doctor. It is so easy to pop in the microwave for a short time. The package directions to heat it are incorrect. We can only use the microwave for about 30 seconds. Test before applying.

👤It doesn't retain heat for more than a few minutes.

👤The eye mask is amazing. My eyes are tired. I was told by the doctor that I have dry eyes. The mask fits perfectly to your face. My eyes are feeling less tired because of the warmth. 30 minutes of tranquility is also an opportunity for me. This item is recommended by me.

👤The description made me think it was different than what I received. It was thicker than I would have liked and didn't help my dry eye after heating it and applying it to my eyes. The heat was nice for a while. A cheaper one would work just as well.

👤I suffer from dry eye syndrome and get attacks of blepharitis frequently. The last attack had lasted for four weeks and no amount of lubricating drops, anti-biotic ointment or medicated wipes made a difference. I was at my wit's end because of the pain and swollen eyes, and I couldn't do anything to stave off low mood. I remembered my doctor recommended a heated mask and ordered it. I can honestly say that from the first time I used this, I felt relief and my eyes are almost back to normal. I have ordered another so that I always have one to use while the other is being washed and dried. It has made me feel better. It may not work for you. I hope it does.

7. Nature Drops Organic Castor Oil

Nature Drops Organic Castor Oil

Premium grade is 100% pure cold pressed scelanese oil. The extract is free of ethane. The best Castor seeds are hand-picked and plucked by cold press to preserve the botanical actives and Triple Refined for the highest quality grade. Know what you're putting on your body and skin. The highest quality natural oil is available today. Their oil is rich in Omega-9 and Omega 6 which are essential for the growth of hair, lashes and brow hair. Nature Drop Organic Castor Oil is used to promote hair growth and it also helps with eyebrows and eyelashes. Even a small amount of oil can do wonders for your eyelashes. You can grow your eyebrows with optimum amounts of castor oil. It's not hard to make your eyebrows thicker with a touch of them before you sleep.

Brand: Nature Drop

👤I use this product in my eyes at night. After a day of exposure to blue light and too much device time, these drops provide relief from dry eyes. I use one to two drops nightly. Don't be alarmed because it has high viscosity. I don't need OTC daily eyedrops with questionable ingredients.

👤A very refined oil. It's tasteless as well. When I was a child, my mom used to give us this stuff. Yuk...! The skin is very nice on the outside. Excellent product!

👤The oil is sticky and slimy. This one is very thin. It won't be useful for me. I'm not happy. The one I used to buy is no longer available.

👤I use this before bed to help with a damaged eye. If I comb in a little, my hair looks better.

👤I like this product. I use it every night. My eyelashes grew.

👤es buen para los ojos.

👤When you put it in your eyes it makes them angry.

8. Similasan 60094841300469 SIMILASAN DROP RELIEF

Similasan 60094841300469 SIMILASAN DROP RELIEF

Aging eye symptoms like blurred vision, eye strain, and tearing can be alleviated with Similasan Aging Eye Relief drops. Use as often as necessary. The eye drops stimulated the body's natural defenses instead of masking symptoms like blurry vision, strained eyes, dry eyes, and watering eyes. Natural active ingredients are used in eye drops. Eye drops do not contain chemicals that cause rebound effect. In Switzerland, for over 40 years, Similasan has been used by families. The leading brand of remedies with natural active ingredients is called Similasan. A Swiss brand is dedicated to helping families feel better. Natural relief from aging eye symptoms can be provided by their eye drops.

Brand: Similasan

👤I have been going blind for a while. I used the pink eye, aging eye, allergy and all purpose drops. After a few days my eyes and sinuses felt like a cold, but my vision got better and the irritation and dryness were gone! It was like rolling back the clock 15 years. Really impressed.

👤I preferred the Simalsan Allergy Eye drops over the Aging Eye Relief drops. I am a senior citizen who reads a lot, spends a lot of time on the computer and lives in the high desert where there is tons of tree pollen. The Aging Eye Relief drops have a long lasting effect and are very soothing. They work well for relief during tree pollen season. Samalsan brand is effective in general, but these eye drops are excellent.

👤I need eye relief for my eyes. After going to sleep and waking up, my eyes are no longer dry or itchy. The delivery system is easy to use. I use drops in my eyes before I go to bed. I will be rearranging.

👤I bought this for my senior Lhasa Apso. I recall that this formula was formerly labeled for cataracts, as he is starting to get one in one eye. His eyes are not as bloodshot and it could be my hope, but his cataract is diminishing. God knows I hope so. It is safe for animals to use it. Highly recommended. The first bottle I bought was superior to any other drops I've tried.

👤These eye drops are great for my eyes. It was a bit awkward to use their dropper, but I quickly got the hang of it and my eyes are much better even after hours at the computer or being out in the weather where dust and pollen used to make them quite itchy. I use drops in my eyes when I get up in the morning and again at night. I use my eyes during the day if they're dry or tired, but it's not often. My eyes are not as dry as they used to be.

👤The blur is gone after 2 drops in each eye. I will use them.

👤I decided to try this product since it claims to be safe and has no side effects. After applying two drops per eye, I felt a sensation of pressure in both eyes. The L is still feeling a sensation of pain and pressure two hours after R was okay. I have headaches on the L side of my head. The product has been submitted for return. The time is now 12:00 PM. The headaches are gone by noon the next day. There is only slight sensitivity to touch in the L eye. Returned for a refund.

👤After applying the drops into my eyes, I felt zig zag lines in my eyes. At first, I thought my iPad screen cracked, but I realized it was my eyes that were having the issues. I stopped the drops. Scary experience. Be aware!

👤I ordered a second one before I ran out. Did everything they said they would do. Dry eyes, blurry vision, and general uneasiness. The droplet was so easy to use that it didn't need a lot of squeezing for the drops to come out. I think they are worth it even though they are a little bit more expensive than other drops. I was a little disappointed that the second bottle was more expensive than the first. I want to keep using these drops and I hope the third bottle won't be more expensive.

9. EyetaminsTM Dry Eye Supplement Moisturizes

EyetaminsTM Dry Eye Supplement Moisturizes

The Sea Berry Dry Eye Supplement is a patent-pending alternative to eye drops that can be used by people who suffer from dry eye. Sea Berry has vegan Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9. It helps tired eyes, eye strain, and eye fatigue. 60 vegan softgels. The oil is made from Himalayan Sea Buckthorn and has over 190 bioactive super nutrients. USDA organic, vegan, and non-GMO. Himalayan Sea Buckthorn is known as the "holy fruit" in centuries-old medical texts in Tibet and Asia. The Himalayan Sea Buckthorn has 70x the power of Vitamins C and E. Eyetamins are made with the best natural ingredients to support your eye health at every age. Their products are free of banned substances. It is certified as aGMP. There are no allergens in the products, including eggs, fish, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat. Their vision is their most precious sense, but most of them take it for granted until it's too late. Eyetamins is the first natural eye care supplement that addresses the needs of the modern day.

Brand: Eyetamins

👤It's too expensive for what you get. I think it's helpful for your eyes. I found the same ingredients in Seabuck Wonders' Pure Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend Omega-7 Complete on Amazon. I use it because I have good insurance and I think it helps with the many procedures they like to do on my eyes. I have the freedom to have my opinion since it is my body. I use Life Extension standardized European bilberry extract. On Amazon.

👤This didn't help me. I get that vitamins are like insurance and you don't get any body feel good feedback typically but this was a waste of money and I contributed to anentrepreneur's dream.

👤Ineffective. This company is a scam. They will never refunds you for the free product.

👤I like this eye supplement. These pills help me with dry eyes. The price is not cheap. I think it's worth it!

👤I went through the whole bottle and there was no improvement.

👤No, no, no No, he sentido ninguna.

👤I'm trying to get off Restasis. After 2 months of use, this works well. My skin is not dry.

👤I use a product for my dry eyes. The cost was much higher than I thought it would be. I might stay with the oil.

10. Cetaphil Hydrating Gel Cream Hyaluronic Acid

Cetaphil Hydrating Gel Cream Hyaluronic Acid

The eye GEL-CREAM is being worked on by Cleopatra. The skin around the eye is delicate. There is intensity and hyperbole. instant hydration is provided by Hyaluronic acid. There is aGEL-CREAM FORMULA. The formula absorbs quickly and deeply. There are two things: generosity and non-IRRITATING. It's suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes. The products are designed for sensitive skin.

Brand: Cetaphil

👤Incredible! I was having redness around my eyes. Other natural products made it worse. I came across this product and the consistently 5-star ratings after researching online. It is a fraction of the price of prestige beauty brands. Within hours, I saw the results. The photos are taken within 24 hours. The gel is light-weight, smooth and odorless. A new lifetime consumer of this product! Can't wait to see the long term results

👤I have been using this for a long time. The jar I received was not up to par. The lotion was thick and congealed. They're either selling returned or damaged products. This is an excellent product, but you can buy it at a store. Don't spend your money here. There are many poor reviews about the container not being completely full. The jar is larger than 1.7 ounces. The product is kept off the lid when you close the jar.

👤I have noticed a decline in the condition of my skin as a mom who has been pregnant and nursing children for the past few years, with more permanent lines andwrinkles, and breakouts due to hormonal fluctuations. I am so lucky. This lotion has really impressed me, even though it is a lot for one moisturizer to tackle. It absorbs quickly and leaves you feeling empty. After only 3 days of use, my laugh lines and crow's feet were gone, and the skin looked plumper and less dried-out. Previous moisturizers made me break out, but they didn't hydration enough. One does it all. Highly recommended.

👤The dark circles under my eyes have lightened up a lot. This product is very good.

👤I've been using this for about a month and my dark circles are lightening up. It doesn't create a weird tight feeling on your face when it absorbs, and you can't feel it on your face. I will get another when I finish my current tube.

👤I've been using Cetaphil products for a long time and have been very pleased with them. In the winter, I use the night cream for dry skin as my day cream. I thought I would give this a try because I was looking for something lighter to put under my foundation. It was a disappointment. This product is very thin and watery, which would be fine if it provided any moisturization. It goes on for a while, but then just disappears. I don't know if it's been on my skin or not. I received either a fake product or a very poor product. Go clear.

👤Well, internet... I posted a makeup free selfies to show you how great the product is, but I have never posted a picture of myself. I have no crows feet because of this product, I am in my 40s. I have a lot of other issues with my face, but not the canthal lines. The eye cream/gel helps to make the eye area soft. It feels great when you put it on and it absorbs quickly. I use a cheap night cream and a makeup wipe for my nightly skincare routine. Not the most rigorous regime. I started using sunscreen on my face last year. I know. I know, okay? It was stupid, but I am more responsible now. I have never had any of those things. This. Stuff. Is. Just. It is amazing. It was made up of all the bad things I have done to the skin around my eyes in the past: sun, wind, squinting, lack of sleep, camping/hiking/biking/ running without sunscreen, etc. Cetaphil should make this stuff forever. I'm a fan for the rest of my life. The eye cream/gel is amazing.

11. Castor 16oz Organic Cold Pressed Hexane Free

Castor 16oz Organic Cold Pressed Hexane Free

Sky Organics has a bottle of USDA Organic, cold-pressed, 100% pure Castor Oil. Sky Organics is 100% pure and cold-pressed. There are no added ingredients in unrefined Castor Oil. The Organic Castor Oil is a natural source of Omega 3s that are good for the hair and the skin. Organic Castor Oil is a natural eyelash and eyebrow cleanser. Their Organic Castor Oil is USDA certified Organic and vegan.

Brand: Sky Organics

👤Over the last two years, I have purchased this oil several times. The last purchase I made was due to a price drop. I still have a full bottle. There are differences in the labels when I receive my last purchase. There was an icon that was not there. "chemical-free" and "no Additives" were not listed on the attributes. The company contact information was different. It used to list a phone number, email address, and address, but it only listed an email address, which was different from my previous bottles. The last thing I notice is that the oils were different. The previous bottle of oil is a lot lighter than the last bottle. Requesting a money back.

👤I want you to not buy this product. I decided to use it after reading all the positive reviews and seeing my hair fall out. The solution made my hair fall out in clumps. Don't buy this. I am trying to keep you calm. Buy anything else. I am not sure how long this will be up, but if you see this, please click away from this product.

👤There weren't many reviews from natural 4C hair women. I bought this item thinking it was Jamaican black castor oil. I was looking for a natural product. The only difference between black and black castor is how it is made. The black and the cold pressed castor oil are different. Some people think the ash from the black castor oil can help the oil penetrate the hair shaft. I said it was based on preference. I only wash my hair once a month, so it was very confusing that the directions said to apply it and then wash it out. If you have hair like mine, it's safe to leave. It's a very thick oil, but it's great for hair growth. I've been using castor oil on my hair for a while and it's amazing. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I hope I helped someone.

👤I've used this oil before and it had a new look, but the ingredients were the same. It was cold pressed and hydrogen free in the previous year. The new version does not state that and they do not show the bottle from the other side. The description on the actual bottle does not match the advertisement, and they added some babble to make up the lines which they are not showing with their new look. I believe I will receive the same product that I purchased it for a second time. Many people have their hair fall out or are allergic to the product in the past three years with the new product version, because of the one star reviews. I bought a cold pressed and no hexane item in August of last year. The practices can be seen more often than not. The old bottle and old version of this product is the left bottle, while the new bottle is mostly white.

👤Historical documents for millenniums show that the castor bean seeds were in existence 4,000 years ago. They were found in Egyptian tombs. I use sky organics brand organic castor oil as a castor oil pack for many other reasons besides skin. These packs can help with bile removal, improve circulation, and possibly even help with sleep and muscle pains. I find that they can help with a lot of diseases, including arthritis, and I find it to work well for the muscles and pains I get sometimes. If you want to use organic cotton flannel or wool flannel, put it in a bowl of organic castor oil, wring it out, and then put it over the area you want it to go over. Place a towel over top and then a heating pad, or place a plastic sheet over the flannel, and then lay a filled hot water bottle or heating pad on top. Place a blanket over this area to keep it warm. You might want to place a towel underneath you so that the bed or sofa you are laying on doesn't get oil on it, which is its only downside I found using it. Start with 10 minutes and work up to an hour or more. I use several times a week or daily. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, do not use castor oil packs.


What is the best product for eye oil for dry eyes?

Eye oil for dry eyes products from Neutrogena. In this article about eye oil for dry eyes you can see why people choose the product. Theratears and Soothe are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye oil for dry eyes.

What are the best brands for eye oil for dry eyes?

Neutrogena, Theratears and Soothe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye oil for dry eyes. Find the detail in this article. Terry Naturally, Refresh and Optase are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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