Best Eye Pads for Glasses

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1. TEKPREM Eyeglasses Screwdrivers Sunglasses Replacement

TEKPREM Eyeglasses Screwdrivers Sunglasses Replacement

The complete nose pads kit includes nose pads screws, 2 eyeglass screwdriver, 5 pairs of nose pads, and a cleaning cloth. Everything you need for a replacement nose is packed in a case. Premium quality Silicone nose pads, soft, air chamer design and comfortable with no bad smells are what the quality Silicone nose pads are. There are 5 pairs of soft air chamber Silicone nose pads with 1 pair of standard Silicone nose pads. TheNose Pad Screws are Diameter 1.0 standard screws for normal nose pads replacement. The ph#00 phillips screwdriver is perfect for the removal of nose pads and legs screws. The phillips screwdriver fit the tiny screws perfectly. The high quality curved Tweezer will make it easy to pick up the screws and nose pads.

Brand: Tekprem

👤This is not an overall eyeglass repair kit. If your lens are falling out, you should order this kit. The nose piece screws are tinier than the lense screws. The day this product arrived, first two don't count. I have the tools I need. The kit was bought for the screws. This is the second pair of glasses that I need a screw for. I do not need 17000 screws. I bought the cheapest package I could find, thinking it would hold the screws I needed. I felt obligated to review this kit because I was so impressed by it. The package has not fallen after being opened three times. It feels like it will last a long time. The crummy label stuck to the top of the box tells you how to open it, so I would recommend reading it. The price is worth it because of the tweezers. I own a pair of tweezers that are a bit better. They don't get the job done as well as these tweezers, but they cost me more than I spent on the entire kit. The screwdriver is not great quality. I picked up something from harbor freight. The glasses cleaning cloth is useful since you will touch your glasses while replacing your nose pads. The screws are fromPhillips style. Anyone making screws should be shot. The packaging is the best thing about this kit. It is secure, which made me dread opening it with a pop and throwing nose pads and tiny screws everywhere, but that is not a concern. The nose pads and screws are not open with a container. The two sizes of screws have their own containers. This allowed me to work without losing any of the tiny screws. If I carried such a thing, I would put it in a backpack, purse, or junk drawer. It also comes with the same small screwdriver as the other kits. It's handy if you have chronic screw issues. The nose pads are a lot bigger than what was found on my glasses. I didn't want to replace them but I was impressed with this kit and felt like I did. The only thing that would make this kit better is if they included a jewelry loop so that you can see the tiny screws without glasses. I can't see how they could turn it into a big mess like that, since they'll never need or use it. I need a general kit to get the lense screws I need. I know which manufacturer to look for.

👤The pad attachment is too large for my glasses. I assumed they were standard size so maybe my glasses pads are not. They will not fit in the flange.

👤The packaging and the tweezers looked dirty. I had to find a small screw driver that would take out the screw from my glasses because the screw driver it came with didn't work with my current glasses. The kids have nose pads. One that screws directly in and doesn't move around and the other that has a little extra that moves around with padding. I had to sit for the rest of the day with metal poking into my nose because the extra padding ones kept ripping off. I decided to use the ones that screw directly in after losing 4 of them.

2. Mr Zz Eyeglasses Upgraded Silicone Screwdriver

Mr Zz Eyeglasses Upgraded Silicone Screwdriver

The Air Bag NoSE PAD is made of extra soft silicone, non-slip, lightweight and elastic, and provides you comfort when you wear glasses. Reducing the amount of pain. UpGRADED: The nose bridge has a plastic backbone that holds the glasses frame in place. 6 pairs of screw-in air bag nose pads, 6 pairs of tiny screws, and a piece of 3-in-1 micro screwdriver are included in the package. Great application. The nose pads are screw-in and can be used for glasses. There is a 90 day money back guarantee. The delivery was from the US Amazon warehouse. Shopping is assured.

Brand: Mr.zzjooj

👤At last, comfort. My old nose pads were making marks on my nose. These are easy to install. I used the screws I already have. I replaced the pads that I screwed out. That's it. There is a difference in comfort. These pads are slightly larger. There was no diff in appearance. These are soft clear rubber, unlike the old pads which were hard plastic. My glasses were always sliding down my nose as I was an accountant. These seem to hold my nose better. I would rate them A+. A great product, but I'm not happy with the people who fit it. I buy new glasses every 2 years for $200 to $300 each. Doctors could purchase this product in bulk and replace their hard pads for pennies. They can't give up a small profit for the sake of their customers.

👤I can't see anything unless it's pressed against my nose. For a long time, I had thick glass lens that made my nose hurt. I switched to glass for many years because of the problems with the composite ones. They are still heavier than they used to be. The stock nose pads became unbearable to wear a few days after I left the doctor's office. I tried some foam pads that were stick-on for a short time, but they stopped helping after a day. I didn't think those type pads would work for me. I started looking on Amazon for different options. The screw on type replacements looked like they would work out best for my situation and were priced well compared to others. They come with a pouch with a small screw driver, pads, and at least ten extra screws. These are a couple millimetres larger than the stock pads on my frames. I thought a larger surface area would help spread the weight out a little more. I was blown away by the difference when I had these new ones. The spots on my nose are still sore, but with these on, I'm surprised to barely feel anything. I am so glad I gave these replacements a chance. They made my glasses comfortable to wear by taking my glasses and all the weight. My nose hasn't had time to recover from before and I barely notice I have my glasses on. I can't imagine a situation where these wouldn't make someone's glasses more comfortable to wear.

👤It would spark so much joy if someone knew something so insignificant. I've had thin, hard nose pieces digging into the bridge of my nose for nearly a year. My glasses were sliding down my nose. I just dealt with it because this is one of the two frames I own. I had the idea to look at softer cushions because you can buy anything on Amazon. It's here! It's so convenient. No more sliding down my nose! Get these.

👤If your glasses slide down, you need these. Now they don't, mine did both. The air bags are very soft and pillow-like, which is why they're called "air bags". Installation was easy once I realized that you don't need to push them into the mounting. Attach the attachment point to the sockets. I use my jewelers screwdriver because I am clumsy. To get the tiny screws to the hole, I needed an Optivisor and a pair of tweezers. The benefits outweigh the struggles.

3. GMS OpticalĀ® Ultra Thin Anti Slip Contoured

GMS Optical%C2%AE Ultra Thin Anti Slip Contoured

The soft silicone material makes glasses more comfortable. The nose pads are ideal for making cheap sunglasses more enjoyable. Tired of your glasses sliding down? They've got you covered! The nose pads will help your glasses sit securely on your nose. The nose pad has a super sticky backing that allows it to last a long time. It is important to clean the surface of your glasses before applying. Premium grade soft silicone is used to create these pads, which are built to last. These nose pads are ultra-thin for maximum comfort. Not included are glasses.

Brand: Gms Optical

👤The glue on the pads was not good according to many reviews. I was unsure if I should order them. I did. The plastic frames I use for my prescription glasses are not the one I use for the nose piece. I cleaned the nose pieces with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. The first set of pads are on my desk. They keep my glasses from slipping. It was a good purchase. I need to replace my first pair of nose pads after 48 days.

👤The fit of my glasses was improved by it. The material is soft and has good grip on my nose. After applying the pads, I occasionally smelled a mild acrid odor. I became acclimatized after the odor died down. I don't notice the smell anymore. With the mild pressure and heat from sitting on my nose, the glue becomes goopy and oozing out from between the pad and glasses, forming little balls of glue best described as "glue boogers." They are not easy to clean off if they get on the lens. The first pair of pads have been on for about a month now and the glue has deteriorated. The edges are starting to lift and the whole pad is shifting. If the glue were better, it would be a 5 star rating.

👤These are perfect for what I needed. I bought a new pair of glasses that fell down my nose. The problem was solved by finding these little grippers. It was easy to put on. I wear my glasses for about 5 days a week and have applied it almost 2 months ago. They stay put on my face and are very comfortable. The pack comes with 5 pairs and is affordable. Since this is the only glasses I need, I think the price is worth it. The product was great for my purposes.

👤The thickness of the pad and shape of the pads are nice, but the glue is terrible. You have to change to a new pair every 3-4 days because the white glue leaks out of the pad and it gets slimy in a few days. I will give this company a 5 star rating if it can make glue that stays on glasses for a long time.

👤Many of the reviews had issues with the glue, while praising the pads themselves. I have a different opinion. I wear the same pads on my glasses for three weeks. I have not had any issues with the glue. The pads are a bit thicker than the description, but I believe they are. I plan to keep using them, but they do cause my glasses to raise up high enough to notice, and they are not unbearably thick. I think it's because my glasses have variable focus, which makes placement critical. The difference isn't enough to stop me from using them. They hold my glasses in place. They are still an improvement even when I sweat. I would have given them 5 stars if they were thinner.

4. Setex Eyeglass Innovative Microstructured Fibers

Setex Eyeglass Innovative Microstructured Fibers

The GECKO'S FOOT fibrillar structures are used for an ultra strong grip in wet, sweaty and oily conditions. FIBERS on the nose pads create a strong dry glue to hold glasses in place. All day comfort, cushion soft, not sticky or tacky, easy to clean, and has a self stick glue. Their nose pads for glasses are made of oil and spandex. Specifically designed noSE pads for plastic frames, eyeglasses, sunglasses, readers, and safety glasses.

Brand: Setex

👤This is the best thing I have ever tried, and it's the only thing that will fix my sensitivity. I have changed out nose rest cushions with hypo-allergenic ones over the past 15 years, but nothing has helped. I thought going to a plastic frame without the wire nose-rests would be better. I have to swap out my contacts for glasses every other day to keep the irritation at bay. My contacts have one for distance and one for near. I couldn't do some of my close-up work like I can with my glasses because they can't put the near contact as strong as my glasses. I am old and live in a dry climate, so wearing contacts is hard on my dry eyes. The irritation is similar to an allergy. I went to an allergist who had not heard of it and suggested that I get a patch test for metals and textiles, because the optometrist had never had anyone complain of this type of irritation. I haven't yet. I had been cutting up moleskin, the stuff you put over blisters when you're hiking. The soft fuzz-like outer of those helped a lot. They would only stay for a couple of days. I was about to give up, but I found these and wondered what it would be like to try them. They are very comfortable and have helped reduce my irritation. It's still a problem when I work out and sweat, but I've found that a little A&D can help. I don't have a big issue wearing my glasses all week. I have been wearing the same pair for over two months, and they have held up well during sweat and cleanings. It seems like one is starting to come loose at the bottom, but it is still very firm. They are very thin, and when you look closely, you can see them resting on your nose, but they are not noticeable. Someone would have to be looking at you hard to see them. I highly recommend them.

👤I have tried a lot of different products to stop my eyewear from sliding down my Asian nose bridge. They were the most comfortable and discreet of all the options. These are the most expensive and definitely worth it. If you have the same problem as me, you should definitely do it.

👤This product is very good. I got a headaches because my glasses rested on the bridge of my nose. After putting on these pads, my headaches went away within an hour. The glasses don't slip down my nose, which is an added benefit. They are comfortable as well. My glasses are heavy because of my prescription, but these pads make them feel lighter. These are worth the price.

👤These are similar to the nose pads that you can buy for cheap in the kits. They are a little bit bigger, but in a good way. They stick out a little more, but in a good way, they feel more secure on your nose, and they stick better than the cheap ones. I washed my glasses with water when they were cheap. Not with these, they stick better. I have been washing my glasses multiple times a day for a week.

5. Clear Eyeglass Nose Pads Eyeglasses

Clear Eyeglass Nose Pads Eyeglasses

The 2.5mm black silicone glasses nose pads are comfortable. The self-adhesive nose pads on your eyeglasses are easy to use. Before applying the pad, wipe the application area with alcohol and dry thoroughly. Good Adhesion: The pads can increase the height of the eyeglasses, making them fit you more, and also prevent slip, giving you new eyeglasses wearing experience. Attached to eyeglass nose pads for flat optical frames, TR-90, TR-100, sunglasses panels, plastic frames are widely used. It's a perfect match with glasses and sunglasses. 10 pairs of non-slip silicone eyeglasses nose pads are available. Each product includes a 90-day refund, 24 months of worry-free warranty and easy access to customer support.

Brand: Smarttop

👤It relief a lot of pressure on my nose and is a must have for corrective glasses. You just have to clean the glasses nose bridge surface. The pads last me for about 3 months.

👤I have a low bridge on my face. These pads help keep glasses out of my face. It is important to clean and dry the place where they stick their alcohol.

👤I had glasses that were too close to my face, and they hit my eyelashes and cheeks when I smiled. These babies helped hold the glasses further from my face to my lashes and cheeks but I still find them to slip a lil but not as much.

👤The idea of folding it over and sticking it on both sides of the glasses is great. I didn't test them over time because of the fatal flaw, but the initial adhesion seems great. They come off easily, but you have to peel off the pad itself to get rid of the glue. They are thick enough to push my glasses far away from my face and change my prescription. They just didn't feel right when they tried the recommended adjustments of raising them or lowering them on the glasses. My glasses were sticking out. The pads have to be thinner.

👤The fit was perfect when it was new, as it lifted my glasses off my face just enough to be comfortable for my eyes and prevent excessive rub on my cheeks and brow. Even though it was sweaty and oil was covering it, the Silicon had a good grip. The glue does not last. The dust and lint attracted by the glue made things look worse. I spent two hours removing the nose pads. When you peel off a sticker, you leave all the sticky film. That is what happened with the nose pads. Absolutely terrible. I had to use alcohol to remove it but it spread on to the lens and caused a scratch. I was able to remove all the remnants. The nose pads have a gel-like substance on them that is too soft to absorb sweat and oil from my skin. The extra fold over flap saved these from sliding off a long time ago. Do not recommend. Use a better glue. This product could be better because it is waterproof, dries harder, and does not loosen over time.

👤My glasses fit well, and I was just looking for something non skid to keep them in place while doing sweaty stuff like yard work. I removed them, cut them in half, and re- stuck the skinny parts in my nose piece, which worked great while I was shopping for a thinner nose. The product is as expected and sticks well, but it depends on the individual. I like the idea of having an extra in a purse or suitcase. A small amount of cooking oil on a cotton swab will remove the glue. Before applying best adhesion, be sure to clean frames with alcohol.

6. GMS OpticalĀ® Anti Slip Adhesive Contoured

GMS Optical%C2%AE Anti Slip Adhesive Contoured

Next-level comfort to your frames is offered by the Optical Adhesive nose pads. The flexible silicone helps with the fit of your glasses. Are you tired of the glasses sliding off your face? The premium material helps to keep your glasses in place. Every pair of glasses has nose pads from GMS Optical. You are sure to find the right fit with a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Measure your frames so you can find the nose pads that fit your glasses. Don't spend time and money on new glasses. Use GMS Optical Adhesive nose pads to revive your frames. Clean your glasses before applying the nose pads for the best results. Not included are glasses.

Brand: Gms Optical

👤I love this! I asked if the glasses would fit my nose because I have a "Asian-fit" nose and most glasses slip right off my face. They told me it wouldn't slip. It was okay once I got it. I almost snapped it because I was so angry. I was given a sticker at the store that said "this time is free but you have to come back and change it every few months for $8" and I was pretty sure that it was true. I was not going to spend $8 for one pair of cushion stickers. I found some on Amazon. I thought it was expensive for stickers. I was convinced that it was okay since it was so specific. I was confused about the size. I went with 6mm and they work great. I changed it after a few months. Sturdy and sticky. Can handle the heat. Will definitely recommend and purchase more in the future.

👤I need something to lift my glasses off. My glasses creased my makeup when I smiled. These worked well. They were bigger than I thought, but they lifted my glasses to keep them from touching my cheeks. I don't know how long they will last, but with several pads per package, I think this was a great value.

👤This is a perfect product for me because I have a flat nose bridge that is not very good. I used after market products like this to make my prescription glasses work. I liked the glasses even though they weren't perfect. The nose pads do the job perfectly. They are easy to apply and come in a set of ten. Place them where you need them to be after cleaning the surface. I was very careful when applying them because I want the glasses to sit perfectly on my face. The mission was accomplished. They arrived quickly and the price was great. I don't find them to be a big deal, and they sit the glasses away from my face, which has always been a problem for me.

👤I got a new pair of glasses that were too big and kept slipping down my small asian nose. The product was amazin. I have different nose pads, but this one was really good. It is small and not too visible, which is the best part. Would highly recommend. I didn't have to adjust my eye glasses anymore because it worked so well.

👤I live in Arizona, where the combination of sweat dripping down my face during the summer, my flat nose bridge, my glasses stretching out, and the heavier/thicker plastic frames that I have, I'm constantly having to push my glasses up or find my glasses falling off of my I finally got rid of it and bought some new ones. I wish I had gotten them sooner. They were easy to put on and have stayed on. I've been using them for about 2 weeks now and they don't seem to be losing their grip. When that time comes, I may update the review. I got the clear ones so they're not noticeable, although one of my friends commented on the pads. I think I look a tad bit nerdier with these on my glasses. I would look a little nerdier than I have to deal with my glasses sliding off of my face.

7. Eyeglasses Silicone Nosepads Sunglasses 15mmx8mm

Eyeglasses Silicone Nosepads Sunglasses 15mmx8mm

Material and shape are important. There are Silicone nose pads. It is not easy to fall out of an eyeglasses. The mount type is. Push in and slide in. Replacement of nose pads for eyeglasses with quality replacements is a good use. Measure your glasses to find the right fit for your frames. The nose pads are 15mm in length and have a push in piece to attach to glasses.

Brand: Qyajs

👤I lost one of the pads from my glasses and these looked like they might fit. I took a chance. I replaced the pads in about 15 seconds and the glasses looked great. It was what I wanted.

👤The package was well packaged. It was easy to install. The glasses don't grip my nose because the pads are not flexible. I don't fault the seller because it's hard to determine from an online listing.

👤These were a replica of my original pads. It makes sense to replace the existing pair with a new pair. When I looked at my glasses, it looked like there was a hole in them, but it was just a depression.

👤The price came quickly. It's better to drive for an hour to get the same thing. I bought a bigger set that included screws, screw drivers and other stuff. I would have bought the bigger set if I had seen it first.

👤The last time I went to have my nose pieces fixed, they put on 2 different sized nose pads. I didn't notice until later, and they are too far away to revisit. That is a free service. I would rather spend a few dollars on my own nose pads. My prescription frames were easy to install, and they were more comfortable than the ones they gave me and the right size. Have a lot for the future.

👤Sometimes the nose pads fall out. No runs to the store, or wrapping tape around the metal piece is a result of having inexpensive spare parts. The originals that came with my glasses are exactly the same as these. They are easy to install. Measure so that you get the right nose pads.

👤I got these for my sunglasses. They are a good replacement for the original nose pads. It is difficult to remove the old pads, as they are hard to install. The pads are held in place by a piece of metal. I used a pair of pliers to open the clamp. I was able to use the pliers to close the clamp once I put these in place. This is a good choice for anyone who needs new nose pieces. It beats taking nose pieces from glasses.

👤It was difficult to put these in place, but they could be the type of glasses I have. They work well. I wish they were a little bit softer and more flexible, but that is the only negative I have about this product.

8. Eyeglass Screwdriver Eyeglasses Upgrade Version

Eyeglass Screwdriver Eyeglasses Upgrade Version

The repair kit includes 12 different styles of nose pads, a package of screws, a cleaning cloth, and a storage case. Glass and Sunglass Nosepads need to be replaced with a fresh pair in order to maintain the comfort and proper adjustment of an eyeglass frame. A nose pad or nose pads can get detached from an eyewear frame and need to be replaced. If you want to avoid wasting money, you should carefully see the product picture, check the product model and specification, and make sure it is suitable for your glasses. The eyeglass nose pads are soft and gentle on the skin. Reducing the amount of pain. Eyeglass screws and 1 piece 3-in-1 micro screwdriver are enough to serve you well in most glass repairs. It can be used to fix the nose pad of glasses. You can repair your glasses at home if you don't waste time and money on new glasses.

Brand: Mingbuy

👤If you were glasses, you need this here.

👤It was the only kit that had black nose supports. It would have been better if it was a soft gel.

👤It seems like a good back up kit for most frames.

👤Very good with all kinds of glasses.

👤Everything you need to fix them.

9. Magnetic Repairing Precision Screwdriver Spectacles

Magnetic Repairing Precision Screwdriver Spectacles

The Complete and Exquisite Eyeglass Repair Kit is available. Their eye glass repairing kit includes a screw box, magnetic screwdrivers, 16 sizes of tiny screws, 14 pairs of eyeglasses nose pads, and 1 micro screwdriver. You can repair your glasses anywhere with this glasses repair kit. The Precision Magnetic Screwdriver Set is useful and comfortable and is great for tiny screws. The 3 in 1 keychain screwdriver is designed for eyeglasses repair, but you can attach it to your key chain for standy applications. The eyeglass repair kit has different nose pads. You have the ability to choose according to your needs. 16 sizes of tiny screws can also meet your requirement. You can use the curved tweezer included in the kit to hold these tiny screws since they are made of high-quality STAINLESS STEEL. They are included in the screw box, which is convenient to collect and carry. The Phillip and Flathead screwdriver can be used for a wide range of repairs and works. The repair tool kit can be used for a lot of things.

Brand: Hqvoic

👤I don't bother to write reviews, but I appreciate those who do. I felt compelled to encourage others to buy a glasses repair kit because it exceeded my expectations. There are enough spare parts to last a lifetime. It's possible to repair your glasses, your family and friend's glasses, and still not run out of parts and screws. It is so much more convenient to do your own repairs than it is to have someone do it for you. The quality of the kit is not reflected in the low price. It is highly recommended for anyone with a prescription or regular reading glasses.

👤Most of the screws in this kit have no straight screw cuts. They are useless round head screws. There is no way to screw them in if you can tell by the picture I added. Don't waste your money.

👤I thought this set would work because I needed a screw to fix my glasses. I now know why the kit has tweezers, because the screws are very small. I expected the screw drivers to be more robust.

👤The screw on my daughter's glasses was too short. I don't have the time or patience to try to figure out what the screw size is or take her to the glasses shop that's only open when stay at Home moms can go, because I don't know what size it is. I got this kit because it was cheap, fast shipping, and had all the screw and screw drivers I could ever need. It did. Five stars from me. I see how convenient it would have been if the screw/screwdrivers were magnetic. The tweezers are pretty good. I had made sure I was working on the clean floor first so that I wouldn't have any trouble, and I have tremors and only dropped a screw once. The case is a bit cheap, so be careful opening it. I read the reviews first. I was careful and didn't have a problem with the tools. If you have a family of glasses wearers, you should buy a good kit.

👤The black tops of the screwdrivers make it easy to twist the screw. Some of the black tops don't twist as easily as others. There are different types of nose pads, screws, and screwdrivers to fit different types of glasses. It is all organized and the labels at the back of the box match what is inside. All the items are in their designated area. I ripped the bag containing the screwdrivers, as you can see from the photo. I wish they used a thicker plastic, but it comes with a flat thick box that has more than enough room for the screw box and screwdrivers. I am happy with my purchase, the quality matches the price, so I don't expect perfection.

👤I don't know why the description states magnetic screwdriver or screws, but they are not. It would have made it simpler. She has to fix her glasses because she couldn't see properly and a magnet would have helped. I deducted a star. We lost a lot of screws along the way. I recommend doing all this on a white flat sheet or mat where you can easily spot anything you drop. We found a perfect fit and glasses are back on.

10. Eyeglasses TEKPREM Replacement Screwdrivers Sunglasses

Eyeglasses TEKPREM Replacement Screwdrivers Sunglasses

The complete nose pads kit includes 2 types of nose pads screws, 2 eyeglass screwdriver, 5 pairs of nose pads, and a cleaning cloth. Everything you need for a replacement nose is packed in a case. Premium quality Silicone nose pads, soft, air chamer design and comfortable with no bad smells are what the quality Silicone nose pads are. There are 5 pairs of soft air chamber Silicone nose pads with 2 standard Silicone nose pads. TheNose Pad Screws are Diameter 1.0 standard screws for normal nose pads replacement. The ph#00 phillips screwdriver is perfect for the removal of nose pads and legs screws. The phillips screwdriver fit the tiny screws perfectly. The high quality curved Tweezer will make it easy to pick up the screws and nose pads.

Brand: Tekprem

👤I was in pain after losing a nose pad. The bridge of my nose was covered with exposed wire. I went to three stores and was told they didn't have what I needed. I went to Amazon in desperation. Voila! There are a lot of options! I chose the kit that had many sizes of the nose pads and little tools to work with. The kit was delivered immediately. I was able to put the pads on myself. Thank goodness! I now have extras in case this happens again. Very happy!

👤I had to write a review asap. It was easy to replace the screws on my glasses because they are so small, but another set of hands does not help. The second I got them on my face, I thought it was amazing. They replaced the hard plastic pieces with more comfortable ones. Highly recommended.

👤The nose pad was broken. I thought the new pad stretched over the old one, but you have to remove the old one and replace it with a new one. I think that is the reason they sent a mini screwdriver.

👤It's funny. I bought a kit to fix my glasses. I need my glasses to see small. A scuplture was needed to help with the repair. I'll be going to an eye doctor to have my glasses fixed. I used a different set of small screwdrivers to help with the repair, but the kit is perfect and comes with everything you need. I didn't like the ones they sent.

👤This is the first time I have ever used a product that worked perfectly for my glasses. The quality is excellent. The nose pads have exceptional tools that come with them. It's difficult to get the right tools to fix eyewear. Will purchase again, I was very impressed. Highly recommend it.

👤The screws in the kit were not compatible with the tools in the kit. The screwdriver in the kit is too large, and the smaller tool is a flat head screw driver. The nose pads are not of good quality. I made a mistake trying this kit, there are better ones on Amazon.

👤The nose pads on the eagle eye sunglasses were replaced. It was very easy to replace and fit. I used the small screws that came with the sunglasses, but they worked without a problem, and the tweezers came in handy. If you're looking for nose pads with no air pockets, these are the ones to look for.

👤The product is well made. The problem is the size of the material. You need to hold onto a magnifying glass. It took a little bit of patience for me to make my repair. I recommend this product, you just need to know that you are working with the smallest screw you have ever encountered!

11. Anti Slip Eyeglass Adhesive Transparent Silicone

Anti Slip Eyeglass Adhesive Transparent Silicone

The nose pads are designed to prevent glasses from sliding down and pad your glasses to a proper height, thus making it more comfortable to wear eyeglasses, which is an essential kit for those who wear glasses. The self-adhesive glasses nose pads and temple tips are applicable to most kinds of glasses, making it no longer a problem for eyeglasses to slip down. The foam nose pads are easy to use, you just need to rub the application area with alcohol and tear off the glue on the back of the nose pad, which is an effective way to keep glasses well in place. The nose pad set is made of quality silicone and sponge, which is soft and comfortable, and lightweight, and it can effectively reduce the burden on your nose bridge, but will not affect the aesthetic. The package includes 48 pairs of EVA foam sunglasses nose pads, 16 pairs of Silicone eyeglasses nose pads, and 4 pairs of Silicone eyeglass retainers.

Brand: Weewooday

👤The clear pads are the main reason I bought them. The clear pads were too large for my existing pads so I had to cut them down. They stopped my glasses from sliding down but they only lasted a few weeks. I put the beige set on which fit well without having to cut them down, but they only lasted a few weeks before one fell off. The clear pads did not keep glasses from sliding down. I tried to use the arm pads to decrease pinching on glasses behind my ears, but they tugged on my hair and didn't seem to help much.

👤I'm not going to use all of the stuff in this package, but I will use the nose guards that come with the glasses. The nose guards that came with the glasses hurt my nose because they were too close to my face. These give me the distance I need. They didn't stick well when I first put them on, but I kept pushing them in and within a couple of days I didn't have to think about it. I'd purchased two other sets before, but the pads wouldn't adhere, so this is great.

👤This is a good package that has a lot of pads. I have an issue. Replacement pads with a screw in them. I wanted to see if these would add padding to them, instead of trying to change them out. It didn't work out. They didn't have enough glue to keep them together. I gave up on the easy way because they kept coming off. I will look for replacements for the screw type connection. I don't blame the company if they don't specify that these won't work well if you don't have a solid frame to stick them on. They are not designed for working on wire frames. I'm pretty sure there is some sort of incompatibility between the materials used on the nose pads and the glue.

👤Standard glasses don't fit my family members' noses. The set gives a lot of options from nose pads to rubber pieces that go on the back of the eyeglasses to decrease slippage and increase comfort. The rubber cylinder pieces behind the ears work best for us, we tried the nose pieces but they didn't work. This set gives you a lot of options, until you find something that works for you, that's what I like about it.

👤The only things I know about these are what I got a day ago. This package has a lot in it and it seems to be a good value. I used the smallest nose pads first. You can see them. The circles that go on the arms of your glasses are what I used. They are doing a great job. You might have to adjust them a bit as you might have put them in a spot that causes a sore spot. I have a strong prescription and I am able to see through my progressives perfectly. It will last at least 24 hours.


What is the best product for eye pads for glasses?

Eye pads for glasses products from Tekprem. In this article about eye pads for glasses you can see why people choose the product. Mr.zzjooj and Gms Optical are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye pads for glasses.

What are the best brands for eye pads for glasses?

Tekprem, Mr.zzjooj and Gms Optical are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye pads for glasses. Find the detail in this article. Setex, Smarttop and Gms Optical are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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