Best Eye Patch Cosplay

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1. Bangcool Halloween Novelty Captain Patches

Bangcool Halloween Novelty Captain Patches

The eye masks are designed with a black symbol of a pirate. You will be noticed at the party. Fun clowns add a laugh to a party. The pirate eye masks add a funny atmosphere to the parties. The cosplay masks can be enjoyed with families. Widely applied eye masks. These pirate eye masks can be used as a photo prop for cool guys. These masks are soft and comfortable. They are durable for a long time. The eye mask's dimensions are: L*W*H: 3.15*2.36in(8*6 cm). They are appropriate for boys and gilrs.

Brand: B Bangcool

👤I bought them for a party. I was made aware that wearing an eye patch without a specific eye doctor's approval is dangerous for young children. Even if they cover one eye for a short period of time, they risk losing binocular vision. I verified this with our opthalmologist, who has a young patient who lost their vision for 1 hour, and it took 2 years for the vision to come back. This only applies to young children who are still developing their optical nerves. I don't have a problem with this product, but eye patches are dangerous for young kids and need to carry a warning.

👤I used half of these in the goody bags for my son's pirate themed birthday party and the other half in the pin patch on the pirate game.

👤It was a good idea for a pirate party, but it was too uncomfortable against our eyes. No one could wear these eye patches for more than a few minutes.

👤I received something that is not pictured. I received eye patches for the band. I sought out the thicker black bands in the picture. Will come back.

👤It was bought for the elementary age class. They were hit. Good quality!

2. RIKEYO Patches Adults Adjustable Cosplay

RIKEYO Patches Adults Adjustable Cosplay

Non-pressure on the eyes is datememe. The eye patch for adults is made of a soft material that doesn't cause any pressure on the eye and can be worn for a long time. TheVELCRO design is adjusted. The eye mask can be adjusted at will, not tight, more fit, or suitable for adults and kids of various head sizes. The light is very tall. The eye patches are impervious to light and can protect sensitive eyes from light stimulation. The medical eye patch can be washed with water and can be used under glasses. There are applicable courts. It's suitable for people who have had eye surgery, such as cataracts surgery, bells palsy surgery, training of children's lazy eye, and pirate dress up. There are applicable courts. It's suitable for people who have had eye surgery, such as cataracts surgery, bells palsy surgery, training of children's lazy eye, and pirate dress up.

Brand: Rikeyo

👤Cataract surgery went wrong and I needed an eye patch. This thing is not worth much. lint falls off when it covers your eye.

👤The patch on the eye is soft enough for me to blink. The band is comfortable. Since it can be used for both eyes, it's not a total black out, but it does interfere with my one-eyed vision, since it's not specialized for one side of the face. It's a shame, because the eye patch is great. Even though Nextape is holding it down in the two problem areas, some light makes it through. I'm going to use black tape. The double-sided patch is hard to position. My hair is out of the way so it's fine with a bandana. It's a decent eye patch.

👤It is impossible to wear glasses over the top because this item sticks out from the face. The design of the eye patch has one major flaw, in that the band is near the middle of the patch, meaning that you have to either wear it at an almost 45 degree angle or not at all. If you make any type of facial expression, the eye patch moves and the strap tries to cover the other eye.

👤I need this patch to wear at times because of my eye condition. It was soft and comfortable. The Velcro stuck and didn't loosen. I was happy with it.

👤The patch is soft.

👤I got it for my mom. He's got a melon head, he feels good, and he looks good!

👤The patch provided by the optometrist was terrible. The eye patch is easy to adjust. Very comfortable. I don't have to squint while testing the uncovered eye. The testing process should be simpler.

3. Treasure Vintage Earrings Plastic Compass

Treasure Vintage Earrings Plastic Compass

It's great for halloween parties, costume party accessories, and as a perfect complement for a pirate costume. You will receive a full of pirate items, including a pirate treasure chest box with vintage color and classic shape design, 1 piece of black pirate eye patch, 1 pair of plastic gold earrings, 33 pieces of plastic gold coins, and 50 pieces of pirate treasure gems. It's a great way to share happiness with your friends and families, and these pirate theme party supplies are suitable for pirate theme birthday party, treasure hunting, carnival, cosplay, etc. The clear lines and images of pirate map make it more realistic and vivid, with fake pearl necklace, gems, plastic coins, eye patches and plastic compass, you will have a fun experience. Storage is easy with this treasure chest. You can use it as a storage box for small toys, easy and convenient to help teens develop a habit of collecting and organizing toys, also can reduce the lost. pirate theme decorations are a great gift for teens, students, pupils, rich in quantity and designs, they can play it by themselves or share it with others, they are thoughtful and funny. Which will make them happy.

Brand: Sumind

👤I was a little disappointed in the quality and size, but my grandson saw it. He loves it and has been playing with it for hours at a time. I don't understand how anyone could be disappointed in the map, it's big, sturdy and can be folded into the chest. We had been looking for them online and this map is a great combo of locations and photos from those maps. Probably not... That is a great price for the excitement and creativity that this toy inspired... If the child is interested in pirates and treasure, they will love this.

👤I'm tutoring a little boy who loves pirates. I have a large treasure box for him to keep his coins and he spied the little box right away. He keeps his money in that area.

👤The little guy loves to play pirates. This was a great purchase. The treasure chest holds all the loot a pirate wants. These will keep him busy. It's perfect for little hands.

👤This was a huge hit with my kids. Everything is of good quality. I love it!

👤It looks like the picture. Excellent quality! They have held up well with our toddler. It has been about 6 months.

👤There are lots of things inside. It's great for playing pirates.

👤Es un bueno y trae bastantes.

4. FCAROLYN 3D Eye Patch Right

FCAROLYN 3D Eye Patch Right

The eye patch was designed to fit all face shapes. Light weighted material with padding around the nose to avoid pressure to the eyeball. It is possible to adjust and secure around the head with a stick on an elastic strap. Light weight material for sensitive skins eye area is fully covered. It was thick enough to block most of the lights. Eye care is great for lazy eye training. The eye area needs to be protected. When purchasing, please remember to distinguish between left and right.

Brand: Fcarolyn

👤My husband had eye surgery. He needs to wear an eyepatch for 3 months. We tried eyepatches from drug stores, but they wouldn't hold up and became loose. There would be places where light could come through. The eyepatch is perfect. It stays on his head and is very comfortable. Best purchase.

👤It looks nothing like the picture.

👤I don't like wearing eye patches in general, but this eye patch is great. I have had an eye condition since childhood. The doctors gave up on me when I reached a certain age. My eye doctor recommended 3 hours of patching a day because I was told there was hope for it to be corrected as an adult. I needed a patch that blocks out the light and this one is what I got. My eye wants to fight me. I can keep my eye open with this. I wear my glasses with it. It's not a perfect fit with my glasses on, but it's comfortable enough to function.

👤Like the rest of me, I have a lazy eye. There was no comparison between the eye patches I purchased. These are really good. They were comfortable and functional, but not aesthetically pleasing. The string eyepatches got caught in my hair. The eyepatch didn't grab my hair. The eyepatches did a poor job of covering the eye. It feels better to be able to keep your other eye open in the roomy area. Everyone has different sized faces and features, so there was some poking of the inside area of my nose. A small amount of trimming and a perfect fit. The only thing I care about is the comfort and function, since I only wear it at home. If you have to wear an eyepatch outside the house and it makes you uncomfortable, then just buy a nice one. I haven't tried all of the eyepatches, but I loved this style more than any other one. I bought a few. My dad used after his eye surgeries. I am not sure how comfortable this patch would be on smaller and/or narrower heads, since I have a big head for a female.

👤When my husband had Bell's palsy, I helped him so his eye wouldn't get dried out at night. We keep it around just in case.

👤It's mostly comfortable and blocks out some light. I didn't think it would last forever, but after a month it's falling apart. I didn't wash it because I knew it was fragile and caused some skin problems on the right side of my face. I think you should replace every 3 weeks. That's $10 every three weeks. I need a patch for 10 months or so, and some need them permanently. It's not sustainable. To be a better product, it would need to be fully washed, sell 3 packs at the same price and be explicit disposable, or just sturdier to last longer and take being washed. It is the best I could find. I ordered another one 4 weeks ago, but I'm ordering another one now. Be aware of these things before ordering.

5. Amscan Silk Eye Patch Accessory

Amscan Silk Eye Patch Accessory

Wide usages can be used for a variety of purposes such as light blocking, vision correction, eyes recovery, and also can be a performance prop for live shows, stage shows or party private dress. Most teens and adults are affected. A black eye patch is secured by an elastic band. It's great for halloween parties, costume party accessories, and as a perfect complement for a pirate costume.

Brand: Amscan

👤I wore this eye patch for the production of The Pirates of Penzance. The strap was comfortable but the patch on my eye made it uncomfortable, but it could've been better. The strap broke before the show started. I had a second pair of shoes. We were able to sew it back together. It was a good buy back then. I would like to find something more piratey as it didn't look as piratey as other eye patches.

👤Cheap and cute. It is too small for an adult eye and feels uncomfortable around it. I pulled it off after wearing it for 10 seconds.

👤It's very flat so it doesn't sit against your face. It is loose and slides all over. Walgreens has an eye patch in their first aid section. Don't spend your money on this for a costume.

👤I was expecting better quality for the price. The patch is just a costume type. I bought this to strengthen my lazy eye and will look for something better.

👤It was poorly designed. There is glue around the edges. It isn't a silk patch. There is a thin lining on the back of a piece of cardboard. The front and back linings are different. It's very uncomfortable to wear two different materials. Is there a way to not give stars?

👤It works well for watching tv. I have a left eye that travels to the left and so I have to cover my right eye to not see double vision.

👤Good quality, but too big of a patch. It looked ridiculous. Attempted to cut it smaller, but it was ruined.

👤Genial! Ami hija! La tela y el resorte son un pirata real.

👤It's a engaoso... Pens era con la gorra.

👤Mala Calidad no tuve oportunidad de usar.

6. Astropic Glasses Medical Amblyopia Strabismus

Astropic Glasses Medical Amblyopia Strabismus

The Mulberry Silk Material is soft against sensitive skin. The Super lightweight Over-glasses Design does not pull on the glasses at all. Either Eye Coverage can be used on either left or right eye. Reusable: great holding up, no waste, eco-friendly. Clean storage, no misplacement, comes with one carrying case.

Brand: Astropic

👤It looks like there was a slight mix up when I ordered the pure black. I'm not sure if the eye patch works with the beard, but it has no issues with the quality or function.

👤I have never given a lot of reviews. I put my eyepatch on. It covers the whole lens on one side and the other side for peripheral vision block. An eyepatch that only covered the lens would be useless to me. This patch is very soft. I will be buying more. Three months after my transplant, I had a complete tear in my left eye. I was not a candidate for the bubble surgery that can save eyesight. They filled my eye with oil after the surgery. I had a complete blur of everything in that eye. I had a full eye cataracts within two years. They have to use oil to fill the eye. I will have the surgery soon. This eyepatch has changed my life. I wish I had looked more into eyepatches. I have a cataracts and cysts on the left eye after the retinal surgery. I tried a few eyepatches, one that you tape over your eye and the pirate type eyepatch. The pirate one gave me headaches because of the head band. It's not good for someone who already has headaches. The other serious health issues kept me from focusing on my eye. My immune system is so compromised that I get infections that can be life threatening. It took a backseat to figuring out a solution to the terrible pain and sensitivities in my left eye, from just having it open every day. To understand how this has changed my life in such a short time, I have to explain that my eye hurts so bad that I can't see anything. I had a problem looking at my phone screen while watching TV. Double vision was caused by it, as well as my good eye. The pain has been dealt with. I live in a condo in Panama City Beach, which has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches. I am very proud to have bought a small home for a disabled mom. I could watch dolphins swimming by and hunting in my backyard before I had problems with my eye. The pelicans are hilarious. I got into photography because I would take so many photos. When my eye became too sensitive to light, that stopped everything. For the last two years, I have been sitting on my couch. The living room has been dark. People are having fun on their Jetskis, and I could hear the boats going by. I couldn't open the curtains. The curtains are open. I put my eyepatch on my glasses. I noticed a big difference immediately. As the hours went by, I noticed that I had no pain in that eye. It used to be very dry. I spent a lot of money on eyedrops, but I haven't had to use them yet. My son wanted to see if opening the curtains would be too much. It was not! I think that this eyepatch will be perfect for after my cataract surgery, since the coronaviruses will be gone. I just watched some dolphins swimming. I can now watch the sunrise and sunset. I hope you give this eyepatch a try if you are having problems with a sensitive or painful eye. I hope that it can change your life like it did mine.

7. WINOMO Pirate Skull Crossbone Children

WINOMO Pirate Skull Crossbone Children

The elastic band on this pirate style eye patch is comfortable. It is used to cure lazy eye in children, and a good eye mask for Halloween party. You can use this pirate symbolic eye pirate at pirate theme parties, masquerade balls, school stage shows, Halloween, and Christmas. If you want to cosplay as a pirate, take the eye patches and turn into a pirate in your mind to explore the game world and search for treasure.

Brand: Winomo

👤The strap came off when we tried to put it on our son. The replacement arrived the next day. It was not any better. There is a The strap was already unthreading before it arrived because the sewing on the left side was not perfect. The placement of the strap on his brow line makes it uncomfortable for him to see. He really wanted a pirate eye patch. It wasn't a good value. I kept it because it was more difficult to return, but it has been collecting dust for a month. I ordered a patch that was shaped more squarely and with the strap higher up so that it wouldn't hurt the eye. He wears it without complaint. The orthopatch is also used by us. Convenient. Clean. I can't rave enough. Don't waste your money on this. You can buy a different patch.

👤I bought this for my 5 month old as there was nothing else on the market for babies besides patches. It is a little big. I can easily tie it with a hair tie to tighten it and he looks very cute with it.

👤My daughter needs to wear a patch for a couple hours every day. She likes to play pirate. We bought this as a temporary patch until she got a permanent one. Sometimes she chooses this. She loves it!

👤I bought this for my son. It's very cute but the straps are not aligned correctly, so it either covers his eye or the other eye is covered by the second strap. It was disappointing. I'm returning it.

👤Being a mom with a child that has an eye condition is hard because he doesn't want to wear eyepatches. He would always complain of pain, but not this one. He wears it during the day. He needs an eye patch to help him with online learning.

👤Customerservice reached out to me and offered a full refund. I was not completely happy with the product, but they are working on improving it with my feedback. My son was very excited about wearing the patch and I was very happy. The elastic slides over his open, no matter how tight or loose I make it.

👤I bought this for my son, who is five years old, because it is more comfortable than the sticky patches, but I wouldn't recommend it for younger children since they are able to easily pull it up.

👤The eyepatch is the same as the picture shown. It's not great for a child. I only wore it for a picture and then took it off. It is great for all sizes. It's a good recommendation!

8. Adjustable Comfortable Patches Cosplay Decorations

Adjustable Comfortable Patches Cosplay Decorations

The package will bring you a total of 8 pieces of 3D eye patches, they are designed for your left eyes, and you can use and replace the broken one or missing one, you can also share some with friends and family. The single eye patches come with a 3D design which can fit different face shapes, light in weight and breathable, the 3D design also won't put pressure on your eyes and allow you to have a nice rest quickly. These left eye patch eye masks are made of fabric and sponge material, soft, fine in texture and comfortable in touch, not easy to tear and hard to fade, smooth for you to wear, can give you a relaxed and comfortable experience. The strap of the 3D eye patch is soft and can fit for most heads, it's an easy way to put on and take off, and it's not entangles your eye. The pirate eye mask is suitable for kids, adults and elderly people due to the nice elasticity andadjustable strap, as well as simple and classic style, which can be applied for daily use, Halloween dress up parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, masquerade, cosplay show and so on.

Brand: Syhood

👤My husband had an eye transplant nearly a decade ago and has been rejected many times. He hasn't been able to get an "elective surgery" approved because of the Pandemic. Our BS healthcare system helps when he gets an infection, starts to itch, or even worse, hurts like hell. These are the best eye patches I have been able to buy online. The elastic stretches on the patches wear out. These are good for a fat guy who likes to wear hats. I only gave this four stars because I wish they were a variety of colors.

👤It is not the most comfortable and if it was a bit smaller it would be better. My preference is for no contact with my eye, but the adjustment fit is good. I have had detached retina surgeries and my eye is sensitive.

👤I liked the soft cloth, the color, and how it fits on my face.

👤Very soft fabric, perfect fit! I think this product is very good.

👤My nephew wears a patch for medical reasons. He rated them the best for comfort.

👤The design was bad all the way around. Returned.

👤Blocks light well and are very comfortable to wear. The purchase was related to eye injury. Highly recommended.

9. Pieces Adjustable Cosplay Christmas Parties

Pieces Adjustable Cosplay Christmas Parties

These eye patches for adults are soft and smooth to wear, they are not easily torn or faded, and are nice to the touch. It's easy to put on and take off, it's also easy to fit most heads, and it won't tangle your hair. The black medical eye patches come with a 3D design which can fit different face shapes, and they are light and breathable, the 3D design also won't put pressure on your eyes which allows you to relax after work or study. There are 4 pieces of eye patches for you to use and replace when they are broken or missing, and you can also share some with friends and family. The one eye mask is suitable for kids, adults and elderly people because of its simple and classic style, which can be applied for daily use, birthdays, dress up parties, anniversaries, cosplay, show and so on.

Brand: Vicenpal

10. FCAROLYN 3D Eye Patch Left

FCAROLYN 3D Eye Patch Left

The eye patch was designed to fit all face shapes. A special padded nose area is used to avoid pressure to eyeball. It is possible to adjust and secure around the head with a stick on an elastic strap. Light weight material for sensitive skins eye area is fully covered. It was thick enough to block most of the lights. Eye care is great for lazy eye training. The eye area needs to be protected. When purchasing, please remember to distinguish between left and right.

Brand: Fcarolyn

👤I need my right eye to work more than it has in the past few decades of my life, so holding my hand over my eye was not going to be enough. I discovered that I am not supposed to cover my stronger without the freedom to open and close it. That was confirmed when I ordered a patch made of cotton and silk. It was soft and low profile but it put pressure on the eye over time. I began a search for a patch that was not straight. I put a patch on my eye so that readers could see the shape of it and understand my comments about the fit. My eyes are big and my eyelashes are long. It is expected that my lashes brush the inside of the patch. I might be unhappy if my eye and eyelashes were off. My face is small but it is not making me feel uncomfortable. I am satisfied with the product. There is no light in the room. It is not too cold and there is snow outside. The plan was for my eye to move freely. The elastic on the scarf is not as elastic as the Velcro is. I can put it on quickly. The material isn't all natural. I will not be wearing this device for more than 4 months. I wouldn't try to wash it. It looks like nylon is stuck over foam. I think it could handle a spot clean. If there is a lot of sweating or eye discharge, I would be inclined to make a cloth sleeve for it or purchase a metal eye cover and fit it into a standard patch so that I could wash anything that becomes messy. If I could get the product upgraded, it would be a more subtle color than black, a generic skin tone or grey. I want my lashes to not brush against the inside. I will update my review if I notice anything unsatisfactory about this patch in the next few months. It is my desire to return the favor, especially when there is so much to question in an online purchase, so I find reviews very helpful.

👤I've been looking for a patch that worked for years. I am blind in my left eye because of damage to my nerve. I only see through my right eye, but my eyes work well together. I don't wear an eye patch at home or in small groups because I can make due and I don't need to send a message. When I go to malls, crowded restaurants or anywhere lots of other people go, that changes as well. I have found that an eye patch can help us avoid bumps, as it warns others that they may not be seen. I don't have to apologize or explain my bumping into someone because of the patches. A patch is helpful around small children and their parents. There is a Finding the right size for me has been difficult. They move around on elastic string that doesn't hold them in place. I have had to change patches multiple times to make sure I don't look like I have a blemish near my eye. The patch is the answer for me. It works well and is easy to use. I am happy with the patch. My only concern is that it is heavier than others and that may be problematic. In the summer months, it's hot. I know I can count on it. From October to next summer in Maryland. My eye moves well under the patch and I wear my glasses well.

11. C ZOFEK Takanashi Eyepatch Cosplay Accessories

C ZOFEK Takanashi Eyepatch Cosplay Accessories

Rikka Takanashi eyepatch is included in the pack. There is a rubberband. The eyepatch has a size of 2.8" and the strap has a size of 11.8". Rikka Takanashi cosplay eyepatch. Also use as Kaneki Shimei Ryomou Another Misaki Mei white eye mask. A costume accessory.

Brand: C-zofek

👤It was bought to replace an eyepatch that hurt my left eye. The left eye doesn't close completely. This style is what I have, why not? The patch is soft. There is a fuzzy side. It is large enough to cover the eyes and eyebrows. Garter digs a little bit on my face. I don't think I can wear this for long periods because of the pain in my ears. Try stretching it out. The patch is large and might make it difficult to wear glasses. I'm satisfied with this product. It does what I need it to do.

👤The eyepatch is very nice. This one was the perfect size, I had other ones that were large and hard to put on. It does irritate your nose because of the straps, but I think that's unavoidable, this is a great eyepatch!

👤This is a great piece. The material is very soft and doesn't make you want to look at it. I was surprised at how easy it is to change.

👤This thing doesn't fit in my ears and is half my face. It's soft, but there is no way to make the straps smaller and the patch bigger.

👤I don't have an unusual face shape, but this is impossible to wear. The strap digs into my skin and keeps sliding into my eye, it looks ridiculous, and I can't see anything. The patch is flimsy, smells terrible, and irritates the other eye under it. It was the worst purchase in a long time. I don't know how it got so many good reviews.

👤The strap broke when I put it on twice. The quality of the eyepatch is nice and soft, but it was too tight and I have to get a new strap. I don't want a replacement for it, I can just make a strap that is the perfect size, and it will be too small and snapping again.

👤The eye was a bit big. It is cool.


What is the best product for eye patch cosplay?

Eye patch cosplay products from B Bangcool. In this article about eye patch cosplay you can see why people choose the product. Rikeyo and Sumind are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye patch cosplay.

What are the best brands for eye patch cosplay?

B Bangcool, Rikeyo and Sumind are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye patch cosplay. Find the detail in this article. Fcarolyn, Amscan and Astropic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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