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1. Bangcool Halloween Novelty Captain Patches

Bangcool Halloween Novelty Captain Patches

The eye masks are designed with a black symbol of a pirate. You will be noticed at the party. Fun clowns add a laugh to a party. The pirate eye masks add a funny atmosphere to the parties. The cosplay masks can be enjoyed with families. Widely applied eye masks. These pirate eye masks can be used as a photo prop for cool guys. These masks are soft and comfortable. They are durable for a long time. The eye mask's dimensions are: L*W*H: 3.15*2.36in(8*6 cm). They are appropriate for boys and gilrs.

Brand: B Bangcool

👤I bought them for a party. I was made aware that wearing an eye patch without a specific eye doctor's approval is dangerous for young children. Even if they cover one eye for a short period of time, they risk losing binocular vision. I verified this with our opthalmologist, who has a young patient who lost their vision for 1 hour, and it took 2 years for the vision to come back. This only applies to young children who are still developing their optical nerves. I don't have a problem with this product, but eye patches are dangerous for young kids and need to carry a warning.

👤I used half of these in the goody bags for my son's pirate themed birthday party and the other half in the pin patch on the pirate game.

👤It was a good idea for a pirate party, but it was too uncomfortable against our eyes. No one could wear these eye patches for more than a few minutes.

👤I received something that is not pictured. I received eye patches for the band. I sought out the thicker black bands in the picture. Will come back.

👤It was bought for the elementary age class. They were hit. Good quality!

2. D Foxes Captain Halloween Masquerade Accessories

D Foxes Captain Halloween Masquerade Accessories

The adjusted size is 20.7* 7.5inch. The red rope can fix the hat and adjust the head size for both adults and kids. The material is cruel. All of the pirate hats are safe and non-toxic. You don't feel bound when you wear them. Not sure what to use as party favors for your kids or friends. This is a perfect gift for a friend, lover, family, or classmate. Use this pirate party hat to make sure she is having fun at the event. There is a virtue of expendables. The fun party hat can be used as a pirate and is great for any upcoming pirate Birthday Parties, Fancy Dress Events, Mardi Gras, Play Games of Adventure and Mischief, or Theme Party and also Halloween, Christmas. It will make you the center of attention. If your hats don't meet your expectations, please feel free to contact them and they will arrange a replacement or a refund, that's their promise!

Brand: D-foxes

👤It was perfect for a nautical themed birthday party. I was worried it wouldn't fit our friend's big head, but it worked out perfectly. It's light and stretchy. Our friend kept it on all day. The value is great. Absolutely recommend. There is a If you're looking for a hard hat, that's not it. The fabric has wires that give it a shape. It's easy to wear with the look of a real pirate's hat.

👤I expected it to be a bit wider. Looked like a cartoon. I had to put it down on my forehead to see the skull. It was bought for a pirate parade.

👤The product is good for money. It fits an adult. My husband wore a hat for our grandson who is 9 months old. He had just woken up from the car ride and started to cry when my husband came into the room. He had to take it off for a while.

👤I ordered this hat and had it in two days, I needed it for a last minute prop for a showcase we were doing at work. The quality of the hat was very good. Even though I was a nice size, I was afraid it would be a kid's size, and even though I needed it to fit on a prop, I believe it could be adjusted to be used for an adult or a child. The elastic cord might be short for an adult head, but it's not that big of a deal. I was very happy with my purchase of the hat and patch, it worked great for what I needed.

👤The small hat worked well for an adult. I used it on a porch. The eye patch was good, but it would have been better if it was not see-through. 3D vision would be compromised with younger people.

👤Our expectations for a well made hat were beyond what they were. We were surprised to get these fun hats for a reasonable price, we were going to a pirate show.

👤I looked at many sets but decided to buy this one for my granddaughter because she wanted a pirate hat and patch. It is beautiful and the fit is perfect. You will not be sorry if you buy it.

👤Good for the price. The design on the eye patch started to smudge and rub off on the first day as the hat didn't stay on. I don't think this will last long.

👤Un bateau nom de pirate.

👤Not bad. The delivery was great.

3. Patches Medical Adjustable Amblyopia Pirate

Patches Medical Adjustable Amblyopia Pirate

The material is high quality. The patch would not put pressure on your eyes. ADJUSTABLE. The strap design of the pirate eye patch makes it easy to fit. It's helpful for daily patching for eye condition. The eye patch is ideal for people who have to patch regularly. It's great for dress up party. These eye patches are a good eye mask for Halloween. Their friendly customer service and two different look eye patches are what you get.

Brand: Vandorla

👤The elastic band is not sewn in the right location for this to be comfortable and snug, I have tried several different positions and sides and flipped it around inside out, butnope. I will have to do the quality control work for these Chinese companies because I will detach the bands. Products are cheap and convenient.

👤A 1 out of 10 scale allows for more clarification on a lower score. The material is cheap. The pattern doesn't fit either eye sockets. The seam of the strap is skin irritant and it doesn't stay in place. Don't do it. Not worth the money.

👤These are unwearable. Quite useless. If you have a cat, get them because my cat enjoys playing with them.

👤They don't fit the human head right. The only way they stay in place is if you strap across the uncovered eye. Poor design.

👤The first one broke. The strap only had one thread holding it on and it was not tied off, so it just unraveled, the second one at least made it on my head, but the straps are sewn at the same level so the strap either goes across your one eye that you want open, or it I was going to return them, but they would sell the good one to someone else. I decided to throw it away.

👤The strap is sewn midway on the patch instead of being attached to the top. The strap comes across the uncovered eye. Terrible design. Most of the eye patches sold on Amazon have the same flaw. The people who have to wear one all the time. I bet it is hard to find a good one.

👤If the headband is adjusted tightly enough, the tension rubs the patch on the eye. I can't wear it for longer than five or ten minutes at a time.

👤These will be very uncomfortable if you have eye lashes. The straps are in an awkward position. They were cheap.

4. Tatuo Patches Captain Halloween Christmas

Tatuo Patches Captain Halloween Christmas

The package includes 12 packs of pirate eye patches with black elastic rope. It is suitable for most kids to adults. Each black eye patch has a white skull and cross knives pattern, which adds to the fun and symbolism of pirate identity. The pirate costume eye patch is made of felt material that is soft and can be used for a better experience than pretending to sail on the high seas. Role playing toy: share with friends and family, pretending to sail on the high seas with this felt eye patch, experience thrilling and exciting feeling in the process of finding a treasure Black pirate eye patches are great for role-playing at Halloween, Christmas and pirate themed parties.

Brand: Tatuo

👤I work as a school nurse. Kids are screened for hearing and vision. I use plastic kid glasses that I get in the dollar section at Target when I see them during the summer and holidays. I remove the plastic from the glasses. I use the part of the velcro around the eyes of the glasses. I attach the fuzzy eye patch to the velcro and have the student read the required letters or pictures. When I want to screen the other eye, I pull the patch off the first one. The elementary students love the pirate patch. They are excited to wear the patch and watch Vision screening.

👤I ordered them just for the photos. My husband and I tried them on and they fit. The elastic is long enough for our heads. We are going to wear them for a short time for pictures, but I can see how they would be a hit with children. I am happy with my purchase.

👤This was a great purchase. We had a pirate-themed event, and it was easy for anyone to attend.

👤I was looking for a pirate themed party favor. These were perfect. The elastic band was snug enough to keep the eye patch in place. Definitely recommend.

👤I bought these for my grandsons at Christmas because we are going on a cruise in the spring that requires us all to dress up as pirates. If they lose theirs before we go, I have extras.

👤Cute eye masks. It's hard to see out of the other eye. It was used to decorate the top of the head. I wish I could see through the patch side.

👤On our Disney cruise, we bought these for pirate night. We put some in our bags.

👤I purchased this to use with our youth stage production.

👤My granddaughter likes playing with pirates.

👤It's perfect for a pirate.

👤Ich ist die Geburtstagsparty meines Sohnes. Im Hte dazu hatten die Kinder die gleiche und losgespielt. So jedes Kind ist die richtiger Lieferung erfolgte wie immer schnell. Alle Augenklappen ist gut gehalten.

👤Im Augenklappen ist das empfehlenswert. Den Anforderungen ist entsprechen. Ich davon hat in der Beflaggung fr das Piratenschiff verwendet. 3 Mast befestigt ist Zugeschnitten.

👤Ich ist die Kindergartenkinder bestellt. Im Piraten-Somnerfestival hatten die erste Tanz entsprechend verkleidet. In der nchsten Woche, die fanden is cool.

5. Amscan 840222 Earring Patch Set

Amscan 840222 Earring Patch Set

Black pirate eye patches are great for role-playing at Halloween, Christmas and pirate themed parties, costume accessory or dress up. One earring and one eye patch. Most teens and adults are affected. The black eye patch is shaped to fit the orbit and is secured by an elastic band. It's a great accessory for your pirate costume, and can be used for a variety of events.

Brand: Amscan

👤The elastic cord broke. It was used. The pieces are very low quality.

👤This does not come with a hat. The plastic eyepatch and plastic earring are all that's left. No problem. It was a great laugh and a joke.

👤This was for a costume. It was probably what I paid for. The price was cheap and the elastic was tight for the eyepatch. It was fun, but only for the evening. It was all good. There were no complaints.

👤The eye patch is tight but it fits my head. The earring looks okay. I can't complain much.

👤The bandana is MIA, so the pirates must have taken it. The earring and patch are cheap. Don't waste your money.

👤The first time I put it on, it popped. It's a pity. The average person's head is small.

👤Eh. You get what you pay for. The job is done well for the price.

👤No le, Cre, pero venan las 3 piezas.

6. Patches Medical Adjustable Amblyopia Pirate

Patches Medical Adjustable Amblyopia Pirate

The eye patch made of soft EVA material is comfortable and won't put pressure on your eyes. The pirate eye patch has a strap design that makes it easy to fit just right. It'sHelpful for daily patching for eye condition. The eye patch is ideal for people who have to patch regularly. These eye patches are great for Halloween dress up party. The package includes four different look eye patches. The leopard print is black, pink, and blue.

Brand: Vandorla

👤I expected the patches to be like the product photo, where the elastic is sewed on halfway up the patch on each side at a 90 degree angle. The patches I got were made with elastic that was attached higher on one side and only fit on the right eye at a 45% angle. These are useless to me because I have an amblyopic eye.

👤The patch is too small for adults. During a period of eye infections. It is not recommended for adults.

👤It wouldn't be a good idea for toddlers. My daughter needs patch therapy and we usually buy the types of glue that break, but she pulls too hard and loses the black clip piece. Thankfully the dogs and my children found it.

👤Will not stay in place.

👤The optometrist did not have an opening for a while, but my child started complaining about seeing double. She said she only saw one eye after we taped it over. We ordered these patches and a Beholder. She saw double after just two days. The works of the gods are amazing. This must have been made by Odin. The product does not perform miracles. It is easy for a 4.5 year old to use without aid.

👤I didn't like that they had elastic on both sides. They slide down over the other eye, making it very uncomfortable to wear. If you want to prevent it from sliding on your hair, you could use Silicone on the inside of the elastic to stop it, and the elastic should be attached slightly higher on one side than the other to make the strap go across the forehead instead of across the other eye.

👤They are soft but rough around the edges. I only used them for a few days, so I would have tried to find an alternative. My skin is sensitive, so others may not have the same issue.

👤I disliked the fact that they are large.

7. Forum Novelties Unisex Adults Printing Standard

Forum Novelties Unisex Adults Printing Standard

It's great for role playing, Halloween parties, masquerade balls, school stage shows, costume party accessories, and as a perfect complement for your pirate costume.

Brand: Forum Novelties

👤The description didn't say it was for children. It's obvious to most people, but I'm a teacher. The kids would take it lightly because I had eye surgery.

👤My husband didn't get to wear it until 2 hours after the elastic broke. Thin elastic, very cheaply put together. Not worth the money.

👤This is not an adult patch. The strap broke when I tried to put it on my son. Didn't have a chance to see if it would fit. I'm going to glue it on.

👤Love the patch, but not the strap. I had to change the strap to cover my eye.

👤The first time we used it, it detached.

👤When my son put it on, it fell apart. It should be fixed with a little super glue. They say you get what you pay for.

👤The strap broke within 30 minutes of first wearing it. I put a small hole in the patch and tied the strap through it. The other side of the strap broke after 2 hours. It would be better if it was sewed.

8. Pirate Patches Adjustable Amblyopia Children

Pirate Patches Adjustable Amblyopia Children

It'sHelpful for daily patching for eye condition. The eye patch is perfect for children that have to patch regularly. The pirate eye patches can be adjusted to fit just right. The eye patch is soft, durable, stylish and comfortable. It is not a flat surface which helps not to put pressure on the eye. It is easy to put on and take off. A good eye mask is a must for a Halloween dress up party. The patch adds fun. A one size fits all.

Brand: Vandorla

👤The patch is very comfortable and it is made of good quality material. The strap is uncomfortable. The strap has two major deal-breakers. 1) The strap has materials that scratch the skin and it hurts right where the temple meets the corner of the eye. This is on two patches that came in the same order. There are two more The strap is attached to each side of the patch at the middle, which causes it to play across the eyebrow and even slip down to the eye on occasion. This is the worst of the two deal-breakers. Don't buy this unless you want to re-sew the inner strap to have an angle. The seller has no problem with me. The product was well packaged and came when it was supposed to. I need the patch immediately, so I will probably return them.

👤These eye patches are junk and anyone who needs an eye patch because of a loss of sight knows it. The way the strap is made does not allow you to avoid running it over the nose. The center of the patch is too wide, and it rests on the eye. The inside is made of foam rubber, which is very uncomfortable to wear, and has no protection to the eye itself. I got what I paid for. I would return them but the cost of postage would make me lose money on the total item. Stay away from this junk!

👤I bought these because my eye will start tearing. It can last a long time. I had a bout with Bell palsy 7 years ago and I don't know when it will end. My eye stopped weeping after the patches arrived. I found it comfortable for two days. I know I will use them in the future, so I don't regret the purchase.

👤I had both eyes done, one in one eye and the other in the other. The PRK eye was covered by this. It was comfortable enough to wear at work. It's not too bad aesthetically.

👤Not for a child's head. Press against the eyes or ride up off your head.

👤The patch put too much pressure on my eye. The strap around my head was tight.

👤I needed an eye patch for surgery and thought I could buy one. When I blink, my lashes kept hitting the inside of the patch on the flat bridge. I don't have deep eyes, which might be a problem with this patch that isn't very deep. I wanted to use this for driving, but my eyelashes kept bothering me when I used it. It wouldn't allow me peripheral vision if it were deeper.

👤The strap isn't placed correctly. The strap is low for the patch to stay in place for me. I made the strap loose so I could stay on and still have pressure on my eye. Maybe not for you.

9. Pieces Pirate Patches Adjustable Comfortable

Pieces Pirate Patches Adjustable Comfortable

The eye patch is reliable and quality. It is not a flat surface which helps not to put pressure on the eye. It's helpful for daily patching. The eye patch is comfortable to wear and will not hurt your skin. The product is 75 cm long, 70 cm wide and 0.25 cm thick. It's easy to apply: The pirate eye patches can be adjusted to fit just right. The rope is stretchy. Choose the size of the elastic strap that you want to use for one eye care and shield. The 18 Pieces Set is made of soft quality material. It is not easy to be hurt. It is an ideal gift for your friends for dress up party or daily use. It's widely applicable for Halloween dress up party, masquerade and eye mask. The patch is fun. It's suitable for cosplay, such as pirates dress up. Kids can use their eye patches daily. It's a good choice for Halloween dress up party. The eye patch is comfortable. It is not a flat surface which helps not to put pressure on the eye. It is easy to put on and take off.

Brand: Nuanchu

👤These were a great addition to our costumes. They were easy to wear and soft. Highly recommended!

10. Pirate Patches Captain Halloween Christmas

Pirate Patches Captain Halloween Christmas

You will get 24 packs of pirate eye patches with black elastic rope, soft and comfortable to wear. It's suitable for most children to adults and is 8 x 6 cm/ 3.15 x 2.36 inch. The pirate costume eye patch is made of a smooth material that can be applied repeatedly, and it is also comfortable to wear when you put on your eyes. This felt eye patch is a good costume for pirate cosplay, 12 packs in total, you can share with friends and family for role play, pretending to sail on the high seas, experience thrilling and exciting feeling in the process of finding a treasure. Black eye patches are printed with a skull and cross knives pattern, which adds to the fun and symbolism of pirate identity, make great party favors and Halloween decorations. Black pirate eye patches are great for role-playing at Halloween, Christmas and pirate themed parties, costume accessory or dress up.

Brand: Chinco

👤My daughter has a lazy eye problem and I wanted these to help her. They make them look comfortable, but they are not. It puts a lot of pressure on the eyeball, making them very uncomfortable, as if someone is pressing hard on your eye all the time. For a costume you can only wear for an hour or two. If you need a patch for medical reasons, I would suggest a better style that doesn't press so hard on the eye.

👤These are too small for adults. The elastic strap is so tight that it pulls the patch over the eye. The patch is soft but flimsy and presses against the eye in the middle from the strap.

👤Very surprised by the quality.

11. Tatuo Captain Earrings Mustache Halloween

Tatuo Captain Earrings Mustache Halloween

6 pieces black felt pirate eye patches, 6 pieces pirate gold earrings, 6 pieces pirate black headscarves, 12 pieces pirate fake mustache, and 6 different styles are included. The eye patch was made of soft fabric, the bandana was made of elastic cloth, and the plastic gold earrings were made of fiber. The elastic rope of the pirate eye patches is longer for adults and children. If you want to stick the fake mustache under the nose, you need to peel off the backing paper, but they can't be sticky when wet. You can use the 30 pieces pirate captain costume sets to play pirate at festivals and parties, as a Halloween and pirate party costume prop.

Brand: Tatuo

👤I was happy with the purchase to entertain young family members on a family vacation. The adults got into the fun and we took some great pirate family photos. The foam eye patches, the head scarves for children and adults, the mustaches, and the plastic earrings were all fun to wear. The earrings are multiple pieces so you may want to keep away from small children. There is a great deal and lots of fun.

👤The package contained everything that was advertised. The bandanas were better than I expected. It seems like what comes with kids' costumes is worse.

👤One day, I and my coworkers were dressed as pirates. Everything was in place. Very happy with this set.

👤The pirate and princess party was a big hit.

👤I did a pirate party for my daughter's birthday and it was fun to dress up.

👤The set is great for pirates. It would be great for a child's party if we were at an adult Pirates of the Caribbean Party.

👤It was great. My 10 year old son had a pirate party. Fantastic supplies!

👤The pack was okay. The earrings didn't stay on and kept falling apart, so it was not a bad value for money. It was repairable but annoying. The slippery bandannas made it difficult to put on the kids heads. The moustaches and pirate eye patches are good.

👤The Piratenparty set ist fr die Bandanas und Augenklappen. The Bandanas passen. Im Erwachsene ist die erwachsene und lassen. Durch den Stoff ist man. The Print ist schn platziert. Die Augenklappen verlieren gern mal, die anders festknoten und die man nutzen. Im Brte und Ohrringe ist das genommen. Die Ohrringe ist aus Plastik, die Brte ist aus langlebig. Alles in allem are aber vllig ausreichend.

👤The gut gefallen, as the Kinder was gefreut. Mu ist die Gelfte des Bandas.

👤The Brte kleben gut und insgesamt.

👤The Kids are mega Spa an den Artikeln.


What is the best product for eye patch pirate?

Eye patch pirate products from B Bangcool. In this article about eye patch pirate you can see why people choose the product. D-foxes and Vandorla are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye patch pirate.

What are the best brands for eye patch pirate?

B Bangcool, D-foxes and Vandorla are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye patch pirate. Find the detail in this article. Tatuo, Amscan and Forum Novelties are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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