Best Eye Patches for Adults Pirate

Adults 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Pirate Patch Plastic Earring Accessory

Pirate Patch Plastic Earring Accessory

It's great for role playing, Halloween parties, masquerade balls, school stage shows, costume party accessories, and as a perfect complement for your pirate costume. The item is a great value. There are costume accessories for festive occasions.

Brand: Beistle

👤I used this for my husband's costume. The earring broke immediately upon opening. The earring was silly and awkwardly made.

👤I got the eye patch for Bill Cipher cosplay, but I lost the earing a long time ago, and never needed it.

👤I have a pirate theme in my classroom. The student pirate pictures will be perfect with this.

👤I got what I expected, but it isn't as good as I had expected. The earring broke at the pirate birthday party my daughter was invited to. It isn't as though it was expensive. I got what I paid for, and I'm fine with that.

👤It's not bad for the price. If you have an issue with the straps, just reglue it, and it looks like it was glue on. If you want something that looks amazing, you should raise your price range. I didn't have any issues with the earring, this definitely got the job done.

👤The strap on the eye patch was stretched.

👤Comme rapide. Merci.

2. Tatuo Patches Captain Halloween Christmas

Tatuo Patches Captain Halloween Christmas

The package includes 12 packs of pirate eye patches with black elastic rope. It is suitable for most kids to adults. Each black eye patch has a white skull and cross knives pattern, which adds to the fun and symbolism of pirate identity. The pirate costume eye patch is made of felt material that is soft and can be used for a better experience than pretending to sail on the high seas. Role playing toy: share with friends and family, pretending to sail on the high seas with this felt eye patch, experience thrilling and exciting feeling in the process of finding a treasure Black pirate eye patches are great for role-playing at Halloween, Christmas and pirate themed parties.

Brand: Tatuo

👤I work as a school nurse. Kids are screened for hearing and vision. I use plastic kid glasses that I get in the dollar section at Target when I see them during the summer and holidays. I remove the plastic from the glasses. I use the part of the velcro around the eyes of the glasses. I attach the fuzzy eye patch to the velcro and have the student read the required letters or pictures. When I want to screen the other eye, I pull the patch off the first one. The elementary students love the pirate patch. They are excited to wear the patch and watch Vision screening.

👤I ordered them just for the photos. My husband and I tried them on and they fit. The elastic is long enough for our heads. We are going to wear them for a short time for pictures, but I can see how they would be a hit with children. I am happy with my purchase.

👤This was a great purchase. We had a pirate-themed event, and it was easy for anyone to attend.

👤I was looking for a pirate themed party favor. These were perfect. The elastic band was snug enough to keep the eye patch in place. Definitely recommend.

👤I bought these for my grandsons at Christmas because we are going on a cruise in the spring that requires us all to dress up as pirates. If they lose theirs before we go, I have extras.

👤Cute eye masks. It's hard to see out of the other eye. It was used to decorate the top of the head. I wish I could see through the patch side.

👤On our Disney cruise, we bought these for pirate night. We put some in our bags.

👤I purchased this to use with our youth stage production.

👤My granddaughter likes playing with pirates.

👤It's perfect for a pirate.

👤Ich ist die Geburtstagsparty meines Sohnes. Im Hte dazu hatten die Kinder die gleiche und losgespielt. So jedes Kind ist die richtiger Lieferung erfolgte wie immer schnell. Alle Augenklappen ist gut gehalten.

👤Im Augenklappen ist das empfehlenswert. Den Anforderungen ist entsprechen. Ich davon hat in der Beflaggung fr das Piratenschiff verwendet. 3 Mast befestigt ist Zugeschnitten.

👤Ich ist die Kindergartenkinder bestellt. Im Piraten-Somnerfestival hatten die erste Tanz entsprechend verkleidet. In der nchsten Woche, die fanden is cool.

3. AKOAK Adjustable Comfortable Pirate Amblyopia

AKOAK Adjustable Comfortable Pirate Amblyopia

It is made of high quality cotton and will not hurt your skin. The overall size is 2.75"x 2.56". You can find the size you need with the strap. The pirate eye patches can be adjusted to fit just right. The rope is stretchy and free to wear. The eye patch is comfortable. It is not a flat surface which helps not to put pressure on the eye. It's helpful for daily patching. The eye patch is perfect for children that have to patch regularly. A good eye mask for Halloween is an idea. The patch is fun. A one size fits all. The eye patches are suitable for training the lazy eye, and can be used for cosplay.

Brand: Akoak

👤The elastic strap that holds the eyepatch in place is flexible, but I'm an adult. I needed a soft patch to cover my sensitive eye at night, because the hard patch that I had to tape in place each night was not working for me. This patch didn't either. The patch is small and nestled right in to my eye sockets, which is a no-no for my eye surgeon and my own comfort level. The strap wouldn't stay in place even after I loosened it. I only tried it one night, and it worked so well that I woke up in the middle of the night with a patch in my ear and an elastic band across my eye. I gave it 2 stars because it is well-made and can be adjusted to fit a small child who needs an eye patch. It didn't work for me at night.

👤The elastic on this eyepatch is coming undone after a few wears. It was worth the price.

👤The price is steep. $7 for an eyepatch is too much for a business to make money on. If it was less than $4, I would give it five stars. I was worried that this would keep my eye closed. That is uncomfortable. It's not too small and can fit even the largest of heads. It's great because it's concave. Even if my vision is black, I can keep blinking. I am using it to strengthen one of my eyes. For my needs, it works great because it is black/thick. It's a good idea to wash it before use. It smelled terrible.

👤The only one that fit around my husband's head was a comfortable eye patch. The elastic band fit but the patch was not comfortable as it pushed against his eye and didn't stay well placed. If you want a patch for someone who recently had surgery on the eye, we don't recommend this.

👤The patch is too small for an average male. If worn parallel to the floor, the patch fits and feels great, but the strap goes across the uncovered eye. The strap will fall over the uncovered eye if worn at a slight downward angle. The only way this patch will stay in place for me is if the strap lays across or under my ear, which is neither comfortable or appealing. This item is a failure for me.

👤Several eye patches have been tried by the husband, but they wouldn't be too bad. This is the first patch that he said was compatible. Well. It was made well. If the band that goes around the head didn't loosen up on its own a bit after wearing, it would be 5 stars.

👤The patch was large enough to cover the eye, but the strap sits right over the non-patched eye making it useless. It was a nice patch and it's too bad that it's not better.

👤It could be bigger for adults. The title says it fits both. I need to block all light from my eye for a while after I injured it. It does a good job. My eyelashes are not touching. So far, it's not a problem. The biggest problem is how you wear the straps to make it work. It almost doesn't work. Some heads might not work. You need a heavy bone structure in the brows to keep it up. A hat helps. I might be able to cut and sew the strap myself.

4. Patch Adjustable Patches Medical Amblyopia

Patch Adjustable Patches Medical Amblyopia

This eye patch made of soft and smooth materials would not put pressure on your eyes. The elastic band has an adjustment range of between 11 and 21.6 inches. You can adjust it according to the size of your head. It's suitable for adults and kids. The patch doesn't irritate the eyelid or eyelashes. It's great for lazy eye training, surgery recovery period, and daily use. Each eye patch is 7.5 cm x 7 cm. One size fits all. It can be used on both eyes. 2 pack black eye patch and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Thsiree

👤The product isn't as described. The inside of the patch is uncomfortable because my eye lids rub it. I have an average head and eyes for a man. I believed the patch I was receiving was not going to touch my eye. It doesn't put pressure on the outside of the eye. The patch put some pressure on my eye.

👤I had to wear a patch on my eye. I got some from Walmart and they were not comfortable. I am very happy I ordered these. They got me through that month with nice colors. Thanks!

👤The straps don't hold in place because of slick material. I had to take the whole thing off because the strap kept falling into my eye. I wanted to be able to drive without double vision, but I couldn't.

👤Not impressed with the eye patches. You get what you pay for. Sending back is not worth it. If you want better quality, spend a little more money.

👤The strap fits perfectly. Good fabric, not hot. I'm happy I ordered them.

👤These are not large enough. My eyelashes are short and it drives me crazy.

👤It's a patch on the eye. The band stays in place.

👤The patch folds in and does not maintain its shape. If you loosen it will allow light to come in. The straps are symmetrical. One will go across your good eye.

👤Quiz un poco corto el elstico.

5. Amscan Silk Eye Patch Accessory

Amscan Silk Eye Patch Accessory

Wide usages can be used for a variety of purposes such as light blocking, vision correction, eyes recovery, and also can be a performance prop for live shows, stage shows or party private dress. Most teens and adults are affected. A black eye patch is secured by an elastic band. It's great for halloween parties, costume party accessories, and as a perfect complement for a pirate costume.

Brand: Amscan

👤I wore this eye patch for the production of The Pirates of Penzance. The strap was comfortable but the patch on my eye made it uncomfortable, but it could've been better. The strap broke before the show started. I had a second pair of shoes. We were able to sew it back together. It was a good buy back then. I would like to find something more piratey as it didn't look as piratey as other eye patches.

👤Cheap and cute. It is too small for an adult eye and feels uncomfortable around it. I pulled it off after wearing it for 10 seconds.

👤It's very flat so it doesn't sit against your face. It is loose and slides all over. Walgreens has an eye patch in their first aid section. Don't spend your money on this for a costume.

👤I was expecting better quality for the price. The patch is just a costume type. I bought this to strengthen my lazy eye and will look for something better.

👤It was poorly designed. There is glue around the edges. It isn't a silk patch. There is a thin lining on the back of a piece of cardboard. The front and back linings are different. It's very uncomfortable to wear two different materials. Is there a way to not give stars?

👤It works well for watching tv. I have a left eye that travels to the left and so I have to cover my right eye to not see double vision.

👤Good quality, but too big of a patch. It looked ridiculous. Attempted to cut it smaller, but it was ruined.

👤Genial! Ami hija! La tela y el resorte son un pirata real.

👤It's a engaoso... Pens era con la gorra.

👤Mala Calidad no tuve oportunidad de usar.

6. Acu Life 400013 Eye Patch

Acu Life 400013 Eye Patch

It's perfect for eye care and protection, or for use in a pirate costume. The eye patch has a foam padding that fits over the entire eye. Blocks light. The material completely covers the eye. Over the past 35 years, Acu-life has designed and developed innovative health products.

Brand: Acu-life

👤My 8 year old daughter needs this to help her get stronger. It seems to fit her well and I like how it blocks out all the light. She said it was bad on her skin after she had it on for about 20 minutes. I found some soft fuzzy fabric and hot-glued it over the foam after I looked at the padding and it was nice and thick, but she disliked it because it was hard to see around the edges. I think it's a good deal and will be buying another when needed.

👤Excellent product. You would think that the eye patches are the same. You would be wrong. It is made so that the part that's covering your eye isn't pressing up against it. It's best to just cover the eye and not bother to design it so it won't hurt or bother you. It was designed with your comfort in mind.

👤There is no excuse for this product. The foam idea is a solid one, but the material they use is not suitable for this product. I recommend avoiding this product and looking for an eyepatch without foam. The best eyepatch I've found so far is the FCAROLYN, but it's too bulky. The plain cheap, no frills eyepatch is the most comfortable design.

👤A patch was recommended for my mother. She doesn't like touching her eyes. The patch worked out well. She wore it because it was comfortable and she didn't enjoy it. She had lost her sight after 8 weeks of wearing the patch.

👤My daughter has an eye patch that she wears every day. The patches irritate her skin. The glasses that go over her don't fit very well. Thepirate style eye patch works best for her. She can pretend to be a pirate and play with her sister. She's not very responsible and often looses her patch. I bought 3 of them because they were so affordable and we would have extra on hand if she couldn't find her patch. The first patch we bought was not padded, but we like that it is. It's great for use by children.

👤A patch that will work for us. We went through many patches that he wouldn't wear because they were so uncomfortable. This one doesn't touch the eye or eyelash. The strap is tight but we have figured out ways to use it. Overall good.

👤I use it with my telescope. It's easier since I don't have to squint.

👤I was very disappointed in this product. I needed to protect my eye after eye surgery. The patch is very thick and cone shaped. You can't wear glasses over it. The padding around the inside of the patch is very thick and made of a material that is very rough on the skin and makes it hard to wear. I couldn't get it in a comfortable position, but I had to keep moving it around because it was too uncomfortable to wear. It is not returnable.

7. Pirate Patches Adjustable Amblyopia Children

Pirate Patches Adjustable Amblyopia Children

It'sHelpful for daily patching for eye condition. The eye patch is perfect for children that have to patch regularly. The pirate eye patches can be adjusted to fit just right. The eye patch is soft, durable, stylish and comfortable. It is not a flat surface which helps not to put pressure on the eye. It is easy to put on and take off. A good eye mask is a must for a Halloween dress up party. The patch adds fun. A one size fits all.

Brand: Vandorla

👤The patch is very comfortable and it is made of good quality material. The strap is uncomfortable. The strap has two major deal-breakers. 1) The strap has materials that scratch the skin and it hurts right where the temple meets the corner of the eye. This is on two patches that came in the same order. There are two more The strap is attached to each side of the patch at the middle, which causes it to play across the eyebrow and even slip down to the eye on occasion. This is the worst of the two deal-breakers. Don't buy this unless you want to re-sew the inner strap to have an angle. The seller has no problem with me. The product was well packaged and came when it was supposed to. I need the patch immediately, so I will probably return them.

👤These eye patches are junk and anyone who needs an eye patch because of a loss of sight knows it. The way the strap is made does not allow you to avoid running it over the nose. The center of the patch is too wide, and it rests on the eye. The inside is made of foam rubber, which is very uncomfortable to wear, and has no protection to the eye itself. I got what I paid for. I would return them but the cost of postage would make me lose money on the total item. Stay away from this junk!

👤I bought these because my eye will start tearing. It can last a long time. I had a bout with Bell palsy 7 years ago and I don't know when it will end. My eye stopped weeping after the patches arrived. I found it comfortable for two days. I know I will use them in the future, so I don't regret the purchase.

👤I had both eyes done, one in one eye and the other in the other. The PRK eye was covered by this. It was comfortable enough to wear at work. It's not too bad aesthetically.

👤Not for a child's head. Press against the eyes or ride up off your head.

👤The patch put too much pressure on my eye. The strap around my head was tight.

👤I needed an eye patch for surgery and thought I could buy one. When I blink, my lashes kept hitting the inside of the patch on the flat bridge. I don't have deep eyes, which might be a problem with this patch that isn't very deep. I wanted to use this for driving, but my eyelashes kept bothering me when I used it. It wouldn't allow me peripheral vision if it were deeper.

👤The strap isn't placed correctly. The strap is low for the patch to stay in place for me. I made the strap loose so I could stay on and still have pressure on my eye. Maybe not for you.

8. Forum Novelties Unisex Adults Printing Standard

Forum Novelties Unisex Adults Printing Standard

It's great for role playing, Halloween parties, masquerade balls, school stage shows, costume party accessories, and as a perfect complement for your pirate costume.

Brand: Forum Novelties

👤The description didn't say it was for children. It's obvious to most people, but I'm a teacher. The kids would take it lightly because I had eye surgery.

👤My husband didn't get to wear it until 2 hours after the elastic broke. Thin elastic, very cheaply put together. Not worth the money.

👤This is not an adult patch. The strap broke when I tried to put it on my son. Didn't have a chance to see if it would fit. I'm going to glue it on.

👤Love the patch, but not the strap. I had to change the strap to cover my eye.

👤The first time we used it, it detached.

👤When my son put it on, it fell apart. It should be fixed with a little super glue. They say you get what you pay for.

👤The strap broke within 30 minutes of first wearing it. I put a small hole in the patch and tied the strap through it. The other side of the strap broke after 2 hours. It would be better if it was sewed.

9. FCAROLYN 3D Eye Patch Left

FCAROLYN 3D Eye Patch Left

The eye patch was designed to fit all face shapes. A special padded nose area is used to avoid pressure to eyeball. It is possible to adjust and secure around the head with a stick on an elastic strap. Light weight material for sensitive skins eye area is fully covered. It was thick enough to block most of the lights. Eye care is great for lazy eye training. The eye area needs to be protected. When purchasing, please remember to distinguish between left and right.

Brand: Fcarolyn

👤I need my right eye to work more than it has in the past few decades of my life, so holding my hand over my eye was not going to be enough. I discovered that I am not supposed to cover my stronger without the freedom to open and close it. That was confirmed when I ordered a patch made of cotton and silk. It was soft and low profile but it put pressure on the eye over time. I began a search for a patch that was not straight. I put a patch on my eye so that readers could see the shape of it and understand my comments about the fit. My eyes are big and my eyelashes are long. It is expected that my lashes brush the inside of the patch. I might be unhappy if my eye and eyelashes were off. My face is small but it is not making me feel uncomfortable. I am satisfied with the product. There is no light in the room. It is not too cold and there is snow outside. The plan was for my eye to move freely. The elastic on the scarf is not as elastic as the Velcro is. I can put it on quickly. The material isn't all natural. I will not be wearing this device for more than 4 months. I wouldn't try to wash it. It looks like nylon is stuck over foam. I think it could handle a spot clean. If there is a lot of sweating or eye discharge, I would be inclined to make a cloth sleeve for it or purchase a metal eye cover and fit it into a standard patch so that I could wash anything that becomes messy. If I could get the product upgraded, it would be a more subtle color than black, a generic skin tone or grey. I want my lashes to not brush against the inside. I will update my review if I notice anything unsatisfactory about this patch in the next few months. It is my desire to return the favor, especially when there is so much to question in an online purchase, so I find reviews very helpful.

👤I've been looking for a patch that worked for years. I am blind in my left eye because of damage to my nerve. I only see through my right eye, but my eyes work well together. I don't wear an eye patch at home or in small groups because I can make due and I don't need to send a message. When I go to malls, crowded restaurants or anywhere lots of other people go, that changes as well. I have found that an eye patch can help us avoid bumps, as it warns others that they may not be seen. I don't have to apologize or explain my bumping into someone because of the patches. A patch is helpful around small children and their parents. There is a Finding the right size for me has been difficult. They move around on elastic string that doesn't hold them in place. I have had to change patches multiple times to make sure I don't look like I have a blemish near my eye. The patch is the answer for me. It works well and is easy to use. I am happy with the patch. My only concern is that it is heavier than others and that may be problematic. In the summer months, it's hot. I know I can count on it. From October to next summer in Maryland. My eye moves well under the patch and I wear my glasses well.

10. Alphatool Patches Caribbean Captain Halloween

Alphatool Patches Caribbean Captain Halloween

The pack is great. The package contains 12 pieces of pirate decoration, there are 6 pirate hats and 6 pirate eye patches, a great value set to meet your quantity need. The hat has an elastic band that can be adjusted, the eye patch has an elastic rope that can be adjusted, and the eye mask has an elastic rope that can be adjusted. The elastic band is 24 inches, the eye patches are 3.1 inches, and the pirate hat is 11.5 x 4.5 inches. The pirate suit is made of high quality material, it is comfortable to wear and can be used multiple times. Each pirate hat and pirate eye patch contains white skulls and cross-knife patterns, and the pirate identity lets you immerse yourself in pretending to sail on the sea and having fun searching for treasure. Great for pirate themed parties, dress up games, cosplay dances, fancy dress parties, Halloween parties, etc. You can stand out from the crowd at the festival or theme party.

Brand: Alphatool

👤Please be careful. I was not. I thought about hats and eye patches after reading 12. There are 6 hats and 6 eyepatches. I started assembling bags before the party. The whole thing would have been ruined if I hadn't been careful. They are good enough for a 4 year old party. These will not work if you have older kids.

👤I am going with three stars. I didn't think the description was accurate. I think it's too generous to call them "hats". They are similar to headbands. The eye patches are not bad. Although they fit an adult head, they would be more suited for kids based on their size. I kept them because my co-workers thought they were cute. It is hard to find anything like this for less than $50. Hats are more expensive. This will work. The description needs to be adjusted.

👤The hat we used was perfect. They were comfortable. There was an elastic band in the back that could work on different head sizes. The eye patch was not comfortable for anyone. No one likes eye patches. There is nothing wrong with it. The hats stayed put.

👤The "hats" will fit older kids and adults because it's just a headband. The elastic string that held the eyepatches in place didn't stretch out to more than six inches. We couldn't get one near our toddler's head. I uploaded a photo of the eyepatch to show how small it is. It makes more sense to buy a product that works, since there are holes in the side of eyepatch, and you could replace the cord with one that's an appropriate length.

👤I was happy that these fit adults. We used them for a movie party with a lot of adults. Not tight, not loose. I was surprised that the eye patches were plastic, but I didn't read the full details, so that's on me. I think the set would be perfect if they were made of felt or something soft. Everyone loved them.

👤They were purchased for a college graduation party. Adult attendees had fun with them after they were scattered on the tables. P.S. Over the past years, I have planned about 20 state conferences and have found that putting stuff like this on banquet tables helps people loosen up, even for a few hours.

👤I knew these items would not be high quality, but 3 of them were already broken when you picked them up, and a few more broke as soon as you put them on. I wanted to return them because I didn't use them, but this item isn't eligible for returns. I don't think anyone should purchase these items.

👤The straps on the hats were so loose that they were big on me. I had to fix them so they would fit at my child's birthday party. Hats that are cute.

11. Beelittle Halloween Accessories Long Tail Cap Pirate

Beelittle Halloween Accessories Long Tail Cap Pirate

Silky Pirate Cap. The durag is made of high quality silks that are soft, lightweight and friendly to the skin. One size durags are suitable for most head sizes. A black eye patch with a skull and crossbones design is assembled with a black elastic strap that wraps around your head. One size fits all. The metal gold hoop earrings can fit most teens and adults. The pirate necklace is perfect for making your costume look real. It's great for role playing, Halloween parties, masquerade balls, school stage shows, costume party accessories, and as a perfect complement for your pirate costume.

Brand: Beelittle

👤The finishing touches were added to our pirate costume. The necklace is very nice. The ring is not attached to the earring and can slip off, so be careful. It was worth it for the cost of all the accessories.

👤I only use the eyepatch. It worked well and was delivered in a timely fashion. It is gumball machine quality.

👤cheap costume jewelry for kids is exactly what it looks like. It was used for a Halloween party and worked for decorating, but it's small for kids.

👤I didn't use any of these pieces because they looked so cheap.

👤Very cheap. The necklace was broken.

👤The scarf was cute. The necklace and earring were broken.

👤Cheap and repackages. I intended this to be a gift, but it isn't good enough. Will come back.

👤Don't waste money or time.

👤solo lleg la mitad de los articulos.


What is the best product for eye patches for adults pirate?

Eye patches for adults pirate products from Beistle. In this article about eye patches for adults pirate you can see why people choose the product. Tatuo and Akoak are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye patches for adults pirate.

What are the best brands for eye patches for adults pirate?

Beistle, Tatuo and Akoak are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye patches for adults pirate. Find the detail in this article. Thsiree, Amscan and Acu-life are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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