Best Eye Patches for Dark Circles Korean

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1. Patches Diamond Extract Circles Treatment

Patches Diamond Extract Circles Treatment

Premium under eye masks contain certified ingredients for antioxidation and anti aging. The effects of instant hydration. Tone correction and rejuvenations give a fresh look. Black Pearl, Diamond, Blackberry Complex, and Vitamin C are anti-aging products. Dehydration and vitalizing skin can be prevented with organic certified ingredients. Natural ingredients are safe to use for all skin types. The lifting and cooling effect is instantaneous. Free from abuse. Deep hydration is intensive care with a bigger patch. Lifting and tightening care can be done quickly.

Brand: Mizon

👤It was messy. They slide. I had an allergic reaction to them. I can tolerate serums and I can't believe it. This caused an injury to my eye. I don't know if they helped any.

👤I loved the Black Caviar eye patches, but they were not available here. This made my eyes very irritated. I tried them out for 4 days, but I didn't like them.

👤I bought these and the Gold snail ones, I am resorting to snail slime but when you work nights beggars can't be choosers. These were slimy and felt great on my eyes. Good investment!

👤My wife had an allergic reaction to this on her eyes, which resulted in red flaky skin around her eye and eyelid. The condition persisted a few weeks after the product was stopped. I want to warn you to be careful with this product and make sure you are not allergic as well.

👤A lot of serum is a good thing. I use a mask to hold them in place. It works for me.

👤These are great when my eyes are puffy.

👤Cool under eyes, but did nothing for puffy eyes. I get better results by putting an ice cube in a paper towel.

👤This product is very easy to use and works well under the eyes.

2. Koelf Butter 30pairs Korean Cosmetics

Koelf Butter 30pairs Korean Cosmetics

60 sheets of eye patch for 30 days. The eye-skin is nourished with Pearl and Shea butter. Pearl has 20 kinds of minerals and is good for your skin. The rich nutrition and moizturizing power of shea butter makes your skin soft and moist. This eye patch is designed to care for sensitive and weak eye-skin.

Brand: Koelf

👤My favorite brand of eyepatch. I have gotten them three times, and this product never fails to impress. Benefits are huge and the price is great. You need to be realistic with your expectations. It will not completely remove your dark circles, but it will make them lighter. It's my daily must have and my after party must have. I have been trying different products from the same store, but none of them worked. Don't hesitate to add them to your shelf.

👤I wanted to like this product. My under eye area started burning very quickly. I thought it was a mistake since I had just removed my makeup. I tried a few more times, but it still feels like someone rubbed my face with a jalapeos. I took a picture after 2 minutes and it shows a faint red area where the patches were applied. It felt worse than it looks. If 20 minutes is recommended, can you imagine having these? There are a few things that are alarming if you look at the ingredients. They expect people to tolerate this on the most delicate part of their body. It has a scent. This serves no purpose and makes irritation worse. If you also worry about animal welfare, this also has carmine. I don't think I'll get a refund, but it was satisfying throwing this junk in the trash.

👤If you have dry skin around the eye area, this is not for you. I think it contains alcohol because my skin was burning and I have very dry skin. My eye area is always red and dry, because I struggle with a smallPsoriasis. It definitely hurts. I put the patch on my forehead because it irritated my skin so much. I was fine. If you have normal or oily skin, then this patch will work for you because my forehead is the only part that has a normal skin type. It's not for dry and sensitive skin. I will use this product on my forehead, neck, and chin.

👤I had an allergic reaction to this product. I use the Peter Thomas Roth eye patches with no reaction and I was hoping for a cheapo substitute. This was not the answer. I put them on in the morning, but by 10 am, I could see my eyes getting puffy and it was continuing throughout the day. My eyes were red and starting to peel when I was in bed. Things aren't back to normal after 1 Benadryl. My eyes are puffy and pink. The peeling seems to have stopped.

👤I love this product. I don't sleep well at night so this helps in the mornings. The problem remains if you don't use it constantly. I see a change in my appearance now that I use other K-beauty products. For the best.

👤I like them. I don't have dark circles or under eye issues. I wanted eye patches for the fun of it, even though I was stuck at home. These took a bit to receive, but finally got them over the weekend. I put them in the fridge. The smell is nice and the cold is good. If you are going to wear them, I suggest laying down for 15-20 minutes to make sure they stay in place. The bottom says they will last 2 months, but I will not use them all that quickly, so hopefully they will stay for awhile longer so I can get through them all. The undereye area was refreshed after use. I am happy I bought them. I probably won't get them again.

3. Under Eye Patches Treatments Wrinkles

Under Eye Patches Treatments Wrinkles

The eyes are puffy. Dark circles can be eliminated with their under eye patches, which are highly effective eye skin care treatment which will quickly work against skin aging, flat wrinkling and fine lines. You will notice your skin is hydrated and hydrated for a long time, thanks to the Hyaluronic acid in these under eye pads. You should reveal a younger-looking you. The formula is safe and effective, it has a blend of gold and hyaluronic acid which can penetrate into the eye skin and repair it in a matter of minutes. Clean your face and eyes with warm water, then put eye pads under your eyes and press to secure them. Remove the eye pads and pat the remaining essence for 20 minutes. Twice a day or at least once a week. Their gold under eye mask is perfect for both men and women, it can be used after a sleepless night to get rid of panda eyes, or just to remove puffy eyes before a big event.

Brand: Nazano

👤The product was delivered quickly. The package was very impressive. They feel luxurious and refreshing. I would definitely order again, but it will take some time, there are a lot of them.

👤I started to have some redness under my eyes. I decided to try it out. Was initially skeptical. After several uses. I became committed to continued use. The 4 stars were in 2 categories. It is a challenge to get just one of these delicate gel pads. It has a handy tool to use. 2. They are large. I had to cut off the narrow end so it wouldn't poke my eye. Is it possible that I would reorder? It deserves 5 stars. The price is great compared to similar products.

👤Delivery from Amazon was fast. The product is wonderful. I was not sure what to expect when I ordered the 24K Gold treatments, but they are very easy to use. They are cooling and that helped reduce my bags. If you are on the fence, I highly recommend this product.

👤The product is in a very attractive box. I followed the directions on the product page, even though there were not instructions enclosed, and I read the Q&A on the product page. The patches were easy to apply and adhere to. They were placed in the right spot to hit mywrinkle. I left them on for a while. At my age, I don't expect miracles. It provided a lovely cooling sensation, settled down the under my eyes and did not irritate my skin. I used it a few times before doing a review. I bought this first set for myself to try before buying a gift for a friend for Christmas. I will include a box of bath bombs from Lush, some nice body products, and some fun full-size face samples from Sephora. They are a great gift for a spa day.

👤Very impressed so far. The item arrived quickly and was very good value. I'm trying to find self-care products to protect and enhance my skin. I was worried about trying a facial product that was so cheap, but these have not disappointed. My undereye area is less puffy, the patches do not slip, and I feel great using them. Will be buying again.

👤I have been using these eye masks for a week and I love them. They are easy to apply. They come with a tool to remove from the container so you don't have to touch the remaining masks. Once you put them on, they adjust quickly. After the first use. I noticed they felt a bit uneasy. Cool on my skin. But they were refreshing. I had to lay back because they did slide a little but they were all good. After a few treatments. I feel like my eyes are hydrated and less tired. Absolutely recommend for the price. Thank you!

👤I felt like it made a difference immediately, they are a little slippery and if you have too much fluid on them they will slide down, but I found that removing the excess with the spatula helps. I don't have anything else to complain about. It's easy to slap on the first thing in the morning and then rub in the excess after you peel them off, you're good to go.

4. Puffiness Treatment Hydrating Med Beauty

Puffiness Treatment Hydrating Med Beauty

PUFFY EYES and EYE BAGS treatment is achieved by nutrition with micro elements that help with water and fat balance, lift and smooth the surface of the skin. medbeauty cooling eye masks will give you instant results. Their under eye patch will make you forget about Dark Circuses. Special active ingredients make the eyes look better. You will be toned up every morning with their eye pads. The extracts of MATCHA GREEN TEA give you a lifting effect. They replace harmful toxins with essential vitamins and plant proteins. The Gel eye mask has a Mokturation and Soothing effect. Your skin becomes younger and rejuvenated with these under eye gel pads. Natural, organic and safe ingredients such as tea, flower, and plant extracts, stimulates and regenerates skin cells, are used in eye mask skincare. It is hypoallergenic. A vegan. It's animal-free. There is no Parabens. No Sulfates. There are nothalates.

Brand: Medbeauty

👤I wish I had taken pictures before and after the patches. Nothing else works as well as these strips. I didn't notice a change the first night, but the second morning I woke up, my dark circles were almost gone so I would suggest using them about 3 times a week.

👤After a fun GNO with the girls, these eye patches helped with hydrating our eyes and eliminating the dark circles. Will definitely buy them again.

👤These are very lush. They feel great and stick to the skin better than any other eye masks I have used. This is a steal for the price.

👤I love eye masks. The quality stays out. It's hard to get out of individual wrap.

👤You have to be consistent in your actions.

👤These were not as big as I thought. It was very difficult to peel open. Not being able to open it is the main reason.

👤The patches are very hard to open and dry compared to others that I have ordered.

👤This had mold all over and it was really upsetting. Would not tell anyone to buy it. I wouldn't give it a single star.

5. Eyelash Extension Natural Hydrogel Extensions

Eyelash Extension Natural Hydrogel Extensions

100% natural plant extract eye pads are free of irritation to eyes. The eyelash extension patch can be used to avoid lashes sticking to the gel pads. Save time preparing the eye. Flex-Form technology is used to create a custom fit for all eye shapes and sizes. The eye patches are used during eyelash extensions. The skin under the eye is not as bright as it could be during the eyelash extension treatment. The gel pad on the bottom lashes is a great help for eyelash extension.

Brand: Ocim

👤The worst product ever. I have been doing eyelash extensions for a long time and have tried many eyepatches. I gave it a try. It is waste money to buy this. It is not worth attaching all the gel stuff on the flim.

👤It's hard for the patches to adhere to the under eye if the client has oily skin. If your client has oily skin, apply translucent powered/ setting powder/ baby powder to their skin and it will suck up the water and allow the pad stick to be a little better.

👤I wanted to buy these for my lashes. I had a lot of trouble with these. The first client they worked for, everyone wouldn't stay down. They lose all the stick. These are the worst. I had to send a client home because they were my only pads.

👤Thin and sticky, just like I like them. Hold the bottom lash in place while applying lashes will buy again.

👤The first box I ordered was great and I thought these were my new favorites. Several packets were sealed with nothing inside, the gel was sticking to the paper and not the pad, leaving them completely worthless. I thought maybe it was a mistake, but here is the third box and the gel is still sticking. I will have to return them again. I will not be ordering any more.

👤I do eyelash extensions that fit under most of my clients eyes, but they don't stay in place once they get wet. They got four stars because they are a little thin.

👤It's perfect for what I need. I use these to do eyelash extensions. They fit under the eye nicely and help keep the bottoms lashes down while hydrating the under eye area. If you poke the client with the tweezers, the thickness protects their eye. Definitely worth the affordable price and will purchase again.

👤These are great! It's great to use for under eye treatments. Restoring tired eyes.

👤I am solo, la caja del producto no vena sellada. No bolsa de la paquetera.

6. SNP Moisture Nourishment Supplement Sensitive

SNP Moisture Nourishment Supplement Sensitive

Fine lines around your eyes, mouth, and cheeks can be erased. After the first use, this patch will show results. The inner nucleus is an instument. It prevents dry eyes by providing a protective hydration barrier to help restore the elasticity of the skin around the eyes. The swiftlet corpse is made on a cliff by swiftlets using saliva and seaweed. It is a hero ingredient in beauty products because of the amount of polysaccharide andProtein. Not only for using under the eyes. The patch can be applied to the forehead, neck, and Cheeck areas. This is a great gift for a wife, mother, girlfriend, or a special loved one who takes beauty and personal care seriously. The perfect gift for your friends and family is the SNP products.

Brand: Snp Shining Nature Purity

👤The distribution of the solution that was supposed to be on the eyepatches was not even. It was difficult to put on makeup. It was my fault. I left the container open, but they dried out. I could use my own oils at night and use these patches to keep my under eye oils out of my pillow, which was not a complete waste. They feel nice on your skin, even though I don't find it an essential part of my skincare routine.

👤The eye patches don't slip when you put them on. They stick closely to your skin which is a plus. I'm not sure if they decrease eye bags or not, but they feel amazing under the eyes. Very hydrating! Would purchase again.

👤I may not have given these enough time to see the results. I couldn't imagine how that would be possible with the patches being dry. They felt the same when they put them on as they did when they took them off. Maybe I got a bad package. It's easy to return!

👤I expected them to be more moist. They didn't do anything for me and I noticed weird skin wrinkling when I smiled. I think the patches aren't worth it and may be doing the opposite of what I bought them for.

👤I like the Birdsnest mask. I was hoping that they would have a lot of water, but they don't. They feel nice while they are on, but I don't see much after that. I tried putting them in the fridge to cool them down, but I liked it more that way. I don't know if I will be buying these again.

👤I like that the pads are bigger. They are wet and slimy. Staying on my face is a plus.

👤It is good for hydration. I'm not sure if it's my face that doesn't like the patches. I have to lay down to use the eye masks. As soon as I put them on, they start to fall off my face. The smell is strong but not bad since it doesn't linger after I remove them. It feels good on cooling my eyebags and I don't see any improvement.

👤This product did not improve the skin around my eye area. I use this product because it makes me sleepy when I store them in the fridge.

👤I use this product after I cleanse and leave it on for 15 minutes to smooth out the skin around my eye's.

👤I didn't use them because the product had expired and was very clear in the images.

👤Los parches tienen impregnado deja la piel del contorno de ojos hidratada. Es verdad, al cabo de una hora, no te has aplicada una crema posterior, vuelve a su natural. No moja todos los parches, por lo, hay una producto con la esptula. No repetir√©.

👤Zustellung war. Ihren Produkt ist das wirklich! Habe in den Augen und Falten zwischen der Nase und Mundbereich. Es ist besser. It's a super Produkt. Werde is happening.

7. Rosewater Puffiness Moisturizing Hydrating Anti Aging

Rosewater Puffiness Moisturizing Hydrating Anti Aging

Tired of spending your money, time and energy on expensive treatments which don't always provide the desired results? Would you like to look younger from your own home? The perfect solution is under eye patches. Excellent quality ingredients. The eye patch set contains premium quality ingredients, a special formula based on vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid, and other powerful active ingredients which are 100% safe and paraben-free. There are reduce phlegm and dark phlegm. The under eye mask helps reduce the appearance of dark circles in the eye area. No more eye bags, enjoy a smooth, plumper skin with only a few minutes every day. These under eye mask dark circles and puffy patches have powerful anti-aging and rejuvenation benefits, which are compatible with all skin types. Product features These under eye patches are easy to apply and provide a cooling sensation. Simply apply the eye mask under the eyes and leave it for 15-20 minutes, then remove it. No rinsing or cleaning is required.

Brand: Eclater

👤These patches are not worth the money. I had been trying to find a por eye patch for a couple days and couldn't find one. I got some of what these liked. It burned and irritated my skin. I tried again the next night, but I thought it was my sensitive skin type. After the second time it left my skin red and sensitive, I immediately returned the product. I have tried a lot of eye patches and one never hurt my skin as much as this one.

👤There is a noticeable difference in the color of my under-eye circles when I use these every morning. They stay put well. I have used other eye patch masks that slide down, but these do not.

👤This eye patch is great for hydrating and reducing puffy eyes. The formula is very hydrating. The cooling effect is good in the morning. I can see the difference in my skin. The eye patch is light and thin and gentle on sensitive skin. The scent is very light and odorless. Highly recommend this product! I will definitely try other products.

👤I've been looking for eye patches to replace the Good Molecules ones because they're the only ones that don't burn my under eyes, don't have fragrance and come with a lot of serum in the jar. I'm just looking around to see if they're any less expensive than other people. I liked the ingredients and decided to give them a try. No, mam! They ripped my eyes open and brought with them a lot of serum. There wasn't a lot of serum in the jar or patches. These are not good for me. So... Good Molecules Eye Patches are a good choice if you're looking for eye patches without any smell and at a reasonable price. I'm never leaving them. If it's not broken, don't try to fix it.

👤I don't know if they're supposed to tingle, if my skin is sensitive to them, or if they were just cold on my face. I've only used them once so far and my skin seems fine, but on the other hand there's no positive difference either. I will continue to use them and see if there are any differences.

👤I liked using this product. After the first use, I could see the difference. My tired eye looked like it was going to disappear. I applied a patch to each eye for about 30 minutes and it was cool when I left. I use the product 3 times a week. It's working well. Will purchase again.

👤The package was not broken into, but the seller has to figure out how to ship it so it doesn't leak. I lost some of my essential ingredients when the box was soaked. Please work on this. I'm happy with the product. Thanks!

8. NIYET Collagen Patches Moisturizing Puffiness

NIYET Collagen Patches Moisturizing Puffiness

The eye mask is made with 100% Collagen and other minerals, which stimulates the production of more youthful facial cells, and increases the elasticity in the eye. 24k gold eye mask crystal gel is anti-wrinkle. Anti-wrinkle formula helps to rejuvenation the skin for perfect wrinkling. It is suitable for home use and perfect for all skin types. Most of the essences will be absorbed directly and fully by your skin, and no rinse is required after using. The eye mask will slowly be dissolved under body temperature and will be absorbed quickly into the skin, providing the necessary nutrition and hydration. It's easy to use, brush skin around the eyes and keep it elastic and smooth. You don't have to worry about using tools, just pull the eye mask out of the packaging and apply it. Powerful ingredients backed by scientific study come together to reduce wrinkling and dark circles while being completely safe. Each order comes with 30 one time use pairs that are sealed and are guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Brand: Niyet

👤I've used other products with the same look and description. The brand I used before was thicker and more hydrating than these. They're a great price compared to the others I've looked at. I will be purchasing again once I run out, I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I'm not sure why I'm being asked to review a product that takes at least 30 days to see a difference when I've had it less than a week.

👤I have sensitive skin. I was using a cream that made my eyes look dry and patchy. They were rehydrated and back to normal after one application. Dark circles and puffy eyes are immediate results. I only review when I really like something. Extra juice was in each package. Handle with care so they don't rip. No issues for me.

👤I have ordered this product 3 times and love it. I use them daily and they are very easy to use. I leave them on until they dry, which is over an hour, since I work from home. They have a nice scent and feel very relaxing. I don't know if there is a special ingredient in this product that makes them better or worse than others, but they are very hydrating and reduce the fine lines around my eyes.

👤These things are great for tired eyes. There are a lot of positive things about these little pads. They are miracle workers.

👤It's very pretty, smell great, slippery, and a bit of a pain to apply. They didn't make it the recommended 20 minutes of keeping them on. We shall see if I am giving up completely yet.

👤After a few minutes, I felt a burning sensation, but at first it was a nice cooling sensation. My biggest complaint is that they quickly lose their shape. I would have liked these to be milder and 888-282-0465

👤They do what they are advertised and what I want them to do. The product is appreciated.

9. JAYJUN Green Tea Eye Patch

JAYJUN Green Tea Eye Patch

It's easy to use, place under the eye after cleansing with a spoon. The scent of green tea will relax you. The area of your eyes is delicate. The Chinese lizardtail extract is one of the key ingredients. It's cruelty free and it's Paraben free.

Brand: Jayjun Jj

👤Does anyone have an allergic reaction to this? I have never had an allergy to anything in my life until I used this product. I am not sure if this is the product that made me react. I was in love with it and used it for 4 days. I woke up with swollen eyes in the fifth day. I only used this one product. If it's causing my allergic reaction, it's a delayed reaction. I was afraid to use it again. It was used again a week later, but only for 10 minutes, which really helped with wrinkling. I was going to use it only three times a week because I didn't want to use it too much. I woke up with swollen eyes again after not using it for 3 days, but it was not as bad as the first one. I didn't want to take a chance and return it, so I did. I didn't want to give a bad review because this product gave a great result, but since there's no other new products, I have a delayed reaction to this product.

👤Get it! It comes with 30 pairs of eye masks, and they are good for puffy eyes and dark circles. The packaging is very cute and you can use a spoon to lift the gels out of the jar. I put mine in the fridge because it offers a cooling effect. I wear them for about 30 minutes as I get ready for work or do something around the house. Each mask is made to fit around your eye or mouth. Even if you're moving around, they don't fall off because they adhere nicely to your face. My eye area is a lot less puffy after the event. I will definitely be buying this again.

👤I have only used these once, but I have tried a lot of different eye patches and I love them. The smell is pleasant and not strong, the patches are thick and stay in place, and the packaging is beautiful. They perform as well as any other patch, and all have the same effect. I really enjoy these patches and it's just down to finding the one you like. Finding a patch that fits my eye area can be difficult, the patches are large and do a great job of covering my whole under eye area. I bought them from Modern and Simple and they were great, and the seller was great as well, he got them to me on time and had a great price.

👤I really like this product. It's cooling and relaxing. I have been having some serious allergic reactions to environmental allergens and have had a lot of redness around my eyes. I keep these in the fridge and apply them after I take off my makeup. I have noticed a huge difference in the way my eyes feel and the way my skin looks.

👤I have no idea if it is good or not, but I have an allergy to this product and I don't recommend it.

10. Hyaluronic Anti Aging RABIOTA Collagen Puffiness

Hyaluronic Anti Aging RABIOTA Collagen Puffiness

The most reliable and effective skincare ingredients are combined with strongly essential ingredients in skin repair. Under eye gel pads are good for dark circles, fine lines, and hydration of your eye zone. After wiping the skin around the eyes with a wet towel, put on eye masks. Remove the eye masks and massage the skin around the eyes. Even if you're standing or lying down, they don't slip off easily. Use 2 to 3 times a week. It is suitable for men and women who work late, stay up late, or do spa care. If there is any abnormal reaction after 20 minutes, please stop using the product and consult, and if you have any skin problems, you should test the root of ears first. Under eye masks can help to lift and firm the skin around the eyes. It can increase the elasticity of the skin around the eye. The care of the skin includes gentle skin care, clear and hydrating texture, repair skin, deeply replenish hydration, and bloom youthful and beautiful eyes.

Brand: Rabiota

👤I am a fan of eye masks and these did not disappoint. I can feel my skin getting tighter as I wear these. I keep them in the fridge and pop them on. They are sealed in a plastic jar and have a small paddle that they can use to take them out. These are a good thickness so they can't be easily torn and are fun, light blue and shiny.

👤These eye patches give hydration, plumping and smoothness for under eyes. I didn't experience any comments about poor packaging or fragrance. The packaging was sealed and the smell is light. I could not smell it on my face. I was happy with my purchase. During the shutdowns, I went on a personal mission to try out many different brands from the dollar store to high end brands, and I have tried many of them, including the ridiculously expensive ($100+) high end brands, JJ Diamond Glow. Put these in your cart and then into your fridge for continued use. These come with an ample amount of hydrating gel which means they won't dry out as you use over time, just make sure the patch isn't dripping with gel when you pull it out. Good luck and enjoy!

👤I would give it no stars. ceptive management. There are no instructions on how to use them.

👤Simple to use and nice cooling effect. Helped to make me look less tired by restoring some volume under my eyes.

👤I deleted my reviews. Once I tell them about the last purchase, I am happy with the service I get. Not bad!

👤It helps with bags under the eyes as well. If I have the time, I leave them on for 45 minutes to an hour.

👤I used this product for a long time after receiving it. There was no noticeable difference in the reduction of puffy eyes or hydrating benefits. 2. The pads on your face are torn off by the watery product. The pads were fused together and rendered useless. The only things I liked were how light they were. If you can get the pads to stay in place, these benefits will be meaningless. They are going back.

👤It was a bad day. I was hopeful after reading some good reviews. The price was great, but I got what I paid for. There were no instructions on how long to wear them. From other brands, anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. I thought that would work. They dried out under my eyes. The product within the container was almost completely gone before I had a chance to use all of the patches. I kept the inner plastic seal which houses the spoon snapped in place and the top screwed on tightly. I rarely have any money for myself so I'm careful with what I spend it on. I was hoping that something would help with my dry under eyes and puffy eyes. These weren't it.

👤The shape of these makes it hard to see under the eye. They put the bags under my eye instead of covering them. They made it right despite the fact that they didn't work for me. The stars reflect their great customer service.

11. Brighten Moisturizing Collagen Treatment Anti Aging

Brighten Moisturizing Collagen Treatment Anti Aging

The ingredients of the eye patches are: Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin,Vitamin C, and green plant extracts. Puffy eyes? The repair gold molecule under the eye mask promotes blood circulation. It is fully stick up. It will stay on your face even if you look down. The eye gel pads are ideal for makeup artists, skincare professors, home moms,office workers and other people who use the eyes. If their under eye mask doesn't work, or package damaged, customer satisfaction is a top priority. They will provide you with the best solution if you contact them.

Brand: Onoeye

👤These things are great. I am a huge fan of both Sephora and Ulta. I try new things with my bags. These are really cool and help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. I think the best way to use them is to take two out and let them sit on the lid for a bit and then dry them out so that they stick in the same place. If you put them on right away after removing the container they tend to slide down. I have been using Skyn Iceland patches under my eyes for a while, but this made me switch. It is more affordable. It works just as well. The product has a customer for life.

👤Okay. I was skeptical. I have been having problems with darkness and puffy eyes for the past few months. I have noticed that this brand had different types of eye patches. I bought the Black Pearl and my mom ordered the gold and green tea. We wanted to see what the best result would be. They were nice and safe and came in a padded envelope. The directions were easy to understand and perfect English. I had a beauty routine for this Saturday. I use an Ultrasonic Silicone cleaner to wash my face. I used a facial treatment. It felt good and I think it was a combination of two things. I got a lot of facial and hand products. There are different facial masques that have different actions. The "One Eye" Eye Treatment Mask was in a black box. I opened the box and found a jar. I opened it up and there were some patches that looked like gel-like patches. I put one under each eye. The sensation was very pleasant and they were instantly cool. They did not fall off. It was relaxing. The directions said that the patches should be left on for 20 minutes and that the liquid from them should be rubbed into your skin. The skin under my eyes was soft and supple. It made a difference in my skin. I woke up the next morning with a lot of under eye redness and a lot of puffy eyes. I am very pleased with these. They are great for the price. I paid $90USD for patches that I threw out because they were dry. I can't recommend a patch more than this one. We can compare notes and see which one is the best by borrowing my mom's patches. Try these patches and you will be happy.

👤The purple line is not there before I used this product. I was excited to try these and help with a slight darkness under my eyes but had a different experience. Maybe I had an allergic reaction to this product and it's made with cheap toxic stuff that shouldn't be used on sensitive skin. Who knows?

👤I like how the eye patches make my under eye area feel. They feel cool as soon as you put them on. These patches do not cause skin irritation. The patches are very thin. Would buy again.


What is the best product for eye patches for dark circles korean?

Eye patches for dark circles korean products from Mizon. In this article about eye patches for dark circles korean you can see why people choose the product. Koelf and Nazano are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye patches for dark circles korean.

What are the best brands for eye patches for dark circles korean?

Mizon, Koelf and Nazano are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye patches for dark circles korean. Find the detail in this article. Medbeauty, Ocim and Snp Shining Nature Purity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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