Best Eye Patches for Kids Boys

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1. Kids Eye Patches Hypoallergenic Optho Patch

Kids Eye Patches Hypoallergenic Optho Patch

It's convenient, curbless and fun. The cotton used in OpthoPatch eye patches allows the skin to breathe. Cool boys' designs make them fun to wear. The size is 83 x 57 x 2.24 in. Also available in infants' size and trendy designs for girls. Doctor recommended for eye treatment. The OpthoPatch eye patches are designed by a family of eye doctors who are dedicated in treating eye conditions in children such as amblyopia, lazy eye, and cross-eye. The light is kept out by the protection layer on each patch. Reducing irritation to your kid's skin is possible with LaTex and Tuma free, hydrogen-based products. Kids with sensitive skin are safe with OpthoPatch eye patches. Each eye patch can last for up to 8 hours, giving your kid a full day to enjoy without having to constantly switch patches. Reward posters are given a bonus. Each box has colorful posters that show the patches that are worn to earn prizes. After each use, your kid can put their patch on the poster.

Brand: Opthopatch

👤The patches we got at the pharmacy were too strong and caused a red rash on my child's eye. After the second day of using it, the rash went away, and he didn't have the old patch on. These are also Hypoallergenic. His cousin uses the same patch and he loves it. It says Hypoallergenic because of the material, but I like that it doesn't cause a rash on the part of the glue that is sticky. I let my toddler wear this while he is eating because he won't touch it. Thank you.

👤My son likes the patterns and we liked the product so we ordered it in a bigger box. My son is having to have his eye patch every day for the next 6 months. This patch is great. It stays on the whole time. It gave him options of different designs to choose from, which he likes to be able to pick out his patch for. The charts gave him something to work towards in order to get a prize. It wasn't always easy to get him to wear a patch. He does it without problems now.

👤These are what we needed. My 5 year old son needs to wear a patch a couple hours a day, and these are perfect. They have a variety of designs for the kids that are fun and not work related. They are easy to put on and take off.

👤I was excited to try out the new patches on my son. I reached out to the company but they only said to clean the face. After patching my son for years, I know when the glue doesn't work. Disappointed! Some stickers are not usable.

👤I like the eye patches. You can imagine that my son was not very fond of them at first, but he likes the designs on them and the poster in the box, and he really likes them. He gets very excited to put his eye patch sticker on every day, because you fill it up with used eye patches. Sometimes they don't stick if he's a little hot in the summer. Overall, a great product.

👤I bought these from this brand before and really liked them, but wanted different designs for my son. I don't know how they're different, but he gets a rash around his eye from them. The other ones did not do this. I bought a large pack of them expecting them to be the same as the others I bought, but they are not.

👤We needed to make patching fun. I read online that if you want to peel it off of your skin, stick it to your clothes a couple of times first. My 5-yr-old son liked to do it alone.

👤It works well but not as well as it used to. Sometimes after an hour, I will notice that it is coming off and most of the time it won't stick it back. You have to make sure it's right the first time. My son likes the designs and so far he has no skin related issues.

2. Infants Extra Sensitive Adhesive Patch

Infants Extra Sensitive Adhesive Patch

It's convenient, curbless and fun. The cotton used in OpthoPatch eye patches allows the skin to breathe. Girls' designs are fun to wear. The size is 67 x 50 x 2.63". Cool designs for boys are also available. Doctor recommended for eye treatment. The OpthoPatch eye patches are designed by a family of eye doctors who are dedicated in treating eye conditions in infants such as amblyopia, lazy eye, and cross-eye. The light is kept out by the protection layer on each patch. LaTex and Thiuram free, hydrogen-based products can reduce irritation to your Infant's skin. Babies with sensitive skin are safe with OpthoPatch eye patches. Each eye patch can last for up to 8 hours, giving your infant a full day to enjoy without having to constantly switch patches. Reward posters are given a bonus. Each box has colorful posters that show the patches that are worn to earn prizes. After each use, your Infant can put their patch on the poster.

Brand: Opthopatch

👤My child's sweaty skin keeps falling off of these. They fall off when she rubs her eye. These work well if I can keep my daughter from sweating. The part that goes over the nose needs to be over enough. Stick with it if you're patching an infant. She forgets about it sometimes and the hour flies by. It's hard to get 15 minutes on some days. Good luck.

👤I am concerned about the quality of the eye patches. The packaging had words cut off of the margins on most of the sides. I was hesitant with the spelling of the product's name but decided to give it a try. I shouldn't have. When the company asked me to bring things to their attention before a negative review, I sent them an email stating their concerns to see their reply. It has been a week since I heard back. I decided to post the review here. I have had other issues since then. My daughter rubs her eye when I put them on her. She doesn't rub her eye with those on them when she uses the Nexcare Opticlude. I took the paper off of the back of the patch and there was a big hair stuck on it. The rest will be thrown away. It was a waste of money.

👤The brand I ordered was too sticky and hard to pull off. My baby never complains with her eye patch on, but the first time I put one on, she was pulling at it and complaining. I thought I put it on at the wrong angle or that it got stuck, but it was the same thing the next day. Returned them and got the right brand.

👤This is the best price I can find. My daughter likes the pictures. They go fast when you need one daily so I am grateful for this better deal.

👤I like the patch we've tried so far. I bought the 100 count box. The design we were missing was the one I was missing. The kids were too big for my three year old so I was annoyed that I was shorted. We will see if I get all the patches this time.

👤These are the best, gentle on skin. It would be terrible if anyone made eye patches that weren't hideous.

👤The sticky nature of the glue makes it necessary to put it in your hand and peel it off a few times before putting on baby's delicate skin.

👤There are cute designs on the patches. The leopard and camo pattern ones in the nice have a strong chemical smell and I don't use them anymore. A quarter of the box is wasted. They are not sticky enough to stay on. I use more than one a day on my daughter. They are definitely not worth the price. I will not buy again.

👤Producto, tienen a nia de 2 aos.

3. Meowgool Adhesive Amblyopia Stickers Incentive

Meowgool Adhesive Amblyopia Stickers Incentive

It's a soft, absorbent and hydrating substance. The fabric has a non-woven feel and is latex-free, so it provides maximum comfort to the skin. There are 10 boys designs. Cool patterns make patching fun. The regular size is interlaced wrapped. 90 bonus patches per box, individually wrapped, fits children age 4 and up. Noisy neighbours: no. The eye patch can hold up to 8 hours and is easy to remove. ICKERS INCENTIVE OSTER INCLUDED: The box has three sets of sticker posters for usage tracking which is a great incentive for kids to keep patching.

Brand: Meowgool

👤I asked my friend if he wanted to patch as our boys were playing together. He told his mom that he liked the ones they had been using. They get a 5 year old approval which is good for me.

👤I will not buy this brand of eye patches again. This was a waste of money. They don't stick well and a lot of the patches were cut which made them useless. You should only buy Ortopad or Orthopatch brands. At least you know you are getting a quality product.

👤It is easy to quit.

4. Patches Explorer Childrens Adults Designs

Patches Explorer Childrens Adults Designs

Light blocking design with full coverage gives maximum benefits when worn correctly and patching regime followed. It was designed with style and practicality in mind. It's hard enough to patch an eye patch, but they make it easier with playful and creative designs. They will forget that it has a soft and absorbent material that allows maximum comfort. The test was passed by real kids. Kids and parents approve these patches. It stays on without being sensitive to the skin or sticky when taken off. One size fits all. It is safe for all skin types. Hypoallergenic and latex free. All skin types are safe with their patches. It was tested on kids and not animals. It is bio-degradable. They donate $1 of every product sold to Sightsavers to help them with their mission of preventing avoidable blindness and saving the sight of some of the world's most vulnerable people.

Brand: Hide&see

👤My 4 year old has mild amblyopia and we have been using these patches. She wears them for two hours a day. She likes to pick out the pattern each day, and we feel good that they are not made from fossil fuels. I wish the package didn't say "for girls" It should be for kids. All kids can like animals.

👤The images were only used on the left eye. When my daughter is patching her right eye, every patch is upside down. I looked over my package and thought I had picked the wrong side. There is no other option for which eye uses the patch. Everything was printed one way. It's disappointing for a 4 year old who likes to play with toys. Cute pictures. She would rather wear a plain patch than wear these upside down. The purpose of encouraging kids to wear their patches has been completely destroyed.

👤I love these patches for my little girl. The prints are fun. She said they don't hurt to pull off like the others we have tried, and they don't press against her eyelashes which drives her nuts. She wears one for at least 3 hours a day and these are the first brands she doesn't fight the process with. Will buy again.

👤I was really disappointed with these. The designs are cute, but the glue is terrible. We need to patch her eye for 2 hours a day. Within 30 minutes, it usually begins to peel off. It is almost completely lose its elasticity an hour later. I was excited to have designs for my little girl. I will stick to the plain ones.

👤These patches are adorable. My granddaughters dog lost an eye after being run over by a hit and run driver. Her dog is very popular in the neighborhood.

👤My child has to wear an eye patch for two hours a day. We put it on him first thing in the morning. The eye patches don't irritate his skin. The patches are cute, but I think they're gendered. Nothing about them makes them special.

👤My daughter wanted cute eye patches. She was ready to put it on when she saw all the patterns. She looked at me and said that the patch's padding might be too small. She tried it on and the sticky patch touched her eye lashes and eyebrows. She is used to putting the patch on without my help, but these patches will need a mirror or an adult's help to put the patch on. She doesn't mind if it is centered and put nicely.

👤It is easy to use. A baby takes it off herself when the daily hours are over.

👤The ortopad brand we were using changed the formula on the glue and we switched to these. These were another option given to us by our Ophthalmologist. The material is soft. We only need to gently place them and they hold well. It took me quite a while to get here as I realized they come out of the States. I'll be ordering them in 2 weeks. The daughter loves the patterns so that's a bonus.

5. Comfortable Patches Adjustable Children Pattern

Comfortable Patches Adjustable Children Pattern

6 pieces classic one eye patch are soft and smooth to make your eyes comfortable and relaxed, it helps to cover one eye everyday, you can also use in cool role playing, class activities, game parties, etc. The elastic belt can be extended from 12 inches to 21 inches, which is convenient to wear and use, suitable for adults and children of most ages. These eye masks are portable and lightweight, can be worn for a long time without increasing the burden on the head, and can be washed in cold water with soap and reuse many times. It is not flat, which allows natural eye movements without any pressure on eyeballs, will not leak the light and won't pull your hair, and it is easy to put on or take off. These soft eye patches can be used for one eye care, as well as a good eye cover for Halloween party, masquerade etc.

Brand: Geyoga

👤Light weight, rigid and durable eye patches are needed. They need a shape that doesn't put pressure on the eye and impermeable surface. If they're too thick, they cause the wearer to sweat and that leads to irritation as well. They rub against the protected eye if they're too soft. They collect lint and dust if they have a felt-like surface. Give these a chance. They feel like they'll fall apart in a short period of time. The pennies you'll save are not worth the hassle. These seem more suited to a pirate costume than actual extended wear, so they probably have a use for some. I'm keeping them for emergency use because it's too difficult to return them. Don't be a sucker like me.

👤The eye patch is easy to set in place. If I had a headband that was tight enough to keep it in place, my eyelashes wouldn't make contact with the eye patch. I found it very uncomfortable. If I am not moving, I can keep the band loose so the eye patch doesn't make contact.

👤The eye patches are very comfortable.

👤Good quality and comfortable.

👤It works well to cover your eye.

👤The stitching is rubbing against your skin. When you have to wear them for long periods, they make the skin raw and irritated.

👤I bought these to help my grandson with an issue that requires a patch for a few hours a day, he likes the strap because he can custom fit it to his comfort, and I noticed that the patch is very comfortable.

👤I was excited to try the eyepatches. I love the fact that they're changeable. The strap came off when I over tightened it. I don't have this problem. This product is recommended by me.

6. Pieces Adjustable Cosplay Christmas Parties

Pieces Adjustable Cosplay Christmas Parties

These eye patches for adults are soft and smooth to wear, they are not easily torn or faded, and are nice to the touch. It's easy to put on and take off, it's also easy to fit most heads, and it won't tangle your hair. The black medical eye patches come with a 3D design which can fit different face shapes, and they are light and breathable, the 3D design also won't put pressure on your eyes which allows you to relax after work or study. There are 4 pieces of eye patches for you to use and replace when they are broken or missing, and you can also share some with friends and family. The one eye mask is suitable for kids, adults and elderly people because of its simple and classic style, which can be applied for daily use, birthdays, dress up parties, anniversaries, cosplay, show and so on.

Brand: Vicenpal

7. EZAKKA Elastic Patches Amblyopia Strabismus

EZAKKA Elastic Patches Amblyopia Strabismus

The smooth and soft surface of the eye patches makes them very comfortable. You can adjust the head strap size to fit your head circumference with the elastic strap. It's easy to use for most head sizes. The pink and black eye patch size is 6.5 x 7.5 cm/2.56 x 2.95 inches and is used to train the lazy eye to work properly. The soft eye patches fit for one eye care and shield, without excitant, and are good for amblyopia strabismus. Can be used many times. To clean, use cold water and soap. There are no eye patches.

Brand: Ezakka

👤Bell's palsy is a type of facial paralysis and I have to patch one eye. I have to tape it closed because one eye won't close. The patch is very soft, and looks better than tape. One side is a soft pink, which is less harsh than the black with some outfits. It's easy to wash. This one is great if you have to wear a patch.

👤It was used for one eye. When one eye is sore or ice cold, the other eye can watch TV or even read. Thank you!

👤I liked it all the same. I want the patch to be smaller and the straps to be wider.

👤It's perfect for people with lazy eye syndrome. I have a friend who uses it a lot.

👤I had an eye problem. When unable to wear makeup on that side, a patch was needed. A bit more "dressy" look was needed and the product was nice to wear. I recommend.

👤It is almost like a small pillow with a case. There is no shape. The cloth gets stuck in your eye when you blink.

👤I bought the eye patches for someone else. They looked like the picture when they arrived. The material was soft and comfortable. The elastic stretched around his head.

👤I bought this for my eye because it was permanently open. It's a bit difficult to use and it moves when walking. It's better than a surgical patch, but I have to make sure it's not on my eye lid. Or it is damaged. It's hard to find anything better.

👤It would have been perfect if it stayed on my son's head. Maybe his smooth hair was the problem? I improvised by attaching a patch to his eye using medical tape and cutting off the elastic. The material has not caused any irritation.

👤I get a lot of eye infections and bought these to stop me from rubbing my eye and making it worse. It stays on the entire night and the feeling of the material is quite soothing.

👤The eye patches are soft and comfortable to wear. Excellent value for money.

8. Colorful Breathable Medical Adhesive Bandages

Colorful Breathable Medical Adhesive Bandages

The size is 5.8 cmX8 cm. There are 4 colors,60PCs, 3 boxes and a package. Breathable material on your skin. It's ideal for treating lazy eye. Non-woven fabric is the material.

Brand: Idealplast

👤My 4 year old has a lazy eye. These work well. He wears them for a few hours every day and they stay on great, but aren't terribly painful to rip off. The choice of colors is something he likes. I would recommend and buy again. I just bought these again 6 months later. These sticks are enough to keep them in place, but not painful to remove and leave a mark. Great price too.

👤The patch does not stay on. Does not last very long. The movement of the face knocks it off. It doesn't work for a 5 year old with a lazy eye.

👤They're less expensive and easier to remove than others. They are not even adhering to the point. I use scotch tape to secure the patches. They all stink to some extent. One of the negative aspects of this product is that each box has at least one mangled patch that can't be saved. I've tried to fix it right out of the box. Once they're crumbled up, that's the end of them. They're cutting corners. We have twin girls who need patching every day, so I'll see how long I'll put up with the flaws here. I gather quickly.

👤The patches will stay on for 6 hours. Sometimes peeling off is painful, but not bad. The colors were completely different than box shows. My son said that the blue and yellow and teal were okay, but the baby pink was not. The pale colors of the boxes were the same. I would buy them again since they're cheap and stick great, and my son will wear the pink ones when there's no chance of anyone seeing him, since he won't be embarrassed.

👤These patches are perfect. My daughter wears a patch for 5 hours a day and she was getting tired of it. We purchased designs but they were too expensive. We are so glad we found these. Even when she starts to sweat, they stay on for the entire 5 hours. She always finds one to match the outfit she is wearing when she takes off like the others. It's nice because we take a box to school, one on the car, and one at home, so we can always put one on her. When we run out, we will be buying more.

👤These are sticky at the same time. The first patch I used fell off, and when I tried to get them to stick, they were too sticky and left my daughter with red marks. They leave gaps for light to come through, and they do not form to her face well. The colors inside the box are not the same as the colors on the box.

👤The paper type material is softer than any other we have tried for our child. These patches do not cause irritation to her skin. The smaller side is perfect for an infant, toddler or child. They can be trimmed easily. The inside of the patch is lined with a type of material that is absorbent of any tears or moisture that may be shed while wearing the patch. They don't have a smell or leave any sticky messes like some of the others we tried. They are not in stock so make sure you order in advance as they take a couple weeks for delivery as they come from overseas.

9. Misssix Patch Adult Adjustable Right

Misssix Patch Adult Adjustable Right

This eye patch is a 3D design. The material is light to avoid eyeball pressure. It's easy to use a premium strap that expands from 16 to 27 inches. It's suitable for adults and kids. The headband won't tangle hair and is suitable for adults and kids. Light weight material for sensitive skins eye area. It was thick enough to block most of the lights. It's great for eye training and daily use. The eye area needs to be protected.

Brand: Misssix

👤The design of the product has a flaw. The side of the eye patch has straps on it. This causes one of the straps to either cross the eye or be stretched over the top of the eye, which causes the patch to pull in that direction. The tug of war with the strap makes it difficult to wear effectively for long periods of time.

👤Too small for adults. Does not completely cover the eye.

👤The patch on my eye was not comfortable. It was touching and not comfortable, but I thought it would give me some clearance between my eye and the patch. It is too small to fully cover my eye. It was difficult to put it on because the strap floated over my other eye and often slid onto my other eye.

👤The patch portion was very soft and padded. I was able to rest my eye without physical activity. It applies small pressure to the eyelid. The elastic strap is adjusted to make this adjustment possible. If you want, you can have your eye open. The light will be blocked by the patch. If you want, it can be loosened. I would highly recommend this eye patch to anyone. The patch is comfortable to wear and comfortable to look at.

👤The eyepatch strap is not made in a way that is comfortable to wear. It is67531 to wear for even short durations.

👤The eye patch is not designed to fit your face. It's universal, symmetric and generic design is meant for covering an opening on a there that has another opening directly next to it. The straps protrude from either side, 1/2 inch from the top. The fact that the straps are directly opposite one another causes seating to be impossible because you can't get the right angle at which the will navigate over the brow on one side and slightly lower on the other, extending over the ear. The strap will slip out of place if you don't pull it tight. There will be a light gap if the root of your nose is not flat, because the patch doesn't accommodate for that space due to it's generic design. It is very distracting to have that light come into the dark space. This item is a decent attempt at good construction, soft material, and quality that misses the mark due to lack of attention to the ergonomics of the human face, making it a waste of time to buy. After writing this, I decided to test the velcro. It is long and worthy, allowing the strap to be tightened significantly, keeping the patch in place much better. You have to deal with the eye lashes coming in contact with the inside of the patch and a tight elastic band, which can cause issues you don't care for. It might work for you, but keep in mind it's not perfect.

👤Mom had a stroke. Her left eye was damaged. Her eye and vision will heal to 80 to 100 percent of her original sight. Her right eye is fine. The family was very upset because my mother is the sweetest, most loving person. She had to have tape put on her eye because of the great news of her recovery. She won't complain of anything and is the most selfless angel. She is allergic to the plastic but didn't say anything when I noticed she was scratching her patch. I rushed to get this for my mom and it arrived the next day. The patch is made of fabric not plastic and the adjustment in the back is easy and doesn't bind. When my mom put it on, she hugged me. Thank you. Thanks for making my mom's recovery easier and for giving me comfort.

10. Patches Glasses Children Amblyopia Strabismus

Patches Glasses Children Amblyopia Strabismus

The medical eye patches are approved to treat lazy eye. Premium material is used in the Super Soft Velvet Material. It is soft against the kid's skin and designed to fit comfortably on your child's eyeglasses. The patch is easy to remove and wash, it is perfect for glasses. Special light inlay protection assures maximum shielding from light, which provide better correction for the treatment. If you are not happy with their product, they will give you a 100% money back or replacement.

Brand: None Brand

👤The item did not work as expected. Light can enter through the gap in the patch. This item will not work for eye patching due to the poor design.

11. OPTHOPATCH Kids Eye Patches Hypoallergenic

OPTHOPATCH Kids Eye Patches Hypoallergenic

It's convenient, curbless and fun. The cotton used in OpthoPatch eye patches allows the skin to breathe. Cool boys' designs make them fun to wear. The size is 83 x 57 x 2.24 in. Also available in infants' size and trendy designs for girls. Doctor recommended for eye treatment. The OpthoPatch eye patches are designed by a family of eye doctors who are dedicated in treating eye conditions in children such as amblyopia, lazy eye, and cross-eye. The light is kept out by the protection layer on each patch. Reducing irritation to your kid's skin is possible with LaTex and Tuma free, hydrogen-based products. Kids with sensitive skin are safe with OpthoPatch eye patches. Each eye patch can last for up to 8 hours, giving your kid a full day to enjoy without having to constantly switch patches. Reward posters are given a bonus. Each box has colorful posters that show the patches that are worn to earn prizes. After each use, your kid can put their patch on the poster. Reward posters are given a bonus. Each box has colorful posters that show the patches that are worn to earn prizes. After each use, your kid can put their patch on the poster.

Brand: Opthopatch

👤They were a better value than Ortopads. I understand why. They are more papery and don't stay on the full time for my son. He only has to wear his patch for 2 hours a day, and we barely get an hour into them before they start lifting. They are too stiff to move with his face. You should spend a little more for the Ortopad brand.

👤An eye doctor told us to put a patch over my daughter's eyes for 3 months, and only gave us two patches to start. Thankfully, I found these. The samples he gave us were stuck to my kids' faces and it was a long process. She didn't want to wear them because it was too painful to remove the delicate skin around her eye and we had to put a wet washcloth on. She would push the patch down on her eye because it was too weird to see at the same time. These patches? Let me tell you that there is no flaw REMOVAL. There was no soaking with a wet cloth. They stick well when wearing. The part that goes over the eye is darker. It's more comfortable to wear, but it's not standard in eye patches? The only complaint I have about these eye patches is that the dinosaurs design only goes in one direction on the patch, meaning a person with their right eye covered would have the dinos standing, but a person with their left eye covered has the dino. I noticed that it didn't matter to the kids wearing them. My kid looks forward to wearing the patches because of the pain-free removal.

👤I've ordered them before and they are perfect. These were great for helping my son gain interest in the beginning. Kids can stick their used patches on a picture chart. My son is a pirate. He builds the ship after 31 patches. I think this picture could be a reward for a younger child. It's perfect for smaller faces. My son is small for his age. These are made for kids. It was durable and will to his face for a long time.

👤My son used his second box of Ortopads and I bought these patches for him. These are cute and I wanted some new designs. They will do the job if you don't need to wear them very long. They don't hurt as badly when peeling them off. My son is supposed to wear them for three hours, but he has to keep pressing the edges to keep it on after an hour of use. He just asked to take it off after two hours. I think it would work well for someone who doesn't need it for long.

👤If they were for the left eye, they would be great. My son hates the designs that are upside down. It is difficult to get him to wear the patches. They don't stick very well. My son has to wear it for 2 hours. I have to do 2.


What is the best product for eye patches for kids boys?

Eye patches for kids boys products from Opthopatch. In this article about eye patches for kids boys you can see why people choose the product. Opthopatch and Meowgool are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye patches for kids boys.

What are the best brands for eye patches for kids boys?

Opthopatch, Opthopatch and Meowgool are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye patches for kids boys. Find the detail in this article. Hide&see, Geyoga and Vicenpal are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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