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1. Infants Extra Sensitive Adhesive Patch

Infants Extra Sensitive Adhesive Patch

It's convenient, curbless and fun. The cotton used in OpthoPatch eye patches allows the skin to breathe. Girls' designs are fun to wear. The size is 67 x 50 x 2.63". Cool designs for boys are also available. Doctor recommended for eye treatment. The OpthoPatch eye patches are designed by a family of eye doctors who are dedicated in treating eye conditions in infants such as amblyopia, lazy eye, and cross-eye. The light is kept out by the protection layer on each patch. LaTex and Thiuram free, hydrogen-based products can reduce irritation to your Infant's skin. Babies with sensitive skin are safe with OpthoPatch eye patches. Each eye patch can last for up to 8 hours, giving your infant a full day to enjoy without having to constantly switch patches. Reward posters are given a bonus. Each box has colorful posters that show the patches that are worn to earn prizes. After each use, your Infant can put their patch on the poster.

Brand: Opthopatch

👤These patches are appropriate for my 19 month old. There are two more She is excited to take it off and put it on the chart because they have a fun chart. There are 3 more The glue doesn't hurt her skin. It is not sticky because you have to slap it on the back of your hand. I had a patch on her face that wouldn't stay on, but this is a great pack of patches.

👤When we ran out of the patches, I went online to find more. The ones we tried from the pharmacy was better than the ones from the eye doctor. I like the colors and prints, but they don't stick as long. I probably won't buy them again when we run out of this box.

👤My daughter has been wearing eye patches. She loves them. She asked to put her "eye sticker" on. She is only 21 months old. She loves the sticker chart. There are fun patterns. They hold up during bath time. They come off without pain.

👤My daughter is 13 months old. She is still small so these were the perfect fit for her. The patterns are pretty, but they don't stick well, which is disappointing since my daughter has to wear it for an hour a day, and it starts to peel off after 5 minutes. I don't think it's a good idea to recommend it at the moment because they might eventually get it together to make it stick better.

👤My daughter had to wear eye patches for a long time and this was the only one that didn't hurt her skin.

👤When I use it for 30 minutes, it leaves the eye area all red, but when I take it off after that, it comes off on different edges.

👤I was shocked by the quality of these. They were the perfect size for my 1 year old and had the right amount of glue. She forgot it was there because she couldn't see through it. I recommend buying these instead of other brands.

👤It's easy to take off. It doesn't bother me at all, it's for my one year old and she will keep it on for most of the time.

2. Meowgool Adhesive Patches Sticker Incentive

Meowgool Adhesive Patches Sticker Incentive

The Meowgool eye patch is soft, absorbent and latex-free and provides maximum comfort to the skin without irritation. Cool patterns make patching fun for girls. The size 70*54mm fits kids between the ages of 2 and 12 years old and has 30 plus 3 bonus patches per box, individually wrapped. The eye patch can hold up to 8 hours and is easy to remove. ICKERS INCENTIVE Each box has a set of sticker posters for usage tracking which is a great incentive for kids to keep patching.

Brand: Meowgool

👤My daughter loves the cute designs and it makes her want to wear the patches others were way to big, the designs weren't to her liking and it was uncomfortable for her to wear.

3. Meowgool Adhesive Patches Stickers Incentive

Meowgool Adhesive Patches Stickers Incentive

The fabric has a soft, absorbent and latex-free feel that provides maximum comfort to the skin without irritation. Cool patterns make patching fun for boys. The regular size is individually wrapped and fits children ages 4 and up. The eye patch can hold up to 8 hours and is easy to remove. ICKERS INCENTIVE TheOSTER INCLUDED: Each box has a set of sticker poster for usage tracking which is a great incentive for kids to keep patching.

Brand: Meowgool

👤The eye patches are the right size for my young child. They were a little bigger than the trials I got from the doctor and the glue is a little weaker, which is a good thing. The doctor gave my son samples that were hard to the skin. This one is big enough that it goes over the eyebrow for fear of waxing them off, and has just the right amount of stickiness.

👤The design of the eye patch is nice, but the glue is weak and it doesn't last long. My kid requires a patch for 8 hours a day and the patch falls off after two hours if he plays outside and sweat, but Ortopad brand seems to hold better than that. I won't buy Meowgool again because of this.

👤The bonds on these are very strong. My son needs to patch for 2 hours a day. It was sticky when removed, but stayed for 2 hours. I was hoping that removing was as bad as other brands, but it was not as bad as I thought. I put a liquid on his eyebrow to avoid pulling his eyebrow hairs. It worked out great. I recommend it.

👤My 5 year old needs to wear one for two hours a day. In three months of daily use, we have only had one child not make it the whole two hours. My son may have put the sticky on his eyebrow instead of his skin, because it was one of the things he put on himself. I read a lot of reviews before buying these and we have been very satisfied.

👤The toddler skin is sensitive to the glue. Does the job and has cute designs, but will take some eyebrow hairs with it during removal.

👤After a few minutes of wear, it fell off my son. We went back to another brand because he wouldn't give them another chance.

👤My kid loves the prints if I can get him to keep them on.

👤It doesn't stick well to the skin. My baby took it off himself. Not the best quality. I have to do two in 10 minutes. The green one I bought here didn't stick well with the white one that was given to me. It should improve quality. Don't buy again and don't recommend for anyone.

4. SATINIOR Pieces Patches Adjustable Single

SATINIOR Pieces Patches Adjustable Single

The package comes with 10 pieces of elastic eye patches, which come in 10 different colors, such as black, rose red, pink, fuchsia, light yellow, light gray and so on, and it can satisfy your wear and replacement requirements. The soft eye patches are mainly made of silk, light in weight, and the soft and smooth surface will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so as to serve you for a long time. The eye patches are made with elastic material and can be adjusted to fit most kids and adults, with the help of the buckles on the back. The eye patch is portable and light in weight, which makes it easy to carry with you when you travel. You can use the silk eye patches for a wide range of purposes, including Halloween parties, cosplay shows and masquerade parties, which can make your dress more complete and eye-catching, and also, they are ideal for daily use.

Brand: Satinior

👤The patch is very soft. The straps aren't positioned correctly to the patch. The patch on the eye does not cover the strap that lays across it. It is hard to stay positioned.

👤It works, but eyelashes touch the patch. Only 2 very negative reviews show up when I look at all 28 reviews. The strap is flat over the ear and the other eye. There is a picture on the listing.

👤Keeps sliding. Does not fit in.

👤They are comfortable and soft. They press on your eyes Alitalia but are more comfortable than others I've tried.

👤They were cheap and didn't work to keep the light out.

👤I got my friend these eye patches because he had surgery. He says they are very comfortable and come in many colors.

5. Meowgool Adhesive Amblyopia Stickers Incentive

Meowgool Adhesive Amblyopia Stickers Incentive

It's a soft, absorbent and hydrating substance. The fabric has a non-woven feel and is latex-free, so it provides maximum comfort to the skin. There are 10 girls designs. Girls like patching because of the cool and colorful patterns. The regular size is individually wrapped and fits children over 4. The eye patch can hold up to 8 hours and is easy to remove. ICKERS INCENTIVE Each box has three sets of sticker posters for usage tracking which is a great incentive for kids to keep patching.

Brand: Meowgool

👤The designs on these are cute, my 5 year old looks forward to wearing them every day, they peel off easily and leave no rash. My girls love the wall posters and will get more once we use them.

6. Nexcare Opticlude Orthopic Patches Junior

Nexcare Opticlude Orthopic Patches Junior

The patch is recommended for children. It sticks well on the skin but removes easily. Breathable backing and absorbent non-stick pad. It's ideal for treating strabismus. Please read the information on the delivery label.

Brand: Nexcare

👤I wear bandages at night to protect my eyes. I tried these because I was starting to feel like my skin was coming off with the bandage. The bandaids don't stay on during the night. I couldn't open them without eye drops because of the dry eyes I wore. It's not a good way to start the day when my dog whines. I put on child-sized bandages with a thicker area near my nose. My sleep is less irritated because they stay on.

👤It works well on the eye. I used a few because I pushed it back farther. It's easy to use. It works well, and is thick enough.

👤The bandages are not very sticky. The box can't be put together correctly. The bandaids are soft and seem to be comfortable, but I wouldn't know because the things won't stick even after an alcohol wipe. My suggestion is to change brands.

👤They seem right, but they don't bother me. Picked up two boxes for my son to wear. It will peel off within five minutes. A big waste of money.

👤I tried regular patches and they were painful to rip off. I tried these and if you're sweaty or do anything other than sit still, it will come off. They can't make a happy medicine.

👤The product does what it is supposed to, but my toddler was hurt when the patch was removed and the glue was stuck to her face. Even when I wet the patch around her eye. I tried oil to get it off. It also takes off hair and eyebrow. Poor product. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I have Bell's palsy and one eye wouldn't shut so I put medication in to keep it moist and applied a patch.

👤These are easy to use. When you peel them off, they don't hurt. They look the same. They didn't work for me because they didn't keep the eye closed. These were not good for keeping my eye closed to stop muscle strain. If you just need an eyepatch and don't mind your eye being open behind it, they would work well.

👤I have only one complaint about this item.

👤It's easy to remove the right amount of glue when you're done.

7. Adhesive Patches Different Disposable Amblyopia

Adhesive Patches Different Disposable Amblyopia

The soft material is made from non-woven cotton and is hypo-allergenic and latex free. 3 designs,60PCs,3 boxes,patched with package The regular size is ideal for kids and adults. Light protection is assured by special light protection inlay. The patch is used to treat the eye condition.

Brand: Idealplast

👤There is a cute print on the patches. I wanted to give these 5stars, but they have left bumps on my daughter's face. She was told to keep the patch on for 2 hours a day. She can remove it after 2 hours. It has to be done every day until February. Not every patch leaves a mark, but it is more than half. I usually tell her to put the patch on lightly, so that it doesn't rub into her skin. We will get new ones if we need to continue with the patch after February. Don't buy a different one, it's not worth the headaches.

👤The eye patches are good for the price, but some of them don't stick all the time, so it ends up being a waste.

👤I guess you get what you pay for. They were stuck to glasses and worked better. I didn't realize that half of the blue box was missing the pad. The green and pink ones were correct.

👤It doesn't affect usefulness or how my child likes them, but it does bother me that some of these are only for the right eye and the design is always worn upside down.

👤The product is great for the price. The only problem we had was that they are a little smaller than the last set. The patches are perfect for children under the age of 4. I will have to buy the more expensive ones.

👤My son loved this eyepatch. It is very soft and stick on, but it has a short lifespan.

👤I love these! A very cost effective solution. My child doesn't have to worry about these bugs on his skin.

👤My son's weaker eye is strengthened.

8. EZAKKA Elastic Patches Amblyopia Strabismus

EZAKKA Elastic Patches Amblyopia Strabismus

The smooth and soft surface of the eye patches makes them very comfortable. You can adjust the head strap size to fit your head circumference with the elastic strap. It's easy to use for most head sizes. The pink and black eye patch size is 6.5 x 7.5 cm/2.56 x 2.95 inches and is used to train the lazy eye to work properly. The soft eye patches fit for one eye care and shield, without excitant, and are good for amblyopia strabismus. Can be used many times. To clean, use cold water and soap. There are no eye patches.

Brand: Ezakka

👤Bell's palsy is a type of facial paralysis and I have to patch one eye. I have to tape it closed because one eye won't close. The patch is very soft, and looks better than tape. One side is a soft pink, which is less harsh than the black with some outfits. It's easy to wash. This one is great if you have to wear a patch.

👤It was used for one eye. When one eye is sore or ice cold, the other eye can watch TV or even read. Thank you!

👤I liked it all the same. I want the patch to be smaller and the straps to be wider.

👤It's perfect for people with lazy eye syndrome. I have a friend who uses it a lot.

👤I had an eye problem. When unable to wear makeup on that side, a patch was needed. A bit more "dressy" look was needed and the product was nice to wear. I recommend.

👤It is almost like a small pillow with a case. There is no shape. The cloth gets stuck in your eye when you blink.

👤I bought the eye patches for someone else. They looked like the picture when they arrived. The material was soft and comfortable. The elastic stretched around his head.

👤I bought this for my eye because it was permanently open. It's a bit difficult to use and it moves when walking. It's better than a surgical patch, but I have to make sure it's not on my eye lid. Or it is damaged. It's hard to find anything better.

👤It would have been perfect if it stayed on my son's head. Maybe his smooth hair was the problem? I improvised by attaching a patch to his eye using medical tape and cutting off the elastic. The material has not caused any irritation.

👤I get a lot of eye infections and bought these to stop me from rubbing my eye and making it worse. It stays on the entire night and the feeling of the material is quite soothing.

👤The eye patches are soft and comfortable to wear. Excellent value for money.

9. Patches Glasses Children Amblyopia Strabismus

Patches Glasses Children Amblyopia Strabismus

The medical eye patches are approved to treat lazy eye. Premium material is used in the Super Soft Velvet Material. It is soft against the kid's skin and designed to fit comfortably on your child's eyeglasses. The patch is easy to remove and wash, it is perfect for glasses. Special light inlay protection assures maximum shielding from light, which provide better correction for the treatment. If you are not happy with their product, they will give you a 100% money back or replacement.

Brand: None Brand

👤The item did not work as expected. Light can enter through the gap in the patch. This item will not work for eye patching due to the poor design.

10. SATINIOR Adjustable Patches Elastic Eyepatch

SATINIOR Adjustable Patches Elastic Eyepatch

You will get 4 pieces of eye patches printed with different patterns, including a skull, leaves, and wave, which is vigorous to wear. The elastic strap on the lazy eye patches can be adjusted to fit both kids and adults. The silk eyepatch is made of quality material and is comfortable to wear. You can wash and clean the single eye patch after taking it off by water, and the lazy eye patches can be applied after cleaning. These silk eye patches are safe to use and won't cause any irritation to your eye.

Brand: Satinior

👤Need for my child. The fabric is not strong enough for comfort. Presses against eye and makes it awkward. It would work better if you wore over glasses. There are needs for young kids.

👤They come off after sliding up.

👤My daughter has a bad eye. She likes the pattern on the eye patches. We had trouble with the stick on eye patches.

11. Patch Kid Adhesives Comfortably Indicated

Patch Kid Adhesives Comfortably Indicated

Blocks out all the light! The efficacy of the treatment can be improved by blocking out light. It's designed for all kids and has a better fit around the nose. This makes sure that comfort is optimal. Premium quality! Their patches are made from bandages that are non-woven. They allow the skin to breathe and it's a good thing for people with sensitive skin. No Tape Residue! No one wants your child to look like a panda. Their patches don't leave any tape marks. Patch Kid patches are long lasting and gentle on the skin. There are fun, cute and playful designs. Their patch designs are drawn with kids in mind. Each box of sterile patches has 5 fun, cute and unique designs.

Brand: Patch Kid

👤We have been patching for the past 3 months since my 4 year old son was diagnosed with a brain disorder. After trying these for the first time, my son exclaimed "mommy these don't hurt!" after he complained of pain when peeling the patches off. Great strength without pain.

👤The eye patches that stick on are more effective than the pirate patches. We have tried many different brands of patching. The patterns on this one are very cute, but I have two problems with the patch. It is sticky. If you have a child with oily skin, this might be a good option. My daughter has a sensitivity to sticky patches, so she gets a rash when they are too sticky. There are two more They are smaller than other patches. This would have been great when she was young. I think they have a bigger size, but I hesitate because of the glue. Medium was ordered by us. They were sent in a yellow envelope. The box exploded when it arrived. I didn't want to return it in the state it was in.

👤My 3yo thinks they're comfortable and she's not afraid to remove them. They're sticky and easy to remove during patching hours. The designs drew me in. There were patches that were either too feminine or too masculine. The typical designs were trucks, sharks, and more trucks. We wanted to make her patching experience better. She likes to pick out a design. She is going to wear that day. I'm happy that she doesn't have her eye plastered in anything. Win!

👤I can't say these are great. They are okay. My son loves the designs. After only 15 minutes, they start falling off his face. He has to patch for an hour. I'm going to look for another brand.

👤We have a munchkin that has to wear these for a couple hours a day and they do a great job. If you have sensitive skin, these will probably not be the best for you. It's great for what they are.

👤These eye patches are wonderful. My son likes the designs. My only complaint is that if my son gets sweaty, the patch stops sticking and starts coming off. It's hard for us because we live in Florida and it's hot all the time. We have no complaints about that problem. Will purchase them when we need more.

👤The patches arrived in 24 hours. So far, so good, my little one has worn them the last 3 days. We had to add milk of magnesia to the glue to protect the sensitive skin around the temple, but with these we don't have to do that anymore. I think this is more gentle on the skin. My little one has not tried to pull the patch off, but it seems secure compared to the other patches we've used.

👤I love these patches. My daughter likes all of the designs in the first pack of patches. They are sturdy and stick well. Definitely recommend these!


What is the best product for eye patches for kids girls?

Eye patches for kids girls products from Opthopatch. In this article about eye patches for kids girls you can see why people choose the product. Meowgool and Meowgool are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye patches for kids girls.

What are the best brands for eye patches for kids girls?

Opthopatch, Meowgool and Meowgool are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye patches for kids girls. Find the detail in this article. Satinior, Meowgool and Nexcare are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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