Best Eye Patches for Kids Pirate

Kids 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. ZeeDix Classic Caribbean Halloween Decorations

ZeeDix Classic Caribbean Halloween Decorations

Costume pirate hats and eye masks are great for Halloween parties, masquerades, school plays, theatre performances and any theme party. Adults and children can use the hat and eye mask. The elasticity of the hat and eye mask can be adjusted. The eye mask is 3 inches and the pirate hat is 4.5 inches. The fabric is high-quality. The pirate hat and eye mask are made of plastic. They are not disposable and can be used multiple times. It's ideal for pirate themed parties, children's dress up games, role-playing dances, pirate captain's masquerades, Halloween parties, etc. You can experience the fun of dressing up as a pirate. A sufficient quantity of pirate decorations, pirate hats, and pirate blindfolds is enough to meet your wear needs for most children, teenagers and adults.

Brand: Legigo

👤Our 2yr old's pirate themed birthday was a hit with these. I thought 2yr olds would rip paper/cardboard hats. We had to tie a knot in the elastic on the headbands to make them small enough to fit toddlers' heads, but that meant they worked for the older kids as well. It's only 6 sets of 6 hats, 6 eye patches per unit. We had to place a second order because we didn't have enough for everyone.

👤We decided to be pirates for Halloween. We had costumes but no accessories. These were great to add to our outfits.

👤The group on the pirate themed float received these. They fit both children and adults. The hats were comfortable to wear.

👤We used these in our math department costume. The job was cheap and done well. The elastic can be used on many head sizes.

👤They are good for partying. It's easy to wear. They look nice on kids and adults.

👤Very faded. The white trim isn't there. The film was over the black. They were terrible party favors.

👤Some of them arrived faulty. Don't wait until the last minute to check them.

2. Single Pirate Crossbone Patch´╝îAdjustable Pirates

Single Pirate Crossbone Patch%EF%BC%8CAdjustable Pirates

You will get a single eye mask. All head sizes can fit the mask, which expands from 16 inches to 27 inches. The eye mask is comfortable for all face shapes. The material around the nose is lightweight to avoid pressure on the eyeballs. This black one-eye patch is soft and smooth to keep your eyes comfortable and relaxed. You can use it for cool activities. The eye mask has an elastic band that can be adjusted to fit your head, preventing the belt from being too loose or tight. It is suitable for both children and adults. A wide range of applications include: eye mask for training eyes, suitable for adults and children, role playing, gentle, easy to adjust headband, does not scratch hair.

Brand: Myubwtf

3. Packs Kids Felt Pirate Hat

Packs Kids Felt Pirate Hat

QUALITY FABRIC: The captain pirate hat is made from black felt with gold trim on the brim and white skull and crossbones on the front, which are lightweight and durable, and allow big kids to wear it for all day long. Not sure what to use as party favors for your big kids or friends. An original cosplay hat makes them look special. The pirate hat is a great accessory. It's for big kids, teens and some adults. The material is cruel. All of the pirate hats are safe and non-toxic. You don't feel bound when you wear them. You can get 2 pirate hats for a value price. Give the extra to your friends and family. You can dress up as a pirate at any party. There is a virtue of expendables. The fun party hat can be used as a pirate and is great for any upcoming pirate birthday parties, Play Games of Adventure, or pirate Costume Parties, School plays, Theater Performances, Halloween Parties and any 20's themed party. It will make you the center of attention. If your pirate accessories hat doesn't meet your expectations, please feel free to contact them and they will arrange a replacement or a refund, that's their promise!

Brand: D-fokes

👤They are thick enough to be durable. It's a little big for a 3 year old, but it works for a teen. The kids are excited about the patch.

👤The final touches for trunk and treat are these hats.

👤My boys love them. They have held up to toddlers.

👤The fun hat was used for pirate day. There is a A bit stiff on the head.

👤So cute! Fit little heads! The patch string is strong. It was fun to play with.

👤This is going to be a treasure hunt for the grandkids.

👤It's better for older kids.

👤I bought these for my kids. One in 3rd grade and the other in K4.

4. Amscan 840222 Earring Patch Set

Amscan 840222 Earring Patch Set

Black pirate eye patches are great for role-playing at Halloween, Christmas and pirate themed parties, costume accessory or dress up. One earring and one eye patch. Most teens and adults are affected. The black eye patch is shaped to fit the orbit and is secured by an elastic band. It's a great accessory for your pirate costume, and can be used for a variety of events.

Brand: Amscan

👤The elastic cord broke. It was used. The pieces are very low quality.

👤This does not come with a hat. The plastic eyepatch and plastic earring are all that's left. No problem. It was a great laugh and a joke.

👤This was for a costume. It was probably what I paid for. The price was cheap and the elastic was tight for the eyepatch. It was fun, but only for the evening. It was all good. There were no complaints.

👤The eye patch is tight but it fits my head. The earring looks okay. I can't complain much.

👤The bandana is MIA, so the pirates must have taken it. The earring and patch are cheap. Don't waste your money.

👤The first time I put it on, it popped. It's a pity. The average person's head is small.

👤Eh. You get what you pay for. The job is done well for the price.

👤No le, Cre, pero venan las 3 piezas.

5. WINOMO Pirate Skull Crossbone Children

WINOMO Pirate Skull Crossbone Children

The elastic band on this pirate style eye patch is comfortable. It is used to cure lazy eye in children, and a good eye mask for Halloween party. You can use this pirate symbolic eye pirate at pirate theme parties, masquerade balls, school stage shows, Halloween, and Christmas. If you want to cosplay as a pirate, take the eye patches and turn into a pirate in your mind to explore the game world and search for treasure.

Brand: Winomo

👤The strap came off when we tried to put it on our son. The replacement arrived the next day. It was not any better. There is a The strap was already unthreading before it arrived because the sewing on the left side was not perfect. The placement of the strap on his brow line makes it uncomfortable for him to see. He really wanted a pirate eye patch. It wasn't a good value. I kept it because it was more difficult to return, but it has been collecting dust for a month. I ordered a patch that was shaped more squarely and with the strap higher up so that it wouldn't hurt the eye. He wears it without complaint. The orthopatch is also used by us. Convenient. Clean. I can't rave enough. Don't waste your money on this. You can buy a different patch.

👤I bought this for my 5 month old as there was nothing else on the market for babies besides patches. It is a little big. I can easily tie it with a hair tie to tighten it and he looks very cute with it.

👤My daughter needs to wear a patch for a couple hours every day. She likes to play pirate. We bought this as a temporary patch until she got a permanent one. Sometimes she chooses this. She loves it!

👤I bought this for my son. It's very cute but the straps are not aligned correctly, so it either covers his eye or the other eye is covered by the second strap. It was disappointing. I'm returning it.

👤Being a mom with a child that has an eye condition is hard because he doesn't want to wear eyepatches. He would always complain of pain, but not this one. He wears it during the day. He needs an eye patch to help him with online learning.

👤Customerservice reached out to me and offered a full refund. I was not completely happy with the product, but they are working on improving it with my feedback. My son was very excited about wearing the patch and I was very happy. The elastic slides over his open, no matter how tight or loose I make it.

👤I bought this for my son, who is five years old, because it is more comfortable than the sticky patches, but I wouldn't recommend it for younger children since they are able to easily pull it up.

👤The eyepatch is the same as the picture shown. It's not great for a child. I only wore it for a picture and then took it off. It is great for all sizes. It's a good recommendation!

6. Felt Pirate Eye Patches Dozen

Felt Pirate Eye Patches Dozen

Their friendly customer service and the different look eye patches are what you get. There are felt pirate eye patches. The skull and cross bones are white. The patch is around the head. One size fits all. It's ideal for Halloween costume accessory or dress up.

Brand: Fun Express

👤High quality should not be expected for the price. I bought these eye patches for a party and they all worked well and lasted all night. They are cheap, but look good. You get what you pay for, and they all got the job done, even though there were a few that had different quality. One of the main concerns I had before buying these was that they didn't fit tightly on anyone. I would use cheap party supplies to buy these again.

👤I felt alright when I got this. The quality wasn't the worst but it was good. They had the idea of tying all the eyepatches together with a big string, but it was almost impossible to get off. It took an hour to get it off. I decided to cut it off and use a single eyepatch. I tried to get it on but it didn't stretch. The string was too short for someone to fit it on their head. I tried to see if my small cat would be able to wear it, but it didn't fit her. I would never buy again if I was trying to buy someone a terrible prank gift.

👤The eye patches were not the same as what the picture shows. They were plastic eye patches with elastic string that weren't tied properly. The images are very confusing. Someone else wrote a review about the same issue. I thought it was a mistake because there were so many positive ratings. It's not a one off thing. Our team decided to wear the patches for a day as a joke, so I wanted to buy them for fun. I felt bad giving these out because they looked so cheap. They were so uncomfortable that no one wore them for more than 2 minutes. Unless you really don't care about how crappy they look or how uncomfortable they are, don't buy these.

👤Half of the eyepatches were broken when opening the package. The patch is felt. When my kid put it around his head, the strings broke and the eyepatch flipped up because it was so flimsy. Boo!

👤You get what you pay for. It was cheaper to order a pack of these than it was to order a higher quality one. It took me a while to untie the knot after they arrived. They are cheap and will get the job done for my son.

👤These were not what we thought they would be and we were not able to give them to the kids. Most of the pirate symbols that were stamped on were not fully visible because of the thin felt. Our expectations should not be so high for the price. They would have been better quality.

👤These were bought for a pirate costume. I have a medium head and they fit around it. I wore a pirate headband underneath the eyepatch for most of the night and did not bother the picture at all.

👤A friend of mine had eye surgery and I got him a fake parrot and eye patches. He has a good sense of humor. The eye is okay. He put them on. The eye patches work. They are all cheap and well made. But great.

7. Treasure Vintage Pretend Include Halloween

Treasure Vintage Pretend Include Halloween

A sufficient quantity of pirate decorations, pirate hats, and pirate blindfolds is enough to meet your wear needs for most children, teenagers and adults. You will receive a pirate treasure box, black eye patch, plastic toy compass, plastic binoculars, plastic bag, gold tag, and plastic earrings. The pirate treasure set is made of quality material which is very friendly, safe and durable, and the design has a smooth edge that will not scratch and ensure the safety of boys and girls. The treasure box is convenient to store. You can use it as a storage box for small toys, which can help teenagers develop the habit of collecting and organizing toys, and can also reduce losses. The clear lines and images of the pirate map make it more realistic and vivid, with tag necklaces, gems and gold coins, eye masks, binoculars and compasses, which will add more joy to your party and bring more pleasure for your pirate dress up experience. These pirate themed party supplies can be used for a lot of things. They are a great way to share happiness with your friends and family, and you can also give them as gifts.

Brand: Sumind

👤The treasure chest can be placed in the palm of a person's hand. That's how small it is. The actual telescope was made of cardboard and was in pieces inside the chest. The chest wouldn't last long. If your child saw the picture and then saw the product, he would be disappointed.

👤Most of the pieces are gems and coins. I didn't notice that there was no lock and key on this box as I looked at other boxes. There is no way to keep it open. The map and scope are cool, but it is a cute prop treasure chest. The telescope is so cheap that it is broken and the chest is already broken so it doesn't stay closed.

👤I was expecting more from this set. The chest is made of plastic. My son had it for 5 minutes and it was cracked. The eye patch is hard plastic and uncomfortable. The elastic around his head is too tight. The center decoration was missing from one of the medallions. The necklace was broken as well. The spy glass was broken, but we put it back on. Definitely not happy. I wish I'd bought the other set.

👤I gave this to my son as a gift and he really liked it. This was perfect for him because he loves pirates and adventures. This item is over priced for what you are getting. The chest and binocular are very small. The material was used to make it cheap. I think it would be a good price for this item.

👤Not as described. A small chest filled with cheap stuff. Not worth it.

👤I thought the treasure chest was going to be bigger than it was. My son loves it. It hasn't held up well with my 4 year old because parts are cheap.

👤Producto. The mapa is de tela. Y todo lo dems is sensible. The cofre no vale la pena 25 dolares.

8. Alphatool Patches Caribbean Captain Halloween

Alphatool Patches Caribbean Captain Halloween

The pack is great. The package contains 12 pieces of pirate decoration, there are 6 pirate hats and 6 pirate eye patches, a great value set to meet your quantity need. The hat has an elastic band that can be adjusted, the eye patch has an elastic rope that can be adjusted, and the eye mask has an elastic rope that can be adjusted. The elastic band is 24 inches, the eye patches are 3.1 inches, and the pirate hat is 11.5 x 4.5 inches. The pirate suit is made of high quality material, it is comfortable to wear and can be used multiple times. Each pirate hat and pirate eye patch contains white skulls and cross-knife patterns, and the pirate identity lets you immerse yourself in pretending to sail on the sea and having fun searching for treasure. Great for pirate themed parties, dress up games, cosplay dances, fancy dress parties, Halloween parties, etc. You can stand out from the crowd at the festival or theme party.

Brand: Alphatool

👤Please be careful. I was not. I thought about hats and eye patches after reading 12. There are 6 hats and 6 eyepatches. I started assembling bags before the party. The whole thing would have been ruined if I hadn't been careful. They are good enough for a 4 year old party. These will not work if you have older kids.

👤I am going with three stars. I didn't think the description was accurate. I think it's too generous to call them "hats". They are similar to headbands. The eye patches are not bad. Although they fit an adult head, they would be more suited for kids based on their size. I kept them because my co-workers thought they were cute. It is hard to find anything like this for less than $50. Hats are more expensive. This will work. The description needs to be adjusted.

👤The hat we used was perfect. They were comfortable. There was an elastic band in the back that could work on different head sizes. The eye patch was not comfortable for anyone. No one likes eye patches. There is nothing wrong with it. The hats stayed put.

👤The "hats" will fit older kids and adults because it's just a headband. The elastic string that held the eyepatches in place didn't stretch out to more than six inches. We couldn't get one near our toddler's head. I uploaded a photo of the eyepatch to show how small it is. It makes more sense to buy a product that works, since there are holes in the side of eyepatch, and you could replace the cord with one that's an appropriate length.

👤I was happy that these fit adults. We used them for a movie party with a lot of adults. Not tight, not loose. I was surprised that the eye patches were plastic, but I didn't read the full details, so that's on me. I think the set would be perfect if they were made of felt or something soft. Everyone loved them.

👤They were purchased for a college graduation party. Adult attendees had fun with them after they were scattered on the tables. P.S. Over the past years, I have planned about 20 state conferences and have found that putting stuff like this on banquet tables helps people loosen up, even for a few hours.

👤I knew these items would not be high quality, but 3 of them were already broken when you picked them up, and a few more broke as soon as you put them on. I wanted to return them because I didn't use them, but this item isn't eligible for returns. I don't think anyone should purchase these items.

👤The straps on the hats were so loose that they were big on me. I had to fix them so they would fit at my child's birthday party. Hats that are cute.

9. Tatuo Captain Earrings Mustache Halloween

Tatuo Captain Earrings Mustache Halloween

6 pieces black felt pirate eye patches, 6 pieces pirate gold earrings, 6 pieces pirate black headscarves, 12 pieces pirate fake mustache, and 6 different styles are included. The eye patch was made of soft fabric, the bandana was made of elastic cloth, and the plastic gold earrings were made of fiber. The elastic rope of the pirate eye patches is longer for adults and children. If you want to stick the fake mustache under the nose, you need to peel off the backing paper, but they can't be sticky when wet. You can use the 30 pieces pirate captain costume sets to play pirate at festivals and parties, as a Halloween and pirate party costume prop.

Brand: Tatuo

👤I was happy with the purchase to entertain young family members on a family vacation. The adults got into the fun and we took some great pirate family photos. The foam eye patches, the head scarves for children and adults, the mustaches, and the plastic earrings were all fun to wear. The earrings are multiple pieces so you may want to keep away from small children. There is a great deal and lots of fun.

👤The package contained everything that was advertised. The bandanas were better than I expected. It seems like what comes with kids' costumes is worse.

👤One day, I and my coworkers were dressed as pirates. Everything was in place. Very happy with this set.

👤The pirate and princess party was a big hit.

👤I did a pirate party for my daughter's birthday and it was fun to dress up.

👤The set is great for pirates. It would be great for a child's party if we were at an adult Pirates of the Caribbean Party.

👤It was great. My 10 year old son had a pirate party. Fantastic supplies!

👤The pack was okay. The earrings didn't stay on and kept falling apart, so it was not a bad value for money. It was repairable but annoying. The slippery bandannas made it difficult to put on the kids heads. The moustaches and pirate eye patches are good.

👤The Piratenparty set ist fr die Bandanas und Augenklappen. The Bandanas passen. Im Erwachsene ist die erwachsene und lassen. Durch den Stoff ist man. The Print ist schn platziert. Die Augenklappen verlieren gern mal, die anders festknoten und die man nutzen. Im Brte und Ohrringe ist das genommen. Die Ohrringe ist aus Plastik, die Brte ist aus langlebig. Alles in allem are aber vllig ausreichend.

👤The gut gefallen, as the Kinder was gefreut. Mu ist die Gelfte des Bandas.

👤The Brte kleben gut und insgesamt.

👤The Kids are mega Spa an den Artikeln.

10. Under Eye Mask Patches Patch

Under Eye Mask Patches Patch

Carry these on your carry-on. It's small and easy to use. De-Puff and Lighten help to get rid of the dark colors under your eyes. Don't be bothered for trying to look good by carrying on with your face skincare routine. No more dilated eyes. It looks like you got 8 hours of sleep. Look fresh after using Eye Treatment Gels. The real 24K gold slows down the appearance of aging and gives a youthful glow.

Brand: Dermora

👤It contains a drug. This is a cancer causing ingredient. This ingredient turns into FORMAL DEHYDE, which is a known human carcinogen, in liquids.

👤I've been looking for a great under eye pad that will help stop darkness and reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. I have been using these pads for a few weeks and have not noticed a difference. The cooling effect is nice, but the darkness is still there, and I like to keep them in the fridge. These pads were not a good purchase for what I needed them for, since I don't have wrinkling.

👤Just received them. Very disappointed. Not "gold". Silicone patches that are very thick are very soft. Constantly adjusting. Nothing like advertised. See the picture. The product is in the box on the eye area. There are patches that are slipping. Would not recommend it.

👤I have fair skin. I deal with under eye issues when I smile. I don't mind dark circles or crows feet. I did not put them in the fridge since applying cold under the eyes will reduce puffy eyes. I could test the product on its merits alone. I left them there for 25 minutes and let the area dry. I noticed some differences in the appearance of the skin but not the appearance of it's elasticity. The pictures I took before and after were taken in the same pose and lighting so I could see the worst of it. There were pictures of me smiling and having a closed mouth grin. The before pics were the top picture. You can see the difference in the non grin version. I would give an additional 1/2 star if it was possible. I will not give a full star because I still believe that cold cucumbers would do the same thing. Cold reduces swelling. I have found a secondary use for these masks. The cold helps reduce my pain. It's good for relief from the flu. After a big night of partying, my husband and I felt terrible the next morning. I put a set of these on him despite his protests and he loved them. He felt immediate relief and said the masks must be hitting a pressure point because he feels it helping his whole head.

👤I used the eye masks for the first time. I've already seen a small difference after just one time. I'm always hesitant to try new products because of my sensitive skin, but after reading a lot of reviews, I decided to give them a try. I'm trying to figure out what I would like to do before my friend's wedding. I have dark circles under my eyes. I put the masks in the fridge before putting them on, which makes them feel great. They were difficult to get out of the packaging because they were slimy. They stayed on my face. They were there for a few minutes and didn't notice. I left them on for a little while. I will see more improvements with consistent use. Excited to use these!

11. Acu Life 400013 Eye Patch

Acu Life 400013 Eye Patch

It's perfect for eye care and protection, or for use in a pirate costume. The eye patch has a foam padding that fits over the entire eye. Blocks light. The material completely covers the eye. Over the past 35 years, Acu-life has designed and developed innovative health products.

Brand: Acu-life

👤My 8 year old daughter needs this to help her get stronger. It seems to fit her well and I like how it blocks out all the light. She said it was bad on her skin after she had it on for about 20 minutes. I found some soft fuzzy fabric and hot-glued it over the foam after I looked at the padding and it was nice and thick, but she disliked it because it was hard to see around the edges. I think it's a good deal and will be buying another when needed.

👤Excellent product. You would think that the eye patches are the same. You would be wrong. It is made so that the part that's covering your eye isn't pressing up against it. It's best to just cover the eye and not bother to design it so it won't hurt or bother you. It was designed with your comfort in mind.

👤There is no excuse for this product. The foam idea is a solid one, but the material they use is not suitable for this product. I recommend avoiding this product and looking for an eyepatch without foam. The best eyepatch I've found so far is the FCAROLYN, but it's too bulky. The plain cheap, no frills eyepatch is the most comfortable design.

👤A patch was recommended for my mother. She doesn't like touching her eyes. The patch worked out well. She wore it because it was comfortable and she didn't enjoy it. She had lost her sight after 8 weeks of wearing the patch.

👤My daughter has an eye patch that she wears every day. The patches irritate her skin. The glasses that go over her don't fit very well. Thepirate style eye patch works best for her. She can pretend to be a pirate and play with her sister. She's not very responsible and often looses her patch. I bought 3 of them because they were so affordable and we would have extra on hand if she couldn't find her patch. The first patch we bought was not padded, but we like that it is. It's great for use by children.

👤A patch that will work for us. We went through many patches that he wouldn't wear because they were so uncomfortable. This one doesn't touch the eye or eyelash. The strap is tight but we have figured out ways to use it. Overall good.

👤I use it with my telescope. It's easier since I don't have to squint.

👤I was very disappointed in this product. I needed to protect my eye after eye surgery. The patch is very thick and cone shaped. You can't wear glasses over it. The padding around the inside of the patch is very thick and made of a material that is very rough on the skin and makes it hard to wear. I couldn't get it in a comfortable position, but I had to keep moving it around because it was too uncomfortable to wear. It is not returnable.


What is the best product for eye patches for kids pirate?

Eye patches for kids pirate products from Legigo. In this article about eye patches for kids pirate you can see why people choose the product. Myubwtf and D-fokes are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye patches for kids pirate.

What are the best brands for eye patches for kids pirate?

Legigo, Myubwtf and D-fokes are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye patches for kids pirate. Find the detail in this article. Amscan, Winomo and Fun Express are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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