Best Eye Patches for Kids with Lazy Eye

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1. Astropic Glasses Medical Amblyopia Strabismus

Astropic Glasses Medical Amblyopia Strabismus

The Mulberry Silk Material is soft against sensitive skin. The Super lightweight Over-glasses Design does not pull on the glasses at all. Either Eye Coverage can be used on either left or right eye. Reusable: great holding up, no waste, eco-friendly. Clean storage, no misplacement, comes with one carrying case.

Brand: Astropic

👤It looks like there was a slight mix up when I ordered the pure black. I'm not sure if the eye patch works with the beard, but it has no issues with the quality or function.

👤I have never given a lot of reviews. I put my eyepatch on. It covers the whole lens on one side and the other side for peripheral vision block. An eyepatch that only covered the lens would be useless to me. This patch is very soft. I will be buying more. Three months after my transplant, I had a complete tear in my left eye. I was not a candidate for the bubble surgery that can save eyesight. They filled my eye with oil after the surgery. I had a complete blur of everything in that eye. I had a full eye cataracts within two years. They have to use oil to fill the eye. I will have the surgery soon. This eyepatch has changed my life. I wish I had looked more into eyepatches. I have a cataracts and cysts on the left eye after the retinal surgery. I tried a few eyepatches, one that you tape over your eye and the pirate type eyepatch. The pirate one gave me headaches because of the head band. It's not good for someone who already has headaches. The other serious health issues kept me from focusing on my eye. My immune system is so compromised that I get infections that can be life threatening. It took a backseat to figuring out a solution to the terrible pain and sensitivities in my left eye, from just having it open every day. To understand how this has changed my life in such a short time, I have to explain that my eye hurts so bad that I can't see anything. I had a problem looking at my phone screen while watching TV. Double vision was caused by it, as well as my good eye. The pain has been dealt with. I live in a condo in Panama City Beach, which has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches. I am very proud to have bought a small home for a disabled mom. I could watch dolphins swimming by and hunting in my backyard before I had problems with my eye. The pelicans are hilarious. I got into photography because I would take so many photos. When my eye became too sensitive to light, that stopped everything. For the last two years, I have been sitting on my couch. The living room has been dark. People are having fun on their Jetskis, and I could hear the boats going by. I couldn't open the curtains. The curtains are open. I put my eyepatch on my glasses. I noticed a big difference immediately. As the hours went by, I noticed that I had no pain in that eye. It used to be very dry. I spent a lot of money on eyedrops, but I haven't had to use them yet. My son wanted to see if opening the curtains would be too much. It was not! I think that this eyepatch will be perfect for after my cataract surgery, since the coronaviruses will be gone. I just watched some dolphins swimming. I can now watch the sunrise and sunset. I hope you give this eyepatch a try if you are having problems with a sensitive or painful eye. I hope that it can change your life like it did mine.

2. Patches Medical Adjustable Amblyopia Pirate

Patches Medical Adjustable Amblyopia Pirate

The material is high quality. The patch would not put pressure on your eyes. ADJUSTABLE. The strap design of the pirate eye patch makes it easy to fit. It's helpful for daily patching for eye condition. The eye patch is ideal for people who have to patch regularly. It's great for dress up party. These eye patches are a good eye mask for Halloween. Their friendly customer service and two different look eye patches are what you get.

Brand: Vandorla

👤The elastic band is not sewn in the right location for this to be comfortable and snug, I have tried several different positions and sides and flipped it around inside out, butnope. I will have to do the quality control work for these Chinese companies because I will detach the bands. Products are cheap and convenient.

👤A 1 out of 10 scale allows for more clarification on a lower score. The material is cheap. The pattern doesn't fit either eye sockets. The seam of the strap is skin irritant and it doesn't stay in place. Don't do it. Not worth the money.

👤These are unwearable. Quite useless. If you have a cat, get them because my cat enjoys playing with them.

👤They don't fit the human head right. The only way they stay in place is if you strap across the uncovered eye. Poor design.

👤The first one broke. The strap only had one thread holding it on and it was not tied off, so it just unraveled, the second one at least made it on my head, but the straps are sewn at the same level so the strap either goes across your one eye that you want open, or it I was going to return them, but they would sell the good one to someone else. I decided to throw it away.

👤The strap is sewn midway on the patch instead of being attached to the top. The strap comes across the uncovered eye. Terrible design. Most of the eye patches sold on Amazon have the same flaw. The people who have to wear one all the time. I bet it is hard to find a good one.

👤If the headband is adjusted tightly enough, the tension rubs the patch on the eye. I can't wear it for longer than five or ten minutes at a time.

👤These will be very uncomfortable if you have eye lashes. The straps are in an awkward position. They were cheap.

3. SATINIOR Adjustable Patches Elastic Eyepatch

SATINIOR Adjustable Patches Elastic Eyepatch

You will get 4 pieces of eye patches printed with different patterns, including a skull, leaves, and wave, which is vigorous to wear. The elastic strap on the lazy eye patches can be adjusted to fit both kids and adults. The silk eyepatch is made of quality material and is comfortable to wear. You can wash and clean the single eye patch after taking it off by water, and the lazy eye patches can be applied after cleaning. These silk eye patches are safe to use and won't cause any irritation to your eye.

Brand: Satinior

👤Need for my child. The fabric is not strong enough for comfort. Presses against eye and makes it awkward. It would work better if you wore over glasses. There are needs for young kids.

👤They come off after sliding up.

👤My daughter has a bad eye. She likes the pattern on the eye patches. We had trouble with the stick on eye patches.

4. Colorful Breathable Medical Adhesive Bandages

Colorful Breathable Medical Adhesive Bandages

The size is 5.8 cmX8 cm. There are 4 colors,60PCs, 3 boxes and a package. Breathable material on your skin. It's ideal for treating lazy eye. Non-woven fabric is the material.

Brand: Idealplast

👤My 4 year old has a lazy eye. These work well. He wears them for a few hours every day and they stay on great, but aren't terribly painful to rip off. The choice of colors is something he likes. I would recommend and buy again. I just bought these again 6 months later. These sticks are enough to keep them in place, but not painful to remove and leave a mark. Great price too.

👤The patch does not stay on. Does not last very long. The movement of the face knocks it off. It doesn't work for a 5 year old with a lazy eye.

👤They're less expensive and easier to remove than others. They are not even adhering to the point. I use scotch tape to secure the patches. They all stink to some extent. One of the negative aspects of this product is that each box has at least one mangled patch that can't be saved. I've tried to fix it right out of the box. Once they're crumbled up, that's the end of them. They're cutting corners. We have twin girls who need patching every day, so I'll see how long I'll put up with the flaws here. I gather quickly.

👤The patches will stay on for 6 hours. Sometimes peeling off is painful, but not bad. The colors were completely different than box shows. My son said that the blue and yellow and teal were okay, but the baby pink was not. The pale colors of the boxes were the same. I would buy them again since they're cheap and stick great, and my son will wear the pink ones when there's no chance of anyone seeing him, since he won't be embarrassed.

👤These patches are perfect. My daughter wears a patch for 5 hours a day and she was getting tired of it. We purchased designs but they were too expensive. We are so glad we found these. Even when she starts to sweat, they stay on for the entire 5 hours. She always finds one to match the outfit she is wearing when she takes off like the others. It's nice because we take a box to school, one on the car, and one at home, so we can always put one on her. When we run out, we will be buying more.

👤These are sticky at the same time. The first patch I used fell off, and when I tried to get them to stick, they were too sticky and left my daughter with red marks. They leave gaps for light to come through, and they do not form to her face well. The colors inside the box are not the same as the colors on the box.

👤The paper type material is softer than any other we have tried for our child. These patches do not cause irritation to her skin. The smaller side is perfect for an infant, toddler or child. They can be trimmed easily. The inside of the patch is lined with a type of material that is absorbent of any tears or moisture that may be shed while wearing the patch. They don't have a smell or leave any sticky messes like some of the others we tried. They are not in stock so make sure you order in advance as they take a couple weeks for delivery as they come from overseas.

5. Meowgool Adhesive Patches Stickers Incentive

Meowgool Adhesive Patches Stickers Incentive

It's a soft, absorbent and hydrating substance. The fabric has a non-woven feel and is latex-free, so it provides maximum comfort to the skin. There are 10 boys designs. Cool patterns make patching fun. The regular size is interlaced wrapped. 60 bonus patches per box, individually wrapped, fits children age 4 and up. Noisy neighbours: no. The eye patch can hold up to 8 hours and is easy to remove. Each box has two sets of sticker posters for usage tracking which is a great incentive for kids to keep patching.

Brand: Meowgool

👤He left this on longer than the nude colored ones we got. We got up to almost 10 minutes with the nude ones, but they lasted only 5 seconds before being ripped off. The only thing I'm not happy about is that the box was smashed when I received it.

👤My son wears many patches over the years and he wears them for 3 hours a day. We try to reuse them and this patch has been worn for 5 days in a row and is still sticky. He says they are comfortable.

👤I bought these for my son after using the Sea Worthy brand. We like them better. It is easier to remove cute designs.

👤Great product. My 7 year old does not like taking these off. It would be a good idea. I think the extra black patch makes a difference.

👤These eye patches are wonderful. They are easy to take off. The sticker chart is very rewarding for our son.

6. Meowgool Adhesive Patches Stickers Incentive

Meowgool Adhesive Patches Stickers Incentive

The fabric has a soft, absorbent and latex-free feel that provides maximum comfort to the skin without irritation. There are 10 girls designs. Girls like patching because of the cool and colorful patterns. The regular size is interlaced wrapped. 60 bonus patches per box, individually wrapped, fits children age 4 and up. Noisy neighbours: no. The eye patch can hold up to 8 hours and is easy to remove. ICKERS INCENTIVE OSTER INCLUDED: The box has two sets of sticker posters for usage tracking which is a great incentive for kids to keep patching.

Brand: Meowgool

👤These are a little more expensive than regular patches, but with all the fun designs and color options it makes my 3 year old want to wear them. She has very bad vision and her eye is worse than the other, so the doctor told her to wear a patch for 2 hours a day. They have a sticker and poster to reward your child. They go on very easy, stick great and come off without a problem. You can spend a little more and get these.

👤My daughter has to wear these for a while and I was not sure if she would go along with it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the patches are comfortable for her and that the insentive poster makes her excited for her patch each night.

👤The worst eye patch. The glue doesn't work.

👤My daughter has an allergy to this one.

7. Patches Eyeglass Training Embroidery Patterns

Patches Eyeglass Training Embroidery Patterns

The package contains 4 pieces of right and left eye patches for glasses, and 10 pieces of outer space theme design embroidered patches, enough to meet kid's various needs. The iron on patches are easy to use, they fit your glasses well, and all of them have glue on the back for easy iron-on transfers. The eye training patch is made of reliable material, comfortable and soft, and won't scratch your glasses. The size of the patch is approx. Children can do their own blindfold, parents don't have to worry about the kids refusing to wear eye patches. These cute patches and eye patches can be a wonderful gift for kids, students, girls and boys on birthdays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and other important days to show your love and care.

Brand: Syhood

👤It's easy to use and it fits over glasses. My daughter is comfortable.

👤Goes on glasses without a hitch. The fabric is very soft. It's perfect.

👤It is my son's favorite color. if more boy pattern will be perfect

👤It keeps the patch off my son's eyes. Light can get in from around the edges. Good product.

👤I was going to give my grandson some eye patches. There is a The bag was empty. There was a slit on the side.

8. Astropic Children Amblyopia Strabismus Icecream

Astropic Children Amblyopia Strabismus Icecream

Patching treatment block all of the vision of the eye by covering either eye. The Over-Glasses Design is non-adhesive and Breathable. The Velvet Material is soft against the kid's skin. No waste, eco-friendly. More colors and patterns are available.

Brand: Astropic

👤We were told that we needed to patch my son's eye for a couple of hours a day for the next four months. After using a sample stick on the patches our doctor gave us, I knew that it was not going to be an option for the next four months. These little life saver came into play. I wanted my son to find something that he would tolerate without going to war every night to get the patch on, so I bought about four different brands. This one is his favorite. He calls it the softie patch. It is made from a thick soft material and can be slid over the glasses very easily. It works well with my son's glasses and I feel like it gives good coverage. If you are looking for a soft patch for your child's glasses, I would recommend you to me.

👤The patches were so bad on my daughter's skin that we had to stop using them. We tried other patches but they were rough on my daughter's nose. These are soft and wonderful. They're easy to clean. They are easy to put on and off. She can't peak around the edges, but I was afraid she would. It works perfectly. These are the best ones we've tried.

👤My picky 7-year old has a lot of vision issues. She refused the patch for a long time, but when I let her pick out a style from Amazon, she liked this one. The soft version is her go-to version, as opposed to a couple others she tried. If you allow your child to pick the style, they will be more likely to comply. If kids help make a food, they are more willing to try it. The size is easy for a child to slide on by themselves, and it is also very forgiving for larger glasses.

👤My daughter loves patches. She said these are her favorite patches. They are thick and soft and slide over her glasses. Will purchase more. It's great that these can be used for both eyes, making it a lot easier to purchase.

👤I have been using sticky patches on my daughter for over a year. When pulled off, they hurt and she's done with them. This product is in place. It is soft and does what we need it to. I wish I had bought this a year ago. Thanks for making products for kids with eye conditions.

👤It's amazing! These are the best eye patches ever. Love them. My daughter has been using eye patches since she was 4 months old. She is happy with the patches now that she is 7. She doesn't have to worry about damaging her skin. Everything is awesome. I didn't expect that good of a quality.

👤I showed my 4 year old the eye patch and she was very upset about it. They are easy to put on. It looks like it's easy to get them on. All eye patches are equal. These were easy to put on.

9. Nexcare Opticlude Orthoptic Patches 20 Count

Nexcare Opticlude Orthoptic Patches 20 Count

Breathable backing for all day comfort. Packaging may be different. It was made for comfort.

Brand: Nexcare

👤These are the best of the best, and harder to find these days. I was told 30 years ago that I would need to use an eye patch every night for the rest of my life to decrease the damage to my eyes. The need for constant patching has decreased because I have been very blessed. These are my go-to patches when I patch. The smaller size of the junior patches allows me to angle them in a way that keeps my lid closed, which is helpful. It was like stumbling upon a treasure trove when you found them in bulk on Amazon.

👤I ordered the eye patches based on the reviews, brand name and value of your product, hoping that my search for the perfect patch would end with your product. My 2 year old needs to wear a patch. I have been using these patches on him for a week and have decided that they won't work for him. They are too small and don't cover his eye well, even after washing his skin. I need to use up to 4 patches in order to cover his eye for the whole 4 hours, which decreases the value for the cost.

👤The other brand I was using was larger and more sticky. The other brand came with pretty prints. I didn't care what her eye patch looked like. I thought I'd save money and get the plain patches. They don't seem to hold up well after a few times she has kept them on.

👤I was not happy with these, the glue got stuck on my daughter's face and she cried every time we had to take it off. She is so much happier after we switched to using a patch that goes onto the glasses.

👤I have used junior size eye patches in the past and they worked well for my son. There is a larger eye patch on a child in the reviews. If it is not for a baby, don't buy it. These are the smallest eye patches. I can't use them for my son. I understand that they cannot be returned. The price is low for the amount and they may work for kids from infant until age 3 but, past that age, I can't see how it's possible.

👤Most people said that the patches did not stick very well. I sometimes have a hard time getting them off my daughter. She is only 1 years old and so she doesn't rip them off as easily. I will buy this brand many times.

👤I am trying to patch my 13 month old son's good eye for a couple hours a day because he won't keep his glasses on and he has a congenital cataracts that blocks his vision. For about 30 seconds, these stay on.

👤They are not very good. It was very thin and not sticky. My 19 month old is too young to rip them off. I would have returned them, but this item cannot be returned. The price is good but not worth it. The ortopad brand is better.

10. Astropic Glasses Medical Children Unicorn

Astropic Glasses Medical Children Unicorn

The design is upgraded to a 3D design with better patching treatment, no light leaking, and no peeking at all. Pure Cotton fabric with 100% Mulberry Silk Lining is soft against kids delicate skin. The Super lightweight Over-glasses Design does not pull on the glasses at all. Reusable: great holding up, no waste, eco-friendly. Clean storage, no misplacement, comes with one carrying case.

Brand: Astropic

👤This patch covers the entire eyebrow. It prevents kids from looking over the open area on top. The light weight of the patch causes it to hit the nose, but it still covers the entire eye area. The glasses can be raised with the anti-slip holders. The patches cover the entire eye area.

👤I would have saved a fortune if I had purchased these years ago. It would have saved me money and prevented arguments. My daughter is less reluctant to wear it. I wish I had known that you could flip it and wear it on the other eye. Oh well. I highly recommend.

👤My daughter wears her glasses. She loves wearing it because it's soft on the inside and doesn't bug her. The design is very cute.

👤My daughter has had to wear a patch for 2 years and these are the best I have found. They cover the eye completely. It's easy to get on and off her glasses.

👤I can promise you the results you want with patching. These will help you and keep your child from fighting.

👤She uses it as a decorative over her patched eye because it doesn't block all the light. Quality needs to be used with patches.

👤The patch is very soft. When my 4 year old wears it for 2 hours a day, he doesn't complain about it.

👤It has never been so easy to patch. If your child has a nose piece on their glasses, you should have a slit for it. There is no skin irritation.

👤Es ideal para lentes.

11. Opthopatch Kids Eye Patches Hypoallergenic

Opthopatch Kids Eye Patches Hypoallergenic

It's convenient, curbless and fun. The cotton used in OpthoPatch eye patches allows the skin to breathe. Girls' designs are fun to wear. The size is 83 x 57 x 2.24 in. Cool designs for boys are also available. Doctor recommended for eye treatment. The OpthoPatch eye patches are designed by a family of eye doctors who are dedicated in treating eye conditions in children such as amblyopia, lazy eye, and cross-eye. The light is kept out by the protection layer on each patch. Reducing irritation to your kid's skin is possible with LaTex and Tuma free, hydrogen-based products. Kids with sensitive skin are safe with OpthoPatch eye patches. Each eye patch can last for up to 8 hours, giving your kid a full day to enjoy without having to constantly switch patches. Reward posters are given a bonus. Each box has colorful posters that show the patches that are worn to earn prizes. After each use, your kid can put their patch on the poster.

Brand: Opthopatch

👤These eye patches are very nice. They are a great fit for my 5 year old. It stays in place and is gentle enough for all day use. I recommend this product and the company as well. The company contacted me after my order was canceled to make sure my order was delivered without charge. A company that will always have my business.

👤My daughter likes the designs. The larger size helps us avoid her eyebrow and they're not sticky so we don't pull our hairs. The design is great. The product description of all of these patches should be more clear to tell you what age range is best for the size. I accidentally bought the infant size.

👤The product was received but noticed that it was sticky so the seller and seller quickly sent a replacement but it expired in a few days. The seller sort out the issue very quickly.

👤It's easy for her to take off since they're for sensitive skin. The more mature your child is, the less they will pull on them. The wrapped is super cute. Love the designs. There are sections for the designs.

👤Thank you, it worked for my toddler.

👤The designs are cute, but it seems that certain patterns don't stick as well to the skin as others.

👤They are a bigger size and I love the pattern.

👤Adems de la divertida, ami hija, tiene pegarlos en el pster. El parche se despegue.

👤Me gustan los diseos y tiene sea ms resistente, sin embargo.

👤Donde estoy recomendado en el optometrista. Lleg a rpido.

👤No le dura ni una hora, pero compré por el diseo. No sirve, I am preocupa la terapia. No compres.

👤El producto est solo, pero con un parche pegado. Les encargaria, prestarn ms atencin, tienes una empacan.


What is the best product for eye patches for kids with lazy eye?

Eye patches for kids with lazy eye products from Astropic. In this article about eye patches for kids with lazy eye you can see why people choose the product. Vandorla and Satinior are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye patches for kids with lazy eye.

What are the best brands for eye patches for kids with lazy eye?

Astropic, Vandorla and Satinior are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye patches for kids with lazy eye. Find the detail in this article. Idealplast, Meowgool and Meowgool are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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