Best Eye Patches for Puffy Eyes Sensitive Skin

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1. Cala CALA Eye Pads

Cala CALA Eye Pads

Relax, refresh and replenish! It was designed to soothe tired eyes. Relieves tension, headaches, stress, and exhaustion. It is microwaveable and freezable. It's easy to use at home spa like treatment.

Brand: Cala

👤They were a waste of money, they didn't stay put on my client's face, they kept sliding off, and eventually I had to take them off.

👤I like these. I've had a few pairs. They're the perfect size for me to hold them up on my eye in the morning. They are not very thick. If you were looking for something that would keep you warm for over 5 minutes, these are not going to do the job. Since I can't handle that long with ice on them, they do the trick.

👤The edges of the plastic were sharp, which made me and my friend dislike them. We were not a fan.

👤What a waste of money. These things don't get very cold. They don't get cold until they leave the freezer for about 5 minutes, so it's pointless and a waste of money.

👤It's perfect for when you need something cool on your face.

👤I wake up with puffy eyes and use them daily. I had hoped that they would lower the puffiness. Noelle.

👤I used these to make my grand daughters think they are getting an iPad. These are the ones that open first. I can't wait to see their faces.

👤It's hard to keep your eyes open.

2. Patches Treatments Treatment Collagen Personal

Patches Treatments Treatment Collagen Personal

Anti-aging and Wrinkle - Collagen eye masks help to keep your skin hydrated and Wrinkle-free. Fine lines and crow's feet should be reduced. The under eye mask has a unique formula to reduce dark circles. Natural ingredients under eye patches include: Q10 coenzyme,plant-extracted, collagen, vitamins C, 24K Gold, rose oil and hyaluronic acid. It stimulates and regenerates skin cells and makes your skin more elastic and firm. The anti- slippery formula of the Collagen eye pads makes them easy to use.

Brand: Adofect

👤I didn't expect much, but these are awesome. It burns slightly if you get them too close to your eyes. I wish I had a picture, but my under eye circles have gotten dark. I don't have makeup on and feel more confident. My husband, daughter, and mother-in-law all had great results. I'll try to remember to update one I've used a lot.

👤It works. I put it on before I go to sleep. If it is to be used frequently, it works better. Maybe the gold helps with absorption. Let me know if anyone has information on scientific studies. There are questions about the health effects of using a typical ingredients list.

👤I've suffered from hereditary bags and dark circles all my life, but these take care of them. I tried every product on the market under the sun and these are the only ones that keep my eyes looking young. My dark circles are almost completely gone.

👤I took a chance on these to get rid of my dark circles around my eyes. And it works! I'm 40 years old. I look better now that I'm well rested. I was skeptical at first, but now they are part of my evening routine. You have to use them consistently. Use all of them every night. At the end, you will see that they worked. I'm on this pack for the second time. It works well for the eyes. I like that after a while you can see that they have absorbed your skin. The smell of them is amazing. I'm going to use them all the time. Try out the Retinol cream, it has helped my face and eyes a lot.

👤I used it religiously for 30 days and it didn't work.

👤This product was useless to me. My eyebags got worse after using this product.

👤I am 59 years old. I originally ordered these for fun. They work! I put them next to my bed every morning for a year or more. I feel soothed by them and look forward to the relief. I know my skin has absorbed the product when they get dry in 15-20 minutes. The packaging is messy when you remove it. I have gotten used to it. The price is good for what you get. I recommend these to anyone who has puffy eyes.

👤My dark circles have improved.

3. R V Hyaluronic Treatment Anti Aging

R V Hyaluronic Treatment Anti Aging

Are you sleep deprived? Is this a Hungover? Exhausted? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? The mask from R.A.V. is natural and potent. They help reduce the appearance of dark circles. The skin can absorb the eye treatment patches in a matter of minutes, making you appear awake even when you don't sleep. Soothing and refreshing eye patches help the delicate eye area look younger, brighter, and rejuvenated. Green tea extract has an anti-aging effect. Silk Tree Extract is a mixture of various vitamins and minerals to nourish, soothe and calm the skin. Swelling and hydration can be achieved by the use of Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, and Collagen. The under eye bags treatment is safe and easy to absorb. There are no unpleasant side effects. They are vegan and not tested on animals. Enjoy your skin and the compliment you will receive when you buy now. After it is cold, use it in the refrigerator to achieve the ultimate effect. If you want to make your eyes look better, put an eye mask under your eyes every morning for 15 minutes. Before sleep, use their eye masks to treat the dry out and tired skin around your eyes, relieve you of that exhausted look and restore brightness, while revitalizing the eye area and reversing the signs of stress and fatigue. 100% satisfaction customer service provided. If you have any questions about their patches, please contact them and they will try to solve them. They pay attention to the shopping experience of their customers.

Brand: R.a.v

👤I kept this product in the fridge because it was easy to apply and it felt good. I only left my eye for a little over 10 minutes after seeing my before and after pics. It had only a so so smell, not exactly chemical smelling but not just kinda meh, but that doesn't make or break it. If you have sensitive skin, be careful, I used a medication on the other side of my face that stung a little, but it wouldn't sting on my other eye.

👤The seller offered to pay me to remove my review, so I reduced it to one star. They are hard to manage and made no difference in my eye. Those that got good results from these were the ones who werevious. Not everyone's skin is the same.

👤My wife loves this product, she says it helps her in the winter when it's cold and dry. It gives a boost to the amount of water in the air. I have tried it a few times. Don't tell anyone.

👤When I found this product, I was looking for soothing eye patches. I decided to try it because I was impressed with most of the comments. I liked the cooling and moist texture of it. I noticed a bright and smooth appearance around my eyes after removing it. I was happy. I decided to try it on my mom who is very sensitive to product ingredients. She didn't get any redness or irritation. She liked the hydration it gave her, but she was still tired. I think this is a good anti-aging product but don't expect miracles. You would need to do a serious cleanse.

👤You get 30 pairs and a lot of extra serum in the jar. I always use an extra serum for the rest of my face. I keep these in my fridge for maximum cooling. My under eye area is always puffy because of my allergies. I have a dark under eye area due to my ancestry which is really obvious when I am tired. I was pleasantly surprised by the change these made for me. I put on my makeup in the morning after I have cleansed and toned.

👤There was a jar leaking in the package. There are no directions. Not made in America.

👤I wanted to try these out as I prepare for my wedding. These are great. I usually put them on while wearing a mask around my face. There is a lot of liquid in the container so they would slip on my face. After putting them on to helo, I began to pat them with a cloth to keep them from sliding around. I use them at least twice a week. I can see that my eyes are refreshed.

👤They are decent, but not great for the price. I never used the colourpops again unless they were out of stock. These ate on your cheeks, not under your eyes. When you put them back in place, they slide back down. There isn't very thick and it's super thin. For this price, get the ones from colourpop, they are way better quality and performance.

4. Activated Charcoal Under HydroGel BLAQ

Activated Charcoal Under HydroGel BLAQ

The eyes are sore from rejuvenation. Too many late nights can cause damage. It is easy to use charcoal under eye patches to restore your eyes to their best state. There is a reduce dark clefts and phlegm. The skin under and around the eye area needs to be refreshed to reduce puffy areas and lighten dark circles. Dark circles under eye treatment for women and men are really unequalled. The individually wrapped mask has activated charcoal in it that draws toxins from the skin while absorbing excess oil to keep facial skin spot-free. Wrinkles and fine lines can be reduced with the use of hydrating hydration gel. BLAQ is a luxury beauty product that helps solve your first world skincare problems one luxury beauty product at a time.

Brand: Blaq

👤I have used the product before and I really liked it. I could smell the mold on what I received from Amazon. It's gross. I don't know if they're in a hot warehouse or not, but maybe not buy them on Amazon.

👤I like to try new skin care products. When you find it, you never let it go. You won't notice much of a change when you take them off. You will look 20 years younger when you wake up the next morning. There will be no dark circles, puffy eyes, or reduced fine lines. I'm telling you that they are magic. Highly recommended!

👤The package cane with so much MOLD, the smell peaked through the package, it is disgusting and disappointing, will be retuning the Blaq eye masks.

👤I would have liked to read the reviews about mold. I've used these masks in the past and loved them. I have an allergy to mold and had a reaction to opening the box. There have been many reviews saying there is mold in this package and yet nothing is done.

👤I love using this eye mask. The product looks great and feels great. I received a box that had mold. It is so upsetting. I am afraid to use the masks now. It smells weird when you open the box.

👤I usually highly recommend this product. The most recent order was trash. The inside of the Blaq box was covered in mold. You could smell it. I love the product but will never order it again from Amazon.

👤These are revolutionary hormones. I think it's great value for the money and I recommend it. The gold ones are not as effective. This brand is great for sensitive skin. I love it!

👤The masks were ordered based on good reviews. I was disappointed when I received a box that was full of mold. Definitely coming back.

5. Brighten Moisturizing Collagen Treatment Anti Aging

Brighten Moisturizing Collagen Treatment Anti Aging

The ingredients of the eye patches are: Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin,Vitamin C, and green plant extracts. Puffy eyes? The repair gold molecule under the eye mask promotes blood circulation. It is fully stick up. It will stay on your face even if you look down. The eye gel pads are ideal for makeup artists, skincare professors, home moms,office workers and other people who use the eyes. If their under eye mask doesn't work, or package damaged, customer satisfaction is a top priority. They will provide you with the best solution if you contact them.

Brand: Onoeye

👤These things are great. I am a huge fan of both Sephora and Ulta. I try new things with my bags. These are really cool and help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. I think the best way to use them is to take two out and let them sit on the lid for a bit and then dry them out so that they stick in the same place. If you put them on right away after removing the container they tend to slide down. I have been using Skyn Iceland patches under my eyes for a while, but this made me switch. It is more affordable. It works just as well. The product has a customer for life.

👤Okay. I was skeptical. I have been having problems with darkness and puffy eyes for the past few months. I have noticed that this brand had different types of eye patches. I bought the Black Pearl and my mom ordered the gold and green tea. We wanted to see what the best result would be. They were nice and safe and came in a padded envelope. The directions were easy to understand and perfect English. I had a beauty routine for this Saturday. I use an Ultrasonic Silicone cleaner to wash my face. I used a facial treatment. It felt good and I think it was a combination of two things. I got a lot of facial and hand products. There are different facial masques that have different actions. The "One Eye" Eye Treatment Mask was in a black box. I opened the box and found a jar. I opened it up and there were some patches that looked like gel-like patches. I put one under each eye. The sensation was very pleasant and they were instantly cool. They did not fall off. It was relaxing. The directions said that the patches should be left on for 20 minutes and that the liquid from them should be rubbed into your skin. The skin under my eyes was soft and supple. It made a difference in my skin. I woke up the next morning with a lot of under eye redness and a lot of puffy eyes. I am very pleased with these. They are great for the price. I paid $90USD for patches that I threw out because they were dry. I can't recommend a patch more than this one. We can compare notes and see which one is the best by borrowing my mom's patches. Try these patches and you will be happy.

👤The purple line is not there before I used this product. I was excited to try these and help with a slight darkness under my eyes but had a different experience. Maybe I had an allergic reaction to this product and it's made with cheap toxic stuff that shouldn't be used on sensitive skin. Who knows?

👤I like how the eye patches make my under eye area feel. They feel cool as soon as you put them on. These patches do not cause skin irritation. The patches are very thin. Would buy again.

6. Patches BAGGAGE Brightens Circles Hyaluronic

Patches BAGGAGE Brightens Circles Hyaluronic

The best of beauty winner! The gold under eye patches leave the eye area more hydrated and soothed than before application, according to a consumer study. Dark circles are not as noticeable. Their gold eye patches are great for puffy eyes. The anti-aging eye pads have worked. Under eye protection that is safe to use! The Wander Beauty Baggage Claim is sold at national retailers. The eye masks are tested to make sure they are safe. Dry under eyes with gold foil side facing up. Leave on for a while and discard after use. Rub the remaining serum into the skin. Adding your favorite eye cream will seal in the hydration and anti-aging benefits. Optimal results can be achieved by using 2 to 3 times a week. 90.6% of consumers said the under eye mask made their skin plump. There are under eye patches for puffy eyes and under eye masks for tired eyes. The enriched eye pads help to cool and relax tired eyes. A gold eye mask plumps skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkling. You can rely on it. 96.9% of consumers said that the under eye mask resulted in more plump skin and less puffy under eye bags. Say goodbye to tired eyes, fine lines, dark circles under eye, and loss of firmness! You've been looking for a gold undereye mask. The beauty is clean. Their eye mask is free of harmful chemicals. Their gold anti-aging eye patches, also known as eye gels or eye masks, will plump, hydration, and soothe your skin while reducing fine lines, wrinkling, and dark circles. The clean beauty under eye pads are what you've been looking for. The gold hyaluronic acid eye gel patches are ideal for aging.

Brand: Wander Beauty

👤I have tried different patches. I read a lot of reviews on Amazon because I trust them less and less. These are recommended by many beauty editor lists. I have noticed my dark circles are less pronounced, but I am using a new lotion that stays put, so I can do more than just sit. They reduce the appearance of puffy eyes too. They work for the day when I use them on puffy mornings. The price is high for me, but they are less expensive than Shisheido's, which are also high on every list. Also doing a facial massage. These are better than most I have tried. Recommended!

👤The first time I used them, the bigger bag's eye tightened up while the other one was not. The first time I used them, nothing. I did a lot of research and it is one of the top rated sites, however I am not sure why. I had something in time for my wedding because I wish I'd bought the James ones.

👤These are amazing under the eyes. I can feel them working. After using my eyes are soft and supple. It's a nice beauty product to use. They are easy to use. I thought these were going to be like eye patches that fall down if you don't lie down. These are easy to use and do not fall off. It was very easy and relaxing. I get a facial at the spa and these feel better. They are perfect for a spa at home. I could see a difference under my eyes. I would recommend this product to others. These really work and make a big difference. There is no strong smell. I put them under my eyes at night. I cleanse my skin. I use these under my eyes before putting on makeup. I use these around my lips to keep them moist. There is a lot of liquid to use under my eyes. I put them around my lips after rewetting them. They feel like they're on your face. They don't get wet under my eyes. These are the best I've found. Put them in the fridge first and they will feel better when you put them under your eyes. All of the girls in our family received them as a Christmas gift. They love them. My daughter likes them. A great product. They are also certified to jump bunny. The package is made in the UK.

👤I am happy I ordered the five pack. The gold color is fun and the eye patches are easy to use. While I had them on, I was able to move around my apartment. They made my eyes perk up and soothed me. I think keeping them in the fridge would add to their refreshing nature. They are easy to remove from their packaging and come with a lot of extra serum.

👤Wow! These work well. I don't feel like I see results from masks. I have had dark inner corners of my eyes my whole life. I put these on last night after having drinks with a friend, but I didn't notice until I looked in the mirror this morning. I couldn't believe the results. My eye area is not as puffy. The combination of this and bare minerals powder concentrate in well rested has completely changed my face. I encourage you to just try them, if any of what I said sounds like you. The bare minerals are used.

7. Under Eye Patches Collagen Hyaluronic

Under Eye Patches Collagen Hyaluronic

The Ruzzut 24k gold eye recovery mask has everything you need to keep your eye skin healthy. It's time to say goodbye to tired eyes, fine lines, dark circles, under-eye puffiness and loss of firmness! COLLAGEN is an anti-aging skin treatment that helps the skin to stay healthy. Eye gel pads are made with powerful ingredients that will restore elasticity to your skin and reduce puffy eyes, crows feet, fine lines and dark circles under your eyes. The skin around your eyes is hydrated by Hyaluronic acid. Is very effective at defending sensitive skin from environmental aggressors. The key to maintaining a youthful appearance is the use of Hyaluronic Acid. The dark circles and tired under eye area are lightened by the use of the HydrogelCollagen eye mask. There is a mask that is used for eye problems. The Ruzzut gold eye mask is suitable for all skin types, from the first application it increase hydration, eye depuffer, and make a smooth surface of under eye area.

Brand: Ruzzut

👤I've only been using them for 3 days, but I can't say enough good things about them. The stress made me look older and tired, so you can see that in the first picture. The 2nd picture is after 3 days and I've started to get some nice comments that I don't look tired anymore. Definitely will be a repeat buyer.

👤My under eyes have not been getting enough food. I have seen a huge difference in hydration, plumpness, and overall under eye appearance. I lost 85 lbs and my face is smaller and my under eyes are sunken. The patches have helped with that. Will be rearranging.

👤These eye pads are black. They are different because they have more stretch. They help eliminate dark circles under my eyes. They can't be left on for more than 20 minutes before they start to get small. They do the job. I would buy this product again for the value.

👤I am looking for an alternative to having my eyes looked at. The wrinkling is temporary. These didn't reduce the redness under my eyes. I think the skin gets to an age where it needs to be stronger. I have used them for 2 nights in a row and I will continue to do so. I don't want to waste them.

👤These patches under the eyes are lovely. It was nice to put on after a long week. I have very sensitive skin and these have never caused me any problems. It's nice that they're individually packaged.

👤I like the pads. They are offered in my facials and kits. My clients like them. They are good for your eye area.

👤My go-to! They should be put in the fridge. They work well and don't fall off, so I can wear them as I do things around the house.

👤It is easy to put on and leave until they dry out.

8. Eyelash Extension Natural Hydrogel Extensions

Eyelash Extension Natural Hydrogel Extensions

100% natural plant extract eye pads are free of irritation to eyes. The eyelash extension patch can be used to avoid lashes sticking to the gel pads. Save time preparing the eye. Flex-Form technology is used to create a custom fit for all eye shapes and sizes. The eye patches are used during eyelash extensions. The skin under the eye is not as bright as it could be during the eyelash extension treatment. The gel pad on the bottom lashes is a great help for eyelash extension.

Brand: Ocim

👤The worst product ever. I have been doing eyelash extensions for a long time and have tried many eyepatches. I gave it a try. It is waste money to buy this. It is not worth attaching all the gel stuff on the flim.

👤It's hard for the patches to adhere to the under eye if the client has oily skin. If your client has oily skin, apply translucent powered/ setting powder/ baby powder to their skin and it will suck up the water and allow the pad stick to be a little better.

👤I wanted to buy these for my lashes. I had a lot of trouble with these. The first client they worked for, everyone wouldn't stay down. They lose all the stick. These are the worst. I had to send a client home because they were my only pads.

👤Thin and sticky, just like I like them. Hold the bottom lash in place while applying lashes will buy again.

👤The first box I ordered was great and I thought these were my new favorites. Several packets were sealed with nothing inside, the gel was sticking to the paper and not the pad, leaving them completely worthless. I thought maybe it was a mistake, but here is the third box and the gel is still sticking. I will have to return them again. I will not be ordering any more.

👤I do eyelash extensions that fit under most of my clients eyes, but they don't stay in place once they get wet. They got four stars because they are a little thin.

👤It's perfect for what I need. I use these to do eyelash extensions. They fit under the eye nicely and help keep the bottoms lashes down while hydrating the under eye area. If you poke the client with the tweezers, the thickness protects their eye. Definitely worth the affordable price and will purchase again.

👤These are great! It's great to use for under eye treatments. Restoring tired eyes.

👤I am solo, la caja del producto no vena sellada. No bolsa de la paquetera.

9. Skyn ICELAND Hydro Firming Count

Skyn ICELAND Hydro Firming Count

Cooling: under-eye gel patches to help firm, tone and de-puff delicate under-eye skin within 10 minutes. The delicate skin under your eyes takes a beating when you're stressed out. There are doses of soothing ingredients. Ginkgo biloba improves blood flow and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. Future damage can be prevented with advanced antioxidants. For you to know. There are no harsh chemicals. 100% vegetarian. Both the Dermatologist and the Ophthalmologist were tested. It's safe for sensitive skin. It is easy to apply and remove Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. It helps firm, de-puff and reduce the premature wrinkling that accompanies a high-adrenaline lifestyle. The patch is easy to apply and remove and is non-irritating. Protects against future damage. Cools, soothe and de-puff under eye area. Tone and firmness can be restored. You can use once a week or whenever you need a quick fix.

Brand: Skyn Iceland

👤I've been using these patches for a long time. I use them for about 10 minutes a week. The skin under my eyes appears tighter and cooler after using them. These are great for reducing puffy eyes during allergy season.

👤I started using this product a year or so ago when my kid's hair and makeup artist used them on him before every shoot. They are effective at refreshing the lower lid. It's complicated and expensive to use them on the upper lid, but it's possible if you need it. I found the price and fast delivery an added bonus. It is a great value for my money.

👤I absolutely adore these! I have tired eyes no matter how much sleep I get. I put on a pair of shoes in the morning so I can start my day. It's very gentle on my skin.

👤I have used this many times, ordering from Amazon and getting it at Ulta. My last $58 order found at least one patch in every package. They were brown and smelled bad. I opened all of them, but not one had any usable products. Will not use it again. I found the same problem with the ones I bought at the store. The product is not the store.

👤After it was suggested to put my eyes in the refrigerator, product did nothing for my eyes. Do not recommend.

👤Disappointing. There is very little hydration in these. I felt like my fine lines were more pronounced after using these.

👤Does absolutely nothing except leave a mess.

👤I put them under my eyes to help with puffy eyes. They are very light. I keep them in the refrigerator for cooler weather in the morning.

10. Collagen ANTI AGING Hyaluronic Moisturizing Elasticity

Collagen ANTI AGING Hyaluronic Moisturizing Elasticity

The 24K gold energiZing facial self eye recovery tanner mask provides everything you need to keep your eye skin healthy. It's time to say goodbye to tired eyes, fine lines, dark circles, under-eye puffiness and loss of firmness! HYALURONIC ACID provides hydration to the skin around your eyes. Is very effective at defending sensitive skin from environmental aggressors. The key to maintaining a youthful appearance is the use of Hyaluronic Acid. COLLAGEN is an anti-aging skin treatment that helps the skin to stay healthy. Eye gel pads are made with powerful ingredients that will restore elasticity to your skin and reduce puffy eyes, crows feet, fine lines and dark circles under your eyes. Clean your eyes with warm water. Get close to the skin around the eyes by removing the eye mask. Take off after 15-20 minutes. Remove the eye mask and massage the skin around the eyes. Quality control is important. They try to get the best product on the market.

Brand: Cedlize

👤Where are the actual reviews? I don't think this stuff is true. The buyer should beware. I want my money back.

👤It turned out to be a waste of my money and I was really hopeful. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤These were set up very quickly. It's like a toy when you click them together. The lights wash the walls because the base is flush with the corner. A lot of light is provided by the space saving design, without using a inch of my desk or shelf space. The best way to use remote is through the app. There are so many features in the app. It is wicked! These can be connected to my voice assistant. I can tell them with my voice while I'm playing games. It is easy to use high tech lighting. It is a great purchase.

👤I hidratan la piel, pero estos parches, pero estos parches, pero estos parches, pero estos parches, pero estos parches, Para volver adquirirlos, esto ver cambios.

👤They are good. I keep them refrigerated because it is dry where I live.

👤They have helped with puffy eyes.

👤It is very easy to apply and love the results. I will make a new order.

11. Collagen Wrinkle Circles Treatment All Natural

Collagen Wrinkle Circles Treatment All Natural

The main effect is to relieve under-eye bags, diminish the dull skin around eyes, improve the dry and delicate wrinkling, and keep the skin around eyes elastic and smooth. Natural extracts, including the Tahiti black pearl essence, can penetrate the skin. Contain 60 sheet can be used 30 times. It can be done twice a week in the morning and evening.

Brand: Mashele

👤I bought these patches from the same seller I liked leggings from and thought to give it a try. It looks cool. I heard about those patches from my kids. I used it 3 times and it was quick. I finally understand why this is shouting. It may take 20 minutes after having them on. My puffy morning eyes look like I should go for dinner. I loved it! Right now, I am using them like crazy. They look very cool. I was nice on my face while I was doing house activities. I think they are very affordable and if they work, I will be hooked...

👤I used these this morning after getting them last night. I wake with puffy eyes so this would be an ideal time to see if this works. It doesn't. See my pictures. This doesn't help with hydration. My kid thinks I look funny when I have this on. You should put ice cubes under your eyes.

👤I have been experimenting with Korean skin care products. The products made with snail excretions seem to be very soft. You get real value for what you spend with this one.

👤I have used this product many times. I wake up with under eye bags. The product works well to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. I see a big difference after 20 minutes. This product is recommended by me.

👤The product is very rich in consistency and easy to apply. It smells weird when opened. You don't feel like it applies. Staid all night. I have smooth skin and it doesn't bother me.

👤I ordered some products for a spa day when I was over 40. I was glad they came today because I needed it. The eye patches come with a scoop so you don't have to touch the other patches or put your dirty hands in the pot. After I took them off and applied my make up, my eyes felt refreshed, and my make up went on smoothly. I gave it five stars because I have sensitive skin and these did not bother me at all.

👤The eye mask has not made a difference to me. The dark circles are still there. It's hard to use. The eye mask wouldn't fit on my eyes. I had to cut off the end piece so it wouldn't poke me in the eye. It would keep sliding off of my eyes. I would have to move it a lot. Cheap product.

👤It's an alright product, but I don't see any improvement in dark circles after 15 minutes.


What is the best product for eye patches for puffy eyes sensitive skin?

Eye patches for puffy eyes sensitive skin products from Cala. In this article about eye patches for puffy eyes sensitive skin you can see why people choose the product. Adofect and R.a.v are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye patches for puffy eyes sensitive skin.

What are the best brands for eye patches for puffy eyes sensitive skin?

Cala, Adofect and R.a.v are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye patches for puffy eyes sensitive skin. Find the detail in this article. Blaq, Onoeye and Wander Beauty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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