Best Eye Primer for Oily Lids

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Use the vegan eye primer under eyeshadow and eyeliner for a more vibrant, saturated color and no-smudge, no-crease, longwearing eye looks. The lightweight formula is creamy with a soft blurring effect and can be worn on its own for a lightweight, flawless natural look. All Eyes On Eye Makeup includes NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, and setting sprays. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I have oily eyes. This stuff makes my eyeshadow stick stick like glue and it doesn't crease or wear after 12 hours. It is easy to remove eye makeup with regular eye makeup remover. I have worked with all brands of eyeshadow.

👤After using primer, I realized it was a game-changing change. It lasted so long because there was no wrinkling or smudges.

👤I thought that this eye primer would hide discoloration because it comes in different shades. I was going to use it for minimal makeup days. It does nothing for my dark eyes. It makes the colors look richer. I use it with Supershock Shadows. I find this primer can make them hard to blend, and it can look a little cracked and leathery when I use it with shadows. I don't think it's a good idea to have a lot of stickiness for matts. Something isn't right if it's making it hard to blend. My eyes are not dry. I have a good regimen for skin care.

👤I have tried many eye shadow products. This one is my favorite because it makes my eyeshadow last and not crease. I have very sparse brows and I have a small pencil in my eyebrow that I use all the time.

👤I was unsure if this would work because I bought the same color as my skin tone. I thought I needed to buy white. It works well. If you use a lot of product it can make the eyelid feel heavy. It should be done by one full swipe. It makes my eyeshadows pop. I will buy more when this runs out. I might try to see how it looks in white. Will post pics soon!

👤The color is lighter than pictures. I looked ashy when it was applied to my eye area. This product is not boring. I had to wash the hand and eye test area.

👤This stuff works well. My eyeshadow stayed on all day and night because it was brighter. I didn't have to touch it again. I will never use eyeshadow again.

👤hay producto y super liquido. Se ve horrible.

👤J'ai pris la teinte beige. I had an encore plus jaune. Teint jaunisse assuré. C'est. J'ai un déception envers Nyx.

👤J'ai utilisé, le produit, le m'a brlé le paupires. Ma paupire is a pendant. N'achte pas.

👤I am a fan of the Make-Up Marke NYX. The liner primer is being tested! The Produkt ist immer gut und sauber verpackt. Ich ist das Produkt, das ist das Augen Make-Up ist! I am viel in dem Finger schminke, and I am kleine Menge in meinem Augenlid. Danach is irreversibly Ihren Make-Up sa den ganzen. Ein Verschmieren was perfekt. Ich mag! The Konsistenz ist ergiebig und "bebbt", so beispielsweise bei der Primern aber die anders. NYX ist beispielsweise an etwas teurere Marke, dafr aber die meisten. vegan und tierversuchs! Fr ist das groes Plus, wen das Produkt ist.

2. Maybelline Studio Master Primer Smooth

Maybelline Studio Master Primer Smooth

The skin refining face primer is suitable for sensitive skin and does not cause any problems with the environment. Redness and Blur is a water-based primer that helps smooth application without a greasy feel, visually blurring imperfections and smoothing fine lines for flawless, even-toned skin. They have full coverage foundation in liquid, stick, and cushion formulas, as well as a range of other products. Make eye looks with eyeshadows, brow pencils and eyeliners, and perfect your lips with lipsticks and lip balms. The number one makeup brand in the world is Maybelline, and it is Diverse, on the pulse, inspired by the city and tested on its streets.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤I've never used primer before but I wanted to try it out because I've dealt with large, deep pores my whole life and since I'm putting my face out to the public to advertise books, I wanted a more professional makeup look. I read reviews and thought I'd try this one since the ratings were high, since I didn't want to spend a lot of money on expensive brands. This made my skin look bigger after I applied my foundation. I have dry skin and it didn't like the product. I'll probably have to invest in the more expensive brands because I have expensive skin.

👤I don't like it, but I don't hate it. I like my too faced primer better than my urban decay primer. There is no scent in this product. I think the urban decay optical illusion primer and too faced primer are better for my skin. May I just be me? This product has become a favorite of mine. It makes my skin feel soft. I agree with what people say about this being a good enough dupe for that one, even though I still like the too faced primer better.

👤Very light. It's good for oily skin. I love it!

👤This primer is perfect. I've tried NYX, Smashbox, Bare Minerals, and others, but this one actually smooths my large pores. The finish is beautiful. I will buy this again and again.

👤My daughter likes this. Her skin is a combination of normal, oily t zone and breakouts. I agree that this seems to work well on her face giving. A flawless look.

👤TheLOCKING FOUNDATION The product works like double-sided tape. It makes it easier to attach your foundation to your skin. You have to apply in small amounts at a time because the primer gets absorbed quickly. It does help in achieving a more smooth appearance of the skin, but it doesn't hide medium to large pores well. It works at the surface level of the skin. The major power of this primer is its ability to lock-in foundation.

👤I don't mind the fine lines under my eyes, but they weren't very noticeable until I switched foundations. The new foundation highlights the fine lines in a bad way. Everyone kept asking me if I was tired. I thought a primer might help. I did a search for 'best primer for women in their 40's' and this one by Maybelline came up in every result. I was surprised that it appeared in searches alongside high-end brands. How could a primer costing less than $10 be so popular? I tried it today and it was amazing. It made my face feel silky smooth. It made a difference in everything I put on my face. I use yellow concealer for my dark circles, and it applied beautifully with no streaks or'skipping'. I use green concealer for the redness in my cheeks because it glides right over my skin and blends perfectly. The new foundation is the final test. After applying the Primer, I only recommend washing or wiping your hands. I had a hard time opening my makeup because my hands were slippery.

3. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Waterproof Eyeliner


The waterproof eyeliner from NYX Professional is perfect for long- lasting cat eye looks. Precise tip: The tip is easy to use. For a defined finish, every stroke is unbelievably fluid. Pressing down just a touch will control the thickness of your lines. The look is always up to you. All eyes on eye makeup. Their NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products include eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, concealers, setting sprays, and eyebrow products. It is free of contraceptives. They don't think animals belong in a lab. All of their makeup is certified and acknowledged by the animal rights group. They don't test their products on animals. Discover New York professional makeup. Try all of their professional makeup and beauty products today.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I have heavy lids that have deflated, and now sit on my lashes. Any eyeliner will transfer because of this? I'll have a copy of the perfect line if I sweat or cry. There is a I was trying them all, but I didn't have any luck. I bought this one. I was about to give it the ultimate test when this one came. My husband passed away after fighting cancer for 4 years. I still love him even though he was my everything. I wore this to the funeral and everyday since he died. I've shed buckets of tears because it's in the 90's and 100% humidity here in Ohio, and I've sweated rivers as well. Not a single transfer, smudge or fade away! I hope you don't have to worry about your liner. If you cry happy tears or sweat, you can count on this one more than any other one I've tried.

👤I don't usually write reviews, but I had to rave about this eyeliner because it's amazing. I used to use the tattoo liner from Von D, but this is my new favorite. The quality is even better and it's $10 cheaper. I would want my eyeliner to be perfect. It's waterproof, very black, easy to use, and has a thin tip so you can get wings as sharp as a sword. I don't need to do any maintenance with this because I use makeup remover and concealer to clean up my lines. My cat's eyes are looking great. I wanted to say that their packaging might have been faulty because I had no problem with my eyeliner, even though a lot of reviewers were complaining about how it bled everywhere. I have never used eyeliners that bleed less than mine.

👤It works like a charm. I will not give her my money to spread anti-science rhetoric about vaccines. If not better, this NYX is less than half the price. Good job NYX. The cap would catch part of the brush when I put it on. It was hard to apply the eyeliner because of the brush hairs sticking out in different directions. It is most likely my fault to put the cap on. It sucks.

👤This stuff is amazing. I've been using the kat von d tatoo liner, but since she's canceled, I've been looking for a sub that's more affordable, and this one was perfect. It's very bright! I have a deep complexion and it doesn't smudge. It makes a clean cat eye. happy with it

👤Most of the reviews were positive. I should have paid more attention to the negatives. I received this yesterday and have only used it once, but have been wiping smudges off my face all day. I don't know what the product the positive reviewers were using was, but they said it was waterproof and smudge-proof. The best eye-liner ever! I'm looking for a product that I can recommend. This one was very disappointing.

👤I have eyeliner on all the time. I have very oily eyes and most eyeliners fail to stay put. I need a very waterproof and smudgeproof formula to look good most of the day before my oils ruin it. My eyeliners are opaque black with a brush tip. As opaque and fluid felt tip eyeliners are hard to control around my hooded eyes, they sometimes end up being dried out even though I have only used them a couple times. I've compared NYX eyeliner to some of my favorite brands, such as Maybelline's Hyper Easy, MACQUEEN's waterproof, Heroine Make Smooth Liquid, Eyeko Black Magic, and KVD's Tattoo Liner. I illustrated the 4 tests that I put each of these against. The only formula I've ever found to dry down and be resistant was the new eyeliner from Maybelline. My favorite Asian eyeliners are waterproof and inexpensive. Eyeko is a brand that lasts well. I've allowed that to slide because EM Cosmetics did not claim to be waterproof. I'm not surprised that the formula didn't last because I've never liked it. NYX's formula isn't horrible and would work well for most people, but it can't last through my eyes. I love how fluid the formula is and how opaque it is. It's easy to do graphic liners. It's great for creating quick and easy wings since it's so pigmented. I am going to use a primer or powder because I am enjoying it. If you don't have crazy oily eyes and would like a dark and even application with a brush tip eyeliner, I would highly recommend this eyeliner. I'm sure one could make it work with some preparation.

4. Milani Eyeshadow Primer Fluid Ounce

Milani Eyeshadow Primer Fluid Ounce

Adding their lightweight, crease-proof Eyeshadow Primer to your beauty arsenal will help you intensify the color of your eyeshadow and increase its wear from day to night. Their eyeshadow primer makes their eye shadows pop with color. Works on all skin tones. It goes on nude and dries without being noticed; you will know it is working by the smooth look of your eyeshadow. VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE BEAUTY. The perfect base for your flawless style is the Eyeshadow Primer. Formula is not tested on animals. Before applying eye makeup, wipe a small amount across the eyelid. Pick your favorite eyeliner and eyeshadow shades to create a look that lasts all day. They were born in East LA and have always been connected to the rich diversity of the neighborhood. They are not inspired by couture or top models. Their passion is real people. Everyone has beauty. They're here to make you look your best no matter who you are or where you come from. There was no judgement. No exceptions.

Brand: Milani

👤1. The primer is tan/beige. I am a dark skinned black woman and it doesn't blend right into my skin. If I put too much primer on, it dries my eyes. 2. I apply the primer with my fingers and let it dry before putting on my eyeshadow. 3. How it works. Awesome. Eyeshadow colors are more vibrant and help stay on throughout the day. It is a mainstay of my makeup routine.

👤One of my eyes produces more oil than the other and this primer keeps liner and shadow on all day. I use E.L.F. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder or Mary Kay Translucent Setting Powder to apply my eye makeup. The shadow goes on and holds the color. I did not wash my makeup off until the next day after I went to the ER. My makeup was still holding. My brow powder stays put. I will buy this primer again. It's great for older eyes. I wanted something that wouldn't crease. I didn't want to have bottom eyeliner move. This fits the bill. I watched the review on the internet. The price is better than other primers.

👤I'm not good with makeup. I only use makeup if I'm feeling bad. I still use the fake makeup set that they give kids, but I don't know how to blend it. I was going to throw it away because I couldn't handle it. My sister is a makeup artist. She told me that I only had to put it on before I put my eyeshadow on. It's awesome. I slept in my eyeshadow for 12 hours and woke up without a crease. I'm really impressed. This worked well for me even though I don't know how to do makeup.

👤I am a makeup artist and a drag queen. My looks consist of bright colors on my eyes and long-time wear. I like this product more than the urban decay eyeshadow primer. 1. The product can be squeezed onto a makeup brush. The use of the applicator causes streaks. 2. Less product has full coverage. 3. Better price. It allows for a seamless look, it grabs the eyeshadow true to color all day, and it works with my brushes. Medium quality eyeshadows look great if your eyeshadows aren't the best. I've never tried it on low quality eyeshadow. It works better if you unset it with powder. If you prefer to use powder to set your eyes, you may want to consider UD. I find that an unset eye makes for a better look. The product is good and the price is good. The drag queen was approved.

👤I will tell you what primer can do for you. It's seriously. The first picture is taken after I apply primer and makeup. The eyeshadow I used was $5 and it was lovely. Check out Brights. It's better than you would think for the price. The second photo is 8 hours after the first photo, and the third is 13 hours after the first photo. I didn't notice it until I took the picture, and it's not even noticeable until I touch my nose to a mirror. I'm going to sleep with it on so I can see what I wake up with. Don't do anything fancy when applying. Just put a small amount on your finger and cover your whole eyelid. It should be dry for a second. You shouldn't be able to see it.

5. Wet Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

Wet Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

It dries to a clear finish and keeps eyeshadow in place. It makes eyes look brighter with eyeshadow color.

Brand: Wet N Wild

👤I'm not a fan of eye primer but I fell in love with the ads that said you have to have it. The product has a good feel. I like the color and smooth it on, but after applying my eye shadow in several shades, it cracks and shows my wrinkled face. I have mature eyes and one has a thousand. I couldn't use this product on that eye because it makes them look bigger. My eyes don't help. I would caution the mature to think twice about buying this primer, it might work for young eyes, but it might not. I won't be buying it again, but it has a good feature for the young eye's skin. I can't recommend this product.

👤Ladies! Purchase this if you have trouble with your shadow staying on. I used it all. I tried very expensive shadows. This works! I put on a bit of makeup before I go to sleep, but it stays on for the entire day. This is the best, no creases, I have oily skin and lids.

👤I have oily eyelids that make it difficult to prime for eyeshadows and eyeliners without them creaseing 1-2 hours later. I spent a lot of money on other options that left me upset. I was skeptical of Wet & Wild at first, but the positive reviews made me try it, and I'm really glad I did. This worked better than the others I tried. I have not seen a mark on my eyelid since I applied my eyeliner and eyeshadow more than two hours ago. That has never happened before. Thank you!

👤I never write reviews, but this product earned 5 stars from me. After a few hours, I have oily eyelid and Urban Decay primer Potion. I wore this to an outdoor graduation in Georgia and my eyeshadow didn't budge. I applied my eyeshadow the same way I did when I got home. I will never use another primer because this stuff works miracles.

👤I've tried a number of brands. Some don't give enough protection from smudges. The color of eye makeup is dull. Some people let all the makeup go before they finish work. You're supposed to put an annoying applicator on your eye, then plunge back into the container and it's all contaminated. Yuck! Wet & Wild is the best cheap starter makeup I have ever seen. It's easy to squeeze a tube and use a small amount of eyeliner and shadow. Go figure.

👤I have oily eyes. I bought this product because of all the reviews, but it's not for me. I could see the product in the eyelid after applying it for an hour. I had to remove my eyelid because it was so dry after a couple of hours.

👤Even though it is much cheaper, this works just as well as the Urban Decay eye primer. If you do your eye makeup right away, it will stay for a long time and show the eyeshadows' true colors. The whole tube will last a long time if you just need a little bit of a spray each time.

6. Mary Kay 016960 Eye Primer

Mary Kay 016960 Eye Primer

Eye color can be prevented from being creased or smudged. It is suitable for sensitive eye area.

Brand: Mary Kay

👤I am a professional makeup artist and this is my favorite primer. I prefer Mary Kay's eye primer over my favorite brands like Urban Decay and 2-Faced. It is tacky but not tacky that you can't blend your shadows. This primer is great for all types of eye shadows. It's a must have in any make up kit. It is half the price of many other brands.

👤I don't know how old it is, but it doesn't seem to keep my eyeshadow like my drugstore brand ones. I look for the best between the drug store and high end ones.

👤The product has been changed by the seller. There were 5 star reviews for Mary Kay Eye Primer. This product is all natural. Squeaky! If you're looking for Mary Kay Eye Primer, this was my review and you can buy it elsewhere. I've never used anything better than eye primer. It holds onto the color for a while. I've been guilty of wearing eye makeup for more than one day, but you'd never know it.

👤It had not been used in a while. This product was great! Don't plan to stop using this time. Highly recommended.

👤I was a Mary Kay Skin care specialist and I was disappointed with the performance and job capabilities. The formula doesn't work well with many other products and it moves flaky at times. There arewrinkles shown through clearly.

👤I loved this product. My shadow lasted all day even when I went to a water park. I believe it gets into my contact lens and creates a film. I won't buy again because of that. This is the best if you don't wear contacts.

👤Mary Kay changes ingredients that don't work for me anymore, and my last one was either expired or expired. It made my eyes red and itchy. I had teary eyes for several days before I realized what had changed. I usually apply this with my finger, but after that, it would get red and really uncomfortable, like eczema. I've been using it for a long time and thought I couldn't apply makeup without it, but now I use a different brand.

👤This works well, but I prefer other primers.

👤Mary recomendada, antes de poner maquillaje.

7. Thank Primer Paraben Free Cruelty Primer

Thank Primer Paraben Free Cruelty Primer

Prepare your eyes: This sets the stage for your eyes to be put on for a smooth application. Get flawless eye makeup. Their primer will help you put in your eye shadow. It helps make your eyeshadow look bolder and more vibrant. It helps your eye makeup last all day long. Their eye primer has skin benefits, such as lightening your skin tone, concealing it, and balancing it. This eye primer protects against wrinkling. The weight form is light. They formulate an eyeshadow base that is light, long-wearing, and non-greasy, so you won't need to touch it up often. Leaping Bunny approved, the PREMIUM EYELID PRIMER is made with high-quality ingredients such as pearl powder.

Brand: Elizabeth Mott

👤I'll try to be nice. This primer didn't work for me. I live in the south and have oily skin. Yes. My foundation broke down within a few minutes, and this did not keep it in place.

👤I work from home all day long and I have to run an errand, clean a house, and work at the same time. I had to apply my makeup every three hours. I got an anti aging primer and a Thank Me Later primer. I put it on and it was creamy, yet not oily, and dried quickly as I smoothed it out. It felt great. I put my Smashbox neutrals eye shadow over it and let it go all day. I cleaned house, did my videos, and ran an errand, but I also realized I'd been rubbing my eyes. I didn't change my makeup at all. I noticed during the video review that even if I swiped my finger over the shadow, it wouldn't come off my finger. It stayed on for several more hours until I wiped it off before I went to sleep. I'm 48 years old and my eyes are worn. I was pleased with the fact that I didn't see any pooling up in lines. I'll post a before and after picture with the video. The morning is the top one and the night is the bottom one. I loved it! I'm going to replace my original face primer with a new one from another brand.

👤I won't be thanking you later. I wanted to like it so much. I don't want to pay big bucks for my brand. At least that works! Thank Me Later primer didn't do anything for my makeup in Houston It goes on feeling oily, and soon there was a sheen on my makeup. In the heat, it just slides on away and takes my makeup with it. It was quicker than using no primer. BUMMER. It's back to expensive but effective primer.

👤I use this primer for my eye makeup. It is a life changing thing. I work with jobs and most of the time I need something to keep my eyeliner in tact so I don't look like a bandit by the end of my shift. It made my makeup look like I just put it on when I sweat the most. I only used it on my eyes. I was amazed. I used it as a primer for my eyebrows the next day, and it did the same for me. I'm in love with the product. Hopefully my picture will show it.

👤I attended a wedding that I felt was appropriate for me to wear a little make up, even though I didn't know anything about it. My problem was that my eyes are hooded and eyeshadow ends up along my hidden crease, creating a huge mess. I was told by my sister that I only need a good eye primer to hold the make up in place. I hesitated buying this because it's quite expensive, I don't want to invest in expensive brands because I'm not really into make up. I don't know how to blend but the fact that the drugstore eyeshadow stayed on for 8 hours with very slight fading is definitely 5 stars.

8. SAAT INSIGHT Primer Crease Free Eyeshadow

SAAT INSIGHT Primer Crease Free Eyeshadow

Saat Insight Ultra Fix-On Eye Primer is made with ingredients that help to create a perfect base for applying eye makeup. The eyeshadow base makes your eyeshadow look better. The eye primer is neutl-tone. The neutral tone is created by the waterproof eye shadow base. This eye shadow primer evens out the skin tone on your eyelid to help you achieve a flawless and smooth look for your eyes. Waterproof and long-lasting are things. Saat Insight eye makeup base has a full coverage look. The formula is lightweight and waterproof, and it keeps eye shadow bright and crease-free all day, even on oily lids. Younger looking eyes can be created. The smudge-proof eyeshadow base will help you fight signs of aging. This eye primer for oily lids helps plump, firm, and hydrate under-eye skin to improve elasticity and smoothen the look of wrinkling for younger-looking skin. Saat Insight can help you create a look of a lifetime without clumps and rough texture. The shadow base comes with a wand that can be used for a precise, controlled application. If you want to apply eyeshadow on top of the eye primer, you need a smooth base.

Brand: Saat

👤It works well to keep eye shadow in place. It has run into my eye. I have to be careful with the application.

👤This is in a nice box. It's made in Korea. The box is not in English. The front of the product has the name and brand on it and it is made in Korea. This is in a tube. The doe foot is revealed by the top twists off. It is a nude color. I like my eye primer to be opaque because I have redness and veins on my lids. It was a light nude color and it looked like it would. I didn't see that it said it was clear when it got it. It goes on clear with a hint of nude color, and then dries down. It feels tacky when I apply it to my lids, but then it feels smooth and almost like it isn't there once it dries down. If you like transparent eyeshadow primer, you will like this. It works well. It leaves a smooth base for your eyeshadow and it helps it last all day. I didn't think it helped make the colors more vibrant, but I think that's because I have red and veins. It might make the colors pop if you don't have that issue. I think you will be happy with this, if you are looking for a transparent eyeshadow primer that helps eyeshadow last all day.

👤The Crease Free Eye Primer is an excellent primer that helps keep your eye makeup in place. The primer did not bother me and went on without a hitch. It took little time to dry to a soft look, and eye makeup could be applied without getting smudged. I had an event that lasted through until midnight after I put on my eye makeup and primer. I was pleased to see that my eye shadow and liner did not smudge or budge when I checked my makeup after I returned home. The only issue I had with the primer was that the skin around my eyes looked very dry after I removed it. I have combination dry skin on my face, and I have found that primers tend to suck all the oil out of my face. I have dry skin and still get the crease on my eyes. If you have similar skin, you will want to invest in a good eye cream to combat the issue of dry skin after using this primer. It's an excellent eye primer that does a great job of keeping eye makeup in place without making it look bad.

👤I've used this primer for a while. It remains the #1 in my book. The shadows blend well and the colors stay true all day. It does a better job than the cult primer at a drug store. I have had no reaction. I'll revisit this first impression review if there are problems. This primer has a faint chemical smell, but I like it. It is easy to apply with a medium sized doe foot applicator. The texture is very creamy and blends well. Its light beige color is fast drying. It doesn't give full coverage so it doesn't completely hide veins. It has a smoothing effect once dry. My skin is now normal to dry but my eyes still crease in the warm weather. The primer's powdery texture has kept the creasing at bay. I've tried many brands of primer from cult favorites to drug store brands and this one is the one I like the most. I have not had an adverse reaction to this primer but I did notice a faint chemical odor. I recommended for now.

9. L F Cosmetics Concealer Light Brown

L F Cosmetics Concealer Light Brown

The coverage is 16HR. The e.l.f. is a book. 16 hours. The 16-hour wear camo concealer conceals, corrects, and highlights for flawless skin. The shade is fair with yellow. Matching by bottle image is recommended because 16hr camo shades run lighter. Quick-drying and ultra phlegmatic: these are the things. The 16HR Camo Concealer has a thick formula that dries quickly and won't settle into fine lines. It's ideal for all skin types. There is a disabled DOE foot advocate. This liquid concealer has a large doe foot applicator that applies the creamy formula evenly and precisely for maximum coverage, and allows you to sculpt, highlight and make up. Control shine is helped by this. ContainingAvocado Oil and Kaolin Clay will help control excess oil and shine. All ingredients are skin-loving. All of the products are made from skin-loving ingredients, and at good-for-you prices. All e.l.f. products are vegan.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤I bought the E.L.F. concealer on Amazon because I love it. I picked the color I thought would be closest to my skin tone and what I would normally buy in-store when I bought this one online. This was not a true match, but I never expected it to be that way. I am pale. I burn when I don't see the sun. I've been told that I glow in the dark. I mean see-through when I say my skin is fair. I bought "fair warm" because it matches the description of most of my makeup, and the product photo looked like it would be close to my skin tone. This is a white person. I don't mean white like me, I mean white, like putting on white face paint for Halloween. If I blended it, I thought it would be softer. Wrong again. If I wanted to put Kilz on my face, that's what I would buy. There is no covering this up with a dark foundation. I am returning it. I wouldn't buy it online if I were you. You can buy it in-store.

👤I ordered the warm fair color and received it today. The bottle color doesn't match the color on the packaging or the swatch shown. The bottle was white. I mean white. I didn't like the consistency and it's super thick. I mixed it with my foundation to make it work. It's a no go. I have begun the return process.

👤I ordered this one because a friend recommended it. My expectations were not high because it was one of the less expensive. It was the best. It can be applied with a beauty blender or even your finger. I have found that the makeup I wore in my youth sometimes doesn't work with fine wrinkling, but this one is moist and doesn't accentuate it. There are many colors and it blends easily. I have two colors for under eye brightening and one for covering blemish. Highly recommended.

👤I am excited to try it out. Alex Anele, my favorite makeup artist on the internet, had great things to say about this concealer. I can relate to her dark circles.

👤The warm is terrible. More like Pasty White. Unless you have porcelain skin, I don't recommend this color. The swatching is too difficult to pick from. They change from vendor to vendor. It's hard to match online. I will not purchase again until I get matched. Good price. I might order again when I know my color. This is a review of the product, not the vendor, because the product shipped fast and I was able to get a refund.

👤I love e.l.f. products, but this one isn't for me. The color is lighter than advertised, even after it sets. It is very wet. I wouldn't recommend it for large areas or under the eyes, because it might work as a small blemish concealer. If it gets too close to the eyes, it burns and shows and emphasizes every line. This product makes me look older than I am. This is a single e.l.f. I won't be buying it again.

10. Maybelline Instant Eraser Primer Clear

Maybelline Instant Eraser Primer Clear

Pore Minimizer Face Primer is a makeup primer that helps create a smooth canvas over which to apply foundation, and leaves the skin looking matt. If you're looking to minimize pores, this primer is for you, it's a low maintenance look that's smooth, matt and hydrated all day. They have full coverage foundation in liquid, stick, and cushion formulas, as well as a range of other products. Make eye looks with eyeshadows, brow pencils and eyeliners, and perfect your lips with lipsticks and lip balms. The number one makeup brand, they make no hassle, high performance makeup for every look, style and skin tone, so whatever the world throws at you, you'll look and feel ready.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤This stuff is amazing. I have always been bothered by my huuuuge pores. I have tried a lot of expensive primers from Makeup Forever but they don't hold up under my makeup, it seems like they don't make much of a difference. I use the Baby Skin primer after I wash my face. I apply a thin coat to my skin and let it dry for a few minutes, then apply a second coat just on the surface of my t-zone. I applied my makeup as usual. The difference lasts all day. My skin is almost invisible. I was never able to achieve that with other primers and caking. It helps with shine, though I still have to touch up/blot a few times throughout the day.

👤If you like smashbox clear primer, you will love this. It is not as long wearing as smashbox when it comes to keeping my face clean because my nose and cheeks still get oily, but for this price, I am not mad at it. Make sure you clean your face before you sleep because it will cause problems.

👤I have big giant pores that I don't like. I don't wear makeup. I'm using this product, so maybe I do now. I want something to make my face look smaller. I'm trying to look good. I found this product on a blog after I searched a bunch of different products. If someone asks me about it, I can say my sister or Mom uses it and accidentally left it, and they won't think twice. More guys are self conscious. I didn't know what to expect when I used it. If you apply makeup on top of it, that's probably even better.

👤I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin. They are always with me no matter what I do. Baking soda is a good cleanser, but this is a great cover up. I didn't think it worked at first because I applied it before my makeup and didn't see anything. When I applied makeup to my face, I noticed that my pores were completely covered. It's like an invisible fill that is mostly or only noticeable when you apply your make up. This doesn't work if you want to be natural for the day and have less noticeable pores. When applying makeup, it works. Pictures did not do it justice. I'm telling you that it's a great buy. The stuff in stores is $7 bucks. So purchase it here.

👤I spread it all over and then pat it into my larger pores to set it. I spray it with my spray gun. It works for my oily skin after that. There is a white shirt with a black shirt.

👤No matter what kind of face cleaner I use, they don't work, they blast for 2 seconds, and I look in the mirror again and again. I used a liquid foundation to see if I would like it, because I use a bronzer powder instead of liquids, and it worked out. Oh my gosh, it worked! It worked well. I gave it 4 stars because I love this stuff and I think the size is a little bit too small, but I think it's a sample size and you would pay for that. The size is throwing me off. I will be back to buy more and this will always be in my make up bag. I like it. I'm glad I filed something that works and is reasonable. Thanks for finally making a product that works. I'm a buyer for the rest of my life.

11. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion Primer

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion Primer

The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is an award-winning nude eyelid primer for vibrant, creaseless color and eyeshadow looks that last all day. This can't-live-without beauty essential is the perfect eye makeup base to prevent eyeshadow and eyeliner from fading. Eye-popping looks - Eyeshadow Primer Potion makes it easier to apply eyeshadow and make it look better. The creamy, nude eye primer helps prep for the perfect bold or natural look on all skin tones, skin types, and eye shapes. Both are free of harmful substances. Primer is applied before eye makeup for long- lasting, crease-free eyeshadow. The flocked wand can be used to apply the potion directly from the tube.

Brand: Urban Decay

👤The product is not proof of tampering. The lipstick smudged the tube inside when I opened it. The product is reintroduced into it's original state by the wand. Someone tried to improve the product by adding a wand. The original tube should be brought back.

👤Have used this shadow base for a long time. The best coverage on your lids is the one in the yellow. A little goes a long way. Great deal!

👤I can't see anymore. I don't buy makeup more than a lipstick, mascara and eyebrow pencil. I'm cheap with spending. I rarely used eyeshadow. This single made me buy more eyeshadow experiments and make me buy more pallets. I brush eyeshadow every time I apply it to make sure it stays out. It was fading the color even after many layers were applied. The cheap shadow has a vibrant concentration of color and barely smudges. I've been missing out on this all my life. I get to save money from shadows so that I can save money on boba teas.

👤So. I thought a primer was supposed to keep mascara from falling out. I have big mascara on my brow bone and plain eyeshadow. What is the point of this?

👤This primer has some positives and negatives for me. I have been a fan of the Urban Decay primer for a long time and decided to give it a try. The first picture is taken after application of makeup. I have combination oily skin and facial inflammation, which can be a challenge to makeup on the day. On an average day, the second picture is nine hours later, without any major weather or physical activity. It was an average day with average wear. The primer is easy to blend and smooth, and the yellow tint corrects for thin eyelid skin/veins. It is tinted and will cake if you are not careful. After nine hours, the shadow is still creased. This is not a good thing for me. I have to say that my liner was well behaved with this primer and shadow and that it was not smudged. There is that. My 13yo couldn't tell a difference. Let me explain. I threw this primer away as she was experimenting with liquid eyeliner. My 13yo was perfect to start with because this primer did nothing noteworthy. A teenager with nothing to complain about is a win in my book, but also very suspicious. I had to agree with my teen after giving this primer a shake down. There is no difference. I was looking for life changing results and it was a little cumbersome to apply. I am a huge fan of the original formula and have mixed feelings about this one.

👤There were some online reviews of this. Either mine is very dry or not. I like Milanis primer, but this is not. It may not be the real thing.

👤Since I have oily skin, I stayed with Urban Decay products for their sheerness and thickness.

👤I've tried a lot of primers and this one is the best. It helps shadow stick and covers redness. I have deep-set eyes so I don't have a problem with creasing, but I have an issue with makeup sliding off. This keeps it in place. It provides a base that washes off quickly.


What is the best product for eye primer for oily lids?

Eye primer for oily lids products from Nyx Professional Makeup. In this article about eye primer for oily lids you can see why people choose the product. Maybelline New York and Nyx Professional Makeup are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye primer for oily lids.

What are the best brands for eye primer for oily lids?

Nyx Professional Makeup, Maybelline New York and Nyx Professional Makeup are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye primer for oily lids. Find the detail in this article. Milani, Wet N Wild and Mary Kay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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