Best Eye Protection for Dogs

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1. Lewondr Sunglasses Protection Adjustable Waterproof

Lewondr Sunglasses Protection Adjustable Waterproof

The frames are made of AC resin, they are lightweight, comfortable, and fit for small dogs. Give the best eye protection against the elements. The elastic strap can be adjusted to fit the dog's size, and the chin strap design makes it easy to fall off. The head and chin are made of elastic. The dog glasses can be used for daily wear, photo shot, parties, weddings and holidays, dress up your dog to make it more eye-catching, chic and charming. The Sponge Pad inside is made of high density sponge and it will not make the dog feel uncomfortable for long-term wear. Applicable head and low jaw circumferences are 20-32 cm. The weight is 1.27oz. It's suitable for puppies, Yorkshire Terrier, poodle, dachshund, Miniature Schnauzer, chihuahua, Pug, Pomeranian, Boston Terrier, Maltese, Teddy, Bichon Frise, Shorthair, etc. Before ordering dog sunglasses, please measure the dog's head and jaw.

Brand: Lewondr

👤He would have some eye protection when we rode my motorcycle. Even at speeds of over 75mph, they stay on him. They keep the wind out of his eyes and keep the road dust out of his eyes.

👤I bought these for my sight impaired dog. When we took him out on sunny days, he flinched a lot. He would stay on the grass, not wanting to move. I bought these and they have been great. There is a lot of flexibility for a smaller or larger dog. He seems to enjoy looking around now that he is no longer flinching. I would have liked to have found them a long time ago.

👤After adjusting the sunglasses as small as I possibly could, they were still too big for my average chihuahua. They are advertised specifically for Chi's. They are cute but worthless if they don't fit. I returned them.

👤I returned it because it was too big for my dog. It was impossible that it could have stayed on her. She looked pretty Hollywood in it. I would have kept it if it fit her better. It would have been great if we were out by the pool on hot days. My dog is around 7 or so pounds, so it would be a good size for their smallest dog.

👤These were the perfect size for my Yorkie and I spent a long time looking for them.

👤The product shown is not accurate. I bought this product because it shows their glasses on a dog. The glasses are wide for small breed dogs. The company doesn't want to make their product specifically for a breed, but the glasses are too wide for small breeds.

👤We got this because our dog kept complaining that there were too many bugs hitting his eye. We decided to make the big jump and get these goggles, they won't stop wearing them! He wears goggles everywhere he goes, from the pool to the vet. Our dog has goggles on, no matter where we go. What a miracle! The funny part is he is blind.

👤These are very cute. He had them off when I first put them on my dog. He let them stay for 2 minutes when I tried again. I think these will protect his eyes if we go somewhere. I believe they will last for a long time because they have great straps.

👤My dog did not like the goggles. She likes to have her head out the window. She wouldn't do it if she wore these. The item is light and easy to adjust. I wouldn't get this size for a Yorkshire terrier as they were big on my girl, but they are flexible.

👤The nose bridge is gone in the bin.

👤My dog loves them.

👤I can't tell you how comfortable they are, but they look great on him.

👤Ho aspettato un po, questa recensione per valutare al meglio. La spedizione stata veloce con Amazon Prime. Come sempre Amazon, addirittura arrivato. I venditore davvero affidabile, svolge in modo meticoloso. L'imballaggio is facile, di giusta grandezza, in modo da nascondere il proprio contenuto. Tutti i materiali, in questione, sono ben realizzati. Alla perfezione Tutti i componenti del prodotto. The design is gradevole. Sono davvero soddisfatto di questo acquisto. I colori a quelli. In fase di acquisto, un po' scettico. ma chi, a me piace rischiare, quindi ho effettuato l'acquisto e devo dire. davvero straordinario, il mie esigenze. Imballaggio ottimo da nascondere. All'Interno Ottimo Rapporto Qualit/Prezzo Consiglio Vivamente L'acquisto Di Questo Valido.

2. PETLESO Dog Goggles Protection Sunglasses

PETLESO Dog Goggles Protection Sunglasses

New clear pet goggles daily use or eye protection, transparent lens give dogs a clear vision even at night. The dog goggles will be used when walking, swimming, cycling or driving. Ultrahard lens help to prevent the water, wind, dust and resist shatter; soft frame and lightweight, without wearing pressure. Medium large dogs are more suited for the widen nose bridge design. The pet goggles with fashionable shape would be a good gear to dress up your pets. Goggles frame width is 5.7" The head has a frame with a max of 22.8" and a Chin strap. There was no measurement.

Brand: Petleso

👤They are not a great item, but they are cute on. A set of elastic straps and a rubber stripping are what it is. The rubber strip is easy to remove. I don't score it very well on individual elements but the looks my dogs get wearing these scores highly on the over all. The fit on these works best with dogs with a blockier face shape. Pitties, rotts, etc. My golden retriever doesn't find them nearly as comfortable as they can't be adjusted under her ears, far enough to prevent her from riding up over her eyes. My pittie has a stop and squarer eye ridge which makes it more comfortable to wear.

👤I wasted my money because these look to me like human goggles, after finding they do not fit my dog's nose. I put them on me and they fit me perfectly. The goggles set too high on my dog's face and the nose area is too narrow to fit him, I'm quite disappointed. I bought them because I need to see my dog's eyes when he's wearing them, that's how I know his mood, I didn't know they were tinted. I have a 55 lbs black lab and if you're considering these make sure you measure across the bridge of your dog's nose to see how wide it is at the base near the eyes where the glasses will sit, because my dog has about an inch and a half acrost

👤Bear loves having his head out the window when he wears the goggles. I feel better knowing that his eyes are protected from debris and dust. He had to go to the doctor when he was a pup because of an eye problem. The goggles have straps that fit them. We kept Bear distracted by walking and not stopping because he was wearing something on his head. After a few walks he was used to the goggles and now sits and waits to put them on, knowing we are going for a ride. He looks pretty cool because they make him look that way.

👤These goggles are for first time buyers. Who knows better. They seem to be made for humans and dogs. They don't fit on a dog's head and nose. It looks like the only thing that was done was to put a second strap under the dog's head. Your dog will hate them, they are not comfortable and foggy. Stay away.

👤They look great. Everyone at the dog park wanted to know where I got them. They fit a human well. The goggle attachment are not held captive. The straps are not attached to the google. My dogs can easily get them off by rubbing against someone or the ground. It takes a bit of fiddling to get the straps back in. I spent 30 minutes going between dogs to fix the goggles after the other dog rubbed theirs off.

👤The goggles on the dog are not real. They are not fit as shown or described. The nose piece is too narrow for a human nose. The materials and construction were okay.

3. PEDOMUS Sunglasses Adjustable Anti Fog Dog Black

PEDOMUS Sunglasses Adjustable Anti Fog Dog Black

The lens is made of high quality polycarbonate, which can be used to reduce UV, UV400, and visible light intensity. Protect your pets eyes from the elements. The strap is adjusted. The elastic band and elastic cord on the strap can fit different head shapes, which will allow your pets to wear the sunglasses in a comfortable and firm manner. There is good protection for outdoor activities. If you want to do some outdoor activities with your pets, you should use the dog goggles. The sponge is padded around the lens, high density sponge has a great breathable effect and thermal performance, alleviating eyestrain or the pressure from the shaft, and the dog is not uncomfortable to wear normally. Pet goggles with fashionable shape would be a good gear to dress up your pets. There is a difference in body size. Measure your dog's head size to ensure that their products are suitable for your dog.

Brand: Pedomus

👤Exactly what we needed. Our dog didn't mind wearing them. It was easy tonget on and off.

👤This style works for my dog. I tried the goggle that isolated each eye, but their eye brows hit the lens. The style is more comfortable for them. If they came in pink, it would be better.

👤These doggles are amazing. He can see out of his eyes because he sits well on his face.

👤He will get used to them. I think... He could have 2 pairs if they made a clear leans. I'm assuming where it makes things seem dark is when he rides at night. There is a Love them so far for him!

👤They fit perfectly. It's easy to put them on dogs. Good quality. I like their look on our dog.

👤I got this for my Doberman. We went hiking with it. It works great, it has cushion pads around the eye area.

👤There are zero stars. The rubber seal falls off after 2 uses. I bought these to see if my dog would tolerate wearing anything over his eyes before I spent a lot of money on Rex Specs. The dog was tolerant of them. He's a very chill dog and will wear hats and custumes without complaint. -... It's all over. This is the best you're going to get for $12. The nose is narrow and the shape is wrong. These were not designed for dogs. These are only good for dogs who are going to sit perfectly still and don't rub,bump, orrest its head or face. My dog rested his head on the car door while he looked out the window, and every time they moved or sat up, the edge of the window sat across his eyes. Whether you fit the straps or not, these are not going to stay put. I pulled over a few times so I could put them back in place so he wouldn't get poked in the eye by them. These are not for dogs with long, slim skulls, like a sighthound, as I tried them on my other dog. They're too big. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on goggles for your dog, then this is the best bet. These are better than others that I've looked at. If you want to spend money, skip these and get Rex Specs. I am very picky about the equipment and products I use on my dogs, so these could work just fine for someone less picky, but these just won't cut it for me.

👤It is not very functional for dogs. The bridge for the nose is not very practical. The rubber piece attaching to the glasses won't stay together, so it causes them to slip off or poke my dog in the eye. He appreciated them on the road, but once the plastic and rubber separated, they didn't do much to protect his eyes from the wind. The shape of my dog's head was not appropriate.

4. Medium Large Sunglasses Windproof Snowproof Protection

Medium Large Sunglasses Windproof Snowproof Protection

The dog goggles are made from a soft frame and elastic straps. Ultra violet rays are resistant to the lens. Vapor can be sent to your dogs. Wide goggles can stay in the dog's head and provide a good view, the soft frame won't hurt the fur on the dog's face and eyes, and more comfortable for your dog to put on. If you ride or drive outside with your dog, always stick the head out the car window because these sunglasses can prevent something from hitting the dog's eyes. Dogs are protected from the sun and wind in the summer and snowproof in the winter. The head and chin elastic straps have no tensile measurement. It's perfect for longe snout dogs like German Shepherd, Gree, Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Doberman, and Shepherd dog. The exquisite pack is a great gift for the holiday because it has a hard case for storage so these sunglasses won't get scratched up sitting around.

Brand: Namsan

👤Words can't do it justice. He was an alright dog before the goggles, but this has taken him to the next level, you can see in his eyes when the glasses are off, he even respects himself more. It has taken a couple solid impacts which have scratched the lens but not made my friend flinch, and it also took my best friend to peak doggoism. I bought it to be responsible on the road for his eyes with dust and road debris, without preventing him from having a great experience with that nose. This checks all the boxes. He's legit with these. It can be all of ridiculous/ awesome/pitiful at the same time depending on each observer's perspective. People love it. It's cool to make people happy. We have had his head out the window every day since we bought these, and it keeps his eyes safe. Will buy again.

👤We've tried a few dog goggles and all of them are either flimsy or too expensive for something that will probably get banged up running through bushes. The goggles were a great find. Don't push on the dogs eyes or brows, it's very light. For riding on motorcycles in snowy or rainy weather, the lens are easy to replace.

👤My dog is 120 lbs. She rides on my sidecar with goggles. Even though she is larger than her brother, she still does better on her brother's nose. It is easy to put on and remove. The design appears good, with one strap under chin and one behind ears, it's easy to train her on, and she stays on. Nice case. The chin strap broke while we were riding. The goggles flew into the back of the sidecar, but they are no longer usable. That happened on our ride. When she shakes her head, goggles tend to lift off her nose at high speeds. They can cause her to try to paw at them. It would not have knocked them for that to scratch easily. I was going to give them 5 stars until the unfortunate incident. I wanted to use them and love them, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

👤These fit my dog perfectly. They fit my neighbor German Shepherd just as well. My dog ran around and played in the sprinklers for 20 minutes before she tried to take them off. I think that was because she was all wet. Her snout was slightly larger than the measurement, but it wasn't an issue. I have a medium size cattle dog that is too large for me. If they had a small pair. I would buy them immediately. The red dog in the video is smaller than the ones I bought. It's a good idea for the right size dog.

👤I have been driving from coast to coast with a puppy and her goggles on. People we meet ask where they can get a pair of shoes for their dog. I tell them to look at the online store. Love 2 help. There are a lot of pics taken by people on the road of her wearing them. She likes showing them off. Can you make them more scratch resistant? The dirt from the roads has scratched the lens. The white ones will be ordered next. She is still madly in love with them. Thank you.

5. NVTED Sunglasses Protection Windproof Adjustable

NVTED Sunglasses Protection Windproof Adjustable

Provide 100% UV protection, shatterproof, waterproof, anti-fog, and shield your dog's eyes from wind and debris. The PC lens has high light transmission, strength and toughness. The elastic strap can be adjusted to fit the pet's size, and the chin strap design lets you not worry about falling off. The soft frame reduces the pressure on the dog's eyes and makes him feel comfortable. When walking, swimming, by motorbike or by car, you can dress up your pets in a Fashionable shape.

Brand: Nvted

👤The dog is sticking his head out of the car door. She was worried that he would get something in his eye, but she loves it. No more! She loves it, she got it as a surprise gift. Look at the photo I have attached. She will be styling and profiling out the window all day.

👤My German Shepherd has a condition called Pannus that makes her eyes very sensitive to the sun's UV rays. She did take some time to get used to the product, but so far we love it.

👤$12 is the best I have ever spent. He didn't try to take them off once. They are comfortable on when we are in the Jeep and not driving. Both are equally adorable. His eyes are protected because he loves them. We purchased them and were so happy.

👤Had my dog's head been smaller. It would have been perfect. They are great glasses. They are just. The fit was so bad that he couldn't see anything. Big forehead will do that. I think that's correct.

👤My dog likes these. They fit well and the straps are adjusted to fit. The strap goes under his chin and behind his ears. These make his outdoor adventures more enjoyable. I suggest having a distraction when they are wearing them.

👤The dog sunglasses are made from high quality materials. I have been conditioning my mix so that he gets used to it, as he has to have his head out the truck window no matter what the weather is like. I want his eyes to be protected. They look like they will last a long time.

👤My dog wears these as long as we are moving in the car or the sun is shining in his eyes. I use them to protect his eyes from bugs and sand because he demands to stay out of the window. He was able to shake them off.

👤They fit my dog well. 95 lbs German Shepherd mix. They fit his head perfectly. He wore them very quickly with very little attempts to take them off. I'm assuming he finds them comfortable to wear. I bought a shaded pair for daytime use and a clear pair for night use since he uses them when he rides with me in the convertable. I recommed them.

👤My dog has an eye condition. My dog seems to like these glasses and they fit well.

6. PEDOMUS Sunglasses Adjustable Waterproof Protection

PEDOMUS Sunglasses Adjustable Waterproof Protection

The lens is made of high quality polycarbonate, which can be used to reduce UV, UV400, and visible light intensity. Protect your pets' eyes from the elements. The strap is adjusted. The elastic band and elastic cord on the strap can fit different head shapes, which will allow your pets to wear the sunglasses in a comfortable and firm manner. There is good protection for outdoor activities. If you want to do some outdoor activities with your pets, you should use the dog goggles. The sponge is padded around the lens, high density sponge has a great breathable effect and thermal performance, alleviating eyestrain or the pressure from the shaft, and the dog is not uncomfortable to wear normally. Small or medium dogs are not suitable for large dogs. Measure your pet's size before ordering.

Brand: Pedomus

👤These sunglasses are good for pets. They are too large for small dogs. I have a 10lb Yorkie and the bands don't fit her well. The straps are too thick for small dogs.

👤I could make both straps, but they were both too long, and they wouldn't work on my deer head Chi because they bend in the middle. If she shook her head, they would have moved and rested on her eyes, since she's blind. I would have liked the straps to be narrower for the small dog, but I would have used them anyway, if they held the glasses in place. If you have a small dog, these would work.

👤My boy has trouble with his eyesight. He flinches in the sun and snow. We tried these goggles for him and are very happy with the results. He wears there well and usually tries to take anything off that you put on him. He doesn't try to remove them, they're sturdy and seem comfortable. We have seen a huge improvement when he is out in the sun. Will definitely recommend them.

👤The lens look lighter if you look at most pictures. I already have a pair of Dark that I received when I received these. My dog won't keep them on because they are too dark. They want to protect their eyes not blind them. I believe that it is bothering him that he can't see, because their vision is better than his.

👤My best friend's dog is developing cataracts and her vet told her that it's a natural thing that happens since dogs never wear sunglasses. I have never heard of this before. If it's true, vets should tell everyone when the dog is young that it's important to wear goggles that are resistant to UV rays. I bought this product for her dog and we got him used to it by giving him treats to put on and then making a big fuss about how good she was. She is very comfortable once she got used to them. The product is sturdy and adorable.

👤I gave these to my girl Gert. She loves them. I like that they can be bend to fit smaller faces.

👤When we go on a motorcycle ride, our dog wears these. He doesn't mind putting them on and doesn't want to take them off. They stay on. We had to use a paperclip to shorten the strap around the back of his head because he is still small. I would buy them again. Lots of nice comments from other drivers!

👤I wanted to slow the growth of my Boston Terrier's eye from toxins, so I wore these glasses. The quality material was also durable. The double strap would be nice to keep on his head. After 20 minutes of adjusting the fit, he flipped off his head. I gave up after trying a few more times. Product may be good for other dogs but not smart ones.

👤My dog is a toy poodle. She has a hand that makes the sun rays painful. These shades are perfect for her. We can go out on walks without having to protect her from the sun and view. The elastic ban was large for her head. I had to do some stitching on her head.

7. PETLESO Goggles Sunglasses Golden Retriever

PETLESO Goggles Sunglasses Golden Retriever

Dog Goggles can protect your pet's eyes from harmful UV rays, dust and debris, they are a good partner when walking, cycling or car driving. The specially-made lens shape makes the dog comfortable to wear. Pet goggles are a great way to dress up your pets. The dog goggles with elastic straps can be adjusted easily over the chin and head of your dog. Medium and large breed dogs, like Golden Retrievers, are what it is designed for.

Brand: Petleso

👤The sunglasses look the same as in the photos. My dog is more sensitive to the harmful UV rays because of his blue eyes. I wish the frames came in a medium, but I plan on sewing the elastic to make them smaller. The goggles fit perfectly for his face. He is complemented on constantly. If you start slowly and reward heavily, your dog will eventually associate them with good things. It's a good thing. It took me a day to get him used to them. I took them on and off of him for a few minutes and then rewarded them heavily for every time they touched his face. It will create a bad experience if you force your dog to put them on. Best wishes! It's a good thing. He is about 55 lbs. His head is 19 inches in diameter. The measurement is for where the strap and goggles go. His chin strap measurement is 11 inches.

👤The package I received was open and used. It had dog hair on the straps. There were no instructions in the box that was already opened. I had to re-order the product because it hasn't arrived on time. We have a dog. He's getting cataracts from his diabetes. We are trying to keep his eyes protected. We want to be even more protective of him because he might be a candidate for surgery. He likes to ride in the back of my truck and stick his head out of the window. If I ever get an unused product that I can try, I will update. The product arrived at 7PM. I don't know why it was late. It comes with no instructions, so one has to assume which strap goes where. It seems straightforward but sometimes you don't know. There is a spot on one of the lens that won't clean off, but I am not going to return them. We put them on our dog and he didn't try to push them off. After we got him in the truck, we did it again. I parked where I normally do so that he could jump out on softer and higher ground when we got home. He knocked them off when I stopped the truck. He could take them off. I went into the sporting goods aisle at our local super-center and bought a set of retractable lanyards in the fishing aisle. I put the goggle strap on his collar in case he knocked them off. The person had to go back and get the goggles that had come off.

👤The best goggles I have tried on my German Shepherd, he tolerates them better than any of the others. He pulled off the other glasses but left them alone. If he doesn't he will go blind.

👤I ordered these to fit my boxer. The description said they would fit. They don't. They are too small. I didn't think about that until I got them on him. He couldn't open his eyes because of his large eyes. It is important to keep in mind when shopping that it can be an issue. I kept the ones I bought for him for the pit. They worked well for him. I didn't know how deep they needed to be, so I couldn't gauge that when shopping.

8. OptixCare Lube Plus Hyaluron Horses

OptixCare Lube Plus Hyaluron Horses

The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products. It provides long lasting comfort to dry, itchy and irritated eyes. It supports long lasting protection and hydration.

Brand: Optixcare

👤I have a Pug. He has been on Optimmune for 3.5 years for dry eye. I felt as if he wasn't responding to the Optimmune, his eyeball was dull looking. I decided to try this out after some research because it is a small tube for a high price. His eyes look great! It seems like his vision is better now that they are glossy. I have been using it for over a week. I am happy with the switch. The price is great for the quantity. We are doing 3-4 applications a day.

👤The right eye was removed in August. I need this twice daily, according to my mom. She puts the drop in quickly and easily. My eye feels better. I'm doing well now.

👤I like this product. I have a dog with dry eyes. If you have a senior dog with the same condition, you know how expensive eye lubrication is. A fourth of this size is usually 45 dollars. I love my dog, but I have to spend a lot of money to get an iffy product. I'm very satisfied with the results of this product. I apply twice a day. This product restores the shine and glossy look to his eye, even though I still have to clean it every few days. He doesn't rub his eye as much. I think it works a little better than the vet gave me. The product has lasted for nearly two months and is less than 15 dollars. You don't need to keep it out of the cold. If you love your dog but the vet's stuff isn't working, try this.

👤My dog had the worst case of dry eye I have ever seen, she would get tons of green boogers on her eyes and it was hard to even open them. The vet put her in a hospital. I couldn't keep up with the 48 dollars for each tiny bottle of it. They wanted to put her on 75 dollars worth of medication that would only last a couple weeks. We have tried so many things, until I finally found this and thought it would be good to try, within the first application. I never thought that a bottle of this would be a solution to her struggle, but after a week, her eyes look so glossy and full of life. Thank you so much!

👤I use this product because it was recommended by my vet. The price through Amazon is better than at the vets, and my vet suggested I buy it from Amazon.

👤I like this product for my rabbit. This doesn't have the same look as a petroleum based product. I don't worry about him grooming it if I apply too much. It's been great for Titan because our veterinary opthamologist prescribes it.

👤It was a good product to protect my dog's eye. The tube made me give 4 stars instead of 5. It is squishy and hard to control the amount of gel coming out.

9. QUMY Goggles Protection Waterproof Sunglasses

QUMY Goggles Protection Waterproof Sunglasses

Not for mini pets, but for dogs over 15 lbs. The head elastic band has a minimum of 480mm and a maximum of 410mm. The pet's neck can be worn. UV protection and prevention are important for your pet's eyes. The lens is shatterproof. There is anti-fog available.

Brand: Qumy

👤Our little girl is a big fan of the car. We bought these goggles for her because of her hair blowe. She tried to take them off. I believe they were pulling her hair. She didn't mess with them anymore after I adjusted them. She looked around and acted like she was all that. She is all that. The straps go under her neck and behind her ears. We love them.

👤My dog has limited vision but when we go from the sun to shade or vice versa, she flinches as if she is going to be hit. She tolerates them and they have reduced her reaction to the sun. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I got these because my frenchie loves riding in the car with his head out of the window, but he can't enjoy the scenery, which is why I got these. They must come off when we step out of the car. They look cute and have made car rides more fun for him. These are his glasses.

👤These are great! I have no problem fitting the black ones for my corgi because the straps are flexible. She likes to ride with her head out the window. I was worried about her getting something in her eye. She hangs out the window when she wears these. People that pull up next to us think it's funny. Some have taken her picture. Do not put these on your dog at night or indoors. It's important that you only put them on outside with a lot of light. They will be afraid of them if it freaks them out. When my husband and I took our dog for a ride in our RV, I put them on when she leaned against the window, so he would speed up. We only had to do this a couple of times before she realized she could ride with her eyes open the whole time. She is waiting for me to put them on. Great product. Would buy again.

👤These are great, but my lab dog doesn't like them. Positive reinforcement and people taking pictures of him at stop lights are what keeps them on. I'm happy they protect his eyes. I think I will get some at night or evening. I can't see if his hair is in his eyes since he has a furry face. I think that's why he tries to take them off sometimes.

👤Every time Mr. Bilbo Waggins goes into the pool it can cause him irritation in his eyes. It took some getting used to, but the goggles were a great option to help keep his eyes safe and still allow him to go on his water adventures.

👤These are adorable! They are easy to fit your pups head. They look great when they are on. I am happy that I found that my dog is comfortable with the look and feel of the internet. He tried to take them off when I first put them on, but when I have him on a harness or leash, he just gets used to them. He wore them all the time in the car, but he was calmer in the car. The tint may help with car anxiety.

10. COCOPET Version Sunglasses Protection Waterproof

COCOPET Version Sunglasses Protection Waterproof

The lens is shatterproof. The best way to protect your pet's eyes is with anti-fog. It's super cool for hiking, swimming, and driving motorcycles with a puppy. Prevention and UV400 protection are important for your pet's eyes. Fit for poodle pup, chihuahuahua,mini Aussie and so on. Stay in place and it's super flexible. The elastic on the head is 12 inches.

Brand: Cocopet

👤I was pretty sure that Emmi would rip her doogles since she is not easy going with things around her head. I've tried on the entire outfit since we're going kayaking with both dogs. I read an article about dogs and the sun and the dog recommended sun shades for the dogs since the reflection of the water can be intense. I've looked through all the different styles and shades and thought these were the best fit for my small dogs. I bought yellow for Hugo and pink for queenb. Both accepted the doggles immediately. No attitude, no rubbing, nothing! I was shocked. The opposite is true. They like the shade. I think my dogs feel comfortable with the doogles because they have a wide rubber band to hold the sunglasses. 5 stars from us and a very good choice. The rubber band should be adjusted so that they are not loose. They work for small dogs.

👤Absolutely love these for my daughter. She's 6 feet tall. A dog with long hair. These glasses keep her hair out of her eyes while she is sightseeing. She wasn't sure about them at first, but after a lot of praise, she felt proud of them. The soft foam fit is very comfortable for her small face and eyes, and she hasn't tried to take them off. I will be buying more colors to match her outfits. I encourage other pet parents to do that.

👤They have a foam pad around the perimeter of the glasses so they are comfortable for my little man to wear. He looks good wearing them.

👤I bought these for Chester because I didn't want to sacrifice sticking his head out the car window during his healing time after eye therapy. The goggles don't fit him perfectly, but I think they are a good medium and they still seem good for him to wear. Thanks to Cocopet, an 18 year old pup is able to do his favorite activity again.

👤I like these. My dog needs to wear something over his eyes. The sun hurts his eyes. He doesn't like them yet. He will wear them for a while. I put them on every day for a short time. Longer. He will get used to them. They fit well. He looks like a cool guy.

👤I wasn't sure if these would work for my dog, but I was able to adjust the straps so they fit. She is a mixed breed with a pug. She has big eyes and a short nose. The goggles work well. She tried to get them off, but they helped her to see better and she stopped fighting them. She looks very cute wearing them. They were worth the price.

👤There is an update. The foam began to peel off after 2 months. They wouldn't help and there is no warranty. Don't buy from here, the sellers are not helpful and glasses will fall apart after a month. My 17 year old has a condition that requires surgery. He could not go outside in the daytime because he flinched and jumped back. He's popular with his sunglasses because he goes out all the time. After he tried to bite me, he wagged his tale the first time I put them on. It's pretty simple, but he was a little nervous and annoyed as I figured out how to get them on.

11. Namsan Stylish Sunglasses Waterproof Protection

Namsan Stylish Sunglasses Waterproof Protection

The pet goggles are made of quality PE frame and UV clear lens with bright black coating and are authorized by Namsan, which is dedicated to researching pet supplies. The dog sunglasses are only for small breed dogs. If you would like to try other breed dogs, you need to measure their head size and range of eye base accurately. The inner soft foam mat can make your pet more comfortable. The elastic strap of the head and chin can be adjusted. It's waterproof, dustproof, UV protection, and snowproof at winter snowfield skiing. The head elastic strap has an adjustment of 13 and the Chin elastic strap has an adjustment of 12. There is no measurement of tensile strength.

Brand: Namsan

👤When we go out in the kayak, I have these for my chihuahua. They are too big for her. These goggles, or doggles as we call them, would work for bigger dogs and they do just fine on our other 2 dogs as they both have bigger heads. If you're looking for a smaller dog, I suggest you look at a different pair as this one had a lot of excess banding that made them uncomfortable for the chihuahua to wear and she didn't want to keep them on her head.

👤I was surprised that the glasses didn't fit my dog, because the picture display dog wearing the glasses looks like my dog. The glasses would work on a dog who is not bulgy.

👤I will show you how to save your money and try a different style. These were flimsy and didn't last long. The style gas on anaconda has been upgraded with a frame. It's good. I don't know why. I took them off of his head because they were broken in half while we were walking. He is 18. Sun flares are caused by bright lights and sunlight. He jerks his head away with a seizure-like movement. These glasses were important and I am going to have to walk around with them over the next few days. He tries to get them off by running his face into the grass. I know they are cheap, but they should be more expensive. I will be asking for a refund and a different style.

👤I am going to withdraw my review because I think it was a mistake. My daughter who is a dog trainer came over and found them in a bucket and put them on my dog and I was like how did you do that? I was unable to get them to stay on. The straps are supposed to go under the chin. He wore them for 15 minutes and never tried to take them off. She didn't seem to mind them at all. I had to take them off of her. I apologize for the earlier review but I just didn't feel right leaving it. After figuring out how they work! I have included a new photo of her. The straps are hard to maneuver and they don't fit as well as I thought, but they will work good enough not to send them back.

👤The goggles are touching my dog's eyes. A Jack Russell chihuahua loves to ride in the car and ordered a pair of shoes. The shape and size of the strap arrangements are really good. The coating and lens looks nice. The design has so little padding around the edges that it sits directly upon the dog's eyeball. Very disappointed.

👤The bright outdoor light has become very sensitive to the 16 year old poodle's sensitive skin. We are sad that our baby lamb is old. Mother Nature denied my request to slow down. He didn't like the glasses on his face. We didn't want to push them on our best dog at his age. We try to keep his eyes out of the sun so he can do his thang. I don't want him to think about how I tried to get him to wear glasses. He said he was like 112 years old. Can we just stick to the plan of sleeping and eating my Dad's food? There are no new tricks for this old man. The glasses are good for a younger dog who has a long time to learn. He was not as excited for his new sunglasses as we were.


What is the best product for eye protection for dogs?

Eye protection for dogs products from Lewondr. In this article about eye protection for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Petleso and Pedomus are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye protection for dogs.

What are the best brands for eye protection for dogs?

Lewondr, Petleso and Pedomus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye protection for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Namsan, Nvted and Pedomus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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