Best Eye Protection for Kids

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1. Outray Glasses Anti Fog Goggles Protection

Outray Glasses Anti Fog Goggles Protection

One size fits most, designed to fit different face shapes and sizes, is the unique design of Side+Top shields. There are classic anti-fog safety glasses. Eye wrap is designed to block flying debris. Anti blue light goblets. The blue light filter coating can block harmful blue light. The weight frame is light. The one-piece nose pads are durable and comfortable. 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a 30 day money back guarantee. They will take care of you if you're not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days.

Brand: Outray

👤I gave these a 2 star review because they are cute, but I don't think they can adequately protect you from COVID19. I am an ER nurse so I need to have proper protection. I am writing a review because I am sure other people in my profession are interested in these goggles.

👤The arms are very flimsy and the hole for the screw broke after a month of use, but you get what you pay for.

👤These were bought for work. I put them on the counter while I showered. There is still no fog. There was no mask fog. Very clear. The quality and value was very good.

👤Safety products only keep you safe if you wear them correctly and are around others. I had to use my face shield and safety glasses because of the foggy vision and they became useless since I had to push up the vision to see the safety item on my head. I got good anti fog results. The only thing I wore was a loose one. They will fall off if you have to look down or move around a lot. I think my head is smaller than average. They might be fine for someone else. They are lightweight and comfortable.

👤I love these glasses. Currently working as a nurse, I need eye protection. These are easy to clean. I have them on but often forget. My coworkers ordered multiple pairs.

👤I work in a hospital and have to use these. They're lightweight and don't fog up when I'm wearing my goggles. I get a lot of praise for them and have coworkers ask if they're stoggles. I dropped them a bit and they haven't broken yet. The value is perfect.

👤These glasses are adorable. They are not very safe. If you compare them to other safety glasses, they don't have the same amount of coverage. I bought these for my Chem Lab class, but I will have to buy new goggles with more coverage. I wish these would have worked better instead of being big bulky glasses.

👤I have had these for about 3 weeks. These are not for this type of work, I work in a factory. They are flimsy and do not stay put. They will hang off your face if you look down. They will slide down onto your nose if you place them on top of your head. I have had to shake them off my face many times because they fell down to my chin while I was carrying product. These are not for cutting up the warehouse setting, but for lab work environments.

2. Childrens Glasses´╝Ź3 Protective Protection Laboratory

Childrens Glasses%EF%BC%8D3 Protective Protection Laboratory

A safety equipment for your children to provide sufficient eye protection from any Nerf bullets. The clarity of the plastic is clear and the kids can see a serious competitor in the game. This piece of safety equipment is useful for your children as it gives them enough eye protection from Nerf gun bullets. Home maintenance, automotive work, computer repair, house, garden are all done using Nerf, shooting, airsoft, racquetball, water balloon fight. These kids are perfectly fit. They play with their nerf guns.

Brand: Cosoro

👤Two boys are under the age of 8. They were shooting each other in the face while they were playing nerf wars. A paranoid parent over here. I told them to wear the perfect pair of goggles for each of them and their dad. I ordered them because they fit anyone from a 5 year old to a 40 year old.

👤These met my expectations. We are perfect for my grandsons because they use them as eye protection for nerf gun play. They fit a young child and grow to the size of an adult head.

👤I didn't know they are children. They work well to protect my eyes when shopping.

👤I received 2 pairs of goggles after opening my package. How can I get more pairs?

👤The kids loved these, the style and comfort, and they actually wanted to wear them. It was perfect!

👤I bought these for my two boys to use at a Nerf party. The goggles are too wide for them, so the strap is adjusted. It's a shame as they are great. We didn't use them and returned them. The venue had spare goggles which fit my boys perfectly.

👤I bought these for my daughter when we were playing with Nerf guns. I wear a motorbike helmet that fits both of my heads and my daughter is only 5 years old. When not over your eyes, they fog slightly, but not enough to mark it down a star.

👤These were used for running around the garden by 4 and 6 year olds. There were no complaints about being uncomfortable. The frames bend around the kids faces and the straps are easy to adjust. They fit all of them well and never fell off. I can't complain about the price paid.

👤The product fits both kids and adults. We use them for nerf wars all the time. I have been hit in the eye a few times and the googles saved me from a nasty bruise.

👤I bought these for my boys so they could have proper nerf battles and had to roll them up and stick on the radiator as they were more adult sized than kids but they fit fine.

3. JustForKids Certified Ballistic Resistant Lensassorted

JustForKids Certified Ballistic Resistant Lensassorted

There are 6 temple colors: pink, blue, green, purple, orange and black. Just For Kids is a special made for kids and children that includes safety glasses and safety goggles. Certified with both. F. H. K is from Europe. The US standards are 1-2015. 99% protection against UV-A, B, and C rays, 100% protection against glares, and resistance against scratches, impacts, and ballistics are offered. Safety glasses that dig into your head while you're working or hunting is more annoying than anything else. Their safety glasses were made to be sleek. Their safety eyewear is just as effective as their competitors at a fraction of the cost. Their safety glasses were made to be sleek. Their safety eyewear is just as effective as their competitors at a fraction of the cost.

Brand: Justforkids

👤It isn't protect for UV.

👤They didn't have magnification in them, so they would work for us. We wanted clear glasses. My daughters are not allowed to wear these. They fit a 5 and 8 year old. Unfortunately, must return.

👤The way they fit should make them perfect for our nerf war. These are for children. I'm not sure how a normal size adult would wear these. I am a regular size woman. They fit my almost-4yr old very well and he has a large head for his age. I think these would fit the average child. They would work for a teenager too, but on the small side. I could wear them if I needed to, but they would be uncomfortable for someone with a normal head. They are clear and seem solid. My kids love them!

👤My wife noticed a slight magnification when she used them. After wearing for a while, it caused headaches. There is a pending return.

👤These glasses are very good. These fit me well because I have a slim face. I purchased them because my two sons are also in them. The glasses were wrapped in clear plastic. They arrived with no damage. The frames are the same color as the picture. The lens are not very consistent. Some of the pairs have magnification. I wouldn't recommend using those for long periods of time because they are not usable. They are fine for use on projects that take less than an hour. The ones that do not have magnification would be comfortable all day. I haven't had any durability tests with these. One of the pairs was dropped on a paved driveway and the lens did not scratch, so I think the will work out. These are a good purchase.

👤Every responsible adult has an obligation to protect their vision. One day I was lazy and didn't wear goggles, so I have a scar tissue in my left eye. Don't allow this to happen to your children when they're helping you in the shop, having a snowball fight or playing games with others outside. Only 40% of eyeball Peeling are successful. These inexpensive safety glasses are well-made, stay in place and enhance safety for those who depend on you. The price and value of the product is very good.

👤It is a good value. I didn't go through the hassle of a return because we still had the other pairs. I returned a few things because I didn't want Amazon to ding me, and because I knew you're bound to get some flukes with all the online Christmas shopping. They are almost small for my nine year old, so it would be good for them to be sized. He wears them because he likes them better than the Nerf masks. I wish they went back in the box. We put them in the Nerf bin because it was a safe place. They did what they were suppose to, and you get what you pay for.

4. NoCry Lightweight Protective Resistant Suitable

NoCry Lightweight Protective Resistant Suitable

100% satisfaction guaranteed with a 30 day money back guarantee. They will take care of you if you're not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days. You can wear personal protection all day. This is eyewear that is rugged and protective and designed for men and women. Even when working in the lab or with a healthcare team, this versatile pair of glasses stays comfortable. There is a protective wrap around the design shields. It is recommended that you protect your eyes from chemical splashes, flying debris, spray, fluid or saliva droplets. There are clear anti-FOG patches. Thanks to the anti fog coating, you can say goodbye to fogging. The hard finish of the polycarbonate lens makes them meet the standard for PPE. While at work or enjoying the outdoors. These glasses are used in the dental or medical industry. They can be used to enjoy outdoor activities like biking, walking the dog, or going to the shooting range. Purchase with confidence because of the surety guarantee. Try this protective eyewear. If there are any issues with your purchase, they will make it right or give you a full refund. Purchase with confidence because of the surety guarantee. Try this protective eyewear. If there are any issues with your purchase, they will make it right or give you a full refund.

Brand: Nocry

👤I like the NoCry safety glasses. I'm sensitive to wearing glasses of any kind, as I get a tension headaches eventually, and these are very comfortable, especially the pressure on the head is light, you hardly know you are wearing them. These glasses cover the eye sockets close to the skin and below my eye. I wanted to have more coverage for my clients in the current climate. I wear these when I'm biking and have had no issues with fogging.

👤They are light weight, comfortable and sheer. They are very stylish. They fog up when wearing a mask for my face shape. I have tried a lot of masks. They might fit better for someone else. I bought them because I was a health care worker and they didn't work for me. No Cry has an excellent customer service. I received a refund and a personal contact from them apologizing for the experience and asking if there was anything else they could do to make it right. This was appreciated a lot by me. They reached out to me and I commend their service. I will buy from this company again and try a different style.

👤I've resumed my search for the perfect pair as eye protection once again becomes mandatory in my workplace. This isn't it. As far as eye protection goes, they are very comfortable. They're light and do not feel tight. If I wear them for more than 30 or so minutes, they will cause me nausea and a full blown migraines because the plastic distorts my vision to the point of causing near-instant nausea. They scratch very easily. I only wore them for two days before I stopped taking them. There are strange hooks that seem to serve no purpose other than to get stuck in your hair, as other reviews have mentioned.

👤The goggles look great. They broke at the hinge after a month of light usage. I was not rough with them. The right arm broke off when I put them on. No Cry needs to strengthen their hinges. If their products can't last more than a month, there's no point in buying them. The buyer should beware. I contacted NoCry about the broken hinge on the safety glasses I purchased. They gave me the choice of getting a refund or a replacement pair. The replacement pair arrived a few days later. I had to upgrade their rating to 5 stars because of their amazing customer service. I recommend their products because they will make it right if you don't like it. Go with NoCry! You won't be disappointed.

👤These glasses are not fog-free. I forgot to put the glasses on when I opened the pack. They were clear. They fogged around the nose and edges when I tried to use them in the hospital setting. condensation builds up on the lens I cleaned them with a cloth and they fogged up again. I washed the glasses with soap and water and dried them with a soft cloth. The problem occurred again. If you are sitting on the couch and need eye protection, I would not suggest these glasses. I have had them for a year or so now and they are clear for my entire shift. I will probably avoid this brand in the future.

5. NoCry Resistant Wrap Around Protection Adjustable

NoCry Resistant Wrap Around Protection Adjustable

CERTIFICATE--MEET Z89 STANDARD The NoCry safety glasses are built to last and are designed to protect your eyes from threats. Also protects eyes from harmful UV radiation. Side and nose pieces adjust to give you a perfect fit, no matter the face type or head size. It's possible to see better at all times with double coated, untinted lens, it's just 888-353-1299 It's ideal for work and play, and can be used for any job that requires PPE eyewear. NoCry is backed by the lynching guarantee. They will replace or give back your money if there is an issue with your glasses. NoCry is backed by the lynching guarantee. They will replace or give back your money if there is an issue with your glasses.

Brand: Nocry

👤I am a nurse in the operating room and I bought these to protect my eyes. They arrived quickly and are exactly what I was looking for. My main concern was glasses that were not fogging up. I wear them on top of my head. I went from the air conditioned hospital into the heat of Florida. I would definitely recommend them.

👤As a healthcare worker I needed a pair of safety goggles that didn't fog up and that I could wear for 8 hours a day. These are comfortable and do not fog up all day. For what I needed.

👤I used my edger and mower after about ten days of wearing and using these. They are comfortable and stay on, and they do not condensate, they protect my eyes from flying wood chips, small rocks and twigs, and they are very pleasant to look at. I'm not sure I could ask for more. Yes, they are very light. They are a good buy and not that I care, but they are not ugly.

👤Blood spray is a daily threat in the center where I am an RN. I wear these glasses from open to close and they are so comfortable that I forget I have them on. I wear a mask over my mouth and nose, and not once have they fogged up like many other safety glasses I have tried. I don't have to worry about adjusting my glasses while my hands are dirty or my face is scratched because I have a good portion of my job that requires me to be leaning over my patients. I am a woman with a small head and it's hard to find safety glasses that fit. My patients compliment me when I wear NoCry glasses. Great product! I ordered more to give to my coworkers.

👤I am rating these glasses after a few days of use. They seem to be exactly what I was looking for and I hope that they will hold up over time. I have a small face and glasses that are too long in the box store are not good for me, but my husband will be able to use them without stretching them out. I'll use the glasses to blow dirt and leaves out of the stone wall.

👤After posting my review, I was contacted by Nocry, who apologized and said they believed I had gotten a defected pair. They gave me two options, one of which was to get a replacement for free. The temples of the new pair were a lot better than the first ones, and that's the reason why the back of the lens scratched. Thanks to Raino for helping me out at NoCry, I am very light and comfortable to wear all day. They scratch easily in the inside. The temple tips touch the inside of the lens and cause a scratch. I have accidentally dropped them and fallen on the front side, but haven't scratched them.

👤I was surprised that these are better than the standard safety glasses. The plastic is not heavy and is not uncomfortable. Everything is round and smooth. They fit my face well, they wrap around better than most, and they have a nose piece. They have small holes at the tips of the arms where you can tie corded ear plugs.

6. 13016NEW Goggles Protection Ballistic Resistant

13016NEW Goggles Protection Ballistic Resistant

NoCry is backed by the lynching guarantee. They will replace or give back your money if there is an issue with your glasses. It was made in the USA. 99% protection against UV-A, B, and C rays, 100% protection against glares, and resistance against scratches, impacts, and ballistics are offered. Safety glasses that dig into your head while you're working or hunting is more annoying than anything else. Their safety glasses were made to be sleek. Their safety eyewear is just as effective as their competitors at a fraction of the cost. The package includes (12) pairs of EyePro glasses. There are 6 temple colors: pink, blue, green, purple, orange and black. There are 6 temple colors: pink, blue, green, purple, orange and black.

Brand: G & F Products

👤I thought the safety glasses I bought for my kids would be smaller than my own. When I put them on, I thought they looked familiar, and they fit me perfectly. I went to get my glasses from DeWalt and they are the same color. My guess was wrong because these don't fit my kids. I'll give these 5 stars because they are cheaper than my own glasses and the item description does not say they are for kids. I have attached pictures of the item and the measurement for it.

👤The kid version of these glasses fit better on my head and face, and I ended up buying the adult version. If you have a small head, I would recommend the kids sizes. I had to start wearing safety glasses at work because I wanted something comfortable with pretty colors. I think they are a little loose on my face for the most part. It is not as snug as I 888-276-5932s would have 888-276-5932s I don't have a lot of fogging when wearing a mask. I have used them for 12 hour shifts for the past 3 nights and they have not scratched the lens. These are worth it for the price. It protects my eyes and is what I need.

👤We have had ash fall down on us in the past, so we got these for the 4th of July firework display. I still use these handy saftey glasses despite the cancellation of fireworks. I love the variety of colors and they fit my head just fine.

👤I bought these to protect my eyes at the hospital. They are a little flimsy and light weight, which is good for the purpose, but they are a little uncomfortable on the ears after hours of wear. The colors are nice to distinguish between pairs. It is a good deal fort purpose for about $10 for 6 pairs. I only received 5 pairs after I ordered the 6 pack.

👤I'm an RN at a busy metropolitan hospital and I volunteer to screen people at the entrances. I bought the big face shields because they were uncomfortable. I have had dizziness before and the shield on my head affected my balance. These glasses are very comfortable. They do fog up with masks.

👤The package arrived on time. The glasses are very clear and sturdy. They are almost disposable if you pay around $1.00 per set, and they are built like $10.00 safety glasses. I will keep using it until it gets really dull or scratched but I am so impressed with the quality and price that I can't even find my safety glasses. I have a set of 12 pairs in my truck, garage and basement, and that's because I have 12 pairs. Great purchase. I am happy. A very happy customer.

👤My sons were at a slumber party. The glasses were well made, and the price was great. Each boy got to take their glasses, nerf gun, and glow in the dark darts home as a goody bag. I wouldn't recommend having a glow in the dark nerf gun slumber party with 6 eight year olds, but I would definitely recommend these glasses.

7. JORESTECH Protection Frameless Standards Activewear

JORESTECH Protection Frameless Standards Activewear

The coating protects against UV rays. The top-rated safety. Leading national safety practice standards for superior protection. UV protection. The sun could damage your child's eyes. The PC hardened high impact lens has a scratch-resistant coating. There is a military presence in MAXIMUM COMFORT. Children will forget the comfort features of their clothing. It was designed to fit a child's face for optimal comfort and protection.

Brand: Jorestech

👤This product has a warning on it. I don't buy products with this warning.

👤My grandsons are 6 and 8 years old. The safety glasses were great, we made Christmas presents for their mother. The glasses fit well and kept sawdust out of their eyes. I recommend the glasses. Robert Walsh.

👤I bought this for my 30 year old girlfriend. She doesn't like the traditional safety glasses that fit too wide. This fit was perfect for her and she was planning to buy more.

👤What should UV blocking glasses do? You guessed right if you said "block UV". What do these glasses do? If you guessed "block UV", you're right. This is based on a simple comparison. My grandson has a long-wave UV light and some mineral specimen that fluoresce under UV light, and they fluoresce just as brightly with this pair of safety glasses in between the light and the minerals. Return in progress.

👤I need to replace my glasses for riding motorcycles at night. I am a small woman and this has always been a challenge. I have to get things like shoes and glasses in children's sizes, which can be "Fashionably Challenging" at my age. These are a good fit. They keep the wind out due to the wrap feature, and while I have yet to use them in the rain, I believe they will be good for that as they fit close to my forehead and will keep it out. My last pair, purchased at a bike rally over 10 years ago, fit like these and I saw many miles of all types of riding. Very happy!

👤My 5 year old started shooting this year. I have never adjusted to using eye protection, even though I have learned to use it. I think start them young and then they will beFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFkaFka These have worked out well. They fit perfectly and were not bothered about being uncomfortable.

👤Quality time and a gift that will help him spend more time with his dad is what our 3 year old loves. It's a good thing. A lot of the stuff my husband and son work on is too dangerous to handle with bare hands and no eye protection. These are perfect! They spend hours carrying and doing things together. It's a beautiful sight.

👤My 8 year old had been wearing sunglasses to protect him from COVID-19. He kept saying he couldn't see. I purchased him these next step. They help as extra protection. He told me that he sees things that are blurry because of the plastic it is made of and that he has a tendency to fog up.

8. HANDLER Protective Polycarbonate Ballistic Resistant

HANDLER Protective Polycarbonate Ballistic Resistant

The coating is scratch resistant. Kids protective safety glasses, Variety Pack, Box of 12 Kids protective safety glasses, Variety Pack, Box of 12 Kids protective safety glasses, Variety Pack, Box of 12 BUILT FOR COMFORT. It was specially designed to fit children. Ages 3 to 13 The best protection is full coverage UV and anti-scratch coating. It is built for all around visibility and a high level of eye protection from flying particles. Exceeds the standards. Used for certain environments. Painting, building, blaster gun play, yard work, or any activity where a child's eyes need protection are included. There are 1 pair of temple color glasses in this virgin pack. Green, Grey, Purple, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Blue, Orange, White, Clear.

Brand: Bison Life

👤I buy these to protect my son's eyes when we look for fluorescent rocks. The product name, bullet points, and flashy info below make the claim multiple times that these goggles offer UV protection. They claim that they are made of a material that blocks all of the UV rays. After some rock hunting with my son, I decided to check to see if my prescription glasses offered any protection against the sun. I shined the UV light that we used to locate the fluorescent rocks through my glasses. The rocks didn't shine because my glasses blocked the UV light. My son has been wearing these BISON LIFE Kids protective safety glasses for a few outings. You can imagine my alarm going off to see the rocks fluorescing as if there was nothing between the UV light and the rocks. These glasses did not block the light. My son has been using them because I bought them based on the information on the product page. It's possible that these are not made of POLYCARBONATE, since they block all of the UV rays. I would seriously question their assertion that these glasses are compliant with the standards of the American National Standards Institute.

👤I have two grandsons. They fit them both well. First, safety. We use these often when we do special projects with grandpa. I like to protect their eyes. The frames are different colors. I would buy them again. I hope this info was helpful to you and I always update my reviews.

👤My husband was hit in the eye by a nerf dart. After cursing, my husband told me to order some safety glasses for the child. They arrived quickly, fit the almost six year old perfectly, and did the job very well, even though dad only has one properly working eye. If you're looking for a Nerf gun for your kids, add them to your cart. It's much cheaper than going to the eye doctor.

👤They need to have more give to them because they came in different colors. My son in law works with wood and the kids change glasses often. They tend to be rough with them, so more give would give them more life.

👤I bought these for my kids. He had a tool box that he used to get the pair. He loves wearing safety glasses. He picked out the white pair because he liked it the most. These fit well and don't fall off. We will use these for my boys and their friends to use with nerf guns, because I love the variety of colors.

👤I bought this for my kids who are 9 years old. They help me around the house and yard, and sometimes just watch, so I have to keep my eyes safe. My kids like them. I like the way the colors make it easy to identify who is wearing glasses. I thought it was weird, but kids will be kids.

👤My 6 year old loves to do the same things as my dad. He needed glasses to help me. He loves wearing them and they are light. He hasn't been able to scratch them. He wears them when he plays with Nerf guns.

9. Amoolo Protection Ballistic Resistant Polycarbonate

Amoolo Protection Ballistic Resistant Polycarbonate

China is the country of origin. Special goggles for kids. There are 12 pairs of Clear lens in a box. It is a perfect gift for children and youth. Eye protection against UV 400, scratches, impacts and ballistics is offered. The Z87.1 is from the US There is a standard for protecting the lens. It is specially designed to fit children. The frame width is 5 inch, temple length is 4.3 inch, nose width is 1.26 inch, and lens height is 1.46 inch. It is ideal for: Lab Work, School Project, Science Project, Nerf Gun/War/Battle/Shooting Play, Sand Box, Wood Working, Painting, Building, Yard Work, or any activity where a kid's eyes need protection. Amoolo has a 90-day warranty policy. If you are not completely satisfied with their product, please contact them for a full refund or replacement. Amoolo has a 90-day warranty policy. If you are not completely satisfied with their product, please contact them for a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Amoolo

👤I bought these to protect my eyes. It was a blast. The kids were happy that they came in different colors. The kids who wanted to took theirs home because they were cheap.

👤I was happy to find some children's safety glasses in fun colors. The kids wore them without complaint when they wore safety glasses. I can't speak to older or younger kids because they have a lot of flex, but they fit ages 4-7 with the younger child being in the highest percentile for size.

👤These are not suitable for wearing without headaches and the lens are garbage. I would not buy a cartoon that depicts people hallucinating. I threw away the box when I got to use them. The person making these would be walking away with a bloody nose if I could get a hold of them. Not happy.

👤I bought these for my Cub Scouts to do science, technology, engineering, and math activities with chemical reactions, and one of them was to fire rockets off with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. The safety glasses are sturdy and good looking. I put them on a rack in the sun to dry after washing them with dish soap. Scouts can keep track of their glasses if they set them down in different colors.

👤If you want a quality safety glasses look elsewhere. This is the ticket if you have to cover a lot of eyes or go through them a lot. They are scratch resistant, but they do fog up easily, and there is a lot of distortion in the multicolor pack, which is completely clear.

👤I paid a lot of money for this item but they are great. scratch resistance is comfortable. The money is worth it.

👤These glasses are the cheapest we've been able to find. My husband buys them to distribute to his employees and they've been able to meet safety compliance.

👤They were sturdy and lasted through all the experiments. The kids all took them home as party favors, and they were a hit!

10. Elvex WELSG18CSLPINK Avion Clear Temple

Elvex WELSG18CSLPINK Avion Clear Temple

Their safety glasses were made to be sleek. Their safety eyewear is just as effective as their competitors at a fraction of the cost. The package has dimensions of 22.987 H x 5.46 L x 10.922 W. The package weight is 0.027 kilograms. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Elvex

👤This is the worst brand of safety glasses I have ordered through Amazon. I tried them on and there was a serial number printed across the right eye of the glasses. I don't know how to see through this. It blocks my view of the sky. The numbers and letters in the way make it impossible to wear. What were they thinking? No, it doesn't scratch off. I will return this.

👤If you don't have to wear a mask, they're okay. I can't wear them with an N95 mask because they fog up, but I can wear them with a surgical mask. They were kind of a fail for me because they fog up without wearing a mask. They fit fine, were inexpensive, and comfortable, but I won't use them.

👤These glasses are the same as shown. There is nothing that could better describe the safety glasses. These are not the same as the scratched up goggles we had to use in middle school. You know, the kind of safety goggles that help any self conscious child feel good about being in public. I think I should order a crate of these cute glasses for my old school so that the next generation doesn't have to wear bulky goggle glasses.

👤My niece and I do a lot of science. We make soaps and perfumes that cause volcanoes to explode. I like to do experiments with her. She's gotten older and we've begun working with things that could be dangerous if they got into her eyes. I bought them. These fit her well. She likes the clear lens more than the sunglasses that I've been making her wear. It's worth it.

👤These are what I was looking for. I use safety glasses when using the weedeater. Being pink is a plus as they are not bulky. They are small and slim. They won't fit if you have a big head. The serial number on top of the lens doesn't affect the ability to see from them. You won't notice it as you are not looking up. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I have to wear glasses or goggles for work in a healthcare setting. These are my backups, and they are fine. I ordered a second pair of mine because my coworker loved them so much. They are for a smaller face, such as a child or a woman. They fit me well, I am a woman with an average face. Unless you use a separate anti-fog product, all glasses and goggles fog up when you wear a mask. Depending on how you're wearing them, they will fog up. A great product for a small face.

👤The Champion are the same as Elvex Avion. The comparison pictures are top down. The champion 2. Elvex Avion 3. HowardLeight Clear UVEX. The last picture comparison was with the radians.

👤This is a really great value. These things are a good fit for my daughter. She's a big kid, but adult size glasses are too big. These fit her perfectly because her head diameter is just above her eyes.


What is the best product for eye protection for kids?

Eye protection for kids products from Outray. In this article about eye protection for kids you can see why people choose the product. Cosoro and Justforkids are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye protection for kids.

What are the best brands for eye protection for kids?

Outray, Cosoro and Justforkids are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye protection for kids. Find the detail in this article. Nocry, Nocry and G & F Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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