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1. Glasses Protective Eyewear Protection Shooting

Glasses Protective Eyewear Protection Shooting

Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch, and Anti-Glare coating. The clear side extensions on their safety glasses guarantee the maximum amount of eye protection. Their safety glasses and goggles protect your eyes from harmful rays without you even noticing them. These safety glasses are designed to fit over most types of prescription eyeglasses and should be slip-free and comfortable. It's okay. Their protective eyewear is scratch resistant and protects against harmful UV rays. Their safety glasses are certified according to the US and German standards. It's most convenient. No sliding down your nose. No matter whether you wear them with or without prescription eyewear, these work goggles sit incredibly comfortable and offer you an unrestricted panoramic view. Say goodbye to chemical odors and skin irritations with the best materials. They only use substances that are pleasant to the skin. You get protection and next-to-skin comfort. It's perfect for nurses, lab work, and shooting ranges. 100% money back is satisfactory. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, they will give you a full refund up to one year after purchase. That is a promise!

Brand: Solidwork

👤The nurse is wearing these to protect her. Our biggest thing right now is that they don't fog up. Definitely recommend.

👤It was very useful in the hospital during the coronaviruses epidemic.

👤I bought several different pieces of eyewear for work during Covid-19. I am a nurse. For wear during shift. These are lovely. They can be adjusted. You can wear your glasses under them. They can be cleaned with our Disinfectants. I bought a few more sets for my friends. I wear mine underneath because they don't take the place of a face shield. Excellent for trauma and splash protection.

👤There are chips on the lens. I can deal with it. Temples are not inflexible. The glasses fit inside. Has a good amount of space. 2/6 The replacement photo was the last one. It has chips and speck. I tried to wipe it off. I think it is too expensive. There is a glare with or without glasses. I will try it for a week and see if it works out. It fogs. It's still clearer than other goggles.

👤These goggles are very well made. They fit over my glasses, but there is a terrible glare in the goggles itself, even without my glasses on. The glare is very bright. I plan to come back.

👤I was a little worried about fitting them around my glasses, but I was glad I bought them. They are comfortable and great quality.

👤It fit over my glasses. There was no glare. It was comfortable. Even though the original estimated shipment time should have been at least 1 week, it was shipped within 48 hours thanks to Amazon Prime.

👤Perfect fit over glasses. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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2. SeeBand Glasses Resistant Blocking Transparent

SeeBand Glasses Resistant Blocking Transparent

The safety glove is for safety. The wraparound construction has a high level of eye protection. Anti-FOG glasses are used. The anti-fog effects of the protective glasses can be seen when drinking hot water in winter or cold weather outdoors. Anti blue light lanterns. The blue light emitted by the computer screen can be blocked by the anti-blue lens. It's ideal for work and play. These glasses are both fashionable and classic, and can be used in a variety of ways, from shopping to cycling to dental work. The best quality and service are what they aim for. If you are dissatisfied, you only need to leave a message and they will solve it for you. See Band provide a worry-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Seeband

👤They are secure in patient care spaces. It's lightweight, secure and stylish, great value for the job required.

👤I have been wearing these in the OR for a couple weeks and I like them a lot. They offer good protection from splashes, but not perfect protection. There are gaps at the top and bottom of the glasses, but the trajectory of the splatter would have to be very unfortunate to get in my eyes. I got blood all over my forehead, but not in or around my eyes after my surgery yesterday. They do fog, despite the anti-fog claim, and I have to wear a mask with plastic at the top. They have masks with foam at the top and no seal. I got the 2-pack with pink and blue and I have gotten a lot of praise for it.

👤Love them! I wear them mostly for work as part of my PPE getup, but they also work well for bicycling and driving with the windows down, keeping all kinds of debris out of my eyes. I think it's very cute. The set was clear and grey. I use the clear because I don't notice them as much in my peripheral vision. It's fabulous!

👤The glasses are nice. I shined the blue laser through my old glasses and it didn't light up. They are light and nice.

👤These are cute and don't look like typical PPE, so they were the perfect alternative to wearing flimsy eye protection at the hospital. My eyelashes don't hit against the lens and they're comfortable to wear. They are plastic and easy to scratch. I threw away one of them because I couldn't see through the scratches anymore. They didn't hold up as well as I hoped, but never dropped them. I have been extra careful not to let the second pair get scratched, and so far so good.

👤Great purchase! Can't beat the price for eye protection. They had a microfiber cleaning cloth and a multi tool key chain to tighten the screws. They don't wear a mask. Excited to wear them in the OR.

👤They did not come in a fancy box. They sent me two different glasses, not the same size or shape. I was expecting 2 frames but got a round and a rectangular one. The round is light and good for you. The protective surrounding on my head makes it hard for me to see. When I went to review the shop, the price had dropped about $4. I won't buy from this company again. I would tell the seller the discrepancy. I'm too lazy to return them. I'll use the pink ones. Future buyers should be aware of the POOR DESCRIPTION. You aren't getting what you pay for.

👤The fog is not fake. I ordered a pack of two for friends as a gift, but the two pack only came with one bag, one tool and one cleaning wipe, because I love mine so much. Each pair should have a bag and wipe. I feel like I can only give one person a pair of glasses because they don't have a way to carry them or clean them. I would still want them each to have a protective bag and wipe so that I could keep them in different places, even if I ordered two pairs for myself.

3. Glasses Goggles Protective Protection Transparent

Glasses Goggles Protective Protection Transparent

At Amoolo, they focus on customer satisfaction. Get your safety goggles today and you will get a 90-day warranty policy, exchange or refund for any product defect. The safety glasses are a class of anti-fog. Dollger goggles look and feel like classic glasses frames. The glasses have blue light blocking and anti-fog effects. The safety glasses are wrapped around the frame with shields. The anti-fog coating protects your lens. You can use a special anti-fog glasses cloth to wipe the glasses, making the lens anti-fog effect longer. ANTI BLUE LIGHT GOGGLES The goggles have a blue light blocking layer that can block 100% harmful blue light, which can block blue light radiation damage from computers/ tablets/ mobile screens, and helps reduce screen damage. The glasses can be used as safety goggles, anti-blue light, anti-saliva, pollen, dust, riding safety glasses, suitable for woodworking, metal and construction, laboratory and dentistry, shooting, or any need to wear Place for. TR90 is a memory material. It is a lightweight, soft, and comfortable material with a strong frame and wrap-around structure that can be used for protection. The box goggles give you a classic look. The lightweight and durable TR90 frame has no pressure on your nose, which makes it a comfortable long-term wearing frame. No worries after purchase of risk-free products. Dollger Customer Service Center will be happy to serve you if you have any questions. You can buy with confidence if you get a satisfactory solution. No worries after purchase of risk-free products. Dollger Customer Service Center will be happy to serve you if you have any questions. You can buy with confidence if you get a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Dollger

👤I love these eye shields. I get a lot of praise for them. It has been better and less scary looking than the traditional eye protection I had to wear. I love the all around protection these offer, they have more coverage than stoggles, and they are cheaper too. The frosted plastic on the sides was a distraction when I first wore them. I don't notice anymore. I think the frames are plastic, not frosted. I recommend these for purchase. I bought a second pair of shoes for travel and grocery store trips.

👤I have to wear safety glasses at work all day, and every pair I have has no nose cushion, fog up constantly, and doesn't fit well enough to my head, where if I bend over they fall off! The safety glasses are a must have and the frames I purchased are the prettiest ever. It feels like a pair of sunshades on the bridge of nose, you can't even tell your safety glasses are old. I will be ordering more of them.

👤Absolutely love them. I work in an intensive care unit and have to wear eye protection for my 12 hour shifts, but I forget they are on because they are so lightweight. Would definitely recommend.

👤Being a nurse and having to wear safety goggles 24/7. I was looking for goggles with a blue light lens that were fashionable. The blue was not as transparent as I would have liked. I like the print of the cheetah.

👤I don't go out to many public places yet, but they work well when I do. Sometimes it's hard to get them in the right position with 2 masks on to prevent the fogging, and also with nose wires in masks they don't sit where they should, but hopefully soon it won't be an issue anymore. It looks like regular glasses at first glance, which is what I wanted. I'm sure when I wear one mask they will be closer to my face and be more comfortable. I would recommend the price.

👤I like the glasses. They are more stylish than the goggles you wear for patient care. The anti-fog says you cannot clean it or it will rub off. I need to clean it frequently in nursing. The ear parts rub against the inside of the lens when folded, which is inconvenient but not within my line of sight. I probably wouldn't get them again.

👤These don't fit like goggles, so don't expect perfect coverage. There is an extra edge surrounding the frames that gives them more protection than normal glasses. There is a major gap that would allow aerosol to enter. I purchased the light pink and leopard. I've been praised on both.

👤I wanted to love them but they were a waste of money. They didn't make it a month between the two pairs. I can't return. The concept of these is great for health care workers, but they are not durable enough to last a day. The entire ear piece snapped off when the lens popped out. I will have to replace two cheaply made pairs every month, so I would rather invest in a durable pair.

4. Registered Protection Medical Eyeglasses Unisex Protective Eyewear Lab

Registered Protection Medical Eyeglasses Unisex Protective Eyewear Lab

Anti-scraTCH is a full coverage and scratch resistant coating that protects your eyes and glasses. It is built for all around visibility and a high level of eye protection from flying particles. Exceeds the standards. Medical level goggles and safety glasses are FDA REGISTERED. Crystal clear lens make you enjoy high-definition and wide vision. The protective film is on both sides of the divide, please remove it before using it. It is possible to comfortably fit over most prescription glasses with the Vakker Safety Goggles. A perfect fit for men and women of all sizes, wide to fit over glass is ensured by the comfortable strap on the goggles. The long-wearing moccasins are made of leather. A soft rubber nose bridge is good for nose pads. Vakker Soft lightweight protective Goggles will make you more comfortable to use. The long-wearing moccasins are made of leather. A soft rubber nose bridge is good for nose pads. Vakker Soft lightweight protective Goggles will make you more comfortable to use.

Brand: Vakker

👤I am a doctor. I use the goggles over my glasses.

👤I finally have goggles that fit over my glasses. I am a registered nurse and recommend these.

👤Good PPE is required when working with outpatients. Recent studies show that people who have been exposed to the aerosolized virus are less likely to wear eyeglasses than people who haven't been exposed. Face shields prevent floating indoor virus particles from entering. goggles provide the specific eye protection Knowing that and having to wear them with glasses, the only useful goggles must have a headband, enough clearance for glasses, be soft on the nose, and generally contact the forehead and the face to the eyes fairly well. These goggles are cheap and do this.

👤It was a pleasant surprise. Everyone is talking about how a mask can be used. The goggles don't make any claims about Covid, but they are important to wear when you have to be in a public place, as they would likely prevent droplets from someone else (like a sneeze) reaching your eyes. This is the reason I bought it. I am happy I did.

👤I received my goggles today and they fit over my glasses and create a protective area. The protective film that protects the front and back of the viewing lens is one of the most important things to remove when you receive your googles.

👤It is very comfortable to wear. It seems like a very durable plastic. It fits over glasses. Good protection is offered. The only thing we don't like about the product is the small holes in the sides that allow air in, but we are a little concerned about the safety of letting air in. I was looking for more protection to the eyes than a face shield, and that's what the offer is. My husband and I are happy.

👤Not what I was looking for. When I was a nurse, I ordered two brands of safety goggles to test out for personal protective equipment for caring for patients in covid isolation. Testing: 1. Is it possible that they fit over larger eyeglasses? Yes. 2. Were they comfortable to wear? No. The vinyl edges around my nose were very stiff and cut into my face. It looks like this plastic would need a lot of time to break in before it would be soft. I have to wear goggles for 12 hours a shift. It would be torturous to break them in. 3. Did they fit against your face? It was too difficult to adjust the fit. 4. Did they give a wide visual field? Yes. 5. Would you use them for the purchase? No. We had to wear safety goggles in college. The materials have not changed. It took all year for them to be comfortable enough to wear for an hour a day. The "SOLIDWORK" brand goggles were kept for all the right reasons.

👤It's horrible. Don't waste your time with these. These will not come off because they were delivered with all these marks. The material is cheap. It is not durable at all. I wouldn't depend on something so flimsy and easily scratched, for something that is meant to protect and possibly save your life. The plastic is not comfortable. It is hard plastic on your face. It is very uncomfortable. I couldn't wear this for 10 minutes because of the long shift. There is absolutely no way to do that. Save your money. Look elsewhere.

5. 13016NEW Goggles Protection Ballistic Resistant

13016NEW Goggles Protection Ballistic Resistant

NoCry is backed by the lynching guarantee. They will replace or give back your money if there is an issue with your glasses. It was made in the USA. 99% protection against UV-A, B, and C rays, 100% protection against glares, and resistance against scratches, impacts, and ballistics are offered. Safety glasses that dig into your head while you're working or hunting is more annoying than anything else. Their safety glasses were made to be sleek. Their safety eyewear is just as effective as their competitors at a fraction of the cost. The package includes (12) pairs of EyePro glasses. There are 6 temple colors: pink, blue, green, purple, orange and black. There are 6 temple colors: pink, blue, green, purple, orange and black.

Brand: G & F Products

👤I thought the safety glasses I bought for my kids would be smaller than my own. When I put them on, I thought they looked familiar, and they fit me perfectly. I went to get my glasses from DeWalt and they are the same color. My guess was wrong because these don't fit my kids. I'll give these 5 stars because they are cheaper than my own glasses and the item description does not say they are for kids. I have attached pictures of the item and the measurement for it.

👤The kid version of these glasses fit better on my head and face, and I ended up buying the adult version. If you have a small head, I would recommend the kids sizes. I had to start wearing safety glasses at work because I wanted something comfortable with pretty colors. I think they are a little loose on my face for the most part. It is not as snug as I 888-276-5932s would have 888-276-5932s I don't have a lot of fogging when wearing a mask. I have used them for 12 hour shifts for the past 3 nights and they have not scratched the lens. These are worth it for the price. It protects my eyes and is what I need.

👤We have had ash fall down on us in the past, so we got these for the 4th of July firework display. I still use these handy saftey glasses despite the cancellation of fireworks. I love the variety of colors and they fit my head just fine.

👤I bought these to protect my eyes at the hospital. They are a little flimsy and light weight, which is good for the purpose, but they are a little uncomfortable on the ears after hours of wear. The colors are nice to distinguish between pairs. It is a good deal fort purpose for about $10 for 6 pairs. I only received 5 pairs after I ordered the 6 pack.

👤I'm an RN at a busy metropolitan hospital and I volunteer to screen people at the entrances. I bought the big face shields because they were uncomfortable. I have had dizziness before and the shield on my head affected my balance. These glasses are very comfortable. They do fog up with masks.

👤The package arrived on time. The glasses are very clear and sturdy. They are almost disposable if you pay around $1.00 per set, and they are built like $10.00 safety glasses. I will keep using it until it gets really dull or scratched but I am so impressed with the quality and price that I can't even find my safety glasses. I have a set of 12 pairs in my truck, garage and basement, and that's because I have 12 pairs. Great purchase. I am happy. A very happy customer.

👤My sons were at a slumber party. The glasses were well made, and the price was great. Each boy got to take their glasses, nerf gun, and glow in the dark darts home as a goody bag. I wouldn't recommend having a glow in the dark nerf gun slumber party with 6 eight year olds, but I would definitely recommend these glasses.

6. KLEENGUARD KleenGuard Maverick Safety Eyewear

KLEENGUARD KleenGuard Maverick Safety Eyewear

Don't forget to protect your prescription glasses. To avoid scratches, make sure that no part of your own prescription is in contact with the protective lens of the OTG safety glasses. You can wear safety glasses on their own. Get in touch if you have any problems. They offer support and replacements. The vision is clear in hot or humid settings. The anti-scratch design has long- lasting clarity. The UV-resistant lens protects against harmful rays. Touch points are enjoyable to use. Side shields and browguards increase protection.

Brand: Kleenguard

👤These goggles are comfortable. They are light and good quality. My dog is nice in them.

👤In a sealed package, it arrived quickly. They haven't fogged up on the first day of wearing them. I ordered a cute pink pair and they fogged up. These look great and there is no fogging. I got a lot of praise already.

👤I wore these through my 12 hour shifts. No scratches or infections between patients. These are comfortable to wear throughout the night and have received many compliment on the look.

👤No hooting up. These are amazing! I can't say enough about the tradesman here.

👤The RN approved. I am working at the ER during the recovery. These are the best eyewear we have. Definitely enough, but not too much. Never fog. It's lightweight. Side guard. You stay compliant. Don't look stupid either. If you need eye protection, these are the ones you should use.

👤I like the design. I had my progressive prescription lens installed after removing the original lens. It's not really comfortable for my face as it's small and tight when I wear it.

👤These glasses are comfortable. I like them.

👤A co-worker of mine is testing these glasses. They block 99.0% of UV. He got 234 micro watt through them. The eye safe is small. These glasses are not OD5 rated for UV safety. These are great for around the house safety glasses.

👤I am a frontline worker. No fog, stays put. I have the best safety glasses in the hospital. Will buy again.

👤I resisten el uso rudo, pero no quiere.

👤I had high hopes after reading many positive reviews. It fogs when I'm wearing a mask. It's fog- resistant but not anti-fog. The fog looks like it's been sprayed with water, but it doesn't look like a white coating. I regret buying it.

👤Muy buenos tienes, tardaron un poco en notificarme.

👤Estn tanto para trabajo. En la moto, yo los compré para andar. I brinc una piedra a la cara. I revent el cristal. Y con estos pues me tranquilo.

7. LeonDesigns Anti Fog Protection Blocking Leopard C2

LeonDesigns Anti Fog Protection Blocking Leopard C2

The coating is impact resistant. Leon Design's protective glasses have anti-fog coating technology, side and top shields, and can protect the eyes of adults and kids. Blue light blocker and UV400 lens reduce glare from blue light and UVA/UVB rays, alleviating visual fatigue and discomfort from browsing mobile phones, tablets, gaming and working under fluorescent lights with eyes protection and glare reduction. LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME It's a perfect fit without the slipping no matter the face type or head size, and it's super light, so you can wear it all day. Work glasses. You can choose safety glasses that are comfortable and reliable, when you have jobs or environments that require reliable, comfortable eye protection. PC HD LENS is a clear lens. Restore the true color. You can remove the lens at any time and replace it with a prescription lens of your choice.

Brand: Leondesigns

👤There are a lot of nice things said at work. They were asked if they were the goggles from Facebook. I said no, I got them from Amazon. They are light and comfortable. They are not fog resistant when wearing a surgical mask. It is annoying if I get them to sit after manipulating the mask. I got an anti fog spray and now it's perfect. I had a strap to hang around my neck when not in use, as the ends kept falling off my head. I just wish they were more fog proof.

👤I am a therapist at the hospital and also prone to headaches from glasses. The leopard design is very cute. I received a lot of praise. They were comfortable for all day wear, didn't move or fall off, and there were no headaches from wearing them. I cleaned them with bleach after they were in an isolation room. There is a permanent fog. I believe that bleach wipes should be used to clean glasses being marketed to healthcare professionals. It's a time that sucks to have to use soap and water to clean them.

👤I was happy with the safety glasses. I work in the operating room. I bought glasses to protect myself from blood spatter. I loved them the first time I wore them. I wore them for the second time the next day and I was splattered with blood and I washed them with soap and warm water. The lens are foggy now. They look scratched. I only washed my hands with soap and water. After one wash, these glasses should not be useless. I will send them back. Don't waste your money.

👤I think these are actually stoggles, and I love them! They are the same as advertised. They don't fog up because they have the protective sides and top. I need these for my lab, and so far they've been great. I wear a mask all day, and these goggles don't fog up. I breathed on them with my mouth when I got them. Would definitely recommend it!

👤We are required to wear a face shield or goggles as a hairdresser in New York. I have been on a mission since day 1 to find the right goggles that aren't oversized, foggy, etc... but still looked stylish. We don't have to look terrible in the process because we have to gear up. I am glad that I found them, they came up in my search. I don't have to worry about the back ear pain or the distortion of my vision when I see my colors and haircuts. I work long hours and these goggles have helped me get through the day. I don't look like a scary person when I approach kids with scissors, a mask, and goggles. They are the perfect fit for me because I have a smaller face. If you want a low profile goggle that does the job but doesn't look like you're ready to use a bandsaw, I highly recommend them.

8. Pyramex Safety Proximity SB9330ST Anti Fog

Pyramex Safety Proximity SB9330ST Anti Fog

Sellstrom ensures the quality and safety of their products, and that they exceed rigorous industry standards, because the goggle's non-vent construction prevents smoke from entering its cavity and irritates the user's eyes. Side protection is provided by the 5 base curve lens. A lightweight spectacle has flame resistant foam padding. 3gm. The temples are co-injected for a snug fit. 99% UVA/B/C protection is provided by the scratch resistant Polycarbonate lens.

Brand: Pyramex Safety

👤I ordered so many safety glasses/goggles because I wanted the perfect snug fit with the side foam lining that protects against anything from sawdust to coronaviruses. I like the lightweight design of these glasses and they have a unisex fit. They are very clear. I have different glasses; clear, amber and mirror. All are excellent.

👤My mug is ugly. The new guys were taken out in the desert and ended up getting some rain. The safety glasses were excellent. Water drops were wiped off without smudges and dirt was kept out with a padded seal. The field of view is great. There have been no scratches from tossing them in my bag. Very happy. I bought the indoor/ outdoor lens. My friends made fun of me because I had the best looking protective eye wear. Enjoy!

👤I got out because I needed great covering because my eyes kept acting up. There light and cool with my mask.

👤Just what I need. When helping patients with their exams, I work in healthcare and this gives me some added security. It's not snug around my eyes. Flexible. You can remove the padding, but keep it on as the bottom part of the lens puts some pressure on the cheeks without it.

👤These glasses are the best on the market. I bought these glasses because I don't want to take the chance with this Covid-19 thing going on. I bought these to protect my eyes. Thank you.

👤There is a chance that the eyes are an entry point for coronaviruses. I had to take several flights to protect my eyes. I'm an average-sized man with a narrow face, and they fit well and were comfortable. The seal around my eyes had some small gaps, but it was satisfactory. It might be better to seal on a larger face. The light gray tint on the lens reduces light transmission. They're still usable in typical room lighting, but untinted lens would have been better. Would recommend.

👤I bought these to protect my eyes as well. They work well. I can wear them inside the store. I can see it. They are not sunglasses. The foam around the inside of the glasses gives you extra protection. I recommend them. They are light and fit well.

👤The safety goggles they provide at work do a good job, but leave a lot to be desired. I don't have to worry about the elastic strap all day. I didn't know how much lighter they were. They look better in person than in the picture, so I think it's not a fashion show. The foam padding closes the gap between the lens and my face, and it is not noticeable. I don't have to worry about splashes or debris that could ruin a good day in the cage. waiting to see how they hold up to cleaning with the warm weather just around the corner and the stay put. I think I'll be ordering more as I need, for under $10 and very little wait time.

9. Extension Protection Anti Fog Scratch Resistant UV Protective

Extension Protection Anti Fog Scratch Resistant UV Protective

Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch, and Anti-Glare coating. Their safety glasses for men and women have clear side extensions that give them the maximum amount of eye protection. Their safety glasses protect your eyes from harmful rays without you even noticing them. Your eyes are protected from all directions because of the reinforced safety goggles. The temples will ensure a perfect fit. It's most convenient. No sliding down your nose. The soft pads on the nose make these glasses feel comfortable. Clear side extensions give you a clear view. It's okay. Their protective eyewear is scratch resistant and protects against harmful UV rays. Their glasses are certified by US and German standards. 100% money back is satisfactory. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, they will give you a full refund up to one year after purchase. That is a promise!

Brand: Solidwork

👤I need to protect my eye for two months after my surgery, so I decided to buy safety glasses. This is the best glasses I have ever ordered. I received the item the other day and am using it for two days now and I am very happy. I can see clearly from all sides and the lens is very clear. Will recommend to everyone.

👤The glasses seem to fit well. The order did not include a high quality storage bag. There was no written information included. The glasses were in a clear plastic bag. I wonder if these glasses have the certifications advertised. I would like to know more about this product and the company.

👤I got these because I wanted anti fog and the mention of protection made me choose this item. I don't like the darkness of sunglasses and use safety glasses for grass trimming. It is difficult to say if these really offer protection from the sun. They aren't anti fog. They had less fog than I had. I read in a review that someone else had an anti fog device. I did not get anything like that. The glasses are in a bag. Nothing else. I have glasses on that are tight on my head. The product said something about German engineering, but it was too tight for my head.

👤Good, Stylish, Protection from all sides, and Comfortable Bad. I take good care of my glasses and they are not fog resistant, but I am already seeing light scratches. The cloth application makes it fog free. It's a decent glass, but a $10 - 14 price would have been a fair price.

👤I was looking for glasses that would fit nicely and wouldn't fog. I used it for the first time to wash windows. I forgot to put it on. It was more than I wanted to spend, but it was worth it.

👤They don't fog. I have been to the covid rooms before. I wore them during a code blue and never thought about them because they didn't slide or fog. I am a warm person and these have only fogged on me once. I wear both masks at the hospital, the N95 and the surgical mask. Everyone asks where I got these, I love them and want them. I will send them to you! I have dropped a lot of them. I don't see the scratch on the lens when I wear them.

👤They are not as big as normal safety glasses. They are sleek.

👤They worked well for taking them to the range. They are comfortable and stylish. They have the marking on them to satisfy the RSO. I keep them in the included bag and they are still looking good.

10. Goggles Protective Blocking Eyeglasses Protection

Goggles Protective Blocking Eyeglasses Protection

The coating is anti-Fog. Children and adults can keep a clear view from the outside environment with protective eyewear that protects against flying debris, water splashes, and airborne dust. Blue light blocking and UV400 lens, 100% protection against harmful blue light, relieve visual fatigue and discomfort when browsing cell phones, tablets, games and working under fluorescent lights, protect your eyes and reduce glare. Fashionable colors give you a perfect fit that won't slip off, no matter what your face shape is. Safety Goggles are used for work safety. When you need reliable, comfortable eyewear protection, you can choose their safety goggles. The high definition lens restores true colors. You can change the lens you want at any time.

Brand: Jo

👤These are the best eye protection I have found. Since Covid became more prevalent, I have been required to wear a mask and eye protection. I have tried many different types of eye protection and these have been the best so far. These glasses are comfortable, stay in place, and don't cause me a headaches. I can see well while being protected, and they give a crystal clear image. I like these. It is definitely worth the 20$.

👤These glasses are great. We are required to wear safety goggles or a face shield when I am a nursing student. I went with these glasses instead of a full face shield. They are cute and functional. Even with my mask, they don't fog up. They are comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Sometimes glasses will hurt my head, but these don't. The only complaint I have is that the blue is not as light as the picture shows. It's not bad. I 888-276-5932s, I 888-276-5932s, 888-276-5932 See the pictures for reference.

👤It's small but it's there on the inner arm of the glasses, which is required by our hospital. The preferred is Z87 D3. Many nurses have been discouraged from wearing their own eyeware due to lack of communication. The flimsy eye protection is junk. The preferred eye protection is Z87 D3 and we just got an update that we can wear it. I work at a major county hospital that has Level 1 trauma and other outstanding areas. I'm happy I can finally wear what I think is safe.

👤I was surprised by these. The smaller purple pair was the one I went with. They fit nicely and don't change your view. It gets hot when I am a nurse. There was no fogging up due to breathing in my mask. The sides don't completely go to my face, but not everyone's face shape will work with every pair of glasses/goggles. The hard case and soft case that came with it can be put in my locker. I would give these a try if I were you, I think they look pretty cute.

👤I wear glasses to work. I teach elementary school. I feel safer with the glasses on, but they don't cover up the sides very well. The top part is covering my eye. Most of the eye is covered by the bottom part. There are significant gaps between the sides.

👤Don't revisit these again and again. I have a big head and these were tight. The first time I wore them, they fogged up. They are sitting in my car because it was difficult to return them.

👤No se puede ver bien.

👤I got these to help prevent aerosols from entering my eyes during face to face interactions I had throughout the day at the large indoor events I work. The frames were great the entire weekend of the event, which was a relief because the first day I tried them on they fogged up in minutes! They are great in air conditioned environments, but they fog up in the heat. The anti-fog can only do so much. If the droplets are trapped behind your lens, they will condense into visible droplets and run down the inside of your lens. It can be warm in any environment you use these in. But the next few days in the air conditioning? There wasn't much of a problem. I am thankful for any protection I can get, considering I found out one of my close contacts worked shoulder to shoulder with me tested positive after our most recent event.

11. DEWALT DPG94 1C Dominator SAFETY Glasses

DEWALT DPG94 1C Dominator SAFETY Glasses

Only for industrial use. Not for use or sale. The lens is high-impact. The rubber tipped temples are comfortable. Excellent coverage is provided by the full frame with larger lens. The rubber nosepiece is comfortable. It protects against 99. UV rays can be harmful. It's called ANSI Z87. There are 1+ standards. It's called ANSI Z87. There are 1+ standards.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I wear a size 7 hat. These safety glasses fit me well because I have a large head. Not uncomfortable, but snug. They have rubber temples and rubber nose pieces that leave you feeling comfortable after a while. I have used them on a compound miter saw, tile saw, table saw and chop saw. Everything was clear and they didn't feel like they were a problem. They didn't have fog in the sun. I would recommend them for any job that would require eye protection for a long time. I liked them so much that I bought a smoke version. They work as well.

👤I didn't realize they were reflective lens type when they arrived, but I already disliked them. Before I criticize them, I have tried them out. I fell in love with these safety glass's hard, even at night time, when you talk about clarity, these glass's have it, comfort these glass's have it, what else besides they are a nice thing. "Nice" safety glass is what I mean. The cats meow to me.

👤I own the best safety glasses. I plan on buying more pairs in the future and maybe even using them as cheap sunglasses. I usually have trouble with glasses that are loose around the temple areas. I bought these to replace other ones that didn't fit right and I push back up. Not these. They fit just like the Gascan sunglasses I wear that don't fall off my face. The viewing area is large. I forget I am wearing them. They have an "R+" written on both of the eyes that doesn't come off. It's not really in your field of vision, but if someone is looking at you, it's very noticeable. Since they are supposed to be safety glasses, not fashion glasses, and they are unbelievably inexpensive for the build quality, its still a 10/10 item.

👤I wanted to use these as motorcycle glasses. They are better made and safer, and they cost less than cheap non-motorcycle glasses. They fit perfectly, but that depends on head shape. The sunglasses are similar to those made for motorcycle riding. They are the same as sunglasses sold as motorcycle glasses and they wrap around to keep the wind out of the eyes. The glasses have a special anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. I have to throw away motorcycle glasses because they scratch so easily. Time will tell how these are. They are rated to block 99% of UV-A and UV-B radiation. The glasses I received are not yellow. They look like the smoke version. I'll still use them. I was trying to place an order again. I get a notice that they are not available. I think that's why they sent me smoke glasses. Light yellow glasses for riding in the dark. I placed an order for a few more colors of these glasses so I'll have all of them, but the yellow version will be in stock soon. I like the graduated version because it makes it easier to read them while looking down, because my gauges are mounted on my gas tank. The style of these are similar to motorcycle glasses, but I'm not a big fan of the style. I'm an old guy who still likes classic glasses but these will protect my eyes from the wind and flying objects so that's ok. I'm not sure how they handle glare. The glare from the cheap glasses I picked up is so bad that I can't see into the sun at all. Hopefully, that won't be a problem with these. I can't check them out because it's overcast. If I find any problems after riding with these, I'll update this review. If these glasses are as good as I think they are, motorcyclists should be aware of them.


What is the best product for eye protection glasses?

Eye protection glasses products from Solidwork. In this article about eye protection glasses you can see why people choose the product. Seeband and Dollger are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye protection glasses.

What are the best brands for eye protection glasses?

Solidwork, Seeband and Dollger are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye protection glasses. Find the detail in this article. Vakker, G & F Products and Kleenguard are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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