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1. Artelac 8028117714162 Rebalance

Artelac 8028117714162 Rebalance

It is a relief for age associated with burning, painful, dry eyes. The solution is 10 liters. There is 0.15% of hyaluronic acid.

Brand: Artelac

👤Only buy if you want to use it quickly. It's a good thing. Who knows, some may like it. My 5 papers have a pH of 6.8. Boric, 0.15% HA, 0.5% PEG8000, NaCl/Kcl/MgCl2/CaCl2 (Ca drops can form eye stones), and toxic oxyd were not like Artelac. It is not the same as the nice Hylo, Clear Eyes Adv, etc. 100s of companies use it under many names because it is gentle. The worst preservative is bak. In some studies only 5% of the cells were left viable after oxyd was applied, so it's not as harmless as companies claim. I think the fact that they don't specify B12 concentration is odd, since many companies say it's 0.02 or 0.05%. Why is the oxyd preservative toxic? TheCellular viability was reduced by Perborate and Polyquad. The viability of oxide was 6. The incidence of pain and discomfort decreased from 52.4% to 7.8% after using a preservative-free product. The Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) scores were significantly reduced for 98% of the patients after a minimum 3-week switch to a preservative-free artificial tears. The ideal artificial lubricant should be free of harmful substances. Preservative-free eye drops are necessary for patients with severe dry eye. The correct name for the most toxic preservative is BAK, it is alkyl dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride. Is it not insane that oxyd can be as deadly as mercury? If you want to try some B12 drops from Bausch and Lomb that have no preservatives like B12 0.05%, you can buy them from Chauvin Labs or Thea saline solution. You can find 0.05% B22 drops from Thea and Bausch and Lomb on the internet. There are 4 human studies on B12 eye drops. I like that they use less toxic hyaluronate ingredients and have higher moleccular weight. The 8(6): 2 was published in Nov. My papers showed a 6.8, which is bad for most people. It can also suppress the immune system by reducing inflammation. The higher weight will not make our eyes worse. It's difficult to know how good a drop is when the pH is not ideal and it may only be good for people with a lower pH. It's a good thing. If you use eye drops a lot, daily, 3-6 times daily or at night too, use unpreserved always since long-term cumulative damage becomes catastrophic. This may be good for people with a lower pH who want to test B12 or something exotic. The fact that they use PEG8000 as a lubricant is problematic since it has been shown to cause allergic response and inflammation. I think you will love the hyaluroante drops more than the PEG8000, so you should try one of the many unpreserved drops.

👤I use this eye drop for dry eyes. You only put in one drop per eye, and my eyes feel better immediately. I have used them for a week and will keep ordering them. I have tried all the over the counter drops and they work just as well as these. That one drop is very relaxing. I use these drops 3-4 times a day. They are enough for daytime as well.

2. Hastings Triplet Loupe 10x 40D

Hastings Triplet Loupe 10x 40D

The unit's focal distance is 1 cm. Hastings Triplet Loupe Power: 10x, Hastings Diopter: 37D are included in the price. The focal distance is 1.1 lens dia. The country of origin is subject to change.

Brand: Bausch & Lomb

👤It's in great condition despite a few scratches on the inside of the loupe. The job was done perfectly.

👤Don't settle for anything but the best when it comes to the eye scuplture from Bausch & Lomb. The less expensive "flavors" do not hold up as well as B & L. There is a We use these in our machine shop and I would recommend them to anyone in the high precision field.

👤Excellent clarity and magnification. The case developed a crack after two years due to internal stress. The plastic housing had its front face chamfered, and this caused the crack to spread. A loupe should have a service life of at least two years.

3. MURO 128 Percent TWIN PACK

MURO 128 Percent TWIN PACK

The MURO 128 tube is a 2-pack.

Brand: Muro 128

👤I started using Muro 128 for my recurrent corneal erosions after my eye doctor told me that I had map-dot-fingerprint corneal dystrophy. It helped a lot. I'd been using regular nighttime creams without the salt, and my erosions continued to happen. They stopped when I started using this. I've been using it for a long time. When I don't use it, my eyes feel dry when I wake up, so I keep using it with my doctor's approval. It doesn't sting when I put it in. I use it every night, even though it blurs vision for a while, and is quite goopy.

👤I have been suffering from severe dry eye syndrome for many years and have found it necessary to use a lubricating ointment at night to keep my eyelid from sticking to my eye and tearing in the morning. I have tried many different types of ointment and have concluded that Muro 128 is the best. Highly recommended, even though it's premium price.

👤This is the only product that works on my dry eyes at night. I only apply it when I go to bed because it causes a white out in my vision. I heat in a cup of warm water for 30 seconds before applying so that it will flow like a liquid. It stays in your eyes if you don't change it. It's best to wash it out with hot water. The reason I bought from pharmapacks was low price. Local stores get more money for the same product.

👤I have dry eyes. I was told by my eye doctor to use Muro 128 at night, but it was so expensive for little tubes that I went with a cheaper one. It helped my dry eyes but not my main eye issue. I used a tube of Muro every night after buying it at the drugstore. I didn't need eye drops during the day because my eyes were so comfortable. I found it here for a little less than the drugstore sells it, and have been buying two packs every now and then. I've learned to use a little rather than a lot. A very small amount is needed. It immediately lubricates my eyes, unlike the liquid/drops version. My eyes are blurry. I am going to sleep so it doesn't matter. When I wake up, my eyes are moist. I wish I could find a cheaper substitute for this. I haven't been able to. I will pay the price because my eyes have improved so much that they are worth whatever it takes to keep them healthy. Muro 128 keeps my eyes healthy.

👤My dog suffers from Corneal Edema. I apply twice a day. I put the tube in the hot water for 30 seconds. It is much easier to place a small drop in the space created by stretching his lower eyelid. It's easier to control the dose.

👤I've been using this for several months to prevent dry eye. If I hold the tube in my hand for a couple of minutes, it's much easier to apply the right dose. The heat from my hand made it easier for me to squeeze a drop into each eye. The method helps to prevent the tip from becoming contaminated by touching the eye area.

4. Kirkland Signature Multi Purpose Sterile Solution

Kirkland Signature Multi Purpose Sterile Solution

Each bottle has 3 pack X 16 fluid ounce in it.

Brand: Kirkland Signature

👤BUY IT! It's better than both B&L and OPTI-FREE. I'm very happy to have found this solution. I buy it at either Amazon or Costco when I'm there. It's the best solution I've ever had. My eyes don't dry out with the other brands I've used. I used my rewetting drops several times throughout the day and at night with these two brands. If that is the case, I only have to use rewetting drops once a day. The solution is easy to understand. There's no redness or burning. The fact that you get more than 3 times the amount of solution in Kirkland's than in other brands sealed the deal for me. I'm not using any other. I gave my brother a bottle of it and he immediately felt the difference and now only uses Kirkland's.

👤A lot of people love this product and find it better than the big-name brands. More power to them. This contact lens solution might not agree with you. I had nothing but pain, irritation, and constant watering. I had to remove my lens and keep my eyes out for the rest of the day after I had my eyes badly bloodshot. If you've never tried it before, you should have an extra bottle of solution on hand in case things don't go as planned.

👤I might as well have washed my eyes. I always use a clean and soak solution before I use my solution. I soaked for 6 hours after using this cleaner. Woke up, washed my lens, and prepared to put it in the solution. The lens was cloudy and spotty. It was not like that when I put it in there. I put it in the bin to be cleaned and then I washed it again. I will reexamine my lens after 6 hours. I will not be happy if it is cloudy and dirty. I will not recommend this. It doesn't work for me, so it's not a value for my money. There is no way I will put the ruined contact lens back in my eye.

👤I have been using it for a long time. I needed to order a bigger size but it wasn't available. I decided to try something else. It costs less to land on Kirkland. I was surprised that it worked better than Opti-Free. I used to experience some irritation in my eyes when I used the old solution, and it got worse towards the end of the day. I have not experienced any irritation or pain after using Kirkland for several days.

👤All contact solutions are not the same. Renu is complete trash. I knew I had to try the brand when I saw it. I don't know about everyone else, but I love Kirkland. Their products are of the highest quality. This product does what it's supposed to do. I had no issues with it. For two 10oz bottles, the cost is fifteen dollars. This is for three bottles. Comes with a contact case. That's a steal! I've bought this set 3-4 times already and will continue to do so.

5. Bausch Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution

Bausch Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution

The package is 6 feet by 5 feet. The package weight is 0.222 kilograms. Chlorihexidine gluconate, Edetate disodium, Polyaminopropyl biguanide, Polyvinyl alcohol, and Purified water are ingredients.

Brand: Boston

👤I have used this product for a long time. This has proved to be a good way to care for the lens. I prefer the sister product "Simplus" that includes additional agents that don't need to be done separately, but still cause irritation and discomfort, and clouded the vision after 8 hours.

👤I have been using B&L for my contact lens for decades and I trust them. The last 2 deliveries were $17.72 and it had been great. The bottle was smaller by 15ml when compared to the previous one. Not buying or stopping my S&S.

👤I have used gas permeable lens for over 40 years and only used ADVANCE for the same period. I will not use anything else. The solution has never caused a reaction for me. It's easy to throw into a purse if you need it during the day and it's great for travel.

👤I've been a Boston user for over 30 years, and nothing comes close to this formula. The red cap and the blue cap are the only two solutions that help with wearabilty and comfort, and this beats anything on the market. When I couldn't find Boston in Osco, I had to use other brands until I found Boston in Amazon. Thank you. I'm back to normal and a high quality brand that cleans and provides comfort.

👤The order page states that there are two bottles, but only one was in the package. One bottle for $17 is ridiculous. It's going to be difficult to return it.

👤"Pack of 2" was stated in the order. I received one of the two.

👤They didn't send two items. It is not worth the opportunity cost to return it.

👤I like how this solution can be used multiple times. It keeps your contacts safe. It's very thick, and when you put the lens in your eyes, you can feel how hydrated they are. I get treatments for my dry eyes with my Opthamologist. I use a conditioning solution to fill the lens to the brim before putting it in my eye if the weather is humid. The solution provides enough eye comfort to last all day. In the evening, I use an eye drop. This conditioning solution is all in one bottle. I wake up refreshed, soothed, and nourished. I'll pay more for a multi-step system in order to see and see well. I'm paying attention to what I'm seeing instead of paying attention to how my eyes look. That's not how Bausch & Lomb will treat your eyes. It's simple, and it makes the biggest impact on how you handle your day.

6. Bausch Amp Lomb Eye Wash

Bausch Amp Lomb Eye Wash

The country of origin is the United States. The recycled content is zero. Post-consumer waste is not included.

Brand: Bausch & Lomb

👤I bought this to be in my cabinet in case we needed it. This was a life saver, because my 1 year old smashed sand in my eye. I was able to clean out my eye with the solution and eye cup and I was able to assess if I needed further care.

👤Over use of regular eye drops was causing a rash. The eyewash is so soothing. The rash is gone and eyes are not itchy anymore.

👤I bought this product for my mother in law, who has trouble squeezing and grip. It was very easy for her to use and it worked for lubrication of her eyes.

👤I use this product in the morning. What a relief.

👤I love using this eye wash, it's easy to use, and my eyes feel refreshed after using it.

👤It's eyewash. The cup is well-shaped and does a good job.

7. Bausch Lomb Illuminated Coddington 10x

Bausch Lomb Illuminated Coddington 10x

The object being examined has a bulb inserted into it. It has the properties of ergonomics for increased comfort during use. Two AA batteries are not included. The United States is the country of origin. The unit's focal distance is 1 cm.

Brand: Bausch & Lomb

👤Not made in the US, but in China. A nicely illuminating, diffuseled light is not an incandescent threaded/replaceable bulb. Not powered by 2 batteries. A single battery. The reviewer had pictures of a metal body. It is definitely plastic but lightweight. There is a The case is decent. It seems like a genuine 10x. The area is small. This is a decent scuplture, especially at a $21 price point.

👤There is a new update on Feb. I have had it for less than a year and it is not working. The light bulbs that were supposed to work with it, either don't work or there is a defect with the batteries. I have vision issues and need this style of loupe as it is the only one I have ever been successful in using. I don't know if I should buy another one because I think it will be broken in less than 6 months. The very first one I had ever had. I was unable to get the light bulb out without destryoying it. The materials and parts used in the first one I bought 16 years ago are not as good as they could be. Why not make a really good one and charge more so you can buy new bulbs? In the 90s. I bought the same design. When the bulb burned out, I assumed it wouldn't be replaceable. I was happy to find it again on Amazon because it was the best loupe I had ever used, it had the 10X options, and the light was essential as I found my hands and face blocked light from little gemstones. B& L changed the composition of the material used in the handle. Even though it was the same size, my old one was heavier. The first one came from an Amazon warehouse deal, but there was no instructions. There was a piece of plastic over the slide to turn it on and off. The curled up edge cut my thumb open. I assumed it had to be a disposal cover since there was no such thing on my old one. It was obvious when I got it off that it was keeping the slide on/off switch from falling off the handle. To say the least. They were okay with me sending it back. I ordered a new one and the bulbs which are supposed to replace the one that burns out. The new one came yesterday and I was disappointed to find the same plastic cover over the switch and cheaper handle material. I took the head from the new one and put it in the body of my old one, which would get 5 stars. When my new camera lens arrives, I will take a photo showing the difference. Why change the material? Is it possible that they are saving a lot by substituting a cheaper metal body and inferior switch? I don't think so. The instructions were printed on the box. It had a nice little cover, but I wouldn't have bought it if I had known about the instructions on changing bulb and which bulb to buy. The photos are here. The first shows the difference in the metal used on the handle. The older one is heavy. The slide on/off switch is different in the second picture. It is held on by a piece of plastic that can easily be cut. The third shows the difference between the two clips. The old one has a built in clip and the new one has a cheap one. I decided to show you the pics of the wound to the thumb caused by the hard plastic on the slide cover of the new design. Cost savings that result in an inferior product should result in fewer sells. It makes no sense to me.

8. Bausch Lomb Watchmaker Loupe 5x

Bausch Lomb Watchmaker Loupe 5x

The glass lens is lightweight. If it's appropriate, it's manufactured for headband attachment. There is a protective storage pouch. The focal distance is 2 inches.

Brand: Bausch & Lomb

👤The loupe was an imitation and not the one pictured. The lens is made of plastic. It should be glass. The photo is the actual item.

👤Everything is clear when it is crystal clear. A nice black baggie with a glass lens and a wide angle seems to work for the price. It is easy to hold in the eye for a hands-free operation. If you find this helpful, vote thumbs up.

👤The problem is that you have to hold what you're looking at within 2 inches of the lens in order for it to focus. I was able to barely get the leather in focus, about two inches from my face, when I tried it for detail painting. The brush went out of focus when it was a quarter of an inch above the leather. A large magnifying glass is beneficial to some.

👤The 10X is a jewelers loupe and I needed an intermediate strength called the watchmakers. The five is clear and perfect.

👤I had this when I used it, but it was blurry, and I would be a shame to have my name on it.

👤I was 800-273-3217 The use of these is limited to imagination. I used the 10x to inspect an optical TosLink cable and found 2 of the glass fiber strands dead. I repaired a chair that had a small scratch. The 10x is harder to focus on than the 5x. The quality is good for the price. Good luck with your research.

👤Nice loupes, but not perfect. If you put the diameter of the housing to your eye, it would be a tad bigger. I can hold the Okularis in my eye indefinitely, because I have a couple of Okularis loupes that are a little wider and use the "look surprised - look confused" method. These are small for that, they fall out. A fewmm's wider. They would be 5 stars.

👤The 5x loop worked as expected. I was surprised by the distortion when viewing through the 10x loop, as only the middle portion of the glass is in focus. The outer 1/3rd of the glass is not usable. They come in a pouch that is handy for storing and keeping dust off of the glass. The 5x glass is better than the 10x glass.

9. THERA PEARL Eye Mask Reusable

THERA PEARL Eye Mask Reusable

The package includes a Black Sleep mask for women and men. It's perfect for dry eyes, allergies, headaches and more. It is possible to freeze for two hours to feel cooling relief. The gel pearls hold the temperature for 20 minutes, which is the doctor's recommended time. Store the pack in a bag in the freezer. The mask is non-latex and non- phthalate-free.

Brand: Theraband

👤I have been using this eye mask for a little over a month now and my eye doctor has confirmed that my eyes have gotten much better since I first started using this product. You need to use it every day to see the benefits. The mask is too small for some reviewers. I have a small face. I think the mask is perfect for me. The measurement of the mask where the beads would be applied is between 6.5 and 2.5 inches. If you have a giant face or head, the band may be too tight or the mask too small. If the band is too tight, lay down and hold it to your face. The directions on how to microwave the mask can be found on the mask. I wouldn't just leave it there for a while. There are other reviews that are not happy with their masks exploding. I put the mask in for 4-5 seconds at a time, hit pause, shake the beads around, flip the mask over and repeat until it feels hot enough to use. I haven't had any issues yet and the seams are still intact. You might experience vision blurriness after using the mask. I asked my doctor if it was normal and he said it was. I paid $8.44 for this product, and I think it's worth more than that. The job was done by Bausch & Lomb.

👤I need to apply warm compress to my eyes twice daily because of a condition called dry eye. I had a gel bead mask that became stiff over time. It wouldn't fit my face anymore. The Thera Pearl eye mask fits my face very well and seems to be of better quality. I am happy I purchased this product.

👤The Therapearl Eye mask has helped clear up a bad case of dry eye. I use it at night to fall asleep. Follow the directions to heat in the microwave carefully. I ended up with a bowl of cereal and a microwave full of little blue bubbles, because I didn't. I microwaved it for 15 seconds when it should have been 12. I was away for about a week. At midnight, the microwave rained blue bubbles. I re-ordered a mask and it's doing well. It's not as hot as I would like, but there are no explosions in the microwave.

👤This has been a lifesaver for me. I often have facial pain due to my cancer medication, but recently I've needed something to help it. One of the side effects of this medication is that it can cause headaches that can be severe and can be all over the face and head, but there is also pain behind the eyes. The mask is perfect. It can get very hot in a short amount of time. It fits nicely and you can lie down and sleep with it. The heat can be easily reheated. At times it can even make the pain go away, so you won't need to use it again quickly. The affordable and perfect product created by Bausch and Lomb is being praised.

10. Bausch Lomb BAL8574GM Pre Moistened Cleaning

Bausch Lomb BAL8574GM Pre Moistened Cleaning

The packaging design makes it easy to get large folded tissues. It is easy to use. It's perfect for home, light industrial, office, car, glove compartment, and more. Easy to use and convenient to use, is the result of the unique packaging design. Excellent for safety glasses, goggles, face shields, computer screens, automobile mirrors and more.

Brand: Bausch & Lomb

👤I have been using lens wipes from Zeiss for a long time and I was impressed with how much better they were. The impression waned after a few orders, as the last two shipments were mostly dried up. Maybe it is the fault of the individual seller, or maybe B&L are just sitting on a huge pile of these things. The end result is an unreliable product. I've been getting great results with "CareTouch Lens & Screen Cleaning Wipes" for several orders in a row.

👤These are the best lens wipes on the market. They don't leave a film, clean well and dry. They just need a microfiber after to get nice and shiny. I assume the box I received is old stock because of the 2-star review. The packs that I have tried have either been split open on one end or dried out inside. I assume the problem is with the stock of the seller, since we have the same wipes at the office.

👤I expected more from B&L. Before I open them, I can feel the difference between the moist and dried ones. The packets that are still moist are cooler than the room temperature. The moist ones can be a little damp, but they are never wet. The dried out packages are cold. It takes a long time to get rid of all the smudges, and I think the lenses attract dirt after being cleaned. I was unable to find an expiration date on the box or the packets themselves. There was a code on the outside of the box. I don't know what that means. The box's outside was scratched. I think I have solved the mystery of why some are dry. There are small slits on the edges of the small individual packages that say "TEAR HERE". I believe that the slit may be off register and barely pierce through to the inner pocket for housing the wet papers, which allows them to dry out.

👤It was made in the USA. The fact that they are made in America is the best feature of these wipes over and above the other two. Their wrapper is designed to tear in such a way that you don't end up with two pieces. The seam opposite of the side you start from is the one that catches the tear most of the time and keeps you from having a small tear that will shift course and end up in the garbage can. The third best feature is that they are slightly larger than the other two brands, which is great if you need two of the smaller sized wipes to get the job done. I rank the cleaning solution and their cleaning efficacy on a scale of 0 to 100. The packaging, extra length and reduced chinesium content is the real value, though it does state "Made in US of US and imported components", so they are probably not 100% chinesium free.

👤After the second box of wipes, I was hesitant to order a third box, but I did, it just confirmed what I had thought about these wipes, they just smudge the lens even after a firm wipe. Sometimes 2 wipes don't clean. I purchased a large bottle of eye glass cleaner from the Dollar Tree in desperation and it works better with a dry lens wipe cloth than the wipes I was using. I was disappointed that my expensive glasses lenses from this premium brand were not better. The Zeiss brand was better than these.

11. CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion Lightweight

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion Lightweight

All natural, non-comedogenic, and allergy tested.



What is the best product for eye relief bausch lomb?

Eye relief bausch lomb products from Artelac. In this article about eye relief bausch lomb you can see why people choose the product. Bausch & Lomb and Muro 128 are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye relief bausch lomb.

What are the best brands for eye relief bausch lomb?

Artelac, Bausch & Lomb and Muro 128 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye relief bausch lomb. Find the detail in this article. Kirkland Signature, Boston and Theraband are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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