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1. Vortex Optics Crossfire 1 4x24 Riflescope

Vortex Optics Crossfire 1 4x24 Riflescope

The Crossfire II line has many configurations. The v-plax format with battery-powered electronics is used to illuminate the center dot for hunters. With long eye relief and an eye box, you'll be able to quickly get a sight picture. The fast focus Eyepiece allows quick and easy focusing. Bright and clear views are provided by the anti-reflective, multi-coated lens. The turrets can be reset to zero with a single click. A single piece tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The Crossfire II is waterproof and fog proof.

Brand: Vortex

👤Can you decide between red dot or scope? Are you looking for the most bang for your buck? Desperately need a long range function? Don't want to break the bank? Is it possible to research and research and not come to a decision? Stop here! You've seen the specifications. You know what's going on. This is it! You can make a guilt free purchase. It is GTG! It is on my rifle. I own both leupold red dots and eotech and I can honestly say that it doesn't justify spending that much on a piece of equipment when it's not worth it. Let me solve the problem for you. BUY IT! You will not be disappointed. I am not paid to say this. I love this scope.

👤Before buying, I watched a lot of reviews on the internet. The purchase was confident and it has been performing as expected through several boxes of ammo. The adjustments are close to what the advertised 1/2 moa is. The crosshair post is pretty close to where I think it should be. I would highly recommend this scope to anyone looking for a nice scope on a budget. In the middle of a match, the optics failed. The picture would blur from shot to shot. The optics were mounted on a mount. The scope would lose zero for a few shots and then snap back to allow for great groups. I dropped my rating from a 5 star to a 1 star after starting the warranty process. The review will be updated after their response.

👤I don't think you'd find a better scope for the money. The more expensive scope is nicer. The NightForce has never been shot by anyone who says this is comparable to a $1000 + NightForce. I don't believe in spending more than $300 on a scope unless you are match shooting, and this is the best scope I have seen in the under $500 price range. I put it on a 338 Lapua and it's awesome. It's clear and you can see the bullet holes. Very accurate. You can shoot over 1000 yards with this scope. I use it to hunt coyotes. I take care of my stuff, but it still gets knocked around a bit. You won't be disappointed.

👤I looked at both the Vortex 1X4 and the Vortex 1X6 Strike Eagle. I put the batteries in my offset QD mount on top of my flat top receiver. I was going to put one on one rifle and the other on another. I kept the 1X4 and sent the 1X6 back because it was easier to use the 1x4 at max power and because it was easier to see a full field of view on the 1. This was the main reason I preferred the 1x4. The semi-circle BDC reticle on the 1x6 was a distraction and took up too much of the sweet spot in the middle of the scope. It would be a distraction to use this on cans on the river bank at close range or on anything over 200 yards. The 4 plex traditional 1x4 with its perfectly round red dot in the middle was perfect for me. The variable power ring on the 1x6 was too tight and you could not adjust it with one hand. The 1X6 cause of the torsional effort transmitted to the rifle while wrestling the power ring made it difficult to do that with the 1X4 because both eyes were open. The difference between the 1X Aimpoint micro and Primary Arms clones and the one above is negligible. It's hard to tell the difference between the lowest and highest settings. I don't think you could see it at all if it was so bright, but would that matter if it was so bright? The small size of the dot is perfect for low-light and night use, with the crystal clear etched traditional reticle being all you need during daytime use. After mounting, I have only seen this. If there are any bad surprises at the range during live fire zeroing, I will post a followup.

2. Sig Sauer Romeo5 1x20mm Compact

Sig Sauer Romeo5 1x20mm Compact

The memory card is not included in the photo or video recording. 10 illumination settings are provided for visibility in all light conditions. When it senses motion and does not, motac powers up and down. It provides for optimum operational safety and enhanced battery life. Integrated M1913. Industry-standard mounting options for a wide range of applications can be found at the picatinny interface. It's waterproof and fog-proof, and it's rated for complete water immersion up to 1 meter.

Brand: Sig Sauer

👤I don't know how many I have. The big window from the EOTechs is my favorite sight. It's my go to for adding something to my collection without breaking the bank. They work, they're bright even in direct sunlight, and hold zero when knocked around. They've never let me down and I've shot many of these. Aimpoint snobs will still say you should have spent more on an Aimpoint pro for every gun you own.

👤I bought this for my first gun. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep the dot centered in the scope, but the issue never materialized. The windage adjustment knobs were turned according to where I hit, but nothing changed where I aimed. I decided to crank the windage knob and the cover came off. I thought I was turning the control. It only took 3 or 4 more shots to get that puppy zeroed in. I am very happy with this purchase. I didn't spend the extra money for the "Tread" logo on the Romeo5 because I didn't want to offend anyone. I almost did that.

👤Even with my glasses on, it is a little star bursty for me because of my astigmatism. You don't look at the red dot. The red dot is an excellent target for any distance. Any review that says it is not a solid dot has eye problems. The unit is amazing. The car is on. An auto off. Excellent. There are some pics of a 7.5” rifle at 25 yards.

👤I can't get over the quality of this sight. Aimpoints, M68, and the micro h1 sight have always been used by me. The h1 sight is more comparable to this. I haven't been out to the range yet but the quality is just as good as the h1.

👤I had hoped that this would be as good as the first one, but it wasn't. That was not to be. The red dot was fixed at 8 o'clock and no matter what I did it wouldn't move. Guessing it wasn't assembled correctly. It happens. There is a new one coming. I'll update my review once it's received and installed.

👤The first unit that was sent wouldn't shut off. The seller sent a replacement that had a stripped mount bolt. I decided to let Sig-Sauer deal with it instead of inconveniencing the vendor. Sig paid for shipping and sent a unit. It took me a month to get my gun working.

👤This RDS holds zero very well and is a great RDS. I have this on a rifle, but it looks and works great. I have it with the Juliet 4X and will be co-witnessing with the sights. It works great with the stock iron sights, the TandemKross fiber optic sights, and even with the Romeo1 Pro as the rear sights, thanks to the Shadow mount V2. The lifetime warranty on the electronics is very good. The first one I got was faulty, but the second one works great and the replacement process was very painless thanks to Amazon's return policy. Would recommend this style of optics to anyone.

3. CVLIFE Hunting Rifle 6 24x50 Illuminated

CVLIFE Hunting Rifle 6 24x50 Illuminated

Hastings Triplet Loupe Power: 10x, Hastings Diopter: 37D are included in the price. The focal distance is 1.1 lens dia. The country of origin is subject to change. 50mm is the objective diameter. The field is 28 ft wide and 100 yards long. The click value is 1/6 inch.

Brand: Cvlife

👤You can't beat this scope for the price. I own multiple rifles in different calibers. I run either red dots or scope and they range from $500 to $1000. I own several range shooting brands, including Leupold, Weaver, and Vortex. I have many of the Vortex Viper series, and I think they are the best for the money. I bought a rifle for recreational shooting and didn't feel like shelling out hundreds of dollars for a scope. My other scopes are 30mm main tube and 50mm objective lens. I decided to buy this scope to try it out after reading good reviews. The glass quality is acceptable and the eye relief is okay, but for the price, this scope is not up to par. This scope is not good at higher magnifications. If you want better quality glass, you have to pay for it. The cost is 30 to 30 times higher if you get the Vortex Viper. I was surprised at how decent the scope was. I won't be using the higher magnifications because I don't intend to shoot further than 300yrds. This scope is worth every penny if you are not picky. Know that it's limitations.

👤I'm impressed that I got 2 of these and put them on rifles. I didn't expect the turrets to return to zero, but they did. When you crank up the magnification past 14x, it can get fuzzy. It's very manageable. The gun is holding up. I think it will last awhile. After using them with good results out to 500 yards, I'm going to keep them. I don't think you could get a better scope for the price or double the price, they have a very solid build to them. If you are looking for a good scope that won't break the bank, I would recommend these.

👤It's hard to go wrong with this scope. The fix distance for most cheap scopes is 50 yards. They are usually blurry inside of 20 yards. The scope can focus down to 10 yards. There is a My 600.00 SWFA 3-15x is clear or clearer. The SWFA has better turrets and is more rugged. This is all you need. I don't know if it was a milldot or a millrad. The turrets are not great. I compared it to my 6-24x Bushnell Elite and it was not as good. Its 24x is about 14x. The power is not accurate. This scope is 4-15x, not 6-24x. I don't know what the power of the markings is. The text is edited. The markings on this scope are in line with the ones on my Elite. For accurate mil dots, set to 20x.

👤I almost didn't believe it since a few people said the scope was blurry. When you adjust the zoom, it gets blurry fast, but you can find that sweet spot when you focus. I was able to see the furthest and shortest settings on the scope. It was clear. I have been able to adjust the zoom and focus at other random distances. I aim at a distant power tower which I think is 400 yards away. There are pictures on my phone. There is a single picture out my window. The scope is all the way in the other two pictures. You will know which one it is. Most riflescopes have a zoom and your eyes are the focusing lens. Maybe the reviewers are used to adjusting only one knob. The scope has three knobs. The end of your eye is your second focus. It was hard to notice and that might be the answer for some reviewers. So. It's not like it's impossible to get a clear view through the scope, but it takes more effort to focus and zoom. The red and green light feature is pretty cool, I was happy to see it wasn't required to use the scope. That wasn't clear from the description. The scope has crosshairs and the lights reflect off of it to make it easier to see in certain lighting conditions. The scope still works if your battery dies. The build quality is good. If you gave me this scope a week ago, I would have guessed it was $300-$400. It is a steal to get it for $50.00. I haven't tested the scope on two important factors: Does it hold up to recoil and if so, how much? Will the crosshairs come loose? I will only be using it on a 9mm rifle, the Feather AT-9. It doesn't kick that much. I bought a Barska Plinker-22 scope a few months ago, but the crosshairs are rotating freely inside the scope. I didn't think a 9mm in a heavy rifle would hurt the scope. It did. Will it hold zero? My 9mm gun is very accurate. The rifle is fun to shoot. I want a scope that will allow me to easily and accurately shoot potatoes. Potatoes are a very cheap target. I can get 10 lbs of potatoes for $2.00 at my local grocery store. There are hours of fun there. I don't want the scope's price to be close to the value of my gun, so I spend more on it. When I can test its ability to resist recoil and hold zero, I will update my review. It would be an awesome spotting scope for $50.00 even if it doesn't have magnification. I can't find that magnification for that price.

4. Vortex Optics Diamondback 4 12x40 Riflescope

Vortex Optics Diamondback 4 12x40 Riflescope

The Diamondback is a novel. The 75-5x32 riflescope is one of the many configurations in the Diamondback lineup and is ideal for big game, shotgun, and brush hunting applications. The Dead- Hold BDC is good for hunting and shooting at different ranges, where estimating hold-over would be a concern. There are bright images from dawn til dusk. The fast focus eyepiece makes it easy to focus. The turrets have the ability to zero reset. A precision glide erector system is used. A solid one-piece tube with a hard anodized finish creates a shockproof and durable scope while helping camouflage the shooter's position. The scope will deliver a lifetime of fog proof and waterproof performance.

Brand: Vortex

👤What is the warranty? I didn't get a warranty because mine continually failed and all I got was excuses and extra shipping costs. I accidentally let slip the return date of the first 1.5-5 diamonadback scope I got for Christmas, but I was able to return it. I tested them extensively, trying to get one to hold zero, but forget about it. I was using this scope on a rifle that I know well. I was using my own hand loads and shooting off of two sand bags at a range. Over and over after 40 rounds or so, not shot all at the same time at a high rate, and so on. I tested the rifle against itself with iron sights, and I know it shoots 1.5 MOA from a cold barrel. I tested the rifle with an old one and it held zero. Same rifle, same rings, same range, same shooter, but different results. An old kicked about the failure of theVortex. The old factory iron sights are the same. I tried to get my money back from the company. It's not true! When I mount a scope, I put witness marks on it. I know when it happens. I was burned by Vortex. I moved on after accepting this. I bought a bunch of Prostaff. Same rifle, same rings, same range, same shooter, but different results. The Prostaff works. It worked great and was less expensive. I paid a lot of money for the Vortex garbage scope and the nice Nikon, but I could have bought a Leupold! I am a former Vortex fan and own three Vipers and a garbage Diamondback. The warranty is bunk and the scope is junk.

👤Excellent scope! I've always used the Leupold VX-2 scope on my rifles, but I tried one on a Ruger Hawkeye 30-06. The Leupold costs less and I believe the Vortex is superior. This year, my wife, son and I hunted deer with this scope. The rifle fell off my shoulder and onto the gravel road I was walking on after I had a sling break. The scope was dead on even though it had some scratches. You can't go wrong with this scope.

👤There is a reason for that. The glass and the reticle are important parts of a riflescope, but if they aren't good, the other things won't make a difference. Through-and-though, the voorscopes are consistently high quality. I have owned both the First and Second Focal Planes, but I prefer the Diamondback scope. The reason for that preference is that the magnification power range of the SFP scope is the same as the FFP scope. The shrinking reticle is not satisfactory at long ranges. The 1,000 yard image is presented as if it were only 83.3 yards at maximum power. The Vortex Diamondback 4-12X44 is very affordable and close to perfect. I have no complaints about this scope. I have not had a single complaint about any of my 8 Vortex optics.

👤I've looked at many things. I've read forums about features. I've wondered if the actual value is greater than the perceived value. I chose this scope because of my name. It's good. It's really, really good. I own a lot of rifles. If you want to hunt deer with a rifle, you will not need a sub $200 scope or a deer hunting rifle. You're doing it for the wrong reasons if you go to a higher priced scope. Money is wasted. It is pure and simple. The BDC reticle gives great advantage to 200, 300, 400, 500 yrd shots. Each + 100 distance is designated by a hash mark on the scope. There are no rest turrets for elevation or windage. There is a There is a slight side note. I shoot a gun. This scope is barely larger than the 2 piece base and uses "HIGH" Weaver rings.

5. Simmons 511039 Matte Black Riflescope

Simmons 511039 Matte Black Riflescope

A single piece tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The Crossfire II is waterproof and fogproof. Features Truplex Reticle. It is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. Parallax correction from 50 yards to infinite. Rimfire dovetail mounting rings are included. A clear sight picture is ensured by the HydroShield coating. SureGrip rubber surfaces make adjustments easy.

Brand: Simmons

👤It's great for the money so far. It was put on my Lakefield Mk2 and I took about 30 shots to see it. It was fired about another 60 rounds after that. Group size is dependent on 50 cent piece at 50 yards. I am very happy with the order. The 200 rounds held zero and savesay hit a squirrel in the ear at 40 yards. I have owned this scope for a month and it is broken. You can't see anything when looking through the glass. The piece of junk decided to break after the last day.

👤I bought this scope for my gun. The rings that come with the scope are not compatible with the original Ruger rail so if you decide to purchase this, you should consider purchasing new rings. The scope is clear and crisp. The eye relief could be better, but you can't complain about the price. You need a screw driver to adjust the elevation. It's easy to get spoiled when your other scope is easy to use. What matters is performance. It only took a few adjustments to zero in the scope and I probably shot my best grouping at 25yds. It held zero after 100rnds. Make sure to get rings, it's a great scope.

👤This was bought for a rifle. The included rings were not used. I used Weaver aluminum rings. The scope was easy to mount. At 15 yards, the initial zero went without a problem. The scope did not have issues with holding zero, even though it was confirmed zero at 70 yards. If not as nice as some other scopes I have, Scope is well made. It is clear, with a small amount of distortion at max power along the far edges of the FOV. Light transmission is an average for a scope, but very good for a scope at this price. The turret clicks are very soft and nearly inaudible, but the controls are by and large ok. If you pay attention, it's not an issue, and after using the scope on several shooting cycles, it has not proven to be an issue with holding zero. The zoom ring was a bit tight at first, but after some time, it is now smooth and a little firm, which I like. The focus ring is the same. If I needed another scope for a.22LR, I would buy it again for the money.

👤The magnification is pretty accurate and the lens is clear. Mounted to my rugger 22 with no problems. I am taller than that, but not having an adjusted parallax. I have to push away from the scope to shoot. It shouldn't be a problem for a smaller person. The elevation and windage adjustments are drawbacks for me. The dial is not very bouncy and you can't count clicks if you move them, hopefully they don't float after being set. The price was pretty good. After installing an off set mount and setting the scope at 75 yards, I packed up and went home. I checked for the best pattern today with 5 ammo types. I shot my first shot and did not mark it. It was six inches off. The pain is not worth it when it exceeds expectations.

6. Vortex Optics Crossfire Riflescope Dead Hold

Vortex Optics Crossfire Riflescope Dead Hold

The 2-7x32 Crossfire II riflescope is one of many configurations. The Dead- Hold BDC is good for shooting at different ranges, where estimating holdover is a concern. With long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box, you'll be able to quickly get a sight picture. The fast focus eyepiece makes it easy to focus. Anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lens provide bright and clear views for the user. The turrets can be reset to zero with a single click. A single piece tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The Crossfire II is waterproof and fogproof.

Brand: Vortex

👤"Your satisfaction is important to us." We will give you a full credit for returned items if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days. If you purchase a rifle scope, please do not mount it and try to return it for full credit. If a rifle scope is found to have been mounted, we assess a 20% restocking fee. How do you charge a restocking fee of 20% on a faulty scope? Tell me what you know. I want to know how to determine if the scope is not faulty without mounting it. I am waiting.

👤I have had this scope mounted on my rifle for over two years. It has been a great scope. It holds zero and has nice glass. The illuminated scope works well. I consider myself to be a fan of the Vortex, as my scope and binos are all of the high end variety. I have never been disappointed in my products and they all come with an outstanding warranty. I put a lot of time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal and business reasons, because I rely on reviews when I make purchases. If you click the "yes" below, it will ask if the review is helpful.

👤This is not a negative review of the scope. The scope is a great value. Potential buyers should know that this scope is for a scout style rifle. The model is the 2-7x32 Vortex Crossfire II scope. The model has an eye relief of only 3.82”. It will behout and higher magnification. If you are buying this scope for a rifle, you should buy it with this scope. You want the model. This model has a longer eye relief. This is for a forward mounted scope.

👤The scope is good for the price. I used a Wheeler bubble level-level when mounting it on the A17, but that was the only issue I ran into. The cross hairs were not in alignment with the gun. I contacted them. They said that this was not unusual. The turrets are adjusted to the cross hairs. I used a plumb bob and the issue was solved. Wheeler's instructions assume the turrets are square. It is possible on this scope. They are not. I discovered that the scope's reticle was detached from the scope body and not the bubble levels, it was the problem that was caused by messing with the scope for too long. I returned the scope to them, which cost me $28, and they "repaired" it. I bought a made in the USA Leupold, which worked perfectly and was much higher quality. You are out shipping costs even on a brand new, faulty product, even if you have good customer service from Vortex, because they gave me incorrect reasons why the scope couldn't be leveled twice. The gold sticker on the bottom of the scope is the issue.

👤I had been buying cheap scopes in the past and wanted something better. I settled on the Vortex as my first serious duty scope after reading many reviews. I can't wait to take the.300 Blackout out to harvest some game with the scope, it looks amazing on the AR platform. The picture is clear. It's easy to forget you are looking through an optical device. If I had taken the time to look at the scope first, I would have had a better chance of zeroing in on my target. I detected no mushiness after each click. The cheaper scopes have a tendency to need you to tap them with a shell after each adjustment to help get them settled into place and the zero will wander a bit no matter how much you fuss with the adjustments, but that is all absent with the Vortex. Once you have the scope zeroed in, you can remove the turrets with a flathead and turn them back to their zeroed tick marks so that you can make small adjustments later, without losing where your main baseline zero is at. If you are like me and don't want to spend a lot of money on a scope, but still want to use it, then you should go with the Vortex Crossfire II line. The scope is amazing for the price. There are two or three shots that went too far to the right in my review photo. I flinched during those shots. The scope works.

7. Simmons 8 Point 3 9x50mm Truplex Reticle

Simmons 8 Point 3 9x50mm Truplex Reticle

A single piece tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The Crossfire II is waterproof and fog proof. The riflescope has a robust feature set for the price, which includes coated optics, waterproof, fog proof, and recoil proof. The grip has audible click windage and elevation adjustments. The proprietary zero windage and elevation adjustment system stays locked to 0 through strenuous conditions. 3 9X magnification and 50 millimeter objective lens; a field of view of 100 yards at 3X and a field of view of 100 yards at 9X. The eye relief is 3.75 inch, the exit pupil is 16.6 to 5.6 millimeter, and the weight is 13.2 ounce.

Brand: Simmons

👤It was mounted to a.308. Things were looking good for the first 14 rounds. A seal popped out on the inside of the scope near the focus ring on round 15. It is flopping around inside the scope. Really disappointed. I have considered returning it for a repair, but what is the point? I have to pay for shipping and a $10 check to send it in. Between my time and money, I prefer to spend it on a better product. If you are going to mount this on a nerf gun, I highly recommend you put your money towards a better product. I was wrong to think that I found a reasonable scope at a dirt cheap price point, based on the reviews. If you are in a tight spot, you should wait until you can get something decent. Iron sights will be reliable.

👤Look at my picture. Nuf said something. This scope will eat your target as a snack if you get her dialed in after 10 or 12 shots. My reason for using the "Simmons 8 Point scope" was based on the results of a simple search. I entered a search for the best 30.06 scope. This baby was ranked by the top ten as the 4th most inexpensive baby. It's time to hunt!

👤This past weekend, I put 500 rounds through my rifle with this scope. The zero was held perfectly by it. I had no eye strain from looking through it for so long. I can't recommend it higher. It's a good deal for the money. I am very happy with this scope. Surprisedly! I wanted to mount something on my rifle for shooting at the range, but I only put Leupold on my rifles. I didn't want to buy a new Leupold just for my rifle, but I did want to have something in my safe for my next rifle purchase. The price for this can't be beat. I am really impressed with the quality of scope that you get. It's not even close to the same price as Leupold quality. You can get close to 10 of these for the same price as a Leupold. Would I put one of these on a rifle that I am packing into the mountains, heavily invested into an elk hunt, no? But for a rifle. Yes. I'm happy. A good scope has a zero between trips to the range. Your zero is not able to drift. My last trip to the range, I was confused and lost my rings on my rail. Tightened them back up. The clarity through this lens is very good. I'm equally impressed. There's nothing worth worrying about. It's very small. None to report. I am very happy with the scope and the price. I decided that I didn't like the larger objective on my rifle so I took it off and bought a 40mm objective. I have an excuse to shoot more and get it back to normal. I put this on my car. The scope hasn't been affected by the beating that the 45-70 puts out. I hope I helped you make a decision about this product. I am not affiliated with the manufacturer, seller, or any other company that I might mention in this review. I do this to have fun and help others. If this review was able to help, please let me know and I'll let you know. If you have any questions, please post them in the Comments. I try to answer all inquires in a timely fashion.

8. Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP 4 16x44

Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP 4 16x44

The Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane 4-16x44 is an impressive array of features and performance. A crisp, bright sight picture is transmitted by the extra-low dispersion glass and fully multi-coated lenses. The first focal plane has a glass-etched reticle. Premium components in the zoom lens are used to ensure smooth magnification changes. The tools needed for long distance shooting are exposed tactical turrets. The fast focus eyepiece makes it easy to focus. The single piece 30mm tube is shockproof and rugged. Nitrogen purge and strong o-ring seals are waterproof and fogproof.

Brand: Vortex

👤I had serious doubts about the quality of this scope, but it exceeded my expectations. The thing that worried me was that their adjustment wasn't very high past 300 yards. No, in fact. I went to our spot and set a target of 347 yards. The adjustment was already done at this distance. The picture was clear and crisp. Went to 850 yards. There is a clear picture on the setting. The glass was clear. My head bobbing gave no deviations. Tracked perfectly and returned to zero. Turrets are not like that. They are close ratioed, but feelable clicks. I use the XTR Signature rings with 20 MOA inserts to go out beyond the 1000 yard mark. Not worried about not having a zero stop as one full revolution will get you out past 600 yards, so you will not get confused as to where you are. Buy once, cry once. The scope is as good as or better than the competing one.

👤It was a good scope for the money. It's very accurate for my skill level and I love the warranty. While at max zoom short range objects can get a bit out of focus, it's still full stars for me because I could see my groups clearly. The deer is at 190yrds and has a camera phone.

👤From the outside, scope is of sturdy build and turrets are well mounted and tight when twisted, while also being strong enough to not be twisted by bumping into things or moving around in a case. It is very easy to use the magnification. Even though you will experience a dip in clarity at 16x, it will still beat any stock or budget aftermarket scope you could find. The reticule is so crisp and defined that it is hard to see the numbers on the hold over and wind correction marks. This is a first focal plane scope, so it's outstanding and HD when you start to use higher magnifications, rather than being too large and in the way. It's a fact that when I zeroed this scope and store it in a soft cover it stays zero to this day. I traveled from Texas to Wyoming multiple times, and it never bumped off its zero even after a week of riding back country trials up in the Big Horn National Forrest on the side of Cloud Peak. If you are looking for a high quality scope that doesn't break the bank, this is it.

👤A piece of glass. It is a good range of zoom and most are intimidated by it. The settings for the parallax were perfect. Not to long for most rifles. The eye relief is not enough to prevent scope bite. I am very happy that there is a high quality FFP scope at a budget rifle price point.

👤The glass is not as sharp as it could be. I wouldn't call it crisp. It is definitely not a bad thing. elevation adjustments are responsive. I could see myself making that shot at 800 yards.

9. Vortex Optics Crossfire Rimfire Riflescope

Vortex Optics Crossfire Rimfire Riflescope

The eye relief is 3.75 inch, the exit pupil is 16.6 to 5.6 millimeter, and the weight is 13.2 ounce. The Crossfire II line has many configurations, including the 2-7x32 Crossfire II Rim fire riflescope. The V-Plex is an all-purpose hunting reticle that can be used for a variety of hunting applications. With long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box, you'll be able to quickly get a sight picture. The fast focus eyepiece makes it easy to focus. Bright and clear views are provided by the anti-reflective, multi-coated lens. The turrets can be reset to zero with a single click. A single piece tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The Crossfire II is waterproof and fog proof.

Brand: Vortex

👤The "2-7x32 Rimfire - V-Plex MOA" was mounted to a 22LR Savage B22 FV bolt action using medium sized, Vortex 1" scope rings. The scope is longer than I expected, and the eyepiece diameter is a tad larger. The glass is very high quality and the scope lets in a lot of light even in dim/dusk conditions. The eye relief is not at all the scope's fault and I'm not in love with it. I have to crane my head back on the cheek rest to get a clean picture because the mounts are on the B22 LV. This is easier to get a clean image than most of the other ones I've looked through. Highly recommended.

👤I need something for my mp15-22. I didn't want to break the bank. This is perfect for this rifle, I wanted a variable optic and red dot. I like the Rimfire model that I got. I can't complain about the eye relief, it's really good for $120. The glass is good. I posted some cell phone pictures of me looking through the scope at 2x, 4.5x, and 7x. Looks good to me!

👤I was hesitant about purchasing this scope due to the price. I want to point out how well it was packaged. The scope would maintain its quality even if it was handled differently in shipping. I will make sure to update this review as soon as I get the chance to go out again and see how well it holds up in different weather, and how well the box is sturdy. It is a 5 star scope. Will be buying another soon. A few of my friends are interested in buying one. I finally got it put on my rifle and used it today. Since I put it on, I've kept it in my gun case. The eyepiece is bent down near the power ring. It doesn't seem like it affects the vision, but I'm not very impressed that it's bent like that. I made sure that this was a safe spot where it wouldn't be damaged, and I found it here. It has an extra magnification that is awful. It shouldn't be added. There is no point in trying to increase after 7x zoom. Explanation #2. Wow! I am very impressed with the customer service at Vortex. They asked me to return the scope, and I did, and they sent me a brand new one within 4 days. Although there are a couple flaws to the scope, I will continue shopping with Vortex. Thank you for the great work you did, but also for the great customer service you provided after the accident! You now have a lifetime customer because of the customer service.

👤This is my second scope. I don't spend a lot of money on optics and a scope for my plinker. I don't think you can beat this scope. I mounted it with a specific mount that allows me to use my iron sights under the scope. It wasn't out of focus out of the box, but it focused quickly and easily. It was taken to the range. It shot low and left an equal amount at 25 yards. I had to turn the adjustments around so that they were dead on after that. I spent the rest of the day putting holes in paper and tuning up to get 0 at 50 yards. Held 0 and focus for 2 hours, even though the boy was not so gentle putting it down, as we took turns with it. I would be hard pressed to spend more than what I did here. The budget minded shooter will love the amazing scope made by Vortex.

10. Bushnell Multi X Reticle Riflescope 3 3 Inch

Bushnell Multi X Reticle Riflescope 3 3 Inch

Their SMD LEDs are designed to last more than 100,000 hour and are powered by 3AAA batteries. Their lighting will last for more than 20 years without burning out or overheating. Enjoy long lasting bright light and save money. The HD clarity of the quality optics is stunning. Quality materials were tested extensively. The design is built to last. A low light rifle scope has a 40 millimeter objective lens. There are multicoated lens for clarity and brightness. The Multi X reticle has a 1/2 MOA windage and elevation adjustments. 3.3 inches of eye relief is provided by the 100 percent waterproof/fog proof construction. The eyepiece is 12 inches long.

Brand: Bushnell

👤This turned out to be better than I anticipated. I put this on my car just in time for deer season. Sighted in at 100 yards. My friends and I put another's 100 rounds at the range and it held it's zero perfectly.

👤It was worth $60, but couldn't zero with 1/2 moa and needed a quarter moa. It was clear past dusk and early dawn compared to a few other hunting buddies. Highly recommend it. I did a lot of research for a good scope and realized you can only shoot deer 30 min before sun up and after sun down, this holds zero on my 6mm. If you don't shoot a rifle past 300 yards, you should spend more for a scope. It would be hard to see the reticle in twilight. It is clear where the center crosshairs are.

👤This is a great scope for the price. I use a Leupold VX-1 on my hunting rifle, and bought a new one. I almost like it more than the Leupold. It does give me good clarity with a wider field of view, which I love, but I am not going to tell you that it is better than the Leupold. I would buy another one.

👤Using a rifle. Holds zero. There is a clear sight picture. Good in low light. audible and positive clicks are used for elevation/windage adjustments. It is excellent at that distance, but I only used it for 100 yds.

👤I don't know how you beat this scope. This little scope hangs right with my Vortex scope. They are very good at light transmission in low light situations. They are just as good as my Vortex crossfire and my Leupold VX-2. The man is back.

👤The scope is great. I put it on my rifle. The Hornet. I'm getting better groups than I used to. The crosshairs are easy to see, even though they are a little thick for precision shooting.

👤It was a good bang for the buck. I got it on a car. I guess beaty is in the eye of the beholder, because to me... It's perfect. Very clear vision.

👤The scope arrived on time. I went to Cabell's to get rings. When I looked through it at the store, the vertical line was moving apart and the horizontal line was showing double. It was verified by the scope installer who went to the store and installed it. I've never had a scope that did that, but this is the first. Sighted in the scope at 50 yards. This scope doesn't have reticules or mill dots. You don't need them at that range. Yes, at 200 or 300.

👤I have 3 and I like it. I bought two because of the current price and change. I paid close to $120 at a gun shop on the 3rd. 40mm is a decent amount of light at low light conditions. If I spent a lot of money on travel and hunting, I might go for a higher end model. It is an excellent buy for the average user.

11. TheraICE Rx Headache Comfortable Stretchable

TheraICE Rx Headache Comfortable Stretchable

This is a hat that helps with headaches. It's stretchable compression with double seams allows it to fit everyone. One size fits all. If you don't like its size, you can return it for a full refund. TheraICE RX cold compression flexible ice pack cap provides natural cooling for headaches and migraines while resting comfortably. The slip-on design means no messy wraps or uncomfortable ice packs. The gel ice headaches relief mask wrap is brought to you by TheraICE. The therapy ice pack for migraines is a great hat for men, women and kids who suffer from headaches, migraines or facial tension. Less need for excedrin, advil, glasses or a pillow. It's very strong. The natural cold therapy hat is one of a kind. There is no hard inserts in the cap. Pull the cold over your face, eyes and head. It's great for eye, cranial, facial tension and stress relief. Products are good for people who get headaches often. It's soft gel design won't put undo pressure on specific areas like a hard ice pack insert, as you lay in bed or on a couch with the product on your head. It's a good eye mask for puffy eyes. It is easy to use and reuse. You can freeze in the zip bag for 2 hours. It's thick gel and dark color make it the perfect relief for headaches. The cold pack is safe for daily use and can be put in the freezer whenever a headaches comes on. The compression mask/hat is used to support and compress the face, eye and head. The way the gel forms to the head provides cold compression to relieve tension, stress, and sinus pain. Theraice products are made with cutting-edge material. There are products that can be worn on bare skin. Take less excedrin. The natural headaches mask is stretchable, single-piece, and can be used again and again. It's a perfect fit for everyone because it's one size fits all.

Brand: Theraice Rx

👤Hmm... I have three different migranes relief devices and this is the third one I have purchased. There are pros and cons to using this particular headgear, and my experience with it may seem to differ from other reviewers' statements. It is easy to put on and take off, the material is smooth and comfortable on the skin, and it is designed to be versatile, having a really practical shape and size that can be used. It doesn't seem to stay cold for more than 15 minutes, for me and my hot head, but it very quickly loses its coldness and becomes a tight fitting, heavy head brace that made. I will hold onto it for a few days to see if I can find some merits not yet discovered, but I am not optimistic. I will return the benefits if they are mediocre. I need a more reliable cooling system that I can depend on to alleviate my pain, because my migraines are terrible. This is soothing, but not as efficient as it claims. I decided to send the item back to the manufacturer.

👤I like the fit and coldness of this product, but it has one problem. It doesn't stay warm for long.

👤The product came in when I opened the pouch. I threw the head wrap down because I was hit with the most intense chemical smell. I don't think I can put something on my head that is bad for me. I aired it for 24 hours and it was the same as before. Really disappointed. I was looking forward to it. It doesn't seem like everyone gets one that smell toxic, so maybe it's a coincidence that mine smelled so bad.

👤I bought this for the cold. There is help for migraines. It is comfortable but doesn't stay cold long. Unless you have 3-4 of the to switch out, it isn't much use. I am giving it a meh.

👤I have not used it, so I got it a star. The mask has a smell.

👤I was on day 2 of a migraine. I had a migranes and it kept me up all night. I put this on 10 minutes ago and it gave me some relief, which was what my muscle relaxer, tylenol, and pain spray couldn't do. I put this on right after a shower with wet hair and it feels amazing. It's comfortable to wear while laying down.

👤I enjoy that this wraps around my head because I get severe headaches often. I don't know what is in the gel but it's cold and I like it that way. I wish it lasted longer but as long as I take my medication, it lasts just long enough for my headaches to calm down. It fits snug, I really like that. I don't have to change it. I will need it for double the time if I buy another one. They really wanted to make a quality product and took Migraine pain seriously. Thank you so much!


What is the best product for eye relief scope?

Eye relief scope products from Vortex. In this article about eye relief scope you can see why people choose the product. Sig Sauer and Cvlife are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye relief scope.

What are the best brands for eye relief scope?

Vortex, Sig Sauer and Cvlife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye relief scope. Find the detail in this article. Simmons, Bushnell and Theraice Rx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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