Best Eye Rhinestones Makeup Adhesive

Makeup 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Christmas Festival Rhinestone Festival Temporary

Christmas Festival Rhinestone Festival Temporary

Safe material The face gems stickers are made of non-toxic and environmental materials. It's easy to apply. The bindi body has temporary tattoos that are peeled off and pasted like any other sticker. Put face stones on your face or body. 6 styles face sticker temporary tattoos are designed for your face and body, such as your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, around your eyes, stomach, chest, back, arms, hands and even your hair. The face stickers are self-adhesive and easy to apply. There are gemstones that can be re-used. The glue can be reapplied with eyelash glue once it has dried. Fashion Any fancy dress, crazy night, or art performance. The face jewels look great on you and make you stand out.

Brand: Oasmu

👤Excellent! It was so easy to apply and I stayed on all night long. Highly recommended. I received a lot of praise. The fact that they are disposable makes it better. The whole set was very nice. Very nice for a low price.

👤I bought them for a party. They were very pretty and well-fitting for the girls. The girls were put on their faces on their own and had no problem with it. They found them uncomfortable after a while, but they are young. Teens/adults would not mind.

👤I received a lot of positive feedback. If I put each jewel on its own, it would be many winners. I could have said yes and taken the credit. I'm glad the larger bunches are one piece. It would take a lot of time to get everything right. They stick all night. You can use glitter again.

👤When I ordered this face jewels, I was expecting one only, but they are 6 sets. Oh man! This is the second item I have gotten recently that I had the same situation. I am in love with this. I will wear this for Halloween and also for other occasions. When going to a club. To make my make up even more fun. Cheers!

👤I bought these as a substitute for a more expensive brand. They worked well. They will be used for a convention. They were swimming for hours.

👤My daughter used one for a full day at school and it stayed on through recess, parade and PE. She has a sensitive skin and this did not bother her at all. She wore one for hours on Halloween. It is very easy to apply and remove.

👤I had to replace a couple of them because they unglued from my face, but the others were stuck on all night in the sweat, not sure how to stay on all from the same package.

2. Magitaco Crystals Stickers Adhesive Rhinestones

Magitaco Crystals Stickers Adhesive Rhinestones

The fake nose stud sticker comes with 164 crystal stickers of 2mm,3mm,4mm size and tweezers which make it easier to access the stickers. The crystal stickers are made of diamond, safe and durable, the face gems are also re-usable, they can be applied for several times, once the glue has been dried, they can be applied again by using eyelash. You can use the tweezers that come with this product to get the stickers and place them on your face or body as forehead bindi or fake Ear / Nose stud. The stickers are suitable for daily wear. They can be put on your face, body, or nail to match your outfit. If you have any questions after you receive the product, please feel free to contact them. They will give you a free return and exchange if you have quality problems. Their eternal goal is your satisfaction.

Brand: Magitaco

👤I have had my nose pierced. I wait 6 months to a year to change it out. I can't get the nose ring to come back in. I used nail glue to help it last longer. It usually lasts 3 days.

👤They are great! They come off easily. I would like to get some skin glue.

👤I love the cute velvet case and tweezer that comes with the sticker gems. The product is good for money. This is my purchase time. I've used other brands and gotten discolored gems, but this item never fails to impress.

👤It's too small to connect. Trying to hold two small pieces. I don't like to rate it low. I guess small steady hands are needed.

👤Everything was described, but they don't stick very well. I will end up returning them.

👤It is incredibly sticky. My skin is sensitive but it did not react to glue after the entire day. Even when I take it off the stone still has a sticky consistency.

3. CheeseandU Rhinestone Temporary Decorations Accessory

CheeseandU Rhinestone Temporary Decorations Accessory

It's great to use on eye/face/body/nail art decorations, as well as for clothes, phone, bags, and etc. The face jewels stick on are easy to apply and remove because they are prepared in individual sheets and self-adhesive. Extra glue is not needed anymore. You can put these 6 different stickers on your face, body, eyebrows, cheeks, stomach, chest, arms, hands and even your hair. You will be the Queen in the party and coachella music festival if you wear them. 100% safe and healthy material to use. The face jewels festival are made of diamond. After your first time using the face gems, use eyelash glue or body glue to make them stick to your face again. The package includes 6Pack Crystal Eye Rhinestone Stickers.

Brand: Cheeseandu

👤I love these! They will stay on until you take them off. I slept in them a few times.

👤Nice selection. I think they would stick, but I'm not a risk taker. I want my jewels locked up. I use clear eyelash glue or spirit gum. They are definitely reuse that way. It is recommended.

👤The daughter and her friends loved using these for their party. I bought eyelash glue to hold them on better. The teens said they were perfect for their party makeup because they had a large variety.

👤These are great! It's super shiny! Great variety! They will not stick on their own. I use eyelash glue on my skin.

👤It's easy to take off for young children. I sweated in a dance showcase.

👤I recommend glitter glue for applying eyelashes. Some of them are tiny and you need to be patient. The set is very nice and pretty, but I wore these for NYE.

👤They stayed on all day in the 90 degree weather.

👤The glue was very bad. If you want to move them, place them down. Some of them leave the glue on the plastic and never come back.

👤They are nice, but it took so long to ship them.

4. Paleris Adhesive Rhinestones Flatback 2810

Paleris Adhesive Rhinestones Flatback 2810

Half Round Pearls Beads can be used to glue on things. Crystal Rhinestones with Tools: 1200Pcs 12 Color Crystal Fancy Diamond+1600 Pcs 5 sizes flatback crystal rhinestones, 2Pcs 25ml B-7000 clear glue, 5Pcs plastic ball stylus dotting tools, 1 Piecestainless-steel, 1 Wax Pencil and Tray. Good Quality Rhinestones are made of crystal glass with high precision cross-section, multi-faceted cutting, sparkling, beautiful shape, and no bubbles can be well adapted to all kinds of beautiful accessories, clothes, shoes, backpacks or create multiple nails arts style, let you be more. B-7000 Multipurpose Adhesive is a self-leveling, non-toxic, high viscosity, high elasticity, non-toxic, self-leveling, self The surface drying time is less than 6 minutes if you use a good jewelry glue like B-7000, and the glue sets in 24 to 48 hours. You don't need to cut the glue before using the self-contained needle glue. Just open it. You just need to cover it after you use it. It will be difficult to block the needle. The dotting pen tool is hard to bend and durable. There are many uses for the heat-activated glue on the bottom of the crystal rhinestone.

Brand: Paleris

👤The description says they are high quality. I needed glass gems for my project. There are lies and there are lies. The colored ones are plastic. Don't support these liars and don't buy these gems.

👤The glue works because of the tiny rhinestones. There is no use for the dotting tools and the wax pencil works well to pick up stones.

👤I like the clear crystals. The backing on them is not the same as the colored ones. The colored ones are made cloudy by the glue melting the silver backing. The clear ones do not. This is a great deal for all you get with it.

👤The material of the tray was so flimsy that it had a huge crack on one side. The product seems ok.

👤The set smells like glue and chemicals.

👤The product is liked by me. I will be ordering more.

5. Sticro Self Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers Embellishments

Sticro Self Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers Embellishments

Arrives in a wide range of colors including green, clear, red, pink, blue, purple, gold, and more. There is a package of jewels and gems. Each piece is 1 inch in diameter. There is only one mega pack that offers 22 colors with 5 sizes. There are 4950 pieces of gems in one. Each kit comes with 22 different colors of the rainbow, with different shades of Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Brown,Amber, and Orange... Black, Gold, Clear and ClearAB are included. Each sticker sheet has a choice of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm gems. On multiple surfaces, self-awareness is possible. The Round Rhinestone Stickers can be used on paper, plastic, wood, wall, skin and nails. It's perfect for paper craft projects like decorating cards, scrapbooks or wedding invitations as well as faces for festivities, parties, Halloween, raves, etc. 100% money back guarantee: If you're not happy with their product, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Sticro

👤These are great. They are packaged in individual clear envelopes and then all 22 of them are in a larger plastic envelope. They are sticky and nice to look at. You don't have to cut them apart because they are not connected. I have included pictures on a ruler to help you see the size of each color. The smallest ones are adorable. They are nice and flat, so they are great for costume makeup applications. The easiest way to use these is with a jewel picker. If you want to remove the gem from the plastic, you need to place your finger over the top of the gem, then slide the tool's needle tip under it. Place the tool on your design and press your finger down to slide it out. Don't use sharp instruments on the skin.

👤I used these to make a project for my children. The gems are not strips. I applied the gems to the round magnets. They looked pretty and caught my eye. The colors and sparkle are gorgeous. It definitely livens up a project. The size variety in this set was perfect. I created a reward system for my children that used gems as currency. We made charts, put them in sheet protectors, taped them to a magnetic dry erase board, and then the magnets went on the charts as they were earned and were removed at the end of the week to redeem for rewards. The sticker gems are best used for low-contact projects. We handle each magnet a few times a week, first to place on the chart as they are earned, second to remove from the chart at the end of the week to redeem for rewards, and maybe one or two more times just because. Many of the gems have come off after being handled a few times a week. Most have moved around on the magnet. They don't stick well after coming off. My children and I love the look of them.

👤I'm buying a second pack of these because I've used up my red and green ones and I'm making a lot of cards for Christmas. I had some red ones, but it was almost impossible to separate them because of the glue that had hardened. I hope this doesn't happen. I won't have to buy any more for a long time because you get a lot of gems, and the good thing is they come in multiple sizes. When you make cards, you don't know what size you need or which color will show up the best. This is a great purchase. They give you a generous amount of money, and you can't go wrong with the price.

👤These are great for decorating my yoga journal because they are staying in even after I pull the journal out of my bag. If you are looking for that, craft tweezers might be able to help, as they are working great and you just have to finesse the glue dot to come off with the gem. I have only used paper so far.

6. Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Embellishment Multi Color

Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Embellishment Multi Color

There are multi-colored rhinestones for crafts, in red, pink, yellow,green, blue, purple, orange, etc. There are multi-shapes. The material: The bling is made of acrylic. There are 15 sheets in 15 colors. There are 3 sizes of Rhinestone Sticker. You can do it on any surface you want, such as handmade crafts, cellphones, laptops, glasses, nails, body, etc. Please keep the small parts away from children.

Brand: Creatrill

👤The product is a little smaller than I expected. I did not search for the dimensions before buying. I thought they were closer to the 5 x 8 size I see in the craft stores. I included a photo so that people could make an informed decision.

👤I used these for halloween. Stay out and not fall off. It is easier to apply with a tweezer when using the smallest ones.

👤They are beautiful. I made a cup for a friend. She likes rose gold. I wore pinks and golds. It turned out great. The pictures don't do it justice. These are easy to work with and seem to hold up well. They had a great color selection. When I need them, I will definitely be buying more. We love the different sizes. They are worth more than the price would suggest. I have purchased 2 now. It is great to work with them. I made a snowman and votive holder. So cute!

👤I tested these on a plastic lid to see if they would stick to a body butter package. I noticed a few falling off when I used the jar lid. I decided that they would be great on my project after removing them. I found it easy to remove them from the plastic backing by using a pair of forceps to peel them off and then placing them where I wanted. The glue part of the stone would be glueless if I tried to remove it with just my fingers. I wouldn't buy these if they were used on cards or paper crafts, but if you're using them for decorative purposes, they should work. Each color has a variety of three sizes, with lots of each size on each sheet.

👤I'm not able to talk about longevity because I'm using these to decorate plastic forks. I like that the colors aren't mixed on a single sheet, but on their own clear plastic sheets and plastic wrap. I don't have to worry about the colors. I don't want to get stuck to something else. I was shorted a piece of jewelry. Not one sheet, just one stone. I don't think it's worth it to return the whole lot. I don't know how the glue would work on skin for a long period of time, but they work for my disposable craft.

👤The gems did not leave sticky backs. Half of the gems I have used have done that. I had a hot glue gun but didn't need it. They are fun to use for my crafts.

👤These are a gift to my clients, because I am an art therapist. They can be added in a lot of different ways. They stick them on one at a time and cut a row, then add tacky glue to hold them on. There are so many colors to choose from, the effect is amazing. Thank you for this great collection of stickers!

👤The packaging for this is terrible. The plastic sheet that holds the stickers has a sticker on it. It is difficult to get the sheets back in to the packaging. The stickers fly off when you move the plastic sheet. They don't stick anymore after being put back in the packaging. The money was wasted.

7. Makartt Rhinestone Adhesive Rhinestones Crystal

Makartt Rhinestone Adhesive Rhinestones Crystal

A handy tool for nail art work. It's perfect for nail art work, it can be used in home or professional use. You don't need to worry about losing your pen because it is put in a clear box for easy storage and carrying. The nail art glue is designed for stick gems jewels, it's sticky and won't fall off easily. TRENDY NAILWELRY GEL. A proper operation can bring a beautiful result for at least 2 weeks, the nail decorations gel glue are super sticky, excelent in securing gems jewels beads nail rhinestones on your nails, good for creating your sparkling dazzling nail art, a proper operation can bring a beautiful result for at least 2 weeks Convenient for use with tube design, the 30g stones nail glue gel is easy to squeeze out as much as you need for nail art bling design, no mess! No spilling at all! It's a super glue. Makartt nail diamonds gel are vegan and cruelty free and made from natural resin. How to use - 1. The crystal glue is applied to the nail. cure the rhinestones for about 3 minutes and make sure to cure it until it is completely dry. For large or non-flat-back rhinestones, fill a little more glue into the gap and the base to make sure its double secured, cure it again and then dry.

Brand: Makartt

👤I am a nail tech and I love this gel. The stones last a long time when applied correctly. It has a thick consistency that holds the stones in place. This is aGEL and it must be covered with a light source. The bad reviews came from people who didn't use it correctly.

👤Since the Pandemic happened and the nail shops were closed, I have adapted to having my own nails. I've tried a lot of different glues to get my nails to stay. All have failed. Simple craft glues that didn't deliver include construction glues, nail glues that weren't strong enough, and craft glues that didn't deliver. I spent so much time on my nails that the rhinestones fell off. My entire life has been changed by one instance of using this one. It's not messy, it has a precise tube, and there's a lot of product. You don't have to do anything else, just set it and whatever you use will not fall off. If you need a nail glue, the story is worth reading. This one is for sale!

👤I was excited for the glue but I wouldn't recommend it. It did not glue the rhinestones onto my fake nails. I put the glue on the nails and left it to dry for 24 hours. 1. The consistency of glue is ok. It is very sticky. 2. The glue does not adhere to anything. It didn't adhere to my jewels. It was wet and sticky after 24 hours. The glue on the nail was sticky as some of the rhinestones were sliding off. Some of the rhinestones were completely off, while others looked like they were stuck in, but we were easily removed when I plucked them off. The glue is everywhere. 3. I used to glue my artificial nails onto my natural nails with the help of the Kiss brand brush on glue from Family dollar, but they didn't work as well as they could have. The rhinestones stayed in place for almost 3 weeks, because they dried quickly, didn't leave a mess, and didn't leave a mark. 4. I use this glue to pick up the wind stone and place it on the artificial nail, as shown in the video. I put a little bit of it on the tip of my brush and use it to pick up the rhinestone and place it on the artificial nail with the Kiss brand glue already on the part of the artificial nail. Purchase again. I wouldn't recommend this glue to anyone and I wouldn't purchase it again.

👤It wasn't dry after 2 hours. Junk.

👤I am glad I bought this. It holds my large stones well. It is hard to squeeze out but will be my go to stone gel.

👤I bought this gel to use. It's in a tube with a pointed end, so it would be easy to apply. It gets really hot when curing. I almost died from the heat spike it gave during curing. I don't know if it's the gel or the thin nail. I'll be careful when curing, but I will continue to use it.

8. Assorted Self Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers Festival

Assorted Self Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers Festival

Each sheet contains 5mm,8mm,10mm, and12mm. The size is 42 x 5mm, 28 x 8mm,14 x 10mm, and 7 x 12mm. These stickers can be applied to many surfaces, such as paper, wood, plastic wall, and nails. It's perfect for craft projects. Also suitable for wedding invitations, Halloween, parties, etc. Crystal stickers are mostly used for decoration, but they can also be used for craft and handmade gifts.

Brand: Astrqle

👤They are larger than they look. I'm not sure if I will be able to use them.

👤The self sticky face and body gems are perfect for anyone. I use them for ASMR videos in place of long nails, they stick easily on my fingers and then stick back on the sheet without any issues. They are stuck on my fingertips and can be recycled. I love these!

👤I didn't like the size.

👤The packaging says it is for objects and not makeup. I am worried about the safety of the glue on the skin.

👤It's good to use stick for makeup.

👤I can't use these because they are way bigger than they look.

👤Is mentionnent that it's tre pour le visage! Je ne mettrai! C'est de pitre qualité! J'aurais. pu acheter 1$. Plus jamais! Ne mettez pas, argent la dedans! 12 dollars. It's C'Est du vol!

9. Vikerer Rhinestone Rhinestones Swarovski Decoration

Vikerer Rhinestone Rhinestones Swarovski Decoration

The pick up pencil is suitable for picking nail jewels. The tool has two parts: the tip for picking up rhinestones and the tip for moving them to their proper positions. You can pick up bigger and heavier nail art decorations if you have extra tweezers. No more worry about the tips running out, there are 2 replaceable tips for the rhinestone picker pen. The handle is easy to hold and operate. There is a storage box with 2Pcs Rhinestone Picker, 2Pcs Replacement Tips, and 1 X Tweezer.

Brand: Vikerer

👤If you're like me, you have about 6 dozen plastic pens that came with each kit, and you should trash them all. Immediately. This will change your life. I was skeptical, but I'm sick of that little wax square and the goop coming out and oozing all over the side and having to clean up my edges. It was very frustrating, maybe I'm doing it wrong, or maybe I'm easily frustrated. I thought I'd give this a try after seeing it as a recommended thing. Getting those squares to be perfectly aligned is an obsessive task and with this baby, it's much easier. Don't debate it, and get it. It is in a small case. I don't like the use of the tweezers for diamond paint. I'll find another use for them. It's a nice bonus to have two extra heads. The pink one is pretty. It's a good thing. I won't need any more for a long time, but when I do, I'll get another set from here because it's perfect.

👤I have a vintage jewelry business that I use to help to repair the jewels as well as the rhinestones that have fallen out. I used to be driven batty by those tiny little stones. It is easy with your product. I would have found you sooner. This is much simpler now. I can't thank you enough. The packaging is beautiful. The products are beautiful. I do videos on repair and reveals on the internet. The pins sparkled the whole time I was editing a repair video. The links to your product will be put in the description after I give a shout out to your company. I hope you continue to be the best. Thank you so much!

👤I was happy when I opened my product, but after an hour of using it, it happened. How can I get a new one? If I can suggest a longer metal inside to hold the wax form so it doesn't break in half, that would be great. I opened it and used it the next day, but it broke. I'm not sure how the second will go.

👤This item was really disappointing. The tip broke the day I used it. I melted it back together after I glue it back together, but the tip broke again, so I had to put it back together again. It is cute and comes with a replacement set. A white pencil works better. It picks up the stones.

👤The first time I used the wax tip, it broke and I was only trying to pick up beads. I should have tried harder to find a better product.

👤Adding jewels to my projects is what I'm trying to do. I needed a set like this. The way the picker picked up the rhinestones was similar to a magnet. Very impressed. It is not a traditional wax, even though it feels like plastic, so it is not a good idea for special people like me to bend and push on the tip. I was able to get the tip back together with some gel nail glue. I only needed a quick fix for my nail lamp. It works as good as ever.

10. Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Colorful Embellishment

Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Colorful Embellishment

Take the piece home and love it. They know you are a high-roller and will only give you the best product and service if you give them your money back. Add your jewels to your cart and experience the pop culture phenomenon. The material: The bling is made of acrylic. There are 15 colors: clear, red, orange, gold, light green, light purple, purple, pink, rose red, lake blue, blue, black, and coffee brown. There are 3 sizes of Rhinestone Sticker. You can do it on any surface you want, such as handmade crafts, cellphones, laptops, glasses, nails, body, etc. Please keep the small parts away from children.

Brand: Creatrill

👤The looks are deceiving. The sticky substance sticks to the sheet when you take them off. It won't stick to anything. They are useless if you don't get your glue out. Try to glue the tiny ones. These are not worth the money. The sizes and colors are beautiful.

👤I teach preschool and my students love any type of sticker, the more bling the better. They were very creative with their art projects.

👤I used these for a pride mani and they were perfect. I used nail glue. I am not sure. How do these stick? I use nail glue and don't rely on self-adhesion.

👤These things are all over my house. The kids are playing with the sticky gems. The small ones are still useful. They have a nice sparkle to them. The colors are fun. My kids have no problem peeling them from the sheet and they stick to things without being a permanent fixture. I have a sparkle on my face. Great product.

👤I like these. I use them as earrings for my baby until I decide if I want her ears pierced or not. They work well.

👤Does your face need to be picked up? Are you tired of make up? These are theICKERS for you. When you step in public, shine your face in the moment.

👤The colors are the same. It was hard to apply the small rhinestones. They kept popping out of the grip even after I used tweezers. The majority of the rhinestones stayed on my face. I was applying makeup on top of dancing and sweating so they lasted well. If you sweat or apply makeup on top of it, I would recommend using glue. I would buy them again.

👤I don't like gems being in a strip instead of separately. The glue tends to come off when you cut them apart.

👤It arrived on the expected date and it looked okay, sadly. A lot of the gems are damaged. I don't understand how they could have been damaged unless they were packed and shipped from the warehouse already damaged. It doesn't stick very well. I couldn't use most of the gems because they are either chipped or have no glue on them.

11. EBoot Pieces Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers

EBoot Pieces Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers

All face jewels are shiny or matt and some even sparkle and glow in the dark, they're made from metal, crystal, and acrylics. It can be applied to a mobile phone, body, handmade crafts, etc. The Rhinestone diameter is 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm. It's easy to stick it and remove it.

Brand: Eboot

👤It's easy to use with tweezers. I have dazzled shirts, shoes, and my favorite chopsticks. It works like a charm when you use super glue. Would buy again.

👤These little rhinestones can be used to decorate a phone case, nails, shoes, artwork, and even fake a piercing.

👤We wanted to see the look and feel of piercings. What a great find! We used the smallest ones as nose studs and the largest ones as ear studs, and they both look great and LAST! They stayed on after we showered. There are two sheets with different sizes of stickers. It would be great for facial decorations for cosplay, Halloween, or day of the dead. If they stick well on skin, they will stick well to cards, stationery, your mirror, your phone case, and so on. They are a great price and fun. Get them!

👤I bought this for the Christmas program at our church. They caught the light well and looked amazing, we had one girl that has a lot of makeup and glue, even she was apply to wear these. I would give this item a five star review, but the small gems were difficult to work with.

👤I was surprised that the rhinestones were much tinier than I expected. I was expecting the gems to be a little bit larger, so I didn't read the details closely. The photos show a lot of tinier things than what the largest rhinestone is. Also, it appears to be flat and not raised like a typical rhinestone.

👤Glue is needed to keep the stickers in place.

👤These work well. They are much smaller than I thought. I am not familiar with metric sizes.

👤These are used for face gems for a dance team. It is difficult to peel them off without getting them stuck on your fingers, but they work well for how we are using them.

👤If you want to add a little bling, great, thanks. I use them to add sparkle to my cards.

👤It's used for making a focal point.

👤These are so cute, they are easy to pick off and attach to any surface, and I have decorated my walking stick with them, and they have made it look a lot better.

👤I used it with my eye makeup. They're all well sized for that purpose and it stays on well.

👤It's perfect to decorate the bottles with lights.


What is the best product for eye rhinestones makeup adhesive?

Eye rhinestones makeup adhesive products from Oasmu. In this article about eye rhinestones makeup adhesive you can see why people choose the product. Magitaco and Cheeseandu are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye rhinestones makeup adhesive.

What are the best brands for eye rhinestones makeup adhesive?

Oasmu, Magitaco and Cheeseandu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye rhinestones makeup adhesive. Find the detail in this article. Paleris, Sticro and Creatrill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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