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Rhinestones 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Colorful Embellishment

Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Colorful Embellishment

Take the piece home and love it. They know you are a high-roller and will only give you the best product and service if you give them your money back. Add your jewels to your cart and experience the pop culture phenomenon. The material: The bling is made of acrylic. There are 15 colors: clear, red, orange, gold, light green, light purple, purple, pink, rose red, lake blue, blue, black, and coffee brown. There are 3 sizes of Rhinestone Sticker. You can do it on any surface you want, such as handmade crafts, cellphones, laptops, glasses, nails, body, etc. Please keep the small parts away from children.

Brand: Creatrill

👤The looks are deceiving. The sticky substance sticks to the sheet when you take them off. It won't stick to anything. They are useless if you don't get your glue out. Try to glue the tiny ones. These are not worth the money. The sizes and colors are beautiful.

👤I teach preschool and my students love any type of sticker, the more bling the better. They were very creative with their art projects.

👤I used these for a pride mani and they were perfect. I used nail glue. I am not sure. How do these stick? I use nail glue and don't rely on self-adhesion.

👤These things are all over my house. The kids are playing with the sticky gems. The small ones are still useful. They have a nice sparkle to them. The colors are fun. My kids have no problem peeling them from the sheet and they stick to things without being a permanent fixture. I have a sparkle on my face. Great product.

👤I like these. I use them as earrings for my baby until I decide if I want her ears pierced or not. They work well.

👤Does your face need to be picked up? Are you tired of make up? These are theICKERS for you. When you step in public, shine your face in the moment.

👤The colors are the same. It was hard to apply the small rhinestones. They kept popping out of the grip even after I used tweezers. The majority of the rhinestones stayed on my face. I was applying makeup on top of dancing and sweating so they lasted well. If you sweat or apply makeup on top of it, I would recommend using glue. I would buy them again.

👤I don't like gems being in a strip instead of separately. The glue tends to come off when you cut them apart.

👤It arrived on the expected date and it looked okay, sadly. A lot of the gems are damaged. I don't understand how they could have been damaged unless they were packed and shipped from the warehouse already damaged. It doesn't stick very well. I couldn't use most of the gems because they are either chipped or have no glue on them.

2. ZLXIN Rhinestone Rhinestones Accessory Decorations

ZLXIN Rhinestone Rhinestones Accessory Decorations

There are 10 sheets eyes body face gems with different shapes provided for you to create distinctive patterns, a large quantity for you to use in various occasions. Made of 100% safe and healthy stones. All ages, women, men, boys, girls, kids, have no smell. No worries about it getting close to your skin. These are self-adhensive and are easy to use and reuse. It is easy to stick with the designs. No more glue. These stickers can be reapplied with eyelash or body glue, just like other stickers, and they can be cleaned after the first use. You can do your own makeup on your face, forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, around your eyes, stomach, chest, back, arms, hands, waist, legs or even your nail to catch eyes. It's easy to use gems on your face and body, but it makes you different and glamorous. You will become the star of the whole party if you have shiny gems on your body that are perfect for music festivals, Halloween, dress-up, costume, wedding or crazy night on the town.

Brand: Zlxin

👤If you add eyelash glue, the application is very easy.

👤For a single use. Cute.

👤My jewels were opened and there were no pieces. The package was not touched.

👤They stayed on the whole night, I wore them to audiotistic. You can get a lot of them for very little.

👤I think they are cute, but you should use eyelash glue if you are going to wear them for a while.

3. Fstrend Rhinestones Stickers Crystals Clubwear

Fstrend Rhinestones Stickers Crystals Clubwear

Body stickers with glitter face gems are fascinating. You can wear it on your face or body. The glittery mermaid body sticker is made of eco-friendly rhinestone and acrylic diamond. Shinny face sticker will make everyone in the party look at the mystery and make you stand out. Halloween, Christmas, prom, night club, party, bikini, fashion show, festival, beach, daily life, and any other special occasions can be gifted. The stunning face jewels is self-adhesive and easy to use, but it will make you glamorous, let you become the focus of the party.

Brand: Fstrend

👤I wore these on July 4 and I was happy with them. I put them on over my makeup and they stayed on for 12 hours until I was ready to take them off. Good quality and cute.

4. 1000pcs Rhinestones Flatback Diamonds Decoration

1000pcs Rhinestones Flatback Diamonds Decoration

1000Pcs/ Pack. 2mm to 6mm mixed sizes. Put the base polish on the nails. A clear top coat is used to seal. It was used for:Nail Art Rhinestone,DIY HandMake Wedding Dress decoration, decoration production, manicure...

Brand: Mioblet

👤I was hoping that sizes were separated and not all in one bag. The butt was hurt by the change to separate. Some of the stones looked like the outer coating was peeling off. Don't waste your money. Never again.

👤The color is pretty and it doesn't seem like that many. I think these look cute on my nails.

👤Stones are a pain in the butt to work with. I have been working with stones and bling for 20 years. There is a lot of static with them. Do you not know why? They are made out of either the material or the packaging. I will never buy a mix of sizes again because they stick to your hand. The bootie is very painful. The stones are pretty. It was a single time purchase for me. Hope this helps.

👤They do not stay shiny for more than a day. It looks like barnacles. So angry. They won't be used on clients. It's just ugly.

👤The color is beautiful. The static cling, plastic feel and being lied to about the quantity leaves a lot to be desired. You can see the results of pouring the stones into a jar. A couple of hundred but not a thousand. Very disappointed.

👤The stone is plastic and inexpensive. It is very shiny and beautiful. The backing is black. I ordered olive oil.

👤It will be white if it is not pink back ground.

👤These are what I have been looking for. Thank you so much!

👤The packages look great. They lack in colour when used. The dark ones were used to fill in the gaps. You can't see a difference. The 4th photo has glass. They hold their color better. I am not happy with how my cup is turning out. I didn't have time to wait for the proper ones. I will not be using this type again. Ever.

👤The price is amazing. The colors are a gamble. The violet and fushia were purchased recently by me. The violet is very blue and the fushia has a pink glint, but they look the same. The cab was used for a small project. I would buy again for the quality and price.

👤There isn't an even number of sizes when it comes to gems. A friend of mine bought some the same day as I did, and I have mostly tiny 2mm stones, while she has a fairly even amount of all three sizes. They are pretty.

👤I had received enough to do a few pens, so I was not going to get enough. A happy camper.

👤I like them. I was hoping for copper but it was more of a rose gold. I only gave 4 stars because I don't think there's 1000 of them in the bag.

5. Rhinestone Stickers Nicpro Self Adhesive Embellishments

Rhinestone Stickers Nicpro Self Adhesive Embellishments

Adding flatback rhinestones to your nails will make them look good and will let you be more elegant and charming. There are 25 mixed colors, each with different shades of green, blue, pink, red, yellow, brown, purple, orange, black, and clear. Nicpro Gem Stickers feature 25 sheets of gems in 4125 pieces, 3 sizes for you to mix and match, and 5mm for your own artistic patterns. They stick well on paper, plastic, wood, wall, skin and nails and are great for adding a little sparkle. It's great for graduation cap decorations, card making, makeup, cell phones, wedding decorations, gift wrapping, and crafting. It is skin-friendly for safe use. These Diamond Rhinestone Stickers are made with Eco and skin-friendly material, which is safe to be used on face and nails. Enjoy your face and nail art! If you don't like Nicpro stickers, just return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions were asked.

Brand: Nicpro

👤I love them. They were bought to be used as stickers on my face. They stayed on my face for 12 hours. There are many different colors. I am very happy with my purchase. Each sheet is larger than your hand. I gave my mother some to use on her phone for her birthday. She loved them. I recommend buying these for stickers on your face or phone. I will buy them again.

👤It's great for arts and crafts. We kept each sheet in its wrapper after use to avoid gemstones coming off due to being caught on other sheets. There are three sizes per sheet. We used heavier cards to make Christmas cards. Will buy again. Due to the individual wrapping, we are planning to use them as party favors for my daughter's birthday next year.

👤These gems are amazing. The choice of colors was beautiful and the amount of product was overwhelming. They look gorgeous on my cards. I was paying more for just one color and the gem count was 100 before I got them. I encourage you to save money. I'm sure you will be happy.

👤I was hesitant to buy these face/body jewels because I only wanted them to stick around my eyes for concerts and sporting events but I wear makeup all the time so I was scared they wouldn't stick on makeup. I was worried they would fall off if I sweat. I didn't want to feel it on my face. When I put the first jewel in the corner of my eye, my fears went away. You get a lot of pretty colors. There are several different sizes. It is easy to peel off and stick onto your face. You won't feel it on your face until you stick it on. It sticks all day long even when you exercise. These sticks are easy to remove and are great. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I've worked with some of the best stones for card making. The number of stones you receive is very good value. I will purchase again.

👤I put it near the corner of my eye because one of the kids I work with didn't like his gemstone. My friend sent me this listing instead of slowly stealing all of the small gemstones from the craft box at work. I ordered immediately. There are three sizes of the stones, black, grey and silver, as well as various shades of all colors, from turquoise to sapphires. It was just, supreme. 25 different shades and colors. They adhere well. They stay on all day if I move them about three-four times before I'm good with the placement. I wore them to the other beach the other day, and they stayed on the entire time. I use them subtly, but they have endless potential, especially with the three different sizes and 25 color options. Go crazy! Have fun!

👤The colors of the rhinestones were nice. I ordered sets from different vendors. I am going to have to use glue to stick on the gems, but it's okay because I am going to use these for cards, so glue is not a big deal.

6. Mr Rhinestones Tweezer Picking Pen

Mr Rhinestones Tweezer Picking Pen

The sticky diamonds can be applied for many areas, such as both interior and exterior decoration of cars, mobile phones, laptops, cups, shoes, mobile phone cases and many other decoration you want to on parties. The package includes 2000 pieces of clear rhinestones in 12 sizes, 1 tweezer, and 1 pick-up pen, but the rhinestones are not hot fix and need glue to stick. The Mr. Pen rhinestones are made of high quality glass. The tweezer is made of high-quality material. These round rhinestones look attractive and eye-catching, shiny and glittery, giving you a more elegant and charming look. You can use the mixed sizes of round glass gems to decorate a variety of things. The tips of the tweezer are well-aligned for grasping and handling rhinestones, which makes them a good choice for placing gems according to their size.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤These are going to be great when I make greeting cards. They came with a case and a pencil to pick them up.

7. Festival Clothing Accessories Stickers Halloween

Festival Clothing Accessories Stickers Halloween

Why choose us? It's safe on faces. The face rhinestones are made of a different material. Not easily scratched, brighter, more flexible. How long do they last? The face is bare. If you apply glue to the face stickers, you will stay all day. It's like a sticker, but it's one piece. Their face crystals can be cleaned quickly. I'm sure you'll appreciate the choice when you're pressed for time and want to rest after the festival. Their face rhinestones are high-grade, different from general inferior product, and glitter in sunshine. The rainbow face jewels can be combined to your liking. You're the queen. It's great for festivals like the Electric Daisy Carnival, fairy dress-up, pride outfits, mardi gras costumes, masquerade night, bachelor parties or art performances.

Brand: Cutediy

👤I used pieces from another sticker to complete my look. It was used for Halloween.

👤Absolutely loved them! I have on two styles. So many nice things to say! I added eyelash glue to make sure they held on. Over would be a good choice.

👤It was perfect! We used them for a parade. We were sweaty and they never came off. I was surprised that they stayed on. Very pretty.

👤It looks better in person than it does in person.

👤It's easy to apply. Lots of praise! It took a lot of dancing to lose the bond.

👤There were no beads that fell off at the event. I got a lot of praise for them as well. It's easier to apply a mask than it is to carry one all night.

👤Sticks for a long time. If you want them to last longer, you should use eyelash glue, I forgot to do so, but the gems still made it through 2 head hanging sets.

👤It was pretty good for the price. I would use eyelash glue to make sure the glue stays on. I am happy with my purchase and I will be buying more in the future.

8. Magitaco Crystals Stickers Adhesive Rhinestones

Magitaco Crystals Stickers Adhesive Rhinestones

The fake nose stud sticker comes with 164 crystal stickers of 2mm,3mm,4mm size and tweezers which make it easier to access the stickers. The crystal stickers are made of diamond, safe and durable, the face gems are also re-usable, they can be applied for several times, once the glue has been dried, they can be applied again by using eyelash. You can use the tweezers that come with this product to get the stickers and place them on your face or body as forehead bindi or fake Ear / Nose stud. The stickers are suitable for daily wear. They can be put on your face, body, or nail to match your outfit. If you have any questions after you receive the product, please feel free to contact them. They will give you a free return and exchange if you have quality problems. Their eternal goal is your satisfaction.

Brand: Magitaco

👤I have had my nose pierced. I wait 6 months to a year to change it out. I can't get the nose ring to come back in. I used nail glue to help it last longer. It usually lasts 3 days.

👤They are great! They come off easily. I would like to get some skin glue.

👤I love the cute velvet case and tweezer that comes with the sticker gems. The product is good for money. This is my purchase time. I've used other brands and gotten discolored gems, but this item never fails to impress.

👤It's too small to connect. Trying to hold two small pieces. I don't like to rate it low. I guess small steady hands are needed.

👤Everything was described, but they don't stick very well. I will end up returning them.

👤It is incredibly sticky. My skin is sensitive but it did not react to glue after the entire day. Even when I take it off the stone still has a sticky consistency.

9. Rhinestones HUETFAT Flatback Organizer Tweezers

Rhinestones HUETFAT Flatback Organizer Tweezers

The nail Rhinestones are made of high-quality K9 glass with nice shapes and beautiful cutting facets. Good for nail art delicate decorations. The package includes a box of crystals of the color crystal and transparent color in the quantity of about 2400 pieces, 6 different sizes, a piece of wax pencil, and a elbow tweezer. The nail Gems are easy to use. You can make simple nails look more beautiful by adding the different size of rhinestones to them. Their flat back Rhinestones round set can be used in many projects, such as mobile phone Case, clothing, furniture, shoes, glasses, guitar, tablet computer, wedding dress, eye makeup, car decoration, etc. The nail jewels kit has the popular iridescent crystal and clear gems stones. Diverse styles and sizes of 3d nail rhinestones supply for you, make your nails more dazzling and charming.

Brand: Huetfat

👤The wax pencil makes it easy to put them on and the tweezer is useful for flipping them to the correct side. There are many different sizes of the silver and pink crystal. I don't know what I would call it. I added a picture of the other color. The pic is between the smallest and the largest. There are three bigger sizes.

👤I did my nails myself and the diamonds gave it a beautiful touch. I love it!

👤I haven't tried putting them on my nails yet, but they are pretty, no problems for now, and each color has a different backing, so I won't know if you can tell in the video. Thank you for that, I love it.

👤When I ordered some things for my nails, I bought this. I think it is a pencil wax and a tweezer. It is easy to use and worth the price. There are two different colors of gems. One rainbow and one clear.

👤I like the bling nails of the rapper. I like these jewels.

👤You get a lot for this price, so these look nice. Definitely recommend.

👤I'm so excited to do nails again, I'm trying to get a client in. I love the tools and the rhinestones. I received a kit that I wanted more sparkling. Inexpensive but will last a while.

10. LPBeads Rhinestones Crystal Tweezers Picking

LPBeads Rhinestones Crystal Tweezers Picking

The package includes 6400 pieces of flatback glass, hotfix rhinestones, good quality tweezers, and a wax pencil. There are two boxes with 12 grids. They are 2mm, 2.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, and 6.5mm. A large number of large-size rhinestones is enough to complete a complete clothing and shoes crafts project. Their products are easy to use because they have heat-activated glue on the bottom that sticks when heat is applied. Use a hot fix. Good quality: charming crystal rhinestones, made of glass, featured with nice shapes and beautiful cutting facets. The quantity might have an error. You can use these crystals gems for a wide range of things.

Brand: Lpbeads

👤The majority of the rhinestones seem to adhere well, and they are beautiful. The boxes that they come in are great, they securely hold them all and the stones don't fall out like many others I've tried, the wax pencils do their job, and the tweezers are perfect. I had to pay another $10 to buy another set because they accidentally shipped me one set of fuchsia and one set of rose, and I couldn't figure out how to contact anyone, which wasn't great, but mistakes. Each set has two boxes of stones, one with smaller stones and one with larger stones, and they are separated by size in each compartment. The box of smaller stones is almost all pink, but the box of larger stones is a bit more reddish-toned. Darker? It is strange. There are a few smaller ones that have the same color as the larger ones, but all of the larger ones are the same color. It is strange. I attached photos so you can see what I mean by the different colors of the larger stones, and what I meant when I said that all of the dark stones you see are from the box of larger stones. I hadn't opened the other one yet, but the stones in the picture are all from the same set. I was very quick to lay out the stones to try different methods and see what worked best for this particular design, this is not the final product. I like how these stones look, the quality seems nice, and I like the boxes they come in, they actually stay shut and the stones don't fall out. I still used my sets even though I was not sure if they were a coincidence or not, and I would buy them again.

👤The champagne color was bought. Not as shiny as others I have purchased. It says they are glass, but they are almost like plastic. The product is good, but the color isn't great when you're looking for sparkle in your work. I wish there were more options for star reviews. I've bought other colors that are perfect. The champagne color is dull. Black is more dazzling than this one. I wonder if my box is made of plastic. It's hard to tell. I'll try and poke them with the soldering iron and see if they sound like glass.

👤I like great packaging. Where has the bead size guide been all my life? It's a simple thing to add to a package. The rhinestones are made of rhinestones. It's hard to screw up a brooch. They are packaged securely and divided by size, which is nice. The tweezers are useful. These are metal with a tiny tip, but I have gotten free tweezers in packages. I hope I don't lose them. Very pleased with it all. I plan to keep the package with the size guide forever.

👤I wish the size of the stones were already marked, I have to figure it out by writing on the container with a black magic marker.

11. Beadsland Rhinestones Flatback SS4 SS16 01

Beadsland Rhinestones Flatback SS4 SS16 01

The set includes 2 box 5280 rhinestones in 6 sizes, a pick up tweezer and a pick pen. One box with 2400 rhinestones mix 12 color in sizeSS10 and 200 pieces each color. The glass used to make those rhinestones is of the highest quality. It's good for nail art, face art,eye makeup,body art,clothes,wedding dress,bags,phone case,car plates, and other craft decoration. The rhinestones are not hot fix, you need to use glue to fix them, and no glue is included.

Brand: Beadsland

👤The colors and sizes of the clear and ab crystals are beautiful. The pencil works to help pick them up, the tweezers are okay, but not super strong. I took down the star because of the plastic container that holds the crystals, I don't have to imagine if all those rhinestones ended up on your floor. I can not use them for what I wanted them to be because the top pops off so easily. I will purchase them again only this time I will put them in my own jars.

👤This is my favorite purchase so far. They are pretty and shiny. It was like Swarovski. Excellent quality!

👤These gems are perfect for card-making. I've used them on almost all of the cards I've made. The flat back makes them adhere to my cards beautifully, and they are gorgeous. I will definitely be purchasing again.

👤These are great. They have a variety of sizes of the diond and opal colors. They sparkle nicely and the organizers box is very nice, not a single one was spilled when I got them. Just what I needed. Check out overthisunguis. com

👤I love these! The colored ones are small. I don't use them often but I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

👤I use them all, even though some are large for a small fingernail.

👤I love these! I keep them on hand for card making.

👤My little sister loves to experiment with nail art. The tool makes it easier for her to apply the rhinestones, which is a big plus. The containers are better than having them loose all over the place.

👤The set was a lot smaller than I thought. The crystals are clear and pretty.

👤Me gusta una de cristales de colores, otra de plateados/tornasol. Llegaron antes de lo esperado. Recomendable.

👤Schnes Produkt, bin bei uns!

👤I traen un montn de piedritas.

👤Aplican fcilmente, son un bonitos y prcticos.


What is the best product for eye rhinestones makeup euphoria?

Eye rhinestones makeup euphoria products from Creatrill. In this article about eye rhinestones makeup euphoria you can see why people choose the product. Zlxin and Fstrend are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye rhinestones makeup euphoria.

What are the best brands for eye rhinestones makeup euphoria?

Creatrill, Zlxin and Fstrend are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye rhinestones makeup euphoria. Find the detail in this article. Mioblet, Nicpro and Mr. Pen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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