Best Eye Rhinestones Makeup Self Adhesive

Rhinestones 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Rhinestones Non Self Adhesive Gemstone Tweezers Decoration

Rhinestones Non Self Adhesive Gemstone Tweezers Decoration

Take an appropriate amount and apply it to desired points. The Rhinestones set with Tweezers and Picking Pen help you pick up rhinestones easily. The glue is not included and the rhinestones are not hotfix. 6 Sizes Crystal The package contains 2000 pieces of clear craft rhinestones in a box with 12 grids, the size is 1.5mm ( 600 pieces), 2mm ( 584 pieces), 2.5mm (300 pieces), 3mm (300 pieces), 4.5mm (144 pieces), and 6mm (72 pieces). The Tweezers are made of high-quality steel and the flat back crystals are made of glass. Widely Applicarions You can use the mixed sizes of round glass gems to decorate your items. Please keep away from babies, small children, and pets.

Brand: Weico

👤You get what you paid for. They have two tools to help pick up the rhinestones. This is for makeup looks. It will work well.

👤There is a good amount in every compartment as advertised, so much for an affordable price, and the product is exactly as described. Highly recomend it.

👤I was amazed by this product. Packaging is fast. I will definitely order more. Thank you for the good product.

👤I make a lot of greeting cards, some of which I sell for charity, and the gems and gem pick-up tools are a great help.

👤They look very shiny when decorating Christmas tree ornaments. The included tweezers were great for picking up gems.

👤I thought they were going to have big ones but they are small and small.

👤I like the tools that come with them.

👤These are what I was looking for. They come in many different sizes and in a container with different sizes of tue. The tools it comes with make it easier to pick gems.

2. Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Embellishment Multi Color

Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Embellishment Multi Color

There are multi-colored rhinestones for crafts, in red, pink, yellow,green, blue, purple, orange, etc. There are multi-shapes. The material: The bling is made of acrylic. There are 15 sheets in 15 colors. There are 3 sizes of Rhinestone Sticker. You can do it on any surface you want, such as handmade crafts, cellphones, laptops, glasses, nails, body, etc. Please keep the small parts away from children.

Brand: Creatrill

👤The product is a little smaller than I expected. I did not search for the dimensions before buying. I thought they were closer to the 5 x 8 size I see in the craft stores. I included a photo so that people could make an informed decision.

👤I used these for halloween. Stay out and not fall off. It is easier to apply with a tweezer when using the smallest ones.

👤They are beautiful. I made a cup for a friend. She likes rose gold. I wore pinks and golds. It turned out great. The pictures don't do it justice. These are easy to work with and seem to hold up well. They had a great color selection. When I need them, I will definitely be buying more. We love the different sizes. They are worth more than the price would suggest. I have purchased 2 now. It is great to work with them. I made a snowman and votive holder. So cute!

👤I tested these on a plastic lid to see if they would stick to a body butter package. I noticed a few falling off when I used the jar lid. I decided that they would be great on my project after removing them. I found it easy to remove them from the plastic backing by using a pair of forceps to peel them off and then placing them where I wanted. The glue part of the stone would be glueless if I tried to remove it with just my fingers. I wouldn't buy these if they were used on cards or paper crafts, but if you're using them for decorative purposes, they should work. Each color has a variety of three sizes, with lots of each size on each sheet.

👤I'm not able to talk about longevity because I'm using these to decorate plastic forks. I like that the colors aren't mixed on a single sheet, but on their own clear plastic sheets and plastic wrap. I don't have to worry about the colors. I don't want to get stuck to something else. I was shorted a piece of jewelry. Not one sheet, just one stone. I don't think it's worth it to return the whole lot. I don't know how the glue would work on skin for a long period of time, but they work for my disposable craft.

👤The gems did not leave sticky backs. Half of the gems I have used have done that. I had a hot glue gun but didn't need it. They are fun to use for my crafts.

👤These are a gift to my clients, because I am an art therapist. They can be added in a lot of different ways. They stick them on one at a time and cut a row, then add tacky glue to hold them on. There are so many colors to choose from, the effect is amazing. Thank you for this great collection of stickers!

👤The packaging for this is terrible. The plastic sheet that holds the stickers has a sticker on it. It is difficult to get the sheets back in to the packaging. The stickers fly off when you move the plastic sheet. They don't stick anymore after being put back in the packaging. The money was wasted.

3. Butterflies Rhinestones Mermaid Festival Temporary

Butterflies Rhinestones Mermaid Festival Temporary

Women can have a magical day with the face jewels. You can have the fairy dust as well. Colorful colors, dance magic, and sparkle with every movement. These jewels are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your day and are perfect for giving your face a little magic. Their new face jewels are 9 styles to match. A full of sparkle, a hip, trendy, and full of sparkle. Their face jewels are perfect for events. You can wear these face jewels with any outfit, whether it be a dress, a casual outfit, or a party outfit. Skin should be free of oil, dust or make up, and peel the sticker off by hand. Return the stick on the body jewel to the backing sheet. If Self-Adhesive wears off, you can clean the back with alcohol and glue. The gem is attached to the back of the gem. A pack of colorful plastic gems is perfect for accessorizing your phone. These gems are small and can make a difference. The characteristics of the gems for certain sacramentals. The accessory is perfect for enhancing any look. Their face gems can be used to create a natural look. These gems are perfect for any face type and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. You can use eye gel to make it stick more firmly when you use it again. It's cute. Are you looking for something special to dress up your party look? There is a collection of face gems. You can find the great one in a variety of colors and styles. They're cute and will add a touch of personality to any party.

Brand: Wuios

👤The description said it came with the moon and stars. The only thing I got was the water. I ordered this product for the stars. This is a disappointment.

👤I use these all the time. I use smaller ones.

👤I only tried out one of the two sets. Don't try to pry off an individual star like I did at first because there are a bunch of rhinestones put together on a clear layer. It stuck on. Carefully pull up the whole piece and stick it where you want it. It was shiny and fun looking, even over makeup, and it stuck on well for me. I look forward to trying out the set again.

👤This is great for creating dramatic and exotic looks. Our granddaughter was transformed into an exotic looking princess. You can get creative with a relatively low price. Love it.

👤A set of face gems. The best part is that all of them come in 1 piece MAX. They compliment any look.

👤The face gems were good quality and stuck well, but there should have been 2 packs of face gems in the order I received one.

4. Rhinestone Stickers 1725pcs Adhesive Decorations

Rhinestone Stickers 1725pcs Adhesive Decorations

Widely USAGE: It can be used for wedding decorations, nail art, card making, cellphone decorations, gift wrapping and anything else you want to add a little sparkle. If you're not happy with the product, please contact them and they'll find a solution for you. 3 sheets of 325 pieces of rhinestone stickers are 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm. A total of 1725Pcs. The rich designs and abundant quantity can satisfy your decorating needs. The application of rhinestones is very suitable for crafts, wedding decoration, nail art, card making, mobile phone decoration, etc. These stickers can be used to decorate your clothes and hats, or to decorate your photo frames. The self-adhesive bling crystal rhinestone stickers are made of high-quality acrylic material. The texture is durable and will not cause irritation or scratches to your skin and nails; the rhinestone stickers can sparkle in the light and look very delicate and beautiful. The back of the craft sticker is flat, and the glue is strong. You don't need to glue or tape the stickers, just tear off the bottom paper and press them on a smooth surface, saving you time and energy. You can use these stickers to make exquisite gifts for family, friends, colleagues, or you can give them to do-it-yourselfers.

Brand: Sumkyle

5. Adhesive Flatback Rhinestone Eyeshadow Nightclub

Adhesive Flatback Rhinestone Eyeshadow Nightclub

Kids are doing their own gems stickers. There are 7 colors for your choice, the material is Arcylic and it's size is 5mm-8mm/10mm-12mm. These bling crystals in self-adhesive back are easy to stick on your crafts and projects. The multi-color rhinestones look shiny and shining. Crystal gem stickers can be used for a wide range of applications. These Stickers can be used on paper, plastic, wood, wall, skin and nails. It's perfect for paper craft projects like decorating cards, scrapbooks or wedding invitations as well as faces for festivities, parties, Halloween, raves, etc.

Brand: Upstore

👤I love them! The hole in my pierced ears has gotten so low that normal earrings just droop. When it is safe, I will get my ears re-pierced. I will use these until that day. I have slept with them for three nights.

👤I bought a glue on Amazon that I used to wear these on my face. These things were in place on halloween. I woke up. They were still in place. I don't know how, but it was amazing. Definitely recommend.

👤Useful for clothes or makeup. It does take a small amount of makeup glue to make the jewels stick on the face, but otherwise, they are beautiful to look at. Shipping is quick.

👤Don't get these if you're going to get a look. They're too big for eyes, so go for a smaller option.

👤They were pretty but not comfortable sweating. The gems were gone by the end of the event. Would still recommend. As I sweated a little from my photos, you can see where they started to fall.

👤Not what I thought. There is a small sticker in the back.

👤These jewels are too big to be used on your face or nails, they are not shiny, and they were falling off the package that they came in. The plastic children's princess shoes have cheap jewels on them. I would not recommend getting these.

👤I wanted these to be gems on my nails. Good for face and body.

👤Looks better in the picture. They don't stick very well but glue can fix that.

👤They don't stick very well.

6. Phogary Self Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers Festival

Phogary Self Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers Festival

You can choose from 8 sets of Face Jewels stickers in different colors and styles. All of them are prepared in a single sheet. Face jewelry is convenient and time-saving. Just peel and stick. Stunning face jewels are easy to use and make you look pretty. There are 15 colors in the kit, with different shades of green, Royalblue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Red, Rose, Golden Yellow, Brown, Purple, Lavender, Orange,Black, Clear, and ClearAB. The multicolor rhinestones are shining. Each sheet of gems has 5 different sizes for you to mix and match. The Diamond Rhinestone Stickers are made with Eco and skin-friendly material, which is safe to be used on face and nails. Enjoy your face and nail art! These bling crystals in self-adhesive back are easy to stick to multiple surfaces, including paper, plastic, wood, wall, skin and nails. If you don't like the Stickers, just return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions were asked.

Brand: Phogary

👤There is a lot of crystals. There are a variety of sizes to try. I used to have a flair on my face. Jules would be proud.

👤The variety of colors and the value of the sticky back Rhinestones made us very happy when they arrived. My grand daughter and I were disappointed that they barely stick to anything other than your fingers. She used some to make a jewelry box. Some were used to make cards. We found a few of the smaller ones stuck to our fingers or hands. Some of the rhinestones were missing when I looked at the cards again. There were 2 missing stones in the cardboard jewelry box. We picked them all up and moved them to another table when we were done. We had to dip them in the glue and then apply them again. That defeats having the sticky backs. They looked nice on the sales page, but we were not impressed. It's a pity.

👤I bought these to add some bling to my eyes, and so far I'm very happy with them. I'm able to create different looks with a wide array of sizes and colors. They stick well enough on their own to last an entire day or evening, even when I'm dancing; but I'll add glue if I know I'm going to be working up a sweat. They come off easily without bothering my skin. The price is a great value.

👤I bought these for myself several months ago. My 7 yo granddaughter loves to craft and begged me to send her the same set. She was very excited to receive it. A variety of sizes and colors is a great value. It's better than anything in a craft store.

👤I was a little disappointed because some of the rhinestones fell off a foam project.

👤I heard about these gemstones through a live feed video of a makeup artist doing their makeup and am very happy that I found the product online. I used gems to make a face piece for Halloween. They stayed on the whole night through sweat and lots of moving around without any additional glue or glue on their eyes. They were easy to remove at the end of the day. A great find and a great purchase... I will be using some of the other colors to dress up my makeup looks in the future.

👤There are many colors to choose from, the sizes of the stones are varied from tiny to a bit larger so that the choices that to be had are many. I have never seen anything as small as that from anyone else. These are available and I really appreciate them.

7. Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Decorate Decoration

Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Decorate Decoration

These Stickers can be used on paper, plastic, wood, wall, skin and nails. It's perfect for paper craft projects like decorating cards, scrapbooks or wedding invitations as well as faces for festivities, parties, Halloween, raves, etc. 3 sheets of 325 pieces of rhinestone stickers are 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. There are a total of 2200 Pcs. These self-adhesive bling stickers are made of high quality acrylic, shiny and sparkly, with high gloss, colorful and clear. The stickers are made with skin-friendly material, so they won't leave marks when peeling off. You don't need glue, you can easily remove and peel off the sticker, which is convenient for hand-made projects. The best choice for decorating your Christmas or Easter gifts is the multi-purpose rhinestone stickers.

Brand: Pimoys

👤These gems don't stick very well. I tried to put them back on my project, but they fell off.

👤They are good for your money. It could stay better.

👤I love them! Will purchase again when they run out. It's easy to apply. I used them for eye makeup. It lasts through the day. Only come off of you.

👤The glue did not work. Do not recommend.

8. Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Colorful Embellishment

Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Colorful Embellishment

Take the piece home and love it. They know you are a high-roller and will only give you the best product and service if you give them your money back. Add your jewels to your cart and experience the pop culture phenomenon. The material: The bling is made of acrylic. There are 15 colors: clear, red, orange, gold, light green, light purple, purple, pink, rose red, lake blue, blue, black, and coffee brown. There are 3 sizes of Rhinestone Sticker. You can do it on any surface you want, such as handmade crafts, cellphones, laptops, glasses, nails, body, etc. Please keep the small parts away from children.

Brand: Creatrill

👤The looks are deceiving. The sticky substance sticks to the sheet when you take them off. It won't stick to anything. They are useless if you don't get your glue out. Try to glue the tiny ones. These are not worth the money. The sizes and colors are beautiful.

👤I teach preschool and my students love any type of sticker, the more bling the better. They were very creative with their art projects.

👤I used these for a pride mani and they were perfect. I used nail glue. I am not sure. How do these stick? I use nail glue and don't rely on self-adhesion.

👤These things are all over my house. The kids are playing with the sticky gems. The small ones are still useful. They have a nice sparkle to them. The colors are fun. My kids have no problem peeling them from the sheet and they stick to things without being a permanent fixture. I have a sparkle on my face. Great product.

👤I like these. I use them as earrings for my baby until I decide if I want her ears pierced or not. They work well.

👤Does your face need to be picked up? Are you tired of make up? These are theICKERS for you. When you step in public, shine your face in the moment.

👤The colors are the same. It was hard to apply the small rhinestones. They kept popping out of the grip even after I used tweezers. The majority of the rhinestones stayed on my face. I was applying makeup on top of dancing and sweating so they lasted well. If you sweat or apply makeup on top of it, I would recommend using glue. I would buy them again.

👤I don't like gems being in a strip instead of separately. The glue tends to come off when you cut them apart.

👤It arrived on the expected date and it looked okay, sadly. A lot of the gems are damaged. I don't understand how they could have been damaged unless they were packed and shipped from the warehouse already damaged. It doesn't stick very well. I couldn't use most of the gems because they are either chipped or have no glue on them.

9. TecUnite Crystal Rhinestones Tweezer Picking

TecUnite Crystal Rhinestones Tweezer Picking

The one 5 minute treatment provides more immediate results than the current regimen. The package includes 2000 pieces of clear rhinestones in 6 sizes, with a good quality pick up pen and a good quality tweezer. You can use the black tweezer and gem pick up pen to pick up gems and set them in your jewelry designs. 6 sizes of rhinestones are in the box with 12 grids. The quality glass materiel and multi-faceted sides of the crystal rhinestones can be applied to any surface, including fabric, plastic, metal and so on. 2000 pieces of rhinestones are enough to decorate your nail art, eye makeup, body art, phone, bags, greeting cards, clothes, high mesh stockings, shoes, wedding dress, books, guitar, tablets, car plates, table scatter or other items.

Brand: Tecunite

👤I like the shine of these gems. I thought I needed to spend a lot but these work perfectly. I will buy from this seller again whenever I run out.

👤My sister's boyfriend is a nail tech and she just got a job at a new shop. The packaging is perfect. Each one in its own compartment in the box, sealed tightly, so no easy mix ups among gems or mess. She said that they tend to fall easier than some of her other gems, but she likes the flat back and is going to try a new glue on them to see if it holds better. You can do a lot of different designs with the variety of sizes offered. They come with a white tip pencil, which makes it easier to use, as well as a tweezers with thin ends, which is perfect for picking up smaller gems. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. She loves them! Clients have been loving the bling as well. They offer them in a variety of colors, such as black, black, rainbow crystal, and rose gold. I would love to see the black ones. She took a few pics at home before taking them in the shop, and then did some nails on a client afterwards.

👤These gems were perfect for my project. Once I got the proper tools, they were easy to put on. Gem glue, a wax pencil, and a non cotton cloth are needed. My next project is embellished children's caps.

👤I have to sort them by size because they came outside the box. Couldn't believe it. When they arrived, they were all over the package. They were in a plastic bag. I'm very upset about this. It's too expensive. Would not recommend anyone to do that.

👤The little tool that came with me was very helpful when applying crystals to my face. I used clear glue to make them stick. I have sensitive skin and they didn't hurt me or break me out. The range of sizes was amazing. It was a great price for an amazing product.

👤Some of the crystals were separated from the foil bottom when I was about to glue them on my object so they were trash. When the foil is not on the bottom of the crystal, it's just a piece of glass that isn't shiny. The container doesn't list the sizes, so it looks like I only got 5 sizes because compartment 10, 11 and 12 all look the same. The white stick is useless and if you put pressure on the tweezers the tips will bend, but you can bend it back. As time goes on, I worry that the crystals will separate from the foil.

👤I bought these for my first shoe blinging project, I've never worked with stones before, and the first lesson is make sure you have enough stones before you start. I think they are good quality, and once I finish the shoe, it will be very pretty. I will add a picture after I finish.

10. Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Crystal Embellishments

Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Crystal Embellishments

These face stickers fit to many occasions, such as dress up, costume party, festival party, ball, masquerade or crazy night on the town. Each package comes with 10 sheets of stickers in 1720 pieces, 10 different colors, and 3 different sizes. Their self-adhesive stickers are made of high-quality material. This material is safe for your skin and nails, so you can use it with confidence. You can make your own face decorations and nail art with these shiny rhinestones. Their bling gem stickers are easy to peel off and stick on. Remove them from the sheet and stick them to your project, it's very convenient. They won't leave marks when peeling off. Now is the time to start your tour. You can use their stickers for a wide range of things, from making art crafts, cups, scrapbooks, greeting cards, cell phones cases, treasure boxes, and more. It's good for birthday parties, weddings, make-up parties, and so on. Yuntop is committed to providing customers with quality products and caring services. If you have any problems with the product, please let them know by e-mail and they will provide you with a satisfactory answer. Their greatest goal is customers' satisfaction.

Brand: Yuntop

11. Rhinestones Stickers Adhesive Rhinestone Assorted

Rhinestones Stickers Adhesive Rhinestone Assorted

If you don't like Nicpro stickers, just return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions were asked. The set includes 2 sheets of 375 strips and 3 sheets of 325 stickers. hinestone stickers are clear silver hinestone stickers are clear silver You can easily remove the self-adhesive rhinestones from the sticker. The strip can be peeled off directly, which is more convenient to use. These bling rhinestones can be used to decorate gift boxes, mobile phones, notebooks, children's birthday hats, cars, parties and more.

Brand: Outuxed

👤If allowed, I would change my review to 1star and make it zero stars. The glasses have crystals on them. I tried to keep them on with super glue, but the crystals have turned cloudy. It looks like cheap pearls. There is no more crystals. It is a nightmare of a project. So angry! The first review. I was going to give this 5 stars but it didn't happen. I put these over cats eye glasses. I was going to use them all week. The stones went on without a hitch. It was easy to use. Looked great. When I pulled the glasses out to show someone, 25% of the stones had slipped off the frames or onto the lenses. I followed all the directions, including cleaning the surface and placing the stones. I don't know how I'm going to fix these. I think it will take a coat of clear nail polish and some glue to make it work. I will never order them again after these problems. I assume they can't be returned since I've used them. Not happy.

👤It didn't work out for the project I needed them for because they don't stick to plastic. You need glue.

👤I wanted to bling out my hair for my 40th. I added a drop of hair glue.

👤These are amazing! The strips of jewels are perfect for my kids to wear on Halloween. They are easy to remove and don't leave a glue mark when I pull them off.

👤It was perfect. I like the size variety. I used the smallest ones on shower invitations. They can be placed where you need a touch of sparkle.

👤I was impressed with the amount of rhinestones and how well they stick to things. They were put on shoes, paper, and ribbon to decorate items for my wedding.

👤This met my expectations. I build sets for television productions and I was looking for something easy to use. Very happy.

👤These are the same as other rhinestones. I use them for makeup. They are on par with other ones. Get the job done!


What is the best product for eye rhinestones makeup self adhesive?

Eye rhinestones makeup self adhesive products from Weico. In this article about eye rhinestones makeup self adhesive you can see why people choose the product. Creatrill and Wuios are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye rhinestones makeup self adhesive.

What are the best brands for eye rhinestones makeup self adhesive?

Weico, Creatrill and Wuios are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye rhinestones makeup self adhesive. Find the detail in this article. Sumkyle, Upstore and Phogary are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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