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1. Beadsland Rhinestones Flatback SS4 SS16 01

Beadsland Rhinestones Flatback SS4 SS16 01

The set includes 2 box 5280 rhinestones in 6 sizes, a pick up tweezer and a pick pen. One box with 2400 rhinestones mix 12 color in sizeSS10 and 200 pieces each color. The glass used to make those rhinestones is of the highest quality. It's good for nail art, face art,eye makeup,body art,clothes,wedding dress,bags,phone case,car plates, and other craft decoration. The rhinestones are not hot fix, you need to use glue to fix them, and no glue is included.

Brand: Beadsland

👤The colors and sizes of the clear and ab crystals are beautiful. The pencil works to help pick them up, the tweezers are okay, but not super strong. I took down the star because of the plastic container that holds the crystals, I don't have to imagine if all those rhinestones ended up on your floor. I can not use them for what I wanted them to be because the top pops off so easily. I will purchase them again only this time I will put them in my own jars.

👤This is my favorite purchase so far. They are pretty and shiny. It was like Swarovski. Excellent quality!

👤These gems are perfect for card-making. I've used them on almost all of the cards I've made. The flat back makes them adhere to my cards beautifully, and they are gorgeous. I will definitely be purchasing again.

👤These are great. They have a variety of sizes of the diond and opal colors. They sparkle nicely and the organizers box is very nice, not a single one was spilled when I got them. Just what I needed. Check out overthisunguis. com

👤I love these! The colored ones are small. I don't use them often but I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

👤I use them all, even though some are large for a small fingernail.

👤I love these! I keep them on hand for card making.

👤My little sister loves to experiment with nail art. The tool makes it easier for her to apply the rhinestones, which is a big plus. The containers are better than having them loose all over the place.

👤The set was a lot smaller than I thought. The crystals are clear and pretty.

👤Me gusta una de cristales de colores, otra de plateados/tornasol. Llegaron antes de lo esperado. Recomendable.

👤Schnes Produkt, bin bei uns!

👤I traen un montn de piedritas.

👤Aplican fcilmente, son un bonitos y prcticos.

2. Zoestar Crystal Jewels Festival Stickers

Zoestar Crystal Jewels Festival Stickers

The most stylish sticker is the crystal eye sticker. Charm Face Gem Stickers can be used in a variety of ways. The Festival crystal Jewels set always looks amazing. All music festivals,dance competitions, carnival, and dress up parties have crystal face stickers. The best gifts for your family are gorgeous eye gems.

Brand: Zoestar

👤The jewels are beautiful. I am very satisfied with them. I use extra glue to get them to stick on, but they look like they would stick on their own. They have a shimmer to them that does not irritate my skin. I like the variety of colors. Would definitely recommend! I use them more often than I should.

👤They work well. I've worn them a few times and they're good for the price, even though the smaller ones are harder to put on. I like having three color variations.

👤I loved these. It is easy to apply and the price is great.

👤My girlfriend loves them and says they are perfect for her makeup.

👤They can't wait to try them on.

3. TecUnite Pieces Rhinestones Decorations Supplies

TecUnite Pieces Rhinestones Decorations Supplies

The size of the rhinestones is small. The rhinestones are well made and look nice and sparkling, drawing attention to themselves while applying them on your nails. The nail gems are small but delicate because of their nice cutting and smooth surface. The nail rhinestones have 12 iridescent colors to meet your needs, easy to match your nail art, and all are in a box with 12 grids. The flat back rhinestones can be applied to many things.

Brand: Tecunite

👤A lot of colors and nice shape to create designs. I have been playing with these. They are bright, shiny and elevate my Amazon press on nails. I feel like I can use them for a long time before they run out. A clear top coat dulls the shine a bit, but I don't mind that at all. It's something to consider when buying. I love these stones and recommend them to anyone looking to add some bling.

👤They are a lot nicer than I expected. I like the multi-colored, but they are too large for me. I thought they were going to be small and hard to apply, but they are a nice size and won't take a long time to apply to my natural nails. These are perfect for my book.

👤There is cute. They look very fake. You can pull off a makeup look with this. It's a little big for nails. One or two max would look good in one nail, but a fake flower would look better. You can pull it off if it was Swarovski. They work well and you get a good amount for the price.

👤I thought they would be smaller. They look pretty on their nails, but don't have a shine orbling effect. After the glue and coating, it becomes dull. It's better suited for body jewelry or costume stuff.

👤The teen daughter likes these for her nail art. I would not recommend that the description is incorrect.

👤There are 1200 pieces of these tiny gems. I counted. There are 100 pieces in each square. The blue diamond is very small. I use blue tack to pick them up, they are too small for my clumsy fingers.

👤The box is full of gems that are not found on other brands on Amazon. This should last awhile, but I would buy again.

👤The gems are pretty and I like the color shift. They're ok. I was going to use them as nail art. They won't last because they're plastic. I will have to find a different purpose for them.

👤A nice variety of colors, cute little gems, not that big. Delivery was great for my eye decoration. Thank you!

👤It is amazing. I love it! I am surprised to see the quality of them.

👤I used them for a lot of things, but I also used them for my daughter's homework. It's good for jazzing up trainers.

👤There are lots of different shapes.

4. Boxes Colorful Nail Art Rhinestones

Boxes Colorful Nail Art Rhinestones

The kit contains a box of multicolor nail art rhinestones, horse eye rhinestones, and a flat back point rhinestones, as well as a curved tweezers and a nail art brush. Professional nail artists and beginners need nail art supplies. Many of the designs are raised up slightly from the surface of your nail, good for delicate nail art. All nail art diamonds are shiny. Each product is packaged in a grid that makes it easy to access and store. One box can be used multiple times. Variety Choices is a way to make your heart feel like it's different. There is a wide variety of styles and colors. The shapes of the nail rhinestones are sleek and adorable. Beautiful and shinning color will never go out of style. The nail decoration can make your nail art more attractive. Beautiful and shinning color will never out of style, meet with all the fashion. The nail art decoration set can be used to apply natural or art nails, as well as for other purposes. The curved tips of the tweezers make it easy to grasp and handle gems and other decor.

Brand: Umillars

👤Apparently, Amazon is blocking my review. Good luck to whoever buys this garbage. It is made of plastic and has jagged edges. The boxes are not full as depicted in the photos. It's definitely false advertising. I will not be purchasing from this seller again. I have purchased hundreds of dollars in products on Amazon. When it comes to a bad product, I don't like being muted.

👤The best deal on nailpolish is on rhinestones. The set comes with 4 different organizers in different sizes. These will last you a long time because each compartment has a lot of rhinestone. It also has 2 tools with it. There are so many nail design options with these.

👤The amount in the individual containers is less than pictured, but the selection is great. Still a decent amount. You can see the silver bottom from further out than the rhinestone.

👤I like these things a lot. Some of them are two toned colors. I will definitely buy again.

👤They look pretty on my nails.

👤Wow! There is nothing in these boxes. There are less than 15 pieces per color. Don't waste your money! Other places are better.

👤Looks great. It is perfect. Everything looks the same.

5. Rhinestones Dotting Flatback Decorations Supplies

Rhinestones Dotting Flatback Decorations Supplies

2 pc jewel rhinestone picker pen, 4,000 3mm colorful flatback rhinestones are included in the perfect kit. The products are high-quality. The products are bright and made of high-quality k9 glass. The coating on the rhinestones is strong and shining. With these beautiful colored rhinestones decoration stickers, you can save a lot of time, you will no longer need to go to the nail shop to spend money to make nails, now you have these, you can directly do it. At leisure weekend, it is very interesting to make beautiful nails with your friends and leave a pretty golden flash in your manicure. Picking a variety of rhinestone products can be done with a wide range of pens. Flatback rhinestones can be used for nail art, facial makeup, clothing, shoes, mobile phones, etc.

Brand: Letswin

👤I'm looking for a particular type of rhinestones and they are all the same size and color. I feel like I wasted my money.

👤Just as described. The colors are packed great. The boxes seem sturdy and there is no mixing of colors. Great price as well.

👤I thought they would be bigger. All of them are about the same size.

6. Rhinestones Flatback Decoration Crystals Container

Rhinestones Flatback Decoration Crystals Container

Clear Makeup Rhinestones: The glass nail rhinestones sparkling and bright, silver foiling enhance crystal diamond reflective dazzling, cut with nice shapes and facets, flatback makeup gems can be easily applied to nails, professional nail accessories for beauty nail art design. There are 6 sizes of nail jewels, each with its own nail crystal distributed in a box. The wax pencil has a double head and can pick up nail diamonds, press the nail stone on the nail surface, or use the metal tip to stick diamonds. There are nail Tweezers. The black tweezers coating with electrostatic dissipative, precision tip can be used for holding jewels craft, false eyelashes, and can also be used to grasp and adjust nail diamonds. The iridescent crystals makeup gems can be used to decorate nail art, crafts, face, makeup, eye gems, clothes, shoes, bags, wedding dress, cell phone case and so on.

Brand: Spaidoon

👤The photo was not real. You don't get 1800 stones. You get 202 stones. There are only three different sizes. It is not worth the energy to return. The money was wasted.

👤The mixture of sizes was very pleasing to the eye. I was happy to purchase two. I will definitely order again.

👤These work well. I use them for my press on nails.

👤These are a good deal. There is a storage container with several tools. These work well with crystal glue for art projects. Well packaged and delivered. Thanks for the great product.

👤The stones do not have a sticky back. Maybe use them on nails. There is a These are really nice looking and expensive.

👤Love is love. They come in different sizes and are pretty. The wax pen has gems inside and comes with tools to remove them. I got 5 stars for myself. Definitely recommend.

👤It seems to be less than advertised. They are pretty.

7. Outuxed 5400pcs Rhinestones Flatback Tweezers

Outuxed 5400pcs Rhinestones Flatback Tweezers

Quick delivery. Amazon prime can deliver your beauty products. Rhinestones Set: 5400 pieces of hotfix rhinestones. There are enough rhinestones in each color to complete a clothing and footwear crafts project. The crystals are easier to pick up with the 2 picking pens. The set is available in 3 sizes for each color, ss6 (2mm), ss10 (3mm), and ss16 (4mm). The high-quality rhinestones are a sparkling crystal with high-precision cross-section, multi-faceted cutting, high brightness and no air bubbles. Hotfix gemstones have a heat-activated glue on the bottom that sticks when heated. Use a hot fix. They can be used for decorating clothes, shoes, and other items. The child should apply under the supervision of an adult. You can apply your own glue and stick it on any surface if you have other needs.

Brand: Outuxed

👤I use the rhinestones to add sparkle to my makeup. I get a lot of praise. This set has different colors. A high quality product at a great price.

👤The stones are perfect for nail art. I know they can be used for other reasons, but this is the reason I bought them. They work well with gem glue and are easy to pick up. I would purchase again. Also, note: There are three different sized stones in each compartment. Those who want to know the size of the stones should look elsewhere.

👤I was surprised I could buy others that were good, because I have always used Swarovski. My projects were perfect for them. I didn't have to spend a lot of money, so I'm happy with the purchase.

👤There were different sizes of rhinestones in one section. I started a project and couldn't finish it the way I wanted because I didn't have enough red rhinestones, they were all different sizes in one section of the container I like that they are separated. There is no way to know the size of the rhinestones. If you are new to this, it would be helpful to have the container sections marked with the sizes. It is a good buy if it is not. The rhinestones worked well.

👤It was well packaged. Two wax pencils and a pair of high quality tweezers are included. Don't hesitate to buy. I was tired of buying crystal from Michaels and crafts stores and spending a lot of money on them and these stones are a lot better than I thought. I was looking for a cheaper alternative for my clients and found these babies with more colors than I had planned on buying. I can't wait to use my new stones to create amazing makeup looks.

👤These are larger than they appear. If the sizes were separated instead of all in one section, it would have been better. There are very few that are small enough to be used for nail art.

👤There are no problems. I found some without the glue, the bigger ones require longer setting times, 30 seconds, compared to the normal 5 seconds. When I washed my face mask, about 15 of the larger sized crystals fell off. Mixed sizes for each color was not something I was happy about. You get more tiny sizes than you want. They are not like swavorski.

👤I give away free masks and use hot fix crystals to make them look better. The failure to attach rate was low. The masks are washed and kept for personal use. I was very pleased with the quality and quantity. Will reorder when I run out.

👤My daughter uses these for makeup days that are funky. The different sizes are flat on the back so they can be glue on and the variety of colors was perfect for her.

👤The clarity in the crystals was terrible. All sizes are thrown together.

👤These stones are the best.

👤There are lots of beautiful colors.

8. Canvalite 1500PCS Rhinestones Tweezers Rhinestone

Canvalite 1500PCS Rhinestones Tweezers Rhinestone

There are 12 kinds of nail diamonds. Each pack contains 6 grid of rhinestones of the same color and 6 grid of rhinestones of the same clear color, perfect for creating various styles of nail art. The rhinestone is easy to use and not easy to fall on. The dotting and pick up tool is easy to use. Convenient storage. There are 12 small compartments in the box. The lids can be opened separately, which is useful for your classification. The pen points can be protected with the dotting pen box. You can use nail diamonds to decorate your nail art, eye makeup, body art, phone, bags, greeting cards, clothes, wedding dress and and other artworks.

Brand: Canvalite

👤They are for makeup, nails, and face paint. I like how they look like piercings.

👤The price was exactly what I expected. Will buy it again.

👤The package had missing gems. There were gems in the box. Unless you want to redecorate your floor, don't buy a terrible product.

👤This product is pretty.

👤I am encantado funcionan, pero los Diferentes trataos estn perfectos.

👤The pen has a broken wax tip.

👤The photos don't match what I received. It seems that nail glue doesn't hold them down.

👤The box has all the rhinestones. I am also missing some.

👤The quality of the item overshadowed the fast delivery. A lot of the stones escaped from their tub. One set of smaller, clear stones is a different shade of yellow. The smallest set of stones is a different color than the rest. The tools look good and I will need to sort the stones that came out of the bag. Even though I only paid $4, it's still expensive because some of the stones aren't fit for purpose. My daughters will probably use these in their craft kit.

👤I ordered these to be used as accents on makeup looks that I enjoy doing. The wax picker pen is very easy to use, and it is very easy to remove the metal piece from the pink wax. The 3mm gems are too heavy for the picker pen, but the tweezers make it easy to pick them up and place them. I don't write reviews, but this one deserved one. This is something I absolutely recommend.

👤These are thrown off a variety of different colors, but they look very shiny and good for jazzing up some pieces. Very nice. Half of the back is silver. The 1.3mm ones didn't come with anything small enough for me so I had to purchase them separately. The bigger ones have worked well.

👤It looks like it would be easy to use.

👤You get a bonus for your money.

9. Rhinestones Flatback Rhinestone Tweezers Decoration(Colorful

Rhinestones Flatback Rhinestone Tweezers Decoration%EF%BC%88Colorful

The package includes a pretty and delicate set. There are 2400 pieces of colorful flatback nail rhinestones. The clear nail rhinestones are cute and pretty. There are 4488 pieces and 1 piece black tweezers. The size of the nail rhinestones is 3mm each, the color of the nail and the clarity of the nail are the factors that affect the size. Multi-faceted rhinestones are more three-dimensional, full of color, and the AB color nail rhinestones will vary in color when seen in different lights or from different angles. The tip of the tweezers is good for placing the cute gems because it is tapering and good aligned, grasp and handle them firmly and easily. Adding flatback rhinestones to your nails will make them look good and will let you be more elegant and charming.

Brand: Bememo

👤These last through everything. I put a bunch of bad boys in front of my eyes. I got drunk, sobbed and skin my knees during the show. The rhinestones were perfect the whole time. I would be surprised if Harold saw them shining off my orbs from all the way in the nosebleeds. Buy them. We only get to do it once. I wear them to the grocery store for fun.

👤I got these to use on my face because I am obsessed with Euphoria. They are perfect for that. You get a good selection of colors. I can't recommend this product enough for makeup because I really like the tools they sent. Excellent!

👤The reviewz had me scepticle but they were packaged tightly in plastic which made it feel more hygenic. The pencil and packz were wrapped in rubber bandz. It's good! If you look at the nail art, they may be a little big in the rainbow section. But 4 eye jewelz are perfect. The extra tiny onez in the silver side would work 4 nailz, but at this price, I want to look elsewhere. These are not 2 big at all 4 makeup. So. Yes! I got this 4 sum makeup lookz, and the bag and the rhinestonez cum in cases, but the compartmentz aren't filled 2 the top, so I'm happy. It was 10/10. Would give a 10. I agree that the compartmentz could be filled a bit more. 3

👤I bought the stones to use for a phone case, gym shoes, and slides. I love the AB stones. I didn't receive the wax pen that was supposed to be included, so I gave this product a perfect score.

👤Excited to bedazzle some stuff. I'm excited to start a project because it's organized in it's own case. I mentioned how beautiful the rhinestones are. They are very high quality. Come in with a little organizer!

👤I am using these to decorate my daughters bows. They come out great. They are easy to work with and stay in place, but that is an obvious factor.

👤I am glad I bought. I wanted the amount, the sizes, the shine of the stones and the quality.

10. Rhinestones Diamonds Crystals Rhinestone Pencils

Rhinestones Diamonds Crystals Rhinestone Pencils

The kit includes 2 boxes of nail art, 12 colors of rhinestone, and 1 box ofAB rhinestone. The nail art diamonds are a great nail art supply for nail art studio and also for self nail art. Makeup jewels for eyes are widely used as makeup jewels for eyes will make the stuff and your make up special and sparking. This kit is a colorful gems for makeup, it is face rhinestones, and it is a perfect nail diamond for nail art. This is a great gift for a woman or girl, it's a great gift for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and Christmas gifts. If you are dissatisfied with the product, they will give you a 100% return and a replacement.

Brand: Maxsimple

👤It's perfect for me and my friends.

11. Besteel Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Rhinestones

Besteel Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Rhinestones

There are different colors of gems, including transparent diamonds and white pearls. You can mix and match. You will be the queen of the festival. You can mix and match 2 sheets of gems styles in 3 sizes for your own creativity. It's easy to put on and take off the tweezers. It's better to make sure the shape of the diamond is not damaged. Face jewels for women are 100% safe and healthy. There is a diamond made of two types of stones. You can easily remove the self-adhesive rhinestones from the sticker. It is more convenient to use the rhinestone strip directly. The glue can be dried and the stickers can be applied again using eyelash glue. You will be the Queen in any festival if you put your face jewels all over your face and body. It's great for clothes, phones, bags,cell phones, making greeting cards, and so on. You can clean the wanted paste place, then strip decals and paste to your face or body, finally press face rhinestones. If you don't like Nicpro stickers, return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions were asked.

Brand: Besteel

👤These are so cute and easy to put on.


What is the best product for eye rhinestones small?

Eye rhinestones small products from Beadsland. In this article about eye rhinestones small you can see why people choose the product. Zoestar and Tecunite are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye rhinestones small.

What are the best brands for eye rhinestones small?

Beadsland, Zoestar and Tecunite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye rhinestones small. Find the detail in this article. Umillars, Letswin and Spaidoon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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