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1. Barzel Plated Swarovski Crystal Bangle

Barzel Plated Swarovski Crystal Bangle

The ancient tradition to help fight off evil eye of others is what makes this gold plated evil eye bracelet so special. It is available in White Gold and Gold. GIFT IT! This gold evil eye bracelet is a great gift for Christmas, Mother Day, Birth Day, Anniversary, or any other occasion that will let your special someone be very happy and feel important. Their jewelry is all up to excellent quality standards and their pieces will last as they quality check every piece of jewelry to make sure it shines right and won't tarnish after wear and tear. They offer a money-back guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied. They offer a money-back guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Brand: Barzel

👤I wore the bracelet for the first time today and the eye fell out. I left for work and never came back. I am very disappointed that I cannot return it for a new one because the window just closed.

👤Crystal Evil Eye Bangel 18 K Gold or White Gold is a high polish finish that can help retain color for at least 2 years.

👤The bracelet is pretty but the stones fall out. They were nice enough to send me a replacement, but they also had stones missing.

👤This was too small and uncomfortable for my wrist, and it was pretty. I had to go back. If you have a bigger wrist like I do, you might be disappointed.

👤The quality of the bracelet is terrible. The blue stone fell off when the wear was over. The small cristals fell off and the latch didn't work. It took about a week of wear.

👤I received it yesterday. The price is reasonable, the bracelet is lightweight and I like the style. There was no sign that the package had been damaged or mishandled, and several of the small crystals came lose and fell out during shipping. I was able to find them and put them back in the setting, but only because they'd gotten stuck in the packaging. It would be harder to do if they fell out. I hope that issue is addressed.

👤I like jewelry that shows beauty and mysticism. This is a beautiful bracelet. The bright sparkle of the gems will make you want to wear it.

👤I got it quickly with prime and it was cute but I put it on the rhinestone and it came out. Not having it on for a while is pretty upsetting.

👤I have had many nice things to say about this bracelet.

👤Solide du tout couleur... The prix cest.

2. Pieces African Cuffs Piercing Rings

Pieces African Cuffs Piercing Rings

The nose cuff set comes in 6 different styles and is a must have for nose cuffs lovers. You can adjust the tightness of the fake nose rings as you please. The nose cuff is made with top quality tarnish resistant copper wire and is comfortable and safe. The craftsmen created Wearable Experiences. Their nose cuffs are light and easy to put on and take off, they do not cause any burden on your nose or ears, and they are available to elevate your style even more. They are very versatile because they can be worn alone or in multiples. There are 3 fake nose rings and 3 evil eye fake nose rings. Give this set as a present to your daughter, wife, girlfriend or sisters and they will feel very special and charming. 100% customer satisfaction. If you have a problem with their product, be the first to contact them. They will take care of your issue. If the issue arises due to their responsibility, they offer a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Chuyau

👤I like the way they look, but if you put it too tight on your nose, it will leave a scar, so be careful.

👤I lost one in my car the other day, but it's alright, 6 came in the pack 3 Evil Eyes.

👤I was excited to see these. They seem too big for anyones nose. I would like them to be smaller. The inside had been damaged after wearing one.

👤I love them. The blue ones hurt and leave a print on my nose, but the regular gold ones are just as cute. I am not upset. I like the regular ones.

👤It's easy to place and it's very cute.

👤I love it. They are them. There is one with the device that is big. And the heart is something. I love it. They are really nice.

3. Mevecco Zirconia Stacking SapphireBlue Stackable

Mevecco Zirconia Stacking SapphireBlue Stackable

There are four sizes of this heart ring. How to find the right size. Please check the picture. There is a protection coating on the surface of the water. It is different from the common spray protective finish. They bathe it in a liquid solution after it is gold plated. The gold-tone will last longer if it is baked dry. There are applicable courts. Their dainty Dangle Hoop Earring is suitable for many occasions. It is a perfect gift for women. Each piece of jewelry comes with a gift box and a greeting card. They are perfect gifts for yourself or someone you love. Surprise gifts are perfect to remind someone how much you care. They offer a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. Excellent customer service is needed to work out the problem. You may have. Please let them know if you have any questions. You can search on Amazon for more of their designs.

Brand: Mevecco

👤I really liked this ring when I got it. I'm writing this review after 1.5 months of wearing, and I'm sad to say that the gold has started to chip/wear off. I'm sad because this was a beautiful ring and it was a good price. It isn't made for long term wear. I took this off when I washed the dishes and put on hand sanitizer because it was not exposed to any chemicals. I wouldn't buy this again. Would have liked to see this as even better.

👤I have washed dishes and taken showers with this ring. There was no discoloring problem. It looks like the picture, and it's pretty good quality.

👤The ring is gorgeous and dainty. It was good quality. When I accidentally wore it to work, it didn't leave a green film on my finger.

👤This feels cheap and light. It is so cute. I got a size 9 and it fits on my middle finger, but my fingers are larger.

👤I love this ring. It is a very nice quality, but it does not look like it was cheap on Amazon. It is really beautiful. It isdainty. It is not something people notice, but when they do they say how pretty it is. It looks and feels like something from a jewelry store. I work as a hairdresser. I get it wet all day and that keeps it clean and beautiful. Not a ring that will leave a green stain. Excellent quality. I wear it every day.

👤I usually wear a size 7 ring, but went with an 8 to wear on my thumb. The ring fits my thumb perfectly, but it also fits on the rest of my fingers. I love buying from Meveccos.

👤I love this ring. I have it on, but it's so thin and delicate that I forget. The design is very clean. It's my new favorite piece of jewelry.

4. Earrings Protection Jewelry Yellow Turquoise

Earrings Protection Jewelry Yellow Turquoise

The 14K Evil Eye Stud Earrings are designed for timeless yet modern fashion. You receive a beautiful and free gift box. Shipping is free. Arrive within 4 business days to the USA and Canada. 14K Gold Evil Eye Stud Earrings is a perfect gift for mother, mom, her, girlfriend, wife, daughter, colleagues, and of course for yourself on Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Valentine's Day, anniversary, birthday, graduation, prom and meditation gift You should review their other bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. There are many kinds of gold and silver products. You will not regret! They don't deliver to post office boxes.

Brand: Latika Jewelry

5. Ruifan Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry Barbell

Ruifan Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry Barbell

316L surgical steel is the material. Hypoallergenic and nickel free jewelry. Wearable Bar Length: 12mm;Balls size: 5mm. The package comes with one free gift velvet bag.

Brand: Ruifan

👤I have had a piercing for over a year. I was looking for something subtle and practical that I didn't have to change out all of the time and ended up wearing it everyday since I received it. I ordered the gold and it hasn't faded. I spend a lot of time in the water. I also surf and work out a lot, but this little dude doesn't show it. I forget I'm wearing it. I am very sensitive to cheap metals. It's always a good idea to wear real gold. What a great purchase! This has been perfect for my needs, so I might look for one just a tad shorter.

👤It's hard to find a ring for the bottom that is long enough or doesn't stick out through clothes after my belly button pierced. I am very happy with this purchase. It fits perfectly and isn't too snug. Once I get bored of the rainbow, I will definitely be purchasing other colors.

👤These are the dainty pieces for my belly ring. I like gold because it adds to my skin color and I don't like flashy pieces. The packaging was well thought out. I would purchase from them again.

👤The rings were advertised. They were very good quality. I am allergic to black, gold, and rose gold rings. They are made of surgical steel, but they must have some kind of alloy covering them. I wore the gold first. After a few days, my belly button began to feel tender. I cleaned the area so it could heal. I wore the plain surgical steel one after it healed. No problems so far.

👤I bought this to pierce my belly button. I have worn it for several weeks now and haven't had any issues with it turning colors. I got in the pool with it after showering. This is a good deal.

👤I have had mine for a few months now and it still looks brand new. The color is still polished. It is light weight and comfortable to leave in the middle of the night.

👤My piercer said they did an 11mm bar, so I thought it would be good, but it seemed long. I should have measured. The ball was tight and good quality. My previous one fell off. It's a shame.

👤I used them for a small belly button ring and would love to buy all the colors they have available.

6. Kendra Scott Birthstone Necklace September

Kendra Scott Birthstone Necklace September

This piece is perfect for people who like to layer or gravitate towards simpler styles. The Elisa Pendant Necklace is made with everyday wear in mind. This style of stone is unique to Scott. The Elisa Pendant Necklace is proof that they can find new ways to use genuine stones. This necklace has a stationary pendant and a 15" chain with a 2 inch extender. A genuine branded gift box and jewelry bag will be used for your jewelry. This necklace is a perfect gift for your wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, and many other occasions. Before you apply any kind of personal body products, you should remove your jewelry. Avoid contact with soap, perfume, lotion, makeup, hair and cleaning products.

Brand: Kendra Scott

👤I was worried about the authenticity of the necklace after reading some of the reviews, one of which showed the back of two different necklaces and the claim that the one purchased from Amazon was fake. I had an Amazon gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to take a chance. I went to visit the local boutique in my area to calm my mind. The sales girl explained that the necklace comes with two different backings and that she was very sweet. The metal bars are on the Amazon pictures. She said the bars will be phased out eventually, but the real thing is still there. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The stone was in perfect condition and the white Druzy couldn't be any cleaner. It's definitely adainty necklace. If you want a statement piece, you might want something bigger. It is a perfect everyday wear for us. I am very happy I bought it.

👤I bought this necklace for my girlfriend at full price, but it isn't even the real brand. I paid the store price of $50 for this necklace. She doesn't shower with it because it has turned into a copper color. It leaves green stains on her neck, and when we compared it to a necklace, it was not the same. Real jewelry does not contain copper.

👤I was surprised at the price of the necklace. I would have thought it was more expensive. My husband gave me the necklace for my new everyday necklace, it can go with everything from a night out to your yoga pants. Get yourself this or men get this for your ladies.

👤My son wanted to buy a necklace for his mom. He put it on his laptop. The necklace was in a gift box with an elastic bow and it was a perfect choice because it was a beautiful gift and nicely wrapped as well. What a hit! He wants to take care of a gift for a female. His grandmother loved it.

👤The pendant is one of the favorites in my household. It's easy to put on and it's appreciated that I don't have to spend a lot of time with help or give up until I buy one for myself! The Lobsters clasps are the best. I love the design for it'sVersatility in formal and casual attire. It's a good recommendation.

👤Misrepresented! The necklace and earrings are not the same. One has yellow gold and the other has either silver or white gold. They do not match. We re-ordered thinking there was a problem, but all four orders were the same.

👤Last year I got my aunt a necklace and this year I am getting my cousin one. I ordered my aunts through kendra scott and it took about a week to come in, but I didn't want to do that again. The reviews scared me, so I went through here. I got the usual kendra scott backing and it looks like the picture. Some reviews say it will go green. It came with the box, but it doesn't come with the papers you would get through kendra scott. Not sure what that means. It looks real! I didn't know how much it would cost on kendra scott's website, but it was a great price.

7. Swarovski Silver Earrings 5201707 Valentine

Swarovski Silver Earrings 5201707 Valentine

The Creativity Circle Stud pierced earrings combine the precision and quality of sparkling Swarovski crystals with a rhodium plated setting for a trendy and refined accessory. The delicate circle silhouettes, made of sparkling crystals, create a refined look and are set on a rhodium plated post that will not tarnish with a butterfly back. When simple care practices are observed, Swarovski jewelry will maintain its brilliance over time. The simple style of these studs makes them a fashionable everyday accessory, a glamorous addition for more formal occasions or a charming gift for a loved one. There is a set of 1 x set of Swarovski creativity round pierced studs for women with white Swarovski crystals and a rhodium plated setting.

Brand: Swarovski

👤Stunning... These are gorgeous and I bought them for my DIL.

👤This item is pretty. I didn't have it for a while. I can't say if it turned dark. The back piece was bent to a 90 degree angle when I recurved it. I was able to fix it a bit, but it was all wrong and I don't find that acceptable after paying $60. I have earrings from Amazon that are not like that. It might not have been properly packaged.

👤No me, son aretes falsos los voy a devolver. No tienen el brillo del swarovski, verdaderamente decepcionada. No ha sido una excelente.

👤Everyone knows that a crystal with more sparkle than a diamond. The earrings had no sparkle. It is possible that the crystals were too small to sparkle. The style was lovely. It was subtle but lovely.

👤If you have an allergy to silver, be careful. I bought this one for my daughter. The post shows the same white gold as the product picture. The earring we received was not the same color as the post. It was black and grey. I had to research it. After 2 days of wearing them, my poor girl started having an allergy reaction with swelling, red, and small blisters around her ear lobes. I pulled them out of my daughter's ears.

👤Love the sparkle. Love the size. Can't tell if they are on. When I can keep them on for days at a time without my piercing sites getting irritated, I know they are quality earrings. I have no regrets about getting these earrings. I have purchased all of the jewelry from Swarovski.

👤I bought these earrings for my mom and she absolutely loves them. She gets praise every time she wears them. The purchase was great.

👤The earrings were bright and shiny. They look beautiful and have maintained their sparkle. The size is perfect for your ears.

👤Please do not buy that fake. Cheap, makes ears swollen, spend there extra money and get legit ones off the real website, otherwise you will be out of pocket, disappointed, have green ears! I would like to know before buying the neckless that I am very unhappy and feel robbed.

👤I'll keep them for myself if they're not liked, they're pretty and I bought them as a Christmas present. They are small but classey looking, the sort of earring you would want for a serious cocktail party. The price was great and it came in a box.

👤These earrings are very small. I wore them for a few days and they started to irritate my ears. I had a bug on one of my ears. I changed to another pair for a week and everything was fine. I changed back to this pair, and my ear got irritated again. The metal piece that goes through the ear is too long. I will probably not be able to wear these very much. It was a little disappointed.

👤She brought a friend for Christmas. They look lovely. After I had them in my basket for a day, they went up in price. Absolutely beautiful.

8. Gold Plated Sterling Swarovski Zirconia Eternity

Gold Plated Sterling Swarovski Zirconia Eternity

The most brilliant simulated diamonds in the world are included in the all-around eternity band ring. A comfortable fit and high quality product are ensured by the product. The jewelry design was manufactured to the highest quality standards. Efforts are being made to use sustainable resources. It is an affordable alternative and very popular with a wide range of jewelries because of its brilliance and clarity.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤These rings are amazing. Nine months ago, I bought my first two rings and wear them almost everyday. The metal is not cheap, the stones have not fallen out, and the crystals look good even after a few cleanings. I used to work with jewelry and wanted it to look legit. Since I work out often, I take off my jewelry and lose too many expensive pieces to keep wearing the real thing. I was looking for rings that I could wear all the time. The perfect solution was these rings. The metal has lost some of its strength. It makes the ring look real. I bought three more rings in different sizes because I like them so much. For the price, you can't go wrong with this product.

👤It arrived a day early. It makes me happy when that happens. It is gorgeous! I wish I knew more about the fakes before I got engaged. Ha! I bought a five and it fits perfectly. It still doesn't do the beauty of it justice, despite the fact that I added many photos in different lighting. Every few weeks, I'll update this review about how it holds up. We do a lot of outdoor activities with our two toddlers. I hope this beauty will survive it all.

👤I loved this ring. It shimmers. The pictures don't do it justice. I had to return it because I didn't like the way the diamonds separated my fingers, it felt weird. If you don't mind, then go for it. The size was what was expected. I will be buying from this vendor again.

👤I've been wearing the ring for almost a year. It's still beautiful, all the stones are in place, and it's part of my everyday wardrobe. This is a great deal for a beautiful piece. Highly recommended! I love this ring. I was not sure if it would meet my expectations after I bought it. I've worn it for over a month now. It's simple, classic and shiny. I wear it on its own, but would look nice stacked with other rings. I'm not worried about stones falling out because it looks and feels very well made. If I'm doing a lot of cleaning, I take it off, but wear it while I wash my hands and it still looks great. If you need to add a little sparkle to your jewelry collection, it's highly recommended.

👤The yellow gold is 1ctw. My 18k yellow gold 1.7 Radiant diamond engagement ring and 14k solid yellow gold wedding band are perfect together. I didn't want a diamond band to stack with so when I saw this it was perfect. I am considering trying to small 1/2 ctw in this, because I think it won't out shine my engagement ring compared to the 1ctw. This one is a bit wide. I am pretty satisfied so far. U can tell it. Excellent quality!

👤It looks like my real diamond/Platinum infinity band and engagement ring is real. It is true to size. It was a bit big for me, but as a temporary fix it will do. I bought it to wear while my second band was out for repair. The black arrow is pointing to the band in the photo.

9. VACRONA Dainty Necklace Satellite Minimalist

VACRONA Dainty Necklace Satellite Minimalist

The ring is 14 high with 1mm stones. It is believed that an open eye can ward off bad energy. Their ring is inspired by these beliefs. The eye is one of the body's most precious assets. The evil eye ring is made of 14k gold and inlaid with jewels. It's nickel free, lead free, and Hypoallergenic. The necklace is packaged with a delicate gift box and exquisite card. A gift for your family. ADVANTAGE: Money back or exchange was provided by Vacrona. They will be able to fix the problem in 12 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Vacrona

👤I had it for less than 24 hours and it was already gone. You get what you pay for. I upgraded my rating from one star to 5 after reading how evil eye protection jewelry works. One of the jewels will break if someone sends you ill. Within 24 hours, this happened. I think it did it. There is a job.

👤I bought a back up because I love the ring so much. It will tarnish, but not too bad, and you could see a different metal color on your finger. My carelessness caused the tarnishing. When washing with hard chemicals, it is always a good rule to remove rings.

👤A pretty ring. It was what I wanted. It goes well with my other dainty pieces. I hope it doesn't fade.

👤Purchasing a second time tarnished very quickly.

👤It was nice until a few days later when I noticed it was changing colors. Not what I expected. It looks dull now.

👤I only take the ring off to sleep. I have showered it on and it is not green or funny. It has been about a month since my order was placed.

👤A great ring. I can get it wet and it doesn't turn into perfect colors.

👤My daughter liked it. It is pretty and dainty.

👤The gold coating on the ring is already coming off and the silver is showing in less than a month.

10. Swarovski Symbolic Motif Rose Gold Plated

Swarovski Symbolic Motif Rose Gold Plated

The US ring size is 5.5/EU 50. This rose-gold tone open ring is simple and elegant and has a unique black pavé moon and star motif. This ring is simple enough for everyday wear or special occasions and features moon and star motifs which symbolize hopes and dreams and sparkle with black pavé like the night sky. When simple care practices are observed, Swarovski jewelry will maintain its brilliance over time. This dainty ring is elegant and eye-catching and can be used as an accessory or a gift for a loved one. The Swarovski symbolic moon ring has a black crystal pavé and white circle-cut crystals in a rose-gold tone setting.

Brand: Swarovski

👤I decorated my baby's room in a sun and star pattern, and I knew that this ring needed to be mine, because I am obsessed with rings that have dangling charms. The baby is in his 20s. It is a very small word that is important. The size will be mentioned in many reviews. I have small hands. The other word is pretty. Being small and delicate is what I like, and the sparkling little dangly charm gives off a flash in the right light. The blue moon area is said to have blue crystals among the gold dots, but I don't think it's true. I don't want to change the size but I'm not sure it would be easy to open it wider. It is the same size as all my other rings. I am not sure how long it will last. I have only worn it a few times and it appears to have a light scratch on the top. I have not tried to clean it off yet. I like this ring. I paid too much for it. If you have a normal size, I would recommend you watch and wait for a sale. mine is 4 If it has meaning, then get it! I paid too much for it being not real gold and only having two small crystals. If you can get it cheaper, I can see why you would like it.

👤I agree with the other buyers about this ring. It is small, delicate, inexpensive, and not fine material. The ring was offered at a price that made it clear that it was not fine metals and not meant to be diamonds. It is fine jewelry. The ring is small and my hands do not do it justice. One of my husband's hobbies was astronmy. He would arrange patio chairs so we could watch the moon, comets, and space lab as they passed. It is a small reminder of my husband's special love for me. I have to this day. I was his wife and still am. You couldn't take the ring from me.

👤Everything was promised. The receipt looks really nice. I don't know how it holds up until I wear it for a while.

👤I thought it was larger.

👤The SWAROVSKI Women's Moon Motif Ring is very small. It is very small and dainty, and it looks like it was made for a young girl. The design of the ring is nice, but there's not much sparkle to it because the crystals are so small. My husband didn't think there was anything on it. This ring has an open end that is a little flexible, and it's kind of good. Even though I am closer to a size 8, I had no issues fitting into it, as you can bend the open end a little to accommodate your finger. It makes the ring look cheap and out of a box when it's on your finger. I love the moon and jewelry with it, so I thought I'd like this one. I find it cute, but it looks like a cheap jewelry item for a child, not an adult woman. It would be a great gift for a little girl, but it's not worth the high price. It looks like it would cost you less than $10 at a discount store. I'm not impressed. YMMV.

11. Minimalist Sterling Knuckle Stackable Delicate

Minimalist Sterling Knuckle Stackable Delicate

These gold plated silver eye jewelry is nickel-free, lead-free and tarnish resistant, and adds an element of mysticism to your look. The band width is 1mm and the weight is.. 14k yellow gold and sterling silver are used. You can show your love for the Earth and your sweetheart by buying jewelry that is made of cz. The mining of diamonds has a negative impact on the environment. Only a jeweler can tell the difference between a flawless jewelry and one that isn't. You can spend your money on a trip or a new house. Jewelry is a great gift for Mother's Day, Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, Holiday, Stocking Stuffer, Christmas, and more.

Brand: Bling Jewelry

👤The ring size is smaller than usual. The seller won't respond to a message about exchanging for a larger size. The ring is very thin and delicate. I don't know if I want to keep it. I would recommend trying a different ring.

👤It's definitely a favorite. I get praise all the time. Within a week, the gold wore off. A stone was missing. I would buy a second one with hopes of better luck.

👤Even with my chubby fingers, this ring fits well.

👤I bought this ring a year and a half ago and it has worn off. I ordered a new one. This ring is small and delicate and easy to wear, and I wear it daily.

👤After less than 48 hours of wearing this ring. The back and sides of the band are completely covered in gold. The other stone is missing as of this morning. Very disappointed.

👤I ordered a ring in both gold and silver. The quality and value are great.

👤The ring is pretty comfortable and fits to size.

👤The shank is very thin.

👤It's pretty and true to size. It looks really nice and you pay more for it. You can wear it alone because it looks good.


What is the best product for eye ring gold?

Eye ring gold products from Barzel. In this article about eye ring gold you can see why people choose the product. Chuyau and Mevecco are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye ring gold.

What are the best brands for eye ring gold?

Barzel, Chuyau and Mevecco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye ring gold. Find the detail in this article. Latika Jewelry, Ruifan and Kendra Scott are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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