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1. Jewanfix String Bracelets Handmade Bracelet

Jewanfix String Bracelets Handmade Bracelet

These bracelets are said to ward off bad luck and maladies caused by the "Evil Eye". You can mix, match, stack, or leave it all to your creativity. The length is 5"-10.5", no worried about size, and the slip-on rope allows wearers to create the perfect fit. A 100% handmade by skilled craftsman with wax rope and evil eye charms. The evil eye bracelets are waterproof and Lead free. Every evil eye bracelet is a small gift to give someone you care about. These bracelets are a great way to dress up a casual outfit for a party, vacation, wedding, birthday, Christmas, and more. If you have an issue with any of their products, please contact them so that they can help.

Brand: Jewanfix

👤The wrist is wrist friendly. I approve of it! It comes with 2. I will be shopping with this vendor again.

👤It is exactly as expected and comes with two.

👤I love that I can easily adjust the size, it comes with 2 bracelets and a nice velvet bag to keep them in. The evil eye is made of plastic. Plastic is not a natural element and therefore, can't do anything to protect me. I will return for a refund.

👤My son loves wearing his bracelet because it expands so he can grow into it. It comes in a pack of 2, which is a plus.

👤It was lasted for a long time.

👤Well made and does not feel flimsy. I don't take it off and it has held up well.

👤These were packaged well and of good quality.

👤The thread on the joint broke just with light use of the bracelet.

2. BERYUAN Trendy Teardrop Knuckle Vintage

BERYUAN Trendy Teardrop Knuckle Vintage

Size: 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5,6, 6.52nd photo. It is a good gift for a loved one. These Multi or Single Layered Rings for women and girls are perfect as a gift for christmas, new year, birthday, valentine's day, engagement, promise, wedding, anniversary, mother's day, fits home and party.

Brand: Bestyuan

👤I have had these for 2 months and they are corroding. Some of them are not comfortable because of sharp points. I wear 3-4 of them. I wouldn't recommend it due to the fact that some are unwearable.

👤Don't waste your money! These should only be for a small child.

👤Not one ring fit me. I spent my money on all the tiny rings. I will just throw them away.

👤Some of the rings are not the right size, some turned my fingers green. They don't all look the same.

👤Some of the rings were green. Cheap versions of the picture that is shown are not good quality.

👤One of the rungs cane was without a gem because the sizes listed were slightly off. I can wear the ones that are nice.

👤The first picture is not real. They are a cheap remake of high quality rings. It was small and not strong.

👤It was very uncomfortable.

3. Adjustable Changing Inspirational Mystique Marble

Adjustable Changing Inspirational Mystique Marble

There are different temperatures and moods for color changes. Perfect for Mother's Day, Cocktail Occasions, Party, Promise, Statement. Pick the style you want. The gift box is not included.

Brand: Jude Jewelers

👤It was disappointing to be frozen after 40 years in the ice, only to discover that the subzero temperatures broke my mood ring. Amazon has sexy bell bottoms, soave shirts and other items. And yes, even an iconoclastic ring.

👤The ring is cute, but not great. This is about a week of wear. My son turned his finger green the first day, and you can see what it looks like days later. It is a cheap ring, but it serves the purpose. He loves it.

👤The chart that tells the mood for each color was not present. Isn't it fun to have a mood ring?

👤The ring is cute, but it doesn't come with a guide to tell you what you're feeling. I bought this as a gift for a young girl who had not heard of mood rings, and not having a guide defeats the purpose.

👤If the mood ring had arrived, I would tell you all about it. The price was good and it looked cute, but it would take up to 12 weeks to arrive. I ordered it in September expecting it to arrive by Christmas. The ring was late in December. It is listed as running late in March. I tried to contact the seller, but they didn't reply. It was interesting to see that a new ring would be delivered within 2 days of the new year listing. I don't want to order another one. It was not an expensive loss.

👤My grand daughter picked out a ring from the Amazon site. It is very cheap and more expensive than it should have been. I would return it but not take it away from her because she was so excited when it arrived. I know it wasn't what she was expecting.

👤The turtle broke off of the ring less than 24 hours after it arrived, my daughter was so excited to receive it. A piece of junk.

👤My 5 and 7 year old granddaughters received the kitten and turtle. They are adult sized, they come adjusted to the smallest size and fit me. My son-in-law adjusted the end and they worked. They are cute, but wish they would have been made for young girls. They would have liked a color chart. They are nice for the price.

👤It was cheap, cheap. The money was wasted.

4. Mevecco Zirconia Stacking SapphireBlue Stackable

Mevecco Zirconia Stacking SapphireBlue Stackable

There are four sizes of this heart ring. How to find the right size. Please check the picture. There is a protection coating on the surface of the water. It is different from the common spray protective finish. They bathe it in a liquid solution after it is gold plated. The gold-tone will last longer if it is baked dry. There are applicable courts. Their dainty Dangle Hoop Earring is suitable for many occasions. It is a perfect gift for women. Each piece of jewelry comes with a gift box and a greeting card. They are perfect gifts for yourself or someone you love. Surprise gifts are perfect to remind someone how much you care. They offer a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. Excellent customer service is needed to work out the problem. You may have. Please let them know if you have any questions. You can search on Amazon for more of their designs.

Brand: Mevecco

👤I really liked this ring when I got it. I'm writing this review after 1.5 months of wearing, and I'm sad to say that the gold has started to chip/wear off. I'm sad because this was a beautiful ring and it was a good price. It isn't made for long term wear. I took this off when I washed the dishes and put on hand sanitizer because it was not exposed to any chemicals. I wouldn't buy this again. Would have liked to see this as even better.

👤I have washed dishes and taken showers with this ring. There was no discoloring problem. It looks like the picture, and it's pretty good quality.

👤The ring is gorgeous and dainty. It was good quality. When I accidentally wore it to work, it didn't leave a green film on my finger.

👤This feels cheap and light. It is so cute. I got a size 9 and it fits on my middle finger, but my fingers are larger.

👤I love this ring. It is a very nice quality, but it does not look like it was cheap on Amazon. It is really beautiful. It isdainty. It is not something people notice, but when they do they say how pretty it is. It looks and feels like something from a jewelry store. I work as a hairdresser. I get it wet all day and that keeps it clean and beautiful. Not a ring that will leave a green stain. Excellent quality. I wear it every day.

👤I usually wear a size 7 ring, but went with an 8 to wear on my thumb. The ring fits my thumb perfectly, but it also fits on the rest of my fingers. I love buying from Meveccos.

👤I love this ring. I have it on, but it's so thin and delicate that I forget. The design is very clean. It's my new favorite piece of jewelry.

5. SOTOGO Pieces Rings Adjustable Little

SOTOGO Pieces Rings Adjustable Little

If you don't like your personalized jewelry, simply write them a message and they will give you a replacement within 24 hours. If you contact them a few months after the purchase, they will make it right for you. 50 pieces of little girl rings in 50 different patterns are packed in a gift box. Different styles can meet your kids' preferences, shiny style can catch your girls' eyes. Kids' rings can be adjusted according to the thickness of your finger. Size related anxiety is over before a purchase. A gift box makes it easy to store them. These cute rings can be used in a birthday gift, Christmas gift, festival gift, and heart box container.

Brand: Sotogo

👤My daughter and niece have cute rings. They can be a bit sharp in the edges of the designs, so make sure to check the rings before giving them to a child. They can puncture and scratch. They should be fine if you just file them down with a nail file.

👤The cheaper the rings are, the easier it is for them to break. If you don't paint clear nail polish on the metal part of these rings, they will tarnish and turn their fingers green. I don't consider that a negative or a star off because I knew that from the beginning.

👤I haven't given them to the grands yet, but I looked them over and they seem to be a good deal. They had a small stick that looked like a glue stick. I didn't know that they are a glue stick to use in case the jewels fall off. I threw the stick away because I thought it got in the box by mistake.

👤My kids loved them, but they haven't even been worn yet, and they all started to rust.

👤These rings exceeded my expectations. She loves the rings and they are cute. She kept changing them. She had one on each finger. They are worth the money. I recommend them.

👤These are better than I thought they would be. I have some left for when granddaughters lose those. Ha! These make great party favors.

👤My niece is turning 3 years old and I bought these for her. They were her favorite present. I can stretch the rings to fit my hand and then shrink them back down to her size when she asks me to wear them. Very cute!

👤My granddaughter was very happy. 60 were unique in color and style. Well made and cute. A touch of wax or hot glue would solve the problem. It was amazing for the price.

6. Frienda Pieces Finger Puppets Eyeball

Frienda Pieces Finger Puppets Eyeball

If you have an issue with any of their products, please contact them so that they can help. The whole size of each eye finger puppet is stated. 3 x 3.5 cm/ 1.2 x 1.4 inches is the diameter of the middle ring part. It's 0.55 inch and it's fit for most kids' fingers. Colorful finger puppets are a great way to teach kids about different colors and shapes through a puppet show, and they are also a great way to promote creative learning for kids. The plastic is sturdy and not easy to break, so it is safe and won't harm your children. Wide applications include stage and puppet theater, story telling, role-play games, presentation, preschool education tools, and so on. 30 pieces eye finger puppets in 5 different colors, the number of each color is random, adequate quantity for using

Brand: Frienda

👤My child's bag will work well with these. These are very small. It won't fit on a child older than 7. I was expecting an item that would fit an older child.

👤My daughter wanted to use the puppets for her cards. It turned out great.

👤These are cute for a teachers welcome gift. I only received 25 in my shipment, not the advertised 30. I hope 25 will be enough.

👤My 10YO is very happy with her purchase of these little guys. They are small. I assumed they'd fit a child up to the second knuckle. Great find!

👤These are so cute! They were packaged in a zip close bag. There are six colors: pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple. A good mix of all the colors in the bag.

👤The mini version is too small to wear.

👤Maybe it is my fault because I missed the size. I thought this would be five times bigger. I saw them for less at Walmart. I think it's still a pretty good deal.

👤For the price... The kids first put the eyes on their hands and several of them fell out. I put them back in with hot glue. They were not as big as I expected. Will not fit in a child's finger.

👤For 10 minutes, it was good to amuse children at a wedding.

👤It is a great gift for kids. Only for small fingers.

👤It was bought as a teacher. Kids love them but sadly within one use the eyes began falling out. They were cute and great for getting children to check their work.

👤They were very small and only suitable for very little hands.

👤It's perfect for younger children with smaller fingers.

7. Sterling Spinner Anxiety Relieving Boredom

Sterling Spinner Anxiety Relieving Boredom

TheEvil Eye Spinner Ring. The ring has the same bearing as the windmill, it gets you through stress, anxiety and enhances your mood. No one will find out. It won't change color or get dark. Tarnish is nickel free. Best gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, Wedding Anniversary, Halloween,Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, and Black Friday graduation gifts. The gift bag and silver polishing cloth are free.

Brand: Alphm

👤I got this because it was supposed to help my adhd, but it doesn't spin unless you put pressure on it. I can't just spin it. It's super cute.

👤It looks like a picture but it gets stuck. Don't waste your money.

👤Had to spin it for the first day to get it to work. I had to remeasure my fingers because I thought I was a smaller, but it fit perfectly and came a day early. If nothing else, it is a good distraction and adorable, and I hope it helps with anxiety and nail-biting.

👤Very comfortable. It is so cute. It helps with my anxiety, and it keeps me from picking my nails.

👤I have a bad habit of picking my nails, so I bought this ring. The ring helped me to stop picking at my nails, but every now and then the spinner part of the ring gets off track and you have to spend some time to get it back on track. It takes a few days to get the ring to spin. The size was perfect. I would buy again.

👤Does spin, but does not turn it. It was thought that this would be a quite spinning ring, not one that makes noise and let's everyone know you are restless. It was pretty disappointed.

👤I bought this ring for myself. I am picking at my fingers because of my anxiety, and I am so nervous that I am not sure if I will make it. This ring would have allowed me to relax. It is a lovely ring and I was happy with it. The ring gets stuck and/or squeaks occasionally, but it is helpful. I don't know what to do to stop this. I am always able to work it loose again. I wear the ring when I am anxious but not as much as I would have liked due to the occasional issues I have.

👤It's great for providing a distraction. I had mine for 24 hours and have been messing with it all day. If you are bored, you can make it spin fast. Functional and cute. Love it.

8. ROOTLISA Finger Puppets Googly Eyeball

ROOTLISA Finger Puppets Googly Eyeball

All he producs have been esed and are safe for use by kds. 60 pieces in total There are red, purple, blue, yellow, and green colors. 3 cm x 3.5 cm/ 1.2 inch x 1.3 inch is the size. The ring is 1.8 cm/ 0.8 inch.

Brand: Rasslisa

👤Good value for money. I give them to my students to encourage them to read. These are of a better quality and better value than the ones I have previously bought.

👤These are very small. It's tiny. They won't fit on the adult's fingers. Maybe the tip of a pinkie? It wouldn't fit on anything but the fingertips of young kids.

👤I bought these for adults to use with children, but they are so small that older children couldn't get them on. If they are old enough to not put them in their mouths, they should work well.

👤The clear lens is about half an inch across. I have other people that are 1/3 inch across. The finger loop is also small.

👤They were much smaller than I expected. Not for children's hands.

👤These are cute toys. My child keeps an adhd in her pocket. It is great because she misplaces things. She has a constant supply of these things.

👤It's fun for kids. I bought them to pass out at raves and they are so small that they barely fit on an adult male. Good for kids, not for adults.

9. Earrings Minimalist Sterling Cartilage Hypoallergenic

Earrings Minimalist Sterling Cartilage Hypoallergenic

The evil eye 20g screw back mini stud earrings are for women, teenage girls and little girls. S925 is a plain silver with high quality plating and polishing. The earrings are made of top cartilage. The earrings are made of sterling silver. Highest quality work. The earrings are well matched for dress, appointment, daily, wedding and any other occasion. Women and girls will find ideal gifts. Cute earrings come in a pouch. Great gifts for women, mom, mother in law, wife, daughter,aunt, best friend, etc. Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Graduation Gifts, Mother's Day Gifts, etc. Money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction. 60 days guarantee policy. There is a black gift pouch. Their goal is to offer each customer wonderful products and service.

Brand: Newzenro

👤These are the perfect size for 2nd piercing. They are comfortable to wear all the time and sleep in, because they are screw on/ball back. I love them.

👤There were no problems. Excellent quality. If you have long fingernails, get help putting on the ball. Stay on! Has not fallen. Happy!

👤The screw backs are easy to put on and the size is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤Beautiful! Very pretty! It took me a while to get the screw end in. I bought gold and silver. Love, love, love!

👤My 3rd earring hole is perfect for small everyday earrings. I love them very much.

👤They are what I wanted. Small, dainty and beautiful.

👤The earrings were not delivered as my account says. I was supposed to have 3 items in my bag, but they were missing. I really want them, as they are cute.

👤I liked what I saw online, but I was a little disappointed when I received it.

10. SLOONG Acrylic Colorful Transparent Children

SLOONG Acrylic Colorful Transparent Children

The Y2K style is made of 4 pieces of acrylic. Different colors and styles can make you feel different. You can wear it individually or use it as a stacking ring. The rings set can show your unique charm. The ring set is suitable for the crowd. You can buy them regardless of your age or gender. It can be used as a stacking ring and worn alone. The non metal ring is made of premium quality acrylic and is tested by manual quality to give you a comfortable and safe use experience. You can wear it to attend birthday, party, wedding, feast, engagement, anniversary, festival celebration and many more. Become a crowd focus by meeting your needs and showing your charm. If you don't like your personalized jewelry, simply write them a message and they will give you a replacement within 24 hours. If you contact them a few months after the purchase, they will make it right for you.

Brand: Sloong

👤I wish there were more sizes. It is a ring size 7. Good quality.

👤My daughter loves them. Good quality, they look solid and the gold inlays are attached to the ring. The colors are clear. She can only use them on her ring and index finger.

👤The rings are cute, but there should be more sizes. They barely fit as I wear a 7. If your fingers swell, don't wear them. I gave them to Goodwill.

👤These rings make me happy. The rings are beautiful and the color is the same as the picture. I wear size 6 or 7 rings and they fit perfectly.

👤These rings are the best. There are no bad details in the quality. It is well presented in its bags.

👤My daughter is a fan of fashion. She wanted the plastic rings to be trendy. They are very pretty and well made. Only one size is available. They work well.

👤The price and the look of the rings are important.

11. Wqaip Kerg Change Adjustable Temperature

Wqaip Kerg Change Adjustable Temperature

30 pieces eye finger puppets in 5 different colors, the number of each color is random, adequate quantity for using 2pcs mood rng and 1pcs rng. box color will change You know her or she knows beer. When your mood changes, your body emperaure may change. You can buy safe Maeral, made of alloy's, which are safe for use. Their adjusable mood is a perfec cue for daughers,son, grandson,granddaughers,boy,grl and her. All he producs have been esed and are safe for use by kds.

Brand: Wqaip Kerg

👤The day after they were given, they broke. The tops had to be reglued after popping off the rings. The children were only playing video games and not living in rough housing. It was a little disappointing that they only lasted one day.

👤These were very cute when they arrived. The bear broke off after a few days. It was a little disappointing.

👤It is a decent material for the price and if it changes color.

👤We were able to squeeze them down so they would fit a 7 year old.

👤Son loved them! 2 for the price of 1 in a "masculine" design. Kids rings are great quality.

👤These weren't high quality and didn't change color as promised.

👤I bought the rings for my grandson. He likes wearing them. He is 2 years old. We had to adjust the rings to fit him. Yes, they are adjusted!

👤The tops fell off when I put the rings in the box.


What is the best product for eye ring kids?

Eye ring kids products from Jewanfix. In this article about eye ring kids you can see why people choose the product. Bestyuan and Jude Jewelers are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye ring kids.

What are the best brands for eye ring kids?

Jewanfix, Bestyuan and Jude Jewelers are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye ring kids. Find the detail in this article. Mevecco, Sotogo and Frienda are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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