Best Eye Rinse for Dogs

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1. Nutri Vet Cleansing Liquid Cats 4 Ounce

Nutri Vet Cleansing Liquid Cats 4 Ounce

Ear cleaner for cats helps in the removal of wax, dirt and other gunk from the cat's ears. Relief from itch can help stop itching from a number of diseases. The combination of gentle yet effective ingredients that work together to soothe irritated ears is suitable for all dogs and puppies. All of the products made by veterinarians are of the highest quality. Premium ingredients are made in the USA with globallysourced ingredients.

Brand: Nutri-vet

👤My cats ears were destroyed by the product. I treated the cats because I had ear mites. I followed the instructions. I didn't think much of it because the cats hate water. He was no longer able to stand up. He vomited all the food for two days and the vet said there was damage to his ears. If you need to have your ear cleaned, you should go to the vet. You can clean the upper part of the ear, but not the canal. If I had the will power, I would file a lawsuit against the company because this product should be illegal to sell.

👤My cat is not a fan of this product. I am the owner. I noticed that the ears were dirty. I ordered this product and 4 cotton balls. I am happy that Ms. Dink's ears are clean. It saves me money on a visit to the veterinarians office to have her ears professionally cleaned. Ms. Dink is sleeping in a ball. Sorry Dink, mom loves you and you can do what you want.

👤My cat Polly is sensitive to many different things. She doesn't keep her ears clean and the wax causes her ears to get itchy. She doesn't have to worry about her skin being irritated or her ears itching, because this cleans her ears and stops them from itching. I put a cotton ball in her ear and massage it around her ear canal, and she loves it. Will buy again.

👤My cat gets ear wax that builds up to the point where it hurts. This loosens it up and comes off. He hates getting his ears cleaned, but I can see the relief when I'm done. The solution didn't cause him any problems. I recommend this to cat parents who need to help their animals.

👤I used a cotton ball that was saturated and squeezed a small amount of solution into the ear. My cat's ear has been clean since it was worked on.

👤I'm pretty sure that the kitten I adopted had a lot of black gunk in his ears. Even though the kitten never scratched his ears, they needed to be cleaned bad. The gunk in the ear can be loosened with this stuff. The best way to use this product is to put the solution in an oral syringe, and then put about 2% of the product per ear. If you apply it directly to the cotton ball, it will drain into the ear. The cat will shake it out if you squirt it right from the bottle. Slowly put the liquid in the cat's ear. I massage the cat's ears after applying it a second time. The gunk will form into balls and the cat will shake it's head to release it. You can use a cotton ball to clean the ear at this point. The cat can become jumpy and you can poke it down the ear canal, so you shouldn't use a q-tip. If you hold the q-tip near the tip of the ear and stick it to the outer part of the ear, it won't get into the cat. The cat hates the vet and so you should have treats ready or have the vet clean the ears. This stuff smells like a good cleanser.

2. SynergyLabs Ear Therapy Fl Oz

SynergyLabs Ear Therapy Fl Oz

Dog and cat ear drops can be used to clean and deodorize the ear canal. Daily care maintenance for a healthy pet includes ear infections. This bottle of pet ear drops is alcohol-free and gentle enough for frequent use, it has a mild scent and is completely painless for your pets, and you can clean and dry their delicate ears as frequently as needed. For dogs and cats, Clinical Care Ear Therapy can be used to prevent ear infections and for daily care to keep your pet healthy. They know dogs and cats are more than just pets because they are pet parents too, so they created a premium medicated product that is affordable and effective.

Brand: Veterinary Formula

👤My cocker spaniel has been dealing with chronic ear infections her whole life. She has used a lot of antibiotics under the sun. Thousands of dollars have been spent on allergy testing. Yes, you read that correctly. I said it could be allergy related. She should live in a bubble because she is allergic to every animal. She was on a strict vegetarian diet and it didn't help her ears. At the beginning, apoquel helped, but now it doesn't anymore. The doctors have given up and recommend a total ear removal. For those who don't know what ear canal removal is, it's total ear canal removal. Look at the pictures I posted. The photo was when it was starting to get bad. It smelled like something was in her ear. She was itching it so much that it was swollen. I just took the second picture. There was a total difference. She doesn't itch as much and it doesn't smell anymore. What did I do differently? This could change your dog's life. 1. We sleep with a fan. My dog has floppy ears and the lack of air ruined her life. It has helped to dry out her ears since we got major air flow into our room. She says the top thing that has changed her life is. If you can't sleep with a big fan, get a small one. I swear, it works. 2. I clean her ears every week. The doctors told me to clean her ears twice a day, but I noticed it made things worse. I use this product and I can tell you the difference it has made. The fan dries out her ears. I think it's a yeast issue because it smelled like Cheetos, but this cleaner cleans it all up. Her ears have not looked good in a long time. I use a q-tip to clean her ears. Squish. You clean the gunk that comes out. It has worked well. This stuff is very gentle on her ears and it's coming from a dog. 3. I shave the inside of her ears to keep the area clean and I don't get her head wet when I bath her using room temp water. I don't wet her head because it causes a humid environment and keeping her ears hair free helps keep it dry. Buy this. It has made a difference in her ears.

👤I have a dog and she was shaking a lot. I have a little experience and have many dogs. I noticed what she was doing and ordered this. What was bothering her was gone in three days. She loved when I'd massage her lower ear cable so that it could reach all the way in. I'm going to use it to keep her ears clear.

👤I recommend this product, but be careful if your pet has bad ears. My cats got ear mites from a stray. I've lived all around the country and have always owned cats. California ear mites are the worst in the US, and none of my cats have had them. My cats have very sensitive skin because they are all Siamese blends. The standard treatment for ear mites is toxic to cats, so finding a safe product is difficult. I've learned to use mineral oil or olive oil instead of taking cats to the vet for ear mites. I switched to olive oil for my cats' sensitive ears because they didn't like mineral oil. The problem was so bad that it had spread quickly. When I used oil, I saw a great improvement, but it didn't get rid of the last bit of yuck. I decided to try it. Two days ago it arrived. I decided to do a patch test because of their sensitive skin. I only used a q-tip to treat one of their ears, so as not to cause irritation if they had an issue. I got too much in his ear, but he was the only one that acted like it bothered him. His ear was so raw that the product caused a swelling. One cat had some inflammation. I felt like I was abusing a cat. The oil missed some ear mite and the product killed what was left, but there was more of them the next day. Better out than in! I used a dry Q-Tip to make sure no moistness remained after I cleaned their ears. Duffer came in to wait his turn when I set up the stuff for him. He looked better, and a bunch of coffee grounds came out, but after his ears were cleaned, he felt more comfortable. I use a head lamp to make sure I don't go further than the outer ear. If you shove a Q-Tip any farther into their ears, it could puncture their eardrum. I've had medical training and seven years of working at animal shelters, so I know what I'm doing. If the cat starts to shake its head, jerk the swab out quickly. Tizzy has no sign of ear mites this morning. The inflammation is almost completely gone, just a small area of redness. She let me scratch her ears for the first time in a month. I did not use it as directed, by filling the entire ear with the product. I took a picture of Tizzy's ear so you can see how much has changed. For the first time in months, I was able to scratch her behind the ears without her head shaking or flinching. It will probably be all better tomorrow, because the puffiness is almost gone. Since my sis let them out before I got up, I haven't gotten a change to check the other two yet, but if there's no improvement or worsening of their condition, I'll add those details to the review. Assume it all went well. If your pet has a bad infection or has sensitive ears, start slow. I would only do one ear at a time, and try to build up their tolerance. It will cause inflammation if their ears are badly irritated. I'm going to try it again in a few days to see if they do better after their ears heal, because it looks like it's doing the job. Nothing else I've tried has worked as well as it has. I don't think it's a bad thing that it's getting rid of California's Super Villain, because it's working when nothing else works. The product caused a lot of pain for some of the reviewers. My guess is that the animal's ears were so irritated that it was painful. If your pet has a bad infection, go slow with this product. Chemo can save your life, even though it sucks. This stuff seems to be saving my cats from a long-term problem. Don't let the claims of horrible pain put you off. If you see any redness in the ear, just use it lightly and allow it to heal. My sister's cat has ear mites, so she's trying it next. I'll add her response after we see how it goes. If you're dealing with ear troubles in your pet, you deserve a little bit of "Awwww" because she's cute and you deserve a photo of her.

3. Zymox Otic Ear Solution Hydrocortisone

Zymox Otic Ear Solution Hydrocortisone

Ear care for pets of all ages is important. The formula is gentle and does not cause irritation. The solution provides a safe, natural alternative to oral medication. It's not necessary to pre- clean painful ears - fill the ear canal and let the solution work. Clear ear secretions and promote healthy ears can be achieved with the patentedLP3 Enzyme System.

Brand: Zymox

👤I didn't think twice about the safety or toxicity of this product because of the positive reviews. My dog had black hair in her ears. She was functioning well and sleeping a lot. After using these drops for a few days, she got very sick and died suddenly after only 4 days of using these drops. I feel terrible for giving her eardrops because I didn't know they would hurt her. I'm happy that she's in heaven and not suffering anymore. Do not give these drops to older dogs or sensitive dogs. I would not recommend them for any dog, if you see any side effects even small, please use natural gentle treatments on your pets that will not cause harm or death, and stop immediately, and seek treatment if you see any side effects even small. I can't change what has happened to my dog, but I can at least save someone else the grief and agony of losing their dog from these eardrops.

👤I was hoping this was what everyone said it was. This drop has changed our lives. My 1 year old has had ear infections for at least 7 months. Just like everyone else, there are multiple different treatments. There was no relief. It appears to go away, but comes back quickly and bad. She scratched it until it was dirty. I was very excited to receive these drops. I started treating her after they arrived. She has made a lot of improvements. She wouldn't let me look at her ear. Her ear was swollen and bloody, now it looks like the other one. She is happy now. Will use this product to keep my baby happy and healthy.

👤We bought this ear cleaner because of the great reviews. The last time we went to the vet for our golden retriever's ear infections, it cost us over $100 and we already knew she had an ear infection. I thought I would give it a try because it was under $25 and claimed to clear up ear infections. Our golden retrievers ear was completely healed up after 3 days, and it was absolutely amazing. She was no longer scratching at her ear and the smell went away. I bought the ear wipes to help clean her ears as well. I could tell that the ear wipes and ear cleaner were soothing because she had scratched her ear open from all the scratching. I recommend this product for dogs with floppy ears who are prone to ear infections. We will be buying this product more often to keep our dog's ears clean and healthy. If I could, I would give it 10 stars.

👤I have a stray cat. I took him to get his vaccines. The vet told me that he needs to go to the vet clinic for an ear drop prescription, that would be another little fortune. I read reviews and gave this a try. I saw a big difference after 3 days. I realized that he wasn't scratching his ears as much when the dark gulp dissolved. After a week there is almost nothing to see. The cat is also happy.

4. Fuz Bigaza Grooming Reusable Cleaning

Fuz Bigaza Grooming Reusable Cleaning

Dog eye cleaning wipes are great for cleaning tear stains and ear dirt, and are also great for cleaning dirty paws, noses, and tushie. Eye wash pads are important for your pets. Each eye cleaner cotton pad can be washed up to 1,000 times. The use of single-use products and the alternative to disposable wipes can be lessened with the help of these pet grooming wipes. Pet eye and ear wipes are soft and gentle. Pet eye wash cleaner for dogs and cats is soft and mild to your pet's skin and they won't feel uncomfortable when removing tear stains and ear wax. The multi-layer tear stain remover pads are portable. When you walk out with your pets, put pet eye cleaning wipes in your bag or pocket. Premium cotton pet tear stain pads are soft and absorbent, and can be used to clean your facial area. You can wash the eye cleaning pads with soap and warm water or put them in the washing machine after use.

Brand: Fuz Bigaza

👤The eye booger solution is simple for us. They are microfiber. I wet them, squeeze them out and use them on my pup. In the video you can see how big my model is. I like them a lot. The brand seems to be consistently good quality, and I have the human version of these for my makeup.

👤It is possible to get into your gods and get clean. It comes with a bag to wash them and not let them loose.

👤These little pads are very cute. They are very soft and easy to wash. I apply a bit of cleaner to the pad and wipe my dog's eyes away, as well as clean their faces and ears.

👤It is easy to use. This product is great for cleaning my dog's tears.

👤They don't clean well.

👤His eyes are cleaned very well.

5. Dechra TrizULTRA Keto Flush Horses

Dechra TrizULTRA Keto Flush Horses

Pets prone to infections can be cleaned with an ear cleanser and skin care product. FragRANCE free soothing solution can be used as a pre-treatment. The formula is safe for long-term use. VeTERINARIAN is recommended for dogs, cats, and horses.

Brand: Dechra

👤This works well for gentle ear cleaning. It can be used for maintaining clean ears or as a treatment for getting your dog's ears back to smelling good. My German Shepherd is not a fan of it, but she tolerates it, and my Pitbull is ok with it. This works well and you should be prepared for a lot of gunk to come out. I put the bottle next to where I will get the dog settled by shaking it and opening it. I like to apply it to the dog with them sitting between my legs, facing away from me. Do not let your dog shake their head when you do this next step, they will want to shake their head immediately. Do not let them shake their head. Pick a ear, fill the ear canal with solution, and close the ear and massage it. When you massage it, you will get the solution in your dog's ear. If necessary, use a cotton ball to clean out gunk from ear.

👤My dog has trouble with his ears. I don't know what causes it, but rinsing his ears a few days after his monthly grooming keeps them clear. I had tried other products, including expensive prescription creams that didn't really work, before my vet recommended Dechra TrizULTRA + Keto Flush. We just needed to keep the yeast and dampness at bay with this rinse. I don't have to go out and risk exposure to get Dechra TrizULTRA because it's the same product as my vet, and it's cheaper on Amazon. My boy's ears are clean and odor free. You can't beat that. I am very pleased with the way this rinse works to keep my boy's ears healthy.

👤If your dog has an allergy to yeast in the ears, this stuff is liquid gold. Chief is feeling better after 5 days twice a day like my vet told me. I have tried everything else and the scratching at his ears has stopped. I bought this at the vet and it was the same price as a 4oz bottle. This product is the exact same one, but more than double in price. If you are struggling with how to help your pup, give this a try. Every time we go, I thank my vet for telling us about this. You will not be disappointed if you try it. Chief approves!

👤Lady's Vet sells and recommends the same product. I've been using this brand for 6 years and it does what it's supposed to do. It thoroughly cleans her ears. If her ears are producing extra build up, I use a qauze pad wrapped around my pointier finger to wipe her ear canal. She never scratches her ears like she did when I first rescued her. Lady gets a soft milk bone treat for being a good girl. This ear cleaner is very good.

👤When the weather gets hot and humid, my puppy would get red, gunky ears and he'd been swimming. I would bring him to the vet every time. My vet sold me a bottle of Dechra TrizULTRA + Keto Flush after he shook his head and woke me up. Something that works! I woke up in the middle of the night to my dog shaking his head. I got up to clean his ears. The redness went away the same day. 1 week later of daily cleanings. The gunk is gone. No vet trip is required.

6. Naturals Bright Encrustations Natural Botanicals

Naturals Bright Encrustations Natural Botanicals

The eyes of cats and dogs are washed. So Bright is a gentle eye wash for cats and dogs to help reduce irritation, remove dirt, and promote healthy and clean eyes. Dust and debris should be removed. The eye rinse helps to clear foreign debris and encrustations from the eye and helps cleanse the eyes during the recovery from an eye infection. Natural eye drops. Their natural botanical eye drops are safe for your pets eyes and can help soothe and maintain healthy eyes. If you want to clean your pet's eyes, you can use Eyes So Bright on a cotton ball. Their recipe is made with high quality ingredients that are corn free, soy free, wheat free, and have no artificial colors orPreservatives.

Brand: Ark Naturals

👤This product is great to remove eye gunk from furniture babies. I have two dogs, a Yorkie and a Pomeranian. My Yorkie's hair is cut off constantly because her eyes get really messed up. My dog is bad around the eyes. I've been looking for a natural way to remove gunk and stains that are safe for me. I tried wipes for pets and baby wipes. My girls hate work, but they all do it after almost 30 minutes per dog. I didn't realize that wipes were rough until I irritated my Yorkie's eyes. I decided on this one based on the reviews. I bought the smallest one to try it out. This stuff is amazing. It works fast and is gentle. I think it runs out quickly because I soak the cotton balls. For the first time in their lives, my girls don't mind getting their eye area cleaned whenever I use it on them. It doesn't leave a scent and doesn't leave a stain. Don't expect this to immediately remove tear stains because it won't! You can see a difference after daily use. If you're having a hard time finding a product that works, I recommend you buy the big bottle because the little one runs out fast.

👤It's so comforting to have an alternative to other eye washes. It's like changing your regular toothpaste to a milder one from time to time. Zenzera likes it and purring away. Thank you Eye Bright!

👤This product is the only thing I have ever used to clean her tear stains. It is a bit pricey, but it is worth it when you realize you have wasted money on other products. Highly recommended!

👤We have a dog. I bought this for myself. The family uses this to clean their eyes. The master bathroom renovation should have taken 4 weeks, but it took nearly a year to complete. I needed something to make my eyes look better. I borrowed it from my dog. It really cleans out the eyes and it feels amazing. Good for you, your dog or cat.

👤It loosens dirt, stain and debris more easily than anything I have tried.

👤There was a lot of gross stuff in the bottle when I opened it. I would have used these on my dog's eyes. It was disgusting that the date is not until next year.

👤My dog's eyes are better after using this daily. After using this for about 4 days, my golden retriever waked up with no eyes and was so much more comfortable. Thank you so much!

👤Our cat has a disease that affects his eyes. It does sting, so be careful not to use it too often. I put some on a scratch on my hand to see how it felt after an open wound. I'm not sure how it is affecting his eyes, so I don't use it often.

👤I am using this product on my dog to clean up dirt. She doesn't mind me doing it because the product doesn't sting her eyes. I tried it on myself.

7. Gold Medal Stain Remover Count

Gold Medal Stain Remover Count

There are wipes around the eyes. The scent of Cucumber andAloe Vera is sweet. All Life Stages is an age range description.

Brand: Gold Medal Pets

👤These and the soft chews that attack the problem from the inside were purchased about 2 weeks ago. I have six dogs. One does not have a problem with fur that is discolored by eyes. The stains are visible because they are either white or fawn colored. The pads are easy to use and break up hardened "tears". They do not bother any of the dogs when I use them. It's too early to tell if there are any positive results, but they are a great way to remind me to address the problem every day instead of hitting-or-miss.

👤These do not remove stains but they do break down gunk and allow easy removal. Adding water to the container is a trick I use. This allows me to separate the thin pads more easily. Our little girl doesn't seem to mind the smell or the fact that the pad irritates her eyes. It's a good deal because of the fair price.

👤4 years later... April 2019. I've tried other brands while using this one. I've yet to find a brand that works. I need a solution that loosens the dirt so I can wipe it away without having to scrub or clean it. Other brand's solutions. I was having to work a lot to get her clean, which was not good for the skin. I always test products on my dog or my eyes. The product does not burn or irritate. Great stuff! These are still great. People think that these stains are removed. It would be very harmful to the eyes to do that. You would need to wash the fur. The bi-product that keeps staining the fur in the first place is removed by products like this. That's what it is and it's doing a great job. I use a tissue to dry her face off. I would rather have a lot of fluid than a lot. Again, a great product. The cut out in the wipes is helpful when trying to get just one wipe. They seem thinner than other wipes, but have a lot of water on them and worked well. I value them. I don't have to wash my dog's face. I used another product by EXCEL and it was really great. They were half the price of the product. You have to wash your dog's face. I really needed something to use on the go that I didn't have to wash off when I took her outdoors a lot. Even if the pad is not as good, I will still pay more to make sure I can clean around her eyes safely. So far, so good. I will update if I have any issues.

👤These disks are soaked in product and can easily remove dried tear stains from my dog.

👤This is the best thing for tear stains.

👤It works well for our puppy.

👤I used this product for over a month on my poodle, and it never improved. I found a product that worked on the first use. The Gold Medal Pets tear stain removal pads smell great. After a hard day of play, I use them to make her smell better. If you want tear stain removal results, I suggest not using it.

8. Pala Tech Canine Feline Forsight

Pala Tech Canine Feline Forsight

Eliminate tear stains. Simple daily dose in a soft chew. There are many benefits for your pet's eyes.

Brand: Palatech

👤I have been trying to get rid of the eye stain for 12 years. He had a crust around his eyes and his face was stained with hair. I washed his eyes. I have tried many products that claimed to work. Nothing worked. After 8 months, the stains are almost gone, after I went to a new vet and he recommended this product. He may not have a stain after the hair grows out more. This product is amazing. This product is better than anything else on the market.

👤My dog had bad stains under his eyes and mouth. I saw a difference in 3 months after my vet told me to try it.

👤It came as promised. If your pup needs to be broken into pieces, make sure he stays on a clean surface. I don't know if they help with the eye staining yet, but they were highly recommended by my vet and groomer.

👤I have ordered a second container and will see if the second dose will work for my mixes. If this product works for tears stains, I will revise my review.

👤Works wonders for my dog. He looks good.

👤My dog doesn't like it. It smells bad too. I would only give her half because she is small. She took it initially but now just spits it out. I haven't seen a difference.

👤The little pills are half the size of the ones I bought at the Veterinarian.

9. Espree Animal Products Optisooth Wash

Espree Animal Products Optisooth Wash

A natural eye wash solution. Eyewash is a natural way to protect your dog's eyes. It is made with 100% organically grown Aloe Vera.

Brand: Espree

👤The first order of this product was empty and had no safety seal. I was asked if I wanted to return it or replace it. I accepted a new bottle. The bottle was full, but there was no safety seal. My pets are family members so I expect safety seals on their products as well, so I will not consume or put any product in my own eyes that doesn't have a seal. I no longer have the option to return the item after I accepted the replacement bottle. I'm stuck with 2 bottles of a product that doesn't have a safety seal. I would be happy to return both bottles.

👤This is a good eye rinse. My dog's eyes were flushed out. I use this in the morning and at night before I put eye lubricant in my lhasa's eyes, and it helps keep any 'film' or 'goopey' substance from building up.

👤I use this to rinse the eyes of the dog after they have washed their head. I love this stuff.

👤It is hard to use. Come out too fast. It's hard to get inside the eyelid. He has an eyelid that rolls in.

👤I haven't used the product yet, opened the box and found an empty bottle.

👤It's an acceptable eye wash. The price is competitive.

👤I use it to clean around her eyes because it is safe if it gets into her eyes. I have purchased bottles.

👤Dogs like getting their eyes washed with this solution. It's good for keeping the eyes clean. I use it at night when the fur around the eyes looks tired. Will use it.

10. OptixCare Lube Plus Hyaluron Horses

OptixCare Lube Plus Hyaluron Horses

The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products. It provides long lasting comfort to dry, itchy and irritated eyes. It supports long lasting protection and hydration.

Brand: Optixcare

👤I have a Pug. He has been on Optimmune for 3.5 years for dry eye. I felt as if he wasn't responding to the Optimmune, his eyeball was dull looking. I decided to try this out after some research because it is a small tube for a high price. His eyes look great! It seems like his vision is better now that they are glossy. I have been using it for over a week. I am happy with the switch. The price is great for the quantity. We are doing 3-4 applications a day.

👤The right eye was removed in August. I need this twice daily, according to my mom. She puts the drop in quickly and easily. My eye feels better. I'm doing well now.

👤I like this product. I have a dog with dry eyes. If you have a senior dog with the same condition, you know how expensive eye lubrication is. A fourth of this size is usually 45 dollars. I love my dog, but I have to spend a lot of money to get an iffy product. I'm very satisfied with the results of this product. I apply twice a day. This product restores the shine and glossy look to his eye, even though I still have to clean it every few days. He doesn't rub his eye as much. I think it works a little better than the vet gave me. The product has lasted for nearly two months and is less than 15 dollars. You don't need to keep it out of the cold. If you love your dog but the vet's stuff isn't working, try this.

👤My dog had the worst case of dry eye I have ever seen, she would get tons of green boogers on her eyes and it was hard to even open them. The vet put her in a hospital. I couldn't keep up with the 48 dollars for each tiny bottle of it. They wanted to put her on 75 dollars worth of medication that would only last a couple weeks. We have tried so many things, until I finally found this and thought it would be good to try, within the first application. I never thought that a bottle of this would be a solution to her struggle, but after a week, her eyes look so glossy and full of life. Thank you so much!

👤I use this product because it was recommended by my vet. The price through Amazon is better than at the vets, and my vet suggested I buy it from Amazon.

👤I like this product for my rabbit. This doesn't have the same look as a petroleum based product. I don't worry about him grooming it if I apply too much. It's been great for Titan because our veterinary opthamologist prescribes it.

👤It was a good product to protect my dog's eye. The tube made me give 4 stars instead of 5. It is squishy and hard to control the amount of gel coming out.

11. Nutri Vet Rinse Liquid Dogs 4 Ounce

Nutri Vet Rinse Liquid Dogs 4 Ounce

It is formulated to create an inhospitable environment in the eyes for germs andbacteria. Borid Acid is used to fight eye infections caused by foreign particles and air pollution. Keep your eyes clear of stinging objects. tear stains can be removed with regular use. The capillary formULA is a remedy for the most sensitive eyes. It is safe and effective to keep dogs' eyes free of irritation and can help soothe effects from seasonal allergies such as smog and pollen.

Brand: Nutri-vet

👤When we adopted our Maltese, he had watery eyes. He couldn't open his eyes completely because of it. I had tried a lot of different products. I applied the eye rinse every day, even though I didn't see much progress. Slowly, but surely, his eyes were getting better. He had improved dramatically after four months of treatment. I still use this eye rinse to keep his eyes free of debris.

👤Do not use it.

👤I think doggy parents should try this. It burns. The opthamoligist recommended using human grade eye rinse. This isn't sanitary or sterile. The cap is not completely covered. The liquid moves through the cap. My dog has had thousands of eye drops in her life, and this is the only one that makes her flinch.

👤My Shiu dog has a bad drainage. I put drops in his eyes and then wipe them with a cotton round. It was difficult to get them clean before I used this. The crust is dissolved quicker by this. He doesn't like it but once it's in his eyes, he feels better and I should wipe his eyes off. Excellent, highly recommend. Good price too.

👤My dog went blind about a month after I used him. They were stumped as to why she would go blind so fast. Don't use it.

👤My dog had his eye closed for a couple of days. Taking him to the vet was going to be a lot of work and it was going to cost a lot. I bought this hoping it would work because I can't afford a vet. He had a normal eye after three days. It was a miracle, I felt so bad. I thought of giving him up since I couldn't afford to stop his suffering. My prayers were answered, I'm so happy with this product.

👤If you have a dog, it's not an overnight miracle treatment, but if you use it everyday, it will remove existing tear stains and prevent them.

👤I switched to a chicken based food for my dogs because I feed them a non-chicken based food. One of my dogs started getting really gross eyes almost immediately, I will not go into detail. I switched back to non-chicken food after 2 weeks of no chicken, but he still had the gross eyes, and by this point had eaten them for about 4 weeks. His eyes were not clear. To yellow goop. I used it twice in one day, once the next day and then again the next day, and his eyes were better the third time. No more goop. It knocked it out in 2 uses. I used it a few more times to be safe, but it has been 2 weeks without any drops or gross eyes. We will have a lifetime amount as the bottle is really big, but I used 8 drops total. I found the best way to put it in his eyes was to put a couple drops in his hand and then put the bottle in his eye. Hope this helps!


What is the best product for eye rinse for dogs?

Eye rinse for dogs products from Nutri-vet. In this article about eye rinse for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Veterinary Formula and Zymox are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye rinse for dogs.

What are the best brands for eye rinse for dogs?

Nutri-vet, Veterinary Formula and Zymox are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye rinse for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Fuz Bigaza, Dechra and Ark Naturals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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