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1. Fluker Labs SFK73040 Reptile 2 Ounce

Fluker Labs SFK73040 Reptile 2 Ounce

A nonirritating solution is used to fight eye infections.

Brand: Fluker's

👤Acta lento pero es efectivo.

👤Bring your reptile or turtle to the vet if they develop any eye problems. This product can make eye infections much worse, and allow them to spread into other organs of your pet. When your turtle or reptile gets an eye infection, it's important that you have enough time to treat it. If you use ineffective over the counter products, you can waste time and make a condition worse, which can lead to your pet's death. Our turtle died from an eye disease that spread to her lungs and killed her.

👤My bearded dragon has been having a discharge from his eyes that has gotten worse over the course of a few months. I was going to take him to the vet but they wouldn't accept new patients due to covid. His eyes are much clearer after only 2 weeks of use. The one side is better than the other, but I hope it catches up. His eyes are now seeing the pics. I don't have pictures of that before. There was a lot of goop and white crust from where the gooop dried.

👤I use this because my leopard gecko had a bad shed and a retaining plug in his eye. It took me 3 weeks to get the money and I kept putting the drops in until I could take her to the vet. The vet was able to get the eye plug out of the gecko's eye with no injury. The vet gave me drops for the infection and I have been giving her antibiotics for two weeks. It saved my eye, thanks to Fluker's eye rinse. This product is 100% recommended by me. And then some. I've been caring for Leopard Geckos for 5 years. I also recommend that you buy the Fluker's Terrarium Gauges (Hydrometer/thermometer combo pack) to clean the reptile enclosure. Keep the enclosure at a low humidity of 40% to 50% and keep a moist hide or a wet paper towel to keep the humidity constant.

👤When I first used this product, my beardie was very young, so don't be afraid to use it on young people! He had an eye problem. There was some gunk in his eye, and he didn't open it often. I wanted to try other options first because vets are expensive. I did two drops in each eye every day for two weeks and the issue was solved in two weeks. I use it about twice a week, and it's good for rinsing and preventing eye infections. My beardie seems to like me when I use it. I recommend this product for overall eye health even if your beardie doesn't have any problems. I have always found flukes to be a great brand.

👤I was not sure about this product because so many people said it didn't work. I would normally throw it away since it was so cheap, but it made my dragon's eye infections worse. I flushed his eye out with water and used a cotton swab to remove the gunk that was covering his eyes. I thought that this eye rinse might be perfect because there was a chance that it wasn't an infection, it might have been a piece of sand from the previous owner's enclosure. His eye looked better after all of the baths and cotton-swabbing. He couldn't open them after I put the drops in. I took him to the vet and got him some prescription drops.

2. Magid Glove Safety MP198 18 Medi First

Magid Glove Safety MP198 18 Medi First

The Pinhole reduces the chance of "blinking" and directs eyesight upwards. Compares to dacriose or collyrium. Canada is the country of origin.

Brand: Magid

👤I've purchased this before. It was great. They must have changed their bottle vendor. It's too rigid to use. The bottle needs to be flexible. You need to be able to control a steady stream to use as an eye wash. It is difficult to get a drop out of this bottle. A single drop. Even squeezing with both hands. It won't do what you need it to do. You won't be able to see objects in your eyes. Don't buy!

👤I use this to clean my dog's eyes. I found it to be the best price on Amazon. Works well.

👤The bottle has an eye dropper that will drop into the eye when applied. My bottle was not with me so it wasted a lot. I need an eye dropper as shown in the description. The second one is the same as the first one. You spill solution because you don't have a proper dropper.

👤My dog has allergies and the vet recommended rinsing her eyes.

👤I need to clean my eye sockets daily. It works well, no burning or stinging.

👤It is necessary during this year's wildfire season. It was good that the formula could be used to clear irritations. Each family member got a one.

👤I clean my dogs eyes before bed.

👤Muy buen producto funciona.

👤The product I received was labeled as containing chemicals known to cause cancer in California. Boric acid, borate, and salt are ingredients. I'm returning it because I don't know if it's one of those ingredients that is cancer-causing, or if the bottle is not free of BPA. I wouldn't have bought it if the ingredients were stated in the listing. Returning.

👤Does not show up as shown in the picture. It has a twist on cap. The American FDA has regulations regarding the ingredients. Will do the job in an emergency.

👤I wouldn't use it because it has a warning for cancer.

👤I use it to clean my maltese. Help to remove stains.

👤Excellent eye cleaner. I use it to clean the area around my dog's eyes.

3. Systane Lubricant Drops 10 ML Packaging

Systane Lubricant Drops 10 ML Packaging

The brand of artificial tears recommended by Dr. was #1. A thicker eye drop creates a protective shield over your eyes. A protection of a gel is convenient. For the temporary relief of burning and irritation. Also, note: Product packaging can be very difficult.

Brand: Systane

👤The drops have helped my recovery. I had surgery in February of 2016 and had a lot of dry eyes. I started to feel like I should invest in one of these companies with the amount of money I was pouring into the products, because I was going through multiple packs of preservative free eye drops each month. I was told by my eye doctor to try this drop. I used it now and then, but it was so thick that it blurred my vision for up to 5 minutes after I used it. It wasn't really helping with the dry eyes issue, though the temporary relief was great, and my eyelashes would stick and clump together. My husband pointed out to me that he thought the problem was that I wasn't lubricating my eyes during the day, but at night I wasn't conscious to do so, so it was making the problem worse. He suggested that I put it on before bed and in the middle of the night when I could use the facilities to keep my eyes moist. I gave it a try and thought, "What the heck?" This is the solution. If you wake up in the middle of the night, put them in at night and a big healthy drop in each eye. When you shut your eyes to rest and the gel keeps your eyes lubricated, you don't have to worry about blurry vision. The eyelash clumping issue is not a problem since the gel washes off my lashes when I wash my face in the morning. I went from having packs of eye drops throughout the day to a pack every 3-4 months. The main issue of dry weather was caused by the long period of dry weather overnight. The gel drops at night has made a world of difference in terms of post surgery comfort. Other drops don't work for me. If you struggle with dry skin after Lasik, these are a good choice.

👤I used to use these drops faithfully. I started using them this past year, and each time, they only caused irritation and swelling. Unreal. The entire area above to the sides and below my eyes blew up like a fish. You not. This was not my experience with these drops before. I use the same brand nighttime protection gel drops. I have no issues with those. I really love them and recommend them. I used these drops religiously for my dry eyes, and they were absolutely fantastic to use during the day. The company sent me replacement nighttime gel drops in exchange for me sending back the bottles of gel drops that I had a bad reaction to. I hope they fix it. I used to love them.

👤Dry eyes are not to be taken lightly, as a professional photographer for over 30 years. I believe that taking care of your eyes now will prevent dry eye and keep them bright. A few years ago, I felt that one of my eyes was getting very irritated. I got a piercing pain in my left eye as I was leaving my shoot. I said a lump when I looked in the mirror. You don't know how I felt. I found out that I had a growth on my eye that was pink and covered my eyeball. It forms on the side closest to your nose. I was told after surgery that this gel drop was the best and I have used it ever since. Don't wait until this happens, just use it. Dry Eye is more common than you think. Wear sunglasses all the time.

4. First Aid Only 1 Ounce 12 Count

First Aid Only 1 Ounce 12 Count

The ingredient is Propylene Glycol. The purpose is to lubricate. Boric Acid, Dimyristoyl Phosphatidylglycerol, Edetate Disodium are active ingredients. Eye cleaning solution. Relieves eye pain and makes eyes look better. There are 12 bottles of sterile eyewash in the box. It is easy to flush out the affected area. First aid kits, tool boxes, offices, and manufacturing facilities are ideal. It's ideal for first aid kits, tool boxes, offices or manufacturing facilities.

Brand: First Aid Only

👤I got something nasty in my eye after using the box of eye wash. The bottle was difficult to open one handed and one eyed, but I was able to open it in a few seconds. The water was sterile according to the seal. The bottle of eyewash was easy to use and saved me from an eye infection. I feel better having these with me.

👤These little bottles are great for people with chemical sensitivities or who can't tolerate regular eye drops. I used a large bottle of this product with a glass eye cup and it helped soothe my eyes. These bottles of water with a hint of boric acid, sodium borate and sodium chloride are a miracle for me. A couple of drops can be used when you have allergies or tired eyes. Highly recommended. Thank you for putting out a simple product. They're hard to find.

👤This is a perfect wash out for the medical supplies I am in charge of for the trucks.

👤They are an alternative to artificial tears. I keep one of these next to my bed and use it when I wake up. Sometimes I use it during the day between my lubricating drops. It works well for me, but not what it's designed for.

👤The price was good but the bottles were a little bigger than I thought. The box has a pull spout. It's a good way to refill my first aid kits.

👤I have used this eye wash many times as part of a first aid kit. It is very expensive to get more for the first aid kit, but this is a great price for the eyewash, and it's good to have on hand. We only have two eyes, and if anything gets in them, this is great stuff to have around. The price is great for this product. It is a good idea to have eye wash cups.

👤I find this eye wash relaxing. It is advertised as free from harmful chemicals.

👤It's a great way to replenish bags. The wash is packaged for more than one patient making it a great value.

5. Equate Saline Solution Sensitive Count

Equate Saline Solution Sensitive Count

It is possible to safely store contact lens in a sterile, isotonic, buffered solution. The contact lens solution keeps them fresh and moist. You can protect your eyes from redness and irritation by using a sensitive eyes solution. It cleans and clears soft contacts. For storing soft contact lens. There are four bottles.

Brand: Equate

👤I wanted the product description to say "isotonic saline solution". Boric acid, sodium borate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, polyaminopropyl biguanide, and edetate disodium were what I got. The plain salt and water that you used to get with Unisol 4 is no longer available from Amazon.

👤Beware! I used this product and it made my eyes burn. It was not possible to keep my eyes open for more than 3 seconds. I have never had an issue with the solution, so I kept putting the lens back into it. I picked up a different brand and realized that the problem is with the Equate brand. I will have to dump the order because I am past my return period. I think it is safer to buy a brand like that.

👤I have never had a problem with generic saline solution. I was happy to buy a 4 pack at such a good price, not only for the savings and convenience but as a way to encourage myself to be a bit more generous when using. I have never had a problem with the solution bothering my eyes, I can open the tap without touching the tip, and I received exactly what I ordered.

👤I have a condition that requires me to go in for shots in my eye frequently, and this is very soothing for my eyes, and much cheaper than using regular dry eye drops.

👤I always go for the best price I can get on a product like this, even if it's on sale.

👤There are 4 bottles. The title seems to describe a 4 unit twin pack. Walmart sells the same item and it is 8 bottles.

👤I used this to clean out my nose piercing when I first got it. It works just as well as any other saline and is cheaper.

👤It's best to have at least one bottle of saline on hand for contact users.

6. Medi First Eyewash Rinse Protection Supplies

Medi First Eyewash Rinse Protection Supplies

It's easy to put it in a flip cap. The bottle is flexible enough to squeeze easily. Compares to Dacriose or Collyrium. A bottle for easy use. A bottle for easy use.

Brand: Medique

👤I buy this item to clean my eyes. It does a good job. I think this is a one time use item and I would like a smaller size. I just recap the bottle and use it again, but keep an eye on the date.

👤Every vehicle was purchased for the plumbing company. I would assume that the shelf date is normal, since we use ours in that amount of time. If you don't use the whole bottle, you can use the cap.

👤Have it in home and both vehicles, but haven't used it.

👤Eye wash works as needed.

7. Transparent Wash Effective Cleansing Shaped

Transparent Wash Effective Cleansing Shaped

The set of 2 EyeWash cups is leak-proof. Crystal clear transparency; 100% safe for eyes; all smooth edges. The cups hold 10ml of water or prescribed liquid and are strong. It is easy to clean eyes from heat, loose lashes and debris with high grade plastic. Comes with a stand to keep liquid pure and untouched.

Brand: Soulgenie

👤I bought this set to fit my eyes well. They are reasonably priced and come with a case, and they helped me out of a jam, so I've been moving them with me all the time. I bought them because of allergies. I wear gas-permeable contact lens and by the end of the day they were getting sick from allergies. I recommend these eye wash cups for rinsing my eyes even if I have contacts in place. It's good for lashes caught or irritations. There is a On vacation, these came in handy for a minor emergency. I thought I lost my contacts when one got lodged in the back of my eye. Thanks to the case, I packed these for the trip. I soaked my eye with water in my hotel room and it removed the contact. I was so happy. These were lifesavers in that moment. I'm ordering a second set to keep at the office. Drug stores don't carry eye wash cups anymore, and they're not even in a first aid kit. I believe they are a must have if you ever need to use first aid or have medicine cabinets in your home.

👤I had an eyelash in my eye for three weeks. I flushed it multiple times thinking I had gotten it out, only to have the irritation return. I bought this cup and eye wash from Amazon. I was able to get that eyelash out after a single flush. You can move the eyeball around in multiple directions if the cup surrounds the eye. That is what caused the eyelash to fall out.

👤A friend told me about them. I have very bad allergies, and I have trouble with my eyes. These have helped a lot. Whenever I have itchy eyes, I use them with purified water eyewash. I get relief very quickly. They fit perfectly over your eye. They have a case to keep them in.

👤I bought this to help me wake up. I will do it. I was working under my truck when something fell into my eyes. If felt big and I folded my eye lid it didn't help. It hurt to open my eyes. With my eyes closed, I retrieved the wash cup, filled it with water, and washed the debri out Firts attempt. I was glad I had it.

👤I wanted glass, but the sellers didn't say what materials the eye wash glass was made from. They weren't glass. I am not happy about them being plastic. I can get them from anywhere.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. I expected flimsy plastic but these are great. The plastic case is very smooth and lightweight and the lid is closed so it doesn't pop off. I'm 5'4" and 150 lbs, female, so they fit well over my eyes. Due to allergies, I have to wash my eyes out several times a day, and these allow me to use water from the sink. It's much more healthy. In case of emergencies, the medicine cabinet is great.

8. PuriLens Preservative Saline Twelve Bottles

PuriLens Preservative Saline Twelve Bottles

There are twelve (12) people in this picture. Oz. Bottles of solution. Unisol 4 is the same formula. There is no Preservative. It's simply buffered saline. For dry eyes. For all contact lens wearers.

Brand: Purilens

👤I have been trying to wear contacts for the past several months and no matter what brand I've tried or how good the fit was, my eyes would just get foggy, red and irritated within the first hour or two. I tried almost every one out there because my Dr suspected an allergy or reaction to solutions. I had a reaction to hydrogen peroxide, which is supposed to be free of harmful chemicals. Even though the systems are free of preservative, they still have a substance in them that I might have reacted to. I decided to go completely preservative free and bought the Purilens UV system which uses this saline. I didn't think this would be any better since I thought my eyes weren't compatible with contacts, but I was really surprised when they just vanished into my eyes. I can wear glasses all day long. The UV system works in 15 minutes, so you can take the lens out for a shower or break, and put them back in. I'm not sure why this isn't a more popular method since it's fast and works well. The bottle has an opening that makes it easy to control the flow. I don't feel anything when it goes in my eyes.

👤Unisol 4 is being discontinued. It's even better for filling scleral lens because it drips rather than squirts and doesn't make bubbles. It doesn't bother me at all. I fill my scleral lens with PuriLens. I use more of it if it doesn't work out, but it rinses better. I'm happy to have found PuriLens. This is the solution of choice for my scleral lens.

👤I spent a lot of time looking for it. There is a no preservative saline in bottles. You would think that it was simple, but it is not. If you want that, you've found it. I'm happy with it. Preservatives are just as important to avoid as are my eyes and nose. There seems to be a lot of concern about shelf-life. It is notpreserved salt water. You don't want to encourage things to grow in salt water, because you can see the ocean. Nothing will grow in this if you don't introduce something that can. It doesn't go bad on its own. I have used the product in bottles for more than a year and a half, without any issues, and I have opened bottles for more than 15 days. I trust the bottles that have been opened. We need to be careful with what we put in our eyes. Your eyes are not sterile, do you? They are exposed to a lot of nasty things in the air, that kick up from the ground, and somehow they survive. I've been using this product for a while and I have no hesitation in saying that it's a great product for eyes and nose.

👤The price has gone up in the last few months. This water is salt water. I think there is supply and demand. Decrease production and rip people off.

9. OCuSOFT Scrub Original Pre Moistened Count

OCuSOFT Scrub Original Pre Moistened Count

The package weight is 4 ounces. It is possible to remove cosmetics, debris and pollen. It's ideal for eyelid hygiene and eyelid conditions. The United States is the country of origin. Formulated without alcohol.

Brand: Ocusoft

👤This product is great for cleaning your eyes. I used this to ward off allergies. They felt good. If you have sensitive skin like me, I would exercise with extreme caution. My skin was irritated by this. It caused redness just below my eyes on my checks. After use, the capillaries become red. I tried to avoid this from getting on my skin, but it did. Will will not be using again because of something in this.

👤The product is good. I have dry eye and a friend who works in an Optometrist's office recommended this as a lid scrub, in place of oil based eye drops. This cleans well and is very hydrating. I cut them in half and sometimes even fourths to make them last longer.

👤I don't know where this box came from. I don't order from Amazon or buy from a pharmacy when I use these wipes, but I have used them for a year. I used a wipe from this order and it was like acetone was on the pad and not the lid scrub. I have been told I can't come back. 1 hour later, eyes and skin are still burning. The product burns everywhere it touches. Be careful.

👤I had a sty in one eye and a bigger one in the other in June. I woke up with crust in both eyes after they left. My husband calls them "eye boogers" for weeks. I woke up the next morning with no crust after using an OcuSoft pad to clean my eyes. I don't like the need to rinse the pads, but they work just great. My eye doctor recommended them.

👤Why am I using this? The demodex mites are demoted breves. There are eye lid mite. Tea tree oil was recommended by my ophthamologist because of that. I've used the following for the past 2 years. Cliradex wipes sting your eyes a bit, but you get used to it. The most expensive. 5 of 5 stars. The Ocusoft lid scrub wipes do not sting and work well to clean the eye lids. The lowest of the three. 3 of 5 Mediviz Tea Tree Eyelid Wipes are as effective as Cliradex, but not as strong and as annoying. The cost is 40% less than Cliradex. The eye lid mite disappeared within a month. I use these for 1-2 weeks a week. I feel great and refreshed. Try all three if you have the same condition. Cliradex or Mediviz is what you should start with. Ocusoft can be used for maintenance.

👤It's expensive if you need them. I have blepharitis and it would be too much for me to keep buying them. I use them when I travel or stay with my friends. They leave my skin feeling really soft, they remove makeup without a problem, and are easy to use.

👤These make soap suds when used on your eyes, so be sure to wash your face in a sink. I thought I could use them like a baby wipe on the go in the car, but the soapy film was too much. They work well. No eye irritation at all. No stinging. There was no redness. The skin around my eyes felt clean after I washed it off. My husband uses them to help with his bouts of bleitis. Adding this to his regimen has helped clear up his eye lid inflammation. If I could use it on the go, I would give it 5 stars.

10. PuriLens Preservative Saline 120 ML Bottles

PuriLens Preservative Saline 120 ML Bottles

Unisol 4 is the same formula. There is no Preservative. It's simply buffered saline.

Brand: Purilens

👤These were not for humans, but I needed clean, pure saline for my dog. It is very difficult to find. Dogs' eyes are more sensitive when it comes to cleanser in it. It does the job and it doesn't hurt her eyes. It's good for my eyes as well.

👤Someone uses scleral lens. The individual tubes of solution seem to work better than this. The bottles are sealed to make sure they are sterile.

👤It has hard gas perm and sclera lens.

👤I am allergic to a lot of things. I was sad when Unisol and Lens Plus were pulled from shelves. I get itchy red eyes from every other OTC product. This does not. I hope they don't stop it.

👤I bought this to carry in my carry-on for a flight. My liquids were flagged for this particular item as I went through the airport. The amount of liquid was above the limit. "TSA approved for carry-on" is not true.

👤The packaging is not good for traveling. As soon as you opened it, it leaked. My bag was wet when I got to my destination. If it leaks, make sure it stands straight up. I needed a smaller bottle for my trip. It would be great if the seal was changed. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤The product was great for my new journey. So far, so good. I am happy these bottles are big because I miss them a lot. The way you pierce the opening with the lid makes me positive of noContamination. It was a great solution to the possibility of seal being broken.

👤The bottle tip may be a problem. You may be tempted to cut the tip if you don't read the directions. That isn't necessary and probably not hygenic, just remove the cap and there is a white washer on the bottle. The washer needs to be removed. The cap needs to be tightened. The washer is used to keep the cap from poking a hole in the tip. When you tighten the tip, the cap will pierce it.

11. Medi First Eyewash Rinse Protection Supplies

Medi First Eyewash Rinse Protection Supplies

It can be used to give eye drops to pets. Compares to Dacriose or Collyrium. A bottle for easy use. A bottle for easy use.

Brand: Medique

👤This eyewash has no chemicals in it and is safe for babies, kids, cats and dogs. Pets can be harmed by chemical eye washes. We use this for tired eyes. We will definitely continue to buy it.

👤Every person with sensitive eyes or lashes in their eyes is the solution. The solution is soft on the eyes and comfortable to use. I use it during allergy season so that I don't itch at my eyes.

👤My dog needs his eye cleaned daily. It works well to get rid of the gunk that shows up in the morning.

👤I have always used lip balm and eye drops. I've gone through all the ones I could afford, but only took a chance on one or two that I really couldn't afford. I was looking for more than just a couple of drops in my eye and needed more than that. Living in the high plains, you can see small rocks in your eyes. Is it messy? It's a good flush. The bottle has a nozzle and it takes a couple of times to get the hang of it, but I do not mind a little washing through my eyes and having to put it out. It is an eye wash. I love eyewash. You will notice how much better your eyes look when you take a couple of drops.

👤There are many eye wash types. This is the only one I have found that completely washes out the debris that can come off the lid. A gel can be used at night time. Very happy.

👤I would say it works pretty good. You get a lot for the price too. It clears up cloudiness in the eye from things getting in there.

👤It is easy to use in an emergency. A stream of sterilized water can be twist off. It's a must for any emergency med kit. I bought enough for the emergency medical kit, the car, and the bathroom. I wish I had this back when my granddaughter got sand in her eyes. I'll have it when the children at the sand box do again. How often does it happen? Cheap insurance for something that is precious.

👤It works well. It is comfortable in use on eye. Most substances are clear from your eyes. The cats think my eyes are their second home.


What is the best product for eye rinse saline?

Eye rinse saline products from Fluker's. In this article about eye rinse saline you can see why people choose the product. Magid and Systane are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye rinse saline.

What are the best brands for eye rinse saline?

Fluker's, Magid and Systane are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye rinse saline. Find the detail in this article. First Aid Only, Equate and Medique are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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