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1. LEEVAN Rectangle Washable Farmhouse Bathroom

LEEVAN Rectangle Washable Farmhouse Bathroom

We recommend vacuuming and spot treating for mild stains with a carpet cleaner. It is recommended that you dry clean major stains. The fabric is 100% Polyester. The backing is cotton. Machine-made construction. The size of the rug is 2.3x5 ft and it is made of 45% cotton, 45% polyester, and 10% viscose. The bohemian rag rug has floral that seem vivid but are extremely rich and complex in symbolism, and they convey deep visual beauty and emotions. The farmhouse accent rug is not stick hair and eco-friendly, fastness, safety and environmental protection, fashion-forward design and pattern, brings any space to life. A perfect front mat, living room floor mat, kitchen rug, bathroom rug, entry way rug, sofa cover, chair cover, table covers, fit under doors and more are included in the allowance application. The rug pad is recommended for the best result. Their hand woven cotton rug is easy to clean, soft to touch, and extremely durable. Cotton rugs will shrink a little after being washed. It won't affect the use.

Brand: Leevan

👤I bought rugs in different sizes to fit our space. They are pretty. The pattern and extra texture are what I like the most. I bought tape to keep them in place. My dog peed on one of them. The rug was washed and dried. I was worried about the tassels and the printed mandala fading, but it still looked great after and the stain came out of the rug.

👤The price point is beautiful. It is more natural than white. I was surprised that the pattern is printed on, but I don't know why I expected it to be woven. It looks like the picture. The material is nice and the print looks good. It was perfect over my old terracotta bricks. The whole room was changed. Happy.

👤Quality rug! The design looks awesome, but I was on the fence about the fuzzy parts. I redecorated by the main bathroom and bought a few rugs to compare. I didn't open the others after seeing this one. It is definitely higher quality than I was expecting, with no ugly underside that will crack after minimal wear, and no cheap plastic-feeling material that many rugs have. I will update my review if things go south. I got a great price for this rug. I would have paid more. My bathroom color scheme is beige, ivory, white, tan and oil-rubbed bronze. The rug definitely tied the room together.

👤I laid it down to see if I liked it and the cat got right on it. They gravitate to something made with catnip. It was too beige for my liking and I will return it. It says to wash hands. I need one that is machine washable.

👤I do have some concerns about the durability of something I just purchased. The rug is dirty with no traffic over it. I don't want to have to wash it all the time. I would like to try a stain resistant spray on it to see if it works, but I am not sure if the manufacturer has any stain resistance. It is a wonderful design and texture and is what I need. I bought a mat to hold it in place.

👤The rug was different from the runner that I bought. It was light grey and cream, which was supposed to be black. The runner is beautiful but the rug is faded and doesn't match. I'm really disappointed.

👤I was looking for a black/white rug. I found a shower curtain at a local store, but couldn't find a matching rug by the sink. Found this online and took a chance. The cotton rug is nice. I washed it after I received it. The design I was looking for was exactly what I was looking for.

👤This isn't a rug. You put a blanket on the floor. The quality isn't terrible, but it's flimsy and the edges tend to curl up. They were curling up even before I washed it. It was cheap, so what did I expect? It's easy to wash in the washer.

2. Loloi Rugs LORELQ 15TCSC Collection Terracotta

Loloi Rugs LORELQ 15TCSC Collection Terracotta

The Loren Collection is classic and affordable. The printed designs give a textured effect by portraying every single knot on a soft base. There is a great choice for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, entries, bathroom and hallways in a variety of sizes. Turkey has power looms of 100% cotton. The rug pad is highly recommended. Purchase padding for added comfort. The rug pad is highly recommended. Purchase padding for added comfort.

Brand: Loloi Ii

👤Be careful, buyer! The rug is not as shown in the pictures. It's a cheap imitation of what's shown. The vintage look went too far and the printer ran out of color. We asked for a return but were told only with paying for return shipping and a restocking fee. This listing should be taken down by Amazon. The return labels were charged for the return shipping. This is a scam.

👤The rug is beautiful. I love it. The colors are rich but still subdued. It's a printed rug with a fabric backing, but I laid it over a rug pad and it felt thick and soft. Great purchase!

👤I bought a 5x7 at the store. Love it and get tons of praise. The 8x10 is a bit larger than the room so I bought it off Amazon. It looks different. The patten doesn't work in the larger size. It became tacky after it changed from a lovely delicate patina to big and tacky. The rugs are side by side.

👤This rug is everything you want it to be. The colors are bold but subdued. Will go with a lot of different decor. We will add a mat underneath to make it more comfortable. It is soft on bare feet.

👤This rug is printed on material that looks like an old turkish rug. It is easy to clean, affordable, durable, and great for people with pets and children.

👤I don't know what is going on with this manufacturer, but their rugs are not the size advertised. I ordered a 9' 1.75" one. Can they make a standard rug size? I'm too frustrated to find out at this point. It's a cool rug, but when you pay for a certain size, you expect to get that size.

👤I first saw the rug in the furniture store. The design and color made me fall in love with it. I ordered it off of Amazon Prime because the store didn't have the size I wanted. The color and design was the same as I remembered, but it left something to be desired. The canvas feels cheap. I had seen the product in person and read the reviews online before buying it. I thought it looked nice and overlooked key phrases like "wish it were more comfy" and " doesn't even pretend to be a woven print". I thought it might grow on me, but it hasn't and now I'm outside of the return window. I wish I had invested more money for a better rug.

👤This rug is the best I have ever purchased. I love the distressed look of the color. The price is too high. I have a rug that looks like it. I can't tell the difference until I get down on my hands and knees. This is a beautiful rug. I don't want to clean it yet, but it's a 5 star rug for the price, so I decided to give it a 4 stars on cleaning. I think it will clean up well. I am pretty sure if I looked closely at it, I could tell it wasn't printed on the same page as the previous ones. I am very happy with this rug. I saved a lot of money. Happy customer!

3. Pauwer Cotton Washable Kitchen Bedroom

Pauwer Cotton Washable Kitchen Bedroom

This design is perfect for high traffic areas of your home, it is easy to clean and does not shed. The cotton area rug set is 4.2'x2' and hand woven from premium cotton. This cotton rug set with a modern geometric pattern is versatile enough to integrate with any home decor. The high density low pile of this contemporary rug makes it ideal for high traffic areas. Soft cotton fibers make for a lightweight rug. This cotton rug set is great to use in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, entryway,laundry room, living rooms, closets, office, mud rooms, college dorms and more. Machine wash in cold water. Do not use bleach. Don't soak long time. Do not brush it. To dry, lay flat.

Brand: Pauwer

👤Put my things in the kitchen. You need non slip pads underneath them. I love that they are machine washed. My cat decided it was a good place to hack up a hairball after 2 days of having them. They went into the wash. They looked great after I dried them in the dryer. The tassels come out of the wash in a different way. I think it looks better that way.

👤The rugs are a great value. I was surprised that it was two for this price. I put them in the master bathroom.

👤Design is cheaper than pictured. It is not as cute as it appears online. It was delivered to me in a timely manner and it is perfect for a smaller space where I need two rugs. My kid spilled pizza sauce on the corner when I put it on the floor.

👤The rugs are cute and worth the price. I was going to put the rug in the kitchen but it was cut under the table. Absolutely recommend! We will see how they do in the wash when I wash them.

👤You will need to purchase an anti slip mat. The color of the picture is white and black. Very thin. Not a fan.

👤I returned the rugs. The design of the two rugs was cheap and printed on. The biggest issue I had was that the dimensions listed don't include the tassels. The smaller rug didn't fit in the interior of my doorway, as was the intentioned place for it. I think they're great for cheap throw rugs to be able to wash and not care about if they look nice, but the size issue was the main reason for this purchase.

👤I have not used the rugs. They are not white and gray as shown in the picture. They are either white or yellow cream. I should have returned them since they are not the product I want. I wouldn't recommend them if they were based on the color of the picture.

👤It's only 40% cotton. Some of the fabric is not natural. The ocean is filled with microplastics, which is bad for the oil industry. The fish think it's plankton and eat it, then we eat the fish, or the animals fed fish meal or from the water. Humans are consuming anywhere from 39,000 to 52,000 microplastic particles a year. The cotton is decomposing. It does not. I don't like being tricked.

👤The pattern on the rug looks printed. The item description looks more cream or off-white than the color.

👤I love the rugs. The large one has a few loops that are not tight. Great price. They are what I wanted. Non slip mats were bought. Might purchase a second set.

👤Muy buen diseo y materiales. Fciles de lavar.

4. Bathroom Geometric Reversible Machine Washable

Bathroom Geometric Reversible Machine Washable

The runner rug is different from the traditional rug in that it is flat and heavy, which makes it stay in place. The farmhouse runner rug has clear and chic patterns which will help you add fresh and comfort to your home. The Abreeze area rugs have a unique design. They have a wide variety of colors and designs that will compliment your decor. There is aRUG PAD NEEDED. The rug is made of cotton and does not have a rubber backing. A rug pad keeps it from moving. The black bathroom rug pattern is constructed by the colors of the thread itself which makes it last longer and more durable than other printed color rugs. Their bathroom rugs are made of 100% high-quality cotton with extra fringe on each side that is durable for everyday use and wash. The farmhouse is perfect for bohemian decor. Their rug is permanent. Each side has a different look and feel to it. It's the best choice for Halloween and Thanksgiving gifts. The 2' x 3' size small accent rug does not include the tassel. These bathroom rugs are the perfect size for the outdoor door and are also the perfect size for the entryway rug. They think they look good. Timeless design. The chic and classical hand-knotted tassels element of the rug brings warmth and breathing room to the space. It has an exotic feel to living areas and bedrooms. Their small woven area rugs are easy to clean and are soft to touch.

Brand: Iohouze

👤I was looking for a simple yet durable rug for my kitchen and for in front of one of our sliding glass doors, and this rug did it all. It looked good, looked easy to clean, and didn't overwhelm a room. I don't know if it will last a long time, but I think it should because of its affordability and the fact that it should be taken care of properly. I am happy I was able to find it, it was good value and quality. I have three of them in my home and am going to order more. This rug is very good. The three rugs I ordered were shown in the video. There are two of them, one in black grey and the other in white grey, both in the 2x6 size. I don't like the smaller rug's tassels. I cut them down so they aren't as much of a problem.

👤These rugs are very tough and very easy to clean, and they are woven with a reverse weave on each side, so that one side is black and the other is white. I'm using them in my home theater, which is lit by a black light, because they are Bright White. I use them as seat and back covers for the theater seating recliner chairs, where the 4.3 ft length fits both seat and back. These rugs are a great bargain, considering their quality. Jon.

👤I love this rug. It is soft and well made. It can also be reversed. It is a bright white with black lines. I use this in many places in my house, and I will be buying another one for a runner inside the front door, just a gorgeous piece. I am very picky about the price, but I think it is worth the money, I am buying another slightly larger one for my son and daughter, and I find the best gift is one you would give your child. This is a great option. Buying a friend something they don't need but would love to have. This rug is an excellent value and looks more expensive than it is.

👤What can I say? I love the rug. It's well made, the colors are different, and it's the perfect size for my kitchen. I think I will buy the same brand and rug in a larger size for my kitchen and bathroom, and put it in my bathroom. This product is very good. I will purchase again.

👤The rug is lovely. Excellent quality. The texture is better than I expected. I ordered the correct size for my doorway entry. It is reasonably priced. I need a nonslip pad underneath since my cats love to mess it up. I have no complaints.

👤I put it in my guest bathroom when I received it. It is what I wanted.

👤Blacks are white and whites are black. The company offers a free rug pad after purchase, so you can either get a rug pad or wait until after purchase from the company. This design is high quality and looks great.

5. NuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Grey

NuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Grey

The material is made in Turkey. This rug is made from synthetic material that is kid and pet friendly and is perfect for high traffic areas of your home, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways. The 0.37” pile height allows for convenient placement in entryways and underneath furniture, and will not obstruct doorways. This distressed rug is stylish and versatile, and embodies a global look that never goes out of style. This rug is easy to clean and maintain, and can be kept looking its best by vacuuming regularly and spot treating any mild stains with mild detergent or rug cleaner.

Brand: Nuloom

👤I love this rug. It's seriously. I would marry this rug. I was nervous about having a light colored rug as I have a large dog, three kids, and an indoor/ outdoor vacuum, which is to say, a large- into-everything dog. A husband who's biggest fetish is wearing his shoes in the house. I was skeptical as to whether the rug would last a day in my house. There is a I'm here to tell you that this rug is magic. All of the reviews about this rug are correct. It's amazing! Its soft, plush, and comfy to sit or lay on, the edges and corners are flat, its pattern is true and the color matches the ad photos wonderfully. There is a The rug has yet to stain, which is the best part. My couch is only 4 days old and we have had to clean it twice already. The roll of incredible woven polyester has been crafted in such a way that all stains are thrown into the depths of the ocean, never to be seen or heard from again. You will love this drug.

👤I don't think I've ever written a review for Amazon before, but this one deserves it! I have dogs. My experience with having rugs in the house hasn't ended well in 12 years, but I wanted some new decor and furniture when we moved into our first home. Let me tell you something. I don't know what genie magic was placed over this bad boy before he was shipped out, but it won't hurt. I don't know how that's possible, but I'm happy! It still looks amazing despite being stood up against dog pee, poop, mud, dry dirt, and spilled drinks. I've had no issues with the vacuum, even though the instructions say not to use it with rotating brushes. I cleaned it with a carpet cleaner and it didn't have any issues with the carpet. This rug is for sale. I've seen sites that sell for over $150. I got it from Amazon for $56. BOOM!

👤I was very excited to use my new carpet. I saw that it was covered in bright yellow stains as soon as I put it down. I tried to remove it with a damp paper towel, but it didn't come up. It is a huge hassle to return a brand new item. All around pretty disappointed. I have to pay out of pocket for returns because it doesn't come in a box, so I wasted time and money.

👤I was worried after placing my order because I had ordered it the night before without reading any reviews. I was pleasantly surprised when I put it in the living room. I want to lay on it all day and never go to work again because it looks like a picture. My dog was excited about it. There is a If you plan on leaving your blue paint on the rug overnight, you'll find that a lot of the stain will be removed with a lot of scrubbing.

6. HEBE Machine Washable Bedroom Kitchen

HEBE Machine Washable Bedroom Kitchen

The perfoming area of drug. The Checker buffalo area rugs are a practical gift for families and friends and are not only a modern household necessity. The cotton rugs are set with 2 pieces, a small cotton accent rug and a long cotton runner rug. Their cotton bohemian rug is made from 100% Cotton. Water absorption, protection from stains and scratches, and soft touch when people walk on them are some of the things that make your floors great. Cotton tribal rugs with geometric fringe tribal patterns and extra snazzy knotted tassels on each side make them seem simple. Black and cream white color will make it stay on the floor for a long time and match all themed room decor. 2 packs of cotton area rugs will make great bedroom rug, living room rug,laundry room rug,throw rugs for kitchen floor, entrance way, hallways, door mats, kids room,entryway, etc. The cotton carpet should be washed in water no more than 30C and in a gentle way. Don't soak long time. It's better to wash the rug after a few days. Do not use bleach. Do not brush it. To dry, lay flat. Machine wash in a mesh bag for easy care.

Brand: Hebe

👤I put these rugs in my kitchen and I am in love with them. They add a fun pattern to my kitchen. I want to buy more.

👤I bought a black and white rug to replace my grey and white one. I assumed that the black would add the pop I was looking for. I washed the white for the first time because it was listed as safe for the washer in the description. The rug is grey. The purpose of buying this was defeated. The difference is very noticeable. The colors should not run, that's pretty unhappy with the quality.

👤I love these rugs. I wanted my son's bathroom to be similar to his bedroom. I found these rugs while looking for tribal rugs. I didn't want his bathroom to look too kiddie because guests use it when we have company. I love the look of the rugs with my shower curtain, but I'm not done decorating. They are of good quality. They are still holding up well after 3 months. The package was delivered on time. I would order these again because I am pleased with this purchase.

👤The price is great. My dogs destroyed my blinds twice. The expensive ones and the cheaper ones. They scratch and jump at the back door when they want to go out. I hung them up for privacy. They were going to do some sewing to make them better. I was going to make Roman shades for them. They are hung now. I have more pressing projects. When I put them up, they looked as good as when they were up. I don't have to worry about the dogs destroying them as they are not being treated as badly as rugs would be. They were stiff at first. Work well now. One of the two complaints was faded. The other one has a very dark pattern. I put the dark one on the door hoping the sun would fade. No luck. The beige is not a big deal for me. It could be for someone else. The quality was good and the price was good.

👤The quality is better than I expected. My dog loved it so much she decided to claim it as her own. I washed it in the washing machine on cold and dried it in the dryer because it gets anything out of anything and pp rugs are gross. The rug held up well but the color has faded, which is the only reason I am not giving these rugs 5 stars. Absolutely, get the rugs. Do not get a shih tzu.

👤These rugs were disappointing. When I got them, they looked great in my kitchen. You can't spot them with plain water. The black was all over the place. As soon as water touches the black, the dye runs and turns the white part gray. The rug is ruined and I haven't had it in a week.

👤Love, love, love! It is a great rug. Good quality and thick material. I put one under my welcome mat and the other by the kitchen sink. It adds so much.

7. Rugshop Distressed Bohemian Area Rug

Rugshop Distressed Bohemian Area Rug

The area rug is made from machine made polypropylene. These rugs are made with the high-quality polypropylene pile fiber, which adds durability and longevity. This collection of area rugs is suitable for all indoor spaces. Living room rugs, bedroom rugs, rugs for the entryway, office rugs, dorm rugs, kitchen rugs,dining room rugs. There are a variety of area rug sizes, including 8x10, area rugs 5x7,2x7 runner rugs, 2x3 rugs, area rugs 9x12, area rug 6x9, and 6' round rugs. This design is perfect for high traffic areas of your home, it is easy to clean and does not shed.

Brand: Rugshop

👤I have a horrible 1970s cracked tile floor that I cannot currently remove. I was trying to make it even better by putting a rug in my entryway. Guys, this purchase was a problem. The pattern isn't even centered because the entire border edge is missing. The colors don't look like the picture in the sample. You can't tell how much the rug is different in person. It's terrible. Bad all around. I have to take this piece of junk all the way to a store 30 miles away to get it back. I wish I would have listened to the people who complained about the color difference. This will be the first time I've ever returned something I've ordered from Amazon. You can learn from my mistakes.

👤The rug is amazing. It brings a pop of colors to our living room. Good quality for the price. It takes a couple of hours to flatten out. Thanks!

👤The rug will not last long in entry way. I did my studies looking for a decent quality rug. Yes, I got it cheap. I thought it was a decent rug, it was on sale for prime day. I was getting a good deal. Nope. The edge is unfinished on the whole top side and both corners are already damaged so the entire border will be gone. It has a pile that is very itchy for pictures and to be put on a room that no one will ever go to. It is a pretty design. Definitely getting a refund. I ordered the huge one for my living room but I have to review it once it arrives to see if it was an accident or how they make their rugs.

👤This rug is very soft. I walk barefoot on it. It looks like the pictures. There is a mix of soft grey, steel grey, raspberry, aqua/teal, navy, mustard yellow and citrus orange in this rug. I needed something to unify the colors in my reading room which currently has brown carpet, butter yellow walls, aqua curtains and a grey chair. That is a lot of mixing. I think that's correct. The rug ties the room together. The rug and the sides were protected while in shipment. It was easy to position and didn't have an overpowering odor. Some books are placed on the corners to help it settle. It doesn't hold onto dog hair, which is a pleasant surprise, and it seems to vacuum really well.

👤Absolutely gorgeous rug! The blue one was in 5x7. The pops of color are not overpowering. I love it! The corners are difficult to navigate. That's the only gripe I have. One of the corners has a flat surface. I've had it for a while and have bought many rugs from Amazon, so I know how this works. This one is a bit stubborn. I would buy it again. It could be mine. The rug looks nice. I don't know how comfortable it is because I don't walk barefoot. I think it's not very thick. It is easy to move around. I suggest putting one of those non-slip pads under the rug if you're not setting furniture on it. If you put large dogs on a hard floor without a pad, you will have to adjust it frequently. This tired dog has 5 paws up.

8. WorldWeavers Area Rugs

WorldWeavers Area Rugs

The machine is woven with polypropylene fibers. A functional low pile allows for convenient placement in entryways and will not obstruct doorways. The oriental rug is a work of art and features a beautiful center medallion. The rug is kid approved and pet friendly. It's perfect for high traffic areas of your home such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways. It is tough and stain resistant. They recommend vacuuming and spot cleaning, it's easy to clean and maintain. First, test a small area. The use of a rug pad is recommended to prevent slippage.

Brand: Artistic Weavers

👤The colors are bright. It's perfect for bohemian and eclectic decor. The rug is beautiful, but the price is what I love about it. The exact same rug was on other websites for less than $100. We ordered the rug from the competiters website since Amazon did not match prices. We saved $150.

👤I bought this rug to see if I would like it. We have two kids under 12 years old and 2 dogs and a cat who scratches everything, so I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on rugs when I know they will last more than a year. The rug is beautiful. Bright! Light! A low pile! It's low maintenance! Soft! It was priced right. All my boxes were hit by this. Is it high end? No. If you are looking for a high end... This isn't your rug. If you are looking for a rug that will last you a couple of years, then this is the one for you. I buy mostly vintage furniture so this fits into my modern home.

👤I bought this rug after reading a review. It's really pretty. A nice thick rug. There was no odor noted. The books were used to uncurl the edges. My large dogs make it difficult to keep the rug in place. I am very pleased with this rug.

👤This is a great rug. It is not a top quality rug but it is wonderful. The colors are a bit darker and more vibrant. I still love it! Gotten a lot of praise.

👤I love this rug. It makes a beautiful statement with a bohemian feel. I don't want to put a coffee table on it. It looks better in person.

👤I bought it yesterday and I love it. This is a very good price for a well made item. It doesn't have the same smell as other people have.

👤I am in love. It is exactly as described. I was worried that it would be too bright, but luckily all the colors worked well with one another and I was not worried at all.

👤Great rug! The rug will help me decorate my office. I used it as the base because it has so many colors and will help me choose other items. The size is 6 x 9 in my 10x10 room, which is beautiful.

👤Este alfombra perfecta para el lado. Is it possible that hecha y bonneita are not the same? Me toco comprar con descuento porque, lo agrege al carrito salio.

9. MOTINI Knotted Bohemian Flatweave Geometric

MOTINI Knotted Bohemian Flatweave Geometric

It is easy to care for, it is machine wash in cold water, delicate cycle and quick drying, it stays the same and as new after every wash, it is durable and long time use. This rug adds a classic touch and exceptional texture to any home with timeless design and practical size. The gold metallic thread diamond texture is both traditional and luxurious, making it a perfect addition to either farmhouse rustic chic or contemporary styles. The 100% Ecologically Grown Cotton ultra thick tufts give exceptional comfort. The Golden Lurex Fibers are durable. It's perfect for your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or hallway entryway. India has a lot of handcraft. Machine-made rugs should be treated with care. They recommend shaking off dirt and debris. It is recommended to wash separately. A braided texture makes a perfect casual, bohemian, farmhouse, or global look and feel. The rug can be integrated into existing décor with a neutral color and gold accents. The spirit of the artisans that made the rugs is carried by hand made rugs. Each piece is marked by subtle differences that make it unique. Each piece is inspected by a skilled artisan to make sure it's perfect.

Brand: Motini

👤I bought the 2x3 and 3x5 as kitchen rugs. I cook from my home kitchen every day. These kitchen rugs are both stylish and functional, but they do it! I needed something that could be used for regular washings as well as a heated dry. Check! I wanted something chic with texture and interest. Check! I keep a fatigue mat under one and a basic rug grip under the other and have no problems with them moving around if used alone. I can either take them outside for a good shake or wash them in the washer. I have washed out many items on a regular wash setting, including tomato sauce, wine, fish blood, smashed fruit, and even cheese sauce. They come out of the dryer looking brand new. The best rugs I have ever owned. The rugs are still pristine a year later. I wash them at least once a week.

👤I was not sure about this rug when it arrived. There are three stripes that are shag and some of the other stripes have rose gold stitching. It seemed a little over the top. I thought I'd live with it for awhile. Six weeks later, I love it. I thought the rose gold stitching would be noticeable. I thought all the different textures would look messy, but they actually look nice with my minimalist furniture. I wrote this review because I thought I'd throw the rug in the washing machine before I admitted it was ruined from the spill. I expected it to be distorted but it came out perfect. I washed the photo before posting it here. It's great to know that I can wash and dry this thing on my patio if it gets dirty or there's another spill. I would definitely buy it again.

👤The rug was beautiful. It's really stunning. I bought a nursery. It was small for the look I was after, even though I was aware of my size. The reason I returned it was because the gold thread was already fading, which is hard to see in photos. If it was selected for design, it would have to hold up to a 16 month old. I need something that will easily clean it, and it will go through a bit of abuse. I don't know how it will hold up. I don't want to worry if the gold thread fades over time. I returned it because of the slight defects in the gold threads. If you need a rug that will hold up in high traffic areas, then you need to look for a rug that will hold up. I don't know if you should pick this rug. If it will be used more for looks. I think it's a good idea. Attached are photos.

👤I used this as a board for my bed. It works with my farmhouse decor. In love! I had to use some heavy duty nails, but it is worth it. I get a lot of praise.

👤The area under my stairway has an interest and softness to it.

10. HAOCOO Non Slip Creative Distressed Entryway

HAOCOO Non Slip Creative Distressed Entryway

There are optional colors for bath rugs. A classic "evil eye" pattern featuring a yellow, blue, pink and black design inspired by traditional "evil eye" protection talismans was created. The bohemian bathroom rugs are full of mystery and art, making them ideal for decorating and completing the look of your living space. Non-sLIP backing drug is graded. The small rug floor carpet is made of soft velvet and has environmental rubber on the bottom. It is skid resistant and can stay in place. The anti-slip base rug is a great choice. The area rug size is approximately 2 x 3. The play mat is made of 100% Polyester and is soft and comfortable. It's suitable for any area of your home. The evil eye accent rug is a perfect gift for your friends and family which has symbolic protection and ward off evil. The tribal rug can be used in living room, bedroom, nursery, dining room, kid's room, entryway, hallways, back door, or in front of the fireplace. The kids rug is easy to care for and can be washed in cold water with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Dust and dirt build-up can be prevented by using a vacuum without a beater bar.

Brand: Haocoo

👤I ordered a 4 x 6 and the seller told me that I had ordered a 3 x 5, but I didn't know that. I will have to deal with it because returns have gotten so hard. The rug is a nice size but it doesn't fit in the area I wanted and the seller is just rude, there's a mess up from the get. I just want a new one. There is a I would like to get the 4 x 6 that is no longer in stock, but now it is cool, that is ridiculous. I want a new one. I will not be ordering from the seller again.

👤It was very soft, unique, and beautiful. I love it. The rug is a statement piece in my living room. I was looking for a hint which was very bohemian.

👤I love this rug. This is a very eye-catching piece, but it hits the nice middle-ground of being interesting to look at without being too busy. It's incredibly soft and comfortable to walk on, which is one of the most important aspects of a rug. The rug is pretty much in place because of the grip on the bottom, it's bound to migrate after a while, especially on hardwood floors. The light weight of it makes it very easy to pull it back into place. The rug has some folds in it, and the edges are a little bubbly. I'm not worried about it because it always takes a few hours for a rug to settle into place, even if it were rolled up. If that isn't the case, I'll update this review. It had a slight smell, but it seems like it will go away after the first wash. If you're into that, this evil eye will protect you from bad luck and bad spirits. If you're looking for a cute soft rug to fill out your space without breaking the bank, this is the one for you. It was worth every penny so far.

👤I love this rug. The rug that started out as a temporary guest bathroom rug has turned into my favorite rug. It's fun in a boring bathroom. This thing is very soft. You will know what I mean when you treat yourself. I can't decide if I should put it under my desk or in the bathroom. 12/09/

👤The rug is unique and reminds me of something you could only buy from UO. The pattern is very soft and comfortable. It was vibrant to start, but after a month of walking on it is fading in color and not as vibrant as when I first got it. It's beautiful and unique and you get what you pay for.

👤I bought this rid. The smaller of the two options. It looks great! On the barefoot, soft feels good.

👤A delightful rug! I was not disappointed when I bought it. The rug is bright. Soft! It's nice to stand there and wiggle your toes. The most amazing part? It's non-sLIP! The rug has not moved since it was put down. I might end up carousing my entire house in eye rugs if this rug is easy to clean.

11. WorldWeavers Hana Area Silver Grey

WorldWeavers Hana Area Silver Grey

The rug is kid approved and pet friendly. It's perfect for high traffic areas of your home such as living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways. The machine is woven in Turkey with polypropylene fibers. A functional medium pile allows for convenient placement in entryways, underneath furniture, and will not obstruct doorways. This rug adds a modern, chic look to your space. It is tough and stain resistant. They recommend vacuuming and spot cleaning, it's easy to clean and maintain. First, test a small area. The use of a rug pad is recommended to prevent slippage.

Brand: Artistic Weavers

👤The rug is nice. It is not silver. It is a baby blue and white. The photos showed it was not as cool as it is. I'm not sure if I'll keep the room I bought it for because it's a cream, grey color. Still making a decision.

👤The rug turned out well. The aesthetic I was going for was matched by the color. The rug is soft.

👤If you're not careful, the vacuum will melt the rug. The carpet stinks upon arrival. It smells like something. It's very annoying to the respiratory system. After a week, it still stinks. It's going back if it isn't gone soon. It took weeks for the smell to go away, and it was very annoying.

👤I am not sure how I feel about this rug, I will have to review it later, as of now it is a strong chemical odor. I put another rug over the area where the dog plays because I didn't want her to get any chemical smell on her paws since my socks smell like chemical from me walking on it. I just moved into this apartment so I don't have a vaccumm cleaner yet, but I will be buying one soon and hopefully vacuuming it a few times will help...such a disappointment that the rug is not ready to be used. If you're on a budget, this is definitely a beautiful rug, but be prepared to go through the steps that I'm currently going through, and if you have a vaccumm right away. It's possible to use a steam cleaner as well.

👤I was not expecting much in the way of quality and look for the price. It is huge and soft and thick at the same time. It is day one. I don't know how well it will hold up or how easy it will be to clean. I was impressed when I rolled it out, it felt right in our home.

👤The rug came earlier than expected. I was going for a playroom with a carpet that was not thick. There is no tripping hazard. Layed flat in a matter of hours. The color was the same. The carpet is soft. This carpet was very nice. Can't beat it for the price.

👤The rug was not what I was expecting. The beige parts of the rug are a light grey and make it all grey. I have seen similar rugs for a cheaper price than here. If you want a beige and light grey rug, I would look elsewhere. I would return it but it seems like it would be too much work.

👤This is a very thin pile of carpet. The carpet is very thin and has no cushion, even though you get a lot of coverage and a nice design for the money. You feel like you are walking on a dirty floor with a thick cloth on top of your feet. It is soft. If I had a second chance, I would not have gone in that direction.


What is the best product for eye rug boho?

Eye rug boho products from Leevan. In this article about eye rug boho you can see why people choose the product. Loloi Ii and Pauwer are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye rug boho.

What are the best brands for eye rug boho?

Leevan, Loloi Ii and Pauwer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye rug boho. Find the detail in this article. Iohouze, Nuloom and Hebe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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