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Rug 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Safavieh Collection Bohemian Multicolored Distressed

Safavieh Collection Bohemian Multicolored Distressed

The machine-wovens are stain resistant and have a small pile. It is safe for everyday indoor high foot traffic and areas more prone to life's unpredictable messes from kid or pet activity. The distressed tribal design enhances any room of the home, from the living room, dining room, bedroom, entryway, nursery, dorm room, study, home office, or eat-in kitchen. Stress-free cleaning includes regular vacuuming and gently blotting out stains with a mild detergent or carpet cleaner. Safavieh is a trusted brand and leader in home furnishings for over 100 years, using their expertise in crafting trendy high-quality designs.

Brand: Safavieh

👤I need to return the rug because the colors are not what they were in the listing. It looks like there is more orange/red/mustard yellow on the rug than is pictured in the listing. There is more pink and turquoise in the listing. I attached a picture of a 9x12 in case it helps others see the colors.

👤The pictures are confusing and the rug is good. There are 6 thumbnail pictures with the color options, but only 4 different product numbers in the description. I think the confusion lies in the 3 thumbnail pictures that show the same image when you click them. I can show the difference between the two because I bought both of them. When you click on the thumbnail, the two that are confusing are in the description. My first two pictures are called light grey multi on the label and look like the picture Amazon calls light grey. This one is very vibrant in color, leaning more toward the earthtoned colors, with very little blue in it. I had to return it because it wasn't what I was expecting. My second and third photos show a multi label with lots of blue and turquoise. I have a new kitchen runner. A very happy rug! The rug I received was almost as distressed and muted in color as the one pictured next to the bench with the book on it. I wanted one that looked like that picture. The picture in color is closer to the one in MNC22F because of the blue. There is a discrepancy in the description that makes the 5 star quality less than 4 stars.

👤This rug is gorgeous! It does a great job at hiding dirt and stains in the kitchen. Colorful without being annoying.

👤I love this rug. 6'7"x 9'2" was purchased in Multicolored. The area rug is of good quality. It's really soft on the ground after it was unrolled. The pattern and colors are spot on, but the distressed portions keep it from being too overpowering.

👤Absolutely beautiful. I was afraid to order a rug online. I thought it would be different from pictures, but it wasn't. It is exactly what I wanted and many of my guests love it. I bought the multi colored one. I added some pictures so that you can see some of the color.

👤This rug is gorgeous. It was the perfect focal point to design around.

👤Exactly like the picture! I love everything about it.

👤I bought this rug in two different sizes. I got a runner that I like and then I bought a rug that I don't like. Why is the difference different? The runner with a smaller scale is just as pleasant. The color combinations work better together. I went back after the larger rug. The color combinations on a larger scale did not work out. The maroon color is clashing with the blues and the more pleasant colors are the most distressed, but the red is the most prominent with very little of the stress. It was not right for me and I love color. One of the corners is covered up in a picture with a chair, so I added some photos of it. I hated the colors. I added a picture of the runner I kept.

2. Uphome Bathroom Non Slip Machine Washable Bedroom

Uphome Bathroom Non Slip Machine Washable Bedroom

A large round handwoven floral area rug is a perfect gift for your family and friends on holidays. This area rug is made with 100% Polyester. The rug is soft enough to get the theme. The floral floor mats are soft to the touch and hold up against foot traffic like stepping on the cloud. The pill is called the Crum Circle Drug. POM Tassels!, an unexpected element in popular elements, was introduced by this circular bohemian rug. It is easy to add a pop of decorate while maintaining a very clean design. The cute bohemian rug will never go out of style. They insist that the anti - skid performance of this round bathroom rugs is not negligible and they have been committed to research and develop of anti-skid performance. The bottom of the round mat is made of environmental rubber, which will grip the floor more firmly. There is a machine that washes glassware. The round throw rug using flocked technique is built to last for a long time, and it is free of fiber-shedding, which can be a problem with machine washing, because every fiber is firmly attached onto the backing. The rug should be washed in cold water with mild detergent. Don't use chlorine or bleach. Lay to air dry if you want to. There are multiple sizes of the circle floor mat to choose from. A luxury accent rug can be used as bath rug,sink rug,powder room rug,entryway rug,toilet rug,laundry room rug,bedroom rug, living room rug,nursery rug, and is a smart way to keep the dust away from the entrance of your house. The colors are on the top layer because the rug adopted printing and dyeing.

Brand: Uphome

👤I washed it on a cold cycle and dried it. I had to cut off the pom poms. The edges of the rug were curled up. I have to replace it.

👤This rug is very cute! It's soft on the bare feet and works well under my chair. It is not a problem for me to push across it. The rug glides smoothly under the chair. It's very pretty color and I love it.

👤I was looking for a rug that would compliment my small room. The rug is pretty in person. It is also in place. No slip! It was perfect.

👤I love this rug. The 2ft diameter size was perfect for our bathroom. It was too small. The 3ft was perfect. It has a grip on the backside so it stays put. I was looking for a circular bathroom rug that wouldn't wash but would vacuum instead, so I knew it was machine washable. I think this will clean up. My husband thinks it's cool, which is a major decorating win for me.

👤The rug is cute. I used it for a play kitchen and got a rug. It is soft and has a mat under it to keep it from slipping. The design is cute and a good buy.

👤I needed a rug to put in front of the sink in a small room. The rubber backing doesn't move. It's flat enough that we can open and close the door.

👤The rug is very cute. The design is printed on the surface of the rug. When you brush your toes across it, it creates a wavy effect. It took me awhile to notice the design on my rug, but now that I have, it is hard to ignore. I'm not sure how it will wash, but I'm happy with it so far.

👤I got a small 3' diameter. It was so soft that I ordered a 4' diameter, which fit the bathroom better. It fits our farmhouse chic decor perfectly. The fringe of the Pom Pom is great and not too feminine. I got a felt pad for underneath which works perfectly, even though it is for a smaller size. Highly recommend product and service.

👤I was trying to find a carpet for a small space in my home. I was unsure about the edges but decided to try it out. I'm glad I did. It is easy to clean and looks great. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this for my bed. It is wonderful to put my feet on in the morning. The feet are very soft. I can't comment on that because I haven't washed it yet. I can say that this is very cute and I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on it.

👤The carpet is of good quality. They ask where you got this from when they visit. The feel is very soft.

👤The carpet is pretty, I love it, but I am afraid to order again because of the slow shipping from the U.S.

3. Safavieh Collection Bohemian Distressed Diameter

Safavieh Collection Bohemian Distressed Diameter

The machine-wovens are stain resistant and have a small pile. It is safe for everyday indoor high foot traffic and areas more prone to life's unpredictable messes from kid or pet activity. The distressed bohemian chic design enhances any room of the home, from the living room, dining room, bedroom, entryway, nursery, dorm room, study, home office, or eat-in kitchen. Stress-free cleaning includes regular vacuuming and gently blotting out stains with a mild detergent or carpet cleaner.

Brand: Safavieh

👤I will be writing this review at 3am. I am laying on the couch because I don't want to wake up with a chemical smell in my room. I am worried that it could hurt me and my baby, who hasn't slept since we tried to put the rug inside. I have a sore throat and a headaches, and have been tossing and turning all night. I believe this rug will be made with harmful glue chemicals and it will take 5 years for carpets and rugs to out gas. It's gross! I paid $250 for this and have no idea how to return it. I can't believe no one else noticed that it was stinky in the reviews, I want it out of the house.

👤The rug arrived much faster than expected. It needs to be taped to the floor to keep it from rolling up. The border of the rug is light blue, not navy, and the colors are slightly brighter in person that in the pictures. The rug is under a table.

👤I am obsessed with this rug. I was stationed overseas and this rug was shipped to my post office with no issues, and it came way faster than I expected. It is soft and beautiful. I plan on buying a runner for my kitchen.

👤I love it! It was bought to replace a smaller rug. Nice colors. The felt pad I ordered under it was too thin and my last rug was too large. I looked around before buying the rug, it was a nice price and I liked it.

👤This rug is large. It pulled the room together.

👤It's gorgeous! I bought this for someone else and am very happy with the result. I own authentic Persian rugs that are many times more expensive than this one, but I am very happy with how beautiful this rug is. The rug looks exactly like the picture, despite the other comments about being too pink or bright. It's prettier. Polyolefins are easy to maintain. We bought another rug from Safavieh and are very pleased with it. It was wrapped perfectly and had a customer friendly card inside. We are certain that we will get others. We put it in a brand new home that is being decorated. We will update the pictures so you can see how the room is anchored by the carpet.

👤I like the material, but I don't like the 3 stars because it is soft. The colors are not what they are pictured. I'm not happy. These were the colors I wanted. The "violet", especially around the border of the rug, is more pink than it should be. The color of this rug is not what I intended when I purchased it. You can see the pink color in the pictures I attached.

👤I will keep them as they are just runners for my kitchen and they are ok for the price. The color is not as pictured. The Navy/ Light Blue does not have a dark blue binding. The binding is bright blue. I ordered two and they don't match up. The smaller has a lot of the same color as the middle one, but it's more teal. While the larger has more of the darker center, it is made up of variations of dark teal, black and royal blue. The overall impression is blue-ish, but it is not navy as pictured. The impression is brighter and lighter than pictured, and the light binding is weird. The binding is Light Blue/Fuchsia.

4. HEBE Washable Bohemian Mandala Tassels

HEBE Washable Bohemian Mandala Tassels

The kids rug is easy to care for and can be washed in cold water with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Dust and dirt build-up can be prevented by using a vacuum without a beater bar. The large cotton rugs round are made of hand woven cotton and have a diameter of 120 cm. The cotton material is high quality. Their carpets are made from pure cotton. A cotton rug with a tassel fringe is durable and tight. This area round rug blanket is made from bohemia, it is beautiful and durable, so distinctive and eye-catching to decorate your home. The cotton rugs are machine washed in cold water and dried quickly. Do not use bleach. The cotton carpet should be washed in water no more than 30C and in a gentle way. A large round handwoven floral area rug is a perfect gift for your family and friends on holidays.

Brand: Hebe

👤I bought this mat to put under my dining table because my apartment has carpet in that area. I wanted to be sure to protect the carpet from stains. The box it arrived in was very small. This rug is lightweight and soft. It will fit in the machine. I am very pleased with the product. It is almost too pretty to be hidden.

👤The rug looks great in my office. The rug is perfect for small or medium spaces. The pattern is similar to the picture. The rug is very easy to fold up for transport. It works in the washing machine. The color of the print is grey. It's fine for me, but it could be disappointing for others. It takes a while for the carpet to come out. It's possible to work out the creases with a vacuum cleaner.

👤The carpet is my favorite in this set, I bought it from different vendors. I like the visual interest it brings to my room. It rests nicely on the floor and is bright enough to break up the browns in my space. I love it!

👤The first rug was sent and it had a spot on it. I decided to put this in my master bath and recommend a no slide mat. It is the right size and the fringes are nice. It has been a few months now that they still look great, I was worried that they would start to look ragged.

👤I put this under my chair to stop it from moving. I love the design and it was true to the photo so I can't complain. It's very thin and slides all over the place. The purpose of being a rug is lost.

👤The rug comes out great after being washed several times.

👤I love this rug. I thought it was going to be smaller. I used to buy cheap stuff off of wish. This carpet is very durable and high quality. I can put it in my washing machine. I put an expo marker on one of the pictures so that you know how big the expo should be. It looks great at my door.

👤The white on the rug in the pictures is pure white, but in person it is cream. I still work in the bohemian room. If you are looking for a pure white, you will not be happy with the color difference. It looks great and is good quality.

👤Just today, I received it. It looks great in my dining room. It is slippery on the tile floor. I like it so far.

5. HAOCOO Vintage Non Slip Creative Bedroom

HAOCOO Vintage Non Slip Creative Bedroom

Care instructions are gentle machine wash and vacuum recommended. A classic "evil eye" pattern featuring a yellow, blue, pink and black design inspired by traditional "evil eye" protection talismans was created. The chic rug is full of mystery and art, making it ideal for decorating and completing the look of your living space. Non-sLIP backing drug is graded. The 2ft small round rug is made of ultra soft velvet and has environmental rubber on the bottom. It is skid resistant and can stay in place. The anti-slip base rug is a great choice. The size of the rug is approximately 2' diameter. The play mat is made of 100% Polyester and is soft and comfortable. It's suitable for any area of your home. The evil eye accent rug is a perfect gift for your friends and family which has symbolic protection and ward off evil. The tribal rug can be used in living room, bedroom, nursery, dining room, kid's room, entryway, hallways, back door, or in front of the fireplace. The kids rug is easy to care for and can be washed in cold water with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Dust and dirt build-up can be prevented by using a vacuum without a beater bar.

Brand: Haocoo

👤I ordered a 4 x 6 and the seller told me that I had ordered a 3 x 5, but I didn't know that. I will have to deal with it because returns have gotten so hard. The rug is a nice size but it doesn't fit in the area I wanted and the seller is just rude, there's a mess up from the get. I just want a new one. There is a I would like to get the 4 x 6 that is no longer in stock, but now it is cool, that is ridiculous. I want a new one. I will not be ordering from the seller again.

👤It was very soft, unique, and beautiful. I love it. The rug is a statement piece in my living room. I was looking for a hint which was very bohemian.

👤I love this rug. This is a very eye-catching piece, but it hits the nice middle-ground of being interesting to look at without being too busy. It's incredibly soft and comfortable to walk on, which is one of the most important aspects of a rug. The rug is pretty much in place because of the grip on the bottom, it's bound to migrate after a while, especially on hardwood floors. The light weight of it makes it very easy to pull it back into place. The rug has some folds in it, and the edges are a little bubbly. I'm not worried about it because it always takes a few hours for a rug to settle into place, even if it were rolled up. If that isn't the case, I'll update this review. It had a slight smell, but it seems like it will go away after the first wash. If you're into that, this evil eye will protect you from bad luck and bad spirits. If you're looking for a cute soft rug to fill out your space without breaking the bank, this is the one for you. It was worth every penny so far.

👤I love this rug. The rug that started out as a temporary guest bathroom rug has turned into my favorite rug. It's fun in a boring bathroom. This thing is very soft. You will know what I mean when you treat yourself. I can't decide if I should put it under my desk or in the bathroom. 12/09/

👤The rug is unique and reminds me of something you could only buy from UO. The pattern is very soft and comfortable. It was vibrant to start, but after a month of walking on it is fading in color and not as vibrant as when I first got it. It's beautiful and unique and you get what you pay for.

👤I bought this rid. The smaller of the two options. It looks great! On the barefoot, soft feels good.

👤A delightful rug! I was not disappointed when I bought it. The rug is bright. Soft! It's nice to stand there and wiggle your toes. The most amazing part? It's non-sLIP! The rug has not moved since it was put down. I might end up carousing my entire house in eye rugs if this rug is easy to clean.

6. Ashler Rabbit Chair Bedroom Living

Ashler Rabbit Chair Bedroom Living

Stress-free cleaning includes regular vacuuming and gently blotting out stains with a mild detergent or carpet cleaner. Feel the soft touch with your feet. Their thick faux rabbit fur area rug is dense and soft and has an ultra plush feel. Their mats are made to provide you with the best skin-feel and soothe the fatigue for your feet. It's time to treat yourself with a top-grade area rug that doesn't harden after use. The first thing your feet will touch when you bathe, sleep or climb on your couch is the area rug. Ashler always puts their customers' experience and safety first. The non-slip leather-like bottom on the back surface of their mats makes it super soft and sleek, and can be used as a floor mat, runner, and couch cushion. It is easy to clean and care for. The rug should be dry and damp. Don't soak in water, it's not good for wash machine or dryer. Home improvement is something you can do. There are many color and size selections for home decor improvements. You can always find the best match in their bath mat selections, their designers assorted color carefully to add an elegant vibe to your home, whichever style your home decor is.

Brand: Ashler Home Deco

👤I was hesitant to purchase this item off of Amazon because it can be a hit or miss. This is definitely a hit. Its beautiful! I have had this for about 2 months and it looks the same. I vacuum the top of it with a special vacuum accessory and it never sheds its soft appearance. Its very soft. I don't wear shoes in my room. It will not get dirty unless someone is careless enough to step on it. I recommend this product. It was worth every penny.

👤It is not as fluffy as the pictures suggest. It is very soft. My dogs like to lay down in front of the wood stove, so I got it. I felt bad for them because their bones were laying on the floor. They still seem to like it even though it isn't quite as soft as I was hoping. Four of them have been using it all day after I got it. I can not comment on the ease of clean-up, but I will change my review if it turns out it is not as easy as advertised.

👤When this rug arrived, I was very excited. It was very soft and it was easy to wash. My opinion and feelings towards this rug changed quickly. It was washed three times because of accidents. The rug is no longer soft and ugly. The rug looked like a toy bear that was around a few decades ago. If you plan to use this rug in an area where pets and children will be, I would suggest looking at another rug. If you only plan to use it as an accent rug, you should get it.

👤I submitted the review with photos that Amazon deemed offensive. I think that speaks volumes about how disgusting my experience was with this rug because the photos were just of what came out of the rug. I whacked the bug that ran out of the rug after tossing it out of the bag. It's not cool to have to worry about whether or not your house is free of the pests. I spent about an hour between identifying the insect and vacuuming the product. The product is of decent quality for the price, but it is not worth the time and experience I had with it. I wouldn't buy from this seller again.

👤I liked this rug initially. Excellent quality for the money. I bought a new one for the bedroom as well. They became very matted after being washed. I washed them again to make sure they were the same. I will not be buying anymore.

👤I had other rugs that were similar and the one underneath was black, but it didn't stain the floor if it got wet. I recommend these rugs, they are soft and luxurious, and no more stains, I love them for that.

👤I bought a small plush area rug at TJ Maxx for my daughter's room but it was too small. It was the same color, material, and quality, but 50% larger, and it cost $3 less. I am very happy with this purchase. It took a while to find a rug with a low pile plush. This is very soft. It's worth it for how luxurious it feels right now, even though it will probably wear out quickly like how soft stuffed animals do.

7. OhGeni Machine Washable Bedroom Non Slip

OhGeni Machine Washable Bedroom Non Slip

Are you worried about cleaning your rug? OhGeni area rugs are machine washed. Simply place rug into the washing machine for a complete cycle and it will be clean. The OhGeni Area Rugs are easy to clean and durable, making them a good choice for people who like to enjoy life. Are you afraid of slipping? Their priority is safety. The OhGeni Area rug is made of high density small and durable anti-slip dots on the bottom. There is no need for additional rug pads. The bottom of the rug should always be dry. Do you care about materials? They do as well. The OhGeni area rugs are made from recycled material. Kids are free to lounge on the carpet or dig their toes in, barefooted and relaxed, it's even suitable for tummy time. The rug is designed to be child and pet friendly. Do you want to break the bank? The price is right for the area rug. It has a high density sponge interlayer that makes it easy to take on it's many steps. Do you want to elevate your student's dorm room? The OhGeni area rug is a great choice for a dorm room or for adding a pop of color to your home for the holidays. The OhGeni area rug is a great choice for any room in the house. Do you want to elevate your student's dorm room? The OhGeni area rug is a great choice for a dorm room or for adding a pop of color to your home for the holidays. The OhGeni area rug is a great choice for any room in the house.

Brand: Ohgeni

👤I have been looking for a good sized area rug for a long time, and I am happy I found this one. This is a quality made area rug, don't let the affordable price fool you. The edge stitching is strong and the pile is soft. The black is perfect for my decor. I will buy more for other rooms in my home if I recommend it.

👤It is soft and has some cushion. I would recommend it for the price because it was gripped on the bottom. It's not gray and black, but it is a purpleish hue, compared to my black and white tent.

👤The rug is large for most rooms. My puppy loves it as well. It's soft and comfortable to walk and sit.

👤I didn't put it in my washing machine because I wanted to keep it fuzzier. It is impossible to get it out of it if you try to vacuum it or shake it out. Hopefully it will go well in the wash, I love the vibrant color and feel.

👤See the pics. I don't know why they push the "machine washed" aspect so hard in the branding when it doesn't wash well. The tag says no for repeated machine wash. The rug was very soft and it was a good price. I machine wash on gentle, hung to dry on the shower rack, and then had a new front loader wash me. It looked like a homeless dog when it tried. The pile was awful. I decided to use a wet brush to go all the way, then again in the opposite direction, to help restore the softness. Who wants to brush out a little play rug? If you will need to wash it, then you aren't ideal. It's really good if it's not. The neato robot vacuum has no issues going over it.

👤The rug is very comfortable to stand on and the backing is thicker than regular fabric, making it very soft even after washing. The bottom layer is smaller than the top layer, so the fuzzy top did not shrink. The edges of my photo are straight, but the top fuzzy fabric layer is buckled. If the rug is used as intended, it would be a tripping hazard. I am using the rug as extra padding for my cat who has C.H., so that when he jumps off of his cat tree, the landing won't be hard. I was happy with the rug at first, but now I am disappointed that it has shrunk.

👤I bought a rug for my 9 year old. It is the perfect size for her to stretch out. It is better to wake up to a warm place than a cold one. The rug is cheap, but it was better than I expected. The rubbery material on the bottom is similar to slipper/slipper socks. The rug is made of a soft material. It looks like it will survive a few washes, but we will try to wash it minimally. It doesn't seem like it would survive the dryer well, so I will probably hang dry and shake out to fluff. I would order it again. Regular carpet/rugs that are spot cleaned are disgusting. My girlfriend and I may order a rug for our bedroom. It is approved by the chihuahua. Ours has been hanging out more in my daughter's room and she has decided this rug is one of her many beds.

8. LEEVAN Non Slip Washable Children Microfiber

LEEVAN Non Slip Washable Children Microfiber

It is a cozy and disorderly way of life. It is a soft texture that is great for comfort and adds a nice touch to any room. A 47 inch round shape, sumptuously soft flannel memory foam surface, non-skid latex backing, long-wearing edge, and a printed graphic inspired by the Van Gogh oil painting apricot flowers is the design. It's possible to put a rug in a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or entryway, and it's also possible to put it under a coffee table, a small dining set, or an entryway. FEATURE - Easy clean and eco- friendly, non-shedding, fastness, safety and environmental protection, fashion-forward design and pattern?brings any space to life, eye-catching pattern design rug distinct accent to your existing decor for best visual impact Care instructions are gentle machine wash and vacuum recommended.

Brand: Leevan

👤The product is very good. It was smooth, easy to clean and soft. The colors pop. That's also good. The mat is encased in a bag like linens. That is the bedding linens. Linens are made of cloth. The mat is made of something other than cloth. The cloth can be folded and put into the dryer. "Do not iron" is what the label says. I don't know if I should wash this thing to remove the deep creases. The mat doesn't lay flat. I see a trip in the making. I will wash it and post the results. Keep looking.

👤I got mine today, it didn't take long for me, I'm in PA. Yes. It's more of a cushion mat than a rug. When we get a new couch, we're going to have an area rug over a rug in front of it, so we're not going to have wires in the room. The mat/rug is clean and bright, but it looks different depending on the lighting you have on it, I think it's really cool. I can mix and mix. I have many more shades of blue, purple, and green in the living room decor. They need to roll these up to ship them, that's my only issue with it. The deep creases are terrible. I can't get this in a washer, so I'm hoping that the folds/creases just blow out and stay out for a few days on their own, but I feel like that's only if this company ever says that. We really like it so far. If it doesn't clean well via pet hair, if a cat or the dog barfs on it, or if it never goes away after 1-2 weeks, then I'll come back. For now, it was worth it for a pop of artistic color on our living room floor in collaboration with our odd creative, vintage,gothic style and our Earth's wall and shelf handmade/original art. It's a good thing. The one half that was the most inner folds is starting to go away, but the other half under the couch is pretty much what they were expecting. If you don't have a washer or time to work out impressed folds on your own, order way before you need it or find another one. I hope by Sunday when I have friends visit, the creases will be gone.

👤I used the rug as a yoga mat when I needed to stretch out after a long day at work. It's not long enough to do all the stretching on the mat. It has a nice slide proof bottom texture so it doesn't move around on my hardwood floors, the underside texture catches birdseed and cat fur well, and the design side has a nice thin memory foam feel and vaccumes/sweeps up nicely. Both cats and dogs like this rug. I have it for about a week now and it's in good shape, but it still has a slight crease from where it was folded for transport, and I think a few heavy books or something will smooth it out.

9. NuLOOM Handwoven Rigo Round Natural

NuLOOM Handwoven Rigo Round Natural

Premium natural bristlers. This rug is made with sustainable 100% Jute, a fiber that is perfect for a coastal-cool look. No backing. Doesn't obstruct doorways and brings elegance to any space. Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The Hand Woven weave is unique. The earth's texture is earthy. Natural fibers bring a coastal feel to any room.

Brand: Nuloom

👤The rug arrived in a dirty package. I would open it outside if I could, as I was covered in plastic dust. The rug is beautiful and was clean. It warms up my apartment very nicely, and looks like it's expensive. The braids are tight and uniform and there is no visible stitching. It's easy to clean and will last you a long time. My cat loved it.

👤I was a little disappointed in the rug I received. It's cute and a good thickness, but there are some issues. It comes with stickers on the rug, and I added a video of how obnoxious it is to get them off. I initially thought the smell was natural, but I'm pretty sure it's a pesticide. I'm not comfortable walking barefoot in it because I'm pretty sure it was sprayed with something. The texture is not clean, and it's not very smooth. I found a lot of twigs and I'm hoping it's a clump of dirt. It paints a pretty grim picture of how these were made. I added pictures, a clump of dirt, and a white color sample so you can better visualize how this would look in your home if you were not deterred by those things. If you're like me, you'll find that helpful because it's too thick to open most doors, but I was impressed by how easy it was to lay down, just be careful where you put it.

👤We found a fishing hook in the rug. We don't have fishing stuff at our house and we don't fish. I found it by my foot and it was bloody. It seems that the hook was used in the manufacturing process as a grip point for the rug. I'm going to get a tetanus shot.

👤I absolutely love this rug. I wanted a farmhouse look. I ordered a rug for my dining area. I am happy that it is softer than I thought. I thought it would be itchy, but it is not. Love it! I got a rug that will sit under my dining table. The rug has been down for 2 days now and it has been completely relaxed, which is something I haven't seen in any of my other rugs.

👤I got a 6' round rug for a total bargain. I'm very happy with the quality. This rug would be double any other. I'm very happy I bought it.

👤Love it! The 8' round worked out perfectly. It's soft with variations of natural tones that add interest and texture to our space. It doesn't smell or be dirty. I didn't buy other types of natural fiber rugs because of those reasons. Thanks!

👤It was not pure white like in the picture, it was shiny like plastic. It has a lot of stains and brown spots and is very cheap to make. The stiching is messy and there are loose ends. They put some really sticky care instructions on the rug which made it difficult to take off. I would not recommend this brand. I'm trying to return it. I think this business is scamming buyers. I regret buying it because it was probably made in a factory that was not good. Don't buy!

10. LEEVAN Sheepskin Elegant Decorator Diameter

LEEVAN Sheepskin Elegant Decorator Diameter

The style is soft, non-skid, long-wearing, fluffy, and versatile. The pile of this shaggy sheepskin rug is warm and soft. It is a soft texture and it would add a touch of class to any room. It offers luxurious comfort and versatile options, add style to any room and place. It's ideal as a seat cover or draped across your sofa and favorite armchair, or as a window mat to show the jewelry or other women. Fleece is made from sheep skin, Natural Fiber, and is long- lasting, fade resistant, and warm during cold winter weathers. Professional rug cleans are recommended. It's a good idea to vacuum regularly with a straight vacuum.

Brand: Leevan

👤I bought a rug that was double the price, but this rug that cost me $60 is the same, so I am obsessed with this rug. Not better quality. The rug is black and white. It completely changed the look of my living room. It is soft and beautiful. It is white with black tips. I haven't had any issues with it slipping, it has faux leather backing. It comes folded and vacuum sealed so there are no creases in the rug. I use a hair dryer on high heat daily to smooth out thewrinkles in my hair and they still haven't come out a week later. When you open the package, lay the rug on a flat surface, take a blow dryer on high/high heat, and run your hands through it in circular motions. It makes the rug so fluffy and luscious. The quality and size of the rug is worth $60. It can't be beaten. I needed a rug that was round and this one is perfect.

👤I bought 3 faux sheepskin rugs to find the right one for the room. The best quality was found in the smallest 2x4 HEBE. It was the best coloring and the fur was thick and soft, even though it was fake. The backing looked like genuine sheepskin. It was too small for a room and it did not come in a larger size. The 3x5 gorilla grip is what I chose for the room. It had the most stable backing and the sheepskin was faux but soft. The coloring of this one is bright white and I prefer the more natural ivory color, but it blends well in the room. The cheapest quality of the 3 was the 4x6 LEEVAN, which was second place on size for me. The fur was the lightest of the 3, but it rolled up a bit if you pushed it a certain way. It was soft and would have been fine, but there was a huge gap in quality between this and the best quality small HEBE rug. You can see the size comparison by taking a photo of the rugs on top of each other. The main rectangular rug is 5x8 and the nursery room is a smaller room with a full-size crib and chair.

👤It's nice and cozy, large, and perfect for our reading area. We have a large b&w one.

👤I ordered for my closet. The addition makes the area more chic. It would not be a good idea to recommend this in a high traffic area because of the long hair and the vacuum getting stuck on it. I can shake it clean.

👤Really pleased with the rug. It is soft and attractive. Came very quickly. We put in a new piece ofLaminate. We didn't want to hide the beautiful details of the flooring but still needed to make the sound softer. We were very happy with the rug. I call the color champagne or taupe, but it works perfectly with our room because it's small enough to not hide the floor's detail. It was packed in a tight brick so it was full of wrinkling. Not pretty. I put the towel and rug in the dryer on a delicate setting so the heat was not a problem. It came out perfect. It is now flat. I love this rug. I would never use hot water or a hot setting in the dryer. It took a bit of time for me.


What is the best product for eye rug round?

Eye rug round products from Safavieh. In this article about eye rug round you can see why people choose the product. Uphome and Hebe are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye rug round.

What are the best brands for eye rug round?

Safavieh, Uphome and Hebe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye rug round. Find the detail in this article. Haocoo, Ashler Home Deco and Ohgeni are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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