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1. Maples Rugs Blooming Distressed Entryway

Maples Rugs Blooming Distressed Entryway

The 2' x 6' size runner rug is perfect for the hallway, kitchen, and entryway. The design has a 100% nylon pile for added Durability and Fade Resistance. 0.44 inch pile height, low profile to be placed in any setting Machine Washable and easy care. There is no additional rug pad needed. Quality American rug manufacturer since 1966. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Maples Rugs

👤The rug looks great in my kitchen. It is a great quality rug for $30. I used to have it in my kitchen, but it is softer now. I am very happy with it! It is the exact blue I was hoping for and it ties my kitchen together.

👤It's difficult to find a runner with a no slip backing. I was happy with the quality of the runner and the price. I don't like the cheap no slip things you cut to fit your rug. Our entryway is long and narrow, so we got the long one. Our dogs love it too.

👤I needed a runner that was so thin that the door wouldn't have to be pushed out of the way. The rug is perfect. It's super thin and has rubber backing so it won't slip. The softness is an added bonus. It arrived quickly and was well packaged. Happy with the purchase.

👤The rugs are perfect for high traffic areas. They were bought for use on my floors. The company is family run and is located in the United States. They have been making rugs for a long time. I believe the family started in 1928. I love the design of the rug and bought it for my entryway, hallways, bedrooms and mud room. They are clean and nice. Great job!

👤It is beautiful. It makes the room pop in my kitchen. My cat approves.

👤The rug is perfect for pets. I bought two for my entryway. I love them. Solid but soft, they are easy to clean. The pictures don't do it justice as it is much nicer in person. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤These are a good value. The design and rubber backing are nice. I got these because they can be washed. I have two of these rugs. The first one I washed was dingy because the colors bled onto the cream fibers. I followed the directions on the tag for the second one, but I had completely different results. It looked new with no color run and I hung to dry. You will be fine if you wash in cold water.

👤I bought one for in front of my sink and another for in front of my stove after I bought one for in front of my sink. Exactly as pictured. I washed in the washer and hung out to dry.

👤This mat is very comfortable to stand on, and does not slip, which makes it difficult to adjust. It will take a few days for it to be completely flat. It wouldn't be washed if it were thicker. Let me know if you find this helpful.

👤I have it in my bathroom.

👤It is easy to vacuum, does not show pet hair.

👤A runner is in front of a work area.

2. Bathroom Geometric Reversible Machine Washable

Bathroom Geometric Reversible Machine Washable

The runner rug is different from the traditional rug in that it is flat and heavy, which makes it stay in place. The farmhouse runner rug has clear and chic patterns which will help you add fresh and comfort to your home. The Abreeze area rugs have a unique design. They have a wide variety of colors and designs that will compliment your decor. There is aRUG PAD NEEDED. The rug is made of cotton and does not have a rubber backing. A rug pad keeps it from moving. The black bathroom rug pattern is constructed by the colors of the thread itself which makes it last longer and more durable than other printed color rugs. Their bathroom rugs are made of 100% high-quality cotton with extra fringe on each side that is durable for everyday use and wash. The farmhouse is perfect for bohemian decor. Their rug is permanent. Each side has a different look and feel to it. It's the best choice for Halloween and Thanksgiving gifts. The 2' x 3' size small accent rug does not include the tassel. These bathroom rugs are the perfect size for the outdoor door and are also the perfect size for the entryway rug. They think they look good. Timeless design. The chic and classical hand-knotted tassels element of the rug brings warmth and breathing room to the space. It has an exotic feel to living areas and bedrooms. Their small woven area rugs are easy to clean and are soft to touch.

Brand: Iohouze

👤I was looking for a simple yet durable rug for my kitchen and for in front of one of our sliding glass doors, and this rug did it all. It looked good, looked easy to clean, and didn't overwhelm a room. I don't know if it will last a long time, but I think it should because of its affordability and the fact that it should be taken care of properly. I am happy I was able to find it, it was good value and quality. I have three of them in my home and am going to order more. This rug is very good. The three rugs I ordered were shown in the video. There are two of them, one in black grey and the other in white grey, both in the 2x6 size. I don't like the smaller rug's tassels. I cut them down so they aren't as much of a problem.

👤These rugs are very tough and very easy to clean, and they are woven with a reverse weave on each side, so that one side is black and the other is white. I'm using them in my home theater, which is lit by a black light, because they are Bright White. I use them as seat and back covers for the theater seating recliner chairs, where the 4.3 ft length fits both seat and back. These rugs are a great bargain, considering their quality. Jon.

👤I love this rug. It is soft and well made. It can also be reversed. It is a bright white with black lines. I use this in many places in my house, and I will be buying another one for a runner inside the front door, just a gorgeous piece. I am very picky about the price, but I think it is worth the money, I am buying another slightly larger one for my son and daughter, and I find the best gift is one you would give your child. This is a great option. Buying a friend something they don't need but would love to have. This rug is an excellent value and looks more expensive than it is.

👤What can I say? I love the rug. It's well made, the colors are different, and it's the perfect size for my kitchen. I think I will buy the same brand and rug in a larger size for my kitchen and bathroom, and put it in my bathroom. This product is very good. I will purchase again.

👤The rug is lovely. Excellent quality. The texture is better than I expected. I ordered the correct size for my doorway entry. It is reasonably priced. I need a nonslip pad underneath since my cats love to mess it up. I have no complaints.

👤I put it in my guest bathroom when I received it. It is what I wanted.

👤Blacks are white and whites are black. The company offers a free rug pad after purchase, so you can either get a rug pad or wait until after purchase from the company. This design is high quality and looks great.

3. MDesign Microfiber Polyester Non Slip Absorbent

MDesign Microfiber Polyester Non Slip Absorbent

Microfiber absorbs water and dries quickly, and the quick-dry fibers keep this rug looking and feeling great, even with repeated use. All-AROUND COMFORT: The plush cut pile is made of super soft and absorbent microfiber yarns to give you a comfortable and warm place to stand when brushing your teeth or applying makeup; use in front of bathroom counters, sinks, vanities, showers or bathtubs; use this beautiful and comfortable rug throughout the home - try it SLIP-RESISTANT: The non-slip backing keeps the rug in place even when wet, and it's great for kids, teens, adults and seniors. Quality construction is important. Machine wash separately in cold water, use mild soap or detergent, do not bleach or dry clean, and do not wring; the yarns are a combination of two colors, and the backing is 100% microfiber. It's measures 24 x 24.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I wanted to put the rugs under my recliners. The chairs were sliding because I have tile floors. I was pleased with the color and backing of the rugs. They don't fit under the base of the chairs. I had to place them towards the back to keep the chairs from sliding. The rugs are not the size advertised. I would return them if I didn't have company this week.

👤I bought two rugs from different companies, but they match up well. They serve their purpose. The door will clear when it is opened and closed. We don't get a lot of foot traffic so it's hard to say how it would be somewhere else. I am happy with it.

👤It was the perfect fit for the space between my bathroom and toilet. The rug is round in shape, unlike the traditional square shape bath rug. The rose gold rug has some white specks, which is fine for me, but not for someone who wants a solid rose gold rug. Excellent quality! I washed the rug and let it dry. I have not had any issues with peeling.

👤I love you! It's so simple, cute and feminine. It is small enough for a half bath or just in front of a single sink. I wouldn't use it for a shower mat. It is absorbent and fluffy. I use it in my walk-in closet. It is very cute. It is not big so be aware of that. The quality is very good and it is soft. I vacuumed it with no problem, I wouldn't recommend a heavy duty vacuum on the rug because it would get all sucked up. It was a good recommendation.

👤Really like this bath mat. It is soft on your feet and the perfect size. The purchase is worth it and it washes easily.

👤I bought this for my dog because he only has three legs. The back isn't as non-slip as I had hoped, and it is the perfect size for him. He stood on it and I could see it sliding. I'm going to have to buy more non-slip backing. I think my use for it is unique and doesn't apply to many people looking for a rug. It's very soft and thick, perfect for a bathroom or bedroom.

👤The rug is teal/turquoise. The size is perfect for my space and what I was looking for. It is a good quality rug, not too thick or thin, and it seems well made. I ordered a second one for another room.

👤I have a small room with tile. I'm not crazy. I am very happy with the rug I got. It makes my room look better. Love the shape and quality.

👤It's perfect for my bathroom and it's light pink. I am not sure if it keeps it's shape.

👤The picture is not as good as the colour is. It was very soft and easy to clean. Excellent.

👤Really nice rug. I like the colour of it.

4. KIMODE Hand Woven Buffalo Checkered Washable

KIMODE Hand Woven Buffalo Checkered Washable

There is a guarantee of success. Their products are backed by loyal guest service, their designs match a variety of styles and make great gifts, and they can update any room in your home in an instant. The door is Cottonwood. The woven plaid rugs have a buffalo check pattern and are resistant and durable. The size of the door is calculated. The Buffalo check rug is a great choice for farmhouse decor or modern decor, it is 24'' x 51'' and has a plaid pattern. Classical black, white and grey buffalo check style rug is the perfect way to elevate your farmhouse décor. It is easy to clean, just machine wash, hand wash, and use a vaccum cleaner. The black and white rug is resistant to the elements. The perfoming area of drug. The Checker buffalo area rugs are a practical gift for families and friends and are not only a modern household necessity.

Brand: Kimode

👤I like the product. They were used for throw rugs and runners. They were the perfect match for my furniture. I would purchase again.

👤It is a base for our front porch rug.

👤I love this rug. It is so easy to clean, I just throw it in the washer and hang it dry. It is a bright white and perfect size for rugs in a kitchen where I have mine. It is not very thick, but it is an oversized throw rug. If you are looking for thickness, you will have to purchase a separate pad. It holds up really well with my farmhouse decor. I wash mine several times and it still looks new. Hope this helps!

👤The look is just the layer I wanted.

👤It was perfect for what I needed. It is machine washable! It was thick! It's affordable! It's great for my front door.

👤This rug is perfect for my small home office. I didn't want to invest too much for a casual rug because I don't expect to be a fan of the buffalo check forever. This is perfect! It was affordable to add, but great quality, so it feels great in the room.

👤This was purchased for a small area in our kitchen. The photos look lovely and we thought they would be perfect for us. The rug was rolled up and the ends were curled. We rolled it in a different way and let it sit for a while. We put it in the kitchen and it looked like a giant placemat. It looks out of place and unattractive without grips underneath. We returned it because we wanted to give it back. I really wanted to like it.

👤It is hard to find grey buffalo check. It is usually black or blue. I was very excited to find these rugs. I bought the runner length in front of my custom kitchen island, and two standard sizes in front of my kitchen sink and back door. The one in front of my door is covered with another mat to keep it clean. The grey is a little lighter in appearance, but I still love them. They're perfect for my farmhouse theme. They seem to clean well. I put anti slip mats under them so they don't slide around and they are good for your feet. I will be adding this review a couple of weeks later. Air dry them when you wash them. I put them in the dryer to dry. They are fine, but just wanted to warn you.

5. SUPERIOR Geometric Patchwork Polypropylene Chocolate

SUPERIOR Geometric Patchwork Polypropylene Chocolate

Quality materials. The rug is made from 100% Polypropylene and has a 0.31" thickness, which is ideal for high traffic areas and perfect for homes with children and pets. Sorted by size. There are a variety of sizes, including 2' x 8', 2' x 11', 2' x 10', 2' x 12' runner, 2' x 3' scatter size, and popular living room sizes 3' x 5', 4'. During design. The patchwork design is available in Chocolate, Slate, Light Blue/Ivory, Light Blue/Beige, and Blue/ Taupe colors. Care instructions. Spot clean and vacuum regularly. To avoid slippage, the rug pad should be sold separately. Pull the ends with scissors. Equalize wear by rotating. There is a guarantee of success. Their products are backed by loyal guest service, their designs match a variety of styles and make great gifts, and they can update any room in your home in an instant.

Brand: Superior

👤A chocolate 5x8 was purchased. More white than pictured. I was expecting it to match the picture I received. The lighter rectangles in the picture look like tan, and what I received were almost white. It is soft and thin, but I have never heard of that before. It's under $52. I was not expecting the best. I'm going to suck it up and send it back. In the attached picture, you can see the white sections from the flash properly lighting them up, and as the flash fades, the white begins to look tan. The lighting used in the picture made the white look tan. Be aware. This isn't for you if you want tan. The price is still decent.

👤It serves its purpose for the price. The hallway runner looks the same. Everything was what I thought it would be. I think it has been a week since I last saw it, and it is finally flattened out for the most part, you can help the process by putting heavy stuff on each fold and corner. It is a little bit shorter than I thought, but that is because my measurements were off. It's not a big deal. The material is cheap and feels like a rug. What can you say? I bought it to wipe our feet on when we come in. The rug that feels like a cloud is not the soft plush rug. Some reviewers were expecting a lot out of this rug. This is not the area rug that you want. Bed Bath and Beyond is a good place to go. I paid $200 for a rug in my living room and it has held up well. Again, this one serves its purpose and looks good doing it, but don't expect much out of it for the price. If you have hardwoods or laminate flooring, you will need to order a rug liner. There is no question about it! We are sliding all over the place so I will be ordering one within the next couple days. If something changes, I will update. God bless! It's a good thing.

👤I was looking for a rug with a modern vibe. I was skeptical at first, but it's perfect! My living room is very nice and I took it to a whole different level. It was very soft and received a lot of praise.

👤I keep parts of the carpet wrinkled. I don't want to see a wrinkled carpet in a place that's far away from the floor. I want it to look like a carpet and not a piece of paper. We like the look and pattern. It's not sure how to lay it down better. Do we need to wear this like a shirt?

👤Very nice color and pattern. It is very thin. It's harder in texture than it is as a towel.

👤The colors are beautiful but the quality is terrible and I can feel my finger pinching from the top to the bottom. I was not expecting to get anything beyond what I hoped for, but this is close to what I hoped for. I wish I wouldn't have sold my rug.

6. LEEVAN Rectangle Washable Farmhouse Bathroom

LEEVAN Rectangle Washable Farmhouse Bathroom

We recommend vacuuming and spot treating for mild stains with a carpet cleaner. It is recommended that you dry clean major stains. The fabric is 100% Polyester. The backing is cotton. Machine-made construction. The size of the rug is 2.3x5 ft and it is made of 45% cotton, 45% polyester, and 10% viscose. The bohemian rag rug has floral that seem vivid but are extremely rich and complex in symbolism, and they convey deep visual beauty and emotions. The farmhouse accent rug is not stick hair and eco-friendly, fastness, safety and environmental protection, fashion-forward design and pattern, brings any space to life. A perfect front mat, living room floor mat, kitchen rug, bathroom rug, entry way rug, sofa cover, chair cover, table covers, fit under doors and more are included in the allowance application. The rug pad is recommended for the best result. Their hand woven cotton rug is easy to clean, soft to touch, and extremely durable. Cotton rugs will shrink a little after being washed. It won't affect the use.

Brand: Leevan

👤I bought rugs in different sizes to fit our space. They are pretty. The pattern and extra texture are what I like the most. I bought tape to keep them in place. My dog peed on one of them. The rug was washed and dried. I was worried about the tassels and the printed mandala fading, but it still looked great after and the stain came out of the rug.

👤The price point is beautiful. It is more natural than white. I was surprised that the pattern is printed on, but I don't know why I expected it to be woven. It looks like the picture. The material is nice and the print looks good. It was perfect over my old terracotta bricks. The whole room was changed. Happy.

👤Quality rug! The design looks awesome, but I was on the fence about the fuzzy parts. I redecorated by the main bathroom and bought a few rugs to compare. I didn't open the others after seeing this one. It is definitely higher quality than I was expecting, with no ugly underside that will crack after minimal wear, and no cheap plastic-feeling material that many rugs have. I will update my review if things go south. I got a great price for this rug. I would have paid more. My bathroom color scheme is beige, ivory, white, tan and oil-rubbed bronze. The rug definitely tied the room together.

👤I laid it down to see if I liked it and the cat got right on it. They gravitate to something made with catnip. It was too beige for my liking and I will return it. It says to wash hands. I need one that is machine washable.

👤I do have some concerns about the durability of something I just purchased. The rug is dirty with no traffic over it. I don't want to have to wash it all the time. I would like to try a stain resistant spray on it to see if it works, but I am not sure if the manufacturer has any stain resistance. It is a wonderful design and texture and is what I need. I bought a mat to hold it in place.

👤The rug was different from the runner that I bought. It was light grey and cream, which was supposed to be black. The runner is beautiful but the rug is faded and doesn't match. I'm really disappointed.

👤I was looking for a black/white rug. I found a shower curtain at a local store, but couldn't find a matching rug by the sink. Found this online and took a chance. The cotton rug is nice. I washed it after I received it. The design I was looking for was exactly what I was looking for.

👤This isn't a rug. You put a blanket on the floor. The quality isn't terrible, but it's flimsy and the edges tend to curl up. They were curling up even before I washed it. It was cheap, so what did I expect? It's easy to wash in the washer.

7. Ashler Rabbit Chair Bedroom Living

Ashler Rabbit Chair Bedroom Living

Stress-free cleaning includes regular vacuuming and gently blotting out stains with a mild detergent or carpet cleaner. Feel the soft touch with your feet. Their thick faux rabbit fur area rug is dense and soft and has an ultra plush feel. Their mats are made to provide you with the best skin-feel and soothe the fatigue for your feet. It's time to treat yourself with a top-grade area rug that doesn't harden after use. The first thing your feet will touch when you bathe, sleep or climb on your couch is the area rug. Ashler always puts their customers' experience and safety first. The non-slip leather-like bottom on the back surface of their mats makes it super soft and sleek, and can be used as a floor mat, runner, and couch cushion. It is easy to clean and care for. The rug should be dry and damp. Don't soak in water, it's not good for wash machine or dryer. Home improvement is something you can do. There are many color and size selections for home decor improvements. You can always find the best match in their bath mat selections, their designers assorted color carefully to add an elegant vibe to your home, whichever style your home decor is.

Brand: Ashler Home Deco

👤I was hesitant to purchase this item off of Amazon because it can be a hit or miss. This is definitely a hit. Its beautiful! I have had this for about 2 months and it looks the same. I vacuum the top of it with a special vacuum accessory and it never sheds its soft appearance. Its very soft. I don't wear shoes in my room. It will not get dirty unless someone is careless enough to step on it. I recommend this product. It was worth every penny.

👤It is not as fluffy as the pictures suggest. It is very soft. My dogs like to lay down in front of the wood stove, so I got it. I felt bad for them because their bones were laying on the floor. They still seem to like it even though it isn't quite as soft as I was hoping. Four of them have been using it all day after I got it. I can not comment on the ease of clean-up, but I will change my review if it turns out it is not as easy as advertised.

👤When this rug arrived, I was very excited. It was very soft and it was easy to wash. My opinion and feelings towards this rug changed quickly. It was washed three times because of accidents. The rug is no longer soft and ugly. The rug looked like a toy bear that was around a few decades ago. If you plan to use this rug in an area where pets and children will be, I would suggest looking at another rug. If you only plan to use it as an accent rug, you should get it.

👤I submitted the review with photos that Amazon deemed offensive. I think that speaks volumes about how disgusting my experience was with this rug because the photos were just of what came out of the rug. I whacked the bug that ran out of the rug after tossing it out of the bag. It's not cool to have to worry about whether or not your house is free of the pests. I spent about an hour between identifying the insect and vacuuming the product. The product is of decent quality for the price, but it is not worth the time and experience I had with it. I wouldn't buy from this seller again.

👤I liked this rug initially. Excellent quality for the money. I bought a new one for the bedroom as well. They became very matted after being washed. I washed them again to make sure they were the same. I will not be buying anymore.

👤I had other rugs that were similar and the one underneath was black, but it didn't stain the floor if it got wet. I recommend these rugs, they are soft and luxurious, and no more stains, I love them for that.

👤I bought a small plush area rug at TJ Maxx for my daughter's room but it was too small. It was the same color, material, and quality, but 50% larger, and it cost $3 less. I am very happy with this purchase. It took a while to find a rug with a low pile plush. This is very soft. It's worth it for how luxurious it feels right now, even though it will probably wear out quickly like how soft stuffed animals do.

8. HAOCOO Non Slip VintageThrow Creative Bedroom

HAOCOO Non Slip VintageThrow Creative Bedroom

Quality American rug manufacturer since 1966. It is made in the USA. A classic "evil eye" pattern featuring a yellow, blue, pink and black design inspired by traditional "evil eye" protection talismans was created. The chic rug is full of mystery and art, making it ideal for decorating and completing the look of your living space. The runner rug is made of ultra soft velvet and has environmental rubber on the bottom. It is skid resistant and can stay in place. The anti-slip base rug is a great choice. The area rug size is approximately 2x5'. The play mat is made of 100% Polyester and is soft and comfortable. It's suitable for any area of your home. The evil eye accent rug is a perfect gift for your friends and family which has symbolic protection and ward off evil. The tribal rug can be used in living room, bedroom, nursery, dining room, kid's room, entryway, hallways, back door, or in front of the fireplace. The runner rug can be washed in cold water with mild detergent, it will not fade, and it will not be difficult to drop off. Do not bleach. Dust and dirt build-up can be prevented by using a vacuum without a beater bar.

Brand: Haocoo

👤I ordered a 4 x 6 and the seller told me that I had ordered a 3 x 5, but I didn't know that. I will have to deal with it because returns have gotten so hard. The rug is a nice size but it doesn't fit in the area I wanted and the seller is just rude, there's a mess up from the get. I just want a new one. There is a I would like to get the 4 x 6 that is no longer in stock, but now it is cool, that is ridiculous. I want a new one. I will not be ordering from the seller again.

👤It was very soft, unique, and beautiful. I love it. The rug is a statement piece in my living room. I was looking for a hint which was very bohemian.

👤I love this rug. This is a very eye-catching piece, but it hits the nice middle-ground of being interesting to look at without being too busy. It's incredibly soft and comfortable to walk on, which is one of the most important aspects of a rug. The rug is pretty much in place because of the grip on the bottom, it's bound to migrate after a while, especially on hardwood floors. The light weight of it makes it very easy to pull it back into place. The rug has some folds in it, and the edges are a little bubbly. I'm not worried about it because it always takes a few hours for a rug to settle into place, even if it were rolled up. If that isn't the case, I'll update this review. It had a slight smell, but it seems like it will go away after the first wash. If you're into that, this evil eye will protect you from bad luck and bad spirits. If you're looking for a cute soft rug to fill out your space without breaking the bank, this is the one for you. It was worth every penny so far.

👤I love this rug. The rug that started out as a temporary guest bathroom rug has turned into my favorite rug. It's fun in a boring bathroom. This thing is very soft. You will know what I mean when you treat yourself. I can't decide if I should put it under my desk or in the bathroom. 12/09/

👤The rug is unique and reminds me of something you could only buy from UO. The pattern is very soft and comfortable. It was vibrant to start, but after a month of walking on it is fading in color and not as vibrant as when I first got it. It's beautiful and unique and you get what you pay for.

👤I bought this rid. The smaller of the two options. It looks great! On the barefoot, soft feels good.

👤A delightful rug! I was not disappointed when I bought it. The rug is bright. Soft! It's nice to stand there and wiggle your toes. The most amazing part? It's non-sLIP! The rug has not moved since it was put down. I might end up carousing my entire house in eye rugs if this rug is easy to clean.

9. Abreeze Washroom Farmhouse Waterproof Bathroom

Abreeze Washroom Farmhouse Waterproof Bathroom

The runner rug can be washed in cold water with mild detergent, it will not fade, and it will not be difficult to drop off. Do not bleach. Dust and dirt build-up can be prevented by using a vacuum without a beater bar. Heavy weight foam rubber backing makes the floor rug stay in place. It's a good idea to sweep or vacuum clean the printed flocking surface. The size is 20''x 48''. The thickness is Appr. 5mm. A rug for Laundry room,Washroom, Kitchen, bathroom,Mudroom, Doorway, Farmhouse, is good looking and functional at the same time. It is a great gift for your friends, parents, kids and family. It is easy to care for. Simply shake, vaccum or wipe with wet cloth for a quick clean. If the floor rugs are dirty, you should wash them with soapy water. It's best to vacuum regularly, minimal effort, and maximum beauty! The rubber floor rug is soft and comfortable and will help you stand up when cooking or doing laundry. You will love the width and design. The runner rug is different from the traditional rug in that it is flat and heavy, which makes it stay in place. The farmhouse runner rug has clear and chic patterns which will help you add fresh and comfort to your home. The Abreeze area rugs have a unique design. They have a wide variety of colors and designs that will compliment your decor.

Brand: Abreeze

👤This item was supposed to be delivered on Sunday, but it wasn't. I was angry because I couldn't find someone to help me. The item showed up today. It was not the fault of Amazon or the merchant. I live in a small town and this is very strange. I apologize to the merchant and Amazon. The rug is perfect. The laundry room looks great. I apologize for being rude and quick to judgement. It won't happen again. Everyone is blessed during these difficult times. S Smith is from Farmville, NC.

👤Absolutely love it! It was thick and comfortable.

👤Good rug with good colors. It feels good to stand on. I received an item that looks like the picture and it looks good. It is a good size for my laundry room. This is a good size and some of the stuff we receive looks like it belongs in a doll house. I recommend it. This is a rug.

👤Stronger than it looks. It's so comfortable on the feet. When it gets dirty, I roll it up and take it to the car wash, hang it up on the wall and spray it off with soap, then rinse. Cleans great!

👤Laundry is not one of my favorite things to do so reading my rug makes me laugh a little more. A great rug. You do not need a rug. It stays put. It could have been more.

👤I wanted to keep using this rug, but it attracts everything in the air, and it is so cute. I would vacuum it and within an hour it looked dirty again. I tried to keep it for a few weeks, but it got old and I couldn't keep it clean. I replaced it with a shaggier rug because I couldn't take it anymore. It's a shame.

👤It's hard to clean. You can clean it. It attracts a lot of dirt.

👤I'm glad we got it. It looks nice.

10. SAFAVIEH Collection Flatweave Farmhouse Anthracite

SAFAVIEH Collection Flatweave Farmhouse Anthracite

The rugs are made from premium cotton to add comfort. These rugs are made from high-quality cotton and are soft to the touch. The rugs feature vibrant colors to match any décor. The rug is 2'3" X 6'. The pile is 0.25 inches high.

Brand: Safavieh

👤I loved the 8x10 size but it is stretching under furniture and it is constantly bunching up. It looks sloppy. I have other rugs that are the same size and I have never had this problem. It is too large to fit in the washer. It is hard to vacuum. There is a purple thread running through it, which could be grey, but it's definitely purple.

👤I bought a 12 ft runner and am very happy with it. The color is a bit more marled up close than shown in the photos, but from a distance it looks exactly like the listing. It's more of a beige/taupe with ivory than a gray, which is consistent with the photos I've seen. It needs something underneath to help it stay in place. It feels a bit knobby to walk on given the thicker weave. It seems durable and I expect it to change over time. The knobbiness is irrelevant with a pad underneath. I wanted a neutral color that was easy to wash and camouflage messes. This is delivered.

👤It was advertised as 9' X 12'. That's a lie. It was close to 12' and barely 8'. This is the third rug from this manufacturer that I have bought, this is the most recent replacement for their last two disasters, and they just cannot seem to get their act together. This one will suffice. I don't want to deal with their BS. I will not buy from them again and will not recommend this manufacturer to anyone I wish to keep as a friend.

👤Good, not too thick. I hope I can put it in the washer.

👤I am using a rug as a curtain rod to cover an electrical panel in a bedroom. Very happy with the quality. It would work well on the floor for lighter traffic. If you clip the rope ends, they won't get messy. Looks great!

👤I use this under my round table for my sewing machines. It is dark taupe and light gray, had hoped it was more medium. It is dark. It makes a nice contrast to my floor and table. Yes, it is thin. It is cotton and should be easy to wash, like a towel bath mat, and I have a thicker pad underneath to keep it flat. I have cats and this type of weave is very similar to the one I have from a different vendor in my family room dining table. Like the pattern, it is neutral modern casual but not too bold and blends well. It is a must for cats and won't last more than a few years. It is not like a wool rug if you want something more traditional. The diamond pattern is not as soft as it could be, but it is still a braided rug like structure. It is what I wanted because it is machine washable and will be better with cats.

👤A wonderful rug! It is lightweight and has an organic tone. It holds up well in high traffic areas. I was curious about the thickness of the rug, and I think it is perfect. I have it over the carpet to add some warmth. I think it does that. I am very happy that I purchased this rug.

11. ISEAU Carpets Bedroom Nursery Bedside

ISEAU Carpets Bedroom Nursery Bedside

The 4.5 cm high plush velvet gives a soft feeling and the plush in the middle of the carpet makes them the perfect rug to stand on in the morning. The small anti-slip grip dots at the bottom of the rug are effective at preventing the carpet from sliding on the floor, for children playing on the floor is a great choice, it can give them warm and comfortable. The fluffy rug is easy to clean, wash and hang to dry without direct heat or sun, so it's easy to care for. Cute faux fluffy rugs are an ideal choice for home decoration. It's ideal for bedroom, living room, study room, children's room, kindergarten, university dormitory, yoga mat, etc. The soft area rug is very fashionable and beautiful, it can bring warmth to your family, therefore, it is a perfect gift idea, it is especially used for friend and children gift. The soft area rug is very fashionable and beautiful, it can bring warmth to your family, therefore, it is a perfect gift idea, it is especially used for friend and children gift.

Brand: Iseau

👤Some of the reviews I saw made me doubt ordering this rug. I made the purchase and thought about whether or not I win or lose. I think it is good for the price. It is perfect for my daughter's room. It is not thick and it is not extremely thin. It is not slippery like other people suggest. It depends on the floor type. I was surprised that it was very long. Definitely getting another one for her.

👤The rugs are not very plush, but still comfortable on bare feet. I have one on the inside of my door that traps dirt and shakes it out. I have two other people on both sides of my bed. I was able to order them in a hard to find color. I need another for my bathroom.

👤I placed this rug between my bed and my sister's bed because it's so soft we sit on it sometimes. It is very comfortable. We love it! It is a great quality and a great price.

👤The carpet is very thin. It is not the same as the pictures. When walking on the carpet, it is so slippery that you almost slip, so make sure you hold onto something while walking. The carpet is lifting up on the edge, so be careful when you walk on it, it might trip. The color is pretty, but it's not much.

👤It is hard to tell from the product photo, but the rug is kind of like the hair on a troll doll. Also had an unpleasant smell. It will be dissipated after being out of the packaging. Not really happy with this purchase. It was very cheap. It was purchased for a dorm and not sure if it will hold up.

👤Happy! This was the perfect color to add to my wall decor to make it pop in my room. The shape of this area is unique. It is very soft on my feet and does not seem to shed like previous shaggy rugs have.

👤This rug is coming back. Too small. Too slippery. The carpet is very slippery. This fabric is not velvet and is like walking on a slip-and-slide. The color is great, I'm disappointed. Size and shape are great. It's not safe for toddlers or elders.


What is the best product for eye rug runner?

Eye rug runner products from Maples Rugs. In this article about eye rug runner you can see why people choose the product. Iohouze and Mdesign are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye rug runner.

What are the best brands for eye rug runner?

Maples Rugs, Iohouze and Mdesign are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye rug runner. Find the detail in this article. Kimode, Superior and Leevan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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