Best Eye Shadow Pencil Crayon Blue Eyes

Crayon 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Eyeshadow Glitter Shimmer Pigmented Waterproof

Eyeshadow Glitter Shimmer Pigmented Waterproof

The smooth shimmer glitter eyeshadow sticks are great for highlighting the eyes, creating gorgeous eye makeup, and making you the center of attention. Excellent in long- lasting color and softly applied without giving stimulation to eye rim. Don't use broken, use about 5mm. The pen type is easy to draw. Health and safe ingredients. Do not fade, long- lasting, bright, waterproof, easy to wear, quickly dry and easy to dizzy catch, uniform color. It is a must have for both girls and women. They're giving you a lot of new ways to get exposed and create a look that will make a lot of people jealous. Enhance your natural features with powdered shadows. It's perfect for smoky eyes makeup, wedding makeup, party makeup or casual makeup. It can be used to make eyeliner. It can create a variety of eye shadow effects. Compare with similar items.

Brand: Nuonove

👤I want to make sure you don't rush to remove the plastic from the color sticks because they are individually wrapped. I tried to pull the plastic off of the color sticks but they fell out of the container and I had to use primer on my eyes. It only made the color grease and that didn't work. I applied my lashes after I got dressed and after I did a once over in the mirror to make sure everything was ok, the color didn't stay in place. I didn't return them because I was lazy and thought I'd give them another try without primer.

👤These shadows are easy to spot. The shimmer is a little subdued. It depends on how you use it. The more you apply, the more noticeable it is. It was fun.

👤I was shocked by the quality of the eye shadow pens. I'm still new to makeup. I went for a cream or pencil because I was tired of having to clean up my face after applying eyeshadow. Blow away. I am very grateful that there are no crumbs on the cheeks.

👤This was a joke for a product that advertised deep pigmentation. These have a slight tint of color, but don't rely on them to pop or stand out at all. The pencils are greasy, but didn't melt when I opened them, and I probably grabbed them right as they were delivered. They would have sat out in the heat. The consistency of the powder shadows makes them stick to your eyes a little better if you're using a lot of colors. The fact that you need to layer in order to make something look good cancels out that positive out. It was disappointing.

👤Just opened them. Beautiful colors! On dark and light skin, the color shows up well. Quality is the biggest problem. When pulling off the cap, the first one fell out. The purple one fell out when I was in the middle of using it. This product would be perfect for that.

👤Works well. It was easy to use.

👤J'aime donner mon opinion et faire des vidéos, surtout quand je peux facilement et rapidement. Je suis contente de mon achat! Aiguiser carils sont pourvus, de belles couleurs métalliques et en plus. J'adore, d'un mécanisme de remonté.

👤I agree with many of you that the colors are not rich and that the products by Avon are more efficient. They fit the bill perfectly if a teenage girl wanted to keep them in her bag and go shopping straight from school or college. The easy top is soft but not long lasting and many layers are needed to get an evening make-up result. For a mature look, buy mature products, but for a young girls budget, I brought these as a quick fix for work.

👤I was surprised by the range of colors and number of eyeshadows, but they break off from the holders very easily, so I'll have to apply with a brush.

2. LUXAZA Neutral Metallic Eyeshadow Waterproof

LUXAZA Neutral Metallic Eyeshadow Waterproof

6 PCS Classic and buildable neutral eyeshadow stick can be used to create smoky,sultry,luminous,metallic finish... Save 80% of your makeup time. Stay on for up to 12 hours and use the eyeliner for quick application on large area. It's easy to make up and touch up outside with a portable eyeshadow pencil. It is smooth and creamy like silk, perfect for sculpting, shading and defining, not exaggerated glittery, covering up natural look to make you look younger! Shadow: With auto rotation tube design, no need to sharpen, easy to twist up for using. It's easier to blend when you brush instead of sponge. The ideal starter gift. The easy to use and effortless color stick eyeshadow sets are suitable for starter absolutely. It's a great gift to bring your sister, mom, and daughter a surprise.

Brand: Luxaza

👤I don't know much about makeup. I have been trying different things. I wanted to try the thrive eye brightener but couldn't afford it. The quality seems to be good for the price. The brush is soft. The color fades by the end of the day and if I put too much it gathers in the crease. I don't use primer or setting spray. I will most likely buy again after using these for a very minimal look.

👤I ordered neutral and brown. I uploaded the swatch picture as well as the product. The colors I received were: Brass Gold, Orange Sunset, Brown Mud, Brown Soil, Gray Rock and Champagne Silk. I cannot endorse the look of the colors once they are applied. I didn't find mine to be as creamy as others. I am over 50 years old and the crayons tugged on the skin on my eyelid. They blend with the brush, but only if you gently remove most of the product. The water proof feature is something I can attest to. After doing my makeup swatch I used a makeup wipe soaked in micellar cleaning water which left me with a ghost of each one after I scrubbed my arm. If you are looking for the exact colors shown, I would not recommend these eyeshadow pencils. I did not receive the pink I was most interested in, but an orange instead, so these may vary from set to set.

👤The set was neutral and brown. The sticks are easy to use. It is easy to apply shaky hands. Not super thin. The blend brush feature is a nice touch. The rosy brown color is not as pink as in the ad photos. One can see that it is a tawny color in my arm photo. Doesn't come off with water. Definitely need something to remove it. If your lids are oily, I suggest a primer or keep them out of your crease. The colors go together. I recommend. There is a bunny on the back, but it is made in China.

👤These are easy to apply. I don't like that they crease after a few hours because I have oily skin. This is a problem with almost every eye shadow I use.

👤I don't want to pay $27 for one eye stick. You can get 6 for $23. The brush they come with blends the color nicely, even though they are not as buildable as Thrive. The roundness of the stick is my only criticism. Survive. They work just as well and last as long for a fraction of the cost. I will buy them again.

👤I'm very happy with this set. It came with 20 eye gel patches, the 3 brushes are okay, the eyeliner is nice, and the eyeshadow is very nice. I only paid 4.99 for the whole package because I got a 4.99 coupon for being a prime member. Great deal!

👤I love them so much and wish they had a brown color in them. They stay put for hours and never crease.

3. Eyeshadow NewBang Waterproof Long Lasting Gradient

Eyeshadow NewBang Waterproof Long Lasting Gradient

The set contains 4 eye shadow pens with 8 classic colors. You look shiny and charming under different light angles. The eyeshadow sticks can be used to create eye makeup. Its texture is as smooth and soft as cream. It doesn't get stuck to the skin with flying powder or rough graininess. It can be used on a large area. The formula is safe because it is rich in vitamins E and K. The product is friendly to the skin. It can be easily removed, no need to worry about the skin's appearance. It is water-proof and sweat-proof, and the color is not easy to fade, making it a clean eye makeup. It is a great gift choice, such as Halloween, Christmas,Valentine's Day,Birthday, Wedding Anniversary,Dance Party,Cosmetic Show, Graduation Gift, etc.

Brand: Newbang

👤Money was wasted. The colors are not visible on the eye. You rub and don't. Not a fan. Would not recommend it.

👤I was happy with the product and wanted a little color. The combination of colors is perfect for my complexion. It doesn't bother my skin. Highly recommended.

👤These are pretty colors, but they crease.

👤It's easy to wipe off. The colors are too close together.

👤There is no color in these. Money is wasted.

4. Eyeshadow Shimmer Metallic Waterproof Lastingeye

Eyeshadow Shimmer Metallic Waterproof Lastingeye

Five unique colors, including shimmer, glitter, smoky and metallic effect makeup eyeshadow sticks. Make eye makeup look more charming by highlighting the effect. The eyeshadow stick has a smooth texture and can be carved and shaped. You can create a charming eye shadow effect in a single pass. The eyeshadow stick has a degree of color. It won't be ruined by the soaking of rain and sweat, which will allow you to maintain a noble and attractive eye makeup in various occasions. Eyeshadow pencil crayons are easy to use. It can be maintained for a long time. Automatic rotating tube design, no need to use a tip. The portable eye shadow pen can be used to create eye shadows. The eye shadow stick set is suitable for beginners. Makeup artists can make smokey, glittery, metallic eye makeup.

Brand: Beynest

👤These were not what they were described to be, they were just a greasy mess.

👤The purple stick broke in half. The colors are pretty, not very bright and require some pressure to apply. Will not buy again.

👤This product is easy to use. It was long lasting. The application is very easy. The colors are on point. I will make a new order. I am enjoying my purchase so far.

👤It's horrible. There is no color distribution on your skin. Very cheap. Will be requesting a refund. It's terrible. Don't buy it. I have many other eyeshadows that are similar and they are better than this.

👤The lighter colors are hard to see when applying. Adding a powder in the same shade will increase the color and reduce the shine.

👤The lightest color is the only one that is creamy. The green ones are very similar to a crayon. The color is not very bright. I was disappointed because I loved the prints on the label, but after being let down by the quality, I am wondering if those are cat feet.

👤crayon doesn't stay in holder It doesn't wear but it does last a couple hours. The money was wasted.

👤I still use a brush, but would prefer a pencil.

5. Eyeliner Waterproof Metallic Professional Colorful

Eyeliner Waterproof Metallic Professional Colorful

10 different colors of eyeliner pen set can help you design different charms. It is perfect for smoky effects and dramatic appearance. It allows you to make dense feline flicks. This eye makeup tool can be used as an eyeliner, eye shadow pen, and highlighter. It is easy to use and carry. It's suitable for many occasions. It can last all day and is made of high-quality ingredients. It's suitable for parties and weddings. This eyeliner is waterproof, does not smudge, and lasts longer. The texture is easy to slip on, can be blended, and will not stain.

Brand: Ascoka

👤The money is wasted. ignored the comments and took a chance. It was almost like a one-time use. The first tip cannot be used after it has broken. The tip is thick. Spend an extra 3$ for a good product.

👤The colors are as advertised. I did a quick application on my way to work. I haven't had time to test them out yet. I want to see if I can make wings with them.

👤I was hoping they would be easier to apply. I have been using liquid eyeliner and pencil for a long time but the pink one barely shows up on my lashes. Very disappointed.

👤It's not smudge proof as I wanted, but colors are great and it goes on smoothly.

👤Not sanitary to use on eyes and lips. I use for eyes.

👤They do not click forward or twist. When you open the package, you can see the pencil part. Not worth the money.

👤I don't like everything about the product.



Use your Jumbo Eyeliner Pencil as a creamy eyeshadow, eyeliner and highlighter, and apply it to your water lines, inner corners and entire eye lid for a pop of intense color. Smooth and Versatile: This creamy eye liner pencil glides on easily, no tugging or fading, and can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, or eyeliner, and can be used in multiple finishes from matt to metallic. All Eyes On Eye Makeup includes NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, and setting sprays. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I used this to plot out my makeup and to add white stage makeup over it. I used it to draw in the "eyebrows" and then added black lines with gel eyeliner. It was much easier to get the lines in white than it was to mess with the black.

👤I can't get to the color, but it looks perfect. I have tried everything to get the liner to rise out of the case. There is no push-up portion in the case. It's frustrating to not have access to the eyeliner.

👤The makeup itself is great. I can't even feel the color on my face because it goes on smoothly and easily. The pencil format is terrible. You need to have an extra huge pencil sharpener. I have a Tweezerman that has a regular size but the large opening is not big enough. I had to use the sharpener that came with the giant novelty pencil, but luckily I have one. There are two more The plastic container that the pigment is in is not very good for sharpening. It makes sharpening go un-smoothly, which the creamy makeup does not like, because it chips off in chunks. The entire makeup tip broke off during my first attempt. I kept it in the freezer. I was still very worried that the tip would break off. I felt like I was wasting a lot of material as I was sharpening it and the creamy makeup gummed up the sharpener. If you're going to be using this as an eye shadow where you don't really worry about the sharpness of the tip, it's a great product for you - just remember to put it in the freezer for 30 minutes before sharpening it. Don't bother if you want to use it as more of an eyeliner. I'm going to look for something similar to a traditional eyeliner pencil.

👤I liked this eyeliner and thought it was great until it was time to sharpen it. Things went South at that time. It is not possible to make it sharper. If you're satisfied with only being able to use 1/100th of the product, then you should order it. Don't waste your money if you expect to get what you paid for and have access to all of the product. You will end up as disappointed as I am. The product is terrific.

👤I have been using these for 6 years and have never had a problem with sharpening them. Common sense should kick in at some point, because they feel like plastic on the outside, but I can see where one might think you can't sharpen them. I uploaded a video of me sharpening my pencils. I bought a 2 pack of sharpeners at the dollar store or walmart for a buck or two. Can't remember. It is not a special sharpener. I can not say enough about these pencils. These are cheap and awesome, and you can use them to line your waterline. I already have a few.

7. NewBang NewBang 3 Pcs White Eyeshadow Pencil Warm to Cool Cream Shimmer Eyeshadow Pencil Crayon Hypoallergenic Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeshadow Pen

NewBang NewBang 3 Pcs White Eyeshadow Pencil Warm to Cool Cream Shimmer Eyeshadow Pencil Crayon Hypoallergenic Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeshadow Pen

The glitter eyeshadow pen set allows you to switch between different styles of eye makeup. The eyeshadow pens are very convenient to use. Simply apply it to the eye area, it can be used alone or in combination. The texture of the eye shadow pen is paste. In the process of use, the Eyeshadow pen can adhere to the skin without flying powder. Its effect is soft and natural. It can be applied on large areas of the eyelid. The eye shadow pen has a micro-shine buff and is translucent. It does not make the eyes look puffy. Under different light angles, others will see your sparkling eyes. Make yourself the most sparkling person in the crowd by creating a shiny eye makeup. The product is waterproof and sweat-proof, so that you can keep it for a long time. It can be colored with a gentle touch and has good elasticity. It is possible to create a sparkling pearlescent eye makeup.

Brand: Newbang

👤I tried to apply powder on top of it so that it wouldn't give up, but the consistency of it just isn't that great. I won't buy again.

👤All the colors look the same when you put on skin. It was translucent and almost invisible.

👤None of the three deposits any shine or shimmer. Product is gross.

👤The colors that I received were not the colors depicted in the description. The colors were translucent. Save your money.

👤This is not good quality. The colors are garish. Don't waste your money.

👤The colors are pretty but messy.

👤Colores de hermosos.

8. Shadow Eyeshadow Rotatable Waterproof Lasting

Shadow Eyeshadow Rotatable Waterproof Lasting

The Eye Shadow Stick is an automatic tube and brush that is easy to use and no waste, and there is no need for another brush because there is. Natural ingredients eyeshadow pencil. The Eyeshadow Pencil has many vitamins and minerals that are healthy and harmless, and can improve the appearance of skin. There are 6 popular colors that are available in the Eyeshadow Stick. The waterproof eye pencil can last for up to 5 hours without streaking, smudge or color fading, and it can keep the eye makeup on all day. The ideal starter gift. The easy-to-use and effortless color stick eyeshadow pen is a perfect gift for your sister, mom or daughter.

Brand: Nexme

👤The color doesn't last long and it fades. My eyelid skin is normal.

👤My granddaughter is going to be in a school play and I bought this for her. I was appalled by the idea of "orange eye shadow". The blend brush is a great addition.

👤The color is not like the one shown. There is a glass ball.

👤After 2 years of being isolated from the world, I don't wear a lot of makeup. I realized that my existing makeup collection is more than 3 years old. I have never seen eyeshadow pencils like this before. I've tried other versions of lipstick liners, but they were all more similar to a cream eye shadow, which felt cakey. This doesn't feel like that at all! The shadow is easy to apply. The brush can be used to smooth it out. If we ever get past the plague, having a one-hand, all-in-one unit like this will be convenient. The stick-style makes it easy to carry it in your purse for touch-ups without the awkward bulk of a eyeshadow brush. I didn't think about how awkward it is to use a single color eye shadow palette when you're at a restaurant or nightclub. The lack of colors and non-shimmer options is my only complaint. The other colors aren't appealing so I would love to buy more. I don't like shimmer eyeshadows in general. They are currently priced at $3.99 each. The brush is a must-have feature of all the competing products, it's more expensive than this one, but it works great.

👤I have been using eye shadow sticks more recently. I decided to give this shade a try because I love the color purple. It doesn't take a lot to get some color. The brush on the opposite end of the stick is used to blend out the edges. The purple color is very bright. There isn't much shimmer to it. You have to be very close to see it. I think the description says it's supposed to be shimmery, so it's a little disappointing. I didn't use a primer and my eyeshadow lasted all day. It's still as vibrant as ever after I applied at 9:00 AM. The color and ease of application are what I like the most. It's probably not going to be a good idea to shade.

👤I don't wear makeup a lot, but I do have to toss it because the old colors don't look as good on me anymore. I like the idea of this stick with its own brush, because pressed powders tend to get dust on my cheeks that I don't care for. I like using cream shadows in pallates and this easy to apply stick seemed just right. This stick goes on smoothly, and the brush smudges and spreads it well for a lighter tone on my lower brow lines, which I like in makeup. I love that the Sparkling Wine shade enhances my looks without making me scream "Makeup!" When worn. I'm very much a barely there type when it comes to makeup, but this can be applied more heavily than my normal application, for a more dramaitc look. The eyeshadow stays on for about 4-5 hours before needing reapplication. I like how this can fit in a makeup bag in my purse for travel, and won't shatter and make a giant mess like pressed powders will. I'm quite happy with this eyeshadow stick, and I hope that more lovely colors become available soon. Eye Shadow Stick, Eyeshadow Pencil, Eyeshadow Stick, and a Eyeshadow Pen are available.

9. Colorstay Longwear Blendable Shimmer Applicator

Colorstay Longwear Blendable Shimmer Applicator

SMOOTH, BLENDABLE EYESHADOW: This easy to blend shadow is smooth. Wear a bold eye liner on your entire lid. There are two beautiful finishes for shadow color: matt and shimmer. Long Lasting Eye Makeup: The eye shadow formula can be worn for up to 24 hours. The built-in eye shadow brush in the cap is pro-inspired and easy to use. You can apply with the brush or your fingertips. 18 RICH SHADES are available in 18 gorgeous shades.

Brand: Revlon

👤The silver is perfect. My eyes arerinkly due to age. I avoided "frosted" eyeshadow due to this. The formula makes the eyelid issue disappear. I ordered a second in Earl Grey if they took it off the market. I also bought the pistachios. I've ordered black fruit. It's great to find eye shadow that doesn't make me look older than I am, and I'm enjoying makeup again!

👤715 is cool toned and 720 is warm. They are easy to blend and stay power is good. The one on the left is 715 and the one on the right is 720. If this review is helpful to you, please click the button below.

👤I'm turning 70 in 2021. I have had to change my eye makeup because it doesn't look good on me now. I wanted a smoky eye that also made the center brighter. I wanted a shadow that would be subtle in appearance. I can wear them alone or together. I can lightly pat or brush along my eyes with the Carmel! If I can just have one in my bag, it's the creme brulee. A little of this goes a long way on my 70 year old lids. It's not exactly matt, but a very light shimmer, and it almost has a translucency. I still like the color brown, but it has to be the right shade and not heavy looking. If you're looking for a dark brown face, it's not it. I like to layer it to build on the crease and upper ends of my lids. I put a darker brown in the crease of my eyeshadow and it was so subtle. You can almost use it as a primer. I put powders over it to help lock it in. It's like a creamy powder or a powdery creme. It's definitely creamy, I love how it applies even with my fingers, but it's not greasy or oily like a creme can. Excellent. ALONE? I will get a lighter shade for the top of my lid and just under my brow, because some may be able to just smooth this over lids and go. This one alone won't do it. If you have younger looking lids, you could use alone for a subtle light brown shimmer. The price is okay. I don't know how one could beat the price. I have worn the SPECTRUM of eyeshadows from low to high end and they act and look more expensive. The color of the Creme brULEE. Exactly what I wanted. I didn't find that person saying that was too glittery. It is transparent and has a light sheen. I put it on lightly. I make sure my fingers are clean and dry, and just add it on with my fingers after I use the Instant Age Rewind multi use corrector on my eyes. Again, very subtle. I add to the whole upper eye, under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye. TextURE: The texture is great again. Staying on, gliding on. I don't have any problems with it being creased. It won't make your crease go away, but it won't make it worse. The bottom line. If you like what you see, you can get one or two of the Colorstay creme eyeshadow shades, which are on sale for about five bucks. It won't break the bank. I will get at least one or two more.

10. Waterproof Hypoallergenic Highlighter Multi Dimensional FA38 11116 123

Waterproof Hypoallergenic Highlighter Multi Dimensional FA38 11116 123

Make eye makeup easier with the 2 IN 1 Eyeshadow Pen. It has what you expect from a big color payoff, waterproof effect, and stay-all-day power. A creamy formula glides on smoothly like silk, no brushes required. The eye liner can be used as an eyeshadow topper or as a single liner. Thetwist-up design is so easy to apply and blend out for a quick and easy daytime look, it's called Save Your Makeup Time.

Brand: Focallure

👤One of the eyeshadow pens was malfunctioning when I received it. I received a message from the seller the next day after I email them. They gave me a gift after replacing the faulty one. I received my pen within a couple of days. I'm very happy with the service and product.

👤I used this for the first time today. First, apply primer. It felt like lipstick on my face. In about an hour, I never dried or pooled in my crease. My eyeliner was smeared off. It takes me a few washes to remove regular eyeshadow. Will return for a refund. Don't waste your money!

👤The customer service is good, but I still don't recommend the product for reasons below. I was upgraded to 2 stars. This product never dries. If you accidentally touch it, it gets everywhere except where it belongs, and within an hour most of it is gone. Comes off at the lightest touch. The colors are lighter than anyone would want. They are too light for a pale white girl.

👤I like them. I don't like spending a lot of money on makeup. Don't spend your money on makeup. I tried these for the price and they were good. They stayed all day. They are easy to blend with. They are on smooth. Very shiny. It didn't make my eyes itch. I would recommend buying more colors.

👤If I can't use the colors, that doesn't matter. It stays on the eye lid and is creamy like old lipsticks. It was gone by the time I got to work. The crease of the eye lid was where it was built. I didn't pay attention to the reviews. I bought 2 sets. I will not bother to return so I hope I will find some use for them.

👤The three shadows are in the bottom three stripes. Julep brand Burgundy and Rose shimmers are the top two. They look close, but the julep has a shimmer. I have been using a julep for a while and have been putting it away for the day. I thought these focallure might give the same shadows with different colors. The focallure are not worth much at all. The glittery shimmer spreads everywhere, but the pigment seems to disappear altogether. You can't create a clean, defined line or a nice blend because it becomes a glittery cloud around the eye. The focallure color came off when I wiped it with my other thumb, even though I tried to clean my hand. The glitter came off with soap. I had to use makeup and soap to get rid of the Julep. You end up with no color, and shimmer everywhere, since the price is not a pro. You will get the same effect if you buy cheap body glitter.

👤I haven't used the darker color much. I love the color it gives off, but after a couple hours, it's all in the crease of your eyelid. I ordered the 2 piece without the darker color again, since I love the colors they give off. I might need to use a base first to see if that works. I bought these less than a month ago and they are almost gone.

11. Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeshadow Crayon Shadow

Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeshadow Crayon Shadow

There is a waterproof formula for Spectacular and Brilliant colros. The texture is smooth and creamy. Jumbo Eye Pencil form can be used as eyeliner. It is possible to be blanched. There are a variety of eye styles produced by the eyeshadow pencil crayons. Fashionable colors.

Brand: Gr Cosmetics

👤The product arrived today. It took a long time to get here. I tried it on my hand. I was profoundly disappointed. The tip snapped at the first touch. It's frosted. I don't like frosted makeup. It was not clear from the description that it was frosted. Arrggh.

👤The color isn't very creamy.


What is the best product for eye shadow pencil crayon blue eyes?

Eye shadow pencil crayon blue eyes products from Nuonove. In this article about eye shadow pencil crayon blue eyes you can see why people choose the product. Luxaza and Newbang are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye shadow pencil crayon blue eyes.

What are the best brands for eye shadow pencil crayon blue eyes?

Nuonove, Luxaza and Newbang are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye shadow pencil crayon blue eyes. Find the detail in this article. Beynest, Ascoka and Nyx Professional Makeup are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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