Best Eye Shadow Pencil Crayon Set

Crayon 30 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. NewBang NewBang 3 Pcs White Eyeshadow Pencil Warm to Cool Cream Shimmer Eyeshadow Pencil Crayon Hypoallergenic Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeshadow Pen

NewBang NewBang 3 Pcs White Eyeshadow Pencil Warm to Cool Cream Shimmer Eyeshadow Pencil Crayon Hypoallergenic Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeshadow Pen

The glitter eyeshadow pen set allows you to switch between different styles of eye makeup. The eyeshadow pens are very convenient to use. Simply apply it to the eye area, it can be used alone or in combination. The texture of the eye shadow pen is paste. In the process of use, the Eyeshadow pen can adhere to the skin without flying powder. Its effect is soft and natural. It can be applied on large areas of the eyelid. The eye shadow pen has a micro-shine buff and is translucent. It does not make the eyes look puffy. Under different light angles, others will see your sparkling eyes. Make yourself the most sparkling person in the crowd by creating a shiny eye makeup. The product is waterproof and sweat-proof, so that you can keep it for a long time. It can be colored with a gentle touch and has good elasticity. It is possible to create a sparkling pearlescent eye makeup.

Brand: Newbang

👤I tried to apply powder on top of it so that it wouldn't give up, but the consistency of it just isn't that great. I won't buy again.

👤All the colors look the same when you put on skin. It was translucent and almost invisible.

👤None of the three deposits any shine or shimmer. Product is gross.

👤The colors that I received were not the colors depicted in the description. The colors were translucent. Save your money.

👤This is not good quality. The colors are garish. Don't waste your money.

👤The colors are pretty but messy.

👤Colores de hermosos.

2. LUXAZA Neutral Metallic Eyeshadow Waterproof

LUXAZA Neutral Metallic Eyeshadow Waterproof

6 PCS Classic and buildable neutral eyeshadow stick can be used to create smoky,sultry,luminous,metallic finish... Save 80% of your makeup time. Stay on for up to 12 hours and use the eyeliner for quick application on large area. It's easy to make up and touch up outside with a portable eyeshadow pencil. It is smooth and creamy like silk, perfect for sculpting, shading and defining, not exaggerated glittery, covering up natural look to make you look younger! Shadow: With auto rotation tube design, no need to sharpen, easy to twist up for using. It's easier to blend when you brush instead of sponge. The ideal starter gift. The easy to use and effortless color stick eyeshadow sets are suitable for starter absolutely. It's a great gift to bring your sister, mom, and daughter a surprise.

Brand: Luxaza

👤I don't know much about makeup. I have been trying different things. I wanted to try the thrive eye brightener but couldn't afford it. The quality seems to be good for the price. The brush is soft. The color fades by the end of the day and if I put too much it gathers in the crease. I don't use primer or setting spray. I will most likely buy again after using these for a very minimal look.

👤I ordered neutral and brown. I uploaded the swatch picture as well as the product. The colors I received were: Brass Gold, Orange Sunset, Brown Mud, Brown Soil, Gray Rock and Champagne Silk. I cannot endorse the look of the colors once they are applied. I didn't find mine to be as creamy as others. I am over 50 years old and the crayons tugged on the skin on my eyelid. They blend with the brush, but only if you gently remove most of the product. The water proof feature is something I can attest to. After doing my makeup swatch I used a makeup wipe soaked in micellar cleaning water which left me with a ghost of each one after I scrubbed my arm. If you are looking for the exact colors shown, I would not recommend these eyeshadow pencils. I did not receive the pink I was most interested in, but an orange instead, so these may vary from set to set.

👤The set was neutral and brown. The sticks are easy to use. It is easy to apply shaky hands. Not super thin. The blend brush feature is a nice touch. The rosy brown color is not as pink as in the ad photos. One can see that it is a tawny color in my arm photo. Doesn't come off with water. Definitely need something to remove it. If your lids are oily, I suggest a primer or keep them out of your crease. The colors go together. I recommend. There is a bunny on the back, but it is made in China.

👤These are easy to apply. I don't like that they crease after a few hours because I have oily skin. This is a problem with almost every eye shadow I use.

👤I don't want to pay $27 for one eye stick. You can get 6 for $23. The brush they come with blends the color nicely, even though they are not as buildable as Thrive. The roundness of the stick is my only criticism. Survive. They work just as well and last as long for a fraction of the cost. I will buy them again.

👤I'm very happy with this set. It came with 20 eye gel patches, the 3 brushes are okay, the eyeliner is nice, and the eyeshadow is very nice. I only paid 4.99 for the whole package because I got a 4.99 coupon for being a prime member. Great deal!

👤I love them so much and wish they had a brown color in them. They stay put for hours and never crease.

3. Eyeliner Waterproof Metallic Professional Colorful

Eyeliner Waterproof Metallic Professional Colorful

10 different colors of eyeliner pen set can help you design different charms. It is perfect for smoky effects and dramatic appearance. It allows you to make dense feline flicks. This eye makeup tool can be used as an eyeliner, eye shadow pen, and highlighter. It is easy to use and carry. It's suitable for many occasions. It can last all day and is made of high-quality ingredients. It's suitable for parties and weddings. This eyeliner is waterproof, does not smudge, and lasts longer. The texture is easy to slip on, can be blended, and will not stain.

Brand: Ascoka

👤The money is wasted. ignored the comments and took a chance. It was almost like a one-time use. The first tip cannot be used after it has broken. The tip is thick. Spend an extra 3$ for a good product.

👤The colors are as advertised. I did a quick application on my way to work. I haven't had time to test them out yet. I want to see if I can make wings with them.

👤I was hoping they would be easier to apply. I have been using liquid eyeliner and pencil for a long time but the pink one barely shows up on my lashes. Very disappointed.

👤It's not smudge proof as I wanted, but colors are great and it goes on smoothly.

👤Not sanitary to use on eyes and lips. I use for eyes.

👤They do not click forward or twist. When you open the package, you can see the pencil part. Not worth the money.

👤I don't like everything about the product.

4. Eyeliner Pencils Retractable Colored Waterproof

Eyeliner Pencils Retractable Colored Waterproof

Convenient twist up design eliminates need for sharpening. All of them have lids. A wide variety of colored eyeliner shades: black, purple, brown, pink, red, rose, plum, orange, gray, dark green, light green and blue. as eyebrow pencil. They can be used to fill in your lips for a beautiful look. They can also be used for eyebrows. A retractable eyeliner set with 12 PCs in different colors. You can save money by buying individually. It is ideal for a birthday party, cosplay, or other activity. The place of origin and produce license are printed in English on the packaging. It was tested under dermatological control. Amazon has packaging and fulfillment.

Brand: Wonder X

👤I use them for my eyebrows. They have a stunning color, but I don't like the fact that they wipe off easily, so if I put my face on something it will smudge. The yellow isn't actually yellow, it's gold, and that's the only color that doesn't really pop. They are a great addition to my makeup. Would buy again.

👤It was very difficult to apply and glide on smoothly. The color was weak and the texture was waxy.

👤I used these for eye and brow crayons and was excited about the color options. Dark purple on the eyes and dark brown on the brows were used. 3 days later, the eyes are stained with a bright pink color and the brows are brown, but they are still clean and dry.

👤They are supposed to be more vibrant. They don't do much for the eyes.

👤They are not as soft as I had hoped. It's hard to put on.

👤There are many colors that work on eyes, lips and eye brows.

👤I liked the variety of colors and how quickly they arrived, my package was damaged and the eye pencil is very hard, it's very hard on my skin.

5. LAMUSELAND Eyeshadow Glitter Gradient Waterproof

LAMUSELAND Eyeshadow Glitter Gradient Waterproof

The design of double heads is double colors. The double heads of the cream eyeshadow stick have 2 glitter shimmer tones. You can choose the appropriate color at different times. The eyeshadow crayon has a soft and creamy texture. The texture is not sticky and can be used to build a charm look. The rich tones are easy to color. It can be applied quickly to large areas of the eyelid, without being rough on the eye. The eyeshadow stick pencil is waterproof and sweat-proof, so you don't need to worry when you're swimming or exercising. The eyeshadow stick is portable and long- lasting. The colorful stick eyeshadow set is a perfect gift for your family or girlfriend on a special day.

Brand: Lamuseland

👤There are two colors. In one.

👤I like this product very much. It feels great on my lid. One eye shadow stick was surprising to me. The pictures make it seem like it's two double ended sticks, but that's not the case, it's one double ended stick. Surprising. I still enjoy it.

👤It has shades for multiple skin tones, and gives the illusion of bigger eyes. I recommend this purchase to anyone who likes glittery makeup.



Use your Jumbo Eyeliner Pencil as a creamy eyeshadow, eyeliner and highlighter, and apply it to your water lines, inner corners and entire eye lid for a pop of intense color. Smooth and Versatile: This creamy eye liner pencil glides on easily, no tugging or fading, and can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, or eyeliner, and can be used in multiple finishes from matt to metallic. All Eyes On Eye Makeup includes NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, and setting sprays. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I used this to plot out my makeup and to add white stage makeup over it. I used it to draw in the "eyebrows" and then added black lines with gel eyeliner. It was much easier to get the lines in white than it was to mess with the black.

👤I can't get to the color, but it looks perfect. I have tried everything to get the liner to rise out of the case. There is no push-up portion in the case. It's frustrating to not have access to the eyeliner.

👤The makeup itself is great. I can't even feel the color on my face because it goes on smoothly and easily. The pencil format is terrible. You need to have an extra huge pencil sharpener. I have a Tweezerman that has a regular size but the large opening is not big enough. I had to use the sharpener that came with the giant novelty pencil, but luckily I have one. There are two more The plastic container that the pigment is in is not very good for sharpening. It makes sharpening go un-smoothly, which the creamy makeup does not like, because it chips off in chunks. The entire makeup tip broke off during my first attempt. I kept it in the freezer. I was still very worried that the tip would break off. I felt like I was wasting a lot of material as I was sharpening it and the creamy makeup gummed up the sharpener. If you're going to be using this as an eye shadow where you don't really worry about the sharpness of the tip, it's a great product for you - just remember to put it in the freezer for 30 minutes before sharpening it. Don't bother if you want to use it as more of an eyeliner. I'm going to look for something similar to a traditional eyeliner pencil.

👤I liked this eyeliner and thought it was great until it was time to sharpen it. Things went South at that time. It is not possible to make it sharper. If you're satisfied with only being able to use 1/100th of the product, then you should order it. Don't waste your money if you expect to get what you paid for and have access to all of the product. You will end up as disappointed as I am. The product is terrific.

👤I have been using these for 6 years and have never had a problem with sharpening them. Common sense should kick in at some point, because they feel like plastic on the outside, but I can see where one might think you can't sharpen them. I uploaded a video of me sharpening my pencils. I bought a 2 pack of sharpeners at the dollar store or walmart for a buck or two. Can't remember. It is not a special sharpener. I can not say enough about these pencils. These are cheap and awesome, and you can use them to line your waterline. I already have a few.

7. Golden Rose Creamy Eyeshadow 3 Piece

Golden Rose Creamy Eyeshadow 3 Piece

Three sets of eye color coordinated sets are available to coordinate with your eye color. Each set includes 3 eye popping colors. Their eyeshadow crayons are waterproof, so they stay in place during rain storms and tears. The eyeshadow crayons blend easily to create different eye looks. Not tested on animals.

Brand: Golden Rose

👤There is not much product for the money, but the eye is great. You only get what's sticking up when you use the product in a pencil. That is not true. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew that.

👤I tried the teal and it is a green blue. I was surprised at how much it made eyes pop. I tried the blue a few days later and it was very blue. I don't look good in blue. I smeared it across my lid with my finger. It looked great to me. Many people thought my brown eyes were beautiful. I wore brown a lot next day. My brown iris popped when I saw this brown. Maby, it is a cream not a powder. I will buy again. The pencils are smooth and creamy, and the colors are beautiful.

👤I like the colors and they go on smooth. The colors went into the pencil. I had to sharpen it immediately. If you shake it the color will come back out and you have to use the pencil.

👤There is an update. I was sent a replacement after the seller followed up. The ones that didn't break were wonderful. I would love to get a replacement for the blue shadow stick, but I didn't see a contact seller button in the Amazon app. The other two are pretty colors, but don't apply as bright. I ordered this set only for the blue one. That one arrived broke. If I could replace him, I would give him 5 stars.

👤I am happy to receive the pencils. The tip broke when I tried to use the blue. I thought I could twist the bottom of the pencil and see more product. It doesn't. The tip in the product photo is all you get. The second pencil broke as well. Didn't bother opening the second. Returning.

👤I wanted to see if they highlight eye color. I should have bought the NYX jumbo eye pencils that I love after opening them. The colored center crumbled when I tried to use it, even though the tips were smashed into the lids. I tried to see if it changed and it didn't. I returned them.

👤The 3 trio is fairly priced. I ordered the olive green separately because I wanted one of the blues to be more green. The colors are pretty and they go on without a hitch. They arrived quickly and were packaged well.

👤My eyes are green, but people don't know if it's hazel or not. These pencils bring them out. The first day I used the brown pencil, I got two nice comments on my eyes. I can't wait to try the others as well. It was a good price for three pencils and it didn't bother my eyes.

👤I like the texture of these pencils, but the blue turns green quickly and the brown is not visible on my eyes. They fade in the course of the day.

8. MEICOLY Eyeshadow Colorful Waterproof Sharpener

MEICOLY Eyeshadow Colorful Waterproof Sharpener

Save your makeup time by using a thick-end eyeshadow crayon. There is a notice. The colors will last for a long time with the primer or eyeshadow base. You will be the eye-catcher in every occasion if you use Smooth Shimmer Glitter - eyeshadow. Make you look younger with shimmer eyeshadow. Various colors are suitable for various occasions. You can mix and match the 12 colors. They advise that a small skin patch test be done before applying as everyone's skin is different. The ideal gift is a shimmer eyeshadow stick and a large hole pencil sharpener. It's ideal for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day,Birthdays and Anniversaries.

Brand: Meicoly

👤I have the best eye pencils in my life.

9. Colorful Eyeliner Metallic Glitter Professional

Colorful Eyeliner Metallic Glitter Professional

The eyeliner set contains 15 different colors, which can help you design different charms. The eye makeup effects are surprising. This eye make-up tool can be used to make an eyeliner or eyeshadow. Storage space and time of makeup are saved by versatile design. The eyeliner set has pearlescent and matt colors, perfect for smoky effects and dramatic appearance. It allows you to make dense feline flicks or lines to deepen your eyes. 15 different Colorful Eye Liner are ideal for Party, cosmetic show, Live Show, prom Night, Dance Party, and Wedding Makeup. It would be the perfect gift for your friends and family. This eyeliner is waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat proof, and lasts longer. The texture is easy to slip on, can be blended, and will not stain.

Brand: Lemonsac

👤I'm going to try to post this review on Amazon. This makeup won't stay on for long. I don't like it. It doesn't come off when you wear eyeshadow primer. I smudged a magenta one I used this morning and it came off. It stayed on and won't come off now. I've used a lot of different things. Don't buy this.

👤There is a variety of colors, which is nice for most of the time. I applied my fair skin arm after washing it and applying primer, then let it sit for 10 minutes. It did not pass the smudge test and needed a bit of scrubbing to get it off. It has a wax-oil feel to it, no odor, and although I will wear them, I most likely won't wear them for long events or if I am doing anything that requires activity. It wasn't for the price line. It was bad. It was not what was advertised. This eyeliner is waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat proof, and lasts longer. The texture is easy to slip on, can be blended, and will not stain. Negative ghost rider is not as advertised.

👤Some of the colors are shiny. They are easy to sharpen, the color glides on, and so far I have found that it holds up well throughout the day. I am happy with my purchase. I haven't tested water resistance yet.

👤You just have to make sure that you use a good primer and spray and that you have a good setting spray, becauseUrban decay all-nighter has worked for me. You're going to get transferred if you don't. It lasts about 4-5 hours without setting spray, but it transfers as soon as you get sweaty or oily. I still like them! They have to get them to stay put.

👤These are legit eyeliners. I've never found anyone else that does what these do. They glide on. They're vibrant, they don't smudge around, and water or sweat doesn't touch it, yet it comes off easily with eye makeup remover. If you sleep with this and wake up with it, it will be the same spot you applied it the morning before. My prestige brands do not do what these liners do. Buy them! You will not regret it.

👤You can't twist or sharpen the tip. It's unfortunate when the tip breaks off on the first use. I didn't want to spend a lot on this because it was only for my daughter's Halloween makeup. We tried out makeup ideas before Halloween so that I could get a better one.

10. LUXAZA Eyeshadow Brightener Waterproof Cruelty Free

LUXAZA Eyeshadow Brightener Waterproof Cruelty Free

With the addition of natural active ingredients, LUXAZA brings the best value for money. Viamerine, a natural polyglyceryl ester derived from plants, gives the eyeshadow a powerful staying power that is smudge-proof, crease-proof and lasts all day. The shea butter and carnauba wax give the shadows a smooth but firm structure, so that they don't clump, skip, fade or slide off. The waterproof formula allows the eyeshadow stick to dry down in a few minutes and stay on all day. The eyeshadow stick set includes four colors: pale fuchsia, champagne pink, and pearly pink. You can use them individually or mix them to create your own eyeshadow collection, which is easy to handle. With a twist-up tube, you don't have to make your makeup look dull. Eyeshadow color stays on all day, saving you from frequent touch-ups and capacity costs. Use your fingers or a sponge to blend. The 'Goddess Sceptre' Series of eyeshadow pencils features an original triangular grip with an ergonomics design for a comfortable, non-sliding grip. The eyeshadow stick is better as a gift for all kinds of festivals and birthdays. They have always been environment friendly and animal protectors, but they insist on being vegan and cruelty-free.

Brand: Luxaza

👤I bought it by chance and I love the pencil, I put it on the lash line at the bottom and it lasts for many hours, I mix it with other shades and they last for many hours. I used to have to correct my make-up every hour, but now I don't. Highly recommended!

👤The shadow is amazing. I don't wear makeup and I've been trying to find an easy routine. I noticed that if I apply this shadow first and then apply my eyeliner, it will stay on all day. The shadows stay on all day.

👤I liked the shimmer that it provided. It is easy to apply the stick. It doesn't give much pink color to the shadow, so can be used on the top of other shadows. The shimmer is silvery. The application stick is easy to use.

👤I'm very happy and surprised. The design is very comfortable to wear on the skin. It doesn't itch or smudge. Happy again. 5 stars for packaging and shipping. Purchase recommendation!

👤I didn't expect the design to be so beautiful, but I found this set of eyeshadow sticks. I love that they come with a little shimmer and that they last all day with no problem, but it's the look that really appeals to me, it's the power of them, they last all day with no problem at all, and I love that they come with a little

👤The triangular design of luxaza's eyeshadow pencils makes them stay in your hand. You can use it alone or blend it to create a shimmering effect, apply easily and leave a lovely shimmer in a compact and convenient size that fits easily in your purse.

👤I love these eye shadow sticks because they are especially good on a work day. I can use these to make my eyes look like crayons and still walk out of the house fresh and ready. You won't regret it if you stop what you're doing and buy some sticks.

👤I finally found the right eyeshadow pencil for my skin. I have oily skin and many eyeshadows stain my eyes, but this one doesn't. I admit that many big brands can achieve this effect, but who would refuse a good and cheap product?

11. Metallic Eyeshadow Waterproof Neutral Hypoallergenic

Metallic Eyeshadow Waterproof Neutral Hypoallergenic

The PCS Classic Eyeshadow Stick has seven colors from light to dark. Smooth can be used to create smoky,sultry,luminous,metallic finishes. Easy to apply and colored, goes on smoothly without skipping, smudge or pulling,Thick-end eyeshadow crayon for quick-applying on large area. It's easy to make up and touch up outside with a portable eyeshadow pencil. A waterproof,cream-to-powder eyeshadow stick with huge color payoff and crease-proof, stay-all-day power. The eyeshadow pencil can be applied evenly even without a brush. A creamy formula that glides on smoothly like silk, no brushes required. It's perfect for sculpting, shading, and defining, not exaggerated glittery, covering up natural look to make you look younger. Perfect Eye Makeup Gift is a set of 7 colorful eyeshadow sticks. It would be a perfect gift for your friends.

Brand: Newbang

👤It didn't have the colors shown. Most were shades of brown and bronze. They fell out of the holder and I didn't know they walked into the carpet. It took a number of different cleanings to get most of it out. I didn't know that it fell out when I got up. UGG

👤It is very oily and comes off very easily. The demonstration next to the product is not an accurate representation of the product's true colors. If you spend this money at the dollar store, you'll get a better product. I would buy this if you didn't know you had a group of friends and you couldn't get to the store. I would buy this for young children to play with it. You can pull off the "how I sweat in 90 degree heat" look with a metallic eye shadow. You can buy this for a friend who you don't want to look better than you. There are so many possibilities.

👤I thought they would be an excellent addition to my eye shadow collection, however, they are too creamy and do not blend well. It rubs off. I thought they would have been more cream-powder. The whole color came out of the holder after opening each one. Doesn't stay in the holder very long. I don't recommend this type.

👤I like the colors, but there is something in them that causes my eyelid to swell. I have never had an allergy to any other eyeshadow.

👤If you want something easy to use to make your eye shadow stay on, then the colors do not show up. No.

👤Light colors that barely show up are the result of a very short actual pencil.

👤The tips on the items break.

👤Since you can roll up the crayon, these would have a lot of each color, but I was disappointed. Not a full inch of each. They are pretty.


What is the best product for eye shadow pencil crayon set?

Eye shadow pencil crayon set products from Newbang. In this article about eye shadow pencil crayon set you can see why people choose the product. Luxaza and Ascoka are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye shadow pencil crayon set.

What are the best brands for eye shadow pencil crayon set?

Newbang, Luxaza and Ascoka are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye shadow pencil crayon set. Find the detail in this article. Wonder X, Lamuseland and Nyx Professional Makeup are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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