Best Eye Shadow Plattet for Green Eyes

Plattet 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. CLIO Layering Palette Ounce Brown

CLIO Layering Palette Ounce Brown

Bring highlights to a whole new level. Their 10-pan palette has innovative colors andtextures that will give you a variety of looks. Innite color mixing. There are easy to use colors for makeup. You will see that shimmer throughout the day. All skin tones and eye colors are complemented by their colors. The ULTRA-ADHESION FORMULA. Their formula glides smoothly on your lids. It will melt into your skin when you apply it. It will last you all day. There was zero damage. There is aMULTI-PEARL EFFECT. Their eyeshadows include pearls in the base and high-intensity crystal glitters to make your eyes sparkle. You can create your own color scheme by mixing and matching different colors.

Brand: Clio Professional

👤I was worried that my palette would break. It arrived in perfect condition. The package was wrapped in bubble wrap. The eyeshadows are soft and buttery, perfect for daily use. They have a nice color to them. The small dual ended brush makes it easy to take on the go. I think the colors compliment each other. I already own another palette and would buy this item again. I would recommend this to a friend or a gift.

👤The colors are beautiful but they are crushed and destroyed. So disappointed.

👤The item arrived in perfect condition, it had a protective sheet over the eyeshadow and mirror. The shadows are cute, but my product did not arrive with an authenticity sticker. I don't think I've ever seen authenticity stickers on CLIO products. There are different halo stickers that I have seen.

👤Excellent product! Women over 40 can wear eyeshadow that shimmers. I wear this all the time. I use champagne colors during the day and darker colors at night. I love it!

👤The color is nice. It was not well packed. One of the colors was broken. The broken one has glitters and is scattered all over the room. Disappointed. After requesting an exchange, I received the new one. It is even more broken this time. The glitters and powder were all over the palette, on other colors and in the box, so you can't even touch it. I will return the item.

👤Wow! The glitters are sheer and pearlescent. The shadows are easy to blend. I ordered Simply Pink, Brown choux, and Into Lace, but they are still waiting for it to arrive. Simply pink is a little more subdued in person compared to the photo online which is preferred. I was worried it might be too pink. It's pretty natural. Brown choox is delicious and warm, without being too orangey or red. It's balanced. I want to give up on western brand makeup because of this. I've tried many different formulas but I feel like I like this one the most. The formula is similar to The New Nude and Gold Obsessions. The efficient packaging and clear top make it easy to see the shades. There is a mini mirror that you can use to see what you're doing. I am not a fan of the show. I've never tried out their products. I want to sell all my other products because I want to use them all the time.

👤These are the best eyeshadow palettes I've seen and at a reasonable price. I don't like the mark up from companies like Urban Decay. Korean make-up trends tend to go towards nude tones and colors and these are exactly what I was looking for. Excellent color coverage, especially for pale skin tones, without looking unnatural or garrish. The glitter palette wells offer enough glitter to make you look like a clown. When I wear these shadows, I get a lot of praise. Customer for life.

👤The color payoff is great. I've only used one color on my lid so far, but it has a great color payoff. I wore it without eye primer and used the brush it came with to apply it, and there was no creasing for the 3 hours I had it on. I would need to put eye primer on to keep the eye color from changing. I like the consistency of the colors on my arm. It's similar to velvet. There was little no to fall out. I prefer the Korean brands eye shadow over the American brands.

2. Twilight Eyeshadow Palette Pigmented Blending

Twilight Eyeshadow Palette Pigmented Blending

The shades in the Twilight Dust palette are smooth,pigmented, and soft. 7 pressed shimmers, pressed pearls in plum, bronze and rose colors create a shimmery,velvety finish that layer easily on top of the makeup. The 18 shades in the Aromas Palette are smooth and silky and include 10 reflective shades, 2 glitter, 1 pressed pearl, and 1 concealer base shade. A lightweight formula with a cruelty-free ingredient. It provides a creamy butter-like application. It can be blendable and buildable, no matter how you use it. You can keep your eye makeup on for a long time and not fall out. The makeup is perfect for the daily girl, special events or occasions. Professional smoky eyes makeup, wedding makeup, party makeup or casual makeup are examples. etc They are sure that you will like their product. If you received broken goods or not satisfied with their product, eye shadow may be damaged during the shipment. They can offer a solution to you. They can offer a solution.

Brand: Charmcode

👤Quality was far better than I anticipated. Both of the eyeshadows swatch out nicely and perform well on the eyes. Some shades are very soft. See the swatch photos. I was happy with my purchase.

👤Beautiful colors, very bright. The packaging is strong. One of the packages has a mirror. You can create a lot of looks with these colors. I use an eyeshadow primer. It is best to apply the glitter with your finger. I highly recommend them.

👤These are the things that I love! The package is great for beginners. The glitter is amazing. When I pulled my first swatch, I was very impressed. At this price point, it is a steal. You will not be disappointed.

👤Both of these are very beautiful. They are very easy to blend and are very cheap. Who wouldn't want to buy 2 Eyeshadow Palettes for less than $20.00? I would recommend buying it. This brand is not high-end but it is just like it. I'll definitely be ordering more from 800-244-0167...

👤It was a great knock off and great for the price. I don't regret anything. I don't like buying things that are knock offs. I am very happy.

👤I heard people rave about how great these are. I had a New Nudes but it was very old and used. I couldn't afford $65 at the moment, so I got the cheaper ones. If I like a few shades it's worth it, because I have paid more for a single shadow than I have for the whole set. I love them all! They are amazing dupes. Even if they were not dupes, they still are amazing. I use spray on my brush to set the glitter shades, and Duraline to make the shimmers molten and for glitters as a graphic liner. These are the last shadow insurance eye primer. It's crazy. There is a day. I immediately ordered the mercury retrograde dupe and the born to run dupe. The brand is killing it. I hope that they can do more original stuff along with the dupes. The next day, I got these. None were damaged. The color stories of these and the mercury retrograde are perfect. If you deported these shadows and put them in a Z palette, they would believe you. The packaging is very nice and inexpensive. I'm happy that these are getting a lot of love. Not everyone has $65 to spend on eyeshadow. I enjoy playing with these. There are so many possibilities. You could use these to blush. Make molten shimmers or do a graphic liner with duraline. It's ok to experiment because replacing the palettes is not worth anything. I am very happy with my purchase. Just get these. You're not losing anything if you hate them but don't.

👤If you think this will be an affordable dupe for a high end eyeshadow set- It's not! The pallet looks great when you open it. It was too good to be true after swatching and trying on the pallets. The colors are not buildable. It was a complete waste of money. Don't bother buying it because you can't return it. I don't get any positive reviews. Some things can't be replicated and I am not a high end make-up snob.

3. Eyeshadow Afflano Pigmented Palettes Metallic

Eyeshadow Afflano Pigmented Palettes Metallic

The eyeshadows are mostly cold-toned, basic brown, bright yellow,avocado green, andholographic green glitter. A range of pressed pigment eyeshadows for party makeup will showcase a series of gorgeous makeup. The eyeshadows are on all day. The contrasting and highlighting will be brought to you by each palette. A long- lasting finish is delivered by the super-saturated color pigments. The makeup completely meet the needs of the natural daily eye makeup look or a drama bold look. This essential eye shadow collection features highly pigmented, easy-to-blend formula and offers a versatile color range for creating everything from subtle to dramatic eye looks. The full-pigment formula delivers high color payoff and buildable intensity. The soft, blendable nature and easy application make these eye shadows popular with serious makeup artists. Make the eyes more vivid with shimmer and eyeshadow. You can always find a different look in different occasions with all the essentials you need. Such as a party. Their core values are customer satisfaction and superior products. The eyeshadow palettes will add some magical glitter to your life. Contact them if you don't like their eyeshadow palettes.

Brand: Afflano

👤This palette was better than I expected. The new nude palette is my favorite right now. I wanted to get the purple eyeshadow but decided to try the other one. The colors are intense. It's all you need, you barely touch the brush. It is blendable. I didn't have much of a reaction. I like that there is a mirror. Very surprised by the colors.

👤The coral-orange and blue colors in the first and second are what made me order them. The glitters in them are the most reflective I have ever seen. I played around with one look. The glitters are amazing, but pictures can't give them justice. For a professional look, the eyeshadows were blendable. Excellent quality for the price point!

👤I think this is similar to Blue Blood by Jeffree Star because of the way the colors feel on the lid. If you use a glitter primer on your eyes, the glitter colors in the palette feel more punch than they are. The glitter can get messy very quickly.

👤I have seen shades like this before, but this one is the most pigmented I've seen. The shades seem to be assembled to maximize the effect no matter the colour. This is one you will never want to run out of. Everyone else is on the colour-wheel. It's a good thing...

👤I love the colors. The eyeshadow sticks well to my primer. The glitter stayed on all day.

👤The little palette is good and qualifies for the price. It's great for beginners and experienced makeup lovers. The green set may get the purple.

👤I bought the orange eyeshadows and they were amazing. It stayed for a long time and had a great color payoff. I am a big fan of MAC products and this eyeshadow impressed me.

👤I was not aware that there were some other purple shadows. I might buy this again because the colors are pretty. I was too harsh at first, but I learned more about using rich deep colors. When I first used the eyeshadow, it took me about 4 hours to put it on and remove it, but purple is my favorite color. I had to wash my eyes 8 times but couldn't remove the red stains. Beware. When it comes to removing eye makeup, the colors are beautiful, blend well, and apply smoothly, but the stains will remain on your eyes for 2 days. The pigment is good, but do you know if they used a permanent color stain? Such a shame. The colors worked well but the price was not usable. I would stain your eyelid permanently. The UcanBE PALETTES INSTEAD are beautiful, low price and won't stain.

👤This is a great price for a palette. You have to pack it. I didn't have time to take a photo but if you want an affordable green palette this is the one for you.

👤The greens popped nicely, but the yellow did not show up in the palate. Most of the shadows came out of the palate.

4. Almay Smoky Lavender Eyeshadow Palette

Almay Smoky Lavender Eyeshadow Palette

Enhances your eyes to make them look bright and bold. Green eyes compliment the Luxurious lavender haze perfectly. 16 hour wear time without smudges or wrinkling. The color-coordinated palettes allows for gorgeous blends. All skin types can be used for easy use.

Brand: Almay

👤The colors are pretty, but almost invisible when put on your eyes. You have to build it up to see it. I looked like I had crepĂ© paper eye skin. It's not good for dry skin.

👤The package was wrapped in bubble wrap after it arrived in a yellow envelope. I knew there was a problem when my hands were covered in makeup after opening it. I took pictures before and after I opened it. I discovered that the top color was broken out. I would love to get in touch with someone to get this handled.

👤I don't know what Mulberry is, this isn't even close. I don't know how much one would have to carry to see the color. Normal applications don't do it. I won't be returning it because it was cheap.

👤I have been looking for a new color for a long time, to replace my favorite show trio. I triple-checked the photos. It is not the same color trio as the advertised photo shows. So disappointed. The picture of the Amazon photo is better than the actual product.

👤The base color is too warm for my skin. The main base color is very coppery and does not look good on me. I was allergic to eye lid after 20 years of wearing eye make up and this stuff does not cause me any swelling or itching in my eye lids, so I love that.

👤This is my daily go-to eyeshadow and it arrived on time and in perfect condition. It can be applied lightly for a more natural look, or generously for the perfect smoky eye.

👤The colors in the palette don't look the same when I wear them. The brown and plum are not the same. They are very similar. I don't know what I'm doing. I am 50. These look too cold on me.

👤It's difficult to find a grey color. This also has a light purple color. Either one looks great on its own, or combined with other shadows. I ordered another within days to make sure I had an extra, I haven't used the lightest color, but the other two are nice.

👤Es necesario poner mucho producto.

5. Naturally Pretty Luxe Eyeshadow Matte

Naturally Pretty Luxe Eyeshadow Matte

The Naturally pretty eyeshadow trio helps provide a more youthful radiance, and instantly diffuses the look of fine lines and wrinkling on the eyes. Natural politeness. Their eyeshadows glide onto your lids for a beautiful, naturally pretty look that doesn't crease and lasts! Pick one of the neutral shades or wear them all together. It is free of the ingredients that can make eyes appear older. It even eliminates oily eyes. There is a beauty tip. If you want a more dramatic look, simply wet the eyeshadows and use them as eyeliner or cream eyeshadow. Then apply Hello Lashes Mascara to your lashes. Use the large fluffy end of your eyeshadow brush to apply all over the lid and crease. The smudger, No-Tug side, can be used to naturally line the lower lashes.

Brand: It Cosmetics

👤I was told by a friend that she loved it. I was going to try these eyeshadows. The first thing you notice is how small it is. It was really small. I thought it would be better to wear iron and feel like butter. No luck. Even with a base, the shadows are sheer. I tried using my clown white as the base but it didn't work out as well as I would have liked. Within an hour, it was gone even with the bases. It was gone in 4 hours. Save your money and get something else.

👤The product might be acceptable. I have used other IT products before. However. The entire lower half of the container is a hollow shell which is used to store the micro applicators which come with it. It has a nice mirror. The container's actual product content is about 2 cm or 1 inch at the most.

👤The dark brown in this trio is too dark to wear in my eye crease. I only wear it on my eyes. The 2nd darkest shade doesn't show up on me, and I haven't tried the white shade as that's not my taste. I was hoping for a color to wear in my crease that looked natural, but none of these shades worked for that. If the colors are right for you, it's still a good product.

👤I wanted something small with just three colors that were not shimmery. I am happy to say that I bought this. This product is perfect for day or night wear. It goes on easily and stays put. Exactly what I wanted.

👤Not what I was expecting. Make up is fine.

👤I think this may be a lie. The colors are not the same. They are cloudy and full. The one that was supposed to be light pink is beige. The lavender one is full plum. Don't waste your money if it's over $30.

👤I was initially impressed by how cute the kit is, being a trio of eyeshadows that also have a mirror and sponges. They are a convenient addition. I wore the lighter 2 colors as a highlight and then the darker one as a liner for a soft, natural definition. I have dark hair and olive skin. I think these shades are neutral enough to work for many skin tones. I think this is the perfect little eyeshadow set.

👤What a disappointment. I thought it was snowing when I applied the eyeshadow. It was the eyeshadow. It falls into the eyes. I will not allow my granddaughter to play with her makeup basket. I don't want her to think that confetti is coming down.

6. UCANBE Spotlight Eyeshadow Professional Waterproof

UCANBE Spotlight Eyeshadow Professional Waterproof

The UcanBE 40 Color Eyeshadow Palette is a collection of 40 intensely-pigmented eyeshadow in nude and bright colors, which can be used to create unique and beautiful eye makeup looks from natural looking makeup to smokey eyes. The UcanBE eye shadow palettess offer a complete day-to-night eye color wardrobe and eyes can be illuminated, defined and emboldened according to each occasion. The powder formula is made to ensure that your eyes stay vibrant and fresh throughout the day or night. All of the eyeshadow is long-wear and intensely pigmented to create both bold and playful makeup looks that are easy to apply on. UcanBE eyeshadow pallet is designed with opulent shades that help you achieve multiple looks for different occasions, from a smoky eye to a casual makeup and everything in between. Whether applying the pre-curated sets or mixing and matching shades throughout, the possibilities are endless. The shade can be wet or dry. If you received broken products or eye shadow that was damaged during the shipment, it's the best service. They will give you a solution in 24 hours. They provide more than you expected.

Brand: Ucanbe

👤The packaging was pretty. The brushes and pallet are of the highest quality. The shades are very bright. It is easy to blend and still look great.

👤I received a pallet that I ordered for my daughter, and when I opened it, I found hair embedded in the pressed makeup. I was going to return the item.

👤I had an allergic reaction to this immediately after I put it on my eyelid. My skin turned pink when I used it and it made my eyes itch. I tried to make sure but it happened every time.

👤I did liners with black eyeshadow and used 4 shades from this cute palette. The brushes were attached. Not happy with the brushes. I got a compliment at work. The eyeshadows base is different. It was perfect for 9+ hours. It was a pleasant surprise.

👤It was perfect, but I was scared it would be broken eyeshadow cakes. The brushes are soft. It's definitely worth the price.

👤The colors are rich and vibrant. They have great pigmentation. This kit is definitely recommended.

👤Beautiful colors and blendable. I have fun with this pallette.

👤I am shocked by the quality of the paint. Especially for the price. It seems to be close to being true. They were a perfect gift for my mom. 10/10! It was difficult for me to not keep one.

7. Eyeshadow Smudge Waterproof Glitter Shimmer

Eyeshadow Smudge Waterproof Glitter Shimmer

The eyeshadow sticks in the set are highly pigmented and can be used to give smoky, luminous and metallic makeup. You can use shimmer and matt eyeshadow sticks to create makeup for different occasions. A professional makeup effect, office look, natural look, party look and smoky eye will be achieved by using their rich colors eyeshadow sticks set. SMUDGE PROOF EYESHADOW BASE: Shade 12 is a creamy eyeshadow primer stick. The skin tone eye shadow base primes your eyes, which means a smooth eyeshadow application, keeps cream eyeshadow in place, and even increases the color of your eyeshadow. The long lasting formula makes eye makeup last all day. Not prone to smudges or streaks. CONVENIIENT DESIGN. The brush and eye shadow are combined. The eyeshadow stick has a soft brush that blends eyeshadow better. The soft brush does not hurt your skin. transparent lids make it easier to find the color you want. The twist design is easy to use. A soft built-in bristle can show eye makeup. The soft roll-up eyeshadow pencils bag can be used to organize your cream eyeshadow sticks in one place. The best size for travel is portable. You can put it in your bag and look at it quickly. Anything can be avoided. Quality service and a great gift. The eyeshadow sets are suitable for both beginners and more experienced. It's good for weddings, photography, nightlife, parties or daily use. Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, and Anniversary Day are some of the days where a lovely package to bring your girlfriend, sister, mom, and daughter is needed. It is safe and cruelty-free. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Oillase

👤It was easy to use. I was worried but I am happy they worked out great. This was my first experience with them and it was easy to apply. It is easy to have a natural look. A picture. I only have lipstick and eyeshadow. I went natural. They rub off as well, so it's only reason for 4 out of 5 stars.

👤The colors don't show up without some pressure. They don't give you much product once you fall into the sink or floor. The color runs under the eyes giving a look of a raccoon. It was very disappointing.

👤They do not dry so they fade very fast. After a short time, the color does not stay true. The Ultra store brand is great. They last a long time. I was hoping these would do the same thing. Unfortunately they don't.

👤How many are needed? You get what you get. There is packaging that needs work. The tight roll is eating the plastic lid. There is a brush tip that helps blend. I wish the colors were more balanced. Multiple shades of the same color.

👤The colors don't last. You can't see it on your lid by the end of the day.

👤The colors are pretty, but mine would crease and lose the color no matter what I did. It might not be best for people with hooded eyes.

👤I love it! I haven't had any issues like that. It is very easy to put on eyeshadow. It stayed on for over eight hours while I was at work. I didn't have to bring the pack with me. You can just blend with your finger. I have been able to add more depth to my eye by putting a shadow on my lower lid, where I would normally put liner. I have never done that with my makeup because I didn't have time or thought it was my thing.

👤I ordered these because I was looking for a bright eyeshadow. I wanted a blue one. The colors are neutral. The blue is not blue. It's a gray color. The quality of the product is great and the colors are pretty, but I liked the blending brush on each color. Not what I was looking for. I returned and ordered another product that had the blue and green color I was looking for.

8. EpiLynx Liia Sparkle Shadow Palette

EpiLynx Liia Sparkle Shadow Palette

Their eyeshadow palette has a variety of colors in shimmer and glitter. EpiLynx eyeshadows are highly pigmented and easily blendable. Makeup that is good for your skin is Allergen-free, vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. EpiLynx products are made of superior ingredients that can be used on sensitive skins. Eggs, milk, fish, crustaceans, mollusks, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, wheat (gluten) and mustard are not found in EpiLynx products.

Brand: Epilynx

👤I don't react to the beautiful and fun Palette. I am excited to have a fun collection of colors, that I do not react to. They are bendable. I wore them all night and they did not fade or cause a reaction. I didn't feel like I had to wash them off. I am happy that I can wear make up. I have tried everything from EpiLynx. This brand is exciting to me. I have a number of chemical sensitivities. It has been difficult to find a makeup that I can wear. I would do back flips if I could.

👤Beautiful colors and dry feeling. I might have to wet my brush.

👤I am very happy to find make up for my sensitive skin.

👤This is wrapped in bubbles. There is a cardboard sleeve. The gold glitter appearance of the cardboard sleeve and palette is visible. There isn't glitter particles or anything that transfers, but the feel isn't completely smooth. The back and front of the cardboard sleeve are the same as the front. The logo is on the front. The back has ingredients. A shade in my eyeshadow broke. The shimmer teal was only 1 shade and the top broke, luckily it was just the left and right. I was able to fix it. There is a little weight to it. There is a plastic sheet protectors in the inside of the palette. There is a mirror on the lid. It is a little smaller than the lid. It is a nice size. There are no names for shade. There is no smell of anything. There are 4 pressed glitters. I don't like pressed glitters. I hate glitter. It looks beautiful. I don't like how it gets everywhere after. I don't like pressed glitters. Even when you don't use glitter, it's still possible for the other shades to be contaminated. The other shades looked pretty. In the photos of the swatch, the swatch is done on my forearm with no primer. I labeled how many layers there were. There are 18 shades, 10 of which are matt shades, 5 of which are shimmer shades, and 3 of which are pressed glitters. The man is named Matthew. The matts are soft and smooth. They have a lot of money in the pan. I know some people are uneasy about the amount of kickback in the pans. The softer the matts, the more kickback they have, which makes them easy to blend out. I don't mind when there is a lot of kickback. The first row has 2 layers. They are lighter shades. These were not like the chalky ones that usually take a lot of building up to get good color. They were soft and smooth, and they were really bright. They blended easily without losing much of the color, and applied nicely to the eyes. The second row has only one matt. It applied well to the eyes. It was not patchy at all. It had good color. It was easy to blend out. The last row has 4 matts. All of them were one layer. The first pink shade is not the only dark shade. They applied nicely, no patchiness, and blended easily. If you put color on the eye, there can be repercussions. I usually do my eyes before the rest of my makeup, but if I do my eyes last, I make sure to apply the eyeshadow with care and lightly dust it off. 3 of the pink mattes look the same. I took a swatch photo of the pinks. The second pink on the first row looks similar to the pink on the third row. The 1st pink on the first row is a little brighter than the other two. The 3 don't look different on the eyes, they end up looking the same shade. SwimmingSwimmers: The shimmers were smooth and soft. They picked it up with their finger. They picked it up with a flat brush. I show a photo of the shimmer shades done with a flat brush. The white shimmer in the second row is a little hard to pick up with a finger, but it smooths out. The white shimmer was not what you would expect. I was expecting it to be a plain white shimmer shade, but there was a hint of pink in it. It is really pretty. It looks like a plain, white shimmer in the swatch photos. I feel like you can see a little of the pink in the swatch photo. You can see the pink in the video that I did showing all of the shimmers. The pink shimmer in the last row is pretty small. It smooths out if you apply it with a finger. There is a little texture to it if you apply it with a brush. Pressed gratings: There are little glitter stars in the first row. When pressed glitters are small glitter particles, they are not considered eye safe. I can't imagine how bad stars would be. I don't want them near my eyes. The glitter particles in the other 3 are not as bad. I don't like pressed glitters. Even if you don't use them, they still have a way of messing with the other shades. I think this is cute. It is cute. The shades are pretty. There are a lot of lighter and deeper shades. You can get a lot of different looks from the shades. The pressed glitters in 4 of the 18 shades don't make me like them. 3 of the pinks look the same on the eyes, so I don't like that. That makes them more like 1 shade instead of 3 separate shades, making the palette more like 16 shades instead of 18. If you remove the pressed glitters, the palette becomes 12 shades. That is unfortunate. Good shades are the 12 shades. They look pretty and perform well. I think it's a good palette, for just$15. It is even better if you will use pressed glitters. I gave it 3 stars because I took off 2 for the pressed glitters and 3 for the pinks. If you like pressed glitters, this is a good choice, it has a color story like this.

9. Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Palette Original

Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Palette Original

Highly shadowed eyes: A high-pigment eyeshadow palette with a range of finishes to match your mood. SMOOTH, SILKY TEXTURE. Colorful makeup that goes on smoothly. All day long. For up to 24 hours, your eye makeup look stays vibrant. Each eye makeup palette has eight shades that look perfect together. The original, a nude eyeshadow palette; Insider, a nude eyeshadow palette of nudes and purples; Player, lush blues and greens; and Maverick, dusky sunset colors, are all part of the original. Try it. Shadow should be brushed on the lids. Define your line with the lightest color. An accent shade on the outer corners will give you a smoky effect. Live bold with makeup. You need high-quality,pigment, bold color makeup to be yourself. They have longwear color eyeshadows, eyeliners, matt or shiny lipsticks, and more.

Brand: Revlon

👤The product looks nothing like the colors online. Not even close! The pans of product are small and the pallet is tiny. Bill Clinton faced over Monica Lewisnsky, while you apply the product. If you are ok with a dull eyeshadow that leaves more product on your cheeks than your lids, then this is the shadow for you.

👤It's hard to find blues flattering on brown skin, but this works for me. The little palette has both bolder and more neutral complimentary colors to make the look softer. I like that it's not as big as some of the others. A good find.

👤These colors are great for someone who doesn't want to get crazy with her makeup. They are subtle but noticeable, which is great for work for me. I agree with other reviews that the palette is smaller than anticipated. I don't think it needs a brush. The brushes in my collection work just fine, they are able to pick out each color individually without touching the other colors. I gave it 4 stars because I wish it was bigger and the shadow wouldn't last the entire day. It wears off by the end of the day.

👤When I bought this palette, I thought it would be double the size of a normal Colorstay Quad, with 3.4 ounces. The picture is deceptive because it only shows the total weight with all of the plastic and packaging. There were two trays that fell out when I opened the palette. I was surprised that the product was so small. It was only $5. I felt cheated even for that. The color is not bad. It stays if you use a primer or a wet brush, but you have to turn a normal shadow brush sideways to get the product without touching the one next to it. Lesson learned, I wouldn't buy it again.

👤The delivery was quick. There is a The price was reasonable and there was a 20% coupon on the top of less than $5. I was not sure about the color coordination, but I ordered only the cheapest price I could find. There is a I am impressed with the quality and colors of the product. I hope the attached pictures help people debate this item.

👤The pictures are green and teal. I have not had the chance to use all of the colors yet. I only got it for the green and blues. The black has green glitter. It takes a few layers to get it to be dark. I did not use eyeshadow primer. It is small but I love it.

👤I admit, but this is TINY! For the money, you can find the same colors in bigger sizes and the same quality from the drug store. I wish I had read more about the size before I spent the money. You're not going to get much use out of this. I could mention a few things, like value for money. No. No value for the money, no matter how pretty it is. Don't waste your money. It's seriously. I would have gone to walmart on a Saturday to get a bigger pallette. Save your money!

10. Eyeshadow Ultra Blendable Pigmented Matallic Waterproof

Eyeshadow Ultra Blendable Pigmented Matallic Waterproof

This nude eye shadow is great for beginners and easy to apply. The eyeshadows long-wearing formula contains a unique combination of softer powders which adhere easily to the eyes, gives a soft-focus effect, and blends smoothly and evenly. The natural eye shadow pallet is high-pigment and daily necessity, and will love it. It works in all skin tones. This makeup palette is made from organic ingredients and is designed to glide along your eyelid, giving you smooth application and coverage. It is a good size for travelling, and you should take this palllet with you to enhance your self-confidence.

Brand: Ecofavor

👤I ordered all of the colors to be too bright for me. I'm giving it away. I ordered a second Palette and am updating this review. Am I right? Is this smokey eye? Looks like a different picture.

👤After reading the reviews, I decided that it was worth a chance at a low price. I'm glad I did, it's an awesome pallette. I got the Bronzed Mocha and it was the same as pictured. I think the reason women aren't getting deep shades is because they are using the wrong brushes. I wanted to make it a lot darker if it was nighttime, but I didn't do a light blend. It consolidated a lot of space on my bathroom's counter to throw out pallettes that only had one or two colors. This is all I need in one spot.

👤I am obsessed with this pallet. The colors are bright and nice. Some brown people don't look dark.

👤The product doesn't look like the colors in the picture. I know that different devices make each image look different, so it's not surprising. I was hoping for more of a red pallet with pinks. As someone who buys a lot of makeup off Amazon for the convenience of skipping the stores, I can say that it is often what the picture is of. The collection is still getting four stars, as the colors are nice. They hold up through a lot of work and wear. I can honestly say that I am not disappointed.

👤I didn't put base or anything but the eyeshadows. It feels very dry and dusty and doesn't stick or blend well, it's not saturated enough to give a nice contrast. It feels cheap. Even if it costs more to return, you should get something better. The quality was not what I expected.

👤The colors in this palette are beautiful. You can get a variety of finishes. It's perfect for smokey eye makeup. I like the case in it's entirety. I feel like the makeup is protected from being broken. The size is too large for travel. If used with primer, quality is decent, blends well and has good staying power. I would buy this again.

👤Cheap quality. The mine came apart. Not impressed.

👤I was tired of the lack ofluster in dime-store eye shadow brands. The product is living up to its promise of deep and lasting color.

11. W7 Eyeshadow Long Lasting Transition Cruelty Free

W7 Eyeshadow Long Lasting Transition Cruelty Free

Natural colors include blushed nudes, neutral greys and smokey brown. You can use this versatile palette to create a range of looks. Long lasting, all day-durable creamy matt finish with minimum fall-out. It is easy to use colors that blend easily. It is easy to wash off. W7 Cosmetics are designed by professional makeup artists. All of their products are approved for use on sensitive skin. It's ideal for women and teens of all ages. W7 products are vegan-friendly. None of their products are tested on animals.

Brand: W7

👤I'm a big fan of the W7 collections, and this is no exception. It's next to impossible to find eyeshadows that have a few of the same colors as the rest, as most of them are shimmery or glittery. It's great for younger women, but at my age it tends to be unflattering and emphasizes fine lines. The huge collection of neutral colors make it possible to create a natural "no makeup" look, or a darker smoky eye for evening wear. Some reviews say the colors aren't deep. These are buildable. They go on lighter and can be darkened to your desired shade. Some ladies of color might find this pallet a bit too light because of their individual skin tones. I hope this helps, I attached photos of the colors in my pallet. W7 has a wide array of pallets to choose from to suit all skin tones and personal preferences, and they're all here on Amazon. I love how these eyeshadows are long wearing, going from day to night with no fading or wrinkling. I've never had a problem with the colors turning orange or oxidizing like other brands have. I have extremely sensitive skin, and have never had an allergic reaction to any W7 shadows. I like the way the pallet fits into my makeup train case, with photos of the inside and the closed case to give you an idea of the size. This review is based on my experience with the W7 product and is not paid for. Highly recommended!

👤The skin around my eyes is not as tight as it used to be. I have a lot more skin issues and my eyes look a lot more hooded than they did when I was younger. I feel like the natural colors and shading of this eyeshadow and some mascara make my eyes look brighter and younger than I actually am. Even when you're over 24 you can still see the shadows of color. I've been using it for a couple months now and it never settles in fine lines orwrinkles and I never feel like I'm older than I am. I don't have the time or desire to watch makeup tutorials so I just wing it, I am not an expert at makeup. The brushes on my photo are placed over the colors I use for my "natural" look, which is a lighter brown for eyeshadow and liner on my bottom lashes and a darker brown for eyeliner on my top lid. You can easily build up the color with another pass of your brush, even on pale skin. If you wanted to, you could add a couple more splashes of powder to make these bolder. It is easy to wipe off since I often mess up, but not great for someone who rubs their eyes or something like that. It has decent staying power, but it fades away halfway through the day. That is what I mean when I say fading away. It doesn't start to fall into a crease or something like that. It starts to disappear. I have tried every eyeshadow I can find that doesn't last all day, but it looks worse as the day goes on. Even though it starts to fade, this still looks good. I don't like spending a lot of time on my makeup, but I think my eyes are my best feature. I like to draw attention to them for a confidence boost. It only takes me a few minutes to apply this along with my favorite brown mascara to enhance my eyes and it is time well spent in my book. This powder is perfect for my needs and I am very happy I found it. I would definitely recommend it. This will help you decide if this product will work for you.


What is the best product for eye shadow plattet for green eyes?

Eye shadow plattet for green eyes products from Clio Professional. In this article about eye shadow plattet for green eyes you can see why people choose the product. Charmcode and Afflano are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye shadow plattet for green eyes.

What are the best brands for eye shadow plattet for green eyes?

Clio Professional, Charmcode and Afflano are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye shadow plattet for green eyes. Find the detail in this article. Almay, It Cosmetics and Ucanbe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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