Best Eye Shadow Primer Makeup Elf

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1. L F Budge Shadow Stick Amethyst

L F Budge Shadow Stick Amethyst

A versatile cream eyeshadow stick that can be used for eyeshadow and eyeliner. All day wear is offered by the formula, which won't crease or cause any problems. You can apply eyeliner or eyeshadow to create a range of looks that can be worn alone or under your favorite eye color. A twist-up design with a built-in sharpener. Proud to be vegan and cruelty-free. Because kindness is chic.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤It lasts all day, doesn't smudge, and the colors are great. It was perfect! Elf products are the best. Very pleased with the purchase!

👤I like the eyeshadow cream pen. The color is pretty and I use it more as an eyeliner. I saw a pop of color in my eyes.

👤The shadow stick is easy to apply and stay put.

👤This doesn't live up to its name. It is all over the place.

👤Soft texture with no pulling.

👤The stick stays put. This purple is not like a taupe.

👤Since I developed a sensitivity to carmine, I've had a hard time finding anything. The samples of this made me wonder if it's too "rainbow purple" but it's a nice eggplant that is neutral for my complexion and is bright in the spring. I look flat, but the purples are perfect. It was easy to apply with copper and rose gold. I like not having a mess with eyeshadows. I drew on what I wanted and applied a brush to it. When I don't want sparkle, I put on some powder, which makes the color look almost dry, but not dead dry. I stayed on all day and there was no creasing. I have been wearing it over an eczema cream that has a petroleum jelly base, due to the carmine allergy.

2. Instant Dual Sided Precise Defines Contours

Instant Dual Sided Precise Defines Contours

Wow badgers: The dual-sided design applies cream-consistency color with the fine-tip liner on one side and tames and combs brows with the other to create defined-looking eyebrows with a flawless arch. How to wear is important. The brush is used to comb eyebrows. Use small strokes to fill in brows with the liner. A clear eyebrow wax will give you results that last all day. 100% CRUELTY-FREE & VEGAN: Proud to be vegan and cruelty-free. Because kindness is chic. All e.l.f. is free. All products are free of harmful substances. BEAUTY FOR ALL: e.l.f. They believe that beauty should be accessible to every eye, lip, and face, so they provide professional-quality products at get-real prices.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤I use it to fill in my brows. This is a great match for blondes and I use a different micropencil first. I don't have to feel like I'm spending money.

👤I have enjoyed a lot of E.L.F. products. They usually fit my needs. This is not a good product for the fact that when you remove the cap, the crayon falls out. What keeps it in? Nothing. It's only about an inch long, so it's hard to find on carpet. It's only $2, but you could spend more and get a better design. The crayon works well and the color is good. I compare it to the Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil. The pencil costs $6. I think E.L.F. can still sell for a lower price than the competition.

👤I extended it all the way out because I was curious about how long it was. Couldn't expect much for $2, but it works well.

👤If you are a dark blonde, this color is perfect, a pale blonde, it might be too dark, but it is so easy to lighten or darken the look! The thin lead makes it easy to break, so be careful not to extend it too far. This works just as well, lasts just as long, and the color is better than the expensive pencil I have been using for several years.

👤The eyebrow pencil for 2 dollars is better than the one for 8 dollars. It goes on smoothly, does not break easily, like some reviewers are saying, if it does you probably bared down to hard! The blond color is the same as mine. My new eyebrow pencil wants to go back to Revlon. Please keep it in stock... Thank you Elf! J. Elliott.

👤An eyebrow pencil that is easy to use and the right color is finally here. I don't have much hair anymore and I have tremors in my hands and eyebrows that are hard to fill. The pencil is easy to blend and looks natural. I've spent up to $20 for an eyebrow pencil that never gave me a positive result. I bought a lot of pencils.

👤I have light hair. The eyebrow pencil is easy to use and matches my hair color. It lasts most of the day when used with a spray.

👤Between the thin brow trend and anxiety, I had to pinch pull and then remove most of my brows until 2020. I think God only gives us so many brow hairs, and now brows seem to be the focal point of faces. I don't spend a lot on cosmetics, but I did try FEBbrow, which is just as good, if not better, and they have grown in a bit, but I still need assistance. Desperate in my attempts after Walmart stopped carrying this shade, no one else seems to get this shade right for me. I came to Amazon and found it even cheaper. Praise Jesus for his work. I am buying 2 things at a time, and I am very thankful. I just do a quick fill because I am a toddler mom. Even though I don't have time to perfect my brows, I feel like it helps to look like I do.

3. L F Eyeshadow High Impact Multi Dimensional One Swipe

L F Eyeshadow High Impact Multi Dimensional One Swipe

Get an eye look with e.l.f. Liquid eyeshadow! This liquid eyeshadow has a metallic finish. Little Dipper is a soft pink shade with baby pink and light gold shimmer. The day-to-night wear is day-to-night. This long- lasting opaque liquid eyeshadow is buildable for both day and night wear and has high shine, reflective, one-swipe metallic coverage. TheGEL FORMULA is long-wearing. This liquid eyeshadow is perfect for wearing alone or with eyeshadow to amplify your look. All ingredients are skin-loving. All of the products are made from skin-loving ingredients, and at good-for-you prices. All e.l.f. products are vegan.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤I like this product. Cream eyeshadows are 888-739-5110 The stores stopped carrying Bombshell cream eye shadows. They are still offered on Amazon, but the price has doubled. I was happy to find this gem. If that's true, the color "Galaxy" is a cross between a gray and plummy purple. I received a compliment on my "beautiful eyes" for the first time in a long time while wearing it. I smudge my finger on the eyelid to blend it in. One and done!

👤It is a great deal for the buck. I don't know how to do eyeshadow, but on occasion I like a little sparkle and this does the trick!

👤It looks great upon application. Then it glitters. When first applied, it gives a metallic shine.

👤I was frustrated with how many coats and small amounts of paint I had to use to get the color to show up. I had to work on my hooded eyelids. I had to blow on my lid after each layer. It was not the most comfortable wearing shadow. I used primer before and still had some issues. 3.5 stars.

👤I went to a wedding that required some "glamming" up, and so a pretty shadow seemed like an important piece of the puzzle. When I searched for "best eye shadow for hazel eyes", I found it, since my eyes are mostly brown but with some green flecks. And... it was correct. I received a lot of praise on the color, application, and overall look. Don't be if you're on the fence. This is a great shadow, easy to use, very pretty, easy to blend, and overall just a terrific product!

👤This is good for the price. It is very easy to use and doesn't shine like I thought.

👤This product stays on.

👤Thought it would give at least a hint of color, but just glitter showed up. It seemed transparent after applying a couple of coats. If I get another, I might get a darker tone.

👤Great color. All day. The colour is beautiful.

4. Thank Primer Paraben Free Cruelty Primer

Thank Primer Paraben Free Cruelty Primer

Prepare your eyes: This sets the stage for your eyes to be put on for a smooth application. Get flawless eye makeup. Their primer will help you put in your eye shadow. It helps make your eyeshadow look bolder and more vibrant. It helps your eye makeup last all day long. Their eye primer has skin benefits, such as lightening your skin tone, concealing it, and balancing it. This eye primer protects against wrinkling. The weight form is light. They formulate an eyeshadow base that is light, long-wearing, and non-greasy, so you won't need to touch it up often. Leaping Bunny approved, the PREMIUM EYELID PRIMER is made with high-quality ingredients such as pearl powder.

Brand: Elizabeth Mott

👤I'll try to be nice. This primer didn't work for me. I live in the south and have oily skin. Yes. My foundation broke down within a few minutes, and this did not keep it in place.

👤I work from home all day long and I have to run an errand, clean a house, and work at the same time. I had to apply my makeup every three hours. I got an anti aging primer and a Thank Me Later primer. I put it on and it was creamy, yet not oily, and dried quickly as I smoothed it out. It felt great. I put my Smashbox neutrals eye shadow over it and let it go all day. I cleaned house, did my videos, and ran an errand, but I also realized I'd been rubbing my eyes. I didn't change my makeup at all. I noticed during the video review that even if I swiped my finger over the shadow, it wouldn't come off my finger. It stayed on for several more hours until I wiped it off before I went to sleep. I'm 48 years old and my eyes are worn. I was pleased with the fact that I didn't see any pooling up in lines. I'll post a before and after picture with the video. The morning is the top one and the night is the bottom one. I loved it! I'm going to replace my original face primer with a new one from another brand.

👤I won't be thanking you later. I wanted to like it so much. I don't want to pay big bucks for my brand. At least that works! Thank Me Later primer didn't do anything for my makeup in Houston It goes on feeling oily, and soon there was a sheen on my makeup. In the heat, it just slides on away and takes my makeup with it. It was quicker than using no primer. BUMMER. It's back to expensive but effective primer.

👤I use this primer for my eye makeup. It is a life changing thing. I work with jobs and most of the time I need something to keep my eyeliner in tact so I don't look like a bandit by the end of my shift. It made my makeup look like I just put it on when I sweat the most. I only used it on my eyes. I was amazed. I used it as a primer for my eyebrows the next day, and it did the same for me. I'm in love with the product. Hopefully my picture will show it.

👤I attended a wedding that I felt was appropriate for me to wear a little make up, even though I didn't know anything about it. My problem was that my eyes are hooded and eyeshadow ends up along my hidden crease, creating a huge mess. I was told by my sister that I only need a good eye primer to hold the make up in place. I hesitated buying this because it's quite expensive, I don't want to invest in expensive brands because I'm not really into make up. I don't know how to blend but the fact that the drugstore eyeshadow stayed on for 8 hours with very slight fading is definitely 5 stars.

5. L F Cosmetics Concealer Full Coverage Formula

L F Cosmetics Concealer Full Coverage Formula

The coverage is 16HR. The e.l.f. is a book. 16 hours. The 16-hour wear camo concealer conceals, corrects, and highlights for flawless skin. Medium beige has golden beige undertones. Matching by bottle image is recommended because 16hr camo shades run lighter. Quick-drying and ultra phlegmatic: these are the things. The 16HR Camo Concealer has a thick formula that dries quickly and won't settle into fine lines. It's ideal for all skin types. There is a disabled DOE foot advocate. This liquid concealer has a large doe foot applicator that applies the creamy formula evenly and precisely for maximum coverage, and allows you to sculpt, highlight and make up. Control shine is helped by this. ContainingAvocado Oil and Kaolin Clay will help control excess oil and shine. All ingredients are skin-loving. All of the products are made from skin-loving ingredients, and at good-for-you prices. All e.l.f. products are vegan.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤I love this product. I have hyperpigmentation that I hate, and most of the time foundations don't work alone. I use this on days when I'm running out of makeup. I use it under my foundation when I'm wearing full makeup. I feel like it lasts quite a bit and it works so well. Not much has been able to hold up to New Orleans humidity like this.

👤This is all it is. cracked up to be! I don't know why I keep watching young girls. Give me easy make up tricks. If the best products work, I will pay more for them. This is not a real thing. It worked, and it was great on my make up. 40 year old make up, fashion, and other items approved!

👤Better than expensive brands. It's better to cover age spots and dark circles than it is to pay for the concealers. I would suggest spending a lot of money. I have two shades for my eyes and face. I don't need a foundation.

👤I ordered 3 shades and they were used products. The tube was opened and dirty. I didn't try them because I was repulsed.

👤This is one of the best concealers I have ever used. I don't crease or cake all day. Just do it if you haven't tried before.

👤I love this product, but I don't like that it dries up fast and doesn't give you the chance to spred it good enough.

👤It blends well. I use it as a highlight shade. You don't have to build the coverage.

👤This is terrible. It stays in clumps under your eyes. I usually go for the light one but after reading the reviews I decided to go for the medium one. It's not recommended for mature eyes, it highlights your wrinkling, I didn't know I had many. I wouldn't give it away because it's cheap.

👤The e.l.f. 16 HR camo concealer has good coverage without being too heavy. Would definitely recommend.

👤It is very wet and very heavy. Make sure you apply directly to your eyes, if you are older like me.

👤Quality is not good. It does not match my skin color.

👤It is very hard to blend.

6. L F Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

L F Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

The Best of Beauty Award winner is Allure 2020. This opaque liquid eyeshadow is formulated for comfortable wear, minimal fall out and high impact. Use fingers or a flat eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow on its own, or layer it on top of eyeshadow for a more dramatic look. There are 8 different shades. 100% vegan and cruelty-free from Triclosan, Nonylphenol, Ethoxylates, and Hydroquinone.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤Exactly what I was hoping for. You only get my eye because I'm not wearing any other makeup. It is the perfect amount if glitter and color are present. I smeared it with my finger because I could not wait to try it.

👤SO TINY! It is half the size of my index finger. I am not exaggerating. It is so small, but it is still pigmented as long as it is not rubbed in. It rubs off easily.

👤I love this product. I bought it in 3 different colors. It doesn't last long because it's so small, but for $5 that's fine. It has a lot of glitter and the glitter goes on thick rather than clear, like many glitter products do. It looks better if you put it over a shadow of the same color. It is very easy to wash off because it stays on and doesn't fall over.

👤I have a few of the Stila liquid eyeshadow glitters and wanted something like Disco Queen as far as colors are concerned, but I couldn't justify the price for another liquid glitter shadow. This isn't as concentrated as the Stila shadows, but with a glitter primer and a couple of layers it would be perfect. Five stars for the price and quality. Love it.

👤It has big glitter pieces that are similar to the ones used by little girls to play with makeup. glitter pieces under your nose, chin, and even under your eyes are67531s,67531s, and67531s, that are67531s, and67531s, that are not67531s, and67531s, that are not67531s, and67531s, that are not67531s

👤I saw a lot of people blend it out after it dries. They did not show all the glitter. I have tried to blend it with a primer. Nothing prevents it. It is easy to use and feels good, so I will give it two stars. When I use it, I get a compliment, but once it starts peeling, I get the idea that you have glitter all over your face.

👤I didn't like how it looked on me. It might be nice for younger people. It was cold and slimy when applied and it wasn't what I was expecting. The glitter was not as opaque as I 888-276-5932 I will give it to my niece to play with.

👤It is a little disappointing because of the advertisement. It's called Holo. There was a little holo but not as shown in the photo. The first one will have a ring light. 2nd and 3rd one will be spread out with a ring light. It's still worth the purchase, it's still a great eye shadow, and it's dried with a hair dryer. I use it as a face glitter or as a highlighter. The bottle is barely reached by the applicator.

7. L F Beautifully Smooth Eyeshadow 93011

L F Beautifully Smooth Eyeshadow 93011

This eyeshadow is lightweight. Enriched with vitamins E and K to help with hydration. It is vegan and cruelty free. This smooth formula makes the eyes look bigger. A flawless look is created.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤One of my favorite eyeshadows. It works great with my hooded eyes. It lasts for hours. If I am going out in the evening, I may have to apply at midday. There was no bleeding or crumbling.

👤When I first got this liquid eyeshadow, I swiped it on my lids and left it. It looked bad. I had assumed it was not for me. I decided to use a different technique before tossing it. I used my finger to blend across the lid and onto the crease after I swiped a bit all over my eyelid. Wow! I loved it. It looked smooth. I put this on when I don't have time for a full look. It makes my blonde hair look better. I had to buy another tube because I was afraid to run out.

👤As I get older, powder eye shadows are not as flattering. I have switched to liquid and cream shadows, and this one is a good under-brow and blend color for me. I have a medium beige complexion.

👤The color is lighter than I expected and the wand tip is small. I like the texture. I would buy a dark color because it's hard to find good liquid shadow in a dark shade, and the price was reasonable.

👤It was wonderful! The finish is great for older eyes. Stayed in place all day.

👤On fair completion, this color is not nice. I hope that is the case. One more color besides the maroon is what comes up as that one isn't a natural choice. Those of us higher in age numbers will benefit from their formula. I am happy that there is no aluminum in this, but I feel that all companies should work harder to eliminate these toxins from their products.

👤This is great! It doesn't crease or cake for the entire day. I use it as a primer or brightened up look. Works well! I was looking for shade and it was spot on.

👤My eyes turned red and burning when I tried to blend and look nice. I liked the look. The eyeshadow stays put.

👤I like the colour of this eyeshadow. One stroke is all it takes for a great ease of use. Also very wet. It's a perfect primer for eyeshadow.

👤Es el producto de E.l.f. Me consistencia nada grasosa ni brillosa. Justo, muchas mujeres buscamos en un producto para el rostro. El tono es igual, ami tono de piel haciendo.

👤The coverage of the concealer should be the same as the color. Does not look like an eyeshadow.

👤I expected it to be a little bit yellow. It is easy to apply and blend. It's an odd colour. The lightest brown and yellow. It's kind of like covering something. It was fine.

8. Monochromatic Lightweight Versatile Luxurious Effortlessly

Monochromatic Lightweight Versatile Luxurious Effortlessly

This shimmery, luxuriously blendable cream-to-powder stick is perfect for eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush. The lightweight formula makes it perfect for touch-ups on the go. How to wear is important. Apply to eyes, lips, and cheeks with a brush or fingertips. Use alone or as a base for powder products. 100% CRUELTY-FREE & VEGAN: Proud to be vegan and cruelty-free. Because kindness is chic. All e.l.f. is free. All products are free of harmful substances. BEAUTY FOR ALL: e.l.f. They believe that beauty should be accessible to every eye, lip, and face, so they provide professional-quality products at get-real prices.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤I wanted a natural look, so I put a little on my cheeks and nose. I look at the flowers all over me. It was much for natural. I'm not a disco ball and I don't want sparkles on my face.

👤This product is made of glitter. I was hoping it would give me a healthy glow, but it is just glitter. Even though it was cheap, I regret buying it.

👤The stuff doesn't stay on past 10 minutes.

👤The price is not really worth it for the amount of product given and number of times reapplying. The color lasts about 10 minutes, but it is pretty at first. What is left is glitter. Go for it if you like it. It's alright for a school day, but not for long days.

👤When I first purchased Boomstick, it wasn't on the site, but now it is. I heard mixed reviews of Boomstick and thought I'd try this before shelling out $30 for it. I bought a boomstick after liking this one. The Boomstick has about 25% of the product in a Boomstick. The color is a tough lighter and doesn't wear as long as others have noted, but it has a bit of shimmer to it. It's hard to tell the difference between the two products once the color settles down. If you're new to the whole makeup stick thing, this is a good way to go without the risk of overspending.

👤It is a pretty glitter stick. That is all it is. The size for money is not worth it because there is no color pay off.

👤The product is displayed in a photo. It is similar to a tube of lipstick by weight. A lipstick bullet is between 2.5 and 4.3 grams. $4 for a lipstick is pretty average. It goes on pretty sheer, which I like. I tried it on my lips, but it wouldn't last long because it's sheer. I appreciate that there is no scent. It is easy to take with you for touch ups because it is small. The size of a quarter and the height of 2 inches. I would order again, the same color, or another color.

👤I would have liked to give this 5 stars because it gives a lovely natural healthy glow and I can use it for lips too. It doesn't last very long and that may be the case with all sheer cheek color. I'll use it up now that I have it. I use a few other cheek tint as well.

👤I brought this multi stick before reading the reviews, I was glad I did it that way, as the reviews were very negative, but I really like it.

👤It's hard to use. It looks patchy because it rubs off underneath it when you apply or blend it. The foundation doesn't go nice over the top if you apply it under it.

👤This is a small amount of kit. It's great to fit into your makeup bag. It lasts a long time because you don't need much. Try it. It has a glittery appearance in bright lights close up, but it is not visible in normal lights.

9. Luminous Perfecting Lightweight Illuminates Hyaluronic

Luminous Perfecting Lightweight Illuminates Hyaluronic

The skin is hydrated and plumped with the help of vegan collagen and hyaluronic acid. A smooth texture glides over the skin, smoothing over imperfections and giving you the ultimate grip on your makeup. Before applying makeup, apply a thin, even amount to the skin and set for 30 seconds. It is easy to carry for travel. 100% vegan and cruelty-free from Triclosan, Nonylphenol, Ethoxylates, and Hydroquinone.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤I was expecting a lot from this product after reading all of the reviews. It was very thin. I couldn't tell the difference. I assumed it would fill in my pores better since it's labeled "putty" and sits on top of my skin. Maybe it's my age. (46) Oh well. I will continue to purchase ELF. They can't all be winners.

👤I saw a primer on tik tok woman that was very good, so I gave it a try. And it is wonderful. This primer has made my makeup stay on longer and look more fawless. It goes on nice and does what it says.

👤I love this primer. I have dry skin and it doesn't dry me out as much as other primers do. It gives my skin a nice glow. It makes my foundation apply quickly. It's great for dry skin.

👤I didn't help hide my scars or my pores. My face was very oily and shiny, and the powder was still in my pores. People with even skin are likely to give reviews. I was looking forward to this helping, but I was very disappointed.

👤I heard about this product through a Jeffree Star review and had to try it. It was a long time before this was even available because of the increased popularity. It is just as good as I expected, and you can't beat a great primer for this price.

👤I will not purchase this product again. The primer is terrible, but I like the ELF setting spray. It made my makeup break.

👤I bought three different versions of this product after seeing so many good things about it. The Luminous putty is this one. It can be used alone or as a primer. It makes your skin look better. I use this one every day because it's one of the few that my skin breaks out from. The version has a noticeable effect. I like this because I don't have to use highlighter on my cheeks because of their large pores. You apply it to your skin and wait a minute before applying anything else. It's lightweight and doesn't bother my skin, so it's not a problem. You might need a layer of this on top of your foundation. I like it under my eyes because it adds a bit of luminosity. This is worth trying if you can't use primers or highlighters because they draw attention to the skin. The price will go a long way. I hear it sells out a bit.

👤I expected a flawless finish, but it didn't. I have gotten better results from cheaper products. I wouldn't recommend or buy again.

👤I have a lot of little spots and I have a rash. If you have sensitive skin like me, you would stay clear.

👤I've been using Lanacane anti-chafing gel mixed with liquid illuminator for years but needed a replacement when I couldn't find it anymore. This is wonderful! It works well with liquid foundation and provides a smooth base. The primer is very illuminating but under foundation is lovely. Will return.

10. E L F Ultimate Blending Brush

E L F Ultimate Blending Brush

ACHIEVES FLAWLESS COVERAGE. The large dome-shaped head and densely packed bristles move in and around the crevices and corners of your face for seamless, even coverage. There are multiple use and practicality. The perfect amount of product is picked up by the brush, which is used to build coverage with makeup. For expert results. The e.l.f. is a book. The Ultimate Blending Brush is designed to make it easy to achieve advanced makeup techniques. The treatment is called Luxe. The ultra-fine fibers are hand cut, shaped, and assembled by skilled craftsmen. 100% vegan and 2% kosher: all e.l.f. The bruhses are made of synthetic fibers. All e.l.f. products are vegan.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤I've been looking for a brush like this for a while. Other brushes were either too dense or not dense. The Real Techniques buffing brush is more dense than this one, but less dense. It's a little bigger than the brushes and makes foundation application quicker. The brush hairs are soft. I haven't seen any foundation streaking or shed. It's what I was looking for. It does its job well, is inexpensive, and vegan.

👤This is one of the best brushes to apply bareminerals original powder and liquid foundation. I own 4 of these brushes. I love the elf brush. Great buys! I have never had a problem with the soft brushes, they are still going strong over a year later, so these brushes have to be well made.

👤The E.L.F. Makeup Bleach could be compared to my expensive makeup. The bristles are very soft on top and firm on the bottom, it is an excellent value and will be easy to clean. I wish I would have bought more when the price was low. You need to keep an eye on the priceline for just one of those products.

👤I saw that Thataylaa used it for her foundation videos and bought this. I like it for powder foundation and for blends. I will be getting more.

👤I bought this brush to replace my older brush. The bristles are soft and packed so that the product can easily be absorbed into the base of the bristles. It feels soft on the skin, but because of the loose brush it's impractical for applying or Blending. I tried to use it for face powder, but it didn't work out. It's difficult to use this brush with a number of products because it's between firm and super flexible. Tl;Dr is not good for applying foundation or powder.

👤Ok. I bought this because I couldn't find a brush to apply my foundation powder. The brush blew the it brush, sigma, morphe and Mac out of the water. This made my makeup application quicker. I am amazed. The makeup application was very good. There was no shed. It was washed and dried like a champ. Who knew? A lot of people were late for the party. You won't have buyers remorse with this person.

👤Great brush! I liked the first one so much I bought a second. I use it to blend my makeup. It works well. This brush feels good on my sensitive skin. Does not make anyone feel uncomfortable. It's easy to clean. I've purchased high end make up brushes, but this one beats them all.

👤I like this brush best for blush/bronzer/contour application, and have been playing with it in different roles. The brush head is smaller than I would like from a brush foundation or setting powder, but it has the density and stiffness needed to blend well. The elf brush that I've ever purchased has fallen apart after a year of heavy use, it's the third brush from elf that I've ever purchased. I think this brush is very strong, with no noticeable shed yet after two washes.

11. L F Budge Shadow Stick Steel

L F Budge Shadow Stick Steel

A versatile cream eyeshadow stick that can be used for eyeshadow and eyeliner. All day wear is offered by the formula, which won't crease or cause any problems. You can apply eyeliner or eyeshadow to create a range of looks that can be worn alone or under your favorite eye color. A twist-up design with a built-in sharpener. Proud to be vegan and cruelty-free. Because kindness is chic.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤I thought I would give this a try because I usually avoid liquid eyeshadow. It stays in place, like a makeup removal product. Is not joining with the no budge thing.

👤The color is pale silvery and would be a perfect product. Not as expected.

👤Eye shadow stick. I would buy a dozen of the old stick in the color smoke if I could find it.

👤The shadow is very beautiful. Will order more.


What is the best product for eye shadow primer makeup elf?

Eye shadow primer makeup elf products from E.l.f.. In this article about eye shadow primer makeup elf you can see why people choose the product. E.l.f. and E.l.f. are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye shadow primer makeup elf.

What are the best brands for eye shadow primer makeup elf?

E.l.f., E.l.f. and E.l.f. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye shadow primer makeup elf. Find the detail in this article. Elizabeth Mott, E.l.f. and E.l.f. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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