Best Eye Shadow Primer Makeup White

Makeup 29 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. CAKAILA Glitter Eyeshadow Shimmery Sparkling

CAKAILA Glitter Eyeshadow Shimmery Sparkling

40 glitter colors 40 colors gel glitter eyeshadow is formulated to last for long and waterproof without losing any of its shine, so it caters to every taste and preference. It's perfect for a variety of occasions, such as Halloween, party, wedding, bar, ball, camping, Stage makeup, or just when you want to feel like a sparkling hero! It's better to use glitter primer or glitter glue with this palette, it's suitable for eyes, lips, cheeks, body, nails, and hair art, and suitable for all skin types. The glitter can be easily removed with makeup wipes and makeup remover products. If you still have glitter on your skin, rinse it off with water and transfer it completely. It is a perfect gift for a Birthday or Christmas gift. The service of evPCtcosmetics is the best. If you received broken goods or are not satisfied with their product, eye shadow may be damaged during the shipment. They will give you a solution in 24 hours. They provide more than you expected.

Brand: Evpct

👤It's a nice collection of glitter. Gel glitter is a better alternative to loose eye glitter and is very different from pressed tiny fine glitter eyeshadows. I don't know why the item is called "gel" at the bottom, but it's definitely a gel that I was expecting, and not a pressed one, which I didn't want. If you apply it on top of a tacky primer, it will stay in place. The glitter is suspended in a clear gel which is nice as I can use a variety of colors underneath it. It is much better to have loose eye glitters than it is to have messy loose eye glitters. The glitter is very light and thin, so that it is not itchy. The bigger glitters are very flat and you can barely feel them for the first five minutes, then you forget they are there. I read some bad reviews but this is exactly what I was looking for. I think they should change the description to say that this is not a pressed eyeshadow with fine glitter, but a glitter suspended in tacky gel for a smooth application, and that might be where some of the bad reviews are coming from.

👤This set is essential. I was skeptical that the glitter would be too loose and cause injuries to the eye. It stayed in place all day despite being somewhat sticky. Quality was top notch and I never saw it in my eye.

👤People who don't know the consistency of eye glitter gels are the bad reviewers. This is a gorgeous collection of objects. I love it.

👤It's all pretty. I got a better glitter pallet from Amazon. Most of the glitter is sub-par, so I give it a 4 for fast delivery and pretty packaging.

👤It has chunks of big glitter.

👤The colors are nice, but there's not a lot of color. You need to pack the color in for it to be seen. The shadows were broken when they arrived.

👤The consistency was supposed to be creamy and easy to use, but this isn't the case. It is like glitter pieces that are tightly fastened on, so you have to apply pressure and then use your fingers to get something. Many of the glitters are not full to the top. It was hard to come off.

👤The colors were not as expected, and I don't think they are as bright as the explanation suggests. If you're looking for neutral colors, you just need to apply a lot to get a good look. Nice. I wouldn't buy again.

2. Colors Eyeshadow Eyebrow Waterproof Smudgeproof

Colors Eyeshadow Eyebrow Waterproof Smudgeproof

It's waterproof and sweatproof to prevent the eyeshadow color fade, great for humid days or live in the heat, lounging at the beach or a long night out. The best way to make your eyes look better is to change the color of the eyeshadow. The eye area can be used to enhance the eye color. It has ingredients that help balance skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It's suitable for all skin types. Silky texture can be used in stacks. It can make the eye makeup last longer. People of all skin tones can choose from a variety of colors. It can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick and eyebrow. Prime your eyes with this eyeshadow base. Provide you with bright eyes. Formula is vegan and never tested on animals. It's important for safety for sensitive skin. It's easy to remove with a vaseline or eye makeup removal.

Brand: Xinlutong

👤No seriously. These tubes are very versatile and work well. You can match your skin tone for a nude look, add white for a bright eye, or do both. They are full to the brim and you get so much that it starts to come out on its own when you open the tube. They are perfect for classic looks or more glamorous styles. I like to give them time to set before applying makeup, as they are thick. These are absolutely amazing and there is no gross gunk that comes out first like other expensive brands.

👤I am not sure how this product is considered eye primer. You can see it in bright pink, bright lavender, and bright mint green. I wear a beige eye shadow the most because it is hard to cover up. It's hard to remove it from your eye lid. If you are looking for an eye primer that is neutral, I don't think this product is for you. If you want bright eye shadow, this is the product for you.

👤I have a hood over my eyes. Well, I did. My eye shadow game is complete with this eye shadow primer. The price is great. A great natural look with eyeshadow. I love it!

👤I love it because it covers my dark circles.

3. NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil White

NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil White

A line and defined eye is just a twist away with this eyeliner pen. The creamy formula holds for hours while the intense color covers. It's not necessary to apply twist-up and eyeliner for a winged-out look. SMUDGE-PROOF and SMOOTH: This smudge-proof eyeliner glides on easily and lasts all day through heat and humidity. Their Retractable Eye Pencil is available in natural to bright shades. Eye makeup for the perfect POP is just the tip of the iceberg. Their complete line of eye makeup includes eyeshadow singles and palettes, false lashes, mascara, liquid eyeliner and eyebrow pencils. It is free of contraceptives. They don't think animals belong in a lab. All of their makeup is vegan. They don't test their products on animals. Discover New York professional makeup. Try all of their pro makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadows, eyeliner, pencils, mascara, and false lashes to lipstick, lipgloss, foundation, primer, blush, and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I have noticed that the skin on my eyelid is a bit tighter than it used to be, and the eye pencils I used to use don't go on as smoothly as they used to. The NYX mechanical eye pencils are as smooth as silk. If you want something precise, this isn't it. It stays on all day. I only had one pencil that twisted out about a quarter of an inch before the mechanism got stuck, but it didn't bother me because of the low cost and high performance. If I have an occasional dud with this brand, it's still worth it because I'm used to using MAC and Clinique pencils.

👤I can smudge it the way I need it to get that smokey eyes effect, and it's easy to put on waterline.

👤The best eyeliner ever. I don't know why or how, but this shade of eyeliner is the only eyeliner I can wear all around my eye and it's flattering. I have been using it for 3 years. This liner is in Bronze.

👤The eye liner I bought lasts all day and is white. I used the pencil on my waterline because I have small eyes and it stayed on all day. The eye liner does not irritate the eyes.

👤I'm terrible at applying eyeliner, so this was a lifesaver. It's creamy, so it doesn't bother you when you apply it, but it dries out in a minute or so, so it lasts all day. If I want a darker look, I apply black or navy eyeliner and then apply this on top, it smooths over the shakiness of the dark eyeliner, and looks a whole lot more interesting. It's light and looks a bit like metallic eyeshadow if you smudge it, but still appropriate for wearing to class or going to work. I used to use a liquid eye shadow from Glossier, but it didn't work as well as I would have liked, and it fades quickly. It comes off easily with a wipe or miscellar water even though it stays on for 10 hours. It's great if you want to cover mistakes or simply as a stand-in so you don't have to tell the world what you're doing. I plan to buy gold and blue as well. You can find this product at Bed, Bath + Beyond or any other store.

👤I've bought a lot of white eye liners in the last few years trying to find one that stayed on my lower water line. I tried this one out while I was working in the house to see if it would perform better than any of the others that I had spent money on. This is very easy to apply and stays on the water line. I wiped it out of the corners near the tear ducts because I was working and sweating here in the house, but it stayed where I put it for the entire afternoon and evening. It did fade slightly later but it did not do as well as I had hoped. Depending on your work environment, a single application of this would probably last through an entire evening function or most of a work day. It makes the eyes pop. I highly recommend either putting this on before mascara or putting an extra coat on after applying it to the water line. It is very creamy and will stick to the base of the lashes along the water line, so it needs to be covered over to avoid black lashes. This is a great product and I highly recommend it and am very happy to have finally found one after five attempts with other brands, that not only shows up really well, but stays put. I was reminded to write a review now that I was about to order two more. Mrs. Yvonne Hancock is a woman.

4. Cascaba Waterproof Eyeshadow Eyeliners Sparkling

Cascaba Waterproof Eyeshadow Eyeliners Sparkling

You only need a single wipe to apply eye makeup. Start at the lash line in the middle of the eye with a finger or an application. Wear alone or over shadow. The mix of pearl and glitter makes for a maxed out shimmer. glitter is lightweight, blendable, quick dry. The long-wearing sparkle liquid eye shadow has a maximum sparkle. It will last up to 12 hours. It stays all day and has a multi-dimensional effect on the lids. You can make your eyes look like they've been painted with liquid pearls by changing your coverage. Quick dry down to minimize fallout, non-sticky texture, subtle and soft look. Make yourself the center of attention by creating gorgeous eye makeup. It is a perfect gift to give to a lady for Mother's day, an anniversary, a wedding, a wedding party, a birthday, a graduation, or just as a surprise.

Brand: Hotiary

👤I have never had issues with eye shadows in the past. My eyes are burning and swollen shut. I realized that I'm not the only one. There are other reviews where people had the same feeling. I only had it on for a few hours the night before. I don't want this to happen to anyone else, as I am miserable. I put a picture of what I look like with normal makeup and one from the morning when I woke up. It looks terrible. From now on, I will be using either Ulta or Sephora. Lessons learned

👤I'm glad this works for some people, but I don't like the quality. It's just vaguely orange and it's not hologram. There are some glitter particles. It feels weird on your eyelid when you apply a thick layer to show up. You can feel the coat of it on there even after it dries. It's not good for eyeshadow on top of it. The first time I put it on, I had to wash it off and redo my makeup. That's really not good quality for $10

👤They look stunning and last long.

👤I got this on time and that was the only positive thing about this product. It didn't show up in the photos. I also had a rash from it. I am not sensitive to much but this made my eyes look sunburned. I would not recommend this product to anyone and I would like to get a refund on it.

👤It's definitely not what I thought it would be. It's small like dollar tree lipgloss for kids. The eyeshadow is not the same as out of tube, but I wanted it to be that way. My best friend says it's just a pop colored liquid eyeshadow. I won't use anymore.

👤This is not very easy to read compared to others. It seems to patch up in spots when it does dry. It doesn't give the effect I wanted after one coat. There is no product in the tube.

👤These are the only eye shadows that stay on all day and night. It's easy with make-up removal. So far, I have bought 3. I love them. I tried to take a picture of the eye shadow after 7 hours, but it wouldn't let me take it. I put it on and it looked great.

👤Its very thin. I wish it was bigger. It works better if you add layers, but you have to worry about it clumping up.

5. Eyeshadow Smudge Waterproof Glitter Shimmer

Eyeshadow Smudge Waterproof Glitter Shimmer

The eyeshadow sticks in the set are highly pigmented and can be used to give smoky, luminous and metallic makeup. You can use shimmer and matt eyeshadow sticks to create makeup for different occasions. A professional makeup effect, office look, natural look, party look and smoky eye will be achieved by using their rich colors eyeshadow sticks set. SMUDGE PROOF EYESHADOW BASE: Shade 12 is a creamy eyeshadow primer stick. The skin tone eye shadow base primes your eyes, which means a smooth eyeshadow application, keeps cream eyeshadow in place, and even increases the color of your eyeshadow. The long lasting formula makes eye makeup last all day. Not prone to smudges or streaks. CONVENIIENT DESIGN. The brush and eye shadow are combined. The eyeshadow stick has a soft brush that blends eyeshadow better. The soft brush does not hurt your skin. transparent lids make it easier to find the color you want. The twist design is easy to use. A soft built-in bristle can show eye makeup. The soft roll-up eyeshadow pencils bag can be used to organize your cream eyeshadow sticks in one place. The best size for travel is portable. You can put it in your bag and look at it quickly. Anything can be avoided. Quality service and a great gift. The eyeshadow sets are suitable for both beginners and more experienced. It's good for weddings, photography, nightlife, parties or daily use. Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, and Anniversary Day are some of the days where a lovely package to bring your girlfriend, sister, mom, and daughter is needed. It is safe and cruelty-free. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Oillase

👤It was easy to use. I was worried but I am happy they worked out great. This was my first experience with them and it was easy to apply. It is easy to have a natural look. A picture. I only have lipstick and eyeshadow. I went natural. They rub off as well, so it's only reason for 4 out of 5 stars.

👤The colors don't show up without some pressure. They don't give you much product once you fall into the sink or floor. The color runs under the eyes giving a look of a raccoon. It was very disappointing.

👤They do not dry so they fade very fast. After a short time, the color does not stay true. The Ultra store brand is great. They last a long time. I was hoping these would do the same thing. Unfortunately they don't.

👤How many are needed? You get what you get. There is packaging that needs work. The tight roll is eating the plastic lid. There is a brush tip that helps blend. I wish the colors were more balanced. Multiple shades of the same color.

👤The colors don't last. You can't see it on your lid by the end of the day.

👤The colors are pretty, but mine would crease and lose the color no matter what I did. It might not be best for people with hooded eyes.

👤I love it! I haven't had any issues like that. It is very easy to put on eyeshadow. It stayed on for over eight hours while I was at work. I didn't have to bring the pack with me. You can just blend with your finger. I have been able to add more depth to my eye by putting a shadow on my lower lid, where I would normally put liner. I have never done that with my makeup because I didn't have time or thought it was my thing.

👤I ordered these because I was looking for a bright eyeshadow. I wanted a blue one. The colors are neutral. The blue is not blue. It's a gray color. The quality of the product is great and the colors are pretty, but I liked the blending brush on each color. Not what I was looking for. I returned and ordered another product that had the blue and green color I was looking for.

6. Almay Shadow Unicorn Eyeshadow Palette

Almay Shadow Unicorn Eyeshadow Palette

You can shine from day to dusk with one shade in four finishes. Combine finishes for a unique look. Smooth texture. There are a variety of dynamic shades, from flattering neutrals to on-trend color. It's perfect for every day wear.

Brand: Almay

👤The first ingredient in this eyeshadow is Talc. Poor regulations for cosmetic-grade talc cause the makeup to include Asbestos. The minerals form together. It's a known cause of lung cancer and Mesothelioma, and it can be contaminated with talc mined for commercial uses.

👤Absolutely what I wanted. I got the animal. All white. I was looking for a base white to layer on the primer before doing an eyeshadow look and a highlight under the eyebrow. The inner corner has sparkle. This was it! I was skeptical because of the reviews that I had read, but none of them were about the white one. Gave it a try and I'm very happy about it. 100/10 would definitely recommend.

👤Here Goes Nothing is a shimmery beige that harmonizes well with warmer complexions. It is more of a highlighting shade or all over lid wash. I need a pale shadow to open my eyes and wake me up. The marketing ploy is that this is 4 different finishes of the same shade, but they look so similar in the pan that I blend them all together when applying. This product is a fine pearlescence, which I appreciate. If you want a disco-ball glitter look, this isn't your product. It doesn't come with a mirror. I just swirl my finger over the surface and apply directly to my lids. You will have to get your own eyeshadow brushes if you want more precision. I love this product so much that I have bought it again and again. It is a very high quality shadow that will not crease. It stays fresh for over 12 hours. I don't use any other type of foundation or primer, but I do use a few dots of the concealer stick to prep my lids, because they tend to have a pinkish-purple cast to them. Excellent product!

👤Color is not accurate. I have been looking for a shadow for a while. This is bright purple. The online photo shows what I received.

👤Don't waste your money. The quad is a little bit more purple than pink and Lilac, which is fine, but the colors don't transfer. I used every beauty tool in my arsenal, including the old school way of just using my finger to apply the eyeshadow which always works with cheap eyeshadows, but absolutely nothing works. It was as if the product was a makeup set for little girls. I will not be buying any more of their products in the future because this is a very pretty quad eyeshadow.

👤Not a fan. It doesn't show up on pale skin. I have a fair complexion and can barely see. It's easy to wipe off. I would use a primer before shadow. I like the colors in theory. I wish they showed up on my skin. They went on without a hitch. There was no skin irritation. Light for my skin color.

👤I've used other eyeshadows that I really liked. I was very disappointed in this one. I wanted the color to highlight my brow bone. There was no color at all. You couldn't blend it because it was so powdery. It has no staying power. I don't recommend this one unless you like a few glittery flakes on your cheeks.

7. Makeup Revolution Crease Canvas Eyeshadow

Makeup Revolution Crease Canvas Eyeshadow

SMUDGE-free prep and prime. This unique eye makeup base is a great start as it offers a soft touch to your eyes and can be used for smudge-free eyeshadow application. The text is flawed. The Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Base is a universal favorite. The lightweight formula is perfect for a cut crease. This liquid eyeshadow base is so easy to use that you don't have to worry about falling out even after hours of wear. No crack or constriction. The noncomedogenic composition of this product makes it great to avoid cracking and wrinkling throughout the day. Revolution Beauty products are always cruelty-free. They don't allow animal testing at any stage of development for both ingredients and final products.

Brand: Makeup Revolution

👤I wear only enough makeup for a polished professional look and would use a primer to help adhere eye shadow and keep it from creasing. I was not happy with the more expensive brands. Makeup Revolution's cut crease is the best primer I've ever tried. I use this when I want a glamorous date night look. Very pleased! Excellent product!

👤This is a great way to make a cut crease eye look. It doesn't smudge or transfer the color, and creates a great base for lighter color to be placed on top with no fading or wrinkling. I wouldn't recommend it as an eye primer alone. I used it as a stand alone eye primer because of my oily eyelids. I will buy this product again. It might last a while because of how much you get in a bottle.

👤There were clumps of stringy elastic inside the bottle. It's disgusting. This is not new. I don't know what the big clumps and striny bits are.

👤It's perfect as an eyeshadow base or evening out lid skin tone. Stays on for a long time.

👤Does what it is suppose to. It creates a nice base for eye shadow. Also can be used to cover up under the eyes. Doesn't cake at all.

👤Q buscaba excelente.

👤The product has a bit of stickiness to it, but not much for allowing crease placement.

👤You know how you get some reviews that are headed up, "Reviewed In the UK on [date]", but you can tell by the spelling and grammar that they are not UK reviews. Excellent product, I'm doing my bit in the UK to remedy it. You don't need much as it goes a long way. It is a good base for eyeshadow or to wear on its own. The Revolution products I've tried have been very good. Will buy again.

👤You get a lot of product for your money and you really need very little of it to get a nice cut crease base, so this bottle might last me the rest of my natural. It's important to know how much you apply on the wand. It's tacky as a base for eyeshadow.

👤Absolutely amazing, looked lovely all night.

👤Good. It's easy to use, just practice.

👤I love this product. Makeup is easy to blend in.

8. Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette Neutral

Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette Neutral

You look better naked. A compact, travel-ready eyeshadow palette featuring 6 neutral shades that complement a range of skin tones, from cool and olive complexions to deeper hues. The Naked2 Basics shades include Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, and Undone. Back 2 basics. This eyeshadow palette is perfect for creating simple eye looks or as a base for colorful eyeshadows and dramatic eye looks. The proprietary ingredient blend in their eye shadow is rich in color and blends well. Play well with other people and Prep your lids with their Eyeshadow Primer Potion for a look that lasts all day and won't fade or crease. Mist your eyeshadow brush with All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to maximize color payoff.

Brand: Urban Decay

👤I've been using Urban Decay for a long time, but this eyeshadow is powdery. It doesn't have the same consistency as any Urban Decay product I've ever used, which leads me to believe it's a fake. I recommend buying from authorized sellers.

👤The price was much smaller than I expected. Will travel well, but won't last long. The shadow tray is small. The photo shows how small the measuring tape is and next to a remote for a TV. I don't have a previous purchase to show next to. I hope this helps you make a decision. The highest profit margin for what you actually get is make up. How often do you get to use the last bits before it sticks in containers?

👤I see a lot of fakes on this item, but mine seems legit. My daughter gave it a look and confirmed authenticity, so that's out of the way. I can see where some people were sketched out. My eyeshadow was dirty? I mean the outside of it had something on it? There was a powdery substance on my fingers after I cleaned the logo off. The palette is hard to open. It's sealed when it's closed. I tried to get it open. The shadow is very nice and wears very well. I saw a different review that thought it was fake because it's a mini palette, but it seems like it's true since it's clearly one of them. This is the right size for the price. I took a star off for my eyeshadow not being clean on the outside, but other than that it's fine.

👤I would like to see Urban Decay sell this palate in single colors. I love the eye shadows, but only use a few. I have to buy all six colors in order to get the couple that I use daily. I love the product.

👤I bought the original palette a long time ago, but I feel like the quality has gone down. Who knows if that was a legit product or not. There were bits of makeup smudged on the case, but the little plastic sheet that goes over the eyeshadow was missing. It didn't seem to have been used, just a few things were off. There is a The kind of paint is bad. There was a lot of dust on my brushes. It's not worth trying to come back. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤I should have known that I was going to be disappointed. I mean small when I say it. I believe the pallet is the small size from a previous purchase. I like the product, but you have to use small brushes to use it. I was not happy.

👤I have been buying the full size Naked Palettes every day since they came out. I wonder if I got tricked on a fake makeup when I apply it every morning. I came here to read reviews and see that I am not the only one thinking this. Since day one, the dark color has been crumbling. I rarely use it, but it is now completely gone because it gets everywhere. I have to fix mistakes because they get all over my hands. Even if I dropped it or traveled with it, I have never had a color fall apart like this. This one is still in my drawer. It doesn't look good. It looks like a drugstore brand. I have tried all of the produce from Urban Decay. Except this. It is not clear. You can buy directly from one of the makeup stores.

9. Fendy Eyeshadow Anti Aging Waterproof White 05

Fendy Eyeshadow Anti Aging Waterproof White 05

The 24 hours long lasting eyeshadow primer has a full coverage look. It is vegan and cruelty free. It is very easy to blend. It works on all skin tones and dries without being noticeable. They don't test their products on animals. Health and safe ingredients, Hypoallergic, skin-friendly.

Brand: Fendy

👤Urban decay and NYX are my favorite eyelid primer. I decided to try this one and it was really disappointing. I didn't have my eye makeup on for a while before it started peeling off. NYX is my eyeshadow and it is usually very bright. This is useless.

👤It is lovely for popping out colors but mainly cut crease.

👤I won't be buying it again because it looks so bad on the eye and it doesn't make the eyeshadow pop.

👤The price was not bad. I risked it. It blends like a dream for my skin tone, and I think it's better than Urbandecays primer Potion. I wish there were more colors.

👤It helps keep your eyes shadow on. It is a yellow tent.

👤It's good to settle for eye shadow powder.

10. Eyeshadow ColorStay Longwearing Non Drying Universal

Eyeshadow ColorStay Longwearing Non Drying Universal

It is possible to wear vibrant color and crease proof wear. A sheaf butter care complex can be used to create a smooth base for shadow. Non-greasy formula. Works on all skin tones.

Brand: Revlon

👤Since I began using the Colorstay Primer, it has improved my skin around my eyes, and improved the application of eye make up. I have wrinkly skin on my eye lid. I was very pleased with how well this worked. My eye shadow stays on longer.

👤The eye shadow primer has the perfect texture. All day my eye makeup stays put. The picture was taken after applying eye shadow. Would definitely recommend!

👤I've used several brands, including Estee Lauder, and most are dying on the lid. I have found a regular cream foundation works just as well if you use a powder shadow. It is worth the extra for seniors to like Lauder. Your shadow will be very good the next morning.

👤Does a good job with eyeshadow primer. It makes eyeshadows brighter/darker/more vibrant, and keeps them well for most of the day. I work 8 hours and most of my shadows will stay bright until I get home, as long as I'm not sweating profusely. It's very good for basic use, but we'll see how the Florida summer makes that statement. I've only had to call for an event a few times. I have a sensitive skin and no problems with it. Definitely a good purchase.

👤My skin wouldn't tolerate it. I had to take it off about an hour after I applied it. Someone else could use it.

👤I was surprised by how watery it is and it appears to have separated from the container. I wouldn't buy this again. There are many better ones on the market.

👤I've been wanting to try an eye shadow primer for a long time but was hesitant because of the cost. I didn't have high hopes for this one because it was so cheap. When I blended it in, I found out that it melted into your lids, which was a bad sign, because it creased right away on my lids. I put my eyeshadow on, forgot about primer, and was amazed that my eye shadow didn't end up in my crease after a long day of doing nothing! I thought it must be a mistake, so I tried it again and it didn't budge. I've found a reasonably priced product that does what it says it will do and they'll probably stop selling it.

👤This product dries quickly and does what it is supposed to do. I did some research and found that eye shadow primer is not necessary.

👤I want to say that I have never used a primer for eye shadow before. I can't compare this to other products. I tried it for the first time today and it was just amazing. I do my makeup at 7 am. I was unhappy that whenever I put eye shadow on, it was half gone after a couple of hours. It was mostly gone by lunchtime. I was told at the counter that eye primer is the solution. I ordered this product. I am glad I ordered 2. This is a must-have product for me. The primer is in a perfect colour for me. It evens out my skin tone. The mauve was at the bottom of my lids. It creates a solid palette by just evening out everything. It goes on without a hitch. Wow! I put it on 13 1/2 hours ago, and it never went bad, as my shadows are wont to do. By 10 hours my eye shadow was perfect. I kept looking in the mirror. It is starting to fade now. I think it's at half mast. Like 50% lighter. After 13 1/2 hours. It took almost 14 hours to do what I normally do in 2 or 3 hours. I can't see myself doing my eye shadow without using this first. This is a must have for me.

11. NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow White

NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow White

NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base is a primer that will help you keep your eyeshadow looking good. Use a light shade to lighten your eyeshadow color or the black primer to deepen it, or go natural with the skin tone primer base shade. All Eyes On Eye Makeup includes NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, and setting sprays. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I love this base. It makes my colors pop. It helps to blend them.

👤It's so good and affordable. I decided to try out eyeshadow primer because it was so inxpensive that I had doubts about it. I used the white one with an urban decay palette. I compared the swatch on my arm with the primer and it was a huge difference. The top two are without primer. I needed less eyeshadow to get a good color and the eyeshadow was richer when I used the primer. More than worth the money. I'm officially a primer lifer.

👤I bought this for two reasons. The small reason is to make colors pop. It helps to keep my eye makeup out of my eyes, which cause constant irritation. Since I don't wear make up anymore, it's a big problem. It's any foundation at all. I needed this to fill the eyelidwrinkle. It worked out. Kind of. In theory. It won't set, that's the problem. It wants to get in my way before I can put the shadow on. It wants to run off my face. I didn't think it was possible, but it has helped with the eye irritation. I wore eye liner. A miracle! It looked grungy within 30 minutes. Setting spray can cause red eye and tears worse than anything. It's good for sensitive eyes. It helped my bright shadows pop, I included a picture of me just messing around, no other make-up. It wouldn't last on my older eyes.

👤You have to leave the product out to dry for a couple of days. It is okay. It is not very impressive. It is not my favorite base. It will crease very badly if you don't set it. If I have nothing else to use, I will probably use it.

👤This stuff is great. I'd never used a base before a couple months ago. This is a great product and it is very affordable. I was having an issue with my shadow fading after a couple hours but now it stays vibrant for hours. I usually buy very little makeup. I spend a lot on the expensive stuff for a few reasons. I need oil free makeup for my sensitive skin. If it doesn't work, you get your money back most of the time. I've been getting into a larger variety of makeup and have been discovering cheaper alternatives to the big brands. NYX has hidden gems that are busting at the seams. I sound like a billboard, but I have been pleasantly surprised by NYX.

👤It has the same consistency as gel eyeliners, but with half the color. It works great under "is mine" black eyeshadow. It works for dark eyeshadow colors as well. The dark blues, purples and brown are really good. This is a perfect base for people who like dark eyeshadow or smoky eyes. It glides on and comes off easily. It prevents the dark shadows from staining your eyes. Put it in your cart for the price and how it works. It will last a while. If you use it everyday, it will last 9 months after opening it.


What is the best product for eye shadow primer makeup white?

Eye shadow primer makeup white products from Evpct. In this article about eye shadow primer makeup white you can see why people choose the product. Xinlutong and Nyx Professional Makeup are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye shadow primer makeup white.

What are the best brands for eye shadow primer makeup white?

Evpct, Xinlutong and Nyx Professional Makeup are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye shadow primer makeup white. Find the detail in this article. Hotiary, Oillase and Almay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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