Best Eye Shadow Stick Makeup for Green Eyes

Makeup 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Waterproof Hypoallergenic Highlighter Multi Dimensional FA38 11116 123

Waterproof Hypoallergenic Highlighter Multi Dimensional FA38 11116 123

Make eye makeup easier with the 2 IN 1 Eyeshadow Pen. It has what you expect from a big color payoff, waterproof effect, and stay-all-day power. A creamy formula glides on smoothly like silk, no brushes required. The eye liner can be used as an eyeshadow topper or as a single liner. Thetwist-up design is so easy to apply and blend out for a quick and easy daytime look, it's called Save Your Makeup Time.

Brand: Focallure

👤One of the eyeshadow pens was malfunctioning when I received it. I received a message from the seller the next day after I email them. They gave me a gift after replacing the faulty one. I received my pen within a couple of days. I'm very happy with the service and product.

👤I used this for the first time today. First, apply primer. It felt like lipstick on my face. In about an hour, I never dried or pooled in my crease. My eyeliner was smeared off. It takes me a few washes to remove regular eyeshadow. Will return for a refund. Don't waste your money!

👤The customer service is good, but I still don't recommend the product for reasons below. I was upgraded to 2 stars. This product never dries. If you accidentally touch it, it gets everywhere except where it belongs, and within an hour most of it is gone. Comes off at the lightest touch. The colors are lighter than anyone would want. They are too light for a pale white girl.

👤I like them. I don't like spending a lot of money on makeup. Don't spend your money on makeup. I tried these for the price and they were good. They stayed all day. They are easy to blend with. They are on smooth. Very shiny. It didn't make my eyes itch. I would recommend buying more colors.

👤If I can't use the colors, that doesn't matter. It stays on the eye lid and is creamy like old lipsticks. It was gone by the time I got to work. The crease of the eye lid was where it was built. I didn't pay attention to the reviews. I bought 2 sets. I will not bother to return so I hope I will find some use for them.

👤The three shadows are in the bottom three stripes. Julep brand Burgundy and Rose shimmers are the top two. They look close, but the julep has a shimmer. I have been using a julep for a while and have been putting it away for the day. I thought these focallure might give the same shadows with different colors. The focallure are not worth much at all. The glittery shimmer spreads everywhere, but the pigment seems to disappear altogether. You can't create a clean, defined line or a nice blend because it becomes a glittery cloud around the eye. The focallure color came off when I wiped it with my other thumb, even though I tried to clean my hand. The glitter came off with soap. I had to use makeup and soap to get rid of the Julep. You end up with no color, and shimmer everywhere, since the price is not a pro. You will get the same effect if you buy cheap body glitter.

👤I haven't used the darker color much. I love the color it gives off, but after a couple hours, it's all in the crease of your eyelid. I ordered the 2 piece without the darker color again, since I love the colors they give off. I might need to use a base first to see if that works. I bought these less than a month ago and they are almost gone.

2. Cascaba Waterproof Eyeshadow Eyeliners Sparkling

Cascaba Waterproof Eyeshadow Eyeliners Sparkling

You only need a single wipe to apply eye makeup. Start at the lash line in the middle of the eye with a finger or an application. Wear alone or over shadow. The mix of pearl and glitter makes for a maxed out shimmer. glitter is lightweight, blendable, quick dry. The long-wearing sparkle liquid eye shadow has a maximum sparkle. It will last up to 12 hours. It stays all day and has a multi-dimensional effect on the lids. You can make your eyes look like they've been painted with liquid pearls by changing your coverage. Quick dry down to minimize fallout, non-sticky texture, subtle and soft look. Make yourself the center of attention by creating gorgeous eye makeup. It is a perfect gift to give to a lady for Mother's day, an anniversary, a wedding, a wedding party, a birthday, a graduation, or just as a surprise.

Brand: Hotiary

👤I have never had issues with eye shadows in the past. My eyes are burning and swollen shut. I realized that I'm not the only one. There are other reviews where people had the same feeling. I only had it on for a few hours the night before. I don't want this to happen to anyone else, as I am miserable. I put a picture of what I look like with normal makeup and one from the morning when I woke up. It looks terrible. From now on, I will be using either Ulta or Sephora. Lessons learned

👤I'm glad this works for some people, but I don't like the quality. It's just vaguely orange and it's not hologram. There are some glitter particles. It feels weird on your eyelid when you apply a thick layer to show up. You can feel the coat of it on there even after it dries. It's not good for eyeshadow on top of it. The first time I put it on, I had to wash it off and redo my makeup. That's really not good quality for $10

👤They look stunning and last long.

👤I got this on time and that was the only positive thing about this product. It didn't show up in the photos. I also had a rash from it. I am not sensitive to much but this made my eyes look sunburned. I would not recommend this product to anyone and I would like to get a refund on it.

👤It's definitely not what I thought it would be. It's small like dollar tree lipgloss for kids. The eyeshadow is not the same as out of tube, but I wanted it to be that way. My best friend says it's just a pop colored liquid eyeshadow. I won't use anymore.

👤This is not very easy to read compared to others. It seems to patch up in spots when it does dry. It doesn't give the effect I wanted after one coat. There is no product in the tube.

👤These are the only eye shadows that stay on all day and night. It's easy with make-up removal. So far, I have bought 3. I love them. I tried to take a picture of the eye shadow after 7 hours, but it wouldn't let me take it. I put it on and it looked great.

👤Its very thin. I wish it was bigger. It works better if you add layers, but you have to worry about it clumping up.

3. Eyeshadow Smudge Waterproof Glitter Shimmer

Eyeshadow Smudge Waterproof Glitter Shimmer

The eyeshadow sticks in the set are highly pigmented and can be used to give smoky, luminous and metallic makeup. You can use shimmer and matt eyeshadow sticks to create makeup for different occasions. A professional makeup effect, office look, natural look, party look and smoky eye will be achieved by using their rich colors eyeshadow sticks set. SMUDGE PROOF EYESHADOW BASE: Shade 12 is a creamy eyeshadow primer stick. The skin tone eye shadow base primes your eyes, which means a smooth eyeshadow application, keeps cream eyeshadow in place, and even increases the color of your eyeshadow. The long lasting formula makes eye makeup last all day. Not prone to smudges or streaks. CONVENIIENT DESIGN. The brush and eye shadow are combined. The eyeshadow stick has a soft brush that blends eyeshadow better. The soft brush does not hurt your skin. transparent lids make it easier to find the color you want. The twist design is easy to use. A soft built-in bristle can show eye makeup. The soft roll-up eyeshadow pencils bag can be used to organize your cream eyeshadow sticks in one place. The best size for travel is portable. You can put it in your bag and look at it quickly. Anything can be avoided. Quality service and a great gift. The eyeshadow sets are suitable for both beginners and more experienced. It's good for weddings, photography, nightlife, parties or daily use. Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, and Anniversary Day are some of the days where a lovely package to bring your girlfriend, sister, mom, and daughter is needed. It is safe and cruelty-free. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Oillase

👤It was easy to use. I was worried but I am happy they worked out great. This was my first experience with them and it was easy to apply. It is easy to have a natural look. A picture. I only have lipstick and eyeshadow. I went natural. They rub off as well, so it's only reason for 4 out of 5 stars.

👤The colors don't show up without some pressure. They don't give you much product once you fall into the sink or floor. The color runs under the eyes giving a look of a raccoon. It was very disappointing.

👤They do not dry so they fade very fast. After a short time, the color does not stay true. The Ultra store brand is great. They last a long time. I was hoping these would do the same thing. Unfortunately they don't.

👤How many are needed? You get what you get. There is packaging that needs work. The tight roll is eating the plastic lid. There is a brush tip that helps blend. I wish the colors were more balanced. Multiple shades of the same color.

👤The colors don't last. You can't see it on your lid by the end of the day.

👤The colors are pretty, but mine would crease and lose the color no matter what I did. It might not be best for people with hooded eyes.

👤I love it! I haven't had any issues like that. It is very easy to put on eyeshadow. It stayed on for over eight hours while I was at work. I didn't have to bring the pack with me. You can just blend with your finger. I have been able to add more depth to my eye by putting a shadow on my lower lid, where I would normally put liner. I have never done that with my makeup because I didn't have time or thought it was my thing.

👤I ordered these because I was looking for a bright eyeshadow. I wanted a blue one. The colors are neutral. The blue is not blue. It's a gray color. The quality of the product is great and the colors are pretty, but I liked the blending brush on each color. Not what I was looking for. I returned and ordered another product that had the blue and green color I was looking for.

4. Naturally Pretty Luxe Eyeshadow Matte

Naturally Pretty Luxe Eyeshadow Matte

The Naturally pretty eyeshadow trio helps provide a more youthful radiance, and instantly diffuses the look of fine lines and wrinkling on the eyes. Natural politeness. Their eyeshadows glide onto your lids for a beautiful, naturally pretty look that doesn't crease and lasts! Pick one of the neutral shades or wear them all together. It is free of the ingredients that can make eyes appear older. It even eliminates oily eyes. There is a beauty tip. If you want a more dramatic look, simply wet the eyeshadows and use them as eyeliner or cream eyeshadow. Then apply Hello Lashes Mascara to your lashes. Use the large fluffy end of your eyeshadow brush to apply all over the lid and crease. The smudger, No-Tug side, can be used to naturally line the lower lashes.

Brand: It Cosmetics

👤I was told by a friend that she loved it. I was going to try these eyeshadows. The first thing you notice is how small it is. It was really small. I thought it would be better to wear iron and feel like butter. No luck. Even with a base, the shadows are sheer. I tried using my clown white as the base but it didn't work out as well as I would have liked. Within an hour, it was gone even with the bases. It was gone in 4 hours. Save your money and get something else.

👤The product might be acceptable. I have used other IT products before. However. The entire lower half of the container is a hollow shell which is used to store the micro applicators which come with it. It has a nice mirror. The container's actual product content is about 2 cm or 1 inch at the most.

👤The dark brown in this trio is too dark to wear in my eye crease. I only wear it on my eyes. The 2nd darkest shade doesn't show up on me, and I haven't tried the white shade as that's not my taste. I was hoping for a color to wear in my crease that looked natural, but none of these shades worked for that. If the colors are right for you, it's still a good product.

👤I wanted something small with just three colors that were not shimmery. I am happy to say that I bought this. This product is perfect for day or night wear. It goes on easily and stays put. Exactly what I wanted.

👤Not what I was expecting. Make up is fine.

👤I think this may be a lie. The colors are not the same. They are cloudy and full. The one that was supposed to be light pink is beige. The lavender one is full plum. Don't waste your money if it's over $30.

👤I was initially impressed by how cute the kit is, being a trio of eyeshadows that also have a mirror and sponges. They are a convenient addition. I wore the lighter 2 colors as a highlight and then the darker one as a liner for a soft, natural definition. I have dark hair and olive skin. I think these shades are neutral enough to work for many skin tones. I think this is the perfect little eyeshadow set.

👤What a disappointment. I thought it was snowing when I applied the eyeshadow. It was the eyeshadow. It falls into the eyes. I will not allow my granddaughter to play with her makeup basket. I don't want her to think that confetti is coming down.

5. Revlon Fierce Prismatic Shadow Palette

Revlon Fierce Prismatic Shadow Palette

A high intensity eye shadow has a high level of pearl. The texture is ultra creamy. The suspended gel technology provides a bouncy texture and rich color without the effects of the fallout. Colorful and delicate eye makeup can be used with neutrals, smoky shades, and high-intensity brights. All day long. It is smudge-proof. The Petite Pére is VersaTILE. There are 6 different colors that can be used wet or dry.

Brand: Revlon

👤This is a good value. They are easy to apply. Tom Ford Body Heat is a great substitute for the gorgeous sheerness. They are blendable. I am a fan of Japanese eyeshadow and a makeup collector. The shimmer colors in the Japanese palettes remind me of this one. I am going for all the other colors in this collection.

👤These are shadows that I am 57 years old. The shimmers are not glittery.

👤A nice eye shadow pallette. I bought it for the blue color. The eyeshadow looks more purple when it's dry but blue when it's wet. Overall happy with the product. Will keep. Thanks.

👤If you have a deeper complexion, the blue comes off of the grey. I didn't like this palette. This is in slight flex.

👤These are some of the lightest eye shadows I have used in a while. They are easy to work with. Blending is easy. I ordered all of the colors.

👤These eye shadows are very soft. I like the colors. They catch the light. The formula is intriguing. You can blend them with your finger. Use a brush that is dense. The barest wash of color is given by a fluffy brush. It takes some trial and error to figure out how to apply them. They seem worth the effort.

👤I bought this one for the pink, and I like it. The shadow is not very bright and takes a few strokes to give me the coverage I want. You get what you pay for. I was very disappointed that the turquoise shadow I wanted was not on the palette, it was a very dark blue gray.

👤I bought this for the green shade. It's beautiful in the pan, but on my skin it's a dark color. I have pale alabaster skin and blonde strawberry hair, so colors always show up on my skin. This green is a dark earth toned color, like a slate or steel.

👤Green and other colors were high glossy. This was slate grey and it was thrown away. Photos and videos are all misleading.

👤The green is not as vibrant as the images. I know that images will look better. I didn't think this would be much of a difference. The pond water green is murky when it goes on. It looks almost grey/black when you blend it. It's a pity.

👤When applied wet or dry, these colors look great.

6. SUSIKEKI Eyeshadow Shimmer Pigmented Waterproof

SUSIKEKI Eyeshadow Shimmer Pigmented Waterproof

The eyeshadow stick has doule end for eye shades and eyeshadow, each pencil cover displays different colors, and the inner pen refill can easily twist up with its auto rotation tube design. The make up set saves more time in eye makeup, it can be used for single layer applying or matching champagne shimmer in eye tailen. It's convenient to crease basic daily makeup in a short time. The Silky Texture Eye Shadow Stick Makeup is a smooth texture that glides on skin without clumping or skipping. The ingredient does not cause sensitivity, it suits any skin tones. It is advisable to use a smudger or eyeshadow brush to blend before the color dries. The waterproof and sweatproof formular locked your skin perfectly all day. Smudger and double edge Blending brush are helpful for creating gorgeous eye makeup. The ideal makeup gift set is packed with a delicate gift box. The make up set could be used for working, for dating, for halloween, for Christmas, for cosplay, and for many other things.

Brand: Susikeki

👤I picked up these makeup sticks because they were so appealing and I was always testing out new makeup. I was not disappointed at all. The price is right and it is beautiful. The application is smooth and easy to use, but I am not sure if I will use the smudge part at the bottom of the pencil. This product is not good for eye primer. It can be applied on its own. I hope there would be more colors to come.

👤The colors are bright. It is very easy to apply and wear. They are very long-term. If you're looking for this type of eyeshadow, this is a great purchase.

👤The orange, brown, and purple are the only colors in this set that are more subtle. It stays and goes on.

👤This is the first time I have used pencil eye shadow. To apply it, I used them individually to see how it looked and it turned out really nice. I can't wait to see the outcome.

👤The colors are bright. The stick lasted all day and was easy to apply. I was surprised it stayed on all day because my skin is oily and eyeshadow usually disappears into my oily skin if I don't apply the primer first. I gave it to my family as a present. There are no complaints at this time. I like the product.

👤Great product. It glides easily. I wore the lightest shade today as an inner corner highlight and it lasted all day. Can't wait to play with the other colors. Will be buying more products from this brand. The brush was a nice bonus. My eyeshadow was very soft and blended well.

👤They are easy to blend, but the color is not as bright as shown. I used them as a primer.

👤It works better if you use a eyeshadow brush. I would love to get a set of colors that are matt.

7. Glitter Gradient Eyeshadow Waterproof Cosmetic

Glitter Gradient Eyeshadow Waterproof Cosmetic

The Stick Eyeshadow Set has 12 colors. The eyeshadow sticks come in three sets, ranging from warm to cool, elegant pink to sexy brown, and premium gray to bright gold, for smoky, luminous and metallic looks. The right eyeshadow sticks will create the right look for you. All colors include brow pearl white rose pink light gold gray copper blue green red taupe beige smokey silver. The outer box has a transparent lid, which can protect the product from damage, and the bullet-shaped eyeshadow sticks are neatly arranged in the inner box, so you can easily get the color you like. Even if you are out, the packaging is small and easy to carry. Natural makeup can be kept for a long time without taking it off. Even if you sweat, you can keep your eye makeup on. It makes your eye makeup last all day. Not prone to smudges or streaks. This shiny gradient eyeshadow stick, 12 colors as a set, is a perfect gift for weddings, photography, nightlife, parties, or daily use. A lovely package to surprise your girlfriend, sister, mom, and daughter for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Anniversary Day! They will do their best to help you if you are not satisfied with their products or services.

Brand: Haoya

👤Rubs off easy lightly pigmented added white liquid base to try and get more colors to pop.

👤Eye shadow has been added to by sticks and crayons. My eyes are my thing. I don't have the ability to wear cat eye-liners, but I am a huge fan of eye shadow, basic eye liner, and mascara. Let's face it, powder shadow has enormous disadvantages, like the fact that it is endless. If there's glitter involved, there's nothing like the combination of mascara and powder. Constantly brushing your face affects your base and highlights. After all that work, now you are just trying to maintain. It's ridiculous. Sticks and crayons don't fall. The more you put on, the more vivid the color is. There are colors with this product. There are whites, brown, pinks and greens. It's easy to blend. I like this. Awesome concept and product.

👤I ordered this set of 12 eyeshadow shades because I wanted to try out some of the shades I don't use. The sticks are very small and difficult to handle. If too much pressure is applied, they break off. The shadows are more suitable for daytime use than the darker sticks I ordered. They are greasy and can rub off easily. I need to apply a powder over my eyes in order for them to last more than a couple of hours. This set is a great stocking stuffer for people who like to experiment with different subtle eye shadow shades, like a child, teen or older person who doesn't want a drying eye shadow that accentuates wrinkling. It was inexpensive and I will not be ordering it again.

👤I'm not good at make-up. I have always used powder eye shadow. I like how easy it is to use. It's very smooth and goes on without a hitch. The colors are more subtle in person than they are in the listing photos. I can't get them to look like that. I prefer more subtle make-up so that's fine for me. I chose the set because it was mostly brown. Several of the colors look similar. The first time I used this set, one of the sticks fell out of the plastic piece, but I was able to push it back in. I might have pressed too hard to get a darker color. I don't think this set is good for using multiple colors together or doing anything with detail that requires any precision since the sticks are quite thick. I have been using two different colors on the lid and under my eyebrows. I can get my eyes done quickly. I prefer these over powder. They last all day. The set is a great value.

👤I love trying out new eye shadow colors and the variety that the Haoya Glitter Gradient Eye Shadow set offers. I was disappointed to find that the set didn't come with as wide of a variety of colors as it seemed, and that the colors were simply not lasting. The tiny sticks are about the same size as the tip of a crayon and they go one smoothly and evenly. They were easy to apply and shimmery. They blend well with each other, but not with other cosmetics. They feel a bit greasy and similar to costume makeup, but never feel dry. I didn't like how some of the colors looked similar and the makeup didn't last very long once applied. These were easy to remove and didn't bother me at all. It wasn't a huge loss since my daughter happily took the eye shadows to experiment with and was able to wash them off when she wanted to. These are a great set for kids to play with, but they are not a set of eye shadows I would recommend to wear out on the town.

8. SUSIKEKI Eyeshadow Brightener Waterproof Highlighter

SUSIKEKI Eyeshadow Brightener Waterproof Highlighter

The set contains eye shadow pens and a brush. They can be used to create smoky, bright and metallic makeup effects. The Multi-Purpose Eye Shadow is a four-in-one eyeshadow pencil that can be used as an eyeshadow, lid primer, eyeliner or cream highlighter stick. Its formula feels light on the eyelid, yet has an intense color impact. It has 12 hours of fade-proof without transferring or creasing. The formula will change to waterproof once on your lids, so be sure to blend quickly after applying with an eyeshadow brush or fingers. Every SUSIKEKI product is free of animal testing. They don't allow others to test on their behalf. They are suitable for all skin types. The outer packaging is designed to be a beautiful gift box, and the inner tray is used to hold the product in place to make sure it reaches you intact. It's ideal as a gift for friends and family.

Brand: Susikeki

👤It was a perfect formula. Not greasy, streaky, or waxy! The color glides on smoothly. It stays put until it dries down. It really stays put! Even after an hour in the hot tub, I still feltwatches on my hand. It was easy to remove with facial cleanser. The set has metallic and matt colors. Would love to purchase more colors.

👤I used a primer base first because I have oily eyes. These have great power. I love using them for bottom lashes, in the water line and inner corner hilighter. The Shadow Sticks are a great value for 6 and a brush. These pictures don't do justice. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I prefer eyeshadow stick or cream over powder eyeshadow because it's easier for me to apply. Not paying $29-20-15 for one eyeshadow stick is what it is. I bought this product because of the great price and beautiful shades. They are easy and fast to apply. The shades are wonderful. You have to work quickly if you want them to dry fast. The packaging is beautiful. For the price, what are you waiting for? It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I love them. They are easy to carry around in your purse. You can already tell that the colors are amazing. I use the ucanbe primer to boost the color and then apply them. They are also inexpensive. Get some. It will be a great gift.

👤I like this product a lot. Some of the colors are too dark for me. I'm getting used to it, but so far it's good. Depending on how fancy I want to get. I'm ready to leave the door. So smooth when it goes on. Make sure you blend before it dries, just do one eye at a time. When you are done with it, be prepared to scrub it off. Mineral oil and baby wipes work best for me. Before putting on makeup, you should use a primer on eyelid.

👤It is easy to apply and blend. I like how they are. I didn't use a base or aprimer. I had light creasing at the end but it was after a long day. I think a primer could help. You get a nice brush. If you want a more subtle look, you can use a brush. Excellent quality for the price.

👤These are better than the juleep brand and you can get all of them for the same price. It does not build up in the crease. It is easy to blend and lasts all day. My favorite pen is the shadow pen.

👤This makeup is very hard to get off, it is long lasting and easily blendable. There is no chance of a makeup wipe. Baby oil was the only thing I could take off.

9. Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette Neutral

Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette Neutral

You look better naked. A compact, travel-ready eyeshadow palette featuring 6 neutral shades that complement a range of skin tones, from cool and olive complexions to deeper hues. The Naked2 Basics shades include Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, and Undone. Back 2 basics. This eyeshadow palette is perfect for creating simple eye looks or as a base for colorful eyeshadows and dramatic eye looks. The proprietary ingredient blend in their eye shadow is rich in color and blends well. Play well with other people and Prep your lids with their Eyeshadow Primer Potion for a look that lasts all day and won't fade or crease. Mist your eyeshadow brush with All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to maximize color payoff.

Brand: Urban Decay

👤I've been using Urban Decay for a long time, but this eyeshadow is powdery. It doesn't have the same consistency as any Urban Decay product I've ever used, which leads me to believe it's a fake. I recommend buying from authorized sellers.

👤The price was much smaller than I expected. Will travel well, but won't last long. The shadow tray is small. The photo shows how small the measuring tape is and next to a remote for a TV. I don't have a previous purchase to show next to. I hope this helps you make a decision. The highest profit margin for what you actually get is make up. How often do you get to use the last bits before it sticks in containers?

👤I see a lot of fakes on this item, but mine seems legit. My daughter gave it a look and confirmed authenticity, so that's out of the way. I can see where some people were sketched out. My eyeshadow was dirty? I mean the outside of it had something on it? There was a powdery substance on my fingers after I cleaned the logo off. The palette is hard to open. It's sealed when it's closed. I tried to get it open. The shadow is very nice and wears very well. I saw a different review that thought it was fake because it's a mini palette, but it seems like it's true since it's clearly one of them. This is the right size for the price. I took a star off for my eyeshadow not being clean on the outside, but other than that it's fine.

👤I would like to see Urban Decay sell this palate in single colors. I love the eye shadows, but only use a few. I have to buy all six colors in order to get the couple that I use daily. I love the product.

👤I bought the original palette a long time ago, but I feel like the quality has gone down. Who knows if that was a legit product or not. There were bits of makeup smudged on the case, but the little plastic sheet that goes over the eyeshadow was missing. It didn't seem to have been used, just a few things were off. There is a The kind of paint is bad. There was a lot of dust on my brushes. It's not worth trying to come back. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤I should have known that I was going to be disappointed. I mean small when I say it. I believe the pallet is the small size from a previous purchase. I like the product, but you have to use small brushes to use it. I was not happy.

👤I have been buying the full size Naked Palettes every day since they came out. I wonder if I got tricked on a fake makeup when I apply it every morning. I came here to read reviews and see that I am not the only one thinking this. Since day one, the dark color has been crumbling. I rarely use it, but it is now completely gone because it gets everywhere. I have to fix mistakes because they get all over my hands. Even if I dropped it or traveled with it, I have never had a color fall apart like this. This one is still in my drawer. It doesn't look good. It looks like a drugstore brand. I have tried all of the produce from Urban Decay. Except this. It is not clear. You can buy directly from one of the makeup stores.

10. Erinde Eyeshadow Brightener Waterproof Quick Drying

Erinde Eyeshadow Brightener Waterproof Quick Drying

The glitter liquid eye shadow is designed for glitter shimmer eyes and makes you be the attention-catcher in each event. If you want to apply eyeshadow on its own, use fingers or a flat eyeshadow brush, or layer it on top of eyeshadow for a more dramatic look. The eyeshadow gloss lasts all day long and is stable. You should be the center of attention on every occasion. They have always advocated for the protection of animals. They will never do tests on animals. Birthday gifts are ready for as a gift to friends or families. It's perfect for a lot of occasions, such as dating, party, wedding, bar, ball, camping, office, school, or daily makeups.

Brand: Erinde

👤This is what I was looking for to add shimmer to my eyeliner for special occasions. It lasts for a long time. The color is kind of a champagne color, not too gold and not too white. Will buy again.

👤6 months ago, the Descent product was less expensive.

👤I'm not sure if liquid eyeshadow can live up to the hipe.

👤This is only one plus, and it was delivered very quickly. The picture on Amazon is almost pink. The eyeshadow was folded on the skin after 10 minutes. It was like glue on my eyelid. Wasting money.

👤The color looks pink. It was received with a dark red color. It's boring.

👤I was looking for a consistency with shimmer. This isn't it. The cream color is zero. The shimmer is very shiny.

👤The end of the long tube had a foam applicator missing.

11. Almay Smoky Lavender Eyeshadow Palette

Almay Smoky Lavender Eyeshadow Palette

Enhances your eyes to make them look bright and bold. Green eyes compliment the Luxurious lavender haze perfectly. 16 hour wear time without smudges or wrinkling. The color-coordinated palettes allows for gorgeous blends. All skin types can be used for easy use.

Brand: Almay

👤The colors are pretty, but almost invisible when put on your eyes. You have to build it up to see it. I looked like I had crepé paper eye skin. It's not good for dry skin.

👤The package was wrapped in bubble wrap after it arrived in a yellow envelope. I knew there was a problem when my hands were covered in makeup after opening it. I took pictures before and after I opened it. I discovered that the top color was broken out. I would love to get in touch with someone to get this handled.

👤I don't know what Mulberry is, this isn't even close. I don't know how much one would have to carry to see the color. Normal applications don't do it. I won't be returning it because it was cheap.

👤I have been looking for a new color for a long time, to replace my favorite show trio. I triple-checked the photos. It is not the same color trio as the advertised photo shows. So disappointed. The picture of the Amazon photo is better than the actual product.

👤The base color is too warm for my skin. The main base color is very coppery and does not look good on me. I was allergic to eye lid after 20 years of wearing eye make up and this stuff does not cause me any swelling or itching in my eye lids, so I love that.

👤This is my daily go-to eyeshadow and it arrived on time and in perfect condition. It can be applied lightly for a more natural look, or generously for the perfect smoky eye.

👤The colors in the palette don't look the same when I wear them. The brown and plum are not the same. They are very similar. I don't know what I'm doing. I am 50. These look too cold on me.

👤It's difficult to find a grey color. This also has a light purple color. Either one looks great on its own, or combined with other shadows. I ordered another within days to make sure I had an extra, I haven't used the lightest color, but the other two are nice.

👤Es necesario poner mucho producto.


What is the best product for eye shadow stick makeup for green eyes?

Eye shadow stick makeup for green eyes products from Focallure. In this article about eye shadow stick makeup for green eyes you can see why people choose the product. Hotiary and Oillase are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye shadow stick makeup for green eyes.

What are the best brands for eye shadow stick makeup for green eyes?

Focallure, Hotiary and Oillase are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye shadow stick makeup for green eyes. Find the detail in this article. It Cosmetics, Revlon and Susikeki are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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